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File: 1408602147709.png (2.25 KB, 69x87, Th105Chen.png)


Why does it feel like everyone here is depressed? Not everyone on this board can have a depression disorder, can they? I'm not a neet because I feel like I can't do anything. I'm a neet because I don't want to do anything anymore. From here on it's just a simple machine life of making money off of your knowledge. I don't wanna do that, I want to learn more. Which is why I sit at home, learning things through not-so-personal social interaction.

I'm 26 and have never had a job in my life.
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how do you do it OP?


File: 1409781962948.jpg (65.33 KB, 519x599, 1405275385383.jpg)

name of the artist?


Its Rustle, dingus.


When I was smaller I thought that I was unlikable because I was too happy, and consequently, lame, so I started developing a mindset of a depressed anime-esque character and before I knew it I was right in the middle of it without needing to even pretend.

Though you know, I feel like those seeds were there when I was born. They were bound to sprout eventually. How I triggered their growth was just one of the ways it could have happened.

Something's not right with my soul, that's what I am trying to say.


File: 1409883528489.gif (458.66 KB, 480x330, giphy.gif)

>Why does it feel like everyone here is depressed?
Because you're generally designed to average out the most prominent factors of whatever relevant to yourself and use that as a simple summary in order to conserve mental energy while processing the concept or when recalling the concept again later.
I dunno.

>answering the question in a way that wasn't intended

>i shag dog

File: 1409110032221.png (285.98 KB, 553x400, b.png)


God isn't real. I've convinced myself of that. I don't want to go into details because I'd be going on forever but I'm in the most hopeless situation one could think of.

There's no light at the end of the tunnel. My only options are to wait for death or to hope for a miracle that will most likely never happen. I won't even have internet to pass the time.

I've never done anything considerably wrong, I had a rather passive life. My family members often commented on how kind I was and scolded me for how I always put others before myself.

So tell me, /n/. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does it always seem the bad people get all the good things and the good people are left to the dirt?
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>I am curious, how would you try to reach out to someone who is depressed?
Okay, basically everything Seisatsu said.

You can just go on a mission like "YOU ARE BROKEN, I AM GOING TO FIX YOU!", no. I think you have to actually get to know the person and earn their trust first, and talk to them. Not just about their depression or whatever issue you're trying to help them fix but just talk to them. You can't make them face it, you can only help them face it. I think it's often something that people would face on their own but get continually defeated by their own feelings trying to do so until they just stop trying. They need to be allowed to try again and have support from someone as they do in order to not be overwhelmed by their own feelings again.

sorry about the thread derailment OP (although it was kind of already derailed before I got here)


>>people telling OP how to live their life

You made an incorrect assumption, Distortion. They are merely pieces of advice based on what worked (or seemed to work) for us.

Sure, that doesn't really work in individual cases. But there is nothing else we can do to help, really. We can listen and offer some words of support, but we're not here to help anyone out of depression over the internet.

Of course the general rule is to listen, not to talk. But OP did not provide many details, and was replied to accordingly.

>I disagree, as long as you pick your battles you can come out on top quite all right.
I think of it as a matter of surviving vs living. The former is easy, but denying oneself experience is unbearable.


>You made an incorrect assumption
It's not an assumption, it's a perception.
>I think of it as a matter of surviving vs living. The former is easy, but denying oneself experience is unbearable.
To some people that might be unbearable but perhaps not to everyone. You're not literally telling someone how to live their life here but you're telling them that if they don't live their life the way you prescribed they will be miserable, you see what I mean? Do you know how much bullshit I encounter growing up of people telling me how I needed to live my life otherwise I would be miserable and never amount to anything, and in the end it turned out they were WRONG. Perhaps you are right in what you're saying, but even so, you see what I'm getting at?


