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Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. Every year I like to stay up late watching something horror related while occasionally glancing into the empty street outside my window. Last year I watched the first four episodes of Higurashi and I loved it. I already finished the series and I don't feel like repeating it. I'm looking for suggestions of what I can watch this year(preferably anime). I also already watched the corpse party ovas. Thank god I didn't waste a Halloween on that shit.
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File: 1506158406399.jpg (28.62 KB, 190x247, ginger-snaps-horror-movie-….jpg)

not an anime but you may like Ginger Snaps if you haven't already seen it
it's a werewolf movie
There's also a sequel and a prequel that takes place hundreds of years ago in the early colonial era so it's kind of a trilogy
I quite like it


Mononoke was pretty good; also read (if you haven't already) some Junji Ito and Franken Fran for comfy spooks


File: 1506177752439.jpg (48.02 KB, 600x480, Jigoku-shoujo-01.jpg)

Hmm, maybe Shiki, Perfect Blue, Kara no Kyoukai, Mirai Nikki, Kakurenbo, Ghost Hound,… Cat Soup? Ayatsuri Sakon's good but hard to find these days. Umineko's by the same guy who did Higurashi but the anime doesn't really end. Occult Academy, Hell Girl, Ghost Hunt, and Highschool of the Dead are all more traditional Halloween type stuff, good but not great, lacking in the psychological pull. The dub of Ghost Stories is hilarious.


File: 1506184848309.jpg (11.93 KB, 480x360, 1474771678907.jpg)

>1.Kept Oyashiro-sama a mystery
That's why I said the anime ruined the thing completely. Hanyuu was introduced in a slightly better way in the novels than in the anime.
>2. Didn't have a main villain that took away from one of the main draws of the series(nobody is safe to be around)
>3. Didn't make cause of everything be stupid bullshit(aliens)
This is because ryuukishi couldn't decide whether it should be a supernatural event (namely, a curse), or just some unfortunate, although non-fantastical event. Back in the day when Higurashi was being released, its fandom was divided between those who believed it was a curse, and those who thought it was just humans messing with each other to make it appear it was a curse. So in the end, he ended using both in a really retarded way (turns out it's aliens but also hanyuu is a devil but also there's some kind of parasite that drives people mad and that's the "curse"! btw it was just humans messing with each other too).

Haven't seen all of those, but Highschool of the Dead seems more like the type of thing to watch just for gore and pantsu than for horror. (Mind you, I'm not bitching you anon, I just don't understand why this is cataloged horror at all).
Also, Umineko is terrible, and the novel is worse, I really don't recommend it to anyone. Save your time, invest it in something better.

I always see people commenting on Another but I haven't watched it so I can't confirm whether it's a good show for the time or not. Anyone cares enough to elaborate on it?


File: 1506200632525.gif (1014.45 KB, 500x350, tumblr_m8igl8mJ0B1qbybn4o1….gif)

That sounds like it could be interesting.
>Junji Ito
I looked him up and apparently his manga is going to have an anime adaptation. I generally prefer watching the anime of something, so I'll probably wait on that. Not sure if i'm up for comfy spooks.
I've heard mixed things about Shiki, but i'm considering it, I already watched Prefect Blue(it was great), I heard the Mirai Nikki really turns to shit so i'll probably skip it, and Kakurenbo apparently has a really obvious twist, which puts me off. Ghost Hound and Hell Girl sound kind of interesting. I don't feel like watching a comedy so Highschool of The Dead(matrix boobs), Occult Academy and Ghost Stories are off the table. From what I've heard Umineko is just more of the same stuff I didn't like about Higurashi Kai and Rei.
To be honest, it would have been better if all the questions Higurashi left you with were just unanswered. Leaving it vague is a hell of a lot better than what we got. Answers aren't needed to create a satisfying conclusion for me. Human imagination is horror's best friend. What you tell is less important than what you don't tell. It just goes to show that when something gets too popular the fan base often has a negative impact on it.
>Anyone cares enough to elaborate on it?
Another was straight up terrible. I remember it really frustrating me. The execution was its main problem. Every time it attempted to do a creepy scene it fell flat. It just never really dug in for various reasons like the context, scenario and directing. The pacing of the show was also really awful and just wonky. It felt like it was cobbled together by a bunch of clueless amateurs. An important part of good horror is accountability. To be scared of something I need to understand SOMETHING. Something has to be grounded. Higurashi understands this perfectly while Corpse Party and Another fail miserably at it. I remember watching Boogiepop Phantom a very long time ago and enjoying it. I might just repeat that since my memory of it is so fuzzPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1505089449470.jpg (189.25 KB, 850x596, __original_drawn_by_hiru__….jpg)


If instead of all of the text that you have ever read on the internet, you read books, how many books do you think you would be at by now?
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The only why I learned how to read as a child was so that I could more easily use the internet.


