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File: 1407170061041.png (43.3 KB, 224x249, 1397612236023.png)


I feel great dishonour from being a NEET, which makes me depressed.

I'm 21, but I don't think I'll ever get my license, a job, let alone a wife. I still live with my mom, only went to college for one semester, and only leave the house when I go to church. I don't know how I'm going to survive when I'm finally on my own.

How do y'all deal with these sort of doubts and thoughts? What can I do to get over my unintentional reclusiveness?

I wish my family were farmers, so I didn't have to deal with this shit.
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>I guess the main reason I want to stop having these negative thoughts about my failure, is because it's causing be to have these spasms and I hit myself and stuff.
Look, being happy is beneficial to you. You have no need to explain to us or anyone why you don't want to have recurring negative thoughts.

Here are some musings on the meaning of life, I find them interesting and I thought you might too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzcCWEb-tyk

Seriously though, you can find that stuff yourself if you search for it.

And seek professional mental help.


I like that video, thanks.


Gah i know where you at OP.
I dont believe i can be a functioning adult either and capable of gaining or maintaining a relationship.

I cant really help you there, but personally i try to see the bigger picture and think out of the box a bit, sure its hard and not really all that satisfying, but it offers a bit less gloomy perspectives.
Rather than trying to see where i want to be, i try to see where life is going to push me and adjust myself to it and what is likely my purpose in life.
Its probably not very helpful, but then again what is.

Well i can understand what it is you want, but maybe your view of life is too narrow, perhaps you need to find something new to show you that there can be more to life than this.
Like a new lifestyle or hobby, i know it aint easy, but try to think about it a bit.

What i think would really help you is something to do in your life, like a project of some sort.

BTW: welcome to uboachan, have a nice stay.


I'm trying to get into cycling. I have this crappy mountain bike right now, chains all rusted and stuff, but I'm fixing to get a road racer. So, that should get my mind off things.

Whenever I ride my bike, I forget about everything I'm going through, and I just focus on the ride. It will be a great way to get some sun, and stay active too.

Thanks for the welcome :)


Never have kids.

File: 1406190844778.png (198.22 KB, 500x357, 1397752555683.png)


What plagues, you, /n/? Do you have bad wiring upstairs and how do you manage it?

I've got severe depression, ADHD, and bad bipolar which is possibly borderline personality disorder. I don't really manage any of it and it's destroyed all of my friendships beyond repair.
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I feel the same way about my label as having aspergers. Its really more like just a set of personality traits with a slight neurological component that to me doesn't mean anything. I mean, I feel normal.


File: 1407008377738.jpg (56.91 KB, 320x240, HNI_0061.JPG)

THIS is how I feel too. I have Aspergers, I am SURE I have Anxiety, and possibly some mild form of bipolar disorder. The Aspergers though is definitely a defining 'trait'.

Alot of people don't know I have it, cuz I act like any other normal person at first glance. When I say I have it, I can't help but feel I'm suddenly being silently judged. I think it's due to the fact that there been some people out there with Autism/Aspergers that has gone and given it a bad name and a bad image.


File: 1407042974129.png (114.66 KB, 299x425, tiny crying hakase.png)

I… dont know. I know something is wrong because I feel very afraid all of the time. Im paranoid as well, always thinking the smallest things will lead to my death and I cant speak to people because I stutter terribly and feel faint whenever I do.

Im too afraid to see anyone to get an official diagnosis but at the same time not knowing why this is happening to me is killing me from the inside out

Im probably being very silly about this but Im just… afraid I guess

My head stings when I breathe sometimes too. Its scary.


Don't worry about it. A paradigm shift always happens. At some point you'll be forced to deal with your problems and you'll be surprised how much energy and endurance you'll have.
It might be a very shocking experience that's going to confront you with reality.


I just have the regular ole Aspergers, though it's not bad in a social setting, it's terrible for me to learn how to drive or get a job.

File: 1406924110098.jpg (127.76 KB, 1268x711, 1380389687132.jpg)


The only reason i am still healthy is because i eat eggs everyday. For breakfast, for lunch, as a snack annd for dinner. It's the only food i can get for "free", that said, there's an egg farm a few houses down the road.
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You can also boil pine needles to make a nice leafy/minty tea. Lots of Vitamin C iirc.

