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We are about to have an influx of refugees from the shuttered 8chan, and this is probably inevitable.
However, this is not 8chan, and it's definitely not 4chon.
Participation is welcome, but a sudden sharp increase of alt-right material and garbage posts will not be tolerated.
Please leave your hitlers, seisatsu.pngs, burning crosses, and shitpost floods at the door.
Even on /ot/, we expect some level of quality in our posts. Please familiarize yourselves with our rules and guidelines, and make sure to lurk before posting.
Also, apologies for deleting the /4chon/ refugee thread outright, I overreacted. There's nothing wrong with such a thread as long as it doesn't cause me too much of a headache.
Enjoy your stay and don't be a dick.

File: 1506434559665.jpg (172.41 KB, 850x977, __momoe_nagisa_and_tomoe_m….jpg)


I feel like I want to become full and proud neet after I finish school this year
I don't want to work or study or anything
how can I earn money easily as a gurl
any sites to sell voice to dubs or something? I can sing pretty ok I guess
or record lewd voices for money or something
any other way?
I would draw too but first I must efford fucking graphic tablet shieeet
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When I quit my depressing ambulance job over a year ago I got into stock market. Made some monies there but wasn't enough to go full-neet.
Recently switched to cryptocurrency trading and this has brought in much more money.
I'd depleted alot of my funds in the meantime so I'll have to go back to at least part-time work, but if I can bolster my bank account enough then I should be able to at least tread water financially with online trading. In order to be GUD at it I'll have to spend 8-10 hours daily doing chart research and making trades, so it's like a regular job, but on my terms, plus I won't have to leave the house. (But on my terms, without boss, so it's better than some crappy tele-commuting job or something).
I'd suggest getting books and looking up articles, and doing research on Technical Analysis and trading in general. HOWEVER this is very risky and if you screw up then you can lose money just as easily as you can make it, and drive yourself ever-deep into THE PAUPER'S ABYSS!!
Be careful if you decide to do this.
I didn't really mean this as advice, since it's risky and all, but just wanted to share this since it's what I did and I've had varying degrees of success with it over time..
It is very stressful though, so one should be wary if prone to getting depressed…


As a (cute) girl you could always whore yourself out, but yeah…
The only realistic ways I know of to make money as a social recluse are the aforementioned method, going full pariah (scamming the elderly, selling drugs… not really advisable either) or having a very specific skill such as stock market or programming AND being proficient at it. Unless you fit in the later category, as a non-hikki you'd be much better off finding some part-time job and paying the bills this way.
If there was some easy & accessible way to make money without having to move an inch then said money wouldn't be worth anything.


I think cam shows sometimes work for some people. The idea of it is that it is at some point sexual, but from what I've heard, some just do it completely vanilla. Like, some people just watch them for some sense of human interaction. But you've got to be at least somewhat likable or charming.


Do western ASMR girls sell their lewd voices like japs do? All I know they only have youtube channel


There is only one Western girl I know who "sells" audio, I use the term "sell" loosely because it's more "I'll provide a ton of free content that's of high quality but the special stuff is behind a paywall". But what really helps her is that she markets her lewd audios and podcasts as being "pro-male" and really uses that to her advantage.

I loved her content from the subreddit Gonewildaudio but not enough to pay 5 bucks a month to her. But I think a small monthly fee is better than possibly dealing with someone who might want to nickel and dime you for each audio file.

File: 1507453125680.png (91.55 KB, 850x967, dpd.png)


Are there other people here with DPD (Dependent personality disorder)? I'm searching for an other person that has the same problem as me. So we can "depend" on each other and become friends! I'm also autistic and can talk basically all day. I wish the other person could also do that. My timezone is UTC+2.00 (Europe). I'm very sad every day. If you don't know what it is, just look at the picture. If I don't find anyone here I'll repost this on other IBs. My interests are programming, mathematics, animes and mangas.
>Feeling uncomfortable or helpless when alone, because of exaggerated fears of inability to care for oneself.
>Preoccupation with fears of being abandoned by a person with whom one has a close relationship, and of being left to care for oneself.
>Merges with and immersed into another; is engulfed, enshrouded, absorbed, incorporated, willingly giving up own identity; becomes one with or an extension of another.
The last point is very important, that means you should be able to talk to me all day. This describes me very well. I hope that I can find somebody. My email is LambdaCube@protonmail.com


