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File: 1523091110293.jpg (28.58 KB, 500x325, ac25636a09630e9aa0bcb25137….jpg)


I lurked and posted here on Uboachan once, but on the occult board. Well, I had shared my story on how the house I used to live in had an alleged haunting, but one anon suggested I'd been hallucinating the incidents since I mentioned even if I moved, it wouldn't stop.
It still hasn't, actually.
It actually has only gotten worse.
Being alone in a house, working the whole day and staying inside the house at night alone means it's usually quiet here. Last week, I've noticed whispers and knocking at my windows although I'm on the second floor in my apartment, and lately horrifying images start popping up in my peripheral vision. They're freaking the fuck outta me. It once yelled at me when I tried looking out the window.
A therapist session would mean grocery, rent and bills would kick my ass.
Family out of state, trip would last an entire day so that's outta the question. I also have to mention that they think mental illness is fake.
Fucking great, ain't it?
I had to post here, cause shit at least you people give sound advice.
Please give some advice, this is eating me alive and I feel like my sanity's fucking slipping.
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File: 1525030022099.jpg (99.23 KB, 1280x720, 1423762829341.jpg)

>there have been cases where if the mind is too deprived of sensation that it will begin to manufacture hallucinations.
I always thought that kind of hallucination you're talking about only happens when you close your eyes in a quiet environment and the sleep paralysis kicks in i.e. night terrors. Feel free to correct me though.


IIRC there were some experiments that had a patient locked in a bed. They had been blindfolded and they had headphones emitting white noise and static. Reportedly it manifested in illusions and hallucinations.


do a home purification ritual
it's pretty simple


Probably schizophrenia. If you won't get treatment, just ignore the things that are not "normal". If do this for long enough, you'll be able to involuntarily filter hallucinations from real things.

>some shadow dude told me to fuck off from the outside of the second floor's window
>the probability of that happening irl is 0, ignoring



File: 1524188026952.gif (1002.3 KB, 500x264, Shiny-Tear-Drops-In-Anime-….gif)


How would you recommend I start promoting myself so I can make money off selling custom art for people?
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Hentai-Foundry been experiencing a boom as far as I can tell; lots of people putting up teaser images and shuttling viewers over to patreon to sell the uncensored version or different variations.


Appreciate the responses. I honestly threw this question up impulsively out of curiosity. I more or less wanted to see if others on this forum were interested in doing the same thing, and if they are currently doing it, or if I'm the only one ._.


Oh, I happen to be an expert on this. It's honestly really fucking easy.

You draw some art, it doesn't even have to be good, make sure to put a recognizable signature to it so people can google you, have a blog or something where the rest of your gallery is, link it to your paypal account or bitcoin wallet or something for people to send donations to.

Again, your art doesn't even have to be masterpieces, but what's important is a certain meme-value that compels someone to save it to their hard drive and later repost it somewhere else. Initially, you will be the one posting your own art in various different high-traffic places until it catches on and becomes viral and your fans are doing your work for you.

Use reverse image search to see who's reposting your shit and where.


Wow, embracing mediocrity. I can't blame you for doing it, but I can't respect you either. If you can, don't live off of commissions op.


Way to insult me dude. It's not mediocrity, read my post again, you can do what you love and not be a prostitute like Shadman who draws porn of spinners and emojis and Donald Trump and whatever, but whatever you draw actually has to be interesting to others to get popular, not just to yourself. One way or another you have to get people to repost it and talk about it.

Nobody owes you anything for spending a lot of time working hard on a piece, it's the value they receive that matters.

File: 1504142609573.jpg (167.83 KB, 850x614, __neeko_hinako_note_nyorok….jpg)


Why is life so hellish when you're not socially adjusted enough for the standards of others?
I'm constantly mistreated and looked down upon for even making the slightest signs of nervousness. It sucks.
Makes me want to halt all potential progress of becoming more in tone with society and revert back to my NEET lifestyle.
Because it's shelter from the hideous personalities the general population tends to have towards someone who comes off as distinct in whichever terms. I'm getting tremendously sick of it..only been a few months since I've stopped being a shut-in. But surrounding myself with this type of hostile environment every single day encourages me that this attempt to adjust is ultimately not worth it. I don't know what to do anymore.
The world is truly a cruel place. I'm not cut out for it.
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>kek, I a random anonymous user in a weeb imageboard with no experience in the field know better than every professional psychologist in history.


