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Hey NEET need some advice

>Got caught skipping classes today, School pissed off at me.

>Do this often.
>Feeling shit constantly, grades getting worse. I don't even bother to study much anymore.
>No hobbies, not interested in much.
>Have online GF but she doesn't talk to me much anymore
>Have a few friends but don't see them much
>Hate life, mind is becoming worse
>Trying to seek help but hard to find
>Sit around all day doing fuck all.
>Just want to drop out of life completely

What do I do? do I become a NEET or just carry on the way I am and hope for the best?
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>Got caught skipping classes today, School pissed off at me.
>Have online GF but she doesn't talk to me much anymore
kill yrself badass(Don't be a fuckwit.)



I've been referred to some Clinic by my Doctor, luckily the school gave me a slap on the wrist. But I don't think I'll considering heading into NEETdom unless my issues get worse.


you will regret dropping out for the rest of your life. if you drop out, you will wish you had a time machine to go back to today. mark my words, anon. stay in school.


people are most likely than not in your side, everyonewants you to succeed. I was stupid not to see that when i was in school.


This is a little simplistic. It isn't like you can't go back at any age. I think (disregarding depression and other circumstances) one of the things that prevents people going back is fear of an ageism that really isn't present. I studied physics at the same time as a guy who was in his sixties. He was probably the most enthusiastic student in the cohort and got along well with people. Maybe he regretted the lost years or maybe that's the wrong way to think about them. He seemed happy though. Most older people do, though it could just be that life is a war of attrition that kills sad people first.

File: 1429578287701.jpg (328.84 KB, 739x908, 1316718531713.jpg)


Hi /n/, it's been a while since I last visited uboachan. I'm coming up on my one year anniversary of NEETdom. Are there any former NEETs on the board who can give me some advice about how they worked up the ambition/direction to actually do something with themselves?
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File: 1430196910256.jpg (141.54 KB, 370x641, HI GUISE.jpg)

Thanks, it's been really, if not extremely great so far.
Made Hanako's route first, then Emi and now I'm stuck trying to get the other (I suppose good) ending with Lilly.
Saving Rin for the final.
>That song
Goddamnit Jules, it keeps happening every single time in the Title screen after I open the game.


Rin was my first choice too.
I haven't even completed the game because it was so depressing.


File: 1431093623763.jpg (18.95 KB, 400x320, niggerspray.jpg)

Why are you guys talking about KS? Fuck just when I forgot about it and stopped being angry I'm going to fucking punch a dog outside.
>Be nice means you want to fuck the girl
>Do it and you'll be a piece of shit
>Be rude and the girl hates you
>Be more nice and the girl hates you forever
>Avoid romance and you fucking die
Kenji warned me, why I didn't listen
Fuck this.


>no option to have sex with kenji
yeah fuck this game !


File: 1431105335516.jpg (117.69 KB, 800x600, ktw_sj_kenji4.jpg)

Kenji best girl

File: 1428494156867.jpg (47.68 KB, 225x350, 133163.jpg)


I'm NEET and low on funds. I like money.

How do I go about making money without wage slaving? Any ideas? I know I'm probably gonna have to go to college, but I'm too autistic for even that, and I don't know what is study to make money.

I want ducats.
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>Human excrement and other assorted bodily wastes are also very lucrative.




The reviews made me legit gag.
Have some of the same: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccGsuD2O8Kc


holy shit where did you find this?


I vaguely remember discovering this guy in 2010. I can't decide if he's more disgusting than the guy who operates a youtube channel based upon the premise of him reading ED articles.

I have a thing for poop. The communities that cater to such interests are quite sensitive. I don't think I'd ever buy crap from the internet though.

File: 1430684784556.jpg (235.25 KB, 1280x720, wGYsp.jpg)


19 year old Brit here

Is anybody else here on Universal Credit? I've been a NEET for a little over a year and have been claiming benefits for the past 8 months. Does anybody else have any experience with recieving universal credit? I absolutely hate how I'm treated, but i want to know whether it's just me or if anybody else has problems with being forced into work or sanctioned.


Friendly reminder to vote labour/SNP/green tomorrow in order to keep bennies

File: 1426961807119.jpg (16.31 KB, 320x256, 4160 - crt dead lag loadin….jpg)


What if a solar event caused all teh civilian interwebz to go out simultaneously worldwide, and all NEETs and hikkis were left without access to our beloved telecom-meth? Imagine…
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File: 1426985851833.png (223.31 KB, 555x544, 1-week-without-internet-go….png)

All world governments collapse, the entire banking system ceases to exist, and whoever has downloaded the most porn onto their computer becomes King.


Bring back monasticism while there's still time!


File: 1426986404332.jpg (24.71 KB, 320x180, Hadouken.jpg)

>ITT the world, neets, and general lifeforms never existed before teh interwebz


I might get around to actually reading a book for a change. I would have 14 extra hours per day. Then again, I wouldn't have access to all the books in the world like I do now—only the ones in libraries near me. I couldn't go and live in the country away from people because I would also be away from information. Maybe I would just kill myself.


