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File: 1426033774099.png (30.75 KB, 201x217, no thanks.png)


I've made it to the point of no return /n/. The person I'm currently dating is talking about how they want to be with me forever but the only thing I can think about is how much of a pain always being with someone will be while I'm trying to watch anime and play games. I have strong feelings for the person but I'm just a piece of trash

Please save me
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Thanks. Honestly I do love this person quite a bit and in the future I'll probably grow to have the same feelings that they do. But everyone has ignored me for so long that I don't know how to feel or react to someone saying they want to be with me forever. I've asked them before if they regret choosing me and they say they wouldnt want anyone else. It makes me happy. I don't think I could ever hate them.

Making a thread like this. Im just a big fucking asshole.

Thanks for your advice. You're a nice person, I hope things go well for you in the future


File: 1426095223200.png (147.47 KB, 557x1000, 344_0.png)

>Making a thread like this. Im just a big fucking asshole.
Normally, this would annoy me, but since we aren't having much activity here and there was no other place you could've posted it in /n/, I decided to overlook it. Relax.

>Thanks for your advice. You're a nice person, I hope things go well for you in the future

On all the years I've been in this site giving advice and participating, I think this is actually the first time someone has replied back saying I'm nice. It feels kinda weird.

If anything, thanks; I think I'm doing well here, though sometimes I have so much doubts and anxiety that I wish time would froze.


File: 1426157809760.png (451.38 KB, 1264x900, magic.png)

I agree with the other anon.

To put it very simply: if you don't think you can't be best friends with this person, share your hobbies and have enough space while still being together, you shouldn't be together, at least not for a long period of time.

Forever is fucking long, and unless you're perfectly comfortable with them it's just not gonna work. Your passionate feelings will diminish [hers too, and if she really dislikes your hobbies that might turn into nagging] you will grow old and have to go through hardship and change. All that will remain in the long term will be friendship, common interests and care for each other. Make sure you have plenty of those.


You can be with someone and have personal space. If thats something you need, shared interests or not, then say so. Talk about it, "I care about you, but I need x time to myself every day/week/whatever. Lets work this out." Don't sweat the forever gumph, that just means they like you, there is no need to race towards anything that crystallises your commitment.

If you don't imagine you can be happy with them even with such an arrangement, then maybe this isn't right for you. If you can't be happy with anyone, no matter what arrangement, either you need to accept a life alone or work to change yourself. Good luck.


You're not a bad person for feeling this way. Everyone has their own needs. You aren't responsible for the happiness of someone else.

Tell them about how you feel about it, though. It'll save you a lot of pain.

File: 1425688850705.jpg (183.88 KB, 515x727, 1425468069723.jpg)


Anyone here actually happy being NEET and doing the complete opposite of being a "productive member of society"?

After I finished study I pretty much went full hiki for a while and life was good, although I didn't appreciate exactly how good it was compared to work.

Eventually my Parents forced me to find part time work (retail) which I hated and was borderline depressed working 40 hour weeks. After a year I quit and told my parents the contract expired and I honestly feel like I'm in heaven at the moment with no more work/responsibilities.

Just making the most of my NEET time at the moment, not sure how much longer it can last
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If anything, more advanced societies accomodate NEETs more easily because they have plenty of excess money and resources. In rich countries you have the social security net to help you. Its very hard to starve to death as there is so much food and it is being thrown out regularly, the main expensive thing is getting a place to live and paying for bills and such. In poor countries if you don't work you'll just die from starvation.

Orwell once wrot ethat so long as you made lots of money you still got respect in society. Doctors get respect, successful musicians make respec, even bank robbers or gangsters or scam artists get respect. But a hobo which makes no money is the scum of the earth even if he doesn't negatively affect others.


File: 1426001058950.jpg (779.58 KB, 1500x1062, kawashiro_desk.jpg)

>Orwell once wrot ethat so long as you made lots of money you still got respect in society. Doctors get respect, successful musicians make respec, even bank robbers or gangsters or scam artists get respect. But a hobo which makes no money is the scum of the earth even if he doesn't negatively affect others.

