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Since the old thread is deeply buried and seems to be auto-saged (I tried posting in it without sageing, but it didn't get bumped), I suppose I'll start up a new one.
Link to old thread: http://uboachan.net/n/res/4186.html

NEETs and non-NEETs alike, please share with us your experiences with drugs.

This weekend, I did another 300mg of DXM HBr after several months of sobriety. I originally intended to take 600mg, as that would push me up to the third plateau, but I decided against it for the time being. It was roughly as intense as my first trip, and lasted about as long. Here's the trip log, although it's a little sparse: http://pastebin.com/57PjeVBG

This trip was different from the others; I didn't have nearly as many visions as before, nor did I have as many notably mind-warping experiences. I suspect this is because I was with two other people this time, and thus I opted to try and be as social as I could manage with them rather than isolating myself and floating amongst the hallucinations.

One thing that I found interesting was how I couldn't fall asleep despite the time of night (9:30 PM - 5:20 AM) and despite the intense feeling of sleepiness caused by the drug. Additionally, I confirmed that DXM makes my pupils dilate, although that wasn't terribly surprising.

I had a hangover again this time, but I seemed to expedite its passing by drinking lots of water, going on a slow-paced bike ride and exercising my balance (i.e. standing on one foot and sticking my other leg out), writing a short journal entry, and spending the rest of the day doing nothing mentally taxing.
The goal in doing all of that was to try and flush out the last bits of DXM in my system, to stimulate the parts of my brain that the DXM hit the hardest (muscle coordination, balance, and language processing), and to let my mind cool off after being pushed so hard. I don't know how much that helped to accelerate the passing of the hangover, but I'm feeling great today, so I suppose it didn't hurt.


Im a sad neet, other than alcohol i cant really afford anything nor get anything.
I havent tried anything either.
But im quite interested in this topic so i hope people reply.


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I've gotta say I love that dissociated afterglow from dissociatives. I just kind of ignore everything. It's peaceful. I have everyone in the entire world I want to talk to right where I want them, almost, I would rather ignore everything else.

Next of all, I read your trip log and GOD DAMN you trip way harder balls than me usually. I cannot get those kind of hallucinations regularly. I am sure you have more logs like this.

I've moved semi-recently, and while I used to never go out, now I go out to do things I need done for myself and have fun sometimes. I much prefer to be in a state where everything around me doesn't matter. I can go outside if I'm comfortably wrapped up in my own thoughts I guess.

On the other hand taking psychedelics outside when nobody is around in a naturey area like a park feels amazing. I seek out artificial experiences, but it really is healthy to get some nature now and then. I normally have severe allergies so nature and me have a love hate relationship, and I had become more used to being inside than outside after a certain point in my life, and have learned to be afraid of the outdoors. But when I lived in a wooded area I found myself at peace walking alone out there, as long as my allergies don't get the best of me. Drugs like marijuana, LSD, and shrooms have made me feel at one with the whole world at times, and it is those times I must bond with nature.


File: 1399324101604.jpg (899.09 KB, 1000x1250, d85421b03e0491814cf7a75d5e….jpg)

I've taken LSA on two occasions. I did it in order to alter perception and get out of mind loops, when my depression got extremely bad. I was so low that I seriously wanted to die those two times, and, hey, I'm still around.

It's a massive wall of text, but I think shortening the experience would not do it justice, so I put in in a pastebin. http://pastebin.com/KtkDSPEU


I need drugs that will make me feel what it's like to be happy. So far, I haven't had any luck.


File: 1399325598802.jpg (55.02 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Have you tried MDMA yet?


MDMA is good at making you happy, yeah.

You might also want to read my paste, though it's a more mellow kind of happy. More like a sense of safety, content. "Everything is fine and I like it."


File: 1399328977140.gif (72.18 KB, 240x320, 1378105139.03926083.gif)

Please Dr. Mario feed me ALL the drugs! I actually took MDMA last night for the first time. It was really good, but not as great as I was expecting. It feels alot like taking painkillers like vicodin or perkaset. Maybe I just didn't take enough.

I did like how I gave less of a fuck and less socially anxious while on it. If I could I would take it every day because it really takes the edge off.

It didn't make me happy though. I'm really lonely and I'm not too sure that meds of any kind can fix that. At least I have cute 2D girls, but I can take that only so far.


File: 1399332662725.jpg (9.22 KB, 157x161, thousandeyes.jpg)


when I had shrooms, I was able to detach emotionally from my problems and examine them. I made plans to change my life the next day and remove a few ass hats from my life, made some good decisions, drew, everything looked neat, etc. it was an overwhelmingly positive experience each time

some things doubled like pic related. my hallway looked a mile long. the visual effects were all really cool

I never did get to try acid. around here people are scared of psychedelics and love meth


Good god do I miss Dex.
Stuck off of it for awhile
Made the folks worry when I had a vomit/diarrhoea fit during a third plat. trip and they took me to the hospital, thinking I was going to die.


File: 1399390445616.jpg (437.25 KB, 1280x720, 1232189.jpg)

I'd like to say I have a decent amount of experience when it comes to drugs. lately I've been smoking more marijuana than anything as I don't have money for exciting things like psychedelics. I'd say I smoke about 3 to 4 grams a day usually by tobacco paper (blunts). recently I've been experimenting with prescriptions. I've tried kpins, xanax, ambien, and adderall. mostly through inhalation or snorting. I have found that kpins give me a depressed but comfortable feeling after I intake about 2 to 4 of them through the nasal cavity. These are extremely desirable on my end.


File: 1399403000834.png (1.48 KB, 201x192, Poisonmushroom.png)

I bought an eighth of mushrooms about 3 months ago and I'm afraid to take them. You think it's possible they went bad? They're in a 3DS box under my bed.


If the mushrooms weren't completely dry when you put them away, they could have grown poisonous molds. If they were dry and you didn't put them in an airtight seal like a ziplock bag, they are inert by now.

You should not take shrooms if you are afraid to take shrooms. You'll drive your own mind into bad places and have a bad trip. Hang out with and talk to other people who do shrooms, and sit on their trips, until you are confident that nothing bad will happen. NEVER DO YOUR FIRST TIME ALONE.

How comfortable you are with the shrooms (or any psychedellic for that matter), and the place you choose to take them, as well as your mood at the time, are all very influential factors in the outcome of your trip. Ideally you should feel completely at ease and be in good company. I recommend that you have your first psychedellic experience at home in the presence of an experienced and trusted sitter who will stay sober throughout your trip. After that, nature is always a good setting for most any psychedellic.

Myself, I've done Weed (not a drug lol), LSD, Shrooms, MDMA, DXM, Methoxetamine, 4-HO-MET, 3-MEO-PCP, DMT, and probably some others.

When I started out, I was fascinated with psychedellics, I had too much money floating around, and I was wildly irresponsible. I became psychologically addicted to psychedellics for a period of about 2 months. I don't have many memories from that time, except that I literally thought I was a wizard.

It's good practice to keep psychedellic trips about 5-7 days apart at the least, expecially since LSD, Shrooms, and some other psychedellics have cross-tolerance; If you do one of them, neither that one nor the others will have a full effect on you for 5-7 days after in most people. You should also take frequent long breaks from psychedellics so that your mind can return to baseline; only looking back later will you realize that you were starting to get a little nutty. With constant and frequent use you can become permanently insane.


Sometimes other shit is sold as MDMA on the streets. Beware. Real MDMA in correct dosage will make anyone happy, adverse effects are exceedingly rare (like 1 in 10,000).

For an average sized adult, you ideally want to ingest about 120-200mg. Anything less and you could get very limited effects; more than 300 and you risk seratonin toxicity syndrome, which is very unpleasant and often fatal. The dosage for insufflation is much lower, but it's a shorter and more intense trip, and leaves you more exhausted afterwards.

Also, try not to take more than once every two weeks, the longer wait the better. MDMA is an intense strain on your brain; it causes it to dump almost all of its seratonin and dopamine stores at once. That shit needs time to restock. Frequent use will result in lesser effects, neurotoxicity, and sometimes brain damage.


I've never heard of shrooms going bad over time but look into it


File: 1399411220452.jpg (273.16 KB, 1280x960, 13232.jpg)

How do you take your DXM, Kyoko ? I've tried 2 times, with sucrets, and syrup. With sucrets I had cold sweats and nausea. With syrup I had vomiting, and diarrhea. Is there any trick to it or do I have to tough it up ?


Do you think when Mario eats mushrooms he gets high?


I think he has an allergic reaction and swells up.


Now That's an idea you don't see often in youtube comedies skits about Mario. Paging Pewdiepie about this one..


File: 1399426290535.png (114.51 KB, 600x390, SK-0033.png)

Interestingly, the dissociative glow that followed me for a week after my last two trips was absent after this most recent trip. Either that, or it's substantially weaker than before. I honestly have no idea why; it could be anything from changes in my neurochemistry to spending the trip with other people versus alone. I suppose I'd have to run more experiments to know for certain, but I wait at least a month between trips, so it'll be a while.

I do have the two logs from my previous trips, but I already posted them in the old thread. I can repost them, if you're curious.

Your experience sounds absolutely beautiful. I must admit, I'm curious to try LSA now. Also, if you don't do any writing, then you should definitely start. You've quite a way with words.

