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File: 1414562897284.jpg (77.9 KB, 640x480, 9fc16d8e5f40b1b71de96b9e28….jpg)


How do you stay tidy? I've got a repetitive habit of soiling my room with garbage and stray possessions. Whenever I clean it, I vow to set a suitable routine to keep it immaculate, but I inevitably resume hoarding junk the moment I stop cleaning.

Right now it's uninhabitable and I'm dreading cleaning it again. How do you stay neat, /n/?
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Honestly, I keep my room clean by not owning very much stuff. I always end up leaving out things that I'm not currently using, but when they start to pile up I will put them away and never take them out again until I use them again, so I have a lot of boxes of things that have been left untouched for years, but at least they're out of the way.


I have a bad habit of collecting things and piling them up. Mainly clothes.
Strangely I manage to get the middle of my room clean, but not the corners. At the moment one end of my room is piled to the brim with junk and it desperately needs to be cleaned up BADLY. Sad thing is it's all from about 13 years ago, too.


>How do you stay tidy?
By reminding myself how disgusting it is to have shit stick to my feet, or accidentally touch weeks-old food or god knows what stains. I've let my house become a horrible mess during the worst bouts of my depression, but now, even if I feel horrible, I make myself do at least the most basic things to keep it tidy.

It's much easier to find shit when you put it where it belongs, and you don't feel crowded and disgusted with yourself nearly as much. I just keep that feeling in mind, and do what needs to be done.


Having a dirty room bothers me a lot, kitchen especially. I like cleaning and organizing. I keep a lot of things in boxes under my bed.


OP, it looks like your biggest problem is lack of storage space. If you can, get some more shelves or find some way to store stuff. It's much harder to clean (and much easier to become messy again) if stuff doesn't have a dedicated place to be put away.

I am always careful that any food/dishes make it out within a day and dirty clothes don't pile up for more than a couple weeks. I figure that having things strewn about is okay, so long as its not anything spoiled or soiled.

File: 1440749500457.jpg (32.23 KB, 300x420, p22-bradbury-no-longer-hum….jpg)


As the subject implies, I'm interested in NEET media: films, books, anime, whatever.

We all know about Welcome to the N.H.K., so let's just get that out of the way right now.

For films, I can offer Ima, Boku Wa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slK7bNHIvZY

And for books I can offer Oblomov, No Longer Human, and Notes from Underground.

The characters don't necessarily have to be NEET in the true definition of the word, but if that's the case there should be NEET-centric themes, like isolation, depression, anxiety, and other such negative things.

Since NEEThood isn't all bad, media portraying happy NEETs is welcome too.
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What does that stand for? I'm only getting results for universities.


File: 1440788956136.png (104.52 KB, 368x387, an_0.png)

Can't tell.


Hunger by Knut Hamson.
Last Life in the Universe, kinda.


Misses Dalloway discusses a lot of things neets have issues with, like how they feel their lives have been wasted.

Dalloway, as a housewife, isn't the same as a neet. But she shares a lot of your problems.


>isolation, depression, anxiety, and other such negative things
First thing that comes to mind is Eva. It fits this description, but it doesn't go well with the theme of NEETness.

File: 1436601906324.jpg (3.55 MB, 5960x4080, 547240.jpg)


I've browsed this site for a while now and it seems like I've seriously found a community that shares my thoughts and feelings.

I hate posting something like this here though when I'm not officially a NEET and don't have plans to become one… unless circumstances are a bitch and it happens anyway.

Feel free to remove this post if it seems out of place or unnecessary or whatever…

But I really have no where else to turn or anyone else to speak to personally about my issues so I go to random people on the internet who probably have better things to do!

Anyways, I'm going to be moving soon from the US to Canada and I'm really nervous about it. I there's not a great cultural shock difference between the two countries (and free health care is very nice) but I have never lived independently before in my life. I just recently graduated high school and am attempting to recover from years of mental abuse I've received from my mom.

