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so after being in a relationship for three years with a NEET girl, and being a NEET myself, I got sick of her lack of intellect and it eventually came to a breaking point when she wouldnt stop spouting radfemme memes.

whenever I talk to women on dating sites like okcupid or tinder, I try to look for intelligence. being a NEET I'm a scholar of everything, the internet and information being my lifeline so I'm very well versed in many subjects. unfortunately normal women who leave the house are incredibly susceptible to being caught in cliques and narrow minded thinking. so any kind of disagreement with a mainstream pop culture ideas gets instantly shut down with a "access to holes denied" cancellation of communication. I can do the whole thing where i can act like a dumbshit so they'll treat me as an equal. but if I wanted that I'd get a cat. so nothing of value lost. it's not like a stupid person denying access to holes is some kind of punishment when I could have a perfect waifu.

so in my failure to find a woman who isnt a complete emotional wreck, i've decided to go full NEET.

any advice on where to find NEET girls who arn't completely broken apart from the NEETness would be nice. something more like the quiet japanese men in hiki docos but without the man part I guess.
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File: 1428852912095.jpg (117.43 KB, 492x492, bruh.jpg)

you still had the simple concept of what quotations marks mean in that context go over your head.

Also i don't see why so many men hate on women for becoming sex objects. You know who made them that way? Men. Through out almost all of history women were nothing but objects for a husband/father. They're just using what they have to get ahead. That's just the human condition. Men do shitty things to get ahead all the time. Even sexual things. Get over it. Who cares if grimes does that shit. Obviously her fans enjoy it, which are most likely more female then male. You'll never meet her and if you meet someone like her just ignore them completely. There's no reason to be do disdainful towards people for doing things you don't like.

And why so sour over women who are like this? Just move on. Usually its pretty easy to identify someone like that early on if you're actually looking for a relationship. Usually they're dumb or pretty obvious about their intentions. Not every girl you meet is gonna be perfect or even attractive to you and any girl that is will just laugh at you being so bigoted towards women who aren't you ideal woman.


File: 1428882172720.jpg (44.31 KB, 540x608, Bitches_ebd748_5016905.jpg)

well women in my generation have never known discrimination based on gender. they were born with the vote, equal opportunity, diversity quotas and 3rd wave feminism ect. ie. easy mode. men did not make them this way. they chose it for themselves.

oh I'm not saying that she's a terrible person. I actually like her music and quirky dancing. but it goes a long way to explain her success. in terms of the way that it exploits the human psyche and performs as a sort of blueprint for successful behavior to emulate.



Hot tip, stud: you're discriminating on women in your generation based on gender at this very moment!

So, how many fedoras do you own?



and, to add to that, men as well. :BIOTRUTHS:



>women in my generation have never known discrimination based on gender

you're one of those people who seriously thinks we live in a "post-racial" society too, aren't you?


File: 1428884734158.gif (1021.46 KB, 500x281, 1428799198969.gif)

Drat! The exceedingly intelligent and well learned anon has exposed my plot to exploit his altruistic psyche for my own nefarious goals. I guess this was to be expected with my inferior mental and physical faculties, thousands of years worth of social manipulation laid low by a handsome and brilliant man whos name the free world from here on out will not even have the privilege of knowing.

But mark my words gallant anon, after a thousand years of peace, when men have become weak from the lack of battle, moe will rise again.



Hey now, on paper we do! Still, admittedly it's better in the US than in… oh just about anywhere else. Could be better, though.

Still, the r/mra is strong in this one.


File: 1428885897673.jpg (254 KB, 708x741, what tumblr thinks about r….jpg)

>But mark my words gallant anon, after a thousand years of peace, when men have become weak from the lack of battle, moe will rise again.
>impyling moeshit isn't now in the top of the power pyramid


File: 1428887588324.jpg (43.21 KB, 640x480, Being gay is discriminatio….jpg)

>not being gay is discrimination
well I saw that one coming
>expecting people to not play the discrimination card for easy mode
well i can understand that it's easy to be lazy


>Comparing SJW nonsense to being called out on being an idiot with a cartoonish worldview

There's no way anybody can be this stupid and this smug at the same time and not be playing a joke. Then again it might explain where your attitudes about *~social cunts~* and women and other such things you're bitter about come from.



Your fedora's on a bit tight kiddo, maybe clean that cheeto dust out of your neckbeard a bit and you can find a nice NEET girl like yourself!


File: 1428889461357.png (120.41 KB, 317x317, 1410591426081.png)

Is this a reference to my post or what? (>>14106 )

Because then you're talking with two different anons.



Possibly both, who fucking cares.


>who fucking cares
I do. Now I understand why the other answers seemed to be opposing to whatever I said like I was a retard for not "understanding" what a quote mark is for.



