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Why haven't you ended it all yet? It's not that hard


File: 1460592285306.jpg (169.64 KB, 640x446, cute_redfox.jpg)

My gut reaction is that I cannot do that. I love myself too much. I'd be upset.


File: 1460651586098.png (178.03 KB, 540x319, tumblr_ne09ko99ae1rltu8mo1….png)

I'm too lazy. Plus, I have nothing that cam actually kill me.


File: 1461634460432.jpg (410.42 KB, 600x800, “Prima Materia” by Goñi Mo….jpg)

There's so much other places I could go to fuck my life over some more. I've only been to 2 countries, and as I see it, I shouldn't limit my life to one place.


It is hard when you don't live alone.

I'll find a way, anyway. Probably get a hotel with a balcony and follow in Madotsuki's footsteps.


Because even when I didn't have friends and a life, and I was suicidal, I failed:
>Developed agoraphobia
>Didn't leave room for 6 weeks, plotted killing myself
>Eventually able to leave (somewhat forced to as well)
>Took 500mg hydrocodone (yes, 50 norcos not "500mg-vikaden.jpg"), 10mg xanax, 100mg valium, 1080mg Soma, washed down with some vodka
>Locked myself in my room and fell into the sweet abyss
>Turns out my door wasn't locked properly. You have to jiggle the lock
>Was successful at getting my heart to stop beating for 2.5 minutes before being revived in the hospital

Then after that, I tried again, this time just woke up later, but after that I realized suicide was actually not something I should want or do. There's really a whole big story about how I realized it, where tl;dr my best friend flew 960 miles just to see me. I found better things to cope with what I thought was an unhappy life. If I really wanted to, I'd go and travel and rage with a deathwish.

Anything can kill you, even drinking enough water can do that. However, I strongly suggest you just get up and out of the house and go talk to people as much as you can (even if your agoraphobia doesnt allow it).


File: 1462262444506.jpg (171.13 KB, 1024x922, ruvik_and_laura__the_evil_….jpg)

There's so much more that I haven't done yet that I wanted to do with my life, and the ideas of what my future could hold if I push on help me to keep living another day. Although lately I've been extremely happy for the most part, I keep myself busy with the things I love to do.

Also, recently I've made some friends that I've become closer to. And although our friendships haven't been very long as of yet…I feel very content with the friends I have now, I used to only have my significant other to confide in, I missed friendship as well. It felt like I didn't matter to many people before, but now I see differently.


File: 1462419363686.jpg (73.08 KB, 491x604, eFWoEMUu5Xs.jpg)

Too lazy and I don't feel the need to anymore


Because screw life and everything that hurts me, not other way around, why you ask, because I say so and no other reason was ever necessary anyway.

Basically I am over self-loathing now, expecting help from this world is a mistake, it's not worth it.
If you're hurt then you should fight, and call out the lies.


Because i'm a glutton. I like shit. I like to watch stuff and play stuff and eat stuff and read stuff. When you're dead you can't do any of those things. It's nothing. The way I see it, being suicidal is irrational. It comes from you hating your life, but people can actually change their life, they can't change being dead. I don't think that there's anybody who genuinely hates the experience of being able to think and being alive. It's everything else that they hate. If you died right now, just think about all the thoughts and ideas you would miss out on. If you killed yourself before playing Yume Nikki, you would have never been able to experience it. Who knows what else you would love, but haven't found yet? If I knew for an absolute fact that there was an afterlife though, I would kill myself in a heartbeat. I wouldn't mind just being a ghost, floating around and watching people.


File: 1493168038738.jpg (15.21 KB, 283x314, 1492887468504.jpg)

>It's not that hard
If that were true I wouldn't be posting this.

You need to understand what real pain is, to empathize with the suicidal and you seem to like a lot of things, but what if the things you like don't exist in real life, and if it did, in the end I'm just looking for easy highs, what's the difference between lsd and yume nikki, one is easier to get your hands on.

Regardless irrational thinking is man made, brains do what they do, I think people selfishly playing this game of roulette, where everyone loses, but at different levels is irrational, but humans are fundamentally broken.