I think you're exceptional in that regard. For the most part people seem to need to pursue something to find meaning in life, and even then contentment is very temporary. That's part of why most NEETs are so depressed: very few people seem genuinely happy living that way. I myself grew up a shutin that didn't have any goals and just contented myself by playing games, watching movies and doing other stuff that doesn't really have much significance to me now. I've hated myself for years for not having done more to improve myself early on, and for not getting out and living. I know that if I spend much more of my life like that it would just make me more disappointed in myself and make my existence seem like even more of a waste of the opportunities life has a afforded.

That isn't to say that the OP is like me either, but he's obviously miserable living like he is, and it's clear he should try and change and improve his own conditions, and that can only really be done by trying to live differently. He might try and get some help with that, but nobody can rely on someone else to change their life to the point it seems worth living. I sincerely hope he's able to do that.

Anyway, life is chaotic and absurd. Bad things happen all the time to both good and bad people and they're rarely justified in a moral sense. Good and bad in the sense you and I mean are abstract concepts that only really exist in the human mind, it doesn't seem like there's much of a point using them to judge the chaotic events of existence, except when it comes to how people treat other people. And people treat other people badly in a lot of cases, out of ignorance or apathy or selfishness or maliciousness, but it seems like most people at least hope to or try to treat those they judge as good well, which is more than you can say for most other animals or natural events. It's hard for some to treat those who live passively and quietly well though, because they're harder to understand and harder to get to know, even harder to empathize with. I think if you reached out to your family or caring people outside of it people would try to help, or at least sympathize with you.

… Sorry if that was kind of a mess.


>I think you're exceptional in that regard. For the most part people seem to need to pursue something to find meaning in life
when I was talking about people telling me how to live or else I'd be miserable I was not referring to living passively, I honestly wouldn't be happy doing that either, although I'm certain there are some people who could.
Sorry about the confusion.

File: 1408995986829.png (204.09 KB, 955x686, DXC5H.png)


>attempt to lose NEET status by enrolling in community college this semester
>successfully manage to do that, but not without struggle and hiccups
>taking mostly online classes because know I can't handle going every day
>take on class on campus in hopes of being able to slowly transition
>1 day a week sociology class
>only has 10 people in it because of obscure time and location (6pm-8:45pm)
>contemplating dropping class all week
>it's tonight

I don't think I can do it, NEETs
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File: 1409010922221.jpg (23.94 KB, 350x359, 1392343604609.jpg)

My parents are expecting me to start CC once the new year starts… Idk what I'm going to do. I might be able to get away with taking mostly online classes like you are; that's what I did through most of highschool anyways. I'm still dreading it though. I try not to think about it. I don't have any advice but good luck anon.

Also, what's your pic from? I recognize Yuno on the poster and her school uniform on the wall but it doesn't look like Hidamari Sketch, or at least not like anything I remember.


File: 1409019590629.jpg (40.37 KB, 500x401, despair-sayonara-zetsubou-….jpg)

Honestly, I dread going anywhere. I was mostly worried about fucking up interactions, feeling trapped, and just hating the experience in general. That said, I went and it was OK. There weren't that many people and I wasn't forced to do anything. My parents seemed pretty happy about it too.

I feel you completely. Maybe you should stick with a light course load and try taking mostly online classes. Meeting with advisers and such wasn't very fun but you can probably get away with doing that if you don't plan on taking enough classes to be considered full-time.

My pic is from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, btw. I'm sure the reference makes more sense to you now hehe (I love Shaft)


>get away with doing that
*not doing that, as in "you could probably get away with not doing that [meeting with advisers] if you aren't full time


File: 1409092903512.png (250.49 KB, 444x250, 20140726184335!Zaheer_medi….png)

Im going once a week to someone to talk to , its not a must but if I dont I rarely leave the house maybe just for some f00d or puttin the trash outside.