A doctor gets respect because he saves people: search cases where medical malpractice killed someone and you will see all the hatred sperging from left to right.
A musician gets respect because he actually manages to touch someone's feelings with his music rather than for being rich. For example, a lot of people love classical music even though those songs were composed long long time ago because it simply touches them. On the other hand, people like Justin Gayer don't get respect: His fans are teens who fantasize about fucking him because he's got a pretty face? (Or whatever, they're teens I would never get what the fuck they're thinking in), and the other half fucking hates him to death.
There's also people who don't give a fuck about him.

>even bank robbers or gangsters or scam artists get respect

No shit, no; They get respect for a little number of brainless cunts, not all the society. And even if that was the case, let's say one of those is a NEET, wouldn't that mean someone respects a NEET too?

>But a hobo which makes no money is the scum of the earth even if he doesn't negatively affect others.

This isn't always the case. Most of people are just scared of the fact that the hobo may actually harm them in any way; because, you know, they tend to be drunk, and drunk people can be dangerous. I admit though that they're seen negatively as a fail (even when there's still people trying to help them), so
you have a point though that the average person thinks really poorly of them.

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File: 1426075266230.jpg (22.37 KB, 403x302, respect.jpg)

>Dude I want the same respect doctors and famous people get
>Okay, what do you do
>Nothing lol


I can't say I'm anything resembling happy, but I'm happier than I would be


The problem is that people have to continue working even though there isn't enough actually useful work to go around. Rather than dividing up the useful work into more part time jobs, or pensioning people out of the workforce, we have a capitalist system that just creates essentially useless activity.

Combine that with the fact that respect for job and person has nothing to do with how useful it is. A garbageman, a personal care worker, these are people doing essential jobs, but they get no respect, while useless senior consultant mcbullshit is seen as a great guy. Obviously some useful jobs (i.e. doctor) do get that, but what really matters is doing a job that meets with the ideals of capitalist society, not whats actually necessary (because capitalism cares what people will pay for, not whats necessary).

So this leads to a situation where most people are either being pushed into mcjobs that serve no useful function to society, and can only draw any positive from it by comparing the meagre income they bring in to the shit situation they would be in otherwise. Or, they get an actually useful and important job, and maybe they and the people in it can draw some self-respect from it, but not that much because the rest of society still treats them like worthless failures. All this despite one category of the above being necessary and the whole system being set up so that a majority of people have to fall into one of the above two options.

I'm just thankful my shit job is easy, better than minimum pay and lets me spend 60% of the time surfing the web.

Its not really a primary cause of neetdom but it hardly makes it a surprising response.

File: 1422087499119.png (1.16 MB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2015-01-24-00h13m2….png)


My Girlriend of almost 2 years shot herself two days agi and we're about to pull tbe plug tomorrow.

ITT: Close Deaths
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My friends girl friend almost ODed on heroin on my bed. That was a pretty awkward experience.


Y'know people talking about actual close friendships with people they did lots of drugs with and had good times with in highschool feels kind of out of place here, and usually I'd be more judgmental but they sound like they were pretty good people. Also interesting stories.


File: 1422912499162.png (43.04 KB, 283x163, wah..png)

An online friend of mine commited suicide a year ago. The one year anniversary of their suicide is actually this move, I believe. I had lost most contact with them but when we talked it was like no time had passed. I had known that friend since 2010 so it was a pretty big hit.

I wonder if I couldve stopped it if I had talked with them more? They had attempted suicide before but I talked with them through the whole experience and they lived. I think about this a lot.

I hope theyre in a better place.


ITT: tripfag gets btfo


Not sure if this is a great idea but I wrote a thing that touches on this.
A lot of it doesn't though. I've been debating posting it, worried it'll come off as gratuitous self advertisement and aggrandizement due to that. That isn't the intention.