So are you going somewhere with this or what's happening here, I'm not sure what it matters so much who I'm talking to, unless you don't share that oddly monolithic worldview of people that are not you, that the other anon has.

I know that not all NEETs are this bitter about entire groups of people (hello!) but there's a frightneningly large subset that are.


>tfw used to be somewhat like OP as a result of severe feelings of inferiority coupled with social anxiety

I hate 14 year old me.

If you'll let me derail this shitfest a bit I would also like a NEET to be with, but as long as they're cute and I can relate to them and they're not boring/dumb or too crazy to be with and not constantly be afraid of them killing themselves/being personality disorder riddled wrecks that barely seem like real people, well, that's already a fair amount to ask for.

It certainly must be a fair amount to ask for considering I've internet-dated two or three fucking people who were often attention-seeking through acting suicidal and/or borderline enough to make my life suck badly even though our lives were still ultimately separate.

Fuck, I just added someone recently like that on a lark, and still feel bad about it, because they do seem somewhat real and I can empathize.

Is a nice, interesting girl or girlyboy that much to ask for?
Oh wait I already answered that question.


>So are you going somewhere with this or what's happening here
Yeah, my point is that not everybody in this thread that is willing to discuss has either your point of view, OP's, or mine. My other post got replies like "lol can't u see what i even tried 2 say or wat?", and now you quoted what I said as if it was OP's words/OP wrote that.
It's like if someone points out something in any post for discussion it means that anon MUST think differently and is one of these "NEETs that this bitter about entire groups of people".


File: 1428892601578.gif (133.54 KB, 500x281, 26804976059.gif)

Never implied the first thing. If you don't want to be called out on being a sexist, stop saying sexist things. For example, seriously posting an article about how the majority of women use their moe aspects to manipulate men tends to leave people with a "tinfoil hat" impression. Do you honestly think that? Do you really think that people other than yourself lack morals?

Don't get me wrong, I respect that you love to learn and understand that you feel alienated, but creating a conspiracy to deal with it might be a bit far. This seriously reminds me of the opening to the "Welcome to the NHK" book.


File: 1428895091158.png (520.45 KB, 798x510, FortPastorDeadFrontier.png)

Chill out you pieces of shit.
Why are you arguing with so much passion who is sexist/sjw/neckberd? There is no honor to defend y'all fuckers anon lol.


File: 1428898496255.jpg (9.11 KB, 188x200, mad.jpg)


morals are old world values. today all that matters is adaptability. there is no community to apply moral thought to. we are all mercenaries now.

that's pretty much what OP is arguing. that crazy fucked up sexist women are terrible. just that maybe some people don't want to admit that there are just as many sexist women as there are men. and it's possible to apply sexism to yourself. and that it's possible to be sexist without checking privprivs

>not boring/dumb

well yeah, this is my argument for sexist women with superiority complexes. my sexism is more sexist than your sexism. they're just boring to talk to and mean about it to boot.
>not too crazy
crazy I can deal with.
>barely seem like real people
well this is what happens when people invest all of their effort into representing themselves as a desirable object instead of growing a personality.

the only difference between us is that I am more mad about the availability of this unobtainium.


>morals are old world values

You're joking right? There is never a time in human history where a majority of people didn't act out of self-interest above all else. Or any creature more complex individually than colony lifeforms, for that matter. "Morals" exist, but they're commonly a tool used by authority to make you feel better about not strengthening your own position, and by proxy, a way of strengthening your position by your relation to the authority! See: The Catholic Church throughout almost its entire history. Oh, and that Catholic church burned a lot of people over stupid shit, lest their authority be weakened by a more conscious society.

I love how people like you and the OP suggest all but directly that you're so much smarter and more cultured than everyone else, but you don't really know half of what you're talking about.


File: 1428955339760.gif (410.44 KB, 220x158, 2XGa3.gif)



the hell does that have to do with being sexist or them being sexist?



>what's that have to do with sexism

no idea. maybe r/redpill or whatever the hell bullshit of the week is going on. FEMENEST CUNTS

Ironically, their problems are the exact same as SJWs in that they don't want to find fault in themselves or take personal responsibility for people not finding them appealing. Horseshoe, SUCH SHALLOW PIGS/BITCHES etc.

I'd bet money that if the NEETgurl he found that fits all his criteria for personality was fat and/or ugly he wouldn't date her, and she'd retreat to an echo chamber where they demonize all men as pigs and the cycle continues. They would then, in that instant, be the same person.