File: 1430025166407.jpg (19.39 KB, 480x360, timemachine.jpg)

File: 1429400330375.jpg (1.07 MB, 1600x1170, 1398581523612.jpg)


should i give in and become a wageslave or should i go for NEETBUX?

im 20 and afraid of responibility and commitment to something like a job but im trying to move out of my parents house and my friends would probably berate me for doing that while being a neet.

what do you think i should do?
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ive always wanted to do that, but to be honest i have no idea where to start

im kind of a socially inep and i would only ever appeal to a very niche market


Im sure you can advertise on sites and arrange 'gigs' over email or something.


If you have a choice, get work or study, by all means. Many of us became neets because we actually couldn't function sufficiently to do those things.

It gets old really fast, and getting out of the hole of apathy you dug yourself into is really hard.


We had this thread a good bunch of times.
Also this >>14234


Wage slavery implies that you're stuck with no way out. Sure, in the beginning you likely won't have a choice but to work shitty minimum wage jobs. However, so long as you self-educate, learn a skill, or study in your time off work, and you keep at it every day… combined with being open to opportunities and new experiences… you have a chance to get something better in the future. You should absolutely try facing your fears. It's going to suck, but you will be slowly moving forward in life, as opposed to stagnating.

Unrelated, but we should really have a continuation of the work/studying thread for former and non-NEETs. The current one has reached the post limit and can no longer be bumped.

File: 1404175328887.jpg (182.46 KB, 1024x868, 1398057918266.jpg)


How do you deal with people judging you? Every time family members come to my home I a;ways get asked the question "What are you doing with your life?".

Most of the time I just make up some stuff on the spot but I can't help but feel like a lesser being whenever asked that question. There is also that other type of judgement, the one where they don't bring it up but you know what they're thinking.

I can't help but feel like a disappointment to everyone. It's not just relatives who do it either, I've had doctors try to make small talk about that topic and it bothers me immensely.

Worst of all I have tried to get myself out of NEETdom but I either fail or don't have enough money to try.
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File: 1425531430962.jpg (91.34 KB, 436x520, malvinas_Oroño.jpg)

Of course, there are cases where this won't simply fix anything. Taking the
initiative isn't easy… just like leaving things behind, specially in this world where money or contacts are really needed to survive. And these things aren't just easy to find. But sometimes, sacrifices are needed, and if you want to advance, some things must be left behind. And the main enemy here is the fear. "But if I do that, X may happen, it could be worse", or "I wouldn't be capable of standing on my own after that". "I'm too afraid to even try, because if I fail and fall even deeper in this shithole, I am afraid I will never recover."
Does it sound familiar? I'm pretty sure it's a common feeling, though I bet people on this board actually may have felt it more… intense than the average.

For example, NEETs may actually want a job or study, but for X or Y problem they won't be able to. Magical words of support won't fix these problems. I may tell you to search for your happiness, leave what makes you suffer behind, and to change your mind; that you're not worthless, that you're just judging yourself poorly. But if you don't open your eyes for that truth, my words, even if born from the most pure sentiment of empathy and real wishful thought, will simply make you feel like you're being judged (because it's true, in some point), and these encouragement sentences will just translate in your brain as "You're not doing even what is considered minimum to support yourself, therefore, you have no value at all". Let's add more to this example and say that the family is the impediment, the obstacle in front of this NEET and his happiness. But, can he really leave them behind when he's got no confidence to survive out there in his own? The answer is yes and no at the same time: No, because he's afraid. He could, but he won't, because the fear is far more intense than the thought of achieving happiness. And the sole idea of failing is enough to dismiss any chance.
However, until this person changes his mind, until he finds his answers, sadly, this NEET won't get a "yes". And I say sadly because it is actually possible, but we all are almost too blind in fear as to consider that possibility as even real, or at least until we actually decide to improve. And, since that's a self-made step which every person needs to take by themselves, until that person doesn't get a "click" on their head, one that shows them how to face reality in a different perspective Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1425532163012.jpg (56.49 KB, 499x425, 1424402181137.jpg)

>(even if they don't actually following said rules)
Even if they're not actually following said rules*

>There is a possibility my words may be that too click

There is a possibility my words may be that click too*

God, this is why I hate making long posts, always a fucking typo somewhere.

Holy shit dude, long time no see.
I've read in that other thread how you were doing with the new meds you're taking. I'm sorry you're on that, but I hope that things will improve for you, and good luck.


how are you broken?


why are you even on a board for NEETS if you're just going to be an ass.

>White dude


Please don't respond to old bait.

File: 1428439618197.png (448.95 KB, 550x630, 1428398738889.png)


Do you ever pretend it's a different time as a self-comforting method?

I often pretend it's 2013 because back then I had someone who loved me, and half-decent living conditions. I don't have any of that anymore, but I like to imagine I do.
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When it's late autumn and all the leaves are gone, I like to pretend it's the end of winter and spring is almost there.