File: 1421298772391.gif (126.09 KB, 500x389, 1361791363423.gif)


Most NEETs thrive on perpetual distraction, running away from painful things (reality) as much as possible. Can this be called a life?

What do you live for, /n/? Do you respect your lifestyle or do you loathe yourself for it?
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>what for or why they work
lol I work exactly because of the goals I want to achieve
>most work is unneeded
Woah stop there Mr. anarchy


You don't have to be an anarchist to know that a lot of work is unnecessary, overly complicated, should be automated, and so on.


My point is, there is freedom in work, in whatever if it makes you happy.


I don't know, man.

Currently, I aim to create more wealth. I don't mean it as in making money, just things of value.

>>13402 - Don't worry about it, that was a decently interesting read. Good to hear you've found some kind of hobby. Also, once find the right method to solve Rubik's cube, it becomes incredibly easy every time.


no different from everybody else.

having a day job is the same feels.

you think having a full time job will be different?
>lack independence
how can you run an organic vege garden and build your inawoods cabin if you can't even bag groceries?
now try this exercise… imagine you have your inawoods unabomber shack and garden. you're all set up. what do you do now? this is the basic problem with contentment, how are you going to make something of your life now that you've achieved your goal? you could learn to paint or write or produce something at least once of worth.
people who work pointless day jobs like bagging groceries or call centre positions I see as the real sad sacks.
>hate life
>can't be bothered to do anything with it
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File: 1419074751330.jpg (1.13 MB, 2048x1641, The King Zayasaikhan.jpg)


Hi Neets. I just found this website whilst browsing the internet in my empty day to day life.

I just thought I'd share my experience of being a neet, well since I have nothing better to do.

I am a twin, my twin has a degree, is working on their master's degree and also works 2 jobs, one as a legal aid and another at a barrister's chambers.

I on the other hand dropped out of university, and I have been getting fat and wasting my days for the last 6 months.

When I look back at my life so far, I realise I was destined to be a neet due to my laziness with regards to exams (no pressure no attempts made) and my unwillingness to work.

As a result I find myself where I am now, sitting at home for half a year (some what a hikkikomori as you would say..) playing games, watching documentaries and general procrastination until it's time for my 12 hour sleep.

It never used to be like this, I had a girl friend, I did over 3000 press ups a week, boxed 3 nights a week and ran 3 miles every morning apart from sunday. I was social with close friends and I had several girls who I could meet up with on my phone.

I have but one friend now who I see around once a fort night, my twin is always busy with work and study and my parents are out of the country in employment (I live at their house although I contribute some rent…)
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File: 1419174787223.jpg (509.33 KB, 1600x1012, 1311136599392.jpg)

I do, but there isn't much nature where I am now to speak of. I am staying in a big city for at least 3 more months.

While going back home means I have access to a big park and a forest within walking distance, I will no longer be able to go to therapy.

The fact that I could go during the first 3 years didn't stop me from sitting in the house all day due to fear of people/anything unknown and lack of energy. When I did go out, I would have a horrible time, every time.


I asked because I find that walking amongst the natural world, the real world is rather soothing and is the most pleasant way to spend my time doing nothing….

I know the feeling, sometimes I just stare into the mirror for long periods of time.. Writing that out doesn't make me feel all too great and I'm sure I've been depressed at times during the last 30 months, but it's like a rollercoaster for me, sometimes i'm up sometimes i'm down.

Today I spent all day watching 12 episodes of a new series. Great work eh?

I hope you had a more productive, or passable, day. Going to drink beers until I crash..


Are you the left-handed twin or the right-handed twin?


Bypasser enrolled ITT,

Two or three years doing nothing productive. Common issues - it's impossible to rise money for buying a flat, and renting a flat is a lifetime slavery with no output 'coz half of a wage goes to nothing. Yesss, you can be slave even longer, how kind~

So, just have no way to move. (And not to mention I have no imouto) To be honest I have some ways: to jail, to hospital, to alco-province where's no jobs, and would I find one the issues will stay the same. Lesser rents to pay - lesser wages to earn.