Same with the flower buds of lavender plants.

Keep in mind that you should rinse everything you pick in populated areas to remove pesticides.


File: 1406957517326.png (36.34 KB, 199x239, hakuyruu smile.png)

When I was little I used to eat these wild onion tasting plants that looked like flowers. Perhaps some grow around you?


This anon is probably talking about chives. They're edible, grow almost everywhere, and funnily enough, would probably go great with eggs.


Everyone, thank you for your tips, kindness and help.
I don't exactly live in a kill or be killed situation, it's just that i have to do this untill i get a steady source of income again.
I'll tell the story in more detail some other time, my free internet is running out soon.
I'll try to follow up on all of your advice.


You're welcome friend.

File: 1406484379451.png (233.62 KB, 500x360, spongebob_imagination.png)


Are you in control of your Imagination? Totally? Partially? Not at all?

I can give my imagination ideas, and then it runs with them. For example, I might try to imagine two people in a forest, but after a moment there may be three people in the forest, and I can't change it back. And after a few moments, they might start moving on their own. Sometimes my imagination even rejects an idea as infeasible in the scenario I'm creating.

Sometimes something I'm imagining starts spinning and I can't stop it.

It's basically like a separate entity I can communicate with but don't have much control over.
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File: 1406524909865.jpg (1.09 MB, 1600x1114, 1254375633837.jpg)

Daydreaming definitely takes up a huge amount of my time, especially while listening to music although I think half of all my daydreaming pretty much revolves around world domination. That's not even a joke it seriously does. The other day I was supposed to be washing dishes but spent so much time pacing back and forth working out a way to conquer the entire galaxy while still keeping all the separate colonies connected together as one giant entity Dormiliatron that I was on my feet for so long that I couldn't complete doing the dishes because they hurt so bad from pacing back and forth. Music very strongly effects thoughts of world domination. Especially stuff like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxNwZ0_xvP8

I often have ideas that happened and spin around so fast that I can't get them down onto paper (well, not literally paper anymore) even using my speech to text program (Dragon NaturallySpeaking) unless I cut out all punctuation and editing. The time would take me to refine it into something coherent the idea would already be boring and stale to me.

Certain there are things that get stuck in my head stay there and spin around a bit too fast the point where it's actually painful to me. Usually things like books and anime, I no longer participate in either of those things because of this.

I've become much better at controlling what I'm thinking about nowadays, I find that the best method to remove a thought that you don't want to think about is to visually imagine nuking it, imagine the explosion rippling across the landscape and turning that idea to dust, but don't focus too much on the idea, focus on the explosion. Explosions help people forget what was going on but only hold their attention to very briefly.


I'm in complete control. Occasionally, if I imagine something, then decide later to change it, there might be a tad of resistance, but if I really want to, I can make my brain undo it.


File: 1406660563070.jpg (623.95 KB, 745x1117, noitu2_poster.jpg)

I control about 90% of my imagination, the 5% I let it do it's own thing to see how a scenario would play out. If there's something I don't like, I go back to change it.

Sometimes that 5% also has spurs of random moments I don't think about, and I find it to be either handy or annoying. Usually handy.


Have you ever done the opposite, where you are seeing or imagining something and accompanying music comes to your head? I used to write it down when I was sheet-music-literate.


my imagination seems to have gotten the better of me. if it doesn't produce good results i am depressed, if it makes me happy, i am happy. i can't really control what it feeds me, it tries to feed my fantasies that correlate in some way with thats happening in my life. It makes it very easy to feel delusional and very hard to think or even determine what is really happening sometimes. I wish I could influence the power of my imagination to do what i want. i could use it to create wonderful things, but instead i can't control it. it's like a fabricated world on top of the real world distracting me from the real world and from applying any focus to my thoughts. My imagination is very vivid. It seems to match my emotions too closely, when i am excited, it tries to fill me with more of that excitement, and sometimes things won't meet my expectations, if i am sad, it tries to keep me there by making me imagine sad events over and over, and if i am angry, it deludes me with fantasies of revenge. It basically is an ongoing fantasy version of whatever is really happening that writes and rewrites itself as time goes on.