No but I lie about how old I am and pretend I'm that age. Since I look really young I can pull it off. I usually go two years back for every one year so I'm 21 now and I say I'm 19 lol.



I say i'm a different age so I can drink heavily if that counts


I pretend it's 2010 so I can post shitty memes


I pretty much stopped physically and mentally aging since I was around 13-14. Feels like I've got aspegers at this point, but yeah. 2010.

File: 1427026919247.jpg (142.24 KB, 1280x720, kamisama_no_memo-chou01b.jpg)

 No.13868[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

so after being in a relationship for three years with a NEET girl, and being a NEET myself, I got sick of her lack of intellect and it eventually came to a breaking point when she wouldnt stop spouting radfemme memes.

whenever I talk to women on dating sites like okcupid or tinder, I try to look for intelligence. being a NEET I'm a scholar of everything, the internet and information being my lifeline so I'm very well versed in many subjects. unfortunately normal women who leave the house are incredibly susceptible to being caught in cliques and narrow minded thinking. so any kind of disagreement with a mainstream pop culture ideas gets instantly shut down with a "access to holes denied" cancellation of communication. I can do the whole thing where i can act like a dumbshit so they'll treat me as an equal. but if I wanted that I'd get a cat. so nothing of value lost. it's not like a stupid person denying access to holes is some kind of punishment when I could have a perfect waifu.

so in my failure to find a woman who isnt a complete emotional wreck, i've decided to go full NEET.

any advice on where to find NEET girls who arn't completely broken apart from the NEETness would be nice. something more like the quiet japanese men in hiki docos but without the man part I guess.
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File: 1429025616722.jpg (54.24 KB, 680x583, 985.jpg)

>Thread full of a guy complaining about feminists
>All he has to do is stay away from feminists


More like
>Thread asking about non radfemme NEET girls
>Femnazi complaining of anon being sexist
>anon proving women are sexist too
>Autism: The Thread

Both, please go, this shit is cancer.


it dont lasts forever.


File: 1437807309595.png (195.06 KB, 402x275, 1425791993234.png)

you have to be gay

i'm not memeing, there is just no other solution





File: 1399312340354.jpg (429.1 KB, 1000x784, SK-0025.jpg)

 No.10108[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Since the old thread is deeply buried and seems to be auto-saged (I tried posting in it without sageing, but it didn't get bumped), I suppose I'll start up a new one.
Link to old thread: http://uboachan.net/n/res/4186.html

NEETs and non-NEETs alike, please share with us your experiences with drugs.

This weekend, I did another 300mg of DXM HBr after several months of sobriety. I originally intended to take 600mg, as that would push me up to the third plateau, but I decided against it for the time being. It was roughly as intense as my first trip, and lasted about as long. Here's the trip log, although it's a little sparse: http://pastebin.com/57PjeVBG

This trip was different from the others; I didn't have nearly as many visions as before, nor did I have as many notably mind-warping experiences. I suspect this is because I was with two other people this time, and thus I opted to try and be as social as I could manage with them rather than isolating myself and floating amongst the hallucinations.

One thing that I found interesting was how I couldn't fall asleep despite the time of night (9:30 PM - 5:20 AM) and despite the intense feeling of sleepiness caused by the drug. Additionally, I confirmed that DXM makes my pupils dilate, although that wasn't terribly surprising.

I had a hangover again this time, but I seemed to expedite its passing by drinking lots of water, going on a slow-paced bike ride and exercising my balance (i.e. standing on one foot and sticking my other leg out), writing a short journal entry, and spending the rest of the day doing nothing mentally taxing.
The goal in doing all of that was to try and flush out the last bits of DXM in my system, to stimulate the parts of my brain that the DXM hit the hardest (muscle coordination, balance, and language processing), and to let my mind cool off after being pushed so hard. I don't know how much that helped to accelerate the passing of the hangover, but I'm feeling great today, so I suppose it didn't hurt.
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File: 1428215582247.gif (526.25 KB, 400x400, dont do it floating stairc….gif)

My friend got me stoned for my birthday and I ended up seeing fractals. Maybe it was my meds or something causing interactions, but it was actually pretty cool. Nothing unnecessarily bad happened to me (outside of derealization and such, but I'm talking pain or illness) and it actually kind of changed the state of my overall mood. That's something that's hard to achieve with BPD.
That said, even in the days I considered myself a stoner, my friends always would tease me about how much of an easy bake I was. I always was just a little higher than my friends, excluding the ones that actually had mental disorders. I also had a tendency to be really quiet and weird.


How did you all find your dealers? It seems like it'd be such an awkward experience


File: 1428265163391.jpg (79.05 KB, 744x461, spaceweed.jpg)

AOL chatrooms


My brother. Kind of lucked out, I suppose. You can buy drugs online too.


I hung out with the kind of people who did the drugs I wanted, and eventually I met the dealers. Most of the dealers I met were cool friendly people who just wanted to share a drug they liked.

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