I am dependent but not emotionally.
The thing with me is that I have no idea how to do grow up shit like government paper works or tax reports. I rely on my parents for many things even at age 26


OP here, I made a mistake in my post. I mean with all day the time when I'm awake, so it'd would be averagely 10 hours per day, but that doesn't mean you'd need to talk to me 10 hours in one piece. (I'd also be quite content with half of that time.) You should just be available for talking. In exchange I'll also be available for that time. I want a comfy person that wants to share his experiences! For example we could talk about anime or something you like!


While something like that sounds nice, it would only work if the other person has the exact same sensibilities as me and is extremely emotionally numb and apathetic. It's a shame that loyalty and apathy don't mix well with each other.

File: 1504061441321.png (108.76 KB, 800x1100, 36365b552a373acc578f8423d9….png)


How do you think male and female neets are perceived differently by society? This can apply to normies' perception, employers perception, authority figure's(government) perception, parent perception, and the perception of the opposite sex to the neet. Also, why do you think these differences exist? What is the basis for any of it? I feel like this discussion was a long time coming and I'm really interested in do seeing what people have to say about it.
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Where did you pretend to be the opposite gender? Please share pics.



I guess you're full of shit then.


and you're just looking to start a fight


You can't expect anybody to believe you without pics. What are trying to do? Contribute? Well, you're not.(USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST)

File: 1505407717879.jpg (337.93 KB, 755x1059, 1491969481891.jpg)


Hello Neet, I am or was Neet. I have always had a social anxiety since school and I still hate going out, but have learned to overcome that and can actually socialize enough to get around and can even enjoy meeting new people. I love the Neet lifestyle, even if I don't intend to totally isolate myself from friends or family. To me the Neet lifestyle is being able to live my life without social obligations and needing to work all my time away while then just doing drugs and shit inbetween shifts because I am either too tired to do anything or just have a few free hours a day. This leave me, just as it does many other, with just the weekends to do anything, to be myself and to relax and unwind. In fact I am not as productive as I wish I was on my days off because I need to rest from working all week. So even when I am not working, my full time job interferes with my personal life.
So now what I want to know is how anyone here gets by financially without depending on family or others. My family will not support me and mooching off friends can only go so far before they get sick of your shit. I can stand working part time, but not full. In fact I hate part time too, but at-least I get some of my time back, but that still means I need to make more per hour to make up for working less. Either that or I need to make income aside from that job.
I really don't make much as it is at my job. Just over minimum wage. So I can make the same wage doing practically anything, with more benefits depending on where I go. If I worked part time then I would make half my current income and would only need to supplement it a few hundred dollars a month to have the same revenue that I currently have.
Now ideas I have had start with
A. working extra hard while I save some money. This isn't a long term thing as I hate working. I could get a job as a call center rep part time and work weekends. I just want to save some money for a camper van and for a certificate program in my states marijuana industry. I would preferably use it to work for myself, but with the mega corporations already opening up I can't imagine that would be to doable. Aside from consulting work for home ops.
B. Sell on ebay. I am looking at some products that I can get in bulk to sell as supplies and materials for various projects. IDK how well they truly sell and will check the recently sold on ebay before committing. Aside from that I would resell things that I know can be flipped like popuPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I would rather say daytrading. WIth mining you will earn nothing but daytrading is the thing to do if you live in a jurisdiction with no capital gains tax. The volatility is giantic and you basically just have to bad news, then buy, then wait until it goes up and sell on the peaks. If you did this from January until now, you would have made shittons of cash.

Mining will not give you much profit in most cases. You would basically need cheap electricity (China) or free cooling (Greenland) for your server farms.


