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Those of you who get govbux, what do you spend it on? Bills like a responsible adult? Or other things
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I feel like, if I were to receive them, it would make me never want to leave my room for sure, and that's not what I want at this point. So, in having no money, there is always possibility for a direction.

People that win the lottery must be very miserable in their own way.


I give a portion to my mother and make sure to spend some on food, toiletries etc.
What would you define as being incapable?


File: 1408226044118.jpg (26.49 KB, 310x310, 1374428858666.jpg)

I get like every month some cash I get around 600ish euro and pay 150 at for my adult stuff first my mom paid it for me , I just got govbux like 3/4months I try to save up 200 but I recently bought new pc parts and lot of viynls or shit I wont need or use I know I need to manage better with money.. But I cant really

>once a while using camsex idk why

>even thou I got a waifu
>Bought game credits I didnt even could really use in game

Just shit like that I need to get my shit together but I dont want anyone knowing of my weird habits or addictions


File: 1408237934044.jpg (25.13 KB, 374x396, 1407303766714.jpg)

>once a while using camsex idk why
>even thou I got a waifu

>even thou I got a waifu

Thats fucked up man


rent, foods, music few both dls and cds, in that order. no bills whatsoever cept rent that is 2/3 of bux +/-

File: 1387700738159.png (67.23 KB, 199x167, tumblr_inline_mibjorRGfd1q….png)

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paste whatever you have copied
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On one hand, not only does she manage to form a team made up of her few close friends [Ashe, Raven and Blair] and some few of the BW 'bots that were left behind [including the ones from the Second Chances fancomic], but also comes to terms with herself on a more spiritual [and literal] aspect, too, resulting in her 'rebirth'.

But on the other hand she is able to read people's emotions like an open book, and ties her best to remind them what they're fighting for, as well as help suit the needs of her friends/teammates in battle and tough scenarios.




Mumble. its somehow related to IRC. the fuck is it?





File: 1410363869552.gif (1.09 MB, 256x192, flame.gif)


I feel like im about to burst out, kill my family and neighbors.
I even want to go against the entire world itself, i hate everything now.
Looking at almost anything from any aspect causes me dread and anger.
Ofcourse i wouldnt actually do that but i have an urge to.
If i werent so rational and in control of myself id probably do it, but this mechanism in itself relsults in me only stowing up my agression.

The real problem is my anger consumes my thoughts, i cant really think properly most of the time.
I feel like fighting the world, but i cant focus on a strategy and i have no outlet for my anger, and dont tell me to do videogames.
I have no idea what to do about it.
If i had money id go to a nasty bar, get drunk and have my ass kicked, it would probably help me more than it would hurt me, alteast in the short term.

lt;dr how to deal with building up agression?
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File: 1410479997846.jpg (350.02 KB, 1600x1200, 1271267714843.jpg)

I love you guys

But in all seriousness.
Getting burned out on anger is really just a side effect, I really just enjoy listening to such music while in that mood, it makes the music sound better.


This thread got derailed into a tripfag's blog, back to the topic and go back to the sewers.


File: 1410491822703.jpg (1.6 MB, 1000x1000, 2ba48114bea1203d39011c47f8….jpg)

I hate being at home and my neighbors are pissbitches so I go for walks outside the neighborhood, or downtown

or a drive out of town if I have gas to spare. nothing gets your troubles off your mind more than physically leaving them behind for a while

exercise will at least wear you out. in lieu of gym membership, desire to leave the house, and interest in sport: household labor


Like you said, when you suppress it, it only gets stronger. Another anon suggested meditation and I also feel that it might help you. Try this:

When you feel it coming up, close your eyes and breathe very deeply. Focus on letting the anger flow through you. It will eventually settle. It might hurt a lot, but just keep breathing and feeling the anger. It will eventually settle. It's like when you struggle to sleep but then the time comes when your conscious part gives in.

Also, when you feel calm, ask yourself what it is that makes your heart so angry. Continuously ask when it feels right. I find that if I ask about particular issues, I eventually do get an answer. It might be in the form of a feeling, idea, inspiration, etc.

Physical activity is a good thing too. I just don't know if something violent like martial arts would be a good idea for your current situation? I do heated yoga, it helps me a lot. And it's a lot like meditation. I would recommend it to everyone.


