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File: 1404656911937.jpg (33.64 KB, 450x337, kater.jpg)


Hi :D
My name is Adrian and i am a swiss student in my last year of school. During thiy year, we have to write a big assignment about any topic we want. For this, i chose HIkkikomori or NEET. BEcause of this, i would like you all to support me and quickly answer this survey: https://de.surveymonkey.com/s/JC9H2W5 if you want to contact me, feel free to do so at: ad.z.e@hotmail.com

Looking forward to your answers

Adrian Zermin
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Intriging tale.

I dont want to intrude, but i cant help wonder what made you want to and be able to go to bars and stuff? Seems like a interesting story behind this.
And also what do you think of this sort of thing? Do you like it or was it just sort a way to escape without satisfying you?

Now how did you manage to make friends there? I went to bars only 3 times in my life and from what i observed its rather hard to make friends if you dont already have friends.
I would like to go more often but i have no income and shit is expensive, which brings me to my next question.
How can you and said "NEETs" be able to afford this?
I have a hard time to think someone without a job can do this regularly, even considering an illegal "job", drug dealer, scammer, robber etc.
And just which country do you live in that you get this much NEETbux?
Im not inclined to disbelive that some neets cant score chicks, but downright normie level lifes, WTF!

Im not sure if having a job means having a life, i mean im not going so far to say a hikki can have a job, but to say that job = auto-life is far fetched.
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File: 1405065079520.jpg (202.34 KB, 600x600, 1376987298068.jpg)

The tragic event that happened made me no longer comfortable in my home. It was a lifetime in the making, but it only took a moment for the table to be flipped over. Where else to go and get a drink besides the pub? I also had achieved something important and I felt not totally worthless so it took the edge off the severe and debilitating anxiety that I have been struggling with. I also enjoy a quality craft brew so it was only natural. Yes, there was a certain amount of desperation to get out of the depressing situation I was and practically always have been in.

I went there a few times before someone approached me when I was sitting at a table outside on the patio. I regress. At first, I would just take the bus into downtown so I could drink as much as I wanted. I would show up around 4 pm when there weren't many people there. I would sit at the bar and study my lecture powerpoint slides and nurse my pint for a while before ordering another one and going out to the patio to vape. It would go like this for the first few times I went there. So the guy that approached me was really nice, but then later in my somewhat drunken conversation I could tell that he was gay and he was hitting on me. I said I was pansexual polyromantic, as I sometimes browse /lgbt/ for shits and giggles, but never reciprocated his subtle advances. The conversation went well and I ended up buying him a drink and we sat outside and talked for a while. Eventually I caught the bus back home. I saw him again and ended up bringing him back to my home because he was a pretty cool guy. Too bad I'm not interested in men. We started hanging out together at the bar, and he knew all the regulars that came there, and I got to know some people. Then somehow I met another guy who ended up having his own circle of friends that I met. Our common interest was recreational drugs and drinking. So that's how it started. I met someone who knew the regulars who would sit down with us because they knew that person.

I was able to afford it because I got a grant that paid for most of my tuition for that year which left me a good chunk of my student loan to work with. Other NEETs get unemployment or disability and if you can get in on some subsidized housing then you could have enough to afford the expensive price of drinks, but not much else.

>to say that job = auto-li
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So as long as I'm blogshitting I might as well finish the story. I basically spent all my money and the rest was stolen. I got rejected by a few girls. I don't really care about the people I met because I disagree with the path they chose to live their life. So fast forward to now, I basically went full hikki again. The fire that was started inside of me has gone out, but the ashes will remain forever.


random bumb


File: 1406104143066.png (732.24 KB, 1920x1080, 1355425027_1.png)

If you ask someone that is a NEET but still socially "okay" he will tell you that being a NEET isn't that bad and he/she might even get a job at some point in the next few moths.
After a while of doing nothing your friends will gradually turn their backs on you. If they got a job they'll create a new more fitting circle of friends.
You only got your family left that supports you. You maybe even found your comfort zone in some way. Most times it's the internet because you stopped socializing completely and need a replacement.
You can get by while lying to your financial backers your investors back home. You gradually get the feeling of being a bad investment and you feel shame for it.
The NEET becomes an outcast and with all your social anxiety and just plain fear of change and incalculable things like the future you will try to keep your ears shut your eyes closed just to keep the status quo.

