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File: 1448856103829.jpg (12.23 KB, 320x176, nhk1.jpg)


How do you guys deal with the boredom of being NEET? I'm finding things I used to enjoying are becoming less and less interesting. I get out some but I don't have many places to go. I'm mostly on my laptop on Twitter, watching anime or playing games.


I try to do some physical activities sometimes, by that I mean playing one in awhile I play with my dogs and occasionally I exercise my tear glands.


I know how you fell, i guess you should try to get a life.
I will try by trying to find a job.

Or maybe a vacation could help, i really dont know.


I use this to justify getting a job or going to school. For instance, if I am bored out of my mind every day, I am not losing anything by working or studying. Plus I obtain knowledge/money.


I usually just stare at my computer watching videos waiting for when I can sleep again


I have been experiencing this exact problem off and on for the past several years, almost since I dropped out of college four years ago. I finally had enough and decided that the only thing left for me to try is to go back and see if having a schedule and obligations will make my old hobbies more interesting again. And if that doesn't work or it works better than expected, I can try getting a job again.

Without classes or a job, time just sort of blurs by for me. Everything gets so monotonous, and it slows my head down and makes me depressed and anxious.

It took me a long time to realize it but right now I have to agree with >>16124 – long-term NEETdom is almost as tough a pill to swallow as society.

File: 1449860420212.jpg (64.23 KB, 592x480, 1378487131720.jpg)


I have no problem with being a shut-in virgin for the rest of my life, but I start freaking out when I think of living like that at age 30 or beyond. How do I suppress my human instincts?
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I'm 22 and already regret having spent my life in isolation, especially the university years that I used for wasting away on imageboards instead of forging bonds. Can't imagine how much worse it would feel at 30.

Is this what you really want? This way of life is so empty. There's never anyone to connect with. There's never anything to aspire to. Every day is a nightmare.

This is all real. It's downplayed and joked about but this is time you'll never get back. Maybe your instincts are leading you to a better place.


In theory, no, but something in my brain kicks in when I start thinking about being 30, 40, 50 years old and not talking to anyone or having reproduced.
Already do, and I think that feeds into it, because if she was real I would be able to start a family with her and all that.
Your results may vary, I've been doing it since I was 16 and it's still pretty fun.



>it's still pretty fun

And yet you bothered making this thread because there is some deep and profound part of the grey jelly that is you that does in fact know you'll feel incredibly fucking empty and underachieved. That won't go away, just get worse.

16321 is right, it's a shit life. More than that, it's a nonlife. Stagnation is about as akin to living death as anything else. You'll never get your years back. I sure as shit regret allowing some of mine to go. If you really feel more comfortable just trying to normalize this to yourself and trying to convince yourself it's okay, go ahead I guess, but the part of you that's flipping out knows all this.


I'm 23 and regret mine too, wasted a lot of years in isolation with no friends or anything to do.

I kinda want to be normal but I can't see it happening. I feel trapped.


It's not bad. beats the fuck out of actually working for a living.

Get laid at some point though it's not that hard lmao

File: 1449113942838.jpg (146.82 KB, 650x850, image.jpg)


Posting again, looking for my NEET friend Matt.
I met him here and I'm posting here hoping he'll see.
It's Hope
I miss you every day and I just need to know if you're still alive
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File: 1449524712829.jpg (42.53 KB, 563x482, 1437945540549.jpg)

Looking for myself


File: 1449714308331.jpg (35.63 KB, 500x494, 1448968351830.jpg)

looking for release


File: 1449717617472.png (450.26 KB, 1100x800, 1012.png)

I'm not looking for anyone. But I did have a friend that I kinda miss, we weren't really that close, we argued and fell out a lot over the years, but he was the only friend I've ever had. The only person to ever tolerate me.


File: 1450056727220.jpg (241.92 KB, 800x680, 1443416063010.jpg)

>never had a meaningful -ship


I am myself, you found me!

File: 1439777007524.jpg (106.34 KB, 500x212, tumblr_mv5fmpoPkx1rc93aro1….jpg)


Have any of you guys crushed on someone who wasn't considered right? (Odd question, I know. But I'm curious as to how many people have actually experienced something like this, and how it ended up for them.)
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It started*


File: 1449637814398.gif (278.52 KB, 500x281, 1420960015197.gif)

Yes, I guess you're right.

I hope my skills do improve, they have been but its been really slow. The online relationship as been helpful and not just for me. He's doing well for himself.

Most notable being his drawings.