Anyhow op I admire you the fact u have the skill and possibilty to study >hang in there dont hang yourself


Congrats man for going to that class! /clap clap

I'm kinda in a similar position to you in my own life. I have a 10-15 page creative writing manuscript coming up in a few weeks that will be peer reviewed in class and oh man I'm so tempted to skip everything and cry.

Good on you for going to class! One step closer to building a vaguely tolerable life outside your walls.

File: 1407197010864.gif (826.49 KB, 422x238, f.gif)


What kinds of things do you put into your body, /n/?

I've recently been researching breatharianism and other diets lately, and they all sound lovely (scary), but I don't feel like I'm ready for it, and, I still have emotional ties to certain foods, which scares me.
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tons of grains like rice and quinoa, all vegetables, tons of salty snacks, juice, milk, cheese, eggs, bread, beans. occasional fastfood. basically a vegetarian who lives a low ebergy life feeling skinny and sort of weak, but not so much i cant get up or breathe like it used to be, now i make sure i eat more healthy stuff than i used to and i can tell i am growing muscles. my diety gets worse when i get more depressed, sometimes i wake up and eat something bad for me first thing if i am in a bad mood.

oh yeah, i am a sucker for caffeine and sometimes alcohol, where the nearest object containing it is what goes into me.


File: 1407888964423.jpg (169.52 KB, 500x500, 41359708_p2.jpg)

Are you me?


File: 1408233845953.jpg (114.65 KB, 500x737, i cant believe its not eye….jpg)

Anon, you might just be.


File: 1408251784145.png (28.87 KB, 787x407, 1498764588.png)




Foods that comply with my strict ketogenic diet.

File: 1407579697062.jpg (98.91 KB, 1280x720, angry-maka.jpg)


Hey guys. Did you ever thinked that maybe there's something wrong with normal people and not whith us? They're hypocritical, traitors, arrongant, ignorant, they hate the "different ones" for no reason etc. I always had bad experiences in my life I know. I have this thought lately who agree with me?
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My problem with "normal" people is that they try to enforce this idea of "normality" and harshly judge and inflict undue social violence and ostracism on anyone who doesn't meet this standard. Anyone who isn't "normal" is labelled as a weirdo, an outsider, a creep, and gets strategically excluded by normals. normals spread gossip and lies about non-normals in order to destroy them. "normal people" undermine anyone who can't fit in. (the mentally ill, minorities, people with hard childhoods, etc.)

Normal people are also quite selfish and egocentric, trampling the lives and well-being of others for the slightest benefit to themselves. It's important to take care of oneself, but normals take it to the max and act entirely without consideration to the rights, freedom, and personal space of others.

Anyone who forms their morals and judgments solely based off of what their society deems is acceptable is not a good person.


File: 1407878495257.png (351.51 KB, 531x564, Capture5.PNG)

>Anyone who forms their morals and judgments solely based off of what their society deems is acceptable is not a good person.
Well said. And don't forget the rampant, unchecked narcissism going on in social media. People taking 5 selfies a day and status posting about every little thing they do. It's like some creepy cult where attention and fame are heralded as the highest of honors.

Normal people are scary sometimes.


>It's like some creepy cult where attention and fame are heralded as the highest of honors.

Attention and fame lead to more social influence for them, and the ability to move up the ladder and control a greater percentage of the group's collective identity. Wielding control over the other members of the group means more food and more sex. Primitive pack mentality, but it still comes into play today with normals.

We're largely individuals here, so it doesn't make much sense to us when we look in from outside.


>It's like some creepy cult where attention and fame are heralded as the highest of honors.
Okay, fame is pretty hard to get. Actually, it's quite random. But to put it this way, attention can be synonymous with social contact. That's not a honor, it's one of man's basic needs.

I don't post on Facebook often. I'm not entirely sure how it works. I mostly use it to share music I like with others. I get zero replies from my ~15 FB friends, not even a "Like", while they are pretty active and post stuff from their lives.