You start to hate it and yourself. You want to be normal agian but don't want to leave you comfort zone at the same time. The world changes around you and everyone seems to move so fast. It is always you and the world and you need help at this point.

Being a Hikikomori can be treated and should be.
After some months in the clinic you hopefully understand what made you the way you are and if you are lucky and get new friends your confidence might grow enough to forget this period of your life.

I think being a Hikikomori is mostly a problem of the young generation (of course it is present in every age bracket over 18) because their thoughts are still idealistic enough to care about their raison d'être.
Drugs and alcohol often speed up the process because you can supplant responsibilities even better.

File: 1405205522371.jpg (8.7 MB, 4288x2848, Aokigahara_forest_01.jpg)


Do you too feel sad because Desuchan seems so empty? It breaks my heart to see chans in general and in particular the ones I loved to be hollowed out.
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About 4 months ago when I recently discovered this site, I tried to make a thread focusing on other NEET artist but was told to post it on /o/. While understanding, I figured /n/ would be a better place to get some attention.

I feel bad that I haven't contributed much in the last months, mainly because I flocked over to Wizardchan when traffic for this thread started to slow down.


File: 1405817634121.jpg (78.74 KB, 640x480, 1405785160832.jpg)

The thing that happened is that you certainly posted something that not everyone does/is into, which made there be minimum responses (And with this I'm not meaning you did something wrong; in fact, that was new activity and discussion, so it was ok).
As much as it may seem like thanks to the "free time" NEETs seem to have in their hands, I'm pretty sure most of them aren't artists, even though most of them are interested in art. And let's not forget everybody here is not a NEET.

If I remember well I also suggested you to post in /o/ too because it'd fit better there; the same as with my origami example, which would fit more in /2/, even though the origami example could be here and there would be no problems. That's because, again, since most of the userbase here aren't artists but people who do not aim too high and are into japanese culture, that would be a more appropriate topic for this board more than "NEET Art".
With this I'm not trying to say my topic is better than yours, I just picked it up because it's the first example I found.


Users != activity. If you were responding to my post, I recommend you to read it twice because I never said users were the problem.
In case you weren't, just ignore this post.


I would hate to see this site die, I am still new around here but in my short time browsing the new and old threads I have really enjoyed myself. I like this site, and I wish for it to live on much longer.


File: 1405924133737.png (120.21 KB, 337x680, request_elsens_by_grumpyda….png)

I been part of Uboachan since I first discovered it back in… 2009? 2010? Fuck I forget, it's been a long time now! Started out as a lurker before deciding to become a full-fledged [or part time?] member.

It would break my heart to see this place slowly die to a trickle and then stop. I know it's not as active like it used to be in its heydays, but seeing people still posting gives me a small smile to my face, even if the post might be depressive or something. It still says to me that people still come here.

I know I used to be part of a forum a long time ago, which sadly has died due to reasons…

Pic unrelated.


Ya know, I'd hate to see this place die. I consider it my "home" online.

People are friendly, new people blow in, and those who choose to leave never quite forget us. We're a unique breed of Chan where we don't rely on porn, dick jokes, or even racism to make a funny thing. we reflect life's pulse. Fun and wild when we're high (active), deep and soulful when we're low (like now).

We're a group who once you meet us, you're never the same again. We live, think, work and even act as a community. Now this might be my tired mind talking, but if we all got together, we could make a town where people care for each other, and oddness is just a normality to us all.

I guess what I'm saying is, we're the dreams, and the dreams are us. One cannot exist without the other. Don't ever die out, Uboachan. We all would be broken without you.

File: 1405456411013.jpg (41.73 KB, 800x800, http://38.media.tumblr.com….jpg)


Whats the most hopeless situation youve ever been in /n/?


I used to be in school in winter in a foreign coutry living at my aunts, she couldnt drive me and my parents were out of coutry, as if could have run anywhere.
It was cold as shit i didnt have proper clothes and no good means of transportation either.
I didnt know why i went to school, what i supposed to be doing there or what ever would become of me.
Needless to say i hated it.
I didnt make friends either or managed to get have something of a meaningful experience ofcourse, thankfully i dropped out first year otherwise it would have gotten only worse.
I was lucky, it could have been much worse actually.
Ever since i have been a neet.
Im thankfull for it, even tough it was unpleasant as shit i survived it i learned a few things and i had my moments of small joy, now it all seems so sureal when i look back.


