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I don't know if this is going to be a poor OP for a thread but I just became homeless and I really don't know what to do. I'm scared.
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File: 1496978218150.jpg (112.15 KB, 584x439, 1673_thumb1.jpg)

I have a friend who pitched a tent in some deep woods for months when they were homeless. They just walked to town for groceries. It's workable, but turns out there are mountain lions so you don't want to go far from your tent. You also need to really know what you're doing to camp in the wild.

Building a house in the wild is technically possible but it could be discovered eventually. If you're in the US though and want to camp in the woods, look to the Bureau of Land Management's website for a map of areas falling under their jurisdiction. These areas, as I understand, are legal for anyone to camp in at any time as long as they don't build structures.

Really though do your research and do it well before going out deep. You should also do some test runs in less deep areas first to iron out any issues with your plans.

Also since OP has friends they should definitely try staying with friends before staying in the woods.


That's a false analogy. Tell me how many people you've seen going to jail for downloading a movie and how many went for taking over a place and making an illegal house on it.


Ask about it on lainchan, they've got some radical homeless people there.


Yes I've stayed with friends for the past few nights since I originally got kicked out of my place. My parents said I could come back but fuck that place. Right now I am talking to some people who are saying that they will bounce me around rooms at their college. There is also a wooded area nearby that I think I could feasibly sleep in need be, but I will have to check it out to make sure. The location is also PERFECT for finding work as it is literally right next door to a mall, and various other shopping plaza's.

My plan right now is to save up some money to get my own place, all the while looking for ways to make money online or through some sort of trade that would allow me to travel. Who knows if that will actually work though.


I dunno if there are in USA too, but i live in Italy and we have a bunch of left-wing movements that help homeless people (not bums, usually immigrees or "normal" people who lost work or are in a similar situation to yours) to occupy places in cities like unused officies or similar, you can ask them! Sometimes the owner manages to make the police to make occupants leave, but this doesn't happen so often. Living conditions are almost the same as owned house ones, and you can have electricity and water because activists knows how to stealthy interlace with state distibution system. I can confirm cause i have friends living in occupied places. You can occupy houses even without those organisation's help, i know people who did it, but it is more complex and you have to be more than a single person, obviously.

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tl;dr turning 20, was a neet starting 2013, got a taste of the good life last year, things fell out; lost job and got arrested, have no good job credentials and I'm losing my mind again living like a hikki in the middle of nowhere

First post here, bear with me. Let me start by saying I turn 20 in three days, and I live a few miles into the countryside next to a big city. Before July of last year, I was a NEET since my parents pulled me out of my junior year of high school. I got a job at Home Depot starting October of 2015 but my life was mostly restricted to work and homelife at that point. I tried networking with my coworkers but alas, it didn't go very far. I still don't have my driver's license, and HS homeschooling failed so no diploma. A bad weed experience and a bad DXM experience coupled with depression lead to some of the worst depersonalization I think I would ever experience and life was generally a depressing, chaotic mindfuck until midsummer last year.
Around July of last year, I started working out. I would also loiter in some public places like vape shops, and met my most recent best friend. I met some more people, some good, some bad like a few methheads and my ex gf, but overall I had a circle going. I was working out here and there still, was around friends and acquaintances, and even had a party here and there. I went over a year without playing any video games, got a tattoo, was meeting new people, unintentionally started NoFap, lost a lot of weight, smoked a lot of kush with good experiences, lost my virginity, got taken places like different cities by my circle, and while I lost my job due to the hecticness of my social life, I was constantly up to something and generally felt better and enjoyed life's adventures.
However, things started to crash around the beginning of the new year. Me and gf broke up, (not exactly anything bad tho kek) had a falling out at that time with my best friend, another good friend moved out of the city, and being jobless, I was left more or less broke. (I'd work temp work for some pocket cash here and there, but it's a pain in the ass to get on location and I was always left with less than $80 on any day.) I tried going back to school to give me something to do, but was arrested 3 weeks later after buying weed from someone there like an idiot, and was sent to alternative HS after I got out of jail on bail. The location was quite too far, and while I opted for a bus, the pickup time was wayPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thought I should mention I work as a computer programmer. I spent several years of my life to get here and now I almost want to work at pizza hut


Actually I have no idea what my point is. What the fuck are my problems?