File: 1410573058142.png (614.5 KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-2014-09-12-18h50m0….png)

I work out whenever I get angry, I just started and it really works. I just try harder every time I get mad and it's kind of like fighting someone way stronger than me.

File: 1410309387639.gif (8.23 KB, 200x300, e9ab60d3b16ba59a49d91d2fbd….gif)


Why do people hate other people for liking certain things? I have been experiencing this frequently as of late… Such as people hating me for wanting to be a girl, or being into practically every fetish when it comes to hentai like femdom, futa, loli, and guro (although i guess hate for the latter makes sense). *Sighs* It feels impossible to relate to anyone… i can't help that i like what i ilike
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File: 1410328309807.jpg (37.14 KB, 402x236, 1409103273950.jpg)

Insecure people use hate to assert control over others and manipulate them into doing their bidding.


It is always about fear. And in this case it is the fear of change. Because a new concept, an idea or just plain topics that deviate from the norm change the status quo and are a potential risk. It might weaken the group.
People have to leave their comfort zone and have to deal with something they might not know much about…
Our human brain is designed to repress and to depend thus creating a tribe that is obedient and aming for the same goals.


If you want to be a girl then I don't see what's stopping you


File: 1410404234251.png (73.01 KB, 700x992, hellyeahmf.png)

This. We science now.


File: 1410525982291.png (330.22 KB, 1095x741, zacharie2.png)

>i can't help that i like what i ilike

All I can really say is that, if you like something sure, but you choose to express it openly in areas where there may be disgust involved. By choosing to be open about it, there are consequences to actions such as disgust. It's easier to expect it and accept that such things may potentially happen rather than beating onesself up and be burned for a nonexistent ideal that no one will react badly to an abnormal fetish.

I guess what I am mostly asking is: What are you looking for when you talk about these fetishes with people or your desire to be a girl? What are you expecting and are those expectations reasonable?

File: 1409882329609.png (353.9 KB, 487x562, how can mirrors be real.png)


I am scared /n/,
Im 24y/o atm, i've dropped out of college two times in the past 3 years due to anxiety, heavy depression (currently 10 months of neeting, barely leaving the house)
i live in europe, first i studied at the public uni, then i moved to the private, it costed me quite alot of money, my parents were funding it for like 1.5 years, wanted me to take a loan but i felt bad about it, couldnt handle the pressure from them and from all the school stuff so i just abandoned ship completely, my parents were rly upset my dad even told me once that they believe ill give them back that wasted money… i feel so bad about that. now i thought about studying again, but the only thing i believe i could handle is also a private uni but in a different city. i have a friend with similar problems like me who study there but he is younger and he live in that city..
im gonna be 25 y/o in the next year so i believe i have no chance for a student loan, and even with a loan ill still be short for some money if i have to think about renting a place to live in a different city.

i have no clue what to do with myself no more, i was looking for a job but the only valiable for me were heavy lifting and other primitive shit, i dont want to work like that, i completly dont know what to do now, my parents keep pressure on me i think even they abandoned the idea of me graduating of of college, no one believe in me anymore, im lost.

sorry for all the grammar mistakes
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Yeah school loans are designed to put you in debt for a better portion of the rest of your life.


The current system is really rotten. Sometimes, I just want to just fucking be a hermit and live in the mountains.


File: 1410279942849.jpg (165.26 KB, 640x491, schwerergustav.jpg)

Thank you for your kind words anon but I have neither social anxiety nor depression.
My parents pay for everything …so no money problems here.
Im actually pretty optimistic -this is kind of a last chance thing but it is a big one.
I was neeting for the last 14 months…
If I make it I will work in the company of my father.
I could lead his company one day, make a ton of money and travel the world.

If I don´t make it… well that is not an option.

So it is pretty much ascension to godhood or eternal damnation.


Damn, you've been dealt an awesome hand in life. You better make it or it will be a huge waste of potential.


File: 1410408968467.jpg (198.87 KB, 700x524, 1334633308866.jpg)

So you're graduating from neet?
Goodluck out there man.