Point is I feel very worried and I feel as though nothing will turn out right - I'm scared of leaving my mom even though she's been downright horrible to me during all my years of living. She's pretty much just been an existence that I only rely on for food since she only really cares to buy things for herself.

I've never had a job before and my social skills are shit. I'm so nervous and I find myself preferring "comfortable abuse" over "necessary change."

I feel like I'll never get a job or accomplish anything. I don't care if the job is in retail or if it barely pays - I just want a small taste of independence but at the same time I'm terrified of it!
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>>14661 Thanks. I'd really like for you to keep us updated on your situation as well! Honestly, your situation sounds more stressful than mine so I really hope everything goes well for you!! *internet hugs* Please continue to talk about everything that happens.

>>14662 Good luck to us both!! c: Hope everything goes well for you as well.


>>14664 I wish I was experienced enough to be able to answer this question but I'm honestly not sure how it works. I'm technically not a resident of the US and I'm living here off of an expired visa so… things are rough and opportunities are scarce. As a legal native-born Canadian I know I'll be able to pass through with few legal issues.

For an outsider coming into Canada… I only really know that you'd need a green card to work or a visa to be able to live there?? Obviously you'll need a passport. If someone who clearly more knowledgeable on these type of things could let this person know how it works then that'd be really great!! Clearly I'm a bit of an ignorant dumbass.



>I was thinking about attending university in BC anyways
Where in BC? I live in Victoria, which is home to UVic.


File: 1440942556829.jpg (99.54 KB, 1024x575, GoodLuck.jpg)

Moving out has constantly been one of the scariest things I've ever done. A few years ago I was racing against a deadline to be put on the street, and from than it's a matter of how long I can make it on my own mostly borrowing from other people. I didn't know what I was going to do for the rest of my future when I got out, but I learned once I got out there that no matter what happens, even if its horrible, its your life now, and thats what independence means. After many bad things that have happened to me since I moved, and as I expect more terrible things to come while I scramble to find a meaning to my existence, I don't regret anything. At least I am not a slave to constant mental attacks, I am constantly trying to do something about my life even if I'm failing.

Good luck.

File: 1428209812525.jpg (143.16 KB, 1400x1411, 1426414255430.jpg)


So, what drove you to live like you do now, /n/?

I dropped out of school because the teachers wouldn't stop making fun of me. I couldn't take it, and I progressively became more and more of a shut in as the years went on. What about you? Why do you currently live as a NEET? Do you just not want to work or go to school? Or do you have other reasons?
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ocd and other problems caused me to get really bad and drop out of college. after going home I stopped trusting my friends and lost them all, now I sit and do nothing for days on end.



I don't really know.

I never really had friends, nobody really told me how adulthood would be/ how to prepare for it. So I kinda just ended up staying in my room a lot, then I just stopped going school, then I attempted college, stopped going.

I wish I could earn more money, but being NEET has led to me being awful around people. I terrible when it comes to socialising now.


Trying to fit in a mold is something I am so instinctively opposed to I basically can't get along completely with most people. Some people like the direction I am going, because for a NEET I am surviving decently, but most people look down on me. It's hard to not meet their approval, the only way I will be happy with my life is if I change something for the better without conforming to the path society wants me to take to get there. I feel like I will be stuck in one place forever, possibly, but I would rather die like this than trying to meet the goals everyone else is.


Procrastination and anxiety mostly.


same here.

File: 1430731433636.gif (182.3 KB, 256x192, 50b988364d474.gif)


I always found it inriguing, however in the end i never came to a conclusion. Only requirements for me would have to be fast and painless =P what about you guys?
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Double-suicide with the one I love.
I'm a sentimental fool.


I would want something long and drawn out, but not too painful. Since I can only do it once, I want to know what's happening and get a complete experience out of the ordeal.

That or I'd like to do something suicidal with a slim chance of survival. Or something really stupid that would seem impressive, like trying to swim across a large body of water. I think if I somehow survived that, it might help with the feelings I have.


