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ITT: we post secrets that we need to get off our chest, want options of.

I have a girl friend who is always there for me and forgives me even when she is right. I can give her like 5$ and she'll give me 20$. She gets me presents for holidays and stuff even though I'm useless.. any-who. I have always fucked up but more so recently I have developed very strong feeling for her sister and i just don't know what to do or anything (as usual)

so whether you just can't / won't tell anyone or have no one to tell. This threads that safe place for you.
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my deep dark secret is that i'm starting to dislike all the shit flinging going on here.


yeah same, contributing to it makes me no better than anyone else doing it so I guess I should commit sudoku

Or apologize to the other anons, sorry guys v0v



Pretending is always based on the truth to some extent. For every ten anon faking it there must be at least one who's real.

Not that it matters in the end, even if it's a fragile delusion, I'm still able to derive some peace of mind from it.


>I just told you I never participate
>but you and other summerfags keep dragging it out
>you and other summerfags
>I never participate
Anon, you can't be serious. Look, this started because you made this post >>15748
You did drag this here, don't play dumb now. If you really meant anything you said, you should be fully aware of what you are doing, don't be an hypocrite. I just said not to drag this shit in other boards, but you flamed with unrelated bullshit. Stop trying to bend the situation in your behalf to play the innocent now. And don't dare to come with the "that's not me" because you did not deny it at all when I asked here >>15752. And even if it's not you, you were sly enough to leave enough room for uncertainty. AND if it still wasn't the case, you threw enough shit there anyway and contributed to all this.

>You should just make a big thread where you tell everyone who posts in it to go back to 4chan or say "muh X" to them as responses, rather than continuing it in entirely unrelated threads

No need for that, we already have the undertale thread full of that kind of autism. I'm happy as long as it stays contained there, and I'd be happier if no one dragged it here in the first place. By the way, when did somebody send anyone to 4chan or called other a newfag? You're too fixated on this when that's not even the problem here.
What are you even trying to say? Honest question. I already stated my points many times, yet all I see you're doing is constantly saying "call others summerfags if taht makes u feel better LOL XD" while trying to be the righteous man. Dude, if you're so sick of this as I am, why do you even continue with the flaming?

Anyway, I'm fucking tired of this pointless argument. Good for you if I'm mistaken and you're not one of the obnoxious faggots, in which case I apologize. Have a nice day.


I'm a legitimate misogynist. I fucking hate women. I think they need their human rights revoked and only an idiot would let them just walk about outside without some kind of strict control system.

File: 1388367665317.jpg (73.24 KB, 540x720, lg_1188086_1305473459.jpg)


Alright, so if this is uboachan's "social" board, as it were, why can't we seek friendship within eachother? I see a lot of posts complaining about wanting friends, but why don't we seek it here?

I guess what I'm saying is, why don't we hold some kind of event where we can all try to talk to eachother and become a bit less alone (at least on the internet)?
I'm thinking either minecraft, or tinychat; something like that, that could bring us all together. Especially considering there are like maybe 8 people that use this imageboard altogether.
What do you guys think?
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>play tera with one of you before
>only talk once
I feel like it was my fault.
I still miss you, French friendo.


File: 1445262901909.jpg (33.16 KB, 263x322, 1415960389199.jpg)

Add me on skype: lukewarmtoiletpaper

I think we should also have a Skype group.


we do have a skype group.


Ah, would you mind adding me to it then?


File: 1445276219186.gif (295.43 KB, 700x704, 1444614178879.gif)

Stop using Skype and get qTox from here https://wiki.tox.chat/binaries
then add me! 6E17F6C74FCBB0A6E337EBC0F20FD81421728FCF31820625A41E346AFDB6014173990FD8CC89
Then I can add you to a group should you wish.

File: 1440021978773.jpg (88.47 KB, 1279x961, 420 yuyu.jpg)


I like to write subjects that have meaning to my overall message: in this case, I see myself - stirring, a dark red cauldron filled to the top bubbling with a frothy substance not fit for tongue. Myself that stirs sees me, a spirit, watching himself that is me destroy myself that which is to be.

Hi all. Lately I've been suffering from depression.
jobless, halfway thru college not currently enrolled, NEET verification complete:

I smoke weed daily (roughly on average a little over close to 7-10 grams a week depending on who might be offended.

first time lurker/poster here, hoping to get some guidance as I've been to these points in my life many a few times, and its never easy to get back alone, especially when even if you may be surrounded by people in flesh, you're alone with your person, the self, in mind.