By the way OP is way too normal. Look at me: I've been always afraid of people and women. I wasn't very worked up about it while I was a child, but now I am pretty worked up for I'm having nice kickback.

25lvl wizzcon from snowlands. If I wouldn't be this lazy I even provided you with some photos.


>Once in a while I tell myself it's time to stop beating myself up and do something, but the feeling disappates as soon as I reach my desk.
This is something I struggle with. The computer is both a powerful tool and a terrible time-waster, depending on how you use it.

>Do not let yourself drift onto a path similar to mine, fulfill your potential and do something.

Where do you think you are? Too late for that, lol. But hang in there OP, we can still pull ourselves up.

>The truth is that we're lazy, but human's can overcome anything. You have to believe you can.


>I realised that I must do something or I will be perpetually be doing nothing
>6 months is a long time
I really like you.
Honestly, even 8 hours is a very long time during which you can do a lot.

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File: 1424721080246.png (397.33 KB, 974x685, http://40.media.tumblr.com….png)


I havent brushed my teeth since August, /n/. I dont have proper running water and I dont want to go outside and use bottled water

Do you guys brush your teeth regularly? I think about the fate of my teeth a lot and Im wondering if my fellow neets have similar problems to me
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Just brush them without water and then lick them clean a bit. I only brush my teeth once every week or two and I've never had a cavity.


>I dont have proper running water and I dont want to go outside and use bottled water
That sounds really fucked up, have you considered changing that somehow?
Or just collect rain water.

On the topic of teeth, mine are not very great, they are kind of degenrating in the back and im a bit scared of getting an infection since this can be quite serious.

My advice in general is to use mint in your diet since menthol is effective against bacteria and you should have no trouble getting it.
Plus it tastes good.


How do you live without proper running water?

What do you even drink to live?

Getting back on topic, my gums are relatively fucked, but my teeth are fuctional due to brushing at least once a day. I don't think I'll mind eventually having rotten teeth or dentures.

As long as they last until I'm around 50, I'm cool as cucumbers


File: 1425275491122.png (159.7 KB, 400x232, TrUsrtc.png)

My teeth are fukkered due to genetics. It's basically like the enamel is slowly eroding around the gumline of its own volition. And over time four of them have since broken. Y'know, on things like *bread*


I already get at least one severe infection a year in them. Can't afford to basically have them all pulled and replaced with dentures, as that's what's gonna need done. Shit sucks.


That sounds bad. It can be that you have bad teeth, but bad gums and infections are a quite serious matter.

If you cant afford medical attention you should take care of your dental hygine and adjust your diet, eat less sugary stuff and more garlic/onions and mint.

File: 1423884182663.jpg (18.87 KB, 400x261, IMG_20150209_153610.jpg)


Has anyone else experienced a loss in cognitive ability after being a shut in for extended periods of time (~1 year+?)

I've been playing video games, listening to instrumental music, and lounging in my room for the past few months and I've noticed that when I do go out and communicate with other people, I tend to misunderstand even the most basic information that's relayed to me. Not only that,whenever someone implies something indirectly to me, I'll miss the implied information and feel like a dunce afterwards, which can only be alleviated by further isolating myself. I feel like an old man with alzheimers and i'm not even in my 20s yet…at this rate I may as well condemn myself to a reclusive life, get some pets, and avoid face to face/verbal communication with others altogether.


>at this rate I may as well condemn myself to a reclusive life, get some pets, and avoid face to face/verbal communication with others altogether.

I think that's even better than talking with fake people you don't want to be with about useless stuff which nobody actually cares about only to maintain some sort of pseudo status in society or because you have no other choice (AKA no money, no life).
It's hell.


