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What happened to 4chon? Can you post its old /new/ banners?

Asking for a friend


Nobody here gives a fuck about 4chon. Ask on 8chan's 4chon board and delete this thread please.


I knew STI and ran an IRC network with him, Ferus, and kPa for several years before he created the Tinyboard imageboard software. While that software was in early alpha, 4chan removed /r9k/ and /new/, and STI created 4chon.net as a testbed for his software, and scooped up all of those users. His timing was perfect to capture a massive exodused userbase. I was a moderator there for a while too. I think he just did it for fun, and wasn't taking it too seriously. That's the kind of person he was. Sort of a mad genius type.

He once created an entire fake internet hosting company to troll one person he didn't like. Under a pseudonym, he deceived that guy into transferring all of their services to his "company", and then fucked around with them for over a month before they realized it. Every time the guy contacted the support livechat, it was STI by a different name, ready and waiting. He was responsible for quite a few other noteworthy and lulzworthy Internet events, including some fairly momentous ones, which I will not mention here. He was a strange but thoroughly entertaining character, and someone you wouldn't want as an enemy. I think he's settled down quite a bit these days though, and is a successful business-oriented person with a lingering crazy streak. I still talk to him once in a while.

The software this site and many others use is based on Tinyboard, the software he wrote. It isn't great software by any means, but back then it was the best around, and it started an imageboard renaissance. A good few developers were inspired to make their own, better software, and now there are several decent alternatives to choose from, unlike then.

The wikibooks link >>19040 posted is a fairly one-sided, though I suppose mostly accurate portrayal of how 4chon fell apart. Eventually STI stopped caring about it altogether and dumped it suddenly, redirecting 4chon to a joke site.


Nice to see you're still around. What do you think of 8chan's 4chon reanimated corpse?


File: 1529460248702.png (292.81 KB, 1663x2489, 1422491097997-1.png)

Thanks, I remember trying to convince sti to shut down 4chon by explaining he was running an Israeli honeypot by creating an army of anti-semites (consisting of teen boys with autism and other mental disorders) which would spam mainstream sites with "KIKE!" thereby alienating anyone sane and give the ADL a reason to exist and reinvigorate them with donations. Sti closed the site less than a day later. Frankly a few years too late to save a lot of nuts who had their lives ruined by /new/, like that 21year old manchild Smiley or that Rockerz88 guy from the UK who wound up in prison for murder.


>seisatsu and ferus had a gay orgy with a tranny
Wait, what?


I haven't actually been there, and I'm not really interested either.

It's even more complicated and outlandish than it sounds and most of the documents are still classified. Try not to think about it too much.


File: 1529462618691.png (109.97 KB, 417x234, best-guy-sweating-meme-sup….png)


Thanks for posting that
I'd love to have seen the Imageboard Terrorist's commentary, that sounds like a hoot. all that other shit was about various namefags and I don't remember any of them being very creative or interesting people, but that one guy trying to remain anonymous and still sticking out like a sore thumb sounds amusing.




For what purpose tho


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>like that 21year old manchild Smiley
What do you know about Smiley?

I'm just curious. I was a regular lurker and occasional poster on 8chan's /fringe/ board. Arguably, Smiley got me into the occult, and thus, ultimately led me to Catholicism and so, to me, Smiley is part of my conversion story. I knew Smiley was somewhat associated with "4chon" but I never knew what "4chon" was, other than some other chan. It's weird seeing Seitatsu's post about it. To me, it's like that moment with the Hubble Space Telescope where there was this speck of darkness that seemed insignificant, but when it was investigated, it was discovered to hold billions of galaxies or something. 4chon was its whole little world, and I just casually skipped over it.

So yeah, what do you know about Smiley? All I knew of him was people mocking him on his own board for being a schizophrenic Jew. He was also supposedly quite well-read in occult matters. I took his advice back in those days (2015?) that you shouldn't bother with anything but harnessing the will and doing the various kinds of meditation.


Smelly can be found on Mintboard these days, but nobody there pays much attention to him because Roy is the chad that rules that site. The Imageboard Terrorist is also still active, he went back to work on 4chan a few years ago but also manages to hit up just about every other website know to man, he can be spotted by the wake of butthurt trailing him wherever he trespasses


File: 1713865064724-0.gif (279.92 KB, 364x149, 2025.gif)

File: 1713865064724-1.gif (162.17 KB, 220x220, 20240000.gif)

4chan is still up…


File: 1714196289289-0.jpg (190.5 KB, 850x1275, 20240425.jpg)

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Imageboards are best. Yeah.

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