I have no experience with MDMA, but I do know that weed will make you giggly and happy. DXM makes you feel nice to some extent, but it mainly dissociates you from your feelings; that is, with DXM, you aren't necessarily happy, but you certainly aren't sad or lonely.

Ah, I'm sorry that your trip was interrupted like that. Things like that are why I make a point of being away from my family when I go on these trips. Having someone barge in and misunderstand or interfere is the worst.

This is all sound advice. There's a reason why you feel brain-dead after using DXM and similar drugs: They put immense strain on your brain. Giving your body time to recover and measuring your dosages are both critically important, as you could otherwise end up with HPPD, serotonin syndrome, or brain damage.

Drugs are a lot of fun, but it's essential to exercise moderation and restraint in using them. Please be careful, Ubuu.

I typically take gel capsules. You can find Robitussin gel pills at the WalMart pharmacy that only contain DXM HBr as the active ingredient; those are what I use for my trips.

I have yet to experience sweating or diarrhea as a result of DXM, but the nausea haunts me throughout the trip and the hangover. If these symptoms are caused by your body's reaction to the DXM itself, then you're probably out of luck. It's possible, however, that they could be the result of other active chemicals in the sources you've been using. Make sure to check that said sources ONLY contain DXM as the active ingredient.


File: 1399437580362.jpg (256.62 KB, 1000x1000, 1319606750896.jpg)

I find if you take a common dose, wait a while, and then take another common dose later, you'll be good to glow.


Have you tried LSD? I've had LSD show me the good and light in everything more than once.


(I know I'm not the one you're asking but) I'd like to try LSD. Don't know a decent way of securing any; bitcoins are expensive as hell and I don't feel like complicating my life too much. Haven't really had too much of anything but weed a few times, tobacco and alcohol when I can get it. Salvia sounds nice but I haven't seen it anywhere around here. So does LSM.

>Getting drugs as an anxious hermit. Not very easy. I'd try harder stuff if I was given the opportunity.



File: 1399456546125.png (47.86 KB, 654x514, flow60.png)

I'm in love with psychedelics, but they're near impossible to get in my area. Everyone up here is to busy doing meth or heroin.

Nothing like wondering around at night with a head full of acid in the country. One time I broke into my old abandoned school and explored around. So much nostalgia, I even found our old homecoming trophy and fucked around with the intercom system. Saw some beautiful glowing flowers too, they kind of remind me of pic related. Also, music is way to good on acid.

I try to stay away from some of the more addictive drugs, but do take some adderal or opiates every once and a while when offered. Smoke pot erry day.


The school you went to got abandoned? That's incredible. I wish that happened to mine. Exploring it would the perfect thing. Can you tell me more about this particular adventure? I'm very interested.


The school was pretty much in the middle of the woods. About 15 minutes away from the nearest real town. The school was always a shithole, it was k-12 so I was there since kindergarten. Half of our lockers didn't work, boys bathroom was always flooded, lots of leaks and just a generally shitty building. The school actually closed down the same year I graduated, so it feels kind of cool being the last class to graduate from that school. No one has done anything with the building so every once and a while I break in and have some fun. But other then some sporting equipment, desks and chairs there's not much in there anymore. All but 4 of the rooms are empty. It was a lot more fun breaking in back when it was still a school, managed to get myself some free computer parts back then. It's a very eerie and nostalgic feeling walking through your old school with a head full of acid. I was pretty mind blown when I managed to find the old beat up trophy we had for homecoming, I ended up bring it home with me. It's kind of ironic that one of the guys who gave the least fucks about homecoming and any school activity now has the trophy. They left the intercom system working too, so that was pretty fun to mess around with.

Really makes me want to explore more abandon buildings, but all I got around in my area is some gravel pits and hunting shacks.


Im finally getting ready to get some good LSD back from the old sources from the GV Golden Age. For that I cannot wait. You see, I had this dream where two of my friends just invited me to go climb a mountaintop, and there was beauty and color to it all. Youll probably find it in DJ or /yume/. Anyways the end of the dream brought thoughts to fruition that I am not even close to free staying here anymore.

As per the last thread, i remember that one, I'm doing a lot better with my opiates and today I took the last I had of my suboxone. Im pretty sure Im about to go through withdrawals pretty soon because ive almost constantly been on 2mg/day for about 4 months. But this last 4 months is cleaner than ive been over the last 3 years. Do we have any addicts up in here that can back me up on this next statement? Doing opiates felt good, but I ended up shutting myself in, getting addicted, and eventually having a wake up call. 4 30 in the fucking morning and I still havent slept, and Ive changed my bed sheets twice from the sweating. Between my depression and apathy were episodes of wanting to shit and puke at the same time. So I ended up in rehab, got out, and for some reason decided to start suboxone on my next run. Not something Id ever wish for someone I hate. Not even that drunk fuck who pissed all over my magic cards.


dude that sounds awesome! You should check and see if your county has a paranormal guild like mine does. The best places are not well known.


File: 1399575771955.jpg (106.48 KB, 996x851, 1337314405674.jpg)

Sorry to bother you again, but you seem pretty knowledgeable about DXM. I've asked these questions before on 420chan, but I didn't seem to get very trustworthy or consistent answers. (People there really don't know what they're doing. Always mixing drugs they shouldn't and giving themselves serotonin toxicity.)

>1. Does the term "dissociation" when applied to the effects of drugs like DXM and ketamine refer to the same sensation/symptom of dissociation found in "dissociative-spectrum" mental disorders like depersonalization and DID?

I'm in a lot of emotional pain and have been looking for a form of temporary relief for a long time. You said "with DXM, you aren't necessarily happy, but you certainly aren't sad or lonely," which is essentially exactly what I'm looking for. But if the answer to this question is yes, I'm afraid I might be making things worse and undoing progress I've made so far with my mental health. What do you think?

>2. I've done a lot of reading on DXM, but I can't seem to find much information on the genetic deficiency of the "CYP2D6" enzyme. According to Wikipedia and some other sources, about 1 in 10 Caucasian people have the deficiency. Generally, it makes internalizing and processing of drugs like DXM very difficult for the body to handle–i.e., lower doses become as effective as high doses, and higher doses are so potent that they become lethal. Is there a way to find out, aside from genetic testing, whether I have this deficiency?

I'm very interested in psychoactives, but I'm also extremely paranoid. If you don't think the first question poses an issue, can you please convince me to take DXM? I'm tired, I'm really hurting, and I just want a break–just a few hours of emotional numbness. But I'm afraid. One night, I spent 7 hours straight just staring at the pills, trying to get myself to take them, but I couldn't. I just don't know if I should. Are people like this better off simply enduring the anguish and loneliness?


if all of you are gonna dive into drugs at least try to learn from the experience as much as you can


File: 1399607345548.jpg (235.71 KB, 900x1227, Calvin_and_Hobbes_exp_by_l….jpg)

Kinda want to try salvia but I don't know where to find it around here. Supposedly you can find it in corner stores, smoke shops and so on but I haven't seen any since I was rummaging around my older brother's bag 5 years ago. I would order it online and and maybe have it delivered to a friend's house but I don't exactly have credit, and even if I did I'm not sure of where to find it.
Can I get any help here?


Drugs are wonderful. I feel like life is actually possible under their influence. Social anxiety melts into the ocean. Opportunities to talk to other human beings and learn how wonderful they are. Doing things becomes interesting. Reborn.

They also seem to have unlocked feelings in me that I couldn't access before. I align myself everyday to use as much of the beneficial ones as possible.

Really empathize with all of you that can't acquire much due to a lack of connections and shortage of money. I'm trying very hard to amend my own situation with these things at the moment.


You could always use the silk road. It came back.


I don't really have any experience with drugs other than the prescribed kind. The only actually enjoyable thing I've done is xanax, which I love, but I can't use that very often for fear of becoming addicted. I wouldn't mind trying some other things, but I don't leave the house and I'm too afraid to order anything off the internet. I'm not even sure what I'd get even if I could. I just want something that will make me happy, preferably something that isn't terribly addictive.


File: 1399673994123.png (297.24 KB, 600x689, SK-0028.png)

Be sure to check the DXM FAQ to see if it has the answers to other questions you might have: https://www.erowid.org/chemicals/dxm/faq/dxm_faq.shtml

For your first question, I have no idea if DXM's dissociation is the same as those of dissociative disorders, but in my experience DXM does an excellent job of numbing you to emotional pain and loneliness. I can't recommend that you use it exclusively for that purpose, though, since you could develop a psychological dependency on it.

I'm doubtful that DXM will make anything worse in terms of your mental health as long as you don't do anything crazy like take large dosages in relatively quick succession (e.g. multiple trips a week), go on a Sigma trip, or use DXM as a crutch for handling your emotions. You retain the majority of your presence of mind during the trip, so you could most likely recognize and stop a potentially destructive line of thought or action.

Truthfully, I've never heard anything about this genetic deficiency before now. Regardless, one way of testing to see if you have this defect would be to take a fairly small dosage – maybe around half of the minimum for someone of your body mass to reach the first plateau – and see what happens. If you don't feel much of anything, then you presumably wouldn't have this defect, but if you have some sort of experience (I'm guessing it could fall under any of the four standard plateaus; I don't really know, as, again, I'm unfamiliar with this deficiency), then you could conclude that you had it.