File: 1449650820235.gif (814.78 KB, 500x281, ilyilyilyilyily.gif)

Good luck, anon. I love you! <33
Also ask him to draw some Yumme Nikki fanart!


Nah you still sound cute. Very actually.
It's hard to really love anyone when you're really emotionally screwed and you can end up hurting people you come to care about as a result of that, but you're a lot less likely to if you can trust them and be honest with them.

Anyway, it's good that he's doing well. And your skills will improve, I think a bigger problem than a lack of social skills is just being resigned to exactly that, and if you want to improve and are trying you could be way worse off.


Just heartbreak for me…

Ok, and a few loose screws…

File: 1449700113702.jpg (618.4 KB, 1252x1600, 1448858804070.jpg)


So how do you guys deal with your family during the holidays, especially Christmas.

as for me I plan on locking myself in my room (again) and probably sneaking out late at night to get some leftovers if there is any.
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File: 1449814996792.png (29.72 KB, 97x98, 7ujm.PNG)

pretty cool honestly, I wish I had a waifu and the courage to bring her daki to the living room but sadly I lack two of those things necessary

yeah the hermit lifestyle is something I want to have, never felt the need to be around people since they bore me.
planning on receiving some gifts?


File: 1449846232672.jpg (26.43 KB, 250x293, allauhakbar.jpg)

I have plans for my family. I am preparing something special I call "THE VENGEANCE OF CHRISTMAS"


take pics and/or livestream. please and thank you.


Well all I can really say is that don't do anything you'll regret.


File: 1450056363778.jpg (50.44 KB, 297x411, he_went_to_jared.jpg)

>the relief of living on the other side of the country and not visiting family for the holidays.
>tfw you tell them you can't because of work

File: 1441647945031.png (44.82 KB, 540x470, tumblr_ns0j4a916Q1siy7m0o1….png)

 No.15173[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Rant about what's annoying you most as the moment.
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File: 1449683298589.jpg (67.62 KB, 600x597, CUHAmfpUkAAC8gF.jpg)

>I wish I was 2D.
All this talk about feeling stalled and disconnected from things reminded me how I feel disconnected with a friend lately. This line in particular hit me hard. This close friend I have isn't a normalfag or anything but he isn't the same kinda person as me in the sense of how he views 2D and fiction. for a few years I realized that I lost what I had as a kid. I used to be able to be so immersed into fiction. Anime, books, anything. I could lose myself completely. I'd spend almost all my free time with it in my head having adventures and such. But after some stuff in high school I lost that ability. Someone who I love brought it back to me in a way or at least started the push to go back to my old childhood mindset. An anime I just started watching has pushed me even further and makes me really feel like a kid again. I haven't been as excited about a show in so long. I love it.

But because of this that friend and I just feel like we're not even in the same world. We had a conversation last night and it just felt almost surreal.

To be honest, it feels kinda like I'm stuck in this limbo of being half in both sides of things and because of this distant from both 2D and my IRL friend. Can't I just fully become 2D?


File: 1449726970913.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.13 KB, 400x383, 0.jpg)



File: 1449805981033.jpg (383.38 KB, 1142x1235, beardsley-red-fox.jpg)

Several people at college have very bluntly asked me if I'm either a homosexual or if I would like to have sex with men. That really ticks me off. I make a point of not talking about homosexuality or even vaguely allude to it at school.

If I'm giving off some kind of "homosexual aura" then I can't tell AT ALL. That and I've had other things happen to me in the past, like:

someone asking me if I shave my legs
my dad asking me if "i'm straight, right?"
my mom saying "if Anon was gay I would be okay with it"


Until you get a gf, it will never stop.

feet are great


I have seasonal depression which mostly just presents as insomnia and it gets terribly boring when I'm the only person I know who's awake.

I need more Eurofriends.

File: 1449469513755.jpg (41.5 KB, 500x500, -PDZYtDi.jpg)


NEET's and technology go hand in hand. Some NEETs stay trendy and keep up with the best of the best software. Some NEETs have a computer older than most of the people who come here, and think Windows 95 is the pique of design.

So lets discuss what NEET gear everyone has and wants. Also bonus points if you are into engineering/programming/electronics and want to discuss that.

I recently built my first proper gaming PC, and I have a pretty good collection of consoles. I really love smartphones but I can't find a use for tablets. I have a thing for old cheap laptops.

My next big tech purchase is going to be a capture card. I'm into streaming and video editing as a hobby and always wanted to be able to record stuff off consoles.
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>I've heard that Lua is basically the same thing like Python but way more easier. I might give it a try after I finish learning php and C

OH god what are you doing!
PHP And C? And then lua?

