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Has this board ever helped you, or were you only trolled or harassed? Also, should I be doing more to remove destructive users from this board?

Honestly, I hate where this board is going and I want to change something. Whether that's stricter rules, or more trigger-happy per-board bans for hooligans, or shutting down /hikki/ and telling everyone to go somewhere else, or even another board reset, is yet to be decided.

We didn't have a board like this at the beginning of the site; one of the admins added the original NEET board on their own some years back. I wonder if that was a mistake. /hikki/ was an attempt to scrub that board of the problems which are now, again, affecting it. I feel like nothing has really changed.

Is this just a place where depressed people simultaneously insult and validate each other's misery, while keeping each other down? Is it really doing more harm than good? Or, is it just a few bad users being disingenuous and drowning out what could have been a decent atmosphere? I wanted this board to be helpful but I'm not sure if that's what it's doing.

I want to hear what the people here think before I make a decision about the future of /hikki/. But, I can't let things keep going as they are now. Be honest, am I slacking off too much with the bans? Or is the problem with this place deeper than that?
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Alright, I will not destroy /hikki/. However, there seems to be a divide in opinion on whether or not there is anything to be done about it, so I'd like to hear more about that if anyone has specific ideas. Otherwise I'll continue to mostly leave it alone.


File: 1517954568523.png (143.55 KB, 500x428, best character coming thru.png)

/hikki/ is a paradox in that's it's meant to help people out, while most of the people/userbase are people that seek help themselves
Basically what i'm saying is that's there's little established "i got out of NEETdom" userbase that posts aside from those shit bragging threads that get everyone angry. Even if there's these types of users (there is), they probably just want to hang out at /ot/ rather than /hikki/ because there's not much reason to try to help an userbase that is mostly static and Status Quo-y from what i've seen.

I don't know what can be done to prevent this, but imageboards generally feel depressing to browse, even when you are in the fun areas.
>This board is the meat of ubuu along with ot
True, the activity has always been centered around /hikki/ and /ot/ before the YN:DD craze, because there is simply nothing left to discuss about YN. Yes, we could make that uboachan fangame (pls no) or do a fan update of Dickme Dicki but i think a lot of the userbase is centered and isolated in /hikki/ and /ot/ without any interaction with the rest of this site.
Plus it doesn't help that almost every ancient (named) user has sadly left.


Well I like image boards. Also, any thread made outside of hikki and ot are probably also from regulars. Nobody who has been around for a while sticks to one part of ubuu only. Recent is the only page I check.


Ultimately, if you ask everyone on /hikki/ what they like about it and what it should be about, you're probably going to get a lot of conflicting answers, and there's not a great deal anyone can do about that. I myself just like to talk about the NEET/hikikomori lifestyle, and all it ensues, and with talk about being a keyword here. I don't want any armchair diagnostician trying to 'fix' me with the same old empty platitudes they always give
But that's just my thoughts on the matter


I don't visit much anymore but I've met some of my closest friends from here.

This board has definitely helped me when I was down. There have been some pretty positive threads/posts about people improving their lives in the past which has given me some hope.

It's also nice to read about others in similar positions to your own and see how they are dealing with it.

File: 1512875635182.jpg (22.28 KB, 333x450, 42722-004-9A16BCF8.jpg)


To be hikkikomori is one of the highest forms of hedonism and selfishness. Especially if you rely on parents or flatmates for financial aid.

Some might contest that being a shut-in need isn't a conscious choice, that it's a result of environmental circumstances and mental illness, yet I still see people here who romanticise the lifestyle.

For a good few years, I have followed the culture of this board and others like it. I have seen the various IRC channels, discords and skype groups that have originated from this place, and I have come to the conclusion that this board ultimately promotes an anti-social attitude instead of discouraging and helping people abstain from it.

Most of you are lazy and are attempting to rationalise a piggish lifestyle.

Whaddaya think?
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File: 1513914672077.jpg (86.32 KB, 279x392, 1512597566543.jpg)

I kove how the guy snaps with the caps and how he barely manages to write coherent sentences, then calls us a laughing stock.


Just because Asperger's is not in the DSM anymore, does not mean it is not a valid disorder. As research progresses symptoms for disorders get reevaluated and if necessary, as in the case of Asperger's, changed.

Asperger's now falls under Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and is more closely related to Social Communication Disorder (SCC). From what I understand, SCC is the more accurate diagnosis for those with symptoms of Asperger's in previous versions of the DSM, but since the classification is so new, there is not as much funding (think NEETbux) to people with that diagnosis, so they get diagnosed with Autism.