i know of know this feel, i want to literally destroy all evil

File: 1406673556203.jpg (81.72 KB, 350x350, a0833011413_2.jpg)


I feel like the one thing stopping me from completely shutting myself out from the outside world is the law. It's not a problem in some places, but where I live the law dictates I have to finish high school then pass a test or some shit, and then I'm allowed to do whatever before going to university. Thing is, I'm not putting up with people for that long. How do I get around that? Sorry if this has an obvious answer.
Also I like the pic.


do you get arrested if you dont pass the test?


you might be confusing law with society's norms. You are not obligated by law to study past the age of 16. What you do after that is entirely up to you.


That could possibly depend on the country OP is in, though I've never heard of a country where you're legally obligated to attend university. Generally once you're 18 or thereabouts you can do whatever. My previous sentence may be an ignorant statement though coming from the United States.

If you want to keep the Internet, and you have resources, go somewhere they can't find you and just pay the bills somehow.

If you don't have resources, and you really don't want to deal with people ever again, do some research, get supplies, prepare yourself, and go live deep in the woods, deep enough that nobody could find you if they wanted to, but close enough to civilization to periodically trek down for more supplies.

Don't get lost.

File: 1406503586953.jpg (57.66 KB, 600x338, manly naru.jpg)


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Hmm yeah I'll definitely try to include more illustrations and "animations" once I practice a bit more and get it smoother. Ranting is also a really good idea, thanks for the feedback!


File: 1406534774698.jpg (17.11 KB, 400x300, Flyingcircus_2.jpg)

You have the right voice for this stuff. That's the most important thing. Other than that it is like 11355 said a vlog.
But don't do a rant or anything on those lines…. The Internet cries around enough already.
Get creative. Get ridicules. The scene with the lamborghini suggests that you want dark humour. A character that tries very hard to fit in but fails horribly. Without a punchline but with a context of shame and disbelief about the actions of the character. You could be able to draw the attention to some important subjects like Social anxiety disorder or other subjects regarding fitting in with society.


I was actually worrying about whether or not my voice was fit for this kind of thing, thanks for the reassurance haha. And yeah, I'm not really an angry person so I might have a hard time ranting anyways. But yeah I'll definitely be experimenting to see what I can make:)


File: 1406754253042.png (10.92 KB, 136x312, ss (2014-07-23 at 12.38.24….png)

If you're going to use such low-content drawings, you need more. Or increase the content. More lines, more colors, more objects, anything. I got mini-bored every few seconds. It's like reading a book with three words on each page; the amount of stuff on each page is almost not worth it to turn each page.
Maybe cut the story down a little, speak more quickly - it's not a very complex idea you're transmitting, and it felt padded.
For instance, "I don't know if I'm going to go to my highschool reunion, but" was really unnecessary. It doesn't add anything to the Lamborghini/beer bottle joke it preceded, and it took away from the funny "…or I just won't go." bit like a lame preview takes away from a good movie.
Anywho. 4/10 funny, I was amused but didn't laugh.
I'm used to more intense comedy, though. If you're happy with this level of calm, ignore my post lol.


File: 1406754492250.gif (227.74 KB, 500x381, home movies example.gif)

>you need more
And by that I mean anything from the squiggly line bullshit in Home Movies to actual animation.

File: 1406075112382.jpg (67.97 KB, 500x269, image.jpg)


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The only reason anything matters is because nothing matters at all.


File: 1406101096776.jpg (48.47 KB, 1008x720, lain-is-a-bear.jpg)

He's just some self-centred gay guy from the internet.
Instagram and Tumblrare are stuffed with people that think they are the centre of the world.


Oh no its tumblr get your freaking pitchforks!!!11oneone!!1

Ignore them OP. I know that feel



>only 1 post complaining about tumblr


We complained because this thread is stupid not because of the source (which is stupid as well).