Yeah. Don't discount the possibility of it being diet related though. I live by myself and only eat once every day or two – normally nothing very nutritious (pizza, ramen, etc.). When I go home to visit my parents nothing changes except my diet. I still lie on my bed all day, just a different bed. But I find I think a lot more clearly when I'm there eating good food.


File: 1424610250030.png (342.17 KB, 394x394, 1422801634417.png)

I used to feel like I was somewhat above average when it came to brain power, but nowadays I feel like my mind is cloudy. I also have a hard time understanding what people say at points. It makes me upset to be quite honest. My thoughts are slower than I'd like, and solving problems in my head is a task that I find difficult now.


File: 1424620672299.gif (11.15 KB, 200x200, 76gft.gif)

Anon on >>13571 is right, it can be due to diet. People aren’t aware of how much their diet and eating habits can change them. Most believe it only changes the body, but the brain and all involved with it are affected too.
But I think it may only be a case of disuse. Since you’ve become a shut in you probably don’t involve yourself in communicating with other people as much like before. You stopped using (or don’t use as much) the capacities associated with that activity and as much longer you keep yourself from doing it, it gets worst. It’s common to start feeling alienated or unfitting for conversations because your capacity on that as degenerated and your brain can no longer keep up so well for them. If you want to retrieve certain faculties, you have to train them, just like someone wanting to get muscles on their flat arms would have to exercise its arms. The brain is a very adaptive thing and just like it will gain capacities to adapt, it will also lose them if it sees it doesn’t need those capacities anymore. It’s your choice which faculties you want and which ones you don’t by forcing or blocking certain stimuli to your brain and causing development or degeneration of your capacities. It’s a very interesting subject, you can actually cause yourself to go blind by just blocking the stimuli associated with it even if your eyes are perfectly healthy.
Something similar to your situation happened to me and I too started to have problems in understanding people well, but after making efforts to talk to other people and at memorizing information, and study a bit on communication techniques, I got better than I was before. It’s funny that you say it makes you feel like an old man as disuse of physical and mental abilities is extremely common on elderly people. I hope you too manage to get better (^u^)

File: 1410405377525.gif (1.81 MB, 300x200, what am i.gif)


As I slowly come out of my room into the real world, I am noticing changes in what I am interested in and what my attitude is towards things. It feels like someone else was put into my body. This was my choice, to join society, I know, but I didn't want to lose myself in the process.

I am afraid of what I am becoming. Has anyone else on /n/ experienced these types of feelings, and if so, how did you handle it?
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It's natural. But you shouldn't be afraid.

“A man is born gentle and weak; at his death he is hard and stiff. All things, including the grass and trees, are soft and pliable in life; dry and brittle in death. Stiffness is thus a companion of death; flexibility a companion of life. An army that cannot yield will be defeated. A tree that cannot bend will crack in the wind. The hard and stiff will be broken; the soft and supple will prevail.”


File: 1414577551418.jpg (89.05 KB, 1920x1080, 323193.jpg)

Keep at it, OP.
You'll get there. What you're going through is positive. Being NEET leads to those feelings of isolation, self loathing, maybe even suicidal thoughts. You don't want that, otherwise you wouldn't have taken the steps to try and change.

As for myself, I'm nearly ready to admit to myself I have a real issue, and to take steps to amend it.

Keep at it. I really hope you pull through.


I hate Rei Ayanami.


I hate you


File: 1424219541543.gif (2.56 MB, 444x250, 1411196106537.gif)

File: 1424030176633.png (297.29 KB, 824x446, 670559-screen_shot_2013_08….png)


Not NEET related but I honestly have no one to talk to / no other forums that I trust like this one

I hate liking someone that I can't be with because:

1) we have NO similar interests
2) I'm technically an illegal immigrant with parents who don't give a shit what I do with my (restricted) life (I don't have my license = can't drive any where, etc.)
3) we barely talk irl and only talk online
4) my social skills are SHIT

yet despite my weird circumstance I still like them
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>we have NO similar interests
Then why the hell do you like them?