So yea, it's not right for you to ignore someone's diagnosis as their reason for being hiking just because the disorder isn't in the DSM. Things are alot more complicated than that.



> So yea, it's not right for you to ignore someone's diagnosis as their reason for being hiking just because the disorder isn't in the DSM. Things are alot more complicated than that.

That should be "reason for being hikki"


Okay, fine. I realized that myself after making that post, but that split hair does not invalidate the rest of my post.


AutismSpeaks is cancer. Try researching harder before spewing white noise. See ASAN for starters.

File: 1481448344526.png (102.9 KB, 829x509, 7q9ni5t3e30y.png)


What are your MBTI types, /hikki/ ?

I recommend taking a few different tests and understanding what each letter means. I'm also guessing that most people here are INxx

Some people discredit MBTI, but I think if you treat it a a rough guideline, it can offer some good insights to yourself and others.

INTP wasted-potential masterrace reporting in
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This project is going to fail unless a miracle occurs


>A large and complicated narrative with a disregard for the audience's sentiments, as well as a subtle drive to antagonize the reader whenever possible.
That sounds really obnoxious and unreadable. It takes a highly skilled writer to both completely neglect giving readers what they want while still keeping their interest and attention. If you're trying to go for the Tokyo Ghoul or Game of Thrones effect, maybe try something more simple first?


See, nothing in that whole "grimdark" family group ever really got to where I wanted it to go. Even GRRM disappointed me at times. I'm really struggling to mix aggression with appeal and a sense of rationality, I want to capture a GG Allin concert in prose fiction.
You're right about the skill level something like this will require. My voice as a writer has served me well so far, but worldbuilding and narrative structure, they have always fought with me. I've got the general storyline marked out start to finish, but the meat between the setpiece moments is going to be tricky.
Whatever happens, I'm not afraid of rewriting. I could keep this on the desk for ten years if need be.


File: 1517458692871.jpg (35.56 KB, 449x500, CMubfjYWUAEbwUm.jpg)

>GG Allin concert in prose fiction.
I've got some pretty good ideas. Give all of the characters sick, full body, Asian style tats. Make everybody have long, philosophical monologues about anarchism every three pages. Throw in gratuitous, yet still inhibited depictions of violence. Like, you have dead hobos and guys whose heads have been shot, but you can't have stripped naked little girls who have been sawed in half because that's too fucked up. Maybe throw in lots of drugs. The characters should definitely live in a really dirty, ugly city. Bonus points for making it a dystopia novel. Sorry if I came off as disparaging your concept, but those are the sorts of vibes you're giving me. Some more specific details would be nice.


"It must have been a lonely place he lived in, because for every indulgence there was something else he denied himself as a means to the end. He accomplished what he did right here in our faces, in real time, with little help from any tool outside his own mind. These things cannot be denied. Could we have learned more from him if he was still around? Did we learn anything at all? Hope we meet again."
- Joe Coughlin, GG Allin biographer

I look at his concerts as more than a shocking punk show. The uncertainty, the fear, the schafenfreude, the sense of true freedom that permeated the hall for the duration of his performances. The audience and the bystanders were brought to the pinnacle of punk stage invasion. Who's going to run away? Who's going to be his victim? Who's going to riot? And why? It's a very metamodernist before metamodernism existed kind of experience.
Maybe I should try again. To see all the different kinds of rational people that enter an extreme situation, their reasons, and then watch how they behave once they're in the thick of it, this is what excites me. The danger and the negative thrill shape and flavor the experience, with the root of everything not being a catalyst or a demiurge, but still in the fight and making the waves that will drown it out.
The medium of live music has failed to capture the human experience this well, before and after GG's time. I see the same problem with prose fiction. Proust, GRRM, Trumbo, Mailer, Hill, Fitzgerald, Mann, they have had their successes, but they never even came close to what this medium can acheive. I'm done looking for someone to have done it right. Now I'm going to do it myself.

File: 1514999654698.png (47.25 KB, 200x300, 1494529912377.png)


How do you deal with the isolation of this lifestyle? When I have nobody to talk to online I lose all motivation to enjoy myself, and the life is basically sucked out of me
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I'll get to it tomorrow.


File: 1516746826390.png (336.13 KB, 819x791, bakas de nada.png)

Ok. I have been worn out from wörk wörk wörk anyways so take your time.


Can't you loser exchange E-Mails or something?


lol why do you care?