The difference between Yume Nikki and lsd is that the former actually gives you something. It's food for thought. Lsd just makes you see crazy shit. One contributes to the way you think, the other messes with how your body functions. Thinking is existing. What do you plan on doing after death exactly? You stop existing if you die. If you're really in so much, "real pain",(a pretentious concept if I've ever heard one) than that's what you really want to get away from, not life itself. I don't get what you mean by the things you want, "not existing". The human mind can only think in terms of things that could hypothetically be real. We can only imagine colors that we have seen before. Is there some fantasy you want to be real like magic or something? "Easy highs", is life. That's all there is to it. Life has no bigger meaning so you might as well enjoy yourself. If you have depression, if you actually have a chemical imbalance in your brain, see a doctor. If you're too afraid to go outside, see a psychiatrist. If you don't have any mental issues, than nothing is stopping you from enjoying life. I had plenty of suicidal thoughts while I was in school, but I always thought to myself when something upset me that in a day or two I would get over it so it wasn't worth it. I would think about how there's some game that i'm waiting to come out. To experience other people's creativity and be creative yourself is all anybody needs. Read a book, write your own book, think about stuff, get a hobby. That's it.


I don't think you really understand lsd


First I want to say I've never done LSD specifically but I've read all about it and have done other drugs myself. Second, I think you're missing the point of why a lot of people do drugs in general. Not talking about all the ones who are abusing drugs to feel numb, but the ones experimenting to feel and experience new things (there's overlap I'm sure).

Drugs push your mind in to place they cannot be without the drug. For good or for bad. The original guy comparing lsd and YN is silly. No game, movie, or book will give you anything like drugs can. You can how ever get high and experience a piece of media and have your entire view of it change and see it in a new light. For me I had experienced an out of body experience to the point of feeling as if I was in my favorite anime one time. It was not just "seeing crazy shit" it was me feeling like I was someone else I had already really admired and felt close to. It really changed how I viewed both the character and myself. Even if this wasn't the specific event that made me not suicidal anymore, it is the series that made me realize a lot about myself ironically enough.

I'm not telling anyone to drugs or anything nor am I saying they're good or bad just that your perception of them is completely off. If you read about a lot of the scientists making the psychedelics like LSD, you'd know that they have had profound experiences and completely change their outlook on life because of it. Tons of people have. DMT especially because of how far you can go down the rabbit hole (blasting off and all that).


File: 1493226379197.jpg (47.38 KB, 640x640, pokemonmaster.jpg)


how about you, fag?


that's bullshit, what the hell do they think "potions" and "x-defend" are?


Drugs for abuse=//=Pharmaceutical


LSD doesn't make you see things not existing. It makes you see things already there differently. Now imagine evolution took a different route, our perception of the world on LSD could have been a normal perception. The one we perceive now would be the strange one. Its no less real or more real.

I agree with everything else you say though. I just don't think you have ever done LSD and have a very odd perception of what it's like.


File: 1495358259104.jpg (Spoiler Image, 498.34 KB, 1536x2048, 1476571331761.jpg)

Because cutting is sufficient. I can still have good times, and even though the bad times are hard, I can satisfy my mental stress with scissors. So there's no need.

Honestly, I just need a friend. Someone I can hang out and play games with, talk to, laugh with. That day will come eventually I'm sure.


I'd be your friend.


>The one we perceive now would be the strange one. Its no less real or more real.
We would be an evolutionary failure and probably extinct, though.
It wouldn't be any less real or fake under our perception then, but in this timeline we can tell that perception would be fake.


send me your steam account and ill play games with you




Because of the loving, supportive community here on Uboachan.

Seriously, I'd probably be dead if not for you guys. This chan definitely helps me out and keeps me going.

You guys are all amazing and wonderful people. I wish nothing but the best for all of you.


Thanks for reminding me why I still run this shit.


File: 1605607477354.jpg (553.57 KB, 1920x810, Clipboard02.jpg)


coming back here after years, i hope you all are well


File: 1606530610304-0.gif (973.61 KB, 200x200, 20201213.gif)

File: 1606530610304-1.jpg (234.36 KB, 572x750, akan1.jpg)

Praise the Lord and pass the ammo

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