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File: 1408849273789.jpg (92.79 KB, 380x285, 380_Image_PA_home_squalor.jpg)


Do any of you live in squalor like myself? I realize that living like this is disgusting, horrible, and repulsive. I wish I could fix this, but I just can't…

pic somewhat related, kind of like my room but more boxes and shit instead of clothes and random stuff

>a state of being extremely dirty and unpleasant, especially as a result of poverty or neglect.
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pic somewhat unrelated


Congrats OP I'm proud of you!!! Cleaning your room after its been in disarray for a long time feels sooo good so keep up the good work!


gj! (lol) happy for you.

not enough junk here for this to happen at all, there is one drawer w/too much papers i could go through at some point else not too messy.


File: 1418615494318.jpg (302.71 KB, 1037x767, 1390341167720.jpg)

I have never lived in dirty dish/dirty clothes/food/wrappers all over environment. Somehow I maintain my living space in little amounts daily enough to not allow that to happen. But I have lived in been messy and full rooms since forever. I probably prefer smaller rooms because of those small spaces that evolve from having so many physical belongings. My parents insisted on a clean room, and I hated that. But now that I have my own apartment I pay for, I just leave everything messy all the time. Occasionally clean/organise up my computer space though. Around my desk is a sort of toolkit within reach, like my 3DS, drawing pad, a book, etc.
Related: I hate bathing and washing clothes.

If I do end up cleaning, I do it for hours until I'm dead exhausted and tired and simply give up and fall asleep. Then within a day it's "messy" again. I just like to have things a certain way. My living environment is an organic extension of myself, and to arrange things in an unnatural manner feels so wrong. Keeping everything clean and organized is akin to drawing something in the sand at the beach, only to have it washed away in a few moments by the oscillation of waves. My space is my own organized confusion. A language and map of my stuff that only I understand. My brain network given physical form.

Earlier this year, I had an apartment which was FULL of stuff. I -hated- having that ball an chain, since a long time ago. I felt locked down and even the thought of beginning the process of trying to thin down / get rid of that stuff just made me give up. But I fnally enacted my own plan, and reduced my belongings to a few plastic tubs of important things and left them at my parents' house. The rest of the stuff I just threw away. I left that apartment with only a backpack, and now I'm in a different city. This room I'm renting for a while basically just has the stuff I brought with me, and cheap throwaway/temporary things like second hand clothes and the chair/desk it came with.

Two methods/ideas for you TC:
-Throw everything away
-Take everything out of the room. Every single thing. Then only return what you wish to keep.

>I ended up throwing away a lot. Although It was sad, because to some objects i had a emotional obligation, i think i'm better off without this stuff.

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Normally my place is cluttered but not dirty. But I had a bit of an apathy surge last year (and into the first half of this one) in which I completely stopped putting the rubbish out. I left it in the kitchen in bags, then when that filled up I put it in the bathroom (it's a studio with one room and a bathroom).
Anyway, German cockroaches had always been itinerant visitors up until that point. They lived in neighboring flats and I would see one wandering through my place perhaps once every two months. At this point I should mention I left a pile of dishes on the sink for over a year, and the tap was leaking.
Anyway, the whole place was so filthy that I avoided the kitchen (and bathroom where possible). I stopped cooking rice and beans and started living off pizza as I couln't walk in the kitchen. So over time I guess the cockroaches moved in and started a full blown colony. That was what prompted me to finally clean the place.

File: 1402823730285.gif (988.78 KB, 250x250, tumblr_inline_n53z8oj7zU1s….gif)


How much do you pay for rent, /n/? And if you don't pay rent, where are you living?

I pay almost 800 dollars for rent a month but I can't afford it so I'm being evicted tomorrow. Living in a college town is the worst.

Pic unrelated.
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530$/month with utilities in a 500k people Canadian city.

I'm moving out in January back to my mom's place because I can't afford it anymore (lost my job, no more savings, haven't found another one).

It's a small bachelor and my bed is in my kitchen.

Honestly, I can't wait to get out. The atmosphere here is really oppressive and it doesn't help with my depression. It's like all my brooding and misery conglomerated in my apartment and it makes me feel sick every time I'm there.

Plus the landlady is a humongous fucking bitch. I don't know what it is with people who own apartments blocks, they're generally terrible, entitled people.