I'm sorry, Anon, but I'm not going to talk you into taking DXM. As with any drug, you should only take it if you yourself are both interested in it and completely comfortable using it. I'd be more than happy, however, to talk with you about whatsoever may be troubling you, if you don't mind discussing it.

I'll have you know that I started taking DXM purely out of scientific curiosity and a love for experiments. I've learned tons along the way about normal and abnormal states of consciousness, about DXM and how it affects the mind, and about myself and my psychology.

I also acquired a taste for breakcore after my DXM trips. That alone more than makes up for the hangovers.

I feel your pain. My access to essentially everything other than DXM is sorely restricted due to having no means of accessing it that I'm willing to use (I don't especially care to buy things from street dealers, nor am I bold enough to order anything from the Silk Road). Apparently, Salvia is legal in some states, so you might be able to get it online through sources other than the Silk Road depending upon where you live: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_status_of_Salvia_divinorum_in_the_United_States


File: 1399681473301.jpg (50.5 KB, 480x640, hWF1iWt.jpg)

If Wikipedia is correct they don't prohibit it at all up here. Great! I think the types of stores I'd be likely to find it in probably would let me in anyway, but I'm turning 18 soon enough, so even if I can't get ahold of it in the immediate future it's certainly something to look forward to.


File: 1399682826828.jpg (321.93 KB, 800x730, 6bbdaf3b238b25c307e194d86b….jpg)

Have you used the new SR yet?
Is it safe?
Is it easy to spot out scammers?
How do I find it?

I just want some damn lsd again but don't want to get ripped off or jailed.



Salvia is legal to sell to adults where I live, but I'm not sure if I should take psychedelics. I already have a personality disorder that makes it difficult for me to perceive reality as others do, so I don't want to make that even worse. Plus I don't have anyone to stop me from doing something stupid while I'm on it.

I don't really know what I should take if anything. I have weak lungs and can't smoke, psychedelics might make my delusions worse, dissociatives might make my depersonalization symptoms worse, stimulants might make my anxiety worse, and I have a family history of addiction. I want something that will make me happy and functional so badly, but it doesn't seem like I have any options.


File: 1399719059176.jpg (512.31 KB, 1366x768, 0231.jpg)

>I'm sorry, Anon, but I'm not going to talk you into taking DXM. As with any drug, you should only take it if you yourself are both interested in it and completely comfortable using it.
I thought you might say that, but thanks so much for the advice. It's a sound rule of thumb. Even though I'm more interested in exploring the experience itself than the emotional relief, the potential of becoming psychologically addicted to DXM was one of the reasons I didn't try it initially. And now that I've started taking SSRIs, I won't be doing any DXM anyway. If I ever want to in the future, I'll be sure to come off the anti-depressant first, wait a few weeks, then try a low dose to test about that enzyme-deficiency. I have a feeling it's rarer than 10% of Caucasians because of how little you hear about it, but it's always better to play it safe.
>I'd be more than happy, however, to talk with you about whatsoever may be troubling you, if you don't mind discussing it.
It's nothing incredibly interesting. I'm these people from /ot/: >>10519 so you've basically heard the story for the most part. (And seen how annoying I can be.) We're lonely because we get treated like brain-damaged children. If not that, then people give us the "you're more than one person? Gimme a fuckin' break… Own up to your actions already" look. I just want to say, "Believe me, if I could remember things, if I could just 'cut the shit and act normal', as you say, I would," but instead I just stay silent.

I don't see how the SSRIs will make us feel any better when we're living around such intolerant people, but I'm willing to try. It is going to be especially difficult to remember to take them, though. We're still all over the place and still looking for a friend. So I guess that's pretty much it. We go back to the shrink on Monday, so we might disappear for a while if they decide to hospitalize us again. (Not that anyone would notice; I don't namefriend anywhere.) Anyway, as always, thanks for the advice. You tripfriends are pretty cool.



ensure that it is legal where you live, and try local headshops if it is

not all of them in my region stock it but some do. I picked up some amanitas from there as well and completely forgot to use them

you can also get it online


I'm taking SSRI anti-depressants and Risperdal anti-psychotics. I still get high when I smoke weed, but does anyone know if they would counter-act any high I would get if I were to take shrooms or mdma?


shrooms, lsd, mdma and many other psychedelics work on your seratonin receptors, and taking them with those meds can seriously fuck you up. Permanent brain damage.


File: 1399828689636.gif (1021.84 KB, 283x198, 1396733570309.gif)

Okay good to know. I'll start easing off them now and let it all clear out of my system a week before this 4 day festival that I'm going to with some new friends.

Is it possible that I take MDMA one day, LSD the other day, and shrooms the next day without getting wrecked?


File: 1399830118396.jpg (77.26 KB, 600x450, 1396714592604.jpg)

I wish I had cool Japanese schoolgirls to party with. ;_;


When i tripped lsd it took me about a day to completely come back to reality. shrooms made me sick the day after i ate an eight of them for the first time but it has yet to happen again. you will feel "sticky brained" after using either of those and its probably a good idea to space those out and not do them day after day.


A lot of psychedelics share a cross-tolerance you should wait at least 2-3 days, I wouldn't do them after mdma because you're in serration-drained hell mentally after it sometimes I wouldn't mix mdma and shrooms if you have a weak stomach.


File: 1399886305393.jpg (272.9 KB, 1280x1024, 111012_0005.jpg)

You're going to want to look into cross tolerances. If anything you're going to need to up your doses as the days go by. I'd go as long as you can without taking your meds just to make sure nothing bad happens. Nothing bad should happen from taking those 3 drugs one after another, hell I took all three of those drugs in one night and had an amazing trip. Just try not to trip to hard in unfamiliar places and make sure one friend is always sober enough to hand an emergence if shits does go down.

Pro tip: Smoke some weed while you wait for the psychedelics to kick in, weed goes good with almost any drug IMO.


Oh and MAKE SURE to drink lots of water. Don't want to get dehydrated or anything, that's when you really start to feel like shit.


I have two tabs of ~180ug L sitting in a box in my closet. They've been sitting there for a couple weeks now… I really, REALLY want to eat one as I've never tried any classic psychedelics (only nbomes sold as L) but I'm waiting for my only friend (who's much more experienced with psys) to come back from visiting his mom across the country. I'd rather take it alone, but everybody seems to say tripping alone isn't a good idea your first time. I'm close with my friend, but I'm still more comfortable alone when I'm sober. It doesn't really matter though, as I don't have anywhere I could go for ~12 hours that would be suitable for tripping, nor do I have anywhere I could tell my grandmother I am for ~12 hours. That's why I'm waiting for my friend to get back; we'll probably just go camping up in the mountains or something. Or maybe just a park in town. I don't know man. As excited as I am to try, it really seems like such an inconvenient drug.


MDMA can be mixed with shrooms or LSD for an AMAZING synnergy. However, taking LSD the day after shrooms or vice versa will do very little since they have ~3-7 days cross tolerance with each other.

Once you've done LSD a few times you'll be able to handle yourself in public without anyone noticing you're high. For your first time however, you should do it in a comfortable place with an experienced friend.


>Once you've done LSD a few times you'll be able to handle yourself in public without anyone noticing you're high
Well that's reassuring. It seems like such an amazing drug but I was just a bit turned off by how inconvenient it seemed, but it makes sense you'd want to be able to do you without worrying about others when it's your first time on a new substance, especially a psychedelic.


File: 1400031890461.gif (1.37 MB, 720x480, 1383713235984.gif)

The first time I did DXM, I was alone for most of the time. Over the course of a few hours, I went from puking my guts out to just feeling really strange and then when I tried to go to sleep, I got paranoid about breathing and I thought I wouldn't be able to breathe unconsciously so I set my watch timer to ever 10 seconds and that's when I would take a breath. This lasted for longer than I care to admit. Maybe it would have been different if there was someone there with me.

I'm more experienced now and have no problem getting stoned by myself, but for the first time you definitely want someone to be there with you just in case.


File: 1400048159449.jpg (28.8 KB, 500x375, 1375940748204.jpg)

A few things about psychedellics.

Your first time will be an experience unlike any you've ever had. It cannot be described in words, and it is different for every person, every time. I cannot tell you what will happen on a psychedellic, but through a fuckton of experience with shrooms and LSD, I will tell you some things that are likely to happen.

First, some warnings. When I was addicted to psychedellics for a couple months (they are not chemically addictive but the feeling can be), I must have blown several thousand dollars on my binge; I cannot remember much from then, however I do know that I became delusional. I thought I was literally a wizard, and started getting some strange, kind of religious views about how the universe "works". I was also freaking out all of my friends.

Eventually I woke up one morning after a crazy binge and a good friend of mine rang the doorbell. He told me that my friends were worried, my house was a mess, and I should slow down. I took a break for a month. Looking back, I can understand what a wingnut I was starting to become.

LSD will make you have strange thoughts. It will make your mind grasp for patterns; everything you look at will be made of shifting patterns, you will think in patterns, you will see patterns where you didn't before. Sometimes you will invent patterns in your head and you'll end up with weird theories. Careful where you tread.