File: 1408577250625.gif (601.89 KB, 500x282, 1392611162244.gif)


Will you guys help me write a book on how to be a NEET? A sort of NEETs guide to the galaxy? I've been a NEET for a couple years and its been incredibly difficult just to get enough money for food. I'd hate for anyone to suffer like that, so I decided to write a guide using my experience.
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Intersting idea, but i cant help you there much.

One thing i could do is tell where to get wild herbs from for either gardening or consumption, might be useful to some.


That sounds really cool op. How can I help?


Were you thinking about making it centered on the money aspect? Or just things to make NEET life better? For instance, from my own experience, I feel that exercise could be really helpful to NEETs and would be a good thing to put in a book that covers the lifestyle as a whole.


True that.
There are people that "choose" more or less to become a neet while others are forced into neetdom and can´t escape it.


In the short term perhaps you could collect data about the condition of neets and make a short table with possible solutions and post it here.
It would be useful and might get the ball rolling.

File: 1410112124410.jpg (51.39 KB, 648x432, sad_ape.jpg)


At what age does there stop being hope for someone who is NEET? I graduated uni almost 5 years ago (shit degree, don't ask), will be 28 in a couple of weeks time, and feel I'm pretty much fucked now.


It really depends on where you live and what kind of programs for rehabilitation to society are available. There is nothing at all to help youth without proper education or work experience where I live, so you are fucked as soon as you fall out of the school-uni-work cycle.


File: 1410113389948.gif (495.29 KB, 400x364, NEVAGIVUP.gif)

I know people in their 30s and 40s who went back to finish highschool, went to get a degree/training in some IT job, and got accepted to the job market easily. You should be fine if you put your mind to it and go to some sort of guidance or therapy before and as it goes. Biggest problem would probably be money if you're in America, since any help would usually be private and out of your own pocket. The biggest problem would be actually attending a course or training, since you're not used to it. I don't know you, but you should try go out of the house gradually until you're comfortable or at least have the energy to bear being out for hours a day.
It's tough…but I believe in you, anon-kun. Good luck


I live in Poland. The cutoff age is around 25. That's when programs mentioned by Nami become unavailable, or at least you have to pay for them, and good luck doing that without a job.

Congrats on the get.


>never get up
nice trips


Somebody made up a thing about age cutoffs for things. Don't listen.

File: 1400491989125.jpg (45.98 KB, 490x358, le-happy-merchant.jpg)


How do you generate monetary income, /n/?

How do you pay for food/Internet/etc.?
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I'm probably gonna donate more frequently at plasma donation centers. Anyone have any stories regarding that? I'm pretty sure the center i go to is pretty safe


Here's a story, most blood drives in the US won't allow homosexuals to donate. You know, because AIDS or something.


How do they even determine who is and is not homosexual though?


It's in the sheet you answer that asks if you had unprotected sex in the last 30 days etc, you must fill out everything correctly under law something something


I have a part time job in a convenience store, it's shit. All my customers are 18 year old frat and sorority shitheads.
>did you go to the game, bro?
No, fuck off.

File: 1409625059382.jpg (13.18 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


>parents tell you they are proud
>finally starts a life long dream of becoming freelance illustrator because I hate a narrow-sighted boss and employees who boss you around, also dislikes small talks
>get complains from family to get a stable job because my career is no project=no money.
>still persist of chosen career but with pressure.

How do you cope with these kind of situations?
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11938 and 11957 here. I'm not the OP; sorry if I caused any confusion.


It's ok to feel afraid but don't give up on what you like doing. Some parents have a big problem in that they are hyper possessive with their children. The worst thing you can do is allow them to make you feel guilty for being who you are.

I feel that even though [most] parents provide physical sustenance for their kids until adulthood, it is all for naught when they stifle them in everything else. It's ok to go your seperate ways with them. You don't have to feel like you owe something.


Them pressuring you from the start isn't going to improve anything for anyone op. But the reality is, if your freelancing isn't bringing in significant money, it isn't a career.


File: 1409968649083.gif (1.18 MB, 640x480, 1389237445197.gif)

>Them pressuring you from the start isn't going to improve anything for anyone op.
>But the reality is, if your freelancing isn't bringing in significant money, it isn't a career.
Lolwut, it's like you are taking opposite sides from sentence to sentence.

That aside, why do I feel so pained when I hear things like "the reality is" or "career"?