Oh, shit, I hope I didn't offend you, I wasn't mocking you. I just got caught up in the idea of a mother and child shitposting together.


File: 1505975774692.png (58 KB, 1029x409, ZWGgksY.png)

That reminds me of this greentext from 4ch.


What? No, you didn't offend me at all. I was like five at the time.


a bunch of picture books

File: 1491722868313.webm (2.29 MB, 480x360, Good night.webm)


The other thread has been in auto-sage for some time now, so it was about time someone made a new one.

Vol. IV:
Vol. V:
Vol. VI:
Vol. VII:
Vol. VIII:

I've been reconsidering my life. They always tell you that as you grow up things get easier since you mature and bloom into a normal human being… but I've been pondering whether people only pretend to have their lives in control only to not lose their shit about it. I mean, yeah, I don't think everybody hates their lives, but I'm sure everybody gets chocked by the pressure once in a while. The question is, what happens when your life is constant chocking? Or rather, can you go on with your live as you're chocked every second? Some years ago I remember looking at people and feeling completely distant, and knowing that one day I'd merge with the multitude. Now that it's happening, I almost can feel my old self there looking at me from outside the crowd. It's been pretty surreal. My life isn't bad in on itself, but I feel I can't fit, and no matter what I do it's never enough. I don't know, I've had this idea that I'm broken somehow, and it's been my justification for so long. If I can't be fixed, why bother?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1505007814398.jpg (35.26 KB, 450x450, __gandalf_lord_of_the_ring….jpg)

Oh, I remember you. You were the guy who was afraid to have sex because you didn't want to magically create a, "broken family". I've been meaning to tell you for a while that you shouldn't put the cart in front of the horse. Could you actually find a girl who would be willing to have sex with you? I was going to tell you that you might want to worry about that before you worry about contraception. I was also planning on telling you that all parents are selfish. It is guaranteed that all people will go through hardship in their life. It is also guaranteed that every person will eventually have to fend for themselves. All parents choose to bring people into this world without any consideration for whether their child would grow up to actually want to be alive. Most parents also have expectations of their children. They expect them to, "pay them back". It's like if somebody ran up to you on the street, shoved one million dollars into your hand without a word, and found you eighteen years later expecting to be repaid. There's even parents who specifically have kids to work the fields and take care of them when they're old. My point is, since parents are already selfish, I don't see why it's so much worse for some random women to decide to be a single mom for the hell of it.


Yea, I'm that same waifu-poster from all that time ago.

Well, in the few months I was gone from this site, I've thought about my views and looked around myself a bit more. I see now that defining myself by whether or not I had my biological father is, quite frankly, fucking stupid. If I'm defining my personal success in terms of material gains, then a lack of a biological father didn't stop that. If I define myself by my own skills, then clearly, a lack of my biological father didn't stop me from picking up my interests.

I remember having conversations in high school where people would have rather not known their father at all. And I think on another imageboard I remember someone telling me something similar and that sometimes for people a typical "nuclear family" isn't all it's cracked up to be. My own brothers aren't even that bothered by not having their biological father, it was just me who was depressed over it.

And I see what you mean about parents being selfish. For all the bitching I did about parents being selfish, I was somewhat resentful of my mom and wanted to show her that I would be a better parent who made better choices and get some great chance to just spite the fuck out of her. I see that my motives to be a parent weren't at all noble either.

But it's as you said, I don't have a girlfriend to even worry about having sex with. I should be enjoying life a lot more than I am now, my biggest mistake I think was adopting stupid idealized tradcon memes into my life. Family will always be important to me, as it should be, but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way for people.

Sorry if this was all over the place, but that post you did kinda condensed what I was thinking to some extent. Thanks.


File: 1505426127263.jpg (286.61 KB, 1920x1080, hyperdimension_neptunia_ne….jpg)

I guess I'll just continue this blogpost of random thoughts.

Continuing from this post, my values are changing. My attitude about selfishness is different, I'm beginning to become more upfront about my wants and needs at work because for all my talk about being selfless means shit if everyone else focuses on themselves.

There really isn't anything wrong with being selfish, I guess. And at work there was this guy talking about those hurricanes and he was talking about the end of the world and how shit the world is, all I had to do was cut his blinds and much like I used to he ranted a lot about how selfish everyone is. He even told a story about how he saved a guy from a burning building, but I left that discussion wondering if he really had at least something to gain other than "Helping my fellow man" and maybe he very well didn't have another motive and I'm just the one who is cynical but I completely disagreed with him about people only now being selfish and it being a bad thing that people are selfish.