Also, sychedellics very often cause PERMANENT CHANGES TO YOUR PERSONALITY. They are SERIOUS FUCKING LIFECHANGING BUSINESS, not a party toy. Be prepared. I am thankful for what I've gotten out of psychedellics. Many people are. Ask a good friend a week later if you've changed at all.

And last but not least, think about shit on LSD. You'll examine problems in ways you never considered, and probably come to very helpful conclusions which can positively influence your life. If your thoughts start going in an uncomfortable direction, think about something else or distract yourself. And beware, you will tend to fall into circular thought patterns.



Lastly, things that may happen:
1) Short term memory loss" On the cusp of the trip your memory may only last about 15 seconds. If you think about something and then follow that thought in some direction, you may find in ~15 seconds you cannot remember where your thought started.

2) Weird tactile feelings: You may feel strange grimy or electrical sensations under your skin or inside your body. Sometimes there may be some pain. Keep in mind that there has never been a single instance in history of someone dying from LSD; the lethal dose is not known but even doses which will permanently fry your brain will not cause permanent physiological changes under any circumstances. Pain, strange feelings, nausea, all of these are entirely hallucinated and they WILL pass.

3) Textures will shift around and patterns or images may appear within those textures. They may be faces, eyes, geometric patterns, or anything really. On a less-than-huge dose you should be able to tell with absolute certainty what is a hallucination and what is not. (At least for visual hallucinations.)

4) You may be certain that people are in a different mood than they actually are. If you think your sitter is upset with you, they probably aren't; just ask them.

5) You may know exactly what someone will say or do seconds before it happens. Some people call this telepathy, but I think it's caused by a delay between your senses perceiving things and that information being processed by your conscious mind; your brain will lag.

6) Your senses may become enhanced, for example you may be able to easily see individual strands in a carpet fiber.

7) You will think about shit in amazing new ways, and maybe solve some difficult problems. LSD is a cognitive enhancer; your brain will probably not calm down until you come down. Some people can't sleep on LSD.

8) Indescribable or overpowering emotion: You may feel overwhelmed by an emotion, as if that emotion encompasses your entire being. You may also feel "weird" emotions – emotional feelings that don't correspond to any emotional spectrum you are familiar with and thus cannot be described.

9) Shifting and/or more brilliant colors.

10) LSD can be a very potent aphrodesiac. You may get very aroused. Make sure there's nobody with you who you might fuck and regret later.

11) If you spiral into a bad trip, you may feel like the universe is collapsing around you. It's not, trust me.

12) You will believe weird shit.

13) You will see a fucking kaleidoscopic light and art show, just for you, if you keep your eyes closed.

14) If you stare at something with your eyes relaxed, that thing will look more and more LSD'd with every moment.

It's not just something that hippies like to say; psychedellics will really expand your mind. The new and useful ways you learn to think on LSD, and the affinity for logic you may gain on the trip, will stay with you to some extent for the rest of your life. There's a reason that many ancient tribes required every adult male to take psychedellics once. Be careful, be safe, and have lots of fun.

BTW, in case of psychiatric emergency, if you eat a fuckton of Vitamin D, it will soften your trip. I'm not talking a glass of milk, but like 2 or 3 supplement pills. It's better to keep some Xanax or Lorazepam around, these are a class of drugs called benzodiazepines that will slay a psychedellic in about 15 minutes, but you may not be able to get them. (Benzodiazepines work on all psychedellics, Vitamin D only works on LSD.)


File: 1400055429561.png (536.39 KB, 600x600, 1399601236402.png)

Holy shit man, what a response! It's really, really, really appreciated. The part about being addicted to psychedelics was interesting because it's obviously not something you hear about too often. I think the only other person I knew had dealt with something similar was my high school pot dealer, and he didn't really go into much detail as he was much more burnt out then you are. Do you still trip, or do any drugs for that matter?
>LSD will make you have strange thoughts. It will make your mind grasp for patterns; everything you look at will be made of shifting patterns, you will think in patterns, you will see patterns where you didn't before. Sometimes you will invent patterns in your head and you'll end up with weird theories. Careful where you tread.
I've never heard this before, but I'm really glad you told me because it sounds important. Obviously I can't ignore every pattern I might notice, but I'll definitely do my best to take them with several grains of salt.
>It's better to keep some Xanax or Lorazepam around, these are a class of drugs called benzodiazepines that will slay a psychedelic in about 15 minutes, but you may not be able to get them
Yeah, I'm very well acquainted with benzos, for a while last year I was a bit too well acquainted with them. Was self-medicating for anxiety but it fucked me up in so many ways. I eventually got off them, and was really lucky in that my anxiety is actually less severe than before, but that seems to be pretty rare, albeit possible. But anyways, yeah I won't be able to get any benzos (or any other drugs for that matter, I'm pretty broke right now..) but I do have some seroquel laying around that I occasionally take to sleep. I think that could do the trick, but hopefully I won't need to resort to that. If I know myself at all, I predict just having it will make me feel a lot better.

Damn, your response managed to make me even more excited to dose. Thanks again


File: 1400057870256.png (194.56 KB, 500x573, elsen34.png)

>LSD will make you have strange thoughts. It will make your mind grasp for patterns; everything you look at will be made of shifting patterns, you will think in patterns, you will see patterns where you didn't before. Sometimes you will invent patterns in your head and you'll end up with weird theories. Careful where you tread.

>You may also feel "weird" emotions – emotional feelings that don't correspond to any emotional spectrum you are familiar with and thus cannot be described.

>You will believe weird shit.

Out of curiosity, how does this affect someone whose mental state already does these things? (I have a personality disorder on the schizophrenia spectrum and my mind already does this). I've wondered about taking psychadelics like LSD at some point but I've heard how it'd change personality and such. Given my brain chemistry is already probably different from people, I have no idea how it might affect me at all…


I still trip often.

I have friends with Schizophrenia who do psychedellics and are just fine. It's a well known possibility however for psychedellics to permanently exacerbate dormant or existing mental conditions.


> It's a well known possibility however for psychedellics to permanently exacerbate dormant or existing mental conditions.

Sounds scary… With this knowledge of changing people's perceptions or exacerbating mental conditions, why do people do it? I really don't understand. As I've said, I already have some of the experience supposedly from my disorder and I don't think it's worth anything to risk yourself with… Pls to explain? /sorry I'm so ignorant


Anti-psychs (anti-dopamine) don't do anything for me besides put a damper on weed highs. At least, I feel a lot more level-headed when I take them and smoke weed at the same time. Might have to do something with the cannabinoid receptors synergizing with dopamine receptors. It could also be placebo. We'll see.


I think it's more of a love for exploration and discovery of the unknown. It's kindof like going to the beach and having this yearning to swim all the way across the Pacific, but you know you can't so you take the trip in your mind.


You might experience certain feelings that you did not experience before. Sometimes these feelings are very strong. The end result is often some kind of change as a person.

I've only to say good things about them, despite a few nightmarish trips. Which I think are beneficial anyway.

I sought after them because that's exactly what I wanted. To be shown things that would make me wake up to life. Prior to, I lost everything and was expecting death any moment. It was an easier decision for someone like me.


File: 1400134146232.png (338.11 KB, 548x308, 1394673621169.png)

It's kindof like taking your life and making a kaleidoscopic image out of it. So you can see different angles that are ever changing.


My life is boring

So thats why I do drugs I guess


lately ive been getting into opiates mainly norcos (the pills in my hand) they are 750mg each and i snort abouy half of one at a time. The high is similar to marijuana but more intense. Usually i feel really slow and really heavy so i only use them before i sit down to do something. Theyre extremely cheap and easy to find.


File: 1400613835189.jpg (904.1 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20140520_120314.jpg)

forgot pic


Where do I even start…


Uh mods I'm new around these parts but it appears the rules say not to post about illegal things. Drugs are illegal. Can I not post about drugs? Is this thread no longer valid?


It's not illegal unless you get caught


I'd absolutely love to start a shitstorm about this and mods know it, cause drugs are for losers, but posting about drugs, is nothing illegal, you know, that freedom of speech bullshit, posting CP or evidence of an homicide, is a different case.
People can post about drugs, guns, terrorrism, and even fruits if they want.


File: 1400690110341.jpg (320.4 KB, 1280x905, 24572468.jpg)

Discussing drugs, suicide, darknet or whatever else that's illegal or shady is allowed, posting links to illegal things or making posts with serious intent to go through with it [in case of suicide] is not.


File: 1400700280130.jpg (34.88 KB, 177x278, 1323668190653.jpg)

Where I live, it's illegal to use drugs. In an odd technicality of the law, it's not illegal to be under the influence of a drug regardless of what your age is, though it is illegal to do some stuff while under the influence. My law teacher advised me to eat any drugs I have during a bust.



were you taking drugs with your law teacher, anon


No, but that would be absolutely fucking radical.


File: 1400727864835.jpg (46.55 KB, 960x540, 10310986_514492208655195_5….jpg)

I've recently (in the past month or so) started being proactive in my drug searching, as I used to only used to smoke weed/tobacco as they were the easiest to come in contact with. So far, I've done: DXM, MDMA & Salvia.