It's not opposite. Forceful pressure isn't a good way to interact with people. It will just create stress and won't change anything.

But an activity that brings in no money isn't a career. There are exceptions-if you are building a startup, say- but if your aiming to freelance but can find no free lance work, what you have is not a career.

It might become a career-although freelancing is very competitive-but until a lot more work comes in you don't even have very much to do. Economically, it makes sense to suggest getting a part time job while trying to build freelancing for a while then reviewing in 6 months-a year if it's actually going to happen.

Now, I fully accept there are other reasons why op may not feel able to get a job, and those reasons might well be valid, but then it doesn't really have anything to do with hoping to freelance.

Indeed it is painful, both the things people have to do and the reality that dreams often just don't work. But I've come to learn the pain from ignoring that is even greater down the line.

File: 1406783066835.png (1.4 MB, 1520x1080, lain.png)


I think I want to finally get a job. I've been NEET and almost a complete shut-in for several years now. I never had a job before. Going outside into the world and interacting with strangers basically terrifies me, I haven't done it for so long. The responsibility of a job, even if it's something really simple, scares me.

I don't know what job to get, not that there is many I could get (I have my GED though). I could be a cashier or stock shelves at a local store, or work in fast food. I would probably hate it. A restaurant doesn't sound that bad, but the pressure of interacting with all my co-workers, taking orders for the customers, and carrying around plates of food I'll probably drop, I don't know how that will go.

I'm so used to sitting here inside my house, I can't handle things very well. If I have a panic attack on the job I'll probably get fired. Being in the outside world with all those strangers all at once is going to fuck me up. Simply talking to a stranger by myself about anything is enough to have adrenaline flowing through my body to the point where my heart is racing, I'm sweating, and I'm talking too fast and erratic. If I ever went into a job interview like that they would wonder what is wrong with me, they would think I'm on drugs. That's a physical reaction I can't even help, it's adrenaline, there's nothing I could even mentally do to stop that from happening, and it would happen. Of course it wouldn't happen much if I got used to it over the course of time, I don't how you expect me to initially get over it.

I don't know if I'll be able to do this. I wish I could get a job where there was cute co-workers like hataraku maou-sama. Anyone else know this chair?
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File: 1407231895670.jpg (106.12 KB, 724x844, ok.jpg)


Thanks man, I hope aswell for you things work out in life


File: 1408713275172.jpg (100.78 KB, 1280x720, space_brothers-47-mutta-st….jpg)


Today had a talk about fitting jobs for me based on stuff I might like, firstly I wont get paid but its to try diffrent things and gettin job experience. So its a step and I get money every month from the goverment for now so Im in a stable situation.

So over 2weeks He will contact me come to where I live and will look up on his laptop for stuff he can place me so I can work there, stuff that might involve very small music store , Library or Second hand shop stuff like that I would enjoy.

I will keep you updated!

mfw guy who helps me is in his 50s and listining to avant agarde >


File: 1408759869008.jpg (420.56 KB, 900x675, c6d2bbeef50eaf9fbfa2241e3f….jpg)


Maybe this will be helpful for some of you, specifically the list of online jobs. I have no experience with any of them myself, but from what I've heard, they seem to be legitimate ways of making money so long as you put a lot of work into them to make a decent wage. I guess if your social anxiety keeps you from leaving the house and getting a regular job, then this may be your best hope for now.


File: 1408783978863.png (19.72 KB, 163x122, thanks.png)

Not op or anyone else in the thread, but I'm unemployed and have to apply to work three times a week to receive benefits. This list will help me out a ton, thanks


>Update >Downgrade
So I had this convo with the guy who talk with me fucking early in the morning. I thought He would call those people for learning place/semi-job >No Pantsuking
You should make the call or going to ask yourself .. I was like what He constandly pushes and then was like or do you prefer I call for an appointment So me half crying as a baby because of all the aniexty feelings. >Sure
so he is like in 2weeks or so again he will call and let me know if I have an apointment.

>Constantly pushing

>Telling me what DO you expect Pantsuking
>How you gonna do it

Stop that seriously ;-; I try my best to escape neet life and I come this far already to get help then it feels like they wont understand and push you in a pit with lava … But they will hold your hand like your some retard.

Sorry needed to release my anger

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