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File: 1428213043840.jpg (125.62 KB, 500x706, 1427387708335.jpg)


>New anime about a physics prodigy who becomes a NEET otaku, and then decides to becomes a physics teacher at his old high school.

What's up with Japan wanting NEETism to become mainstream? I know there have always been NEETs in anime and such, but there's been a lot of emphasis put on it lately. Next thing you know gullible 12 year olds will aspire to become NEET otaku too. Is Japan encouraging this? Is this a marketing technique to lure in teens to the anime otaku lifestyle in order to gain sales?

What do you think of the growing prevalence of NEETism in Japanese media?
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generally the NEET-focused anime tend to have the NEET get broken *out* of the NEET lifestyle. it's got an eventual aim of inspiring NEETs to go out there and do something, because being NEET is a drain on society and Japan's beginning to have a serious problem with them.


File: 1428255770338.jpg (63.43 KB, 460x569, click.jpg)

Just like stupid, clueless male protagonists surrounded by cute girls, NEET characters are supposed to be self inserts, because they know loser NEETs watch anime. It's just a cheap ploy to massage your ego and draw your interest/make you watch their show or buy their merch.


Seems that way, then again i guess in the end it really depends on the story.


Maybe offtopic but do you guys prefer stories about neets that are more lighthearted or the depressing kind?



The depressing kind, because watching NEETs having fun depresses me because I'm a piece of shit who knows I'll never have that.

File: 1396396407262.gif (345.52 KB, 341x350, 1355691464029.gif)

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So how's education/employment going for the non-NEETs/former NEETs?

>Missed the last 4 days of college and a lot of days overall

>Have assignments due by Friday that I have not started on yet
>One is due tomorrow but I'm browsing imageboards instead

Oh god I am not good at responsibility.
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sophomore in high school?


You need to be 18 or older to post here.


File: 1437807092342.png (403.93 KB, 853x480, 795.png)

what a garbage post


File: 1437988258805.gif (1014.93 KB, 475x475, 1425931287075.gif)

>i'm needlessly pedantic, that makes me VERY smart
>plus, i can quote 1984, it's very obscure, an uneducated peon like yourself has probably never heard of it

fucking stop okay


File: 1437988344597.png (271.13 KB, 457x632, 13939639414935.png)

this is my fault for posting before reading the rest of the thread but you need to shut the fuck up too

File: 1425605713912.jpg (47.55 KB, 774x630, 1290325517165.jpg)


Would anyone come looking for you if you dropped dead?

I know some people would send me e-mails and such, but I can't think of anyone who would do anything other than that or be slightly concerned that I don't respond.

I'm curious to hear your thinking.
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My mom would notice since Im lucky enough to have a good mom

But if she dies before me itll probably be at least a week before my death is discovered. Im just a worthless, lowly excuse of a person. Its only expected my death would go without notice


If it weren't for my parents and my brother, I may have committed suicide already. I don't mean to be some edgy fag, I say this without a hint of hyperbole.


No death goes unnoticed, because there are far, far too many jackwagons that want money from you. They'll figure it out really quick, then demand your relatives pay your debts and take care of your funeral arrangements.


well you have a trip. so people might ocaisionally go, oh, look, a tripfag stopped using his trip.

I post anonymously so you wouldnt even know I wasnt here.


This is the destiny of uboafats


File: 1427397796704.jpg (100.19 KB, 768x940, senyo.jpg)


Where do you live and how much do you pay to live there? If you pay at all, I mean.

I'm currently not paying anything to stay where I'm at but I want to leave as soon as I can since they aren't very good living conditions. I know an apartment you can stay at for free depending on your income (since I lived there with my mom when i was 9-13 years old) but it has a very long waiting list.

TL;DR what I'm asking is, how much do you pay for rent/renty-like things? If you don't pay, is there a reason you don't? I'm also interested in knowing how NEETs get money for rent for obvious reasons.

Sorry if this is an unwelcome topic.
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Dont be too sure about that, europe is in the same shit as the rest of the world now.


Wages are lower in some parts, higher in others. Europe isn't one country and wages/living expenses vary.

Nowhere else in the developed world is quite as bad as the US as far as social welfare is concerned. Also, there's the whole thing about forced debt.


Isn't there government housing in america? Where they just take a percentage of your income and that's your rent? You have to sign up for it and are put on a waiting list though. I'm not too sure about the details but might want to look into it if you're in America. Maybe other countries have it too.


File: 1427929124812.png (14.65 KB, 143x115, 26.png)

OP here, that's the place I was talking about in my post that I used to live in. My mom had very low income, so she got a utility check each month instead of having to pay rent. I don't remember there being a waiting list when we first moved in, but there sure as heck is one now. It's very long.


i don't think its too long just a few months or something like that. if you're living somewhere for nothing it might be a good idea to sign up when you still have the chance. though that might just be the area i live in. it all depends on the city you're looking at. try other cites around were you live too. though i'm not too informed on this so might be wrong.

File: 1427317624822.jpg (27.57 KB, 500x336, df70275bf85bbd0ffbc778328a….jpg)


Well guys, it's pretty simple, I have two alternatives:

1)Continue to live this awful life being a disappointment for everyone like I'm doing.

2)Become a NEET and repent of this while thinking I don't even have a high school certificate, condemned to live like we already know etc.

Any suggestions?