So from what I get, you should keep it real life-related. Preferably post a photo of yourself because a picture is worth a thousand words, etc. You should also keep a positive tone in your posts, because people are attracted to positivity and repulsed by negativity. It also helps to actually meet those people in real life from time to time, I suppose. This might be my problem - I haven't seen any of them since last December, when I moved quite far away.

Having others' attention is nice.


>> once you change the way you see people, they change too.

I've noticed this too. Both as a quirk of your own perception, and as a consequence of others' perception of yourself, the people around you tend to some extent to reflect yourself in their interactions with you. Changing your view will affect the view of others. Mood, demeanor, belief, and perception are very contagious.

File: 1407305092319.png (71.96 KB, 660x845, mirror_mirror_on_the_wall_….png)


So, what was it?
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File: 1407471671719.jpg (187.28 KB, 436x831, Kyoko-0075.jpg)

It's difficult to abandon hopes and dreams when you've not had any.

I suppose I'm still heading steadily on my course to be… whatever the hell sort of person or role lies at the end of this path. I'm taller and less stupid than I used to be, so that's some degree of improvement. There's my goal to escape the US as soon as I can reasonably manage, but that doesn't precisely fit into the definition of a dream; similarly, I have my aim to obtain a doctorate, but it's exactly that: An aim, not a hope. I wouldn't be shattered were I not to achieve it.

In the end, the nearest approximation to a hope that I possess is my wish for bountiful nonsexual affection without underlying motives or desires. I haven't abandoned it, but progress on realizing it has been slow for months now. Regarding who I thought I'd be, I honestly never had a clue and didn't allocate much thinking to the subject; I can't say if I'm that person or not because I don't know who that would've been.


Aside from silly dreams I mostly had when I was younger and had a child's enthusiasm for passing fantasies like owning an ice-cream parlor or unrealistic ones I doubt will ever come to fruition like managing to write something extraordinarily memorable and meaningful or being a scientist or such, or ones that have to do mostly with experiencing more, I haven't had too many dreams. I have had a lot of their opposite though. That is to say I've given a lot of thought to particular fears, and spent a lot of time hoping none of them come true: I spent years hoping that I'd not end up being a perpetually ignorant or friendless or ignorant person. By comparison I've hoped for dreams to come true very little.

>In the end, the nearest approximation to a hope that I possess is my wish for bountiful nonsexual affection without underlying motives or desires.

That's probably my most significant desire. Sex as well would be good but anyway. Mostly I just want someone I can actually relate to and have some level of trust in though, I can't say I desire love too much just for the sake of it.


When I was very young I wanted to be a super villain. There was one time my sister and her friend were upset with each other and not speaking to each other so I pretended to be on both of their sides so I could get there plot for revenge from both of them and use it against both of them. I even got to do a whole "I only pretended to be on your side so I could get both of your plots for revenge now behold as I use them both against you" speech. Unfortunately neither of them had any plots for revenge until I pushed them into it and by that point they were over it.

As I grew up I found out that such things were completely impractical, my interest went from archaeologists to paleontologist to marine biologist to genetic engineer where it stabilized for many years, but as I found out science involves very little in the way of actually doing things and is mostly just measuring things. Science was too slow, it doesn't get things done in a reasonable amount of time. There is a lab report in a college chemistry class I failed that lists me as reckless because I didn't take the time to count the number of zeros on the end of that measurement. at least I did 100 times more science than everyone else in the class, their experiments just bubble a little and mine produced deadly orange fumes!

Now I serve Dormilia and what I really want to do is become a super villain. I don't care how ridiculous or impractical that is it's what I'm going to try and do as best as I can reasonably manage. I've been thinking about a lot and decided that my favorite type of super villain costume is the cloak/cape with a mask and a hood, like Dr.Doom or Amon or Darth Nihilus. I'm not sure what the mask should be like though, it's very difficult to decide on since I only get to have one facial expression, unless I pull some sort of two-face type of deal which I suppose I could pull off…


I believe in you. You will become a super villain!