I really enjoyed the feeling of MDMA, bought 2grams recently of some quality stuff, going to take it and jerk off for a couple hours. As for DXM, I think I had food poisoning which entirely ruined my experience, puked infront of a family of 4 in a playground at night and then held in a nasty diahrea for a few hours, untill I busted into a random friends house. I drank around 300ml~, I felt too ill to move, so I sat at the bottom of a really comfy playground for a while when my friend left me to grab some weed to help with the symptoms. When he came back and ripped a bowl with me.

For some reason I don't seem to "trip" like other people do, my mind is always atleast clear-ish, nothing feels strange physically, but even so I robowalk because it feels natural, and the same thing today on salvia: my mind was fine for the most part, if it weren't for the strange walking or head in the lap for 30 seconds, nobody could tell that I was high. I can't really describe how I felt, the only word I really have it "strange".

I may have found some LSD though, although the person I'm buying from says it's in "pill form", he got pretty pissed when I called him out on it, but I'm buying it anyway to try. Does anybody have experience with LSD in/on pills? Also, general recommendations? I think MDMA is my favourite drug so far, it feels amazing to me.

>pic related, me tripping on DXM


File: 1400734053414.jpg (47.87 KB, 540x568, lsd_microdots12.jpg)

Maybe the guy meant microdots? Pretty uncommon but they're around.


I'll ask, but I don't know the guy personally, and a girl is acting as our middleman so I assume that she has no idea about anything, and is probably being scammed. I'll ask anyway, thanks. Also, what would you recommended as minimum down-time for MDMA? I don't want to be abuse too hard, seeing as I'm already pretty down in the dumps.


1 week is do-able but sketchy and will end up fucking you in the long run. 2 weeks is… okay but still not a good idea really. 3 weeks is solid, but 4+ is even better.


This weekend was my first time with MDMA, I probably only barely hit the threshold, as my friend brought some for a couple of us to sample, and some random guy came along to bum which split the serving sizes. The high was definitely there, just not as long as I'd hope it would be (maybe only an hour long?). I'll definitely atleast try to wait longer before the next time, just want to experience it in its fullest as soon as possible.

Hit an old friend up on facebook, cheered me up alot and resulted in a contact for LSD (maybe).


My first experience was pretty much the same. Just above threshold, mostly because I sniffed it instead of just eating it like a normal person. I just felt really at peace and talkative. I also felt really connected to my friend whom I did it with. A good time, but far from "rolling". A lot of the time it didn't even really feel like I was on drugs, even though I was feeling the effects, if that makes sense.

Right on man. Just be aware that 'acid' is really common these days, but it's a reaaallly high chance that its an NBOME of some sort and not real LSD. I don't know what it's like where you are but I used to live in the midwest and 'acid' didn't even mean LSD, it just meant a drug on paper. If someone meant LSD, they specified it. I've done 'acid' on several occasions and while it can be a fun time I still find it pretty sketchy and not worth it (vasoconstriction to the max, metallic taste in the mouth, no headspace for the most part, seemingly random OD potential, etc etc). I've actually never done LSD; >>10258 is me lol. But yeah, just don't buy it expecting real L or you'll be disappointed. But you never know, maybe you've found the hook-up. A good way to tell if it's legit is if you get a fucked up metallic numbness in your mouth. Apparently LSD will never give you that feeling, but every time I've eaten NBOMEs I've gotten it.

Oh and I re-read >>10382 and in regards to you getting "food poisoning", did you make sure to get syrup with dextromethorphan hbr as the only ingredient? That's like the number one rule with robotripping; I was never a big robo fan and even I know that one. If it has guaifanesin or however you spell it theres a pretty good chance you're gonna be blowing out both ends, and if it has acetephomten or however you spell it there's a good chance that um… something unhealthy will happen. That's all I know on that one lol. Like I said I was never into dxm besides experimenting 2-3 times so I only know that information through an old friend that was into it pretty heavy for a minute.


I also snorted it, I know what you're saying and it was sort of the same with me. I'm going to be just swallowing a 0.18 crystal tomorrow.

The other "LSD" contact I have know is pretty sketchy, girl who knows a guy. She's going to send me a picture of the pill soon, will report back.

I made sure that DXM HBr was the only ingredient, I ate a burger king burger and poutine earlier that day, I love the poutines but they always give me the shits. This wouldn't be the first time I've puked off fast food, so I'm pretty sure that was it.


File: 1400804324777.png (964.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2014-05-22-15-0….png)

Finally got up and plugged my phone into my computer, excuse the panties, but here's what I'm receiving, which her dealer claims is LSD.


o.o I'm not used to seeing LSD as a pill.


Nor am I, that's why I was kind of rattled. I called her out on it a bit, she was kinda pissed so I stopped. Welp, atleast she promised to do coke off my dick. I'm most likely going to try a bit of it, maybe split it with someone.


What the fuuuuck

Oh well might as well eat it anyways and see what happens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Going to sit free up an entire day and make sure I'm not disturbed, with a tripsitter ofcourse. I paid for "3 doses", whatever that means, apparently it's all in the pill. Just scared it's going to fuck me up bad, anyone have experience with NBOME's? I'm really doubting that this is LSD, and hoping that it's at worst, an NBOME.


File: 1400819594069.jpg (37.27 KB, 320x240, 0503141311-00.jpg)

I'm a neet who often occupies myself with drugs. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. Drugs make me feel more normal and help me function, there are a lot of things i do better on drugs and my over all mood is much better. That said I certainly also use drugs recreationally to a fault, and have gone way to far at times hurting myself in the process. Right now I'm pretty blasted on some 3-meo-pcp i freebased and opium i smoked.

I've been doing a lot of 3-meo-pcp. Maybe too much, probably really. It's pretty damn great though easily one of my top five favorites. I really enjoy making it into a freebase and smoking it, so nice. I've been smoking bowls of 3-meo-pcp and opium sandwiched between some weed all day and it's lovely.


Finally got to doing that MDMA again, and it's absolute bliss. Swallowed a .18 crystal (5'8, 115 pounds) whole at an art studio, chilled for a while to wait for it to kick in then set off. On the way to my friend's house I could feel the come-up, everything's just so wonderful. I can only describe the feeling of being wrapped up in my friend's amazing bed with the words: fluffy, floating and straight cozy. Being able to cuddle and have my head massaged sent waves of ecstasy through me, I was just so content. I sent a text to a friend along the lines of; "I am so content with everything, I fucking love everyone and everything". Only weird thing was I found it kind of harder to piss, had to load myself full of liquids before I could. If there was any drug I could see myself abusing, it's probably MDMA. Fuck this three week cooldown.


I can only feel like myself outside of my room on drugs. Right now I'm at a convention but I've found a hiding place to cry and keep myself away from others' gazes. Yesterday was even worse. I come here because I want to make friends but I just can't. After this year, I will not come back unless I have access to drugs to help me socially. It implants a deep sadness in me, to see everyone around me enjoy life with each other while the only thing I have in life is this gaping hole in my heart.

It's strange, I felt like I awoke from a long dream when I had my first real experience with psychedelics, like it would be impossible to go back after seeing things from so many perspectives. But here I am again. It doesn't make sense.


Lately ive been partaking in a lot of alcohol consumption. A few months ago i thought alcohol was stupid. Now i enjoy it to the point that whiskey tastes good. I only started because my friend who happens to be an alcoholic or atleast will be one day. im not worryed about becoming one (or him because its inevitable) but its really weird being drunk. Usally i just stick to weed. Im always in control no matter how fucked up i am. Which from what people talk about sounds unusual. I dont really know if this even skunds good, i have a mental hangover atm.


There is a clear distinction between posting illegal content and discussing illegal content. I would warn all of you however to be careful about self incrimination.


What do you mean by "feel like yourself"? Are you too nervous around others when sober? Try to capture any positive thoughts you have while on whatever drugs you're on and try to experience and rationalize them when sober. This really helped my mindset and made me a generally more outgoing/positive person, in my opinion.


That's why I don't go to cons. I've never been and I only expect it to be one huge circle jerk especially since there's nothing fun to do for 18/21+ people. There's straight-edge normalfags like >>10376 everywhere and the merchandise is all bootlegs from China. The only content at cons really is a cosplay circlejerk meetup and panels.

There is hope though. You just have to find the right place for yourself.


What I mean is, the way that I am when I am alone in my room. Certain experiences with certain drugs also helped me feel okay with being myself even out in public. But sober, it seems impossible at the moment. I don't like the duality, I don't like the feeling of pretense. It hurts too, because I know, if I was always able to broadcast myself as I am to the world, I'd be able to find people that I'd want to spend some of life with, but I'm just not able to do that. A life's worth of accumulated fear on the subject of rejection, self-hate, etc.

I get what you mean, especially now that anime and gaming have gotten ridiculously trendy over the past few years. But they are still humans to offer something, and I get the feeling that I'd probably be more compatible with a random person from a convention than a random person from the street.

And I'm sure things will be resolved in time too… thanks for listening to me, it was hard to go through that but I had all of your attention to help me. I'm really happy that this board exists.