Lately i've been relatively uncertain about what my purpose is, though I do have goals, I find the methods of reaching them to be a viper against my being, a poison against my soul.

The systematic approach of forcing people into a slave-forced labor type society where inadequacy and unfairness are shrouded by a paycheck and fancy words.

Ufortunately, though I may conjure relatively enticing words, they do no justice to console me - as I am weak. I use pot to escape reality, to hide in my maladaptive daydreams - which I use a method of brainstorming my writing and developing my potential stories for future games and projects.
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What kind of job do you have?


File: 1440159220396.png (293.4 KB, 601x358, jesuscariglino.png)

I work for the best politician in the planet.


I worked in sales / rep.

quit though, so now jobless. All of my jobs have been customer service, unfortunately.


Using anything as a crutch can cause a person to form terrible habits unless they somehow manage to learn how to make time for that crutch and not really enjoy it outside of that time. I was sorta forced to learn that out of survival, I had to be put in a situation where I had to pick surviving or smoking weed to be able to manage it and it is very hard to not have weed in Northern California.

I sometimes wonder if I should ever even take breaks though. All my most successful friends only smoke and drink on holidays, but when I try to live that way I eventually crack. So how I throw my life away is what gets me through the day. I have goals that require more time than I seem to be able to put into them without going crazy, and I have better willpower than a lot of people I know. Not the very successful ones… however. That is where my downward spiral stems from. I'm not good enough to meet my goals without intense downtime, I'm too slow, not productive enough. I hope maybe this rings a bell, or else I'm just talking to the wind.



that sounds identical to me.
that definitely rings a bell because word for word, I feel those feels.

File: 1444872926688.png (686.89 KB, 1023x724, PURGE.png)


Let's suppose you are given a raw chance to get out of your NEETdom, or at least get rid of the chains that prevent you from moving on. Would you take it? If so, what would you do with your new life?


I only stopped being a NEET so I could live away from my family. If I could be a NEET and sustain myself away from my family I would do it.


I'm already living off of disability welfare in Canada, leaving that behind would be a step backwards not a step forward, my income is more stable than if I had a job.

I mean, I suppose it's possible I could have a job on top of this but that seems completely unnecessary in my current state.


What job do you have? I want to get away from my family as well.


Well, my job is as an intern at a college doing pointless work. Mostly, I go to school.

But the main reason I'm able to live alone is obviously not because of these things, but because I live in a cheap ass apartment in midwest USA.

If you really want to live alone, look for apartments in places like the midwest (or other places with few middle class job opportunities or places people want to avoid). Try to avoid very small towns though, the people there tend to be sort of religious/pretentious (especially in the midwest) and there are almost no resources in those places.

Here's an article about this:
Keep in mind the median prices are listed. You can get a third of that or less if you look hard.


I started at University and get a government allowance for studying.

File: 1444895116612.jpg (361.59 KB, 900x1359, wifbearklain.jpg)


I'm really sick of living with my family, in the same city I've disliked for 15 years. How hard would it be for me to just move to another state and apply for wellfare for a few months? (I literally can't get the motivation to apply for jobs because I hate living here so much.)

If I'm going to be a NEET and a burden on society, I might as well do it somewhere that gives me a little more hope. Btw, I'm American.


Just shoot yourself already.


Depends, but there are choices, how old are you OP?


Would probably be kinda difficult in the US especially without any sort of illness.
To get away from my parents and stuff I started studying and got a Government allowance. Only go to school three days a week and manage to get by with next to no study a couple years in.

File: 1443593305635.jpg (1.68 MB, 1200x1200, 9aabc35cc96338bb061522d750….jpg)


I hate being alone, I hate being male, I capitalism and how you're forced to work a shitty job to survive, I hate being socially inept, I hate the internet and how distant something that should have brought us all together has made us, I hate being a shut-in, I hate that nobody loves me, I hate that I'll die alone, I hate having empty conversations with people online, I hate that I can't interact with anyone. I hate all of it, but I can't choose anything else, and I don't want to kill myself.

The only thing that keeps me going is playing waifu games and rewatching old anime. It's such a vapid, shallow interest but it's the only thing I can muster up the energy for.
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Personal projects, goals, hobbies, music, there's tons of different things and I'm not certain why this is actually better than any of those beyond getting a laugh once or twice. Advice, too, though we've lost the source of a lot of that. I mean, it's in the fucking topic description. So's social stuff. Ironically I just talk to people whose emails I've gotten off here because group stuff tends to degenerate, but oh well.


