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File: 1414990026249.png (305.37 KB, 500x405, bullshit.png)


How do I become a NEET?

I don't want to kill myself, not yet, call me in a couple years. I just want to drop out of life, play vidya and get NeetBux.



File: 1415010781667.jpg (12.55 KB, 480x342, meditation40.jpg)

How old are you if I may ask?

If you are under 30 please don't try to live as a NEET. It just makes your life more miserable. You might think now that this is a "good" way to live but you think very very differently when you reach 30.
We are social creatures and with isolating from society comes a lot of loneliness and tormenting self-doubt. Being a NEET is not cool. It is not some secret edgy club and those that are at their limit only want change in some form or another even if it is something extreme like suicide.

If you want to live like a NEET and all those things don't apply to you…
First of all where do you come from?
The biggest problem of living outside the society but wanting to enjoy the benefits of it is financing. You won't get something if you don't put some work into it.

The most comfortable way is like you said NEETbux. But getting money from the state can be pretty harsh.
There is a user on this board called Distortion. He might have some tips for you if you live in Canada. He gets ~800$ a month but he had to put a lot of work into it. You need to deal with a huge amount of paperwork first.

You sound like your parents or somebody else is supporting you atm. If you are fortunate enough try to stretch this as long as you can. It is a dick move but if you are at that point already be a dick.

If you are a girl get yourself a sugar daddy.
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File: 1414455311338.png (24.28 KB, 290x340, tumblr_m9h4ezAclt1qcxrpgo1….png)


I have social anxiety so i tend to sweat a lot during the day,i end up using more clothes to hide the smell,but summer is coming in my country,any advice?
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Try changing your diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and less red meats. "You are what you eat" applies very literally in the case of body odor.


Maybe it's because of fapping too much? hormones -> body odor?


I refuse to stop fapping


Limiting it to only once a week is (allegedly) healthy for you.

You don't have wear a chastity belt and start attending sunday sermons, just don't overdo it.


I fap to urotsuki. (Blushes in shame) I'm sorry but she's SO HOT.

File: 1413746459265.png (115.1 KB, 320x320, 1412544026001.png)


Being alone sucks. I try to not think about it too much and keep myself busy with videogames but when I go to bed it comes back

how do you cope?
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I occupy my time with YouTube videos, video games and watching TV (usually with my sister) to relieve the feeling of loneliness.

However, there's always that one 2 hour or so period where I wallow in self-pity.

You'd think having siblings would help with loneliness, but I rarely share interests with them so I don't talk to them often. If I wasn't so scared of strangers so much, I'd probably try to join a group of Internet people who share similar interests, but I can't even bring myself to talk much on multiplayer text chat in a video game.

This imageboard (in which I practically don't even converse with other users) along with one forum on another website is the only time I "socialise" with people outside my family.


You know, being an only child, I had always figured that I was better equipped to deal with loneliness. But now that I live alone, I'm realizing it's just the opposite. Sure, I'm well experienced with entertaining myself on a short term basis. But being an only child made my friends so much more important to me, which makes it so much harder to be away from them now.


My kindom for a truly loving girlfriend(or even boy at this point).


File: 1414329646319.png (159.78 KB, 1024x1092, Dr_Manhattan.png)

Recently I'm living with room mates again.
It helps a lot not living alone anymore. I stopped doing drugs for a month now & quit drinking alcohol against my problems.
But I leaned to live with loneliness. Even though I don't have any friends left and am living in a new town far away from my family I can handle it. As long as I am allowed to write and think nothing can harm me anymore.

In the last few years I realized that I don't need anything besides the freedom of thought. I love to swim through a crowd of people writing about their daily lives. Imagining what they do behind closed doors.
Paper and books are like friends to me. I can tell them everything and they tell me about the world or carrying myself away into my mind.
I don't want a normal job or live the NEET life. Just sitting on a bench staring at the sea, thinking, makes me happy or rather gives me peace and rest in this fast paced world. The world is sick. We are not.
Some of us just don't fit into this unnatural synthetic society man created. To conquer this inculcated crippling fear it is necessary to spend most of your time in your own mind. You can slowly integrate "solitariness" into your state of mind. In the end it is all about perception.


It seems I just keep going back and forwards.

At one point life seems to be just fine enough without any people to talk with, but then wave of apathy starts dragging me back down again, making me long for social stimuli because I'm tired of everything else.

Even if I've experienced the other side and know that it wouldn't necessarily solve anything.

File: 1392898128686.gif (363.06 KB, 360x202, 4qr492.gif)


is anybody else into them?
they fill the void that my lack of human interaction has left me with

I'm really into the joe rogan and deathsquad podcasts.

anybody else know some good ones?
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links, fuckface
I desperately need conversational art.


Search youtube.


I listen to/watch DVDASA


File: 1393432945600.jpg (93.06 KB, 600x600, lynx-rys_1.jpg)


I listen to the mean bean machine whenever I can, but new episodes are pretty sparse. Comedy gold though.


>they fill the void that my lack of human interaction has left me with

haha oh you ;_;

File: 1403764860827.png (46.73 KB, 877x961, 1403709239889.png)


You know the drill, /n/.
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You've got to be kidding me.


File: 1413369397933.jpg (113.79 KB, 636x900, d0ae19aa1b85b87a8ec43fc41c….jpg)

I know right? There's no way in hell Tenshi will act so low.