My parents kicked me out when I was 19, and I lived in a mouldy apartment with a shitty degrading job and was unable to feed myself. Lost a lot of weight and my health suffered.

I got better though, and now enjoy being NEET. It gave me a perspective as to just how fucking horrible life is for most wage slaves, and I have resolved to never go back to that.


File: 1405561930045.jpg (42.12 KB, 500x412, dudewhat.jpg)

So close
What happen? Where is 11111 GET?

File: 1403915497737.jpg (156.26 KB, 980x380, acn_careers_toolkit_banner….jpg)


This is a picture of a company where the people who work there are by many considered being succesfull. The slogan reveals the idea many people have that if you work hard and do something specitic better than others, you too might be able to work in a place where such expectional people work and be called succesfull as well.

I assume that being part of society requires one to compete with others in various aspects in prospect of various rewards, such as social validation, income and sex, in the hope that in the end will aid one to become happier or as happy as others. Some decided or found out that they aren't fit to be part of and compete in society. Is it possible while being a social creature to become happy and/or as happy as people who are part of society and compete in it?

I am afraid most of us cannot as most of us are not built in such a way. Fighting against our nature is a battle we will lose in the end.
However, not everyone has as much chance in life to become as happy as others can become.

Many cannot quit the ratrace, but at the same never have a fair chance at competing.

How can one live with this contradiction?
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What's going on here? The exact same thread is on Hikkichan as well and I'm sure I posted >>11020 over there and not here.

Are some threads carried over?


No one has posted over there in over two days.


So? Doesn't change the fact that the same thread is posted over there, with a comment I wrote *there* that somehow ended up *here*.




Nah it's just you. Seek help

File: 1357935921144.png (4.32 KB, 320x240, Bedroom_Dim.png)


Ok uboachan, I seriously need your help.

I'm moving to a new house, and I can desig my new room as I want, should I go for the kawaii pink-ish girly dream room I've always wanted or should I do a spaceship inspired room to feel like mai husbandu masada?
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This this this


File: 1404581207608.jpg (39.71 KB, 453x333, lanata12.jpg)


Do you guys realize this thread was made like a year ago, right? Why necrobump




File: 1404587934479.jpg (1.01 MB, 2365x1694, stars.jpg)

I have a kawaii pink room but I was thinking of printing out a bunch of full-page pictures of stars and taping them over my window so that I can see space instead of the side of my neighbor's house 1 foot from my window. If OP is still alive it might be a cool idea for them too. It would take a lot of ink though…

A few years ago I painted stars all over my ceiling with glow-in-the-dark paint. Just did little tiny dots everywhere. It looks pretty cool.


alternatively, you could use this tool to print one large composite poster of space (or anything else) on multiple sheets of paper in the dimensions of your window.

File: 1370778831868.png (217.41 KB, 500x500, Rakka.png)

 No.4654[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Please don't kill yourself.
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Life… Dreams… Hope… Where do they come from? And where do they go…? Such meaningless things… I'll destroy them all!


This picture is just how I feel every single day. I guess I'm just waiting for a miracle to happen in my life.

Or perhaps waiting for the moment when I'll finally end it all. Probably won't happen, though.


File: 1404112680022.jpg (159.07 KB, 1361x898, 1402148112216.jpg)


What's that from?


Koe no Katachi.

File: 1403869144149.jpg (212.16 KB, 1256x1611, Vincent_Willem_van_Gogh_00….jpg)


I plan to soon record my thoughts, observations and reflections of my life on audio.
I am probably the last person on earth who should do this seeing as i have nearly no experiences of any kind whatsoever and will likely not have much more.
Perhaps looking at things from the outside is the only way to see things as they really are.
As you likely imagine it will be full with very gloom, depressing and cold view points.
Most of my conclusions are overanalysed based on outside observations from TV and internet and occasionally from watching people.

I do this in hope that i may gain some order and clarity of my inner chaotic constant in pieces laying thoughts.
Chances are im totally insane and deluded and everything i think might be false, but this is my only chance to ever make any kind of sense of things as they may be.