PHP is fucking shit, anyone can tell you that.
C is not suitable for beginners language at all.
If anything you may start in lua, but beyond game developement its hardly used i think and it has nasty knacks there too.


File: 1449528712277.gif (27.42 KB, 250x350, i hate myself and i want t….gif)

I already started out with python3. I want to learn php and C because pic related.
>If anything you may start in lua, but beyond game developement its hardly used i think and it has nasty knacks there too.
>game developement
Oh, I'm not that much into vidya, but I'd like to make a shitty visual novel at some point.


Well if the caption describes how you view yourself, well then go ahead, but it will only make it much worse, just you know.


Lua is just a scripting language. Meaning you'd have to do insane stunts to make it do more complicated stuff unlike object oriented programming. Then again you could just use an engine for lua. I think theres Love engine but I don't know how updated that is or if its even feasible to use.


Yeah if you want to go VN use LOVE if you do Lua. If you do python Ren'Py is great.

File: 1449391430951.jpg (14.57 KB, 236x274, 752d157430be75909241383633….jpg)


Just realized today that in the past 5-6 years since i left school and moved towns, i'v met only one person and can count on my hands how many times i'v left the house..
Plus side, i can identify almost any anime put in front of me and i rule at MMORPG's or any game for that matter, is like second nature to me, picking up the rules and whatnot. (irl so embarrassed about this fact, online, proud af lol)
I guess what im eventually coming to ask is when someone who's personality is so doubt/fear based, knows no one, is majorly lacking confidence and has dug themselves into a mental health vortex or paradox to the point of no return… Is it possible for said person to find a way out.. Incorporate a "normal life" into their NEET habbits and if so, HOWWWWW? lol
Anyone wanting a chat about how incredibly confusing, amazing and difficult life is when your a 20 something yr old NEET trying to figure out how the hell your meant to live life and how other people have managed to do it and do it so well, then please don't be afraid to say "hi" like i would be, feel the fear and do it anyway :p
Also any advice from someone knowing where i am at would be super helpful, great and awesome, thanks :D


>who's personality is so doubt/fear based, knows no one, is majorly lacking confidence and has dug themselves into a mental health vortex or paradox to the point of no return… Is it possible for said person to find a way out
Assuming this isn't bait, you could always try to get into contact with someone, you know in real life.


File: 1449440416786.png (2.33 MB, 1920x1080, 1419955232549.png)

Other people are nerds about other things, and some might even be the same way you are with video games but go to school or something. I've seen it and I also used to go to school myself while trying to play several games competitively. You'll be suprised how fascinating someones different interests from you are sometimes though and how much you can learn if you probe deep. Just try not to cringe too much when someone is an anime/vg pleeb even if it's grating.

File: 1437449628620.jpg (85.54 KB, 480x300, 300x300.jpg)


What is it?
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File: 1449320976564.gif (1.85 MB, 260x190, ho-oh.gif)

I definitely cry when it comes to Pokémon stuff. I cry in joy when I play a new release. For XY specifically, because the world was 3D and showed a more side-view perspective during several scenes. My dream since Red/Blue was for a colourful 3D world to explore, and each game brings us closer to that dream. Wow there is SO MUCH STUFF now in Pokémon games. I also cry during the films or manga. Have you read the Birth of Mewtwo radio drama?
One of the foundational reasons I love Pokémon. It made Red and Blue come to life for me. I like to think that, the designers had a huge story they wanted to tell, but could only fit so much in a Game Boy cartridge. So Birth of Mewtwo and Mewtwo Strikes Back flesh out their original vision more fully.

Gold and Silver are probably my favourite games, usually tied up there with Platinum. The evolution and step up from Red/Blue was perfect. I would love to live in Johto. It seems so beautiful, serene, relaxed, laid-back. I always picture Azalea Town on the coast in autumn, late afternoon, slowpokes relaxing everywhere, Mt. Silver in the distance.
BW and Isshu/Unova have the best music in the series. It's not one of my favourite games, and I don't want to play again like I play all he others, but I respect a lot of it's aspects.

I still defend Pokémon in 2015. Especially when people say "poke-EE-mawn".

Dinnae ask I, but: Ho-Oh. The golden bird in the first episode. I was obsessed with it. I swore it was a totally new, post-151 monster. Other people just said it was a Moltres and ignored it. I researched and learned it was based off the phoenix and related mythology. Probably sparked my interest in mythology, actually. Later, Ho-Oh's existence what fleshed out in Gold and Silver! What a dream.