File: 1516837552266.gif (1.46 MB, 500x281, Ann Coulter Kisses a Blond….gif)

Because I told him that he couldn't play with us

File: 1516223232365.jpg (1.6 MB, 2561x2825, IMG_20180117_210624.jpg)


My friend was making depressive comments and talking about suicide from over three years ago. We thought it was him trying to get attention, but over time he became more and more serious, until I realized that it wasn't an act. Many of the people who surround him still treat it like he's pretending, but exam season is coming in, and the stress and pessimism is really getting to him. He's recently been talking about staying home because he feels ill, but when he's at home, he plays games until he gets depressed about how much time he's wasted. His parents pressure him about grades, and he's grown an inferiority complex and it's all slowly knawing away at him.
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That't mornic. Objects can be refurbished and people are in way as simplistic as onjects.


>are in no way as simplistic as objects


what a mornic thing to say


My keyboard isn't working properly right now. That doesn't change the fact that you are an idiot for thinking that people work in the same way as objects.


I am not the poster you were debating, you morn

File: 1498956241829.jpg (107.07 KB, 1200x900, Anorexia.jpg)


Does anyone here struggle with any eating disorders?

I have been extremely thin for most of my life, mostly because I regularly skip meals and don't work out.

Being very thin has hurt my self confidence. Also, the only physical activities I like to do are walking and biking, I think this might also make me thin.

Also, this thread can be about general physical help too.
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File: 1516232078588.jpg (126.07 KB, 721x705, 1479127189582.jpg)

Waifuposter here.

I want to talk to you please! We all miss you and think about you a lot.


man, I wish I never had to worry about having food to eat. Then maybe I could just wait out hunger in 15 minutes. I just stay hungry for hours and hours and I start to stress out cause it bring back the mind shattering shit that left me going hungry when I was young. Is it even possible to contract anorexia after eating out of garbage cans for so long? I can't be the only one that knows this feel


Lived in poverty before. Was a healthy weight then by carefully calculating how spending money would maximize calories. Still spend money to maximize calories, but have never been a healthy weight since. (I'm overweight)


File: 1516292096631.jpg (Spoiler Image, 160.12 KB, 1200x1041, lowres.jpg)

I'm not sure if you can call it an ED but my doctor referred to it as such.

I have an incredible dislike of food (and eating too).
I hate the feeling of food on my tongue, I don't like taste either. I'm fine with crunchy stuff that barely tastes like anything, bread and fruits, vegetables and stuff, which sucks cause in Winter there are only disgusting fruits available from southern countries.
I can't stomach soup or any watery, wet stuff (sauce is sometimes alright if a little is put on a sandwich maybe but that's about it)

On some days I have to remind myself to eat. I'm underweight obviously.
People take it really badly if you don't eat in front of them. It might be a psychological factor from primitive times, sharing food so you know you can trust each other.


File: 1516329522688.jpg (655.29 KB, 670x800, amduscia.jpg)

terrible name, but I've heard good things. It's a flexible meal replacement; provides calories and most of the necessary shit you can't get in a multivitamin.
There wasn't any money to prioritize, madre held the purse strings and she was fucked in the head. I ate what I could get, when I could get it, and cleaned the plate with a vengeance. I dunno, maybe when things were good temporarily and I'd gorge myself I stretched out my stomach. Because I don't feel full until it hurts

Shit, it is so hard to unlearn the habits that kept you alive, even when they start being a problem. I feel for you, at least my problem doesn't entail much work

File: 1509412005505.jpg (44.66 KB, 409x409, 1505483539337.jpg)


Who here has achieved monk-tier hikkidom?
>i have made myself to be a walking wikipedia
>started working out and actually developed muscle
>my level of doucheness has risen to considerable levels
>Turns out looking down on people cures some of the anxiety
I still dont leave my house though, mainly because i dont have reasons to do so, i lost all my "friends" a long time ago and calling them to hang out now would be awkward (i dont even have money to go drinking) and i still get anxious as fuck when im outside (i was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder)
And getting a job still looks impossible


File: 1509412180138.png (64.6 KB, 255x255, 654546.png)

i forgot to add
>i have elevated my level of english to near native status (expressing myself is still difficult because i dont speak too much with people)
>on my way to learn japanese (those untranslated eroges wont stay out of my reach)


Monk tier hikki-dom is becoming a literal hermit. Come back when you farm your own food, produce your own clothing and transcend mortal desires.