I just realized that I never really answered your question at the end, >>17890. Keep in mind that I'm just stating what I would have said months ago and I kinda made a few points that run counter to them in the first post I made.

I would have said that single mothers (and fathers for that matter) would of course have the obvious money issues, likely relying on welfare when if they had made better choices in life (part of my issues with sex, really) they wouldn't have this problem. Another issue is that I felt that single parents lack that other person to give a child proper care and a role model. Coming from a black family and living in an area with a high black population, I see a lot of people raised by single mothers, and I can't tell you how many times my grandparents showed me some people in the projects just yelling at each other and fighting, "This is why I'm glad I moved to X" or "Don't ever move to some projects, boy" I was told.

Point is, at the time, I felt that people who became single mothers by choice were just like my mom, just wanted to have kids by any means and doesn't really want to be a part of the family, no matter how much I try to include her. I guess I felt like I was just a checkmark on her bucket list. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I think that arguing about whether people being selfish is a good or not is kind of pointless because good and bad are subjective. What's important is to recognize the universal selfishness of people and to keep it in mind when thinking about them. When you ignore human nature things like communism are invented. I grew up in a place with almost no black people, so I really can't relate to your personal experiences. Those experiences definitely had an impact on your psyche; everybody is affected by their childhood, but it's important to distance yourself from those experiences when thinking about the world in broader terms. Right now we're in a transitional period where people still have traditional values and perceived obligations, like having children, but they aren't actually committed to them. Hopefully in the future, people with enough money who really want to can just artificially inseminate a machine at their own leisure and raise their kid however they want.


Yea, technology is going to continue refine reproduction to the point of the death of traditionalist ideas of family. We already seen it with the birth control pill for women, so artificial wombs would just continue the trend really. And the idea you had would mean children who are truly wanted are born plus be cared for and not just a "oh shit, we didn't plan for this" situation. While it would mean a lot more single mothers and fathers, that would be better than what we have now.

All I know is that my views based on my experience have fallen to pieces. I no longer define myself by a lack of a father, I see people who dislike/hate their dads, have seen great parents make shitty kids and vice versa, and I've questioned my own motives and beliefs to the point of seeing how stupid they were. Transitional period seems to be a very good way to describe where I'm at.

I have a lot of ideas, maybe I'll post them later when I can write them out better. I'll just vent and think about this offline.

File: 1505133579850.jpg (83.04 KB, 720x544, e7043ed2201f215e501c147a59….jpg)


Hi uboachan!

I'm here to test your personal values (these should be quirky). So I bring you a test.

But not a fake-ass personality test that tells you what colour your nail polish should be - a real very scientific very complex magic research instrument that will stare deep into your soul.

You get a personalized report about your basic values and reference values based on your peer's data.

I get your anonymous data to fiddle with and check an idea that I nurtured for almost ten years.

Here's the link: unipark.de/uc/personalvalues

If you're interested in who I am and what I do, shoot me an email at personalvaluesandattitudes@gmail.com
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>real very scientific very complex magic research instrument

Are you also a millionaire and a business owner and a published author and world traveler ??? pls anser




Literally just a personality test that's geared toward classifying individual ethical and moral values. Probably a sociology student.


Took the test. Almost every value was average. That's kind of depressing.


Far below average on everything…
Values are for schmucks though so whatever.

File: 1498279676860.jpg (900.07 KB, 1920x1200, when-you-need-to-worship-a….jpg)



See if you can translate any of the posts. It would be much appreciated.


This includes the OP, right?


All of this is so weird, this was over a decade and a half ago


It actually is 9/11 today, so I think this thread deserves a bump. I'm still hoping that somebody will be interested in translating these posts. It's one of the few online records of people outside of Americas reaction to it in real time. There's no thread online talking about the fall of the Berlin wall hours after it actually happened.


>I'm still hoping that somebody will be interested in translating these posts
Too long, and most of them are just general "Omg what's happening???!'1". Just use google.

File: 1504707863587.png (78.3 KB, 383x432, Alfred.png)


ITT: Characters that did nothing wrong.