File: 1408232726599.jpg (75.57 KB, 500x372, enhanced-buzz-23041-137521….jpg)

Thank you!

File: 1407268669645.png (288.29 KB, 1000x995, New Horizon - Misae's Grou….png)


So, fellow NEETs, do any of you identify better with a species that are NOT human?

it can be anything from animals, to fantasy races to even robots!

Something where you feel you'd be more comfortable as than a human, or would be more welcome in a society of non-humans.
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File: 1407743509603.jpeg (394 KB, 1073x868, a3df247d3bc0d866c8cf9f988….jpeg)


Shouldn't everyone that associate with monsters associate with each other? I've only had a few dreams which I met other bat winged monsters but it felt really nice to know there were others. Although in the dreams we almost never interacted and usually parted and went our own ways without any form of attachment to each other.

I wish I could transform everyone who wanted to be a monster into a monster


Would I get to choose the monster? If so that would be awesome, aside from the being further ostracized and possibly dissected for science part.
Also then there would be actual monstergirls! Bat and frog-girls would be so nice… :3


File: 1407750358581.jpg (461.28 KB, 1280x1148, pannel3.jpg)

I believe I spoke about this many times before but I think everyone should become some sort of monster that is more representative of who they truly are. The world would be divided into varying levels of monstrousness. Some people would remain nearly human and some would be completely unrecognizable. I think you will result in a war between those who clung to their humanity and those who embrace their monstrosity.

If you were to become a monster what would you become, or what do you think you will become it was truly based on who you were on inside?

>Also then there would be actual monstergirls! Bat and frog-girls would be so nice… :3

Met a bat-girl in a dream once, after if you want to be mates, she said yes, then she betrayed me and I nearly got eaten by dragon.


File: 1407756206458.png (399.67 KB, 684x423, Capture19.PNG)

Reminds me of a quote:

"What monstrosities would walk the streets, were some people's faces as unfinished as their minds?" - Eric Hoffer

>If you were to become a monster what would you become, or what do you think you will become it was truly based on who you were on inside?

I would probably end up looking a lot like Monoko.


I feel as if I identify more with robots in a sense. Not seeming to fit in well with human society, outcast, etc. That's all fine with me cuz most of the time, people are jerks. But whatcha gunna do about it?

I can't help but feel I would end up looking as some sort of tentacle monster, or close to being an eldrich abomination.

File: 1407466150861.png (99.69 KB, 281x318, 3U6g3B.png)


Today I've learned that I'm going to be unemployed (all part-time workers at my job are getting laid off as a result of a boycott) past Saturday.

As much as I like having a job so I can pay for my apartment and never have to leave aside from work, I only have entry-level retail experience. Finding another job is going to be a ridiculous ordeal that will likely last longer than it'll take to find a new job. With no savings, things aren't looking very good.

Odds are, I'm going to have to lean on the government and desperately search for work, ultimately putting off my goal of getting back to college and getting a degree that I can put towards an actual career.

I've been on this path before, and it lead to spending two+ years living out of a friend's house, doing nothing with my life. Anyone else been in a similar position? I'm hoping I can do some freelance work to supplement whatever government benefits/unemployment I qualify for and hope I don't have to leave my house anymore, aside from my plans for the future.
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File: 1407470927337.png (43.32 KB, 424x435, 911M5B.png)

No one wants to hire me for some reason that I can't fathom. Applied to plenty of places, even had people put in good words for me. Usually falls flat. I keep my hair cut, I'm charismatic when I want to be and generally talk my way through interviews with ease.

I don't have any money to invest in any sort of certifications and being of small stature and poor lungs really strikes out construction. I suppose the guard bit would work, but again, I'm not exactly that big or remotely intimidating aside from possibly my empty stare. The post office one is one I hadn't thought about and could work.

I'm not full time/can't seem to find full-time employment because of this drought in employment.