File: 1401318885853.png (842.27 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2014-05-26-22h25m0….png)

I finally tried some real L yesterday and it didn't disappoint but it wasn't what I expected at all either. It felt incredibly "clean" and smooth and just very, very natural. The come up was really gradual as was the come down. I spent most of the trip just fucking around with my friend on an empty beach and it just felt so carefree and childish. The headspace was pretty weird sometimes but never overwhelming. The visuals weren't too out there, just super crisp HD vision with extremely bright colors, and the waves were dancing quite a bit. I didn't really get any afterglow even though the trip was so positive, but I think that's because we had quite a bit to drink on the tail end of the trip. Overall a good experience, I'd take even take more next time as long as the setting was just as great. Also I kinda want to do it on my own next time because my friend couldn't sit down for more than like 3 minutes the entire time and at some points I just wanted to relaxxxx


File: 1401332578208.jpg (614.46 KB, 1160x1880, c7c9e0de27ce474b436bc51bfe….jpg)

___ was being stubborn and bought cough and congestion thinking that people were just overeating. Horrible. _____ would like to get the gel capsules with only DXM, but there's no walmart around and none of there shitty pharmacies have just cough. Not even the Target. ____ just be patient. On another note, Oxycontin is interesting. _____ felt like things were jumping in and out of focus and things were always moving.


Everybody knows it's you dude


File: 1401338643929.png (100.02 KB, 346x409, 1363957641184.png)


File: 1401366849672.jpg (67.62 KB, 627x620, 1284388778953.jpg)

You've definitely never been to the right cons


My con has a whole section of programming dedicated to 18+ stuff. There was also a jazz bar, which was pretty neat.


File: 1401399760443.gif (4.59 MB, 360x270, aVO5xMw_460sa.gif)

I'm >>10144 .
I've finally found some gel caps. Took 30 of 'em. No nausea, diarrhea, vomiting… nothing ! This is fantastic. I'll go for 600mg next time I have days off work, as 450mg was surprisingly underwhelming. Oh well, better than having all those side effects !


If you smoke pot smoke some next time, it'll take it up a notch and help with any nausea you might get on a higher dose


Ya, the taste and texture is truly disgusting. I could puke off of it. Weed really does help, cured my nausea really quickly when I was on DXM. Finally got my hands on some codeine, hope it's as comfy as I'm expecting.


I used to love DXM, but it doesn't work for me anymore. The tolerance you build to the psychedellic effects of DXM over time is often permanent. :<


File: 1401759822155.jpg (239.46 KB, 850x734, Kyoko-0079.jpg)

This past weekend, I smoked some loud weed with a friend of mine. That was easily the highest I've ever gotten on marijuana. It lasted about twice as long as my other highs, I only had a single moment of clarity the entire time, and following a train of thought for more than 15-20 seconds proved nearly impossible even with effortful concentration.

I felt so wonderfully warm and cheery for the most part. There was one occasion, however, after I had been sitting around doing basically nothing for a while – my friend isn't too sharp at planning out activities – where I started feeling very faintly lonely. I wanted very much to cuddle with someone, but I didn't have that option available to me. Thus, keep in mind that, even when tripping, you need to have something to do or you'll start worrying again.

I also became tipsy for the first time, but that wasn't terribly noteworthy. I just felt uninhibited and warmly happy.

Additionally, a couple of weeks ago, the same friend and I ingested a drug that, according to what we were told, was supposed to be MDMA. It turned out to be crystal meth. Fortunately, since we took so little of it, and since we took it orally, it didn't have any lasting effects on us. So, if you take anything from my posts, keep this in mind: Please be sure to check that a drug you buy is what you want before ingesting it!

I'm glad that you got your hands on some DXM that didn't leave you feeling sick or anything. For your own safety, I recommend waiting a month between trips, as it takes a while for your brain and body to return fully to equilibrium afterward, though you could probably trip again after two or three weeks and still be OK. Be cautious with DXM; it changed my personality to an extent, and it could very well change yours if you take enough of it.

That said, did you keep a trip log? I'm curious to see how it went for you.

That doesn't really surprise me, to be honest. How many trips does it take before the tolerance starts becoming noticeable?


File: 1401922062061.jpg (2.11 MB, 2301x1325, INSIDIOUS-UK-RELEASE.jpg)


I am not scared of personality changes. Either I will get better, or bad enough for neetbux. Thanks for your concern though :3


and of course I typo'd LSD. Every time you see LCD, please read LSD :(


The building of DXM tolerance depends entirely on the person. For some it's a few times, for some the tolerance never builds. It's generally agreed that frequency and intensity of use are factors. Between DXM users, this phenomenon is called "loss of magic".

By the way, from what I've heard most "MDMA" you find on the street is crystal meth. It's hard to come by the real stuff. People who deceive others into paying to poison themselves should be hanged until dead.


File: 1401948200285.jpg (76.23 KB, 595x384, drug-harm-chart-3.jpg)

I thought this was interesting.


That graph is ridiculous in so many ways, please don't be that guy that believes everything official-looking on the internet



wait, butane gas is a drug lol?


File: 1401992266909.png (185.84 KB, 780x619, ranking-20-drugs-and-alcoh….png)

The British peer-reviewed journal Lancet published a study titled "Drug Harms in the UK: A Multicriteria Decision Analysis" on Nov. 1, 2010 which ranked 20 drugs from alcohol to marijuana to tobacco based on harm factors.

Individual harm (such as dependence, mortality, and impairment of mental functioning) was considered under "harm to users," while "harm to others" (such as crime, environmental damage, and international damage) took into account the number and extent of others harmed by individual drug use. The two charts below illustrate the study’s conclusions using a 100 point scale where 100 is the maximum harm and zero indicates no harm. The first chart broadly illustrates all 20 drugs by "harm to users” and harm to others” while the second chart illustrates those drugs on 16 criteria from drug-specific mortality to dependence to family adversities.

The study concluded that alcohol was the most harmful drug overall (72 out of 100), followed by heroin (55 out of 100), and crack cocaine (54 out of 100). The most harmful drugs to users were crack cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine (scores 37, 34, and 32, respectively), whereas alcohol, heroin, and crack cocaine were the most harmful to others (46, 21, and 17, respectively). Cannabis (aka marijuana) had an overall harm score of 20, putting it in eighth place behind amphetamine (aka speed) and before GHB (aka liquid ecstasy).

Second chart attached.

Because if you think it /might/ look like bullshit, it must be TOTAL bullshit, no reason to look into it or find the source or anything.

What's still left, I'll concede, is to read the journal article itself (if possible) and see how the study was actually conducted.


Only if you're retarded, but yes it will do shit to you.


And here is the actual study: http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736%2810%2961462-6/fulltext

The summary makes the method of the study seem fairly suspect, sadly. So maybe it's a different kind of bullshit.


Yeah from the first two pages I can see that the method of the study is completely subjective and useless. It's a bunch of experts' opinions averaged out, and they call it science. Nevermind.



"Official statistics" are biased shithead studies that serve only to perpetuate preconceived notions that empower patriarchy hope this helps

>B-but muh peer-reviewed studies

Keep crying, your tears sustain me.


"Actually, alcohol is more dangerous to imbibe than cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines..COMBINED, you really should quit dri-" DOCTOR WHO WEARING A FEZ, YOUR ARGUMENT IS INAVLID


File: 1402025903724.jpg (198.91 KB, 450x600, Kyoko-0093.jpg)

I've decided to stop taking drugs. While DXM helped me immensely to move past the lingering distress over my relationships, I wouldn't stand to gain any sort of benefit from taking more of it at this point, and the wear and duress it puts on my brain outweighs the enjoyment of the high. Similarly, I've watched marijuana turn one of my best friends from a wickedly sharp and considerate intellectual into a selfish and overly-indulgent stoner. This is purely anecdotal evidence, but I cannot deny it nonetheless.

I'm not condemning drug usage, as, again, I might very well still would've been struggling with my emotional baggage without drugs. I personally, however, am finished with them (and that includes alcohol and other such legal drugs). They simply don't have anything to offer me, and I risk further change and possible damage to myself by continuing to partake in them. Call me paranoid, but that's my stance and I'm sticking to it.


You're not going to get any party favors with an attitude like that. Maybe you feel that way because you only have limited or no access to anything besides robo and the standard weed/alcohol. I don't know about you but I choose to drink beer and smoke weed on the reg because I want to live my life to the fullest and even though I have access, I have little else going on in my life so going straight edge is insanity for me at this point. I've started looking for ways to enhance my trips like finding good dj/live music venues, I hope I can just find a place where I can watch the world just melt away and experience ego death and abaolute euphoria. If only I had someone to share the experience with…


File: 1402082742823.jpg (357.34 KB, 1680x1050, 1396925300024.jpg)

It's because of my pastebin that I just posted isn't it ? I'm sorry… It is good that you want to distance yourself from drugs though, it will only have a positive effect on your life. About the alcohol, you could only restrict your intake. Nothing beats a cold beer after a hard day. Best of luck to you


File: 1402097304125.jpg (167.56 KB, 480x640, Kyoko-0076.jpg)

My decision is mostly based on the fact that, like with any system that receives inputs, drugs change the state of the body, both in the short term and the long term. I've already been shifted into a far more favorable state than before I took anything, but I don't see any potential for further growth through drug usage as things are now. Thus, doing more of them could very well negatively affect me; indeed, the few times that I've used them lately has left my body sapped of energy and my mind blurred. Therefore, I'm going to refrain from further experimentation with drugs indefinitely.