File: 1406519171194.jpg (249.1 KB, 600x747, dark professor.jpg)

>tfw you're a promiscuous teenager looking for danger and excitement so you hook up with Blacks from craigslist for one-nighters, worship their black dicks during the act of sex, but now that you're in your early 20s you've settlted down and now you only date Whites who have good opinions on anime and video games

Thats my feel

File: 1404484299485.jpg (41.92 KB, 431x471, 1403895772867.jpg)


The people I live with as a NEET, while providing me with basic life necessities, are suffocating me. My imagination, usually vibrant and without limits, dies out around them and I become jaded, just like them. It's not their fault, that's just the way they are and I can't do much about that. My room used to be bound by dark curtains so that I was able to immerse and distract myself from their presence, but this is not the case anymore. Now I'm stuck having to acknowledge that they are on the other side of the door.

I could somehow use this longing to live alone in a place far away to get a job, but then I would be locked into a lifelong contract of misery, going by the assumption that they wouldn't let me come back to live with them for nothing once they've seen that I am "capable" of holding down a job. And I doubt I'd want to, anyway, at that point. It seems like either way is a dead end.

/n/, can you tell me about the people you live(d) with during your days as a NEET and how you felt being around them? Do you prefer solitude or company?
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11055 here. No, I don't think you're here to help. This is just an image board and we all have our own problems.

I guess I'm not useless. I live with my single mother. I called her negative, but she replied that she's being realistic. She does not want me in her house. I'm 23. I'm supposed to get a job, but I only have basic education and seemingly no drive to do anything.

With no friends to turn to, I feel somewhat trapped. So I turn to the internet for support, but the support I get is illusory since it reduces me to just pushing buttons and staring at the screen.

My only hope is in programming. I genuinely like to program and while the unknown is always terrifying to me, I feel a little bit less uncomfortable learning about computer-related things. I will eventually be able to put my skills to use for profit and earn enough money to move to a large city.

The sun will rise again.


File: 1406435849828.png (931.53 KB, 1000x1412, Kyoko-0139.png)

>No, I don't think you're here to help. This is just an image board and we all have our own problems.
I won't deny it. Nonetheless, by sharing our troubles with one another, we can pool our thinking, hold discussions, and potentially come up with solutions. If nothing else, we're there to provide moral support and words of comfort for one another.

>I guess I'm not useless. I live with my single mother. I called her negative, but she replied that she's being realistic. She does not want me in her house. I'm 23. I'm supposed to get a job, but I only have basic education and seemingly no drive to do anything.

From my experience, it seems that a lack of motivation is typically a result of habit rather than any sort of inherent flaw or deficiency. That is, in order to develop a drive to do things, you first must work at your goals or projects in spite of any resistances that your mind or lifestyle may pose. After adjusting to this change and following it regularly for a time, you'll find that your drive is fueled by this newly-formed habit.

>So I turn to the internet for support, but the support I get is illusory since it reduces me to just pushing buttons and staring at the screen.

It's true that the encouragement from those online is perhaps less… tangible than that received in person, but it's hardly illusory. On the other side of the tangle of ISP-owned routers are people who are taking your circumstances into consideration and genuinely wishing you the best.

>My only hope is in programming. I genuinely like to program and while the unknown is always terrifying to me, I feel a little bit less uncomfortable learning about computer-related things. I will eventually be able to put my skills to use for profit and earn enough money to move to a large city.

What's nice about the field of computer programming is that you don't necessarily need a formal degree to locate and secure a job in it. As long as you have a convincing portfolio of work and projects that you've completed, as well as acing any general programming or computer science questions they may ask during the interview, any reasonably open-minded employer will consider you as fairly as any other skilled candidate. Mind you, you may end up Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


This guy >>11058

The NEET way runs in the family, none of us have the money nor the drive to move out, even though that almost none of us want to be here.


cute pic


I can tell by your tone that you're not actually serious and just making fun. Why don't you try being sincere, Ass Hole?

File: 1405707843435.jpg (1.3 MB, 1178x1741, Gaisokyu_003.jpg)


you are loved ubuu
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>If I can't love myself
>I love you guys.
No, you see, that's the caveat, you…
Okay, nevermind. Fine.


File: 1406133480239.png (91.92 KB, 269x250, 1295050517851.png)

y-you too


File: 1406158460530.gif (8.29 MB, 582x304, BDGJ1xZ.gif)

I love Ubuu syndrome


File: 1406183673870.jpg (27.78 KB, 700x525, DaHooth.jpg)

welp, you have to love SOMEBODY


I didn't say it was a bad thing.