Oh, yeah, of course because I didn't adhere to your arbitrary code of conduct it's a waste of time to actually acknowledge my points. Better just call them digs to invalidate them instantly. God, you fags are insufferable.
See, now you should be able to tell the difference between passive and actiive agression.


I was bullied a lot when I was preteen, it still hurts 15 years later and killed my ability to trust people.


same. until this very day …


I fucking love science!!!

File: 1525509157760.gif (2.11 KB, 320x200, timothy-learys-mind-mirror….gif)


I need to request the help of some fellow NEETs in the investigation of this strange program; the reason being is that it's filled to the brim with self-reflection lingo that I find to be profoundly disturbing. There may be something here that is useful to our shared condition, or it may be complete nonsense; I'll try it once more after sleeping.



OP here, I checked back on this program when less spooked out and found it to be a perceptional comparison and diagnostic tool! Here's my results from the first exercise:


Your Self:

Lower Class

Ideal Self:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Why is your ideal self uncultured?



That's a very good question! The scoping tends to deal with shades of personality qualities and synonyms; one such dipole would be sophisticated (worldly/influential) and "small town" (narrow-minded/squareness). I don't think the test is too far off actually with my background taken into consideration. Even though I have some exposure to higher education and literature I would tend to see myself as a "provincial" as opposed to cosmopolitan.

You might want to try it out yourself; the great thing is you have the option to view your qualities in layman's terms or according to psychological adjectives, which possibly means that you could funnel your results into other tests. Admittedly, I don't know much about Leary's work on psycho-metrics, but I'm curious as to where he got his ideas from.


Here's the results of another test I did before I got launched into/from the Fallopian tube.


Current Love:

Energetic (Wired)

Ideal Love:

Energetic (Wired)
Confident (Charismatic)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


And the really cool thing about this system is that it encourages you to take multiple camera shots as part of a progression. It assumes that your self-perception and perception of others is always going to be in flux, allowing you to chart the permutations of your very mind!

File: 1457749825831.jpg (41.92 KB, 589x565, 12572974_537983893041761_4….jpg)


what do you do when you are depressed?

OP cries under the bed
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Society is not literally everybody. Society is made of everybody's collective effort. Society itself is a state of existing in which human beings do not have to be hunters and gatherers. Being a parasite puts a strain on peoples ability to maintain this state. Either you put a strain on every tax payer, or you put a strain on somebody who does pull their own weight. I never said that everybody contributes equally. This is more strawmanning. You're just using mental gymnastics to justify being dead weight.
Somebody with a mcjob is at least capable of not harming society. They pay their dues for benefiting. I haven't moved any goal posts. Act normal in public, pay for your own stuff. Also, somebody who produces things people actually need is important. Another false analogy.
>What question and how am I suicidal? Are you OK mate?
Read your first post again.
>If someone asks me how are you, I don't even know what to say
>Then, it's like I can heard my soul screaming, screaming like someone who lost his mind, as if someone wanted to try to kill himself just by screaming. It's hard to describe, imagine someone trying to gouge out his eyes and screaming out of panic, out of terror, because the sudden realization of something that's worse than death hit him in a fraction of a second. Something like that.


Not him, but there's literally nothing wrong with being a sponge as long as you can get away with it.

OG NEET lyfe motherfucker


Part of the fault lies on the government and other enablers.


Nightwalks are maximum comfy desu
if we could actually get back on topic that'd be great


Depression protips:
Try lying in bed staring at the ceiling for hours because you can't move your limbs
Enjoy feeling waves of nausea/horror/anguish wash over you
Whimper and moan quietly while you do so
Close your eyes and hope that you will be dead soon
While you try to go to sleep, think about all the ways that things can get worse than they already are

File: 1461645436348.jpg (23.44 KB, 480x360, lastplace.jpg)


Curious: Would you describe yourself as more of a NEET, Hikikomori, or a very reclusive Freeter?
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What would you consider the point of no return in that kind of situation then?