I will put it available for free on the net because i think it might be of help for others too and some of the things i have to say are probably important.
Since i am a lazy and chaotic person i will write down only the index of chapters and go outside
will induce myself for every chapter and go to a nice quite place with a bottle of alcohol to loosen myself up and start recording my freeflowing thoughts on these subjects.

Il post a list of keywords once i clean it up.
I will use it then later to build up my chapters.
Since its my story i cant just put in what others think, but since this board influenced me i would gladly try mentioning stuff you guys think is important that it be said.
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My story is already influenced so much by others and things said on this board that it doesnt really matter, so i figure i might aswell offer a chance to be explicitly an influence since you been a passive one already.

And its not much an "autobiography" per se more a collection of thoughts about the world as seen trough my eyes. As said its not much but who elses impressions can i take.

I dont feel like keeping it to myself makes a difference, i take the dice roll and put it out there, if nobody will ever listen to it then im fine with it.
I want to make it public, i feel some of the things i think are of value, if anything about me is of value its my knowledge and my analytic reflections of it.
Im not trying to gain sympathy, or whatever this pic is supposed to imply, im just trying to get some feedback and see what others think would be important to be said if they would do such a thing.
You can influence it just by saying what you would like to know i think, but obviously for good or for bad i cant garuantee it is what you want to hear or if i will mention it at all.


Okay, that's fine then. But please don't feel defeated when people are not interested. It's a grand concept, but they're supposed to be released when they're finished.
I'm very sorry, you can't. It is nowhere near finished. All my personal information is in this book aswell, which i wouldn't want leaked as my real life is stabilizing.
I hope you understand.


>Okay, that's fine then. But please don't feel defeated when people are not interested. It's a grand concept, but they're supposed to be released when they're finished.
Im already in pieces as of writing this, this is my last chance of ever putting a part of me in order.
Il pretty much put it in the foreword that isnt what you want to hear unless it is what you know you really want to hear.
I just felt like i had to share this with this board since this board shared so much with me.

And yes i will release it only when i deem it worthy, god i hope it doesnt end up half finished like all my other projects.


File: 1403900920962.jpg (723.49 KB, 2560x1920, 2014-02-13 15.58.15.jpg)

I know what you mean.. I thought the same of my autobiography. Please don't worry, you'll keep writing/recording your life.
It depends on the way you tell your story, if you do it right, you just might find control over your life.


This is a wonderful idea. Very few NEETs involve themselves in expression pertaining to their lifestyle. It's sad. So it's good that you are doing this. It will help you, and other people as well.

File: 1391907302316.jpg (465.73 KB, 1600x1200, alaska[1].jpg)


What would it be like to be a NEET in Alaska?
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The only time I ever started hurting myself physically was on an antidepressant. Stopped doing that shit after I quit taking it. I didn't really notice how it changed me while on it, but reading back stuff I had written during that time… very spiteful.

Now I'm not saying it won't help some people, but I'm never taking that stuff again.


> What kind of fucking 'normal' person would go thru this manipulation and acts of self humiliation just to avoid working?
Normal people go through manipulation and acts of self manipulation everyday, and call it work.
Bless ya soul, honey chil'. You is free.


*acts of self-humiliation

This is what I get for my stupid typing style. Typos all day, erry day. If only I typed like I wrote.


im 24 but was prescribed lexapro and lorazepam when i was 18 for a short while. loved a seemingly normal life working and being independent in between the two. would that be.enough to qualofy wothout going to the psych ward? how can i obtain any records of past presciptions for proof? (dont remember the doctors name, dont have any old pill bottles, etc). thanks.


I'm actually about to move to alaska. I plan on being very alone, but I feel like it'll be nice and pretty and pleasant.

File: 1403760082496.png (142.97 KB, 480x640, 319b9b31c18d40b0af659736be….png)


Have you ever noticed how we all see the world just vaguely the same way? How much of the world is "absolute" reality, and how much is dependent on our individual perception? What if we are all just living in a sort of "consensus reality" which is entirely a product of the combined consciousness of mankind?
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Zen is like someone hacking nihilism, turning nothing into everything, and finding meaning in it

pretty cool


I believe that there is no absolute truth (outside of mathematical ones and a few irrefutable statements) the truth is squishy and flexible and it can be argued different ways at different angles and has been for eons. Reality itself may be a lie, or possibly the truth, perhaps an illusion but if reality is an illusion then illusions are reality and then is that not what makes them real, or perhaps unreal? Illusions are real, or maybe not, reality is an illusion, or maybe not. But what does it matter? I enjoy reality and existence whether they are an illusion or not, but like truth they are flexible and squishy, if the world is not how I like it than I suppose I shall try to change it, bending it more to my liking.