File: 1406019192482.png (265.32 KB, 499x494, maou.png)


How many of you can't remember most of your life?

My memories are hazy after a day and fade almost completely after a week or so, leaving only things that really stood out and some random cruft. I've recently learned that several people I know on the Internet and in real life have this same issue.

Also, do you have trouble with remembering things differently than they happened, or remembering things that apparently never happened?
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I think we forget the unnecessary and because of the empty days flowing into each other things are just not worth remembering…

This and the booze/benzo of course. It keeps the anxiety away but I loose track of time sometimes.

What day is it?
What time is it?
What day was yesterday?

I can't recall a thing besides some blurry images.

But it doesn't really matter tbh. I was certainly okay yesterday and I am alive right now so let the days role by. It will be the same as long as nobody changes the rules.


File: 1406079855539.jpg (107.11 KB, 800x600, DICK.jpg)

>How many of you can't remember most of your life?
Yes. I can't.

>Also, do you have trouble with remembering things differently than they happened, or remembering things that apparently never happened?


Welcome to the club Sei. The next thing you will know is that it's 3am and you only remember you've been playing touhou for 3 hours. Then you're up again and you can't even remember how did you get to your bed. Then it's 3am again.

It's a vicious circle. My theory is that it's fault of my fucked up sleep schedule. Also I try not to get out of my house too often, and when I have to, I mostly spend that time thinking about things I can do when I get in my computer again, or silly anime episodes/openings, so I try not to think of being outside, which makes time pass faster and makes me forget what I did during the trip.

I don't have problems to remember facts and technical information though; I'd say I have a really good memory in regarding those matters. But don't ask me what I did 10 seconds ago because I can't compute that shit.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1406105904279.jpg (5.09 MB, 3856x3208, 736493532c2a1703b1b5543940….jpg)

my memories are pretty spotty, particularly audible things… I remember what I see or read a lot better than what I hear or say. if I don't take notes during a class lecture, I probably won't remember any of it

some portions of my life are a jumbled mess in memory. it's not always that bad, though, and I think a lot of days don't stand out because they were just normal days when I did normal stuff that wasn't that interesting even then. I try not to force myself to remember details of hazy events because my brain will fill in the gaps to create a more complete scene, making the whole thing suspect. this happens more often the more depressed I am, I think. I also have some memories that are not possible, which I assume came from dreams or my imagination or something

when I'm especially depressed, my memory goes total shitballs and takes my concentration with it. what a blast!


i think remembering important things like tasks you have to complete is a matter of simple memory training techniques. even doing simple math or a sudoku puzzle can increase your memory capabilities. as for the other stuff, i think something some people are only meant to remember how things felt. if you can rmember you relationships with people at least, i think things will work themselves out.


File: 1406128302552.jpg (245.41 KB, 440x640, Kyoko-0039.jpg)

>How many of you can't remember most of your life?
I can't. From my birth up to around 10th grade, the majority of my memories are faint or missing. This is probably because I spent most of my development miserable with loneliness, hurt by bullying, and frustrated with unpleasant teachers. I do remember vaguely the time I spent with my friends, but those times blur together; I can recall the events that happened, but the exact ordering escapes me.

Recently, my memory has improved greatly. Though routine life blurs past without note, I can remember conversations much better than before, and I'm able to distinguish in my head more adeptly between different events that occurred on separate dates in similar locations – that is, the recall isn't a sticky conglomeration, but distinctly separated dates. Additionally, I have next to no trouble remembering skills and techniques, facts and documentation, and dates and times for appointments.

>Also, do you have trouble with remembering things differently than they happened, or remembering things that apparently never happened?

Both of those are entirely possible, though I suppose I don't really know how to verify that. As Zettai said in >>11249, we recreate our memories whenever we bring them to mind. Consequently, we can easily rearrange existing memories incorrectly, or synthesize new memories based upon impressions or the claimed recall of others. Of course, in spite of its habitual cursoriness and fragility, we desperately need our memory, and though its behavior may hinder us at times, the fact that it functions in this manner apparently worked to our advantage, since we collectively have survived this long with it operating as it does.

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