One time one of my checks bounced because my employer had made a mistake while direct depositing my salary, she called me and started yelling at me that I was irresponsible and "how could you not know you didn't have the funds". Funny, a piece of ceiling in my bathroom came off, she never had anybody repair it despite my repeated demands, so she can go screw herself.

To get some revenge, I'm planning to GTFO in the middle of the night giving her a day's notice (you're supposed to give 2 months, how are you supposed to forecast that far, I didn't know I'd lose my job) and I will leave no contact address.


>planning to GTFO in the middle of the night giving her a day's notice (you're supposed to give 2 mo
Aren't you concerned about your deposit?



Landlords can't ask for deposits here. It's illegal.

So, to answer your question, no.



not even like a 'bond'? the tenants trash the place and u then have to chase them up for any money at all? lol dayum


File: 1418927371423.gif (24.8 KB, 500x450, tumblr_n5hu0c9mek1r2inbto1….gif)

Sorry Canadabro. My landlord's a gem. Very understanding if things come up with rent, quick to fix any actual problems that crop up (tho all the easy maintenance is left to me, which I'm fine with), and generally *likes* us. Been here four years and will prolly be here for another two at least, provided stupid things don't happen with income. Kinda.. on my fifth job now since I moved in >_>

File: 1387678787722.jpg (57.29 KB, 1280x720, 1387289771497.jpg)


>create OKC profile
>fill all the information in with my own personality, complete honest, no cliches, no trying too hard, just me
>set gender to bisexual female
>use some random girl photo

In the space of about 5 days I was constantly complimented on how awesome I am, how great my music taste is, I was invited out for coffee and drinks by men AND women on a daily basis, I got into very long, interesting conversations about all sorts of subjects, I was told multiple times that I have the most interesting profile on the site. I felt happy… I felt like I was finally a proper person.

Now I'm not transgendered. So I'll have to accept this is just how life works. But it's amazing to me that the only thing standing between me having a rich, full social life and being a complete basement dweller is being born male. That's seriously all there is. None of those people would have cared about me if I was honest about my gender. None of them.
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File: 1418613129804.png (73.83 KB, 1048x640, 47318254_p0.png)

nice necro


File: 1418620900166.png (393.34 KB, 638x480, seagalsage2.png)

inb4 shitstorm


You need to meet more girls, anon. It's not nearly as common as males initiating, as it's considered not acceptable in many cases, but there are some who do.

….coincidentally, those who do are often narcissistic. Maybe you don't want that at all. Unless that's what you're into.


Eh, I actually met my girlfriend on a dating website and she is the most level-headed, honest and overall decent person I've ever come across (plus she's cute). She really isn't what most people expect from an "Internet date".

She's the one who actually initiated first contact. I wasn't often approached by women there (maybe 3 times in a month) but I had no trouble getting an answer from those I contacted first despite not having the typical jock profile, and I'm pretty sure that beats the tens of messages girls on these websites must receive every day, most of them from inane idiots or desperate guys looking for a quick fuck.

I'm quite good looking but I'm very introverted and bookish (basically the typical academic type) and that showed in my profile, both in the writing and the picture. I'm a jurist and I actually wrote my profile like the preamble in a statute, and my picture was me behind a stack of law books, so yeah.

The girls who tended to approach me were just like me, introverted bookish types, and they all told me they loved my writing style, and they all seemed very nice and as far as I could see, mentally stable. None of them were 10/10 bombshells but that wasn't what I was aiming for anyway. I made a point to be completely honest about myself, my qualities and flaws (including, when appropriate, disclosing my weed use) and I've been told that they could tell and that's why they were even speaking to me. I ended up going on just two dates, the second girl I met is my girlfriend. We've been together almost 2 years now.

I've seen on another imageboard a test where some guy made a fake typical alpha male/jock profile and he could get girls to agree to fuck, along with a phone number, in like 20 minutes. When I was younger I used to be salty about this because it is definitely 100% true that almost any girl, bar extreme ugliness, can basically get laid whenever she wants because of the Western courtship culture that still shoehorns males into doing all the legwork (girls must be seduced (they are hypergamous by nature), but guys don't really care), guys like me have a much harder time of it because I have zero sex appeal. My personality and attributes (honesty, extreme bluntness, stability, etc) make me great for long-term, serious relationships, but terrible for one nights and flings. Once I accepted that, I stopped caring.

Truth is, if you're looking for a serious relationship with a serious girl, it'Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



"Truth is, if you're looking for a serious relationship with a serious girl, it's not all that hard to get one since they will naturally be tempted by the context to scratch under the surface even if you aren't the alpha male type. You don't meet serious girls for serious relationships in bars or nightclubs. It's as it's always been…school, work, activity clubs."