Interesting. I have thought of trading, but am clueless on it. I just read through here https://www.thebalance.com/day-trading-4074032. I think it is a viable option, but I know I will need to take my time understanding the market and testing strategies. And it would appear that forex is the cheapest market to get started on. Definitely going to look more into this.


>internet surveys while you're NEETing

1) botnet
2) GNU/Linux
3) Autism
4) Don't mix your love and your work. If you start letting that encroach on your NEETing, kiss your enjoyment of it goodbye, as it will always be in the back of your head. Though I work full time, I put in my hours, and I drop it like a fucking rock - at home I don't think about work until my alarm is getting me up the next day, and that makes my time at home much more enjoyable. Just my two pence.


To make any money with cryptocurrency you'd need to basically set up an entire server farm, and even then good luck maintaining more income over electricity costs. The only quick riches from that were those who dived into bitcoin really early on.

If you're in the US, do recall that pot is still illegal at the federal level. Risky business, that.

File: 1491775435624.jpg (57.36 KB, 380x572, Hashiguchi Goyo-Woman Bath….jpg)


Hey anons, I'm conducting a survey on NEET/Hikki/Freeters, I was hoping some of you might be willing to try it. (pic unrelated, art by Tadanori Yokoo)

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Ally's are just someone who supports NEETs/Hikkis


At least be so kind to update us on the project here if you're making advances or present your results.


Hey Anon, thanks for helping out, so far I'm doing research on the support groups and the need for support among isolated people. Early stages right now, but judging from interviews and the survey results online communities aren't ideal support networks but for those who only have online support they're incredibly important. Whatcha think?


Well, yea, most online communities are pretty toxic for anyone, NEET or not. And I don't mean the silly buzzword you'd hear from rainbow haired college girls, but actually toxic. I mean, you don't have to improve yourself if you surround yourself with likeminded people who won't confront you and just filter those who do.


Could this be quote of the year?

File: 1503760892784.jpg (40.66 KB, 620x349, top-10-anime-to-watch-in-2….jpg)


i feel bad for lurking in a thread like this, so i'll post this to feel better about myself


only quality toast in this bread


Just wait til you see my butter spread


What a loaf of bullshit.


Have we started the leavening?

Yes! The bread rises!

File: 1502629405554.png (539.62 KB, 989x779, meat.png)


Do you ever feel like you're passively observing your life, or that the physical world is no more real than the virtual one or the one in your head? Do you ever forget the meanings of the subjective or abstract, or stop understanding the purpose of normal human actions like saying words or putting food in themselves?
Is there anything specific that caused this for you? How long does it go on for, and how often does it happen? I remember a while back I nearly got hit by a car because it happened when I was in the middle of the road and I just stopped moving.
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File: 1502727576629.gif (203.04 KB, 639x299, alisa.gif)

1) - If you feel so detached from life, how come you feel interested in doing anything minimally related to entertainment, namely browsing imageboards and even posting threads such as this? How come you feel interest in knowing what other people think about this/if they're experiencing something similar?
2) - Supposing I'm a person with extreme feelings of detachment, what makes you think I'd be willing to actually post, or even interact at all with others through threads such as this?


Its not constant, it usually only happens for a few minutes at a time for me.



I feel really disassociated and I am starting a small business


When you don't like or are worried about part of yourself, you will naturally want to be understood and reassured by people who can understand you. No matter how dissociated you may be, everybody craves validation. "Yes op, I feel like this ALL the time. Would you like to start sucking each other's cocks to feel better", is what every single person on the planet wants to be told.


File: 1503589373078.jpg (173.61 KB, 550x715, 1447048455001.jpg)

I have some experience with dissociation, depersonalization and derealization. I've always had brief moments of them in the past and apparently most people do. It is an alien state. You control your body like a puppeteer, everything looks like a documentary of your life, the world is distant. Nowadays I get those feelings during great exhaustion, at the station, after days of the same routine or in wide open places, even stronger when the area is artificial and empty.