File: 1413597196107.png (92.74 KB, 877x961, 1403764860827.png)


File: 1413648136620.png (220.14 KB, 877x961, list3.png)


File: 1414249976508.png (84.83 KB, 877x961, 1403764860827.png)

I rated myself based on what i heard from other people in general (i once posted myself when i had a confident day and was told my body was 7 and my face was 8, i hate myself still, i really dislike my face and body so i just don't know), my psy,people who used to be my friends,the internet,…

Age 10: Happy child with friends despite illness
Age 13: emo (a bit weeb) phase,bullied to hell and back,illness intensifies,…
Age 16: weeaboo (less than 14 where it was full weeb but still) , became more and more depressed and having problems by 17 (confused with gender identity ,self confidence,social skills and shit),became full hikki for a time and tried to kill myself.
Current age (19): closet weeaboo,alone,living in my room,depressed kinda often,androgynous looking/boyish yet still confused because liking cute feminine stuff sometimes,play a bit of vidya and all that to stay busy and not thinking about how sad i feel…

I became kinda known on a social media because people thought i was "cute" but it was scary so i backed up. I also don't go to cons anymore (no friends and i always compare myself to the pretty people and feel more bad than happy)

File: 1414161717458.png (360.96 KB, 600x518, 108tears.png)


I'm wondering what this is all for if I can't share it with anyone


File: 1414164621477.jpg (33.64 KB, 500x375, beard.jpg)

Your life should be about you. And your main source of happiness should also be yourself. It doesn't mean you should be selfish and completely ignore needs and opinions of others, as you can learn from them and doing good things to other people can make you happy. The problem lies with you expecting other people to actively give you things - the less you depend on others for happiness and meaning the more calm and fulfilling your life will be. Create your own happiness.


You could try sharing it with us.

Besides, monks and other isolated holy men seemed to have found meaning within themselfs.

I know how you feel tough, we all seek acknowledgment in others, but in first line you have to like yourself.

File: 1413818693920.png (623.17 KB, 902x845, download (6).png)


>be unemployed
>wanna be employed
>be employed
>wanna be unemployed
>be unemployed
>wanna be employed

Now i'm in school again, and want to be a full on neet hikikomori, then after 2 years an fucking hero



File: 1413820797443.jpg (155.65 KB, 1280x1920, boxed.jpg)

Why after 2 years? If you are planning to throw your life away, might as well do it tomorrow!

In the end, you're not gonna do it anon. Might as well start fixing your life up now so you have something to look forward to when you wake up those 2 years from now. Do small, enjoyable things that are also good for you. Procrastinate less. Learn things.

A living person, even if they have problems, is still better than a rotting corpse.


If you're asking for our thoughts, you don't really want to die, do you?
Not trying to be condescending. Everything is temporary, you should know that. You won't be miserable forever, maybe keep pushing along with school so you have more opportunities.


File: 1414089491539.gif (111.15 KB, 583x658, zacharie4.gif)

What you want is not employment, unemployment, NEETdom, school, or an hero. If you keep looking for something on the outside to relieve you, your life will be a meaningless search. Everything in this world can only provide temporary reprieve from the suffering that is sapience of one's own existence, mind, thoughts and identity.

You can choose to die, but you'd just be doing the same thing you've done when you got a job, when you went to school.

Them's my thoughts.


Why not do a journey or work-and-travel?
It seems like you haven't exploited all opportunities. Do it!
Also get into work life balance! If you want to live, work less. If you want to work, live less. If you want to die, live more, so the act is worth its price.

File: 1414036213590.jpg (201.05 KB, 625x900, 1413108626220.jpg)


hang in there!!!!


Saved that one, thanks.

File: 1344541395435.jpg (294.76 KB, 370x1024, f505b3c43430b1424dfe3bf951….jpg)

 No.2114[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Neet\hikikomori use drugs?
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File: 1414003390113.jpg (95.28 KB, 624x624, wat.jpg)

At least you are sincere saying you just dont care, you're right, and I'm not even pointing at you as individual, but the people who make drug culture look cool or edgy, it's almost the same as the atheist pop trend.

There are people who consume drugs and dont go over there spreading pro-acid propaganda, as there are atheists who respect people's beliefs.

It is about who is a retard, and who is not.


You forgot 4-using a tripcode for circlejerk threads


File: 1414004890954.png (422.92 KB, 1075x2333, coll kids clb.png)


I thought the very same thing five minutes after posting that image.
Here's edited version.


I actually agree with you. You can't live as a first-worlder without putting your comfort before that of someone else, sure, but the least you should do as a conscious person should be to try and moderate that. Personally I don't really feel too much empathy for cows and chickens anyway but people I do. I've never owned a cellphone or smartphone so I can't say I feel too implicated by the facts of how and where coltan is mined. I do feel guilty living as I do, as basically a leech that consumes a lot of goods that are produced exploitatively, but while it's not very possible to totally cut that without living in the woods (and even then in this day and age you're going o get taxed so even that isn't a foolproof solution), that doesn't justify doing cartel drugs just because why not.

Ironically however, the best way to minimize the effects of that is to decriminalize drugs, so yeah, you're best off not making it a moral issue beyond the support it gives for death merchants. Pretty sure I've heard quite a bit of news about the cartels hurting a lot just as a result of a few states doing it. Good stuff.


File: 1414027360076.jpg (1.73 MB, 1456x1000, 1408760982969.jpg)

I actually do use drugs to be cool, sorry guys

File: 1413977809700.jpg (29.32 KB, 650x366, 980884-kim-jong-un.jpg)


dat moment when you ask someone if they want to hang out somewhere, they say they have no monies. then they make a status asking if people wanna get drinks.

least i tried. fuckin people.

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