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File: 1661072048153.jpg (13.26 KB, 210x240, mado.jpg)


what the fuck is up anons lmao

i made a post on here a small while back abt being halfway through important exams and asking how to cope. well, i coped

>results day

>nearly shitting myself bc i know i bombed at least 2 exams
>in car
>entire family with me which isnt helping
>on call with aunt wishing me luck when i get an email saying i got into uni
>get to school
>get my results and ask to go to different room bc autistic and might have a biblical breakdown
>force poor sibling to open my paper
>one grade below first choice uni
>ask bc wtf
"Sometimes unis let you in because they like you a lot!"
>thats fucking bullshit
>another email. definitely got in
>wtf wtf
>clarified in application that i was autistic
>uni's like to tick off diveristy boxes
>probably got into uni bc of fucking autism
>email directly from uni
>they actually let me in despite not getting needed results
>wtf autism saves the day

im not complaining, its just fucking hilarious.
now i just gotta figure out finances and also sit on my ass until october

i passed all the exams and got into uni at least. win


File: 1661090817507.png (1.24 MB, 2158x2906, Apr 18 2022 - Yukari 8.png)

Ahaha nicely rolled anon. One grade below is meaningless anyway, you'll do good.


That's some corrupt selection system there but I wouldn't complain if it was me, so congrats anon gg


Do your best, anon.


File: 1665522855379.png (205.61 KB, 540x650, leaan.png)

update, just started uni, it's been going super great for me! I'm genuinely having a really good time and i hope it'll last

thanks for all the good wishes anons, i will do my best

another update in 3 years probably lol


we have a >>rec board anon




File: 1665593468560.jpg (403.56 KB, 1932x1820, 1642220735896.jpg)

Wow that's great, happy for you anon. What subject are you doing? Do you think I'd get similar treatment for being schizotypal or is that not as sexy as autism to universities? I'm a couple of years late but if I have the chance to apply a little bit above my grades then uni might be worth it.

>>>/rec/ is there to be a centre of discussion of recovery, it's not a containment board for any mentions of recovering.


File: 1669388916283.jpeg (41.6 KB, 550x550, 1244015F-0F88-4E92-B3C1-9….jpeg)

anon here. I’m doing media studies and creative writing! Honestly I think part of it was because those courses aren’t the most taken and they kinda just need anyone.
Autism is a little more…well known?? That’s the best way to put it so universities might be a little more inclined to it than schizotypical disorders, but honestly I can imagine them letting anyone with a ‘this dude got a fucked up brain’ condition in and about.

If I had to give any advice on whether you should go or not, it’s that uni seems to be what you make of it. Applying yourself is like. The big thing, yk? Just, make sure you do a course you’re passionate about. Make damn sure you do that. You’re spending a couple grand on the experience so at least do something you like.

If you do end up going for the uni route, good luck!! academia is a nightmare but it’s one I’m fully enjoying so far

and yeah I had no idea why I was being pushed towards the >>> rec board, this isn’t really a recovery post, more just a ‘heheheh I’m doing stuff’ post


File: 1669499573540-0.jpg (44.27 KB, 849x1141, 1651830041887.jpg)

Good luck with your studies at uni, I guess. Make the most out of it.


File: 1674770529306.png (70.69 KB, 238x202, 1618554372596.png)

Well, I finally applied. I didn't end up telling them I'm schizotypal. Probably should have but… yeah I don't know, just less effort. I won't post what I'm (potentially) studying yet in case stuff starts getting correlated, but stay tuned. Thanks for the encouragement anon.


File: 1674779162279.jpeg (65.41 KB, 749x742, 9EC695D4-18B7-4056-9BC0-F….jpeg)

hi!! autism anon here. Happy to hear you applied, good fucking luck!! Telling them that you’re schizotypical is absolutely your choice so if you don’t wanna tell them, fair enough. It Might be your money’s worth though to look into if the unis you’re applying for have a disability and/or mental health support thing. My uni has that kind of system so because of my MANY conditions (autism, eating issues, physical illness, many other elusive conditions) my tutors are informed of what’s up and they give me the ability to do certain stuff so I can be supported such as leave lectures without a word or bring certain things! Ask around if and once you get in if you can access the support system at whatever Uni you have and explain to them your condition as well as what you need to get through the day. I’d fully imagine they’d help you and set something up for you! Again though, it’s your call if you tell them at all so, you know.

good luck anon! I Hope ur application goes well!!


I have also just learned that I have been reading ‘schizotypal’ as ‘schizotypical’ for several years. how the fuck did I get into uni


Thanks man :)
I might hold off on asking for support at first to see how I manage, cause I really hate dealing with people about that sort of stuff, but it's helpful to know it exists. Actually I probably will need it at some point because that the way I'd deal with stuff I couldn't handle in school was to fuck off and hang out in the woods or the alley, I almost forgot about that. As long as they're fine handling it in emails and I don't have to speak to a counsellor it should be no problem.

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