Honestly, I'm just considering hitting a temp agency, but I really would prefer to not have to interact with people anymore or sit around and wait for people to hand me something I need. My last job being in retail has more or less sapped any interest in working with people.


The thing about working in GenSec is that you don't have to be intimidating, I'm not buff at all, I'm a skinny guy and being 5'6 won't help me loom over people but I got hired anyway by the head of security (balding, somewhat heavy, 5'7 with boots on) and got paid $12.50. The building I worked at had keycard scanners installed after a while so we just scanned in, changed into our uniform and then went to our posts without talking. For reports, we just wrote on a sheet they had for us and dropped it off into a filing box.

Post Office work, you just talk to people if you work front desk or in the pick-up area and even then it's just "Sign this, that, we have stamps and oh you forgot that paper, NEXT!" anywhere else you just sort, drive and organise.


Hm, I'll have to look into that then. Thanks for the tip.


I think welfare gives you money (though probably not enough for rent) and makes you apply for more jobs. Considering you're not trying to cheat the system, just get welfare and food stamps to help out. Maybe consider renting your apartment/ moving into a shared apartment and renting a room in it? Also, sometimes families rent out rooms for cheap to help with bills, you could probably rent a room for cheap if you don't mind sharing the house with other people.


File: 1407533168145.png (259.45 KB, 640x480, pxYM4.png)

Yeah, I just moved in my new roommate (my last one got evicted for not paying rent) but the whole "no job" thing is really putting a damper on my spirits. On the bright side, no job means I can finally grow out my beard of sorrow instead of having to shave every day for work.

He can probably cover utilities for me while I get back on my feet, but the whole "finding a new job" thing is probably going to prove a hassle. I just hope welfare/benefits + unemployment makes it easier to bridge this gap. I can't stand going to that office, last time I went there I didn't follow up because the office gave me serious anxiety. Hopefully my roommate will come with me, but he's working the Sunday I plan to start working on my unemployment/benefits stuff.

File: 1402377522316.jpg (85.22 KB, 1280x720, 1396836443674.jpg)


Can we have a thread for the all the little things that make life just a bit more bearable? Every thread on the front page except for the drug thread is mostly negative and contrary to popular belief, NEET life is supposed to be about taking it easy, not hating yourself 24/7. What are some little things that you can always count on to cheer you up?

Today my grandma finally went grocery shopping. Shit man I was seriously starting to starve to death but walking into the kitchen and seeing those bags on the counter almost made it worth it
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Where I am in Ohio it's like that. Have to go to a place, take a number, wait for the number to get called, do an interview, and they basically tell you to fuck off and find work.


File: 1407467276503.jpg (31.04 KB, 229x350, 1406261661095.jpg)

I applied, but I haven't gotten an appointment or anything for it yet. I'm slightly less stressed , although I keep applying for jobs. But in Ontario at least, they just give you money for food and rent, so really no one would know you are on it. They also try and find you a job too, so you aren't such a burden on the system. They are notoriously slow here, mostly because everybody is unemployed and signing up for it. I could have done it months ago, I was just stubborn and preferred a job to get me out of NEETdom. At least I can buy actual food now.


I used to go to the store to buy food all the time using a food stamps card. No one looked at me differantly


Are you expected to pay it back to the government?


Oh my god I was just thinking about this the other day! Shout out to all the amazing parents who do that, mine gave me $200, which I'm spending on weed, CBD edibles for anxiety (so I can go see them) and junk food. I can ride out the rest of the summer in style :)
Boyfriend had them, applying was simple, just got to talk to a person and fill stuff out and they'll give them to you (also need to prove you don't make any/enough money though.) As for looks, usually you either have to tell the cashier ebt or push the ebt button on the card scanner and its a special card, but no one will actually say anything. People will think badly (my parents included, my dad will not stop going on about how bad people who take welfare are), but it doesn't really matter, since those people are jerks for thinking badly about people they know nothing about, or their situation. So I say fuck it and give 0 fucks and buy your food haha. Oh, some stuck up places also don't allow you to use ebt on unhealthy stuff like soda but you can just avoid those places.