I am an idiot


It's gotten to the point (at least in the USA) where the costs outweigh the benefits. There are better avenues to progress to high income levels without the horrendous debt burden. It's only really worth it if you have someone else footing the bill (through contacts, grants, or scholarships, never fukken loans; those will ream you 50x over)


Step one would probably be to get a minimum wage job somewhere until you can afford transportation. If you're living at home and don't really have rent/bills to pay, that's not as far out there as it seems. Even part time minimum wage would net you (provided you're in the US) at least $500/month, which would give you a decent down payment in about 6 months if you were putting some of it towards personal needs and food etc. Always test drive, and avoid "buy here pay here" scam lots. Might help to call up some local mechanics and see if any have specials where they'll look over a vehicle you're looking at, let you know what's going to need fixed or replaced in the short term, and give you fuel to use in bartering down the price. Usually you can get a dealer to take enough off after that to where it pays for itself, and it would steer you clear of any lemons. Then, it's simply fuel and routine oil changes, keeping a couple hundred in the bank in case of emergency repairs.

Once you have a car, you'd be able to expand your job search greatly and move up to something that pays better. A good start is call center work or data entry work, they don't require any advanced degrees, you can get full time of better-than-min-wage (tho not great, usually between $10 and $12/hr) with benefits, and network out from there to move up.

Source: School of Fukken' Hard Knocks

File: 1494976073875.png (1.27 MB, 1280x720, 1423445836687.png)


I'm no longer a NEET/Hikki after about 2/3 years and time began flowing completely different for me. Everyone said when you're at work and it's busy time flies but that's the opposite. It's like time is in a stand still. What feels like 40 minutes it only 5.

In general time feels so much longer now that I have things I have to do. An hour feels so long while I'm getting ready for work. I'm always early because of it. As a NEET everyday sort of blurred together and time went by extremely fast even when I mostly sat around doing nothing all day.

Does anyone else have something similar happen? It's been jarring for me since I thought I'd have no time to myself but now I can barely get through that time.


I 100% know what you mean. I was a hikki for longer than I've been out of it, but all the years I spent as a hikki feel like probably 1/30th the time that I've been out of it. It was a really jarring transition because, when I was a hikki, time felt normal if not kind of blurry and mundane. But after maybe a month of having a job I noticed that my memory of all those years got extremely blurry and what felt like a few years suddenly felt like maybe a year at the most, and the longer time went on the shorter my time as a hikki seemed. My guess is that the life of a NEET/hikki has so little mental and physical stimulation, your memory only has so much to work with to form memories, which would also explain why time seemed so blurry and monotonous too.

File: 1494306889704.png (38.36 KB, 499x338, popuko talking about me.png)


i'm looking for some perspective, as i'm not really sure where my life will be going.

i am about to enter for-real neetdom for the first time in my life, but i know my parents will not let that be the case for long. i don't want to get too detailed, mostly because a lot of it isn't relevant, but my relationship with my parents got really fucky when i first hit puberty. i couldn't explain why i was feeling the way i was, so i would lock myself in my room and shut them out. they didn't understand what was happening, some bad stuff happened over time, but after 3 years of constant fighting they gave up on me.

they still don't understand why i am the way i am, which is my fault for never letting them. thanks to something that happened during the years when we were fighting pretty much any sense of trust i had in people in real life was shattered. but i am about to drop out of college, i've never worked before, and i can't drive. they don't understand that i'm not exactly doing the best mentally, they've always thought of me as lazy. because of this they'll want me to get my shit together, but i genuinely don't feel like i can.

i guess my question is whether or not i should show them that i am not well. i don't think a shrink would have anything worthwhile to offer me, but i think going though all the bullshit get better type stuff would be infinitely better than continuing on day to day ready to fucking blow my brains out. i'm not exactly sure how i would muster up the courage/design a situation to show them i am currently not fit to live a "normal" life, and, beyond that, i don't know if they would believe me or care. right before my parents completely gave up on my i told my mom that i wanted to die and that i think seeing someone would be good for me, which was pretty much the only insight i gave her into how i was feeling. she told me to take a shower and "just cheer up."

it's feels like a bit of a miracle that i haven't had a serious break down or anything like that, but i don't think i can keep existing this way.

does your family know how you feel? do they accept it?


I can't really give much exact advice, because health service costs (or lack of) change per country, people's parents are different, etc.

Assuming it's not pointlessly expensive, I'd recommend going to your doctor alone and explaining things to them. In this country, at least, they may be able to refer you to a psychologist/psychiatrist (can be free, at least over here). They may not necessarily be much help, and I'd heavily recommend against starting on any medications unless you cannot even begin to understand and remove what's causing you problems, but doing such and then informing your parents would, in many situations I believe, be enough to make them begin to realize how serious you are about this. From there, you could begin (again, depending on country) to get into a welfare system for the time being.