File: 1504783922695.jpg (18.6 KB, 400x300, jesuschrist.jpg)


File: 1504784358255.jpg (384.12 KB, 1000x1000, 1403234187155.jpg)


File: 1504836033180.jpg (Spoiler Image, 134.03 KB, 850x1074, __adolf_hitler_real_life_d….jpg)



File: 1504943696631.gif (Spoiler Image, 27.78 KB, 87x100, fUlCAzk.gif)

Really god defines morality so


File: 1504998713286.jpg (449.74 KB, 640x480, hylics8.jpg)

File: 1504507469105.jpg (129.27 KB, 850x637, __kusakabe_satsuki_and_tot….jpg)


Why is it that every single /hiki/ thread that asks for people's life story gets like a hundred replies? There's like one hundred separate life stories on all of them. Who the fuck even are these people? Where are they? Are they real? Are they all just the same guy? What the fuck is going on, huh? Am I just dreaming all of this up? I never see these phantom, ghost, people anomalies responding to anything else. It. Doesn't. Make. Any. Sense.
It's painful


File: 1504531125474.gif (314.29 KB, 500x257, Polna_desk.gif)

It's all me. I am seisatsu, presul, booger, and every single user out there. You caught me, nothing is real. I only run this website to keep away my ghosts and loneliness away. For years I've posted almost every single paragraph on every single board (and that's the reason most of them seem so dead, since I've ran out of ideas of what I could post), with the exception of occasional lurkers and posters like you; my lovely, lovely customers.
I've raised /n/ and thrown it down. I've built /hikki/ and soon it will fall. Just like societies can't run forever, I decided that the board who represents the most the teeny, angsty, most basic human feelings would be the most appropriate to represent societies and their destiny. And thus I've running this experiment for years and years, waiting and waiting on thousand of endless nights where a mix of alcohol and coffee kept me awake in the midst of sorrowful shadows surrounding the bright blue light of my monitor, as I lurked behind every post.
I've organized countless raids and dramafests here, and I was every single party involved on them. We never discussed with the spanish forum, it was actually all my doing. We never had problems with the moderation staff, because there was none other than me. And all those replies you see running fast on threads is just me using three computers at the same time to create the illusion of activity. I remember them all, after all I was everyone. I was none in particular, just everyone at the same time. Through my acts, I've transcended humanity and their hopeless dilemmas and drifted away towards a completely new system of psyches. I discarded my emotions and personality and now I am the central core of a world full of voices; my voices. I am the director, I play all the fugues. The stage is mine, and I am the person who also controls the lights.

Welcome to my play, I hope you enjoy your stay.


ok bro thats cool and all but actually i make all the posts here


Go to bed Sei, you're drunk.

File: 1504461172305.jpg (716.73 KB, 2988x5312, IMG_20170903_203433.jpg)


Hi, wow this chan looks spoopy, I like it


File: 1504461860572.gif (168.38 KB, 640x400, 7IZeC5L.gif)

Hi, we aren't different than any other chan in terms of spookery, only we're smaller, focused in a dead game, and most users are either shy, socially reclusive, NEET, or weeboos, or any combination thereof.
I'd be careful about posting pictures (specially if you're a girl), we have some weird people around too.


File: 1504465774127.jpg (229.11 KB, 1210x800, wolfs_den_speedpainting.jpg)

A lamb enters the wolves den.

The lamb presses forward into the darkness.

The wolves intently stare.

Out of the deafening silence, one wolf unfurled its lips and rings out…

"tits or gtfo"
lol jk, but seriously
Nobody needs to know your gender


File: 1504477658980.jpg (158.46 KB, 1088x1088, IMG_20170808_154932_088.jpg)

How do you know that I'm a trap jk I ve been shitposting in a lot of smaller chans sry for annoying yo guys, yeah I am a combo too tbh


remember me Nintendo im from oniichan

File: 1428091112128.png (112.08 KB, 380x309, 1427378820973.png)


Why is windows 8 so fucking shitty.
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It's shitty because they tried to force tablet-style computing on users that don't even have a touch screen.


The only pro windows 8 has is that it's not windows 10.


On the other hand, W10 has native bash support; you can even run linux programs inside a terminal running X, native. They've literally done what wine has been trying to do for the past 24 years in no time at all. The shitty design and telemetry things are a problem, but you can always switch those off. It's still shitty, but not all of that is shitty.


Features and stuff like that aren't pluses for me when it comes to os'. The interface is the most important part. Frankly, I wish they just stuck to windows xp's interface while only improving the computers themselves. As far as interface goes, xp is as good as it gets in terms of appearance and functionality. Every change they made to it in vista and so on was completely unnecessary. Windows 10 has an unacceptable interface. It is vomit inducing.


welcome to 2017 faget :^)

File: 1472703854606.png (2.48 MB, 1200x1475, its september.png)


It's that time of year again everybody

It is September
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File: 1504296773262.gif (1.07 MB, 320x180, cOGbnf.gif)


Should I even be posting in this thread when it isn't september 1st



as long as its still September this thread is still relevant



is this 2017????

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