>started working out and actually developed muscle
stopped reading right there


>he got past "monk-tier hikkidom"

File: 1515176291991.jpg (46.28 KB, 448x292, tumblr_lv9mj5RCkM1qihl9po1….jpg)


I was thinking about Youtubers, Twitch streamers and people who get paid for basically being on the internet and doing something that a monkey could.
These people could easily qualify as NEET, right? They spend up to 8 hours or more a day playing videogames or vlogging or something and most of their income comes from their fans.
Yet nobody really bats an eye at them other than the occasional angry dude that gets way too bent out of shape over people getting money from fans rather than employers. But with NEETs there's a higher level of stigma, telling them they're parasites and that they need to work on themselves and conform. Is the difference really as subtle as simply getting money? Or providing a service, even if it has little to no effect on society and the person's community?
What makes the difference in the way a NEET and someone who turns their hobby and cult of personality into a "job"?
Also have any NEETs here attempted this? Would you?
Is it viable? etc etc
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people like us could never do the same because we lack charisma and personality. All those popular people on youtube are sociable and likable and if you are a zombie nobody would want to listen to the shit you have to say. Then also most popular youtubers have their own style and personality. SOmething that makes them unique and likable.

I noticed there are increasingly retarded people who would rather watch other people playing videogames than playing them themselves. I am also disgusted by those let's play videos. Whenever I get stuck in a game and watch for a walkthrough I get those trashy let's plays suggested instead. The ultimate perversion is people trying to monetize their spiritual diarrhea.


File: 1515182578978.png (715.42 KB, 1280x720, 1476954609072.png)

Slightly off topic, but how does one gain charisma? Conversations? Small talk? Books?
Being born with it can't be the only way.


How to win friends and influence people is a pretty popular book on the subject. Charism is mostly a lack of inhibition when talking to others, which some people are born with and others have to practice.


File: 1515186660498.gif (5 MB, 333x250, giphy-downsized-large.gif)

>I noticed there are increasingly retarded people who would rather watch other people playing videogames than playing them themselves.

It just feels less lonely that way, anon


It's kinda the art of not giving a fuck. When people stress you out, you don't say what you want to say, you don't present yourself naturally (which is very off-putting), and the unpleasantness of your situation gets communicated so you can come off negatively.
Don't just be yourself, be yourself and say fuck it

File: 1510908856126.png (200.42 KB, 620x387, 723dc6e913d9a53fa55015d42f….png)


Who here has found inner peace with themselves while being NEET or Hikikomori??.
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File: 1515081800386.jpg (21.44 KB, 236x345, 4dd74043a3fe8113506cc5d4ab….jpg)

>just giving them money
Do you know how money works? Like at all? Money is worthless if you just give it to anybody who wants it. That's how inflation can balloon, that's how you ruin the economy even more.
>This guy is spending the time that could be used to pursue his interests or help his community
Why do you assume this guy has interests or cares about his community? It's more likely that they don't. For all you know, he could be a drug addict.


If the job is truly worthless to the employer, that's on the employer. It's their money they're wasting and people should be happy that they do it. At least currently, there's lots of grunt work that canot be replaced by robots. Even when the technology does exist,it will not be affordable for every convenience store and every factory position and everything in between. Robots are still a long way off from eliminating the need for human labor of all kind. In the meantime, nobody will want to do the grunt work that somebody still needs to do, if they can just get the same money for nothing.

There's also plenty of other economic problems with devaluing money like that. How much money should people even be given is highly debatable. Just enough for the bare necessities, or enough to live an enjoyable life? What if they have really expensive hobbies or interests? Should those people be given more money or should there be a cap?Hiring enough government workers to manage that would put an even more massive strain on taxpayers. A bunch of people trying to buy shit with money handed to them has always been devestating for any economy where prices aren't set. A society where prices are set would make running a business unprofitable and a waste of time. If nobody runs the businesses, the government would have to provide everything, and then you would have communism.

You can't currently make a distinction between usless and neceesary grunt work without throwing the whole system off and fucking everything up.


>Why do you assume this guy has interests or cares about his community?
Those where just examples of worthwhile uses of time. As long as the ways he spends his new free time are just slightly more worthwhile than standing in the street doing nothing (or in the general case, doing work that can be done just as well by objects), my point stands. But obviously even if he specificaly does absolutley nothing with his time, that will not be the case for the majority of people.

>It's more likely that they don't

What? It's likely that wageslaves don't have interests? You think that most people don't enjoy anything? I can understand why you say that most won't want to help their community, but they're not doing that anyway so there still isn't a negative.

>For all you know, he could be a drug addict

What, and therefore not a person? He has a mental illness so he deserves an even more worthless life? The monotony and futility of his job probably contributes to his drug habit.