Upon additional consideration, I won't be as strict with alcohol. To expound, while I won't get smashed, I'll be open to having a few drinks as a social mechanism or to get a buzz; since I likely wouldn't need to do either of those except rarely, it shouldn't be a large enough amount to affect my health or mental state.

In any case, thank you for wishing me well. I need to detoxify my body of the faint, lingering effects of the DXM, and I can't hope to accomplish that if I keep putting more of it inside of me.


this is how I have been feeling lately. I've been teetering.


Without drugs i would lose the numbness that allows me to get through such a shitty time in my life.


File: 1402215611963.jpg (345.11 KB, 600x800, 1386789422567.jpg)

I respect your decision to refrain for the best interests of your state of mind and wanting to spend some time to heal. Just remember that there are opportunities everywhere for personal development, you just have to try to find them and in the process, you may find yourself.




File: 1403825670934.jpg (310.27 KB, 1000x698, 1402345260273.jpg)

I have some acid I've been holding on to for a while because I have the house to myself for a couple days next week but now I'm way too sad to take it. I wish I could just sell it and buy some pot or something but I don't know anybody. Has anybody here tripped while depressed? I'm always seeing people preach about only tripping when you're in a good frame of mind and that makes sense I guess but on the other hand I also see people talk about how psys helped them when they were in a bad place.


Are you taking any sort of medicine? Antidepressants, sedatives, stimulants, birth control, so on and so forth? That's the main reason psys and mental health issues don't mix well. You should refrain from taking anything for a couple of weeks before you trip. It's all up to how well you prepare yourself mentally and physically. Some suggest fasting and meditation before you trip, too. If you can't be happy, try to be neutral.


If you feel like you need to take them, you should. They have potential to change your life in a really good way.

As for bad trips, you shouldn't worry about them, because they can teach you something too, should they ever happen in the first place.

You can ask yourself what you want to get out of doing acid. If you are having trouble while tripping, just remember what you asked for and focus on deep breathing. Thinking too much while you are under its effects can turn it into a bad trip because some people tend to spiral into down into the void through negative thoughts, and the intensity of the resulting emotions is amplified on psychedelics. But you don't need to be afraid. I promise you will be okay.

Oh, and also, try to spend the time somewhere outside in nature instead of in the house. I feel like it's much easier to process everything in that type of environment as opposed to being inside.


Nope, not taking anything, and haven't for a very long time.
>You can ask yourself what you want to get out of doing acid.
Honestly, just an experience. I'm a NEET and while I'm not a hikki, I rarely leave my house more than once every couple weeks. My life is beyond boring and I have the house to myself so why not take advantage of a rare situation? If the experience teaches me something that'd be cool but that's not what I'm looking for really.
>Thinking too much while you are under its effects can turn it into a bad trip because some people tend to spiral into down into the void through negative thoughts, and the intensity of the resulting emotions is amplified on psychedelics.
Thinking too much is what got me here in the first place ;__;
>Oh, and also, try to spend the time somewhere outside in nature instead of in the house. I feel like it's much easier to process everything in that type of environment as opposed to being inside.
I can't really go anywhere too cool as I live in a huge suburban wasteland, but I guess if I really felt cooped up I could take a (long) walk outside of the development and into the rural/farming area surrounding my city. It's not exactly beautiful nature, but I've always found it charming.

I'll probably end up tripping, just because I know myself and I know that there's no way I'm going to sit in my house with no obligations, nobody to bother me, and nothing to do, and not take the drugs sitting in my closet. Hopefully I'll have a good time, but either way it'll be an experience. Maybe I'll do a (half-assed) live trip-report ITT, who knows.


So I ended up dropping ~250ug yesterday. I knew it would be more intense than my first (and last) trip of ~180ug, but I definitely underestimated just how much much of a difference it would make. I was planning on posting ITT during the trip but my internet was down all day, which kind of set a theme of loneliness for the trip. At one point in the trip I looked in the mirror and saw the most horrific thing I had ever seen. I was naked (about to get in the shower) and I looked skeletal, bug-like, and downright evil. I got in the shower and tried not to think about it, but of course I just thought about it more and more. I got out of the shower and ran into my bed. I laid there and realized that I was constantly absorbing other people's energy and love, and never returning it. I realized that when I was looking in the mirror, I was looking at a parasite, and that was why I was so scared and disgusted. I realized that this is why the only people I still have are my family, and a single friend. At that moment I felt so grateful for everyone still in my life, but I also accepted that I was lonely because they were all I had left. I realized that if I wanted more people in my life, I would have to learn to give my love and energy back. I also realized that I needed to love myself more. Keep in mind I'm bawling my eyes out during this whole thing. Eventually I calmed down and the rest of the trip was very positive, even though I was still tripping really, really hard. So yeah. A lot more happened, but that was definitely the most important part of the trip, and I'm really thankful for it. Acid is ridiculous man.


Be CAREFUL about looking in mirrors on psychedellics. People have killed themselves.

On the other hand, if you have the confidence to really stare, looking yourself in the eyes for a long period of time on psychedellics is like a feedback loop; the energy will wash out and drench the whole room, and it feels fucking insane.


File: 1405074276070.jpg (2.69 MB, 3328x1872, P1100954.JPG)

I was wondering if you guys have stories and experiences with finding shrooms.

I never did shrooms before, but im in a mentally bad state and need some kind of drug to keep me atleast going for a while, a glimpse of a world where things can be ok.
I cant afford any drugs im left on my own to improve my life.

Could this here be psilocybe semilanceata?
Im aware of the potential risks of taking wild mushrooms, but it fairly much can only go uphill from here.


I envy that.


>finding shrooms in nature
You don't. First of all, a generally accepted dose of shrooms is 1/8th of an ounce dry weight. You won't find that amount in nature. But if you somehow did, you would have to eat all of them to even trip a little bit. So there's where the danger is. You're not just eating one little unidentified shroom. Most likely you will end up poisoning yourself with mycotoxins and ruining your liver and kidneys if it doesn't outright kill you.


It's absolutely possible to find large amounts of psychedellic shrooms in nature, if you know what sorts of places to look and how to identify them properly. I've tripped on shrooms picked from the ground just hours prior. They're very plump and moist and much tastier than dried shrooms. Shrooms have to be dried soon after picking because the psilocybin breaks down more quickly when wet.


File: 1405304890559.jpg (19.02 KB, 320x240, 0503141513-00.jpg)

Doing drugs like a neet. Some strong poppy powder in capsules, a few capsules of strong kratom, 15 mg~ of phenezapam, sooooo much weed, 30 mg of mxe and about to down 40 mg of hydrocodone syrup. Should be flyin higher the an albatross


File: 1405408770801.png (158.48 KB, 500x500, 1404519823398.png)

The acid or the trip?
Damn. Usually when I have multiple drugs I try to do them all individually to make em last, but I can respect going hard and DOING ALL THE DRUGS. How's mxe? If you've tried ketamine how does it compare? I'm considering buying a gram of it because it's fairly cheap and I want to try something new but I went through quite a bit of k last fall and I didn't see the appeal at all. It just made me feel retarded and confused, and music sounded terrible (like listening to a cell phone speaker underwater). To each his own I suppose, though I'd like to try it again at some point solely so I can experience the k-hole.


I take your point.
I will try to get more of a skill to id shrooms in general and then reconsider.


Check out the Shroomery forums


Going to get tested for add and adhd soon. Any tips on how to make sure they give you adderal?


File: 1406072683557.jpg (23.28 KB, 604x476, serial20experiments20lain2….jpg)

I used Weed,MDMA,MDA,Amph,Shrooms and of course alcohol which is dead cheap in my country. Also I take Benzodiazepines from time to time.

Oh god how I love them and hate'em at the same time. You'll get through a day without your fear and everything is "OK" for a while. Maybe even a little better then normal but you get even more uninterested in things + you are addicted fast if you're not careful. I am glad to be spared of that.Overall I am quite careful with drugs with one exception.
As mentioned I once took mushrooms and the set and setting was as bad as it could be. I didn't know what to expect and ate way too much of them. Damn that was a bad idea…
The trip started okay and everything seemed great but after a while I thought that I wouldn't be real any more and everything seemed like a set-up. I had a huge panic attack - first one in my life-. The next 3 months I couldn't do anything. I don't know if I got a psychosis but nothing seemed real anymore. I was just swimming though the world as if I wasn't in my body but as a 3rd person watching myself. Even worse where the now regular panic attacks every day. I was stuck in my apartment in the daytime already because I was being a Hikikomori. But now I couln't even leave the house anymore without getting panic attacks on the street. It was horrible and I was miserable.
Now half a year later everything is fine. After many sleepless nights and just sitting in the corner waiting I couldn't bare it anymore. I went to a doctor that send me to a psychiatrist. There I was itroduced to alprazolam. I got the panic attacks under control after a few moths on my own without a therapy. Now I have them rarely (every week maybe 1-2) and my view of the world is more or less back to normal again. Even if the experience wasn't very pleasant it helped me conquer my fear of getting outside of my apartment. I even see my parents once in a while. I learned a lot from the trip… a lot about fear and am thankful for it.