File: 1489837140230.jpg (853.98 KB, 1980x1080, 1398952698994.jpg)


As someone who has no "real" friends, my only source of companionship has been online friends. After 2 years or so I fear this group of my "close" friends have all grown tired of me, just as all of my friends in high-school would. I'm more on the quiet and shy side but I try my best to message my friends online everyday, but recently in the past few months they've seemed disinterested in me, not very receptive to me in group chats or in private messages. Eventually some, who I would message everyday have stopped messaging me and even ignoring me most of the time when I message them.

Maybe it's stupid but I feel so worthless as a person, as if I'm not even worth talking to because this happens every time, with every friend group I join. In school I was friendly with everyone, but then I'd realise the people I thought were my best friends were out partying and would make group chats while excluding me.

I got over this and felt alright cutting everyone off and being a NEET/hikki, but I thought I've actually been able to bond with these people online so it hurts especially when I know that this group of people are still messaging and calling each-other daily to play video games without me. There hasn't been any sort of fight between us or anything, so why is it always me that people get tired of? It's not like I'm spergy/edgy/mean to people or anything, so I just struggle to understand it.

Sorry for the rant, just upset and wanted to be able to write about it. Is there anyone else that has/is going through this?
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>disinterested in me
this was the case all my life in middle school. The other kids always called each other to do things but never invited me to any activity unless I organised it myself and called them. At some point I grew tired of this and just gave up. I am just too boring to get others to be interested in me and I do not have the interest anymore to actively seek friends anymore.
I just wanted to say that I can relate to what you must feel like. Never beeing desired like the "cool kids".

I also had online friends from my counter strike source days. It was kind of fun because we had insider jokes and I joined one of their clubs/clans. We were just regulars at the same server. Then I became less active since 2011 and now in my steam friends list you can see tons of people who had their last access to steam over a year ago. They either grew up or died. There are 3 guys left who are regularly online. Nowadays nobody bothers to even send me friend requests anymore but I also have to say that I rarely play anymore.

>this happens every time, with every friend group I join. In school I was friendly with everyone, but then I'd realise the people I thought were my best friends were out partying and would make group chats while excluding me.

I know this feeling and you are not alone. Was with me as well. I realized that I never had real friends. Just people I hung out with. Even the guys who were into my interests (anime, card games) had their other social circles where I was no part of.

>so why is it always me that people get tired of?

I don't know why you are in this situation but I can tell you the reason for mine. It is because I am a boring person. Nobody wants to be around a rain cloud so it is only natural that people would not seek my compagnionship by themselves.

this would support my theory about beeing boring
Also, one of the guys from our former clique has contacted me as of lately. I believe he wants or needs something of me and I am soon to find out what it is. He was like this even 10 years ago.


File: 1503291103396.png (283.02 KB, 714x574, 1457585006298.png)

I know it's been months since you made this post but any tip or tag to talk with other social retards? And I mean true social retards. I don't watch anime nor play vidya anymore, and my knowledge regarding other topics is pleb tier. Been getting interested in history lately but I'd rather listen than talk. Im not the kind of person to argue endlessly over politics either.

There has to be a group for people with rotten social skills that isn't some meme forum like the social anxiety one.


>Le your posting in one
Sorry anon, just getting that tremendously unhelpful answer out of the way before someone says it unironically.


File: 1503493135106.png (923.15 KB, 1011x1088, 1471832277203.png)

First step to living an utterly miserable life is giving this much care to how others perceive you. Focus on yourself for a while, everything should be done for your own sake. Companions are nice but you shouldn't have to modify your interests or personality to earb brownie points. You'll end up feeling artificial. It was all a fake facade because you're insecure of who you truly are.


I meant earn

File: 1489122371191.jpg (18.86 KB, 400x400, 7cXsoSrZ_400x400.jpg)


I guess I've been a "Hikikomori" since about about December, after having a constant struggle with my anxiety and depression which led to me dropping out of school, I'm currently looking for a job but for the past months have pretty much been a NEET. What I'm wondering are your days usually like? Do you have a schedule? If you have mental issues what helps you cope? Just curious


File: 1489215480360.gif (948.07 KB, 200x200, 1482451017038.gif)

How old are you? And I don't really have a schedule, but I have a list of things I set for myself to do each day (which may or may not get done). I also have anxiety and some bipolarism. Writing music usually helps me, but sometimes I start and then think to myself "why bother?" Funnily enough, listening to blues music is also extremely cathartic for me. I was an edgy metalhead most of my life and then started listening to some Albert King and SRV and it was like an epiphany.


