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What’s wrong with jerking off? It keeps me from spending too much time focusing on attracting the opposite sex.


you grow hair on your palms


You'll become an incel


It’s fine until you’re spending at least two hours of the day doing it.


Touching you must be gross, even for yourself.


Already there.


You really should shower more often.


I shower every day.


File: 1567607788775.png (386.3 KB, 1391x1200, 1567045482830.png)

Christains see this. "It keeps me from spending too much time focusing on attracting the opposite sex", as a bad thing so they spam imageboards with their propaganda under a multitude of secular guises. If any behavior which is strongly pushed has multiple different and separate explanations for why it's a good thing, you know that someone somewhere has an agenda. Christains don't want their white children to not reproduce because otherwise they can't use most of the arguments for race-based ideology. If you don't care about reproducing, you won't feel the need to protect your genetic lineage beyond your own self needs.


if you think about it, you've touched dick more than you've touchd pussy.


G-d I want to slap Raven's non-canonically large tiddies around with my bulbous, egg-shaped forehead


Nothing, as long as it doesn't cause problems in your outside life. Without spending time with the opposite sex, you may not be as prepared to deal with such things as knowing when you're being cucked, knowing when to put your foot down gently, when to back off, etc.

That may only pose a problem if you want to have a meaningful relationship one day, however.

For me - and for myself only - I do actually notice an abnormally sour mood in the days following a fap. This is entirely anecdotal, and yet whether it is correlation or causation is entirely irrelevant. Masturbation is not just a cause of "x", it is also a symptom of "y".

So, in short, nothing, inherently.


Can you explain it better anon, it just comes off as jargon to me.


File: 1568083960867.jpg (51.66 KB, 640x480, 1197323338390.jpg)

>White Children
>Race-based ideology
Wtf, you’re thinking of nazis, white nationalists, or white supremacists rather than Christians. A large number of Christians aren’t white, and some of the most Christian countries in the world are in South America which isn’t considered white. It sounds like you’re mixing up two very different ideologies based on random stereotypes of anything remotely “traditional” or socially conservative.

Christianity doesn’t say anything about race or preserving some genetic lineage. Christianity does say that lust is a sin and so is fornication or having sex without trying to have a child (definitely includes sodomy, and most likely includes protected sex.) I think one of the main reasons they are sins is because they can definitely affect people’s judgement and convince people to act in an immoral way just so they can feel good. Also, Jesus did say that looking at a woman in a lustful way is a sin and can be also be considered adultery so watching porn or checking out girls is probably considered a sin if you are a Christian.

I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I do notice I tend to focus and sleep better if I haven’t fapped in a couple days. There also might be some sort of hormonal benefits.


File: 1599473379834.jpg (68.16 KB, 505x672, 20200913.jpg)

Boredom is a state of mind.


I heard if you do it frequently enough you'll get hypofrontality.


You're a robot. What do you know!?


2B is a android programmed with modesty protocols.


I don't think anyone (except diehard religious folk) says jacking off is wrong. I think its addiction people think is wrong, and for good reason. Masturbation addiction, like any other addiction, can cause you problems both mentally, physically and socially.
Also, when you think of jacking off, nowadays you also think of porn. Porn is the real problem imo.


Porn is the kind of "problem" where the people who say it's a problem usually want you to donate to their NGO (secular or otherwise) or enact Common Sense Regulations on something or other. Insofar as I am an American, I have no time for any of that.


File: 1633993945101.jpg (17.29 KB, 259x325, No thanks _79241db7ea49342….jpg)

Dude people really want Christians to be the problem, I am one, do I think lust is a sin? Yes, but so is a dozen things I did today, I'm not going to be an hypocrite.

Of course I do repent for what I do, but I am nobody to tell you anything you do is wrong or judge you for it.

Are there christians who will give you shit about it? Yes, but so there are mean and judgmental people in every group of everything about everything you do.

So stop fantasizing about the pope oppressing you.


What's funnier is that there does, in fact, exist a pharmaceutical intervention that makes you much less likely to jerk off (among other things, like get into fights or spend a lot of time playing video games), yet they very specifically have a problem with that intervention, for some reason.

And, you know, a cynic or a paranoid might almost suspect that that's the point. If the ill disappears, if it really does truly and finally cease to exist - well, you can't use it anymore, can you? That's one less handle on a person, isn't it?


>a pharmaceutical intervention
Also yeah this post hits the mark. You're probably thinking of weird burger christian cults or online LARPers.


I've never heard of it being called that, but if you wanted to put that on the label, sure.


I appreciate your comment for being respectful of different worldviews. I think non-judgmental discourse with people who hold different religious beliefs is one of the best opportunities to learn more about yourself and others. I'm personally agnostic and I doubt that will change, but I've gained a lot in the past couple of years by listening to people of multiple faiths.

It's unfortunate how common it is becoming to demonize believers and specifically Christians because of a few extremists, but I've also seen an increasing number of people of all kinds seek a better understanding of each other, and I'm glad you seem to be one of them.


I fap to cars


Prefer to schlick


Shlick to my lula darling.

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