I'm not going to discuss the economics, because I haven't read any economic literature so I would just embarrass myself.


Your idea has everything to do with economics, so you already talked about it. Alright, fine. Maybe this guy does have intersts, but I don't think the world really needs more shitty r&b or whatever he is in to. At least not enough to warrant paying him a salary large enough to potentially indulge in that interest, on the off chance that he might actually produce something, simply for existing. People shouldn't get money for nothing unless they can't make any themselves. That would be a fucking mess and far too many people would do it, a large portion of which wont contribute to anying even with the extra time. Lots of people who really have a passion for something make that their job. Sure it doesn't work out that way for a lot of people, but that's the general rule.


File: 1515137901725.png (4.42 KB, 399x400, kallisti.png)

Ah, I love reading about fantasy worlds. In one, everyone has equal access to everything and therefore nobody is happy and nothing is accomplished. In another, only a select few have access to anything and therefore nobody is happy and nothing is accomplished. Interesting, innit?

File: 1513820750664.png (125.58 KB, 220x275, 220px-Mewtwo_in_armor.png)


TL;DR Have any of you tried business? If so, what obstacles did you go through, and did it turn out in the end?

I am a NEET with bipolar disorder and possibly autism. I dropped out of high school and got my GED. I went to my local community college and placed into calculus 1. However, once my classes were mostly on campus which was after around 3 quarters I couldn't handle being around people and dropped out. Afterwards I've been doing shit jobs that I've managed only to tolerate max 2 months and that is pushing it. I don't even have my drivers license and I'm like 20. It really fucking sucks. I have great difficulty learning motor skills. I remember I didn't know how to tie my fucking shoes until I was in 6th grade. I am however a little more confident behind the wheel, but not yet to a agreeable level.

Needless to say I'm living with my parents. I do feel somewhat guilty, but after large amounts of self reflection I feel that it isn't worth it. No amount of sulking and pitying is going to change anything. I'm not ashamed of being alive and honestly I couldn't care less if I was homeless. I walked alone in the dark in the middle of winter for like 6 hours just reflecting on my own fears and inhibitions. So what if I die within this moment? So what if society is bigoted and repulsed by eccentrics like us? It is better to go off with a bang than a whimper.

During my time working shit jobs I bought an impressive library of books covering everything from FPGAs, how to write a compiler, to even the internals workings of operating systems. I am very interested in computers and I was thinking of taking toastmaster courses to help me with my non existent social skills. Maybe even getting neetbux for a short while. I really want to roll the dice hard on this one. I am planning on becoming a badass technical contractor, so badass they will be uncompetitive if they choose to pass me up. So that even with my flaws, they are fucked without me.

So, any of you had any success with business? I feel like setting up an LLC and putting myself out there to be optimal. Even if it feels scary inside. Even if it is incredibly irritating and annoying. Even if it is harder than doing the shit jobs I was once doing.


File: 1514128882787.jpg (93.08 KB, 1280x720, 04cc096ab535718300d5abf983….jpg)


I built two home based businesses - a b&b and a cageless vacation home for dogs. They required little investment (the b&b is also my family house), so the hardest part was actually building up a list of clients. It took time but I got there eventually, and now I can make a decent living with earnings from the two combined. Best part is, I am entirely my own boss, so I can simply turn people down if I can afford it and don't feel like working for a certain period. It goes without saying that, to make something obut of a business like that, you need to have *excellent* people skills, something I was mostly simply born with.

I've been also part timing here and there, mostly to put something in my curriculum that showed I can work under a boss.


If you have skills with the hardware you could try flipping computers. I does, however, require upfront purchases and a constant trickle of money for parts. The customers can be rather unfriendly sometimes because they think that you are to blame when they download stuff from every clickbait ad they see on their social media.

Flipping things in general might be a good "soft start" for business. Buy things locally from CL, kijiji, thrift stores, estate sales, people in need of money for rent, etc. Clean the stuff up and sell for profit locally or online. Some practice in good ol' buy low sell high. The best way to learn business is to be in business. This will help with your social skills. Sales is an amazing skill.

If you want a few dollars from your pc, your could look into amazon mturk or clickworker. They allow you to do menial tasks for menial pay (below min wage by a lot).

You may also want to look into amazon KDP and writing some ebooks. Write your book in a normal text editor (they can even be article sized nowadays), upload and convert with their tools, "publish" and wala. They get 30%, you get 70%. It might only get you a few bucks a month per work, but hey, it's something.

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