I'm the same poster. I wanted to add that the Internet is, amazingly, another good option. I'm not American, so maybe it's a cultural thing, but girls don't use dating sites to get fucked here. That's what bars are for. I'm pretty sure the test I talked about wouldn't be very successful if it were done here. It also isn't a repertoire of broken goods and batshit crazy girls (although obviously they are there). Outside of the episode I am talking about, I had used a dating site before and I went on many more dates than the 2 I went on that time, and the women I met IRL were no better and no worse than any you'd meet on the street. Some lied about themselves, for example by magically putting on 50 pounds, some were uninteresting and devoid of any personality, some were bitches, some weren't very mentally stable even at first glance and some were genuine, good people with whom I'd give it a try…all of these I encountered dating women the "normal" way.

Additionally, they are usually very open with the fact that they're not looking for a fling, which has the benefit of making it so you're not wasting your time and that you're sure they're looking for something serious.

It's gotten to the point that I don't think I will bother with trying to meet girls any other way. It's simply more convenient to "shop around" online then meet up. That way, you're certain of her availability, you at least have an idea of what she's like and you're certain she does want to talk to you. Dating sites aren't a replacement for actual dating so I tend to quickly move to an IRL meeting. If you treat dating sites simply like a compendium of potentially interested women, I don't see why it's inferior to or even any different than trying your luck at work, at the martial arts club or at school.

File: 1389115837906.jpg (39.47 KB, 404x276, CristinaKirchner.jpg)


Nothing specific but I am interested, how many of you users are actually neet? It is hard to imagine so many people not working/studying etc, and I think the fashion of the site makes people post as neet sometimes while they are not, I noticed a few cases, thoughts?
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>It makes me wonder, why is it that I never read the abundant accounts of male social outcasts with their girlfriend and friends as often as we can hear about them from the fair sex?

Well the amount of bitterness here might be some indication.


Are you saying "bitterness" is more prevalent in males?


File: 1418590563177.jpg (142.17 KB, 640x480, 1384213656834.jpg)

For those of you that did drop out the first semester, how did you find the money to pay back loans for first year tuition?

I suppose you get a job? Sounds like most of you that do drop stay NEET until motivation or the opportunity arises to go back towards education.


Yeah, the whole dropping out was because loans didn't cover it. Now I qualify for nothing, because I didn't/don't have the cash to make payments on the loans I had. :/


File: 1418771449818.jpg (21.94 KB, 1280x720, 5.jpg)

>how did you find the money to pay back loans for first year tuition?
I didn't.

That debt's not going anywhere. My life is pretty much over. I don't know why I haven't ended it yet. I'm not even spending it as if it's over, because I'm a coward.

File: 1414899736744.png (539.22 KB, 701x964, triple bonus.png)


I have NO idea where the original post is for the last one, and high bets it's been buried into the depths. So until it gets resurrected again in some manner, this will have to do.

So fellow NEETs, you involved with any sort of communities? Internet-wise and/or real life-wise?

I'm part of a small Tumblr community myself, and I'm slowly intergrating myself into a few Miiverse communities [mostly YouTube and Super Smash Brothers 4], as well as the Vinesauce community on Steam.
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you're thinking of r/fatpeoplehate. Fatlogic is laughing purely at the logical leaps/delusion that people come across. Laughing at people just because they are fat or making blatantly hateful posts is bannable.

Plus most of the userbase either used to be fat or are fat. I'd say like 80%. So, honestly, you are either basing this on outsider bashing which the sub gets a lot, or you're confusing places.



I know, horrible. However the nature of the site lets you steer clear of the content you don't want to see unlike imageboards. Which I both dislike and appreciate.


Oh, I didn't realize the difference until now :-P



File: 1407456263219.jpg (91.56 KB, 600x800, zvnJHhC.jpg)


Any songs out there that you can relate to as a NEET?

This is one of my favorites.
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not relating to much of the lyrics either, but thx for this, sonically pleasant/10!


File: 1411227022992.gif (14.15 KB, 149x200, 200_s.gif)


File: 1418249472196.jpg (396.96 KB, 1000x698, worren.jpg)

This kinda describes what being a NEET feels like in the head after a few moths have passed that merged into one fuzzy day/night.