File: 1428966708973.png (70.34 KB, 257x252, Uboachansecretsociety.png)

This thread is brought To You By


yes but there was merit in that kind of thinking. when most people never travel more than 10 miles from their home town in their whole lives, people remember the sins of the fathers. when you fuck someone over, they didnt just remember you were a dick, they'll remember for generations back that your family is a bunch of dicks. nowadays you can just skip town quite easily or there's always another sucker.

you've never met a psycho radfemme have you? I was in a relationship with a girl so convinced of the evils of men that she'd self harm and then insinuate to her family and friends that I had injured her just to keep me in my place, as an abusive man. I've been the victim of numerous false rape allegations. I studied once. was learning to be a primary school teacher. my supervising teacher hit on me but i wasnt interested. she didnt say anything at the time. but two months later the university called me in for a disciplinary hearing to tell me that they'd been investigating me for sexually abusing a child on my prac. this was her revenge. cry rape to punish the evil men. In her eyes, such a life ruining move was justified.


Holy shit



Forgive me if I don't believe your perfect storm of bullshit, but even if all that stuff did happen, it's just as common some random asshole/ette somewhere (or a group of them) spread rumours about a girl being an STD ridden slut and ruined her life for a few years with no repercussions.

Still, you gotta wonder what would make people treat you like shit. Or what kind of person you'd have to be to make something like that up. Typically, not a good one. Something tells me women aren't exactly clawing each others' eyes out to get to you.


File: 1428974739177.jpg (352.22 KB, 1172x791, 1364864131427.jpg)

>Still, you gotta wonder what would make people treat you like shit. Or what kind of person you'd have to be to make something like that up. Typically, not a good one. Something tells me women aren't exactly clawing each others' eyes out to get to you.

>if something bad happens to you it either means it must be your own fault or you deserved it

lol no, what kind of biased argument is that?

Also why is everyone discussing this shit when it's known nobody will change their way they think?



I see myself in this hilariously bitter anon and sometimes you need to administer tough love to prevent tragedy


honestly this doesnt ruin a girls life. because it's a well known tactic that doesnt work. also, why would any guy ruin his chances at keeping a fuck bunny qt3.14 on the side? it just doesnt make sense and you'd be more likely to be completely ostracized by all women for pulling a move like that.
well this should explain why I am NEET.


I think you're being sarcastic but if you're not, holy shit.

People will absolutely believe stupid made up bullshit rumours about someone. False rape allegations are rare but people believe those, and people readily believe "ha, school slut" nonsense too. A rumour from the right mouth can ruin someone's reputation until they find another social group.


File: 1428976063654.png (204.24 KB, 462x559, slutcrying.png)

>Side A: Radfems and Tumblr sluts
>Side B: Neckbears and pathetic remains of Wizchan
Whole thread pls go and stay go



Don't fucking summon them here you… you… ESS JAY DOUBLE YEW!


File: 1428976646058.png (416.19 KB, 498x574, imtoobigforyou.png)


File: 1428976708259.png (990.24 KB, 629x651, touhou_el demonio.png)

This is now a Touhou Thread


well i'm australian so girls are like sexually active from when they start highschool. so it's not really a thing for a girl to be a slut here. they're all sleeping around and it's acceptable. and that isnt really something that someone gets their knickers in a twist about. people screw. so what?


File: 1428976917642.jpg (86.57 KB, 680x527, worsttouhou.jpg)

>Title is meet NEET women
>Everything is sexism
>Nothing is sexism


>blah blah is sexually active when blah blah

same as everywhere else in the world and every gender, wow you're so special


File: 1428977183305.jpg (184.3 KB, 920x623, 0Cariglino in Koumakan.jpg)

Good thread, vote Cariglino 2015


File: 1428977371463.jpg (753.08 KB, 1632x1224, oronosak2.jpg)

Vote Cariglino Mayor of Gensokyo 2015


File: 1428977565840.gif (59.07 KB, 180x250, Moving-picture-skeleton-sn….gif)

>probably did fuck a kid and that's the lie he tells his family


File: 1428977734000-0.jpg (277.6 KB, 1200x680, 0Oroño Trip In Gensoukyo2.jpg)

File: 1428977734000-1.jpg (173.42 KB, 960x640, GENSOKYO CREW5.jpg)

Reimu, Aya, Hatate and Alice supports the best crew for this 2015 election.


File: 1429006218931-0.jpg (22.14 KB, 300x450, 3.jpg)

File: 1429006218932-1.jpg (21.34 KB, 300x450, 4.jpg)

File: 1429006218932-2.jpg (19.41 KB, 300x470, 1.jpg)

File: 1429006218932-3.jpg (21.25 KB, 290x450, 2.jpg)

>another man dies alone

this thread is great success for femimimsn


File: 1429025616722.jpg (54.24 KB, 680x583, 985.jpg)

>Thread full of a guy complaining about feminists
>All he has to do is stay away from feminists


More like
>Thread asking about non radfemme NEET girls
>Femnazi complaining of anon being sexist
>anon proving women are sexist too
>Autism: The Thread

Both, please go, this shit is cancer.


it dont lasts forever.


File: 1437807309595.png (195.06 KB, 402x275, 1425791993234.png)

you have to be gay

i'm not memeing, there is just no other solution





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