File: 1407090056360.png (19.96 KB, 142x158, THERE IS A CAT HERE ALADDI….png)


Whats your best and worst experiences with roommates? How did they feel about your neetdom?

Ive never had one (never even shared a bedroom) so Im interested in finding out what theyre like… Sorry if this thread is a shitpost.
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He hasn't gotten to that point yet. He'll let me know when to do so.


File: 1407187329160.jpg (219.35 KB, 1280x1280, litwik.jpg)

Any roomates I had liked my neetdom because I would have the time to cook homemade meals for everyone and I cleaned up when no one else was home and stuff. I didn't talk with anyone, kept to myself, caused no trouble. No one wanted to interact with me either, since it was clear I didn't care for interaction but also didn't mind casually doing chores as long as no one tried to get in on my personal life.


Mostly live with a rotating cast of housemates due to poverty. A few I have actually gotten to know and got on well with. Most, we just leave each other alone, which is also an excellent outcome.

However, I lived with one guy who seemed to have people round and to play thumping shit metal music 24/7. I couldn't sleep at all, it was truly awful. Another time someone had their shit everywhere and kept moaning about random nothing stuff even if they were the problem.

Well, this all comes from having to live with strangers. I'd say 90% of the time its been fine but 10% total disaster. I've start living in 3 story houses and renting on the top floor as this reduces issues of noise and interaction.


File: 1407368185994.gif (218.1 KB, 270x211, 1374214677890.gif)

I've only ever lived with a roommate for a year during my college period. That was four years ago. We shared a tiny dorm room.

He was a bona fide neckbeard and a pretty cool guy. We didn't get along too well because we were both social outcasts at the time and had little social skills, but I liked him.

Worst experience: I don't think he ever showered! He did not smell, but his lack of towels, soap, etc. was gross. He was gross, in fact. His neckbeard was gross. He was fat. His hair and face were awfully greasy. He was kinda obsessed with Gardevoir (the Pokemon), which was sorta creepy.

Best experiences: we got to nerd out together! He gave me 4GBs worth of Pokemon ROMs and rekindled my interest in the franchise. He also showed me Minecraft, TV Tropes, tons of interesting stuff. We watched some DBZ Abridged together on YouTube once, and a complete playthrough of Ace Combat 5. Normalfags would be bored to death or judge you, but not him! Best of all, he was in the room pretty much all the time, just like me, so we had lots of time to waste on silly unproductive nonsense such as video games.

All in all, he might have been a sperg, but he was fuckin' BASED as hell. I hope to meet more such people I can share my nerdy interests with. He's the indirect reason why I've started going to conventions.

Wherever you are now, neckbeardbro, I hope life is treating you well. ;_;


In my only year of college, I had a roommate that was a "DJ". He kept playing obnoxious music while I just wanted to watch my anime, play some VNs, read my books and listen to my Rossini. He even had people over drinking when I'd go out for class and they'd usually spill beer everywhere and had sex a couple of times at 3 in the damned morning. The Res Hall Advisor fined him 3 times for all his shit but he still kept doing it.

He put up some foam letters on the door the first day of the year and didn't take them down after I told him to take it down on the last day of finals. Bastard made me pay $30 for the fine we got since they split it. People felt sorry for me having him as a roommate (especially so when his girlfriend broke up with him because he was too possessive) and they even let me do my usual stuff in their rooms so more than half the day I was in friends' rooms because everyone hated him and that got him kicked from pledging for frats or whatever they ask you to do.

The best day I had was when it rained and he didn't show up. I even got chowder from one of the students who loved to cook.

Wow, I really hated the guy.

I'd so have you as a roommate.

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