File: 1436189033495.png (207.94 KB, 636x507, desperate battle.png)

I'd like to die for something but my cancer will probably kill me first.


Heroin overdose or shotgun to head seem to be the best methods


Heroin overdose is definitely my preferred method. I've almost overdosed twice but my friend used narcan on me to save my life.

File: 1438929714021.jpg (76.17 KB, 800x432, ghost-in-the-shell-2-innoc….jpg)


i feel like i should kill myself. i have had this thought in my head many times a day for a long time.
i'm afraid that it's getting worse from before though. before i would only hear "i want to kill myself" many times, but now it's "i have to kill myself".
it flashes in my head. sometimes i have a jerk or pain reaction like it hurts, but not like being cut, like dull pulse in my head.
sometimes i'm scared, but sometimes now i feel….peaceful? blank.
recently i stood at the edge of a tall enough building. i do that sometimes, stand on dangerous stuff. but i didn't jump. not that day.
i tried to slit my wrists and get in a warm bath once but what i had wasn't sharp enough and not enough blood was coming out. by the time i cut myself a bunch of times i gave up and was going to "try a different way next time".

anybody else fee like they should die too?
anybody know what's wrong with me?
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Also I think people get suicidal when they run out of coping mechanisms, or feel useless. Maybe if you found one thing or person you cared about, then it would seem worth while?


I am going to be so rude and say that it's demons doing autosuggestions inside your head.

They project the phrase " i want to x " inside of your conscious mind and what you are perceiving is not actually " you ".
But you repeat it and thus you make it true.

Imagine a world where anything we say automatically is true, what does this imply?


File: 1440052204212.jpg (185.5 KB, 900x1267, nono.jpg)

Not sure if this is particularly logical or not, but generally I get out such thoughts by comparing my life to that of someone in an even worse condition than me.

Fact of the matter is, living in a Western country means that I have a standard of living far better than most people in the world. I don't starve, I can eat almost anything I want, I have clothes and a roof over my head, and I can keep cool in the summer with A/C and warm in the winter with indoor heating, and I have a variety of entertainment options at my disposal.

Compare that kind of living to the life of someone living in some shitty African country. Think of how difficult it is for someone like them to coming even close to my standard of living. And if a person like that isn't willing to commit suicide, why should I, when I am living so much better than them?

Most NEET-related depression I think comes out of loneliness and anxiety from societal/familial expectations. But we should keep in mind that in the broader perspective, these problems are peanuts compared to the kinds of problems many people in the world face. And TBH, if you told them that you were thinking about killing yourself because these problems, they'd probably laugh at you for being so soft.



(I'm not the OP/haven't posted in this thread BTW)
The thing with trying to compare with someone worse off is that, for me, it throws me onto another train of thought: if my life is really so much better, why am I still suicidal?

Randomly pick one of the 7+ billion people on this planet, and there's a good chance that my life is better in any number of ways. But why are there people out there who are truly suffering, whose lives are worse than mine in demonstrably concrete ways, and yet somehow they can find within themselves the zeal for life that keeps them pressing forward, but my comfortable-in-comparison life is an absolute nightmare for which there is literally no choice but to end it? It makes me feel pathetic and weak, knowing that people out there would do anything to have a life like mine and here I am whining about it and wanting it to be over. People dream of the opportunities I've had and I've squandered them like a fool. People dream of some sort of income, and I desperately hope for time off. If I try to take comfort in the thought that my life may not be as bad as it seems, then I feel like a pathetic baby who whines for more. It really hammers home those feeling of worthlessness and inadequacy, and honesty it just confirms even more that I'm a worthless sack of shit who needs to fucking die already.


Was gonna write something like this myself, not that im ungrateful for what i have but no matter how i turn things, it just wont make me any less unhappy.

If you think it shouldnt make you feel less shitty, most people are horribly wasteful and ungrateful, if anyone should feel like shit its them.
While its a mistery to me how people in this world can muster the will to live, for the more observationally gifted it might would seem more reasonable to end it prematurely.
I do wonder if said poor people would be in our shoes for long enough, if they would be come suicaidal aswell.

