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File: 1428091112128.png (112.08 KB, 380x309, 1427378820973.png)


Why is windows 8 so fucking shitty.


File: 1428093086541.jpg (30.49 KB, 264x300, NGE_Ritsuko_Windows8.jpg)

holy shit that picture is my dream, OP


I'm currently running Windows 8.1
I've got a few third-party applications running that mimic Window 7's interface

I too wish to be the little girl.


Well, it's idiotproof.

You know, I got so used to Windows, I kinda appreciate its idiotproofing sometimes. Unfortunately, that means I have a really hard time switching over to Ubuntu.

Don't we all have this dream?


File: 1428125576643.gif (657.04 KB, 500x370, 1425151294967.gif)

>Unfortunately, that means I have a really hard time switching over to Ubuntu.

Don't even bother, ubuntu is backdoor bloated shit and probably the worst experience you can think of when it comes to linux. I've seen the "Linux is shit, I tried ubuntu and it's really terrible" thing a lot and I really doubt it will be a good idea.
There are better "friendly" distros, like fedora, or even mint, though I personally don't really recommend this last one.

My first flavor of linux was sabayon, a gentoo-based distro, and I really enjoyed it, but devs went full goy and now they only update for x64-bit CPUs. If your computer has one, though, I encourage you to do some research and see if it suits you.
Arch may or may not be a suitable option depending on how curious you are and your interest for linux. Some say it's the ideal distro for new people, others say it could be a nightmare. It's a good distro nonetheless, when shit doesn't fuck itself.

>Don't we all have this dream?

Here, likely, in other places, no.


if you ignore metro and it's exactly the same as 7



I second the "idiot-proof" thing. It feels like I have less control over advanced settings, but my customers at work like how simple it is.

After using 8.1 for just over 3 months, I really do not like it. I've got the Windows 7-style thing installed, and that does little to make it better. I have less control, I don't understand why OneDrive is such a big deal, and there is literally not one single app that I either need or want on my computer because of how terrible they are.


Windows 8 is pure shit. One should not have to install third-party applications and disable core OS features to make it feel like something usable.

As for Linux, I prefer Mint. Because I'm lazy and don't feel like micromanaging every aspect of my system (see also: Arch, Gentoo). But alas, no games. Windows 7 still works fine, so I use it.


It's shitty because they tried to force tablet-style computing on users that don't even have a touch screen.


The only pro windows 8 has is that it's not windows 10.


On the other hand, W10 has native bash support; you can even run linux programs inside a terminal running X, native. They've literally done what wine has been trying to do for the past 24 years in no time at all. The shitty design and telemetry things are a problem, but you can always switch those off. It's still shitty, but not all of that is shitty.


Features and stuff like that aren't pluses for me when it comes to os'. The interface is the most important part. Frankly, I wish they just stuck to windows xp's interface while only improving the computers themselves. As far as interface goes, xp is as good as it gets in terms of appearance and functionality. Every change they made to it in vista and so on was completely unnecessary. Windows 10 has an unacceptable interface. It is vomit inducing.


welcome to 2017 faget :^)


Windows 10 will be worse.


Why did they skip Windows 9?


To spite cirno fans


File: 1626581679427-0.gif (531.24 KB, 200x200, 20210001.gif)

File: 1626581679427-1.gif (1.28 MB, 158x280, 20210000.gif)


I'm stuck at Windows 7 as I have a program that doesn't seem to work on Windows 10…



cos Windows 10 sounds cooler


Time for Windows 11


Until they stop requiring tpm win 11 is not gonna happen.


Try dual-booting Linux.

I recommend starting with Xubuntu (https://xubuntu.org/). You can shrink the windows partition using windows disk management tools. Then use Rufus (https://rufus.ie/en/) to create bootable USB flash drive that can be used to test the OS and install it on your HDD/SSD. If you want to just test Linux, you can use the LiveUSB or a VirtualBox VM (https://www.virtualbox.org/).

Linux is more lightweight (you can use it to "resurrect" old machines), works without TPM 2.0, secure and it gets updates (unlike old versions of Windows). Also, GNU/Linux doesn't spy on you. I think dual-booting is a good idea because even if Wine and Steam/Proton nowadays support a lot of software and games, there still are some programs that do not work well on Linux. You need to test that everything works before you can switch to using Linux only (that's why dual-booting is a good idea). You can use the Wine AppDB/PrtonDB to see if your application/game is supported on Wine/Proton: https://appdb.winehq.org/ and https://www.protondb.com/

If you are looking for alternatives to proprietary software, I recommend checking out:


File: 1657110995760.png (5.88 KB, 225x225, download.png)


Mint is my go-to *nix. Year of the Linux Desktop is never gonna happen.


>Linux is more lightweight (you can use it to "resurrect" old machines)
Windows is superior on memory pressure scenarios


File: 1657358315338-0.gif (10.27 KB, 103x100, 2022.gif)

File: 1657358315341-1.jpg (225.23 KB, 1280x1896, 20220710.jpg)

citation needed


Windows runs very poorly on systems with small amount of memory and Linux requires less memory to run. But Linux overcommits memory which is bad for everything else except performance. You can improve the situation on Linux by installing something like Earlyoom daemon.


If you run windows, can’t switch to even Ubuntu and think you understanding computing you’re delusional.


Linus Torvalds had trouble installing Debian. Do you think he understands computing?


File: 1658388673234.jpg (122.01 KB, 1350x2048, 1658216945946.jpg)

Richard Stallman never installed Linux himself and he wrote GCC. Installing muh Arch or Gentoo teaches you ==NOTHING== about computing, nada; partitioning and installing an arbitrarily named graphical environment isn't a skill beyond tech support level. Neither does using Linux teach you about computing, how many programmers write on Windows?


>what are sysadmins?
>what is devops?


File: 1658407890946.png (859.34 KB, 818x1038, 17.png)

1) tech support, password reset monkey
2) tech support that knows how to use git and docker + programming
sorry, but reading Red Hat documentation isn't essential to understand "computing", that's barely scratching the surface. None of these *require* Linux, it's just the commercial standard tool. I could easily go back to the 00s and be on Solaris or BSD, or I can just say fuck you and use Windows Server. Linux is not prerequisite to understand computing on a fundamental level, nor to understand tech support.


2015 was 7 years ago…


File: 1658422021307.jpg (60.57 KB, 1000x1000, mwo,x1000,ipad_2_skin-pad,….jpg)

ITT: Necro Windows thread turns into warring clans of the church of FSF.


I don't see a problem with bumping old threads instead of creating new ones that are about the same.


File: 1658445565227.png (563.33 KB, 576x559, 7857554544.PNG)

Try Windows 12. Wassup /ot/, just installed arch for the first time in six years today. Feelin pretty comf


I'll wait for Windows 13 at this rate..


File: 1694744658675-0.gif (10.91 KB, 250x141, 2Z.gif)

File: 1694744658675-1.gif (14.81 KB, 250x141, 2023.gif)

Is Windows OS spying on me?


File: 1715252738659-0.jpg (422.32 KB, 1611x2014, Clipboard01.jpg)

File: 1715252738659-1.jpg (47.25 KB, 600x850, Clipboard02.jpg)

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