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Hi /n/, it's been a while since I last visited uboachan. I'm coming up on my one year anniversary of NEETdom. Are there any former NEETs on the board who can give me some advice about how they worked up the ambition/direction to actually do something with themselves?


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I was a NEET for a little under two years. I stopped because of a combination of starting to have money problems and reading something that shook me out of my stupor. After that I just started applying for jobs over email, which wasn't as hard as I would have thought. Getting calls and going to interviews was really scary though. The first one was really bad and I ended up crying while driving back. Second try I got a job offer. Starting work was really scary too. But I got used to it. Things are okay now.


>reading something that shook me out of my stupor.
Please explain.


I second that.


Thirded lol.


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Fifth. I'm just… This is my fourth month of being a NEET now and going on Meetup.com and seeing a lot of young professionals made me feel horrible.
Having an inferiority complex is horrible…


File: 1429662402176.png (11.09 KB, 400x400, panic.png)

Well, it was Katawa Shoujo. I don't think that will work for anyone or even most people. It just happened to be what worked for me. I think there's probably something out there for each individual person that can do that.


There comes a point where all advice is useless, and it's either do or don't for you.

I was a NEET for a year. I decided to go look for a job because I could no longer support my lifestyle without a steady source of income.

It took me an incredibly long time to grow up and accept what i really wanted from life: to have a powerful computer and play video games all day. To be fair, the internet is a wondrous font of knowledge should I choose to learn something useful by browsing it, so I have a tremendous source of opportunities for further self-development on my hands.

>Katawa Shoujo
you what mate


Katawa Shoujo made me more depressed than anything.
My first and only path was Rin's. The way she said things and how she felt made me relate to her a lot more than any character I've encountered in any media.


I don't quite know about being able to relate to her better than any other character ever, but I did enough I loved her.


>looking at succesful people of your age makes you feel bad
>inferiority complex
An inferiority complex should you make feel happy about seeing other people more succesful than you. If you had a superiority complex, i could understand.


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Looking back on it, what made me depressed was probably the fact that my then friends made fun of her because of the way she described things and feelings, how "autistic" and "stupid" she was. I guess in a way it hurt me, but it made me who I am today.


I've had the full game lying around for years in my HDD until your post reminded me that I never really checked it.
Man thanks, this is something I needed to read right now.


File: 1430162792666.jpg (2.54 MB, 2220x1496, 1414017539274.jpg)


File: 1430196910256.jpg (141.54 KB, 370x641, HI GUISE.jpg)

Thanks, it's been really, if not extremely great so far.
Made Hanako's route first, then Emi and now I'm stuck trying to get the other (I suppose good) ending with Lilly.
Saving Rin for the final.
>That song
Goddamnit Jules, it keeps happening every single time in the Title screen after I open the game.


Rin was my first choice too.
I haven't even completed the game because it was so depressing.


File: 1431093623763.jpg (18.95 KB, 400x320, niggerspray.jpg)

Why are you guys talking about KS? Fuck just when I forgot about it and stopped being angry I'm going to fucking punch a dog outside.
>Be nice means you want to fuck the girl
>Do it and you'll be a piece of shit
>Be rude and the girl hates you
>Be more nice and the girl hates you forever
>Avoid romance and you fucking die
Kenji warned me, why I didn't listen
Fuck this.


>no option to have sex with kenji
yeah fuck this game !


File: 1431105335516.jpg (117.69 KB, 800x600, ktw_sj_kenji4.jpg)

Kenji best girl

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