If you don't like the world you can either not participate or you can try to change it.

I like the feeling of a piece of metal in my hand. It's cold and heavy and real. Even when I close my eyes I could feel its weight, I can feel it trying to pull itself back into the earth. I like the reality of that piece of metal whether it's real or not.


Why would you question reality all the time? I think the way our brain sees the world is amazing enough.
The way people think is funny.



Mathematical truths are as constructed and relative as any other. Before humans there was no math, nor any concept of it. Ergo, it is an artificial way of ordering the world, as arbitraray and prone to collapsing as any other, if you simply adopt different rules.
In b4 'those are math as well', the fact that you can endlessly substitute rules doesn't make them absolute without artificial consensus from sentient beings.


I know that. Truth and reason are construct of the logical mind that we evolved with. Although I still feel that saying "mathematics cannot exist without sentient beings" is kind of like saying "if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does not make a sound". My point is that 2+2=4 and no one's really going to argue that it's not, its not nearly so flexible and squishy and arguable as other things people might consider to be "truths".

Also does anyone even understand what I mean when I talk about holding a piece of iron in your hand and feeling the reality of it, dose no one else understand that feel?

File: 1403450796593.png (66.3 KB, 454x485, mama[1].png)


I have the next few months off and figured I might as well do something productive, so I've been trying to pick up hobbies. Started on a new crochet plushie and am trying to learn how to cook but it seems to be hard to find a good youtube channel for it. Anyone know any good videos for someone new to cooking?

Also, what do you guys do for fun? Post projects/pictures if ya got em!

>Pic related, my only cooking experience
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Cooking with dog is a really great show, but it's incredibly difficult to get the exotic japanese ingredients she uses.

I like baking and cooking for fun too. Baking is nice because it really doesn't use a lot of special or expensive ingredients. Flours and yeasts and things are really cheap, or even free. The other day I made focaccia. It was really good.


I'm sure you have, but have you tried ramen omlettes? Or maybe even add rice for egg fried rice and ramen? The site that >>10828 linked to has a ton of cheap dishes! :) As for the synth organ thing, dude. That thing looks sweet as hell, awesome find. I'm not very good at music (though I can play a few instruments! Just not very well haha) so much respect for your skills lol :) The published thing is awesome too! Must be cool to be able to point at something and be like "I wrote that!" haha :) Good luck on the next one and your cool-ass-synth/organ'ing :) And don't worry about post length or anything, I love that people even replied to my post lol! :) Plus its nice to read about what other people are doing, gives me ideas on what to do next :)

Hey! Thanks for the extra tips :) Just got back from browsing one of the sites you linked, I bookmarked so many recipies that I'm hyped about making :) Its not really a status update but I was so hyped I wanted to cook something, so I made Jello! It's not really cooking, but I'm proud anyway lmao. Its cool, I use tofu sometimes too, its pretty nice sometimes. I've only baked with box stuff so "real" baking is pretty awesome to me! Those sweet rolls are so cool! and tasty looking too :) Like I said to above poster, don't worry about post length, I love reading about other people, its really fun :) and thanks for those words, though I do always worry what will happen if I mess up so bad the meal is inedible lmao… guess its good to always stock some emergency cup noodles huh? :P


>writer's block combined with losing what I had of it so far hasn't exactly helped me along.

Yeah, I hear ya. Just keep pushing at it. Sometimes you just gotta write, even if it's shitty. How else you gonna edit?


File: 1403485043818.jpg (558.58 KB, 1600x1600, 1278160009311.jpg)

I actually recently started a project where I will write down my ideas and such into a text file and then dump them all into a folder. The problem is that my ideas move faster than I can write them even with my voice-to-text-program so if I were to try and write something down after a already having thought about it it would've already passed through my mind enough times that it would feel like doing the same thing over again and it would become rather boring by the time I tried to write it down, which is also why I write it down without using punctuation or proofreading.


File: 1403582458662.png (598.32 KB, 1064x793, computer_related_stuff.png)

Computer stuff, riding my bicycle, drawing, watching anime, reading manga, fapping.

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