Not OP, but sometimes you just kinda like people for no real reason.

And that said it doesnt seem like a good move pursuing this, you best put it out of your mind.



OP here. That's very true and the thing is I don't even WANT a relationship. I just happened to talk to this guy and developed feelings for him (that I wish I didn't have)

I'm finishing high school this year so I guess I'll just wait until I graduate and never see him again.


Yeah. It just kinda happened. I tried to convince myself that we were completely different and other negative things that I remembered them doing but it didn't help.

For example, I was in the same class with them in 10th grade and they completely shaved their hair and eyebrows outta nowhere. That was really weird to me and I thought that they were going through some weird shit so maybe my feelings would disappear.

But they didn't.

Also, they smoke weed (doesn't really matter right? but it was a complete shocker given how extroverted they are (i. a. they're ALWAYS happy and making jokes really don't seem like the type to get involved with drugs but obviously "don't judge a book by its cover" or whatever).

And there have been many issues with drugs that have lead to loss in my family so I try to avoid them at all costs and I thought, unconsciously, maybe my feelings would disappear after finding out he smokes weed? Nope.

So its been a big complicated journey of confusion and anger.


Well, I've been trying to do that since 7th grade (I've liked them for a while). I think I might have just been attracted to how "extroverted" they are. They're so open to conversation and just the complete opposite of me. I have a hard time just asking for a order at a fast food restaurant or whatever.

I even find myself still messaging them online through email or facebook (which I KNOW I shouldn't do if I want to move on).

I wish they'd just push me away and be mean to me but I know they wouldn't do that (it'd definitely help me get over them though).

But, either way, hopefully my feelings will slowly start to go away once I have no way to see them in person (after I graduate I'll be moving back to Canada since I'd have more opportunities there as an actual citizen).

so yeah I can't wait to stop thinking about him

File: 1422372976179.jpg (99.65 KB, 900x822, ermac.jpg)


Hey guys.

How many of you take medicines for axiety, depression, etc?
Talking about the prescription ones, like benzos and such.
I'm on a withdrawal and just want do die…my mother used to share her prescription of alprazolam with me, and now she officially denied me as son.
So no pills for me.

How do you live with medicines, anons?
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I'm trying to get some pills that work for me, but right now my doctor keeps giving me anti-depressant ssri's and shit. I wish the fucker would just give me k-pins already because I know they help.


i have kpins.. d-do you wanna get high with me ;w;


File: 1423580934015.jpg (113.55 KB, 506x778, wizchandead.jpg)

>Drugs for medical use thread
>Thread goes well
>Thread still good
>Lets get high lol 420 blaze it


I've used cannabis for the past two years to deal with manic depression, and it works a whole lot better than the pills I was on in high school, and doesn't make me pass out every time I stand up.


File: 1423642279688.jpg (56.09 KB, 323x340, 1390297475357.jpg)

Benzo w/ds can be fatal. They can cause seizures and you CAN die. OP is probably out of w/ds now but if anyone else is in benzo w/ds, its a serious matter, like ER serious depending on the dose. DO NOT take benzo discontinuation lightly. It does feel as bad or worse than heroin w/ds and is actually dangerous.

I just detoxed from 10-30 mg of phenazepam daily for about 90 days. It was serious shit. I'm still on a medical taper thanks to my doc.

Initially i was sent to the er, but they didnt know what phenazepam even was so they didnt believe i was w/d. I got 5 mg valium iv (only equal to .5 mg xanax or clonazepam). Then like 10 hours later 2 mg of ativan sublingually.

I left with a scrip for 20 5 mg valium for a fast taper, thanks to the head psyche doc, who overruled the head toxicologist, thankfully. He also lifted the 5150 that the head toxicologist put me on with in like 2 hours saying it was absurd so i was happy about that.

Now im on a slightly longer taper with kpins, my fave.

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