I was in a pretty similar situation when I dropped out of university. The thing I went there to learn ended up not being something I was really interested in enough to go through several more years of study, tests and a heavily flawed education system. So I just stopped going to classes and wandered around the campus instead, then eventually dropped out. It all went a lot easier than you'd think. From there, if you mend things with family (you don't have to be doing this for them or anything, it's quite fine to see it as for your own peace and comfortable living conditions) and take a break from stressful life, you'll gradually become more open to doing things and may find something you'd be happy to study or do for a job. That is, on the condition that you keep an open mind, and don't develop aversions to those things, which it seems many of the longer-term NEETs tend to. Basically, enjoy the NEETlife, but don't feel anger, resentment or depression for the "outside" world. That was what held me back for the longest. If that sounds or becomes something that's difficult for you to do, meditate every day. I'd be happy to give advice on this, if you'd like. It's easily the single most effective path towards an open mind, willpower, control of your emotions, and the complete destruction of suffering. I learned that a breakdown, if handled well, is a chance to purge what you've learned is harmful for you and completely start over.

Finding a community of online friends can be helpful to some, but finding satisfaction in solitude is also helpful and without the clinging and trust and other emotional risks that come from depending oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1492148999153.jpg (19.1 KB, 320x240, feelsgoodman.jpg)


If you have add or are impulsive and you feel that is holding you back from starting to look for a job, take medication. (I took Concerta personally)

Improve yourself. YOUR GOAL AS A NEET IS TO MAKE YOUR BODY AS HEALTHY LOOKING AS POSSIBLE. The point is that self betterment improves confidence and lessens your social anxiety lessens. Trust what I say.

Keep your skin clean by exfoliating (I use baking soda and water) and then moisturize everyday TWICE.

If you are overweight, eat less (no high calorie foods). Exercise focusing on high repetitions and drink a lot of water to fill your stomach.

If you are underweight and a girl, you are in the clear, it's a good thing. (As long as it isn't anorexia or something, I personally don't have much help for that)

If you are underweight and a guy, like myself, drink whole milk (half a gallon a day, or a full gallon if you are serious about gaining weight) for a couple months on top of your existing diet. And 2-3 full meals a day. I personally recommend getting a big bag of white rice and stock up on chicken breasts. Do pushups and squats everyday and get into lifting.

I focuse here on nutrition because that is that core of your mental health and physical health. It will makes you think better and look healthier. Combine this with exercise and your social anxiety problems will fade away as you notice improvements. Soon you will put your struggles behind you and be laughing as your confidence starts a positive feedback loop.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>The problem was anon having such a big problem other people’s idea of attractiveness.

Which is why I pointed out his lack of tact. He could have easily just left it at, "I prefer thicc gurls" and been respectful but why really entertain someone who doesn't actually other's ideas of attractiveness.


File: 1493699073899.jpg (40.67 KB, 320x240, rip.jpg)

>Everybody having an argument against a frogposter
Even if you are underweight and considered "attractive", that's not healthy nor healthy looking, you'll look like a gnome.

Now let's go back to talking about how people are judged by their genitals.


File: 1494012926816.png (128.71 KB, 600x378, dudenosucy.png)

the level of ignorance in this thread is staggering


Enlighten us, Sensei.


Care to elaborate?

File: 1458840570809.png (21.84 KB, 222x240, perfectamazing.png)


Hey /n/, gotta wonder has anything good happened to y'all lately? Could be as minor as remembering a funny event from a manga or something huge. I'm curious.
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I just emailed you because I cant figure out which one is you.


Sent request on skype.


my dog died this morning


…and that's a positive thing?


In order to keep my family closer together, I've recently started to enforce a rule that prohibits computers in the bedroom and started to make a family computer room where everyone has their computers at.

I've already moved one of my computers over and so has two other family members. All I know is that kids shouldn't have such unrestricted access to computers (especially the internet) and even adults shouldn't be locked up in their rooms. That much I know I can work on for my own kids if I have them.

Plus my family IT work is massively simplified. I might even just rewire my cables so I can move the router and modem closer to the computer room.

File: 1489270559784.jpg (158.62 KB, 750x644, 445a00eb19abd938ec3ccb7213….jpg)


Hello there, posting here because I kinda need to talk about this with someone, hope this is not a problem.

I have been working for some months, but decided to quit in some days because.. I don't really feel like keep going on.
I always had different kinds of social problems, and I really have more than one emotional problem for the job I have right now, which was pretty much the same for school. Sadly, I never took the courage to tell this to someone, so I'm kinda stuck in a situation where I don't know what to do.

Now that I was able to buy some new consoles for entertainment, and some new equipment for digital drawing, I'd really prefer to stay at home, while I have the opportunity to do so. I still live with my parents, and my mother told me to rethink about my decision, and she pretty much assumed I took the decision just out of lazyness, which I don't think is true..
What is true, however, is that I won't have any more income to buy games/fun things, and it would be hard to find another job, for the situation I'm in.

