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Not NEET related but I honestly have no one to talk to / no other forums that I trust like this one

I hate liking someone that I can't be with because:

1) we have NO similar interests
2) I'm technically an illegal immigrant with parents who don't give a shit what I do with my (restricted) life (I don't have my license = can't drive any where, etc.)
3) we barely talk irl and only talk online
4) my social skills are SHIT

yet despite my weird circumstance I still like them


File: 1424031126031.jpg (274.03 KB, 1008x1000, smart girl.jpg)

>we have NO similar interests

Why the fuck would you want to be with someone you have nothing in common with? Are you masochistic?


File: 1424031528491.jpg (131.84 KB, 850x478, sample_b85b29e8897fce0174d….jpg)

Why would you engage in a relationship when the benefits of having a glorious waifu are by far more and pure?


File: 1424035284314.png (16.22 KB, 500x400, 1410285959891.png)

Why would you want to be in a relationship where there's a world of entertainment that's not only cheaper, but also funnier and rewarding?


>we have NO similar interests
Then why the hell do you like them?


Not OP, but sometimes you just kinda like people for no real reason.

And that said it doesnt seem like a good move pursuing this, you best put it out of your mind.



OP here. That's very true and the thing is I don't even WANT a relationship. I just happened to talk to this guy and developed feelings for him (that I wish I didn't have)

I'm finishing high school this year so I guess I'll just wait until I graduate and never see him again.


Yeah. It just kinda happened. I tried to convince myself that we were completely different and other negative things that I remembered them doing but it didn't help.

For example, I was in the same class with them in 10th grade and they completely shaved their hair and eyebrows outta nowhere. That was really weird to me and I thought that they were going through some weird shit so maybe my feelings would disappear.

But they didn't.

Also, they smoke weed (doesn't really matter right? but it was a complete shocker given how extroverted they are (i. a. they're ALWAYS happy and making jokes really don't seem like the type to get involved with drugs but obviously "don't judge a book by its cover" or whatever).

And there have been many issues with drugs that have lead to loss in my family so I try to avoid them at all costs and I thought, unconsciously, maybe my feelings would disappear after finding out he smokes weed? Nope.

So its been a big complicated journey of confusion and anger.


Well, I've been trying to do that since 7th grade (I've liked them for a while). I think I might have just been attracted to how "extroverted" they are. They're so open to conversation and just the complete opposite of me. I have a hard time just asking for a order at a fast food restaurant or whatever.

I even find myself still messaging them online through email or facebook (which I KNOW I shouldn't do if I want to move on).

I wish they'd just push me away and be mean to me but I know they wouldn't do that (it'd definitely help me get over them though).

But, either way, hopefully my feelings will slowly start to go away once I have no way to see them in person (after I graduate I'll be moving back to Canada since I'd have more opportunities there as an actual citizen).

so yeah I can't wait to stop thinking about him

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