File: 1523081286713.png (26.97 KB, 458x428, 1520604598317.png)

A Hikikomori i've never had a job in the outside world and every time i try to reintegrate back into society i fail i'm just not compatible with society nor do i agree with many of society's rules and expectations i haven't been to the doctor in 5 years and if i were to go back i would probably be diagnosed with avoidant personality disorder. i've been isolated since 2007 and i don't live in the real world i avoid life through escapism because of the shitty hand i was dealt growing up and like i said up top every time i try to reintegrate back into society i fail there is nothing for me in this world except escapism and living in my room until i die.


File: 1523249854034.png (284.86 KB, 500x375, 1515125136992.png)

Godspeed, I'm rooting for you.
Hopefully you'll be able to escape that vicious cycle.


File: 1523504876864.jpg (100.76 KB, 802x1000, welcome to the nhk.jpg)

>Hopefully you'll be able to escape that vicious cycle.

Maybe someday but i don't see that happening any time soon.


Hurr, you actually take care of your teeth and think that you're a real hikikomori/NEET?

File: 1522957112766.jpg (2.08 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20171219_195643069.jpg)


so a little background info

abandoned at 12, picked up by CPS - ran away from group home at 16, never finished high-school, have a criminal record so can't get a job with SSN - tried immigrant labor, the pay was awful and the language barrier even stronger

decent computer literacy, and can sound ok on the phone. can't sell drugs anymore, almost murdered last time

any ideas on what to do for online employment?

pic unrelated
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thank you for your clarification. It seems to be a scam site indeed.


You could try getting your life together by getting an education.


That costs money. A lot of money.


if this cashlords thing is a scam then how about running your own scam? I mean you could set up your scam to target people from rich countries while you live in a poor country that does not give a shit about small fish like you. There is an entire scamming industry in nigeria and india. If you scam some american out of 200$ nobody will try to prosecute you for it or extradict you to usa.


Sei, people are literally suggesting illegal advice. Lock this thread.

File: 1521358931884.jpg (28.09 KB, 500x535, 6fbc008ad8ea5b1a9546db18bc….jpg)


Since the last thread fucking sucked, here’s another attempt at a thread where we can ramble about our day-to-day existance. I’ll start.


>Hikki for 3 years
>Constantly exhausted even though I sleep on averege 12 hours a day, day and night have completely blended together
>Have always been a loner and incapable of understanding basic human communication
>Spiraled down into depression after my dad passed away
>Dropped out of school and started taking online courses instead
>Went from living an already lonely life to being completely isolated, not leaving my house for anything
>The only people in my life was immediate family who were busy grieving
>I literally cannot remember anything I’ve done the past three years apart from staring at screens and walls
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but anon, we all buttcoin gillionaires here


File: 1522804462583.png (87.02 KB, 255x171, 1453478856250.png)

>University student.
>Tried throughout my first year to live the normie life and met a ton of people.
>Can feel myself becoming physically drained every time I spend time with people.
>Feeling tired constantly.
>Takes me forever to fall asleep, causing me to have a horrible sleep schedule all of the year - always running on max 5 hours of sleep.
>Pretty much just do the bare minimum to pass my modules.
>Spend most of my free time between classes just in the library or walking around alone aimlessly.
>Stopped talking to people as much as possible simply cause I don't enjoy it.
>Spend my time when I'm too lazy to work reading modern classic novels or wasting hours on image boards. Even getting bored of anime.
>Come back to this place every 2 months or so to read the few new posts that have been posted.
>Reading the New Testament as I feel a strong urge to - an anxious feeling in me is driving me to.
>Been wanting to write a novel for 2 years now but that has gone no where.
>Not really enjoying university but don't want it to end and have to get a real job either.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>New Testament
See that's the problem right there. You've gotta read the old testament or just pick up a Torah, which aren't translated in a biased, deceitful way like the, "old testament", is. you might wanna pick up a Kabbalah while you're at it. Listen, there's no, "good", and. "evil", side. God is everything, he is incomprehensible(book of Job). You can't try to simply god into this dumb, childish battle of good vs evil. Nobody can stand before god. Also, Satan is actually an angel. That's right; he's an angel whose job is to tempt humans as a means of testing them. Look it up. So much revisionism and misinterpretation and poor translation plagues the Christian faith. Did you even know that it's actually Yahweh, not, "Jehovah"?
jk, but still, think about it