I really love drawing, but I'm one of those persons who kinda needs time; I can never put myself to drawing after eight hours of work because I just wanna relax.

if you were me, what would you do? what do you think about all of this? Thank you for answering in advance.


File: 1489278761577.jpg (54.06 KB, 600x700, 1482603464574.jpg)

Wow. JKust fucking wow. To be entirely honest, I'm actually in the same boat. Like seriously all the things you mentioned hit me right at home. The way I see it, we have to change ourselves to adapt to our current situation or die being a deadweight. Right now I'm in the middle of applying for another job but so far no luck.

Hopefully for you, you might be able to live as a freelance illustrator or even animator/web designer if you can extend your skill set to that. There are tons of companies looking to hire contracts for the things I mentioned earlier, all you need is a good online portfolio and a good attitude. You will really need to fix how fast you can churn out those designs though. Frankly I never liked this idea and never really want to make my hobby as some sort of means to live.

Good luck to you man.


Dude, I've been working for four years now, I just want to quit because I'm sick of coming home and just wanting to relax rather than do things I want to do.

If I were you, I would keep the job. At least save your money and put yourself in a position where you can either quit or at least reduce your hours like if you are full time, go part time.


File: 1489322178503.jpeg (15.57 KB, 394x382, received_1390859380941630.jpeg)


Thank you for the good luck!
In those months of working, I learned what it means to work and to not have time for yourself, so the first thing I'll try, will be to help with house chores and such (something that I never did before), time is really precious and this could be a little help for my parents.

Of course, this is a risky way, I don't know if I'll be able to become good at drawing, but in that case I wouldn't mind making some money with it. Well, not that I wanna think about that from the start, I was just thinking that it probably wouldn't bother me much, I really love art.


Sadly, there is no possibility to work part time at my work. My country is in a bit of a job crisis and finding another job is really hard, and the fact that I'm young without experiences, and without a driving license, makes it all worse.


Then I have too ideas, one that is a bit more humorous (can't be all gloom and doom all day) and one more serious.

Are you a cute guy? Maybe if you either go on Twitch, show your face, draw and play some vidya or become a cute cam boy and maybe you could rack in the money.

On a more serious note, unless it's too late, I would just continue to work full time. And instead of spending money on vidya, use that money to make yourself more self-sufficient. Do your local laws allow you to raise chickens? Or do you even have the space for that? (and that's only one example) Any investment that lowers your spending is a good one. Hell, this is my inner PC gamer faggotry talking, but I'd even ditch the consoles and go full PC gaming and only buy games when there is a good deal. I've done this and have saved quite a lot of money doing this, I'm hoping to buy some chickens this year too.


File: 1490229114684.jpg (164.32 KB, 850x1262, 1490068944034.jpg)

I get that feeling, you just want to follow your own paths instead than rather going with the mainstream, is totally fine and reasonable, do it as long as you are happy and enjoy what you are doing that's the whole point actually. I am trying to get a part time job to finance the same reason as OP's, but also i want to play the synth, and im currently finding a way to support that goal. Even if it's a dream you should pursue it and make the best out of it while you can, also getting into desing to also do some freelance and IT, if you want to learn a skill is as easy as wanting to do so, just need some will and minimum resources if you have them i hope for the best for you both, also the anon with the chickens, tried to do that but with home gardening, pretty good just to get some fresh produce, sadly don't have space for chickens.

File: 1489952863162.jpg (1.85 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0003.JPG)


31, barely working, living in mothers basement, Constantly sick with an unclassified autoimmune disease, in a state of decline. Spend most of my time laying down while browsing useless things on the net or playing free apps. Considering suicide daily.


Why do you live in the basement? Just use your old room. Or did you always live there?


I don't really get the vibe that you're asking for advice, so I'm not going to try and give some irrelevant two cents in that regard.

Though, I will say that I'm a wageslave making decent money. However, you and I have something very much in common - neither of us have a reason to be alive.

I am also constantly sick. It has nothing to do with not eating enough, or not eating right, or not getting enough activity. It is my body's natural desire to expend as little energy as possible to achieve a given task, and as of right now, at a physical level, I believe we are both already on our way out. we are not meeting our instinctual mandate.


You could at least play better games on your PC. Why would you settle for shitty free phone apps?


Considering how the term "app" is now a catch all term for software with mainstream desktop OSes having "app stores" and laptops and mobile devices slowly fusing together, it's very likely he could be playing PC games.

But his photo looks like he took a picture with an iPhone and posted it. Some mobile games are good, shame it's mostly Nintendo games.

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