3. An hero
But seriously being a NEET is not going to make you feel like less of a disappointment, if anything it will make you feel worse
Step 1. Take the time to figure out your passion
Step 2. Persue that passion whether it requires saving up money working a shitty job or honing your skills
Step 3. Wake up and go to work without feeling like you're going to work


Suicide isn't a good option m8



Rather than becoming a hero, become YOUR OWN hero. If you do, even if you disappoint others I, myself, won't ever be disappointed by you. I may not be worth as much as those people you try to please, but well… At least that would make one, and thus not everyone would be disappointed.
Be yourself and live your life, the NEET life ain't an option, it never was… It's Hell.


File: 1427398984846.jpg (75.04 KB, 500x385, 2640490448_2f3608d9f4.jpg)

OP here. Well, more than a real hero I would say I'm more an anti-hero since I don't have any of the righteous qualities that heroes usually have and I just try to survive. If I can have even a single person who is not disppointed by me rest assured that I will not forget you.



A Hero doesn't have to be the embodiment of Justice. Be your hero by being the one that will save yourself. You're the one holding your world, saving yourself is saving the world.

And rest assured that I won't ever forget you either !

File: 1427041830015.jpg (9.39 KB, 261x184, 1972340_739007242798245_18….jpg)


Hi guys !

Now that I think about it I want to get out of depression and of that endless loop which makes me destroy my own self. I want to work in order to have a nice job I'll like, be able to live on my own later and all those things that would make me feel happy.

Thus, since I can speak French and English, I want to become a Professional Translator. However just two languages won't do it, so I also want to learn Asian languages and the first one is… Korean.
Would any of you know any way to learn it for free or for a cheap price please?
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>just two languages won't do it
Why so?


If you are familiar with asian languages (grammar, pronunciation) then it's not too hard to pick up. The Korean alphabet is EXTREMELY easy to learn, if english wasn't my first language then I think the Korean alphabet would be the easiest alphabet to learn. It only took me a few hours to learn it fully. Look up a chart of the characters, and watch a couple videos to help with pronunciation.Once you can read I'd suggest doing grammar and vocab at the same time. I'm not using any specific resource(s) right now, but this entire process should be completely free. Good luck, 화이팅!


OP here


If I only know two languages it'll be harder to find a job :/


As for the Hangul, I know this alphabet already, it's pretty easy to learn. But I'd like to find something that would teach me how grammar works etc… :/


Yeah, more languages, more opportunities; that was a dumb question.


Sign up and download over 9000 grammars, and other stuff.



Yay thank you ! :D

File: 1427111836983.jpg (17.44 KB, 640x480, 2015-02-08-000529.jpg)


hey there guys i know its probably really early for me to be assuming this but, i believe my life is heading down the neet path im 17 and my family is over expecting as they think for some reason im intelligent. however i get really shit grades and beyond high school i have no abilities or qualities an employer would want. so hows the neet life ?


Take a look around older topics and you get a better idea.
But to sum it up its very depressing, but you still have a chance.
Dont let yourself get dragged into this if you can, but also do not blame yourself if you will.
And now i can judge your intellignece but grades nor abilities mean intelligence.
Being 17 you still can achive many skills and abilities, its a shame this society rushes people into things.


*And now i cant judge your intelligence …

Correction, what a difference a t can make in english.


I wasn't a NEET for very long but I can tell you that it's probably not what you're looking for
Yeah, working sucks and I fucking hate it but I started to hate myself when I was a NEET and it's not a fun feeling
Even having a part time job can help a lot since I did that for about half a year but at least you can help out a little at home and still say you have a job


Thanks for the all the responses I plan for myself to not become one however if the time were to come I'm just gonna breed pets with my family. it not much but itll be something

File: 1422333189857.jpg (162.68 KB, 1006x706, neet.jpg)


How do you get money to live as a NEET? I've decided that I really hate work, like REALLY hate it.. I don't even care about the money since I still live at home so my rent is only a couple hundred dollars
I'm 21 and I want to live on my own with just enough money to pay for rent/bills/internet/cheap food nothing fancy like clothes or a car
I want to live a minimalist lifestyle but I just don't know how to go about it
Do you make money over the internet or get cash from the government/free housing? I'm really curious to know because I don't want to wake up at 6:30 tomorrow to go to a job that I hate
I know that some of you still live at home and your parents/guardian pay for your stuff but my family has a very low income so that's not an option
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So you're saying as a side job or something? I know there's a few places where I live that do that kind of stuff so I'm not sure how I'd get them to want me some random dude to fix it



I can even become a full time job. If you show the skill there's still a chance for them to take you in. Try after sale services too


Yeah I guess.. I don't know if I'd have to skill to even do that though
I've built computers but whenever I run into a problem I just google it unless it's something obvious
I'm still on the fence about going to college or traveling/moving
I have the classes for most things science related bio/chem but I got put on a waiting list and never got in the last time I tried :/


It's still better than nothing at all, if you work hard enough you'll be able to get a little job like that that could make you live and that you'd enjoy


True, I really need to get out of where I'm working it's really starting to get stressful
They want me to work 6 days this week so it'll be fun not attempting to kill myself

File: 1426600250483.jpg (154.46 KB, 640x872, image.jpg)


Offline meeting!
Anyone in the Calgary, Alberta area (or able to get to) want to have an offline meeting within the next couple of months?
I think I'm pretty much done with this place and I'm ready to go


File: 1426324202021.png (428.54 KB, 503x427, 142033792560.png)


Have any of you noticed that Hikkichan is down? I remember it was down a few times and always came back but this time it looks like it is gone forever. Anyone who has an idea what happened?


Its up, they just moved to another software that doesnt support https while the old one used it by default.

Just change the https to http in the url and it should work just like it used to.


thank you anon


The irony of this thread. I was about to delete the bookmark because I thought it went neet.to on me.


Very stupid question but, does anyone knows how to sage on the new hikkichan board?

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