File: 1449336061050-0.jpg (57.83 KB, 500x417, tumblr_mk6285209E1s9p775o1….jpg)

File: 1449336061050-1.png (137.32 KB, 480x640, star.png)

File: 1449336061050-2.png (179.38 KB, 419x599, Gothitelle.png)

Vileplume is definitely one of them but Starmie is another favorites. I love a lot of pokemon so its hard to pick. Grass, psychic, and flying are probably my favorite types. Now the favorite pokemon I ever caught I have three. One is my highest level pokemon I ever had Yes i never got to level 100 because I never saw purpose in it especially with flat battles. Was a Gothitelle named after my favorite singer. I had to trade a friend to get her since I had white but I love her so much. Second was a nuzlocke run I did on heart gold. There was no where to get a water pokemon for crossing the ocean so I fished in Ecruteak City and got a magikarp. I had to train her up and evolve her into a Garados to move on. It was a nice experience training her. Lastly was in X/Y was a Starmie I consecutively fished for to get a shiny. It took a few weeks and I got two other shines of a pokemon I dont like but once I for the Staryu I was so happy.
What about you anon?

My favorite is probably White/black honestly. I loved that you could only use Unova pokemon. I was like I was playing pokemon and discovering completely knew pokemon for the first time. And it looked great.
Platinum and Gold/silver are also favorites. But Johto would be a wonderful place to live in. It was always a dream to become a pokemon trainer as a kid and I still wish I could. The world is so peaceful and basically a paradise. I'd rather go to the pokemon world than gensokyo when I die.

>Have you read the Birth of Mewtwo radio drama?

I have not, nor did I play red/blue. So I don't have much nostalgia on it. I did watch the show as kid though all the way up until Advance. I stopped playing being very into it once gen three came out since I never got them, so when my friend gave me their old ds and I played platinum about 4 years later it was amazing. Platinum/Sinnoh is another region that was beautiful. It really felt like I was on a journey.

Maybe this is all off topic but man it makes me happy to talk about pokemon in a nostalgic way… its been a while.


File: 1449336505309.jpeg (227.31 KB, 665x485, 2011-12-20-460662.jpeg)

I just remember something about X/Y. When the release trailer came out I started crying when I first saw it. I was so overwhelmed basically for the reasons you mentioned. Seeing pokemon in 3D… That was something I always wanted. So after it was over I ran into my mothers room and started crying begging her for the game. I told her I'd do anything for her to buy it for me when it came out Which was like 6 months+ away and I was a mess. I was a 16 year old crying about pokemon to my mom. I'm tearing up thinking about it even.


File: 1449338270698.png (226.26 KB, 592x1002, vanilla perfection.png)

Well I'll be, Gothitelle is my favorite Pokemon! It's so good to see some love for it, it's not a very popular 'mon. I'm actually so fond of Gen 5's designs, actually weird and monstrous. Hoenn was also excellent too. Ah you're making me nostalgic too anon! I should replay one of these days.


Indeed, Unova had amazing designs. They were cartoony and nice. I think it made the only being able to play with unova pokemon in white/black that much better.

File: 1449145126229.jpg (3.43 KB, 78x106, QWK1z.jpg)


What i'm gonna do with my life? the job interview was suck, i should be right now after my univirsitey days with a academic degree and to start the real life, i just doing nothing with myself.


sorry for my lame english, just found this forum in google.


File: 1449159443093.jpg (1.4 MB, 3264x2448, JOINUS.jpg)

I also thought studying would get me somewhere, all the jobs I had were completely unrelated to my career.
Fucking useless school.
Welcome to the club, sit down and wait for death with us… Or keep trying.


File: 1449188169137.jpg (66.44 KB, 800x890, 1405343364601.jpg)

All my job interviews failed including some where I legit thought I could make it. Then again I guess it has something to do with a degree I earned that I honestly don't like at all. I can't bare the thought of running what I love to the ground because now its considered work.

Fortunately I can get a certificate in teaching so I can apply for teaching positions, atleast that feels more comfortable to me than what I was applying for.

Also thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZbKHDPPrrc


Fortunately was the wrong word to use. Should had been Hopefully.


File: 1449191571884.jpg (77.96 KB, 720x540, 226524_10100105651076487_2….jpg)


>start the real life

There is no real life… Or at least not in that sense, it's all the real-life from the moment you're born, or none of it is, depending on how you look at it.

My step mother always told me that if I work hard I could achieve anything, but I always told her that a horse works hard and achieves nothing but a trip to the glue factory with usefulness is expended.

Do not trust people who value you for how hard you work.

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