>Personal projects, goals, hobbies, music
>Advice, too
We already did that, countless times.

Although, instead of ranting, you could try making a thread yourself and see what happens. We are starting to have new users so that may actually be a good idea.


Yeah, I know. Just kinda sad it whittled down to this, even if for actual reasons.
And yeah it probably is. Now that ya put the onus upon me though I'm not quite sure on what exactly it should be about. Will think about it.

>tfw the first thing I think of is "why do you want to be the little girl anon?"


File: 1444800060519.webm (9.12 MB, 853x480, 1444540744004.webm)

>Now that ya put the onus upon me though I'm not quite sure on what exactly it should be about.
Yeah, exactly. It's pretty hard to generate new content on a board where all the specific topics have already been discussed at least once. That's why we're constantly baiting and fighting here. Ironically, that last webm I posted with animu girls with the commie hymn as BGM is really close to the kind of posting we used to have when this site was active, say, back in 2011/12.
My point is, give ubuu a chance and try to improve it yourself too. I see a lot of comments going over "how shitty the site is becoming" but none of those anons is really trying to drive it in the right direction either.

Also, forgot to mention this in the other post, but ffs mods, "shitposting" was part of the topic description too. Give it back, Sei.

>first thing I think of is "why do you want to be the little girl anon?"

I'm in for that thread, but I'm afraid it won't last long, and I don't now how many people would participate.

Also, OP, sorry for the derail.
Keep discussing about commies, guys. Привет, товарищ.


do somethng sei

File: 1398657618921.jpg (149.1 KB, 1280x720, shot0034.jpg)

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>Your personality type: INTP

>Mind - Introverted (92%)

>Energy - Intuitive (39%)
>Nature - Thinking (12%)
>Tactics - Prospecting (20%)
>Identity - Assertive (9%)

Kill time, take the survey, discuss results, ask questions about your type, share other tests, question the overall validity of such tests, etc.
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Eyyy my result changed. Looks like I'm an INFP now.

Introverted - 10%
Intuitive - 35%
Feeling - 25%
Prospecting - 34%
Turbulent - 13%

I've never been very good at these kind of tests though, so who the hell knows at this point what I am.


I consistently check out as INFJ, seems fairly accurate.

Introverted 52%
Intuitive 21%
Feeling 69%
Judging 33%
Turbulent 23%



Had the same result on many tests for about 5 years now. I guess that's good.



Not… really. Not at all. I took the test twice and varied my answers a little differently on the second time and still got ISTP-A.


Mind-introverted 80%
Energy-Intuitive 31%
Nature-Feeling 74%
Tactics-Prospecting 50%
Identity_Turbulent 50%

File: 1439559947613.jpg (853.52 KB, 1600x1200, whats the matter mado lady.jpg)


Everyone has disgusting thoughts they believe to be inhumane, but it's BECAUSE we are human that we have those thoughts.

If you have anything you're too disgusted by yourself with, that you need to get off your chest, post it in this thread.
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File: 1443811472982.png (248.36 KB, 471x347, mypants.png)

No, I love myself and my life, and I don't think loving someone is even necessary to live.


File: 1443812568771.jpg (119.56 KB, 1280x720, chiruden poruno.jpg)

>and I don't think loving someone is even necessary to live.
It always amazes me the number of faggots who don't realize this and suffer so much because "they can't find that someone". The best example is r9k and derivates.
gg what a way to waste wizard potential in shit.


Okay, what if I'm aware it isn't necessary to love someone to live but I ultimately feel empty without it? What if I realize all I've wanted to do for the last decade is go out, build a fort, have adventures with someone and be able to relate, basically experience the childhood I got to have, and I realize also nobody but someone who's about as fuck and loves me would want to even do that?


Myabe some people do, while others dont.
My life just feels so empty, even filed with activities i can do.
I just wish there was a place i feel i belonged to.


I get that shit too, anon.

File: 1444181886566.png (467.57 KB, 637x425, raintothefire.png)



File: 1444149466434.jpeg (10.73 KB, 200x200, ALLO-YOBA-ETO-TI-песочниц….jpeg)






Communist pls go


Что это?


File: 1444237878935.jpg (49.5 KB, 550x700, gtfo1.jpg)

Back2sosach, bydlo.

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