File: 1522854832508.png (148.79 KB, 346x523, 1521857645139.png)

for me it's a similar situation except with painting. Ive been going to an art uni for a year now (still going through second semester) and everything relating to painting now seems to feel heavy and unenjoyable to me( even though i love painting and drawing overall and garnered decent skills over last few years). I feel like a dropout because i havent been attending painting classes for over 6 weeks now, im constantly anxious about professors not liking my ideas or way of painting (ive gotten that criticism from them before, i didnt take it as a personal offense or anything, but it was still difficult to stand up and go paint again). I'm starting to think, that these studies are not for me and it will only destroy my fondness of painting as a hobby, im glad that at least my drawing and sculpting classes are going fine overall and i notice improvements in them.


It's not even Yahweh, it's Adonai

File: 1512602904711.jpg (916.73 KB, 839x1032, __clara_stahlbaum_mouse_ki….jpg)


Who else gets social anxiety from buffet tables? Every time my family drags me to a shitty hotel, or a shitty cruise, or a wedding, or a bar mitzvah, or any kind of group event, I always dread the buffet. I just want to get seated at a table, have a guy come to me and ask what I want, bring me what I want and go away. I don't want to stand up, and grab a plate, and worry about looking like I don't know what i'm doing, and spend a bit a of time just looking everything over before put like two tiny portions of bread and pasta just so that I can get it over with as fast as possible. Not only that, but the whole format seems so wasteful to me. Just to save some money on man power they'd be willing to let so much food go cold and go to waste? Never mind if they would dare to warm food up multiple times. Actually good buffets are already bad enough. I'm not alone on this, right?
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Ugh, you don't get it. Talking to people isn't as bad as that feeling of exposure and vulnerability.


I probably don't understand what you feel. But I feel much more anxious ordering food at anywhere else where I actually have to speak to restaurant staff. At a buffet I can just take what I want, and I generally have a clear idea of what food I want.


So you don't hate walking in large crowds and having people look at you?


File: 1522805228553.jpg (118.26 KB, 1280x720, Shokugeki-no-Soma-14-18.jpg)

I too hate buffet tables. I feel extremely self conscious whenever I conduct myself around them. Always confused which way I should circle the tables, as people always end up going the wrong way. I always feel awkward when plating up, nervous that I'm going to make a mess or taking too long. I always dread the possibility of tripping and begin to concentrate too much on how I'm walking resulting in me looking extremely weird. I always end up forgetting a piece of cutlery or a serviette that I didn't see was being handed out at the beginning of the line and have to fight my way back to grab it. My anxiety grows the longer I stay and people begin to look at my miserable face with contempt. I end up giving up and retreating back to my table as soon as I can without plating everything that I want because I hate the situation so much. I never end up enjoying the meal anyway because it is simply a hodge podge of random ingredients that don't work together and would much rather prefer ordering something better from a menu.


Finally somebody gets it. Moving around tons of people while you're all holding plates and taking stuff is infinitely more uncomfortable and awkward than sitting in a stationary position and having things set on the table for you.

File: 1520767299021.jpg (8.92 KB, 275x183, gir.jpg)


Who else has escaped from NEET? I was NEET for over a year but I went to university afterwards and now I am placed as a software engineer. I lost 50 pounds and have a significant other.




File: 1520809620600.jpg (307.57 KB, 702x700, 078359312d0693aa - 1.jpg)

I'm working on it now. I'm studying for A+ cert and have an interview scheduled for a simple job to keep cash flowing. I started dating a cute girl I went to school with. From here on out it's just a matter of keeping up with both discipline and commitment


>over a year

You are a like a little babby


I'm not going to say the struggles don't vary in severity over time, but I'm just gonna say neetdom should not be a contest. If I managed to get out a year and a half in it still would be hard as fuck for me

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