File: 1418579894844.jpg (211.46 KB, 600x600, sseb0029.jpg)

File: 1418410729507.jpg (62.68 KB, 422x600, 1415065747305.jpg)


anyone else suffering from brain atrophy due to lack of stimulation? being a shut-in really fucks you up.


I'd say it has made me more intelligent actually. So much free time to be filled that I end up just learning shit by accident.

I am pretty sure I'm socially retarded now though. It's been years since I've had a proper friend. If I was approached now I don't know what I'd do.


File: 1418433316828.gif (4.77 MB, 503x268, HvLV8rM.gif)

Honestly, I probably receive more stimulation now than I did in school before I dropped out of college and became a NEET. Especially socially, I've made way better friends online that I've ever had irl and I think it's helped a lot. The last few times that I've had to go to something and meet up with people that I don't know it's actually been a pleasant experience, my social skills have dramatically improved since I stopped being surrounded by irl people against my will.

But as far as academic skills… I can't say many pleasant things… Although those are really real skills anyways.


File: 1418441938688.jpg (80.1 KB, 861x1080, youwhatm8.jpg)

I think it largely depends on what you do with your free time–though I will say that it causes your social skills to atrophy quite a bit. If anything, being a shut-in has given me more time to devote to intellectually stimulating activities. I don't feel like I've become any stupider than I was to begin with.

File: 1414849924515.jpg (3 MB, 2828x1968, 123178.jpg)


It's snowing outside today. It's time to take out the winter clothes and prepare my room so it can be cozy all winter. I wish I could hibernate sometimes.

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File: 1416864696786.jpg (96.58 KB, 515x491, 643534565v1.jpg)

Last week it was -15C.
Now, it's 15C. All my snow is gone ! Arrrgh !


File: 1418149452320.jpg (56.41 KB, 409x409, cozy.jpg)

I grew up in northern Europe, so needless to say, I hated winter. It would start as a slow, cold and miserable autumn, last for 5 months, and then slowly creep into more manageable temperatures. There would be so much snow and ice that it's hard to move around, not to mention having to wear 4 layers of clothing and having your face wrecked by rain, snow, ice and bone-chiling wind just to go get some food or go to school. It was agonizing and I could not wait for summer every year.

Now that I live in a climate where it never snows, I actually do kind of miss it. But I would never wish northern eu winters on my worst enemies.


It rarely snows here, but even so, a cold day is absolutely miserable.

I'm the type of person who's rather watch snow from a window, picture or camera than go out and be in it.


I'm slowly discovering this about myself as well! I'm quite a romantic when it comes to snow. The winter, I love its calm but destructive allure.


But I do have to say that I get into a legitimately suicidal mood if I find myself outside during the winter without appropriately warm clothing…

File: 1416857749124.jpg (110.71 KB, 850x1111, 1324389260049.jpg)


Do you guys think that a character that is NEET or hikikomori could be a strong protagonist for a story?
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Whoa! Thats deep.


As many already said before, it depends entirely on how the character is, apart from being NEET or hikki. It is possible to make a story based on their limited interaction and inner world interesting, if you flesh them out enough.


File: 1418187062726.jpg (266.63 KB, 1280x813, 584f305b497a0abccd1cead085….jpg)

Some people already think this is becoming an overused trend, but that doesn't mean you can't make a strong hikki/NEET protag. For instance, some people are divided on Robotics;Notes character Koujiro Frau, whether or not she was annoying or a valid route for the MC. While being a hikkikomori, she created a popular game in the series and helped create a giant mecha and eventually save the world in a world where mecha don't already exist. I think she's pretty badass really.


The protagonist of Crime and Punishment is a 19th century NEET. I guess you could read that for inpiration.

An important part in the story is the symoblism in Rodions dreams, and NEETs spend a lot of time daydreaming. You could work with that.

However your character has to leave the house eventually, otherwise your book will turn into a longwinded psuedo-diary of your own personal experiences of NEETdom, with the protagonist acting as your mouthpiece.(but hey, isn't that what most authors do?)


Neet != Hikikomori.

File: 1418190424324.jpg (1.5 MB, 3810x3054, clemenvilla_1.jpg)


Skype: thehideousbirdchild

Looking for someone who I can talk to about anything. In return I'll offer the same.


Check out our existing chat/community threads.


You will find some emails and contact details there already, and might have better luck posting there. You can also find our webchat in the menu, from which you can access the official irc channel. If you want to join the skype group, invite me [nami.hime] and I will add you.

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