The "Upper" substances like MDMA and the Amph I used while I was still studying at university. It was the only way I could go to parties tbh. The first time taking Xtc was a beautiful experience. I could talk to everyone without fear and everything and everyone seemed friendly. Too bad it never was as good as the first time ever again still great though. I really got into Techno music at the time. Damn this stuff makes you want to dance :)

Alcohol and Benzos are the only things I take atm because I am still not feeling very good. It helps me to get some rest. I think everyone that drinks against his/her anxiety understands how quick this stuff has its claws around you.

I really want to take shrooms again or even LSD or Meskalin at some point in my life because it helped me confronting my problems even if it was a very difficult procedure.
!Please don't do psychedelics if you are not mentally stable!


I have taken the following drugs (that I remember):

Psilocybin Mushrooms


File: 1406102905602.jpg (555.42 KB, 750x549, 1400735053355.jpg)

I'm very high on DXM and feel like I should say something
How's DMT? It's at the top of my to-do list but I'm holding off on buying some until I feel the time is right.


There are lots of patterns. Things look like other things. Shapes will appear in things. Photographs will move around like in Harry Potter. It's all very dreamlike, and it lasts about 15 minutes. If you smoke enough, you will vanish into another dimension for a short eternity, and this is said to be a life changing experience. (I haven't gotten there before.)


do you think that there's a point where all the fear that might eventually be left is you psyching yourself out, denying yourself of something beneficial? was it hard to think of solutions to your problems and like were being forced in your mind to doubt yourself or something weird like that during the time you were "shocked" from the drugs?


File: 1406113228960.jpg (87.34 KB, 800x600, lain03_800.JPG)

Thanks for the questions.

I am not sure. Of course there was a good portion of me psyching myself out but that's gone. I had to realize that those panic attacks were harmless and I now know that I won't get crazy. They are still there though and I can't control it when the panic comes. I just let it roll over me. But it is slowly vanishing. The attacks are connected with a fear of depersonalization whcih is still left but which is also slowly fading.
So the fear and symptoms that developed from the trip are something I'll get over with at some point and at the end it will be beneficial in a way because I can better understand people who have these symptoms. It was a learning experience I don't want to miss.

There is still the always present fear about my future and I still burst through tons of books about the meaning of life. But I did that before.
I am still a NEET so fear still controls me but it always had. I should visit a therapy because I can't do anything about it myself. I suppose some of you understand this paralysing fear that stops you from continuing.

I really didn't do that much to find solutions to my problems. It just "came" to me that I don't want to "suffer" anymore. I often had to think about my suicide attempt last year and instead of doing something about it back then I was just dragged around by my parents like a zombie for half a year. To your question if it was forceful. Yes it was. Psychedelics like mushrooms rip everything open and confront you with your inner demons if you want it or not. They are honest drugs that block reality and as if you where turned inside out your feelings create your new reality and with it create those very personal trips.
In the time were I was "shocked" I had to integrate those experiences in my life. It was a very unpleasant and not a conscious decision but rewarding afterwards. It is like I am telling you to think about a green dog and you can't do anything but picturing the animal in your head. I couldn't run from these experiences because I was confronted with them constantly. They are my problems after all and stuck in MY head.


so its likely to say in this state more drugs likely wouldn't help you? kind of like they already brought your demons out into your body, so the drugs won't do the same thing to you anymore as they did when you first took them, even though it was years ago.



I am pretty sure I won't have such a "bad" reaction with psychedelics anymore.
It shows your momentary state of mind so I definitely won't take it when I feel down and I know what is awaiting me.
I might use it again when I feel better but am stuck in the mud or something to get a new view on things.
I've heard many stories of people that changed their lifestyle to the better after being in a rut.

Have to add Kratom. Very nice substance (light opiate and legal) :)
The only downside is its bitter taste and the light addiction if you use it too often.
Its a very relaxing substance. I drank it as a tea and it gives you power if you want to but relaxes you at the same time. You can do unwanted tasks very good with it and feel calmed down.


i've done kratom two or three times. i like oxy better.


Damn it really upset my stomach. There is still this latent nausea.


File: 1406177677808.jpg (204.86 KB, 900x929, 1395971700910.jpg)

I tried DXM a couple times in highschool with a friend who was really into it, but never high doses (usually just splitting a regular bottle of Robo). It always seemed like a waste of time and not worth doing unless we just really wanted to do drugs and had nothing else. I was on 420chan's /dis/ board last friday and decided to give it another chance, so I went to the store and picked up a bottle of robogels, and ending up eating all of them (300mg). I'd say I had a good time, but the nausea fucking suuucked. During the come-up, when the nausea was the worst, I told myself I'd never do it again, but last night I ended up doing just that, 300mg in the form of robogels once again. For whatever reason, this time the nausea was worse, but it ended up being a good thing because I puked (luckily after all the good stuff had already been absorbed) and immediately felt great. This trip was more enjoyable because I didn't have to deal with any nausea after that. Still, I don't think I'd take it again unless I had some weed to deal with the nausea. It is an interesting drug though, and I enjoy it infinitely more than ketamine, the only other dis I've tried. Someone posted this in the board mentioned prior and I listened to her both times I tripped, and I'll probably continue to do so every time. This kind of music is just perfect for robotripping IMO.
I also listened to some Grouper and that was really enjoyable as well. Similar stuff, but more ambient-based most of the time.
What kind of music do you guys like to listen to when you're on certain drugs?
That sounds incredible. What's most enticing, besides the fact that is seems to be the final boss of psychedelics, is the super short duration. I don't often have a place to trip for ~12 hours (LSD is my current psy of choice) so DMT would be very convenient. How did you take it? I've done a bit of reading into the different ROAs but I'd probably just sandwich it in a bowl with some pot. If you've tried this method, does the weed affect the trip at all? I'm usually a purist when it comes to doing drugs but I'd assume DMT would completely overpower it. I could be wrong though.


>What kind of music do you guys like to listen to when you're on certain drugs?

i have dissed a few times to this

sometimes I prefer hard industrial, i have a lot of favorites but for dissing nothing beats Grendels Timewave Zero. I found myself on this album and dissociatives many times.

i also occasionally enjoy random vaporwave when dissed but i havent found a particular favorite yet, still experimenting with the genre.

sometimes i find nothing beats some good old psychedelic rock when you're on acid, something like Deep Purple - Machine Head
In The Court of the Crimson King
or The Beatles (I swear everyone has to have a Beatles song or album that is theirs, I like Abbey Road as a whole and random other songs).

i have had some very good trips to Shpongle and Globular in particular on psychedelics.
another good Shpongle album is "Nothing Lasts… But Nothing is Lost".
This Globular album has a very epic tone to it at times.
I also recommend Magnitudes of Order and to search around ektoplazm.com for psychedelic music

on amphetamine i really enjoy what i consider to be a classic lapfox album

or sometimes this

often followed by this
http://lapfoxtrax.com/album/v-rla-d-s-u-dgirl (this goes really hard)


Do you guys also started with uppers and ended with downers ?

I have the feeling of shutting myself off more and more with the help of Alcohol/Benzos while ignoring my problems.
Atm I am a little dizzy from wodka.
I used to hate alcohol but then gradually drank more and more beer. Now I started to like this numb feeling of my body. Being able to drift off in a world of nothingness. Being able to ignore everything, repressing my problems cowardly but easy.


File: 1406956504737.jpg (175.65 KB, 718x730, tumblr_n860h3Kf3Z1rihtq2o7….jpg)

I forget if I posted in the original topic, but whatever.

I don't do drugs, but any suggestions for what drugs to start with? I wanna start with something easy but still good 'nuff to make you feel like you're drifting along the clouds and whatnot.


What do you mean by "easy"?
>sometimes i find nothing beats some good old psychedelic rock when you're on acid


File: 1406962858755.jpg (164.14 KB, 1000x749, feelsgoodman.jpg)

>something easy but still good 'nuff to make you feel like you're drifting along the clouds and whatnot.
I recommend morning glory seeds. They contain ergine (also known as d-lysergic acid amide or "LSA"), a psychoactive phytochemical related to LSD. They're extremely easy, cheap, (and in most places I know, perfectly legal) to procure, plus you don't need any special materials to extract the ergine. You can find the seed packets in the gardening section of most large Walmarts for about 50 cents each, and if not, you can always go to the landscaping section of a home hardware store such as Lowe's. (Keep in mind, you need to be looking for the blue variety, commonly referred to as "Heavenly Blues".) In my experience, no one bothers you at all or even looks at you funny for buying a shit-ton of seed packs, but if you're really paranoid, you can always just use the self-checkout.

To extract the good stuff, grind the seeds up into a powder using a pepper grinder or similar device, then soak them in cold water for about 8 hours, agitating the mixture every 20-30 minutes to ensure that it infuses properly. Make sure the mixture stays cold; ergine is sensitive to warm temperatures. Filter the the pulp out, (I used a strainer lined with folded cheese-cloth, but most any simple method will work) then drink the remaining fluid. Expect it to taste like dirt, and be prepared for some nausea on the come-up, but the high is very pleasant. It's relatively powerful and euphoric, but at the same time easy to deal with, and can last anywhere