File: 1438374074797.jpg (41.64 KB, 400x143, heh. easy.jpg)


How is a NEET who lives in the forest, and is without a car, supposed to get his first job?

I want to start saving money to move out.
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That will be $10,000.


File: 1439187460534.jpg (152.06 KB, 845x905, staygo.jpg)


It could be worse.


File: 1439783595834.jpg (53.85 KB, 640x480, derailed_train.jpg)

Woah, careful there, this isn't /ot/. Don't let the thread flip over.


You could try to get hired for a one-off job and then borrow money to get there. I do that sometimes.

File: 1439598787853.jpg (1.48 MB, 706x1000, d57b557565873180e71a57e785….jpg)


Do you ever think that it would just be easier to end it all? I've been having these thoughts lately.. All my worries would be in the past..
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>I gotta give you tough its very similar.

>9. Start a topic that is similar to an existing active topic.


Unfortunately the topics of these threads are pretty much identical. I'm going to ask you all to continue discussion in the other thread. Let's not get upset, just move over there and talk about it.

I'm gonna bumplock this thread so you can keep talking here if you want but this thread will slowly sink below page 1 until it's forgotten about.

>>14870 Go Here


>until it's forgotten about
That's alright, I'm used to it


Pretty sure impromptu suicide threads are a dead imageboard staple. Although general-ing them would be pretty hilarious in its own right.


Why don't you hold off on that and think about it later. Don't make us worried.

Oh don't be that way. You should help out with the discussion in the other thread, so there can be one great thread instead of two smaller threads about almost the same thing. That's what we like to see here.

File: 1436767183921.png (4.23 KB, 59x47, Screenshot from 2015-07-13….png)


What resources would you recommend using to familiarize yourself with using Ubuntu? /comp/ is closed down.


File: 1436807389114.png (14.48 KB, 400x321, umineko_ange1.png)



Bump for input from other users


install gentoo


There is something simple and useful you can do to improve your experience with Ubuntu, just get a real distro.


File: 1439313293549.jpg (155.68 KB, 600x922, installgentoo.jpg)

Wiki and forums

File: 1437337667854.png (2.71 MB, 2301x1718, 51209541_p0.png)


Test - http://www.eclecticenergies.com/enneagram/dotest.php
Descriptions of health levels for each type - https://acoarecovery.wordpress.com/?s=9+LEVEL

Something similar to MBTI, though in my experience Enneagram is more complex and deals a lot with the ugly parts of a personality. Of course as most things like this, Enneagram is difficult to validate scientifically, but it still is quite accurate in most cases and can be used as a method for self-understanding and self-development.

Post, discuss results and have fun with the theory if you find it interesting.
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It doesn't matter if it's destructive or not. 9's ideal world is without any kind of conflict. At most 9's can get passive-aggressive if faced with an argument they feel they can't ignore. But this is a plain 9, there are also subtypes(9w1, 9w8), which show differences in how they handle conflict etc.


Hmm, but how would the alternative I described fit in the enneagram? A 5 that avoids all conflicts other than intellectual ones. There is no 5w9 type, which would seem to suit the description.


Because they're actually very different from each other and their traits don't blend together. Your core type+wing can be only from one of the triads. You're either a 2,3,4(heart traid), 5,6,7(head triad) or 8,9,1(gut triad). If you relate strongly both to 5 and 9 then look into tritype theory.


File: 1438253838180.jpg (12.52 KB, 200x200, ChaikaOh.jpg)

Oooh. This tritype theory feels the gap I was talking about. Now the enneagram personality theory makes much more sense in my eyes. Thank you!
If anyone thinks that the results aren't satisfying, I suggest to look at this tritype theory as well.


mine is 6w5.
Type 6 - The Loyalist :Conflicted between trust and distrust
Type 5 - The Investigator :Thinkers who tend to withdraw and observe
it seems pretty accurate. lmao.

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