Hello Denied.

Normally I wake up at around 1-2pm. If my mother is in the house, I order her to make me a bowl of porridge. Failing that, I'll begrudgingly head down to the kitchen to prepare myself a pot. After my daily bowl of oats, milk and honey, I like to meander over to the back garden where I'll sit on the deck chair for several hours listening to music on my iphone. (Slip Knot, Korn, ABBA, Linkin Park etc.) I enjoy this.

When the sun isn't shining on my glorious Aberdonian seaside cottage, I'll sit by the fire on my chair and play runescape on my lap top. This, and idle browsing of chan websites contines until around 3-4am, where I will the retire to my spacious race car bed.

If I am lucky my mother will prepare for me a dish of haggis, neeps and tatties.

Another factor i neglected to mention was that this daily routin is interuppted by bi weekly excursions to the job centre. I dislike going to the job centre as it involves leaving the house/back garden.




>What I'm wondering are your days usually like? Do you have a schedule?
wake up at lunch time
go to bathroom
eat a chocolate bar and drink some ice tea
check out imageboards, news and crypto currency prices
fire up PS3 and play video games
go on pc and watch anime or movies
go to bed

>If you have mental issues what helps you cope? Just curious

I am socially retarded and clumsy and I only feel at peace when I distract myself and interact with my immediate world the least possible. I am also sensitive to stress

File: 1503190073529.jpg (40.71 KB, 590x350, Tim-Farron-943129.jpg)


Hi guys, long time neet here, first time poster. I have to say, /hikki/ is a fine board. It's here that I have finally found troubled souls such as myself. In reading these posts, I have realised that I am not alone in my struggle.

It's refreshing to learn that there are other young men and women who enjoy sleeping in until 1pm and sitting on the computer all night. Up until now I thought I was the only person in the world who was so inclined to do this. My therapist kept saying I was being lazy, but I knew that fat sow was wrong.

To kick start a discussion for this thread, I'd like to pose a question: How do you con your local dole centre into giving you cutter for fags and alcohol? My mother is quite keen on that sort of thing, and I would like to secure a steady supply so that I can carry on with my lifestyle. I was thinking of pretending that I had autism or something like that. Seems to be all the rage these days. My mother was watching a show on the netflix related to it.

Anyway please let me know if you have any tactics when dodging the career advisors' interregation techniques.




oh my lord OP i am so totally with you on this… i used to only be able to get the tip to my tonsil, but after lurking this board for some time i have been able to overcome my limitations and push it all the way to the esophagus. my bf is very pleased to say the least. just another thank u to all the hikki posters out there for sharing there knowldge :)


>sleeping in until 1pm and sitting on the computer all night
story of my life brudder. Whenever I have the freedom to do so, I do it. I am naturally predestined for this somehow.


I am surprised how many people misinterpret our situations as simple laziness.

>How do you con your local dole centre into giving you cutter for fags and alcohol?

I don't understand your slang but I assume you want unemployment bucks. To get them you sign up at your local job center. Then you jump through their hoops and go to courses or trainings and send out applications. When you go to applications you can either be dedicated to find a job or just fuck everything up bombastically. At the beginning they will not bully you but as time goes on they will become more aggressive when it comes to you finding a job.

Your time there will usually be limited to a year or two and if you fail to find a job they will stop paying you and you are officially not unemployed anymore. You will then be unemployable. It can help you to get a diagnose for a medical condition or welfare but to rely on 3rd parties for income is nasty and you will have never ending paranoia of losing your bucks one day. If I were you, I would start a side business in any case. Like buying stuff from somewhere and reselling it on ebay. I do this with video games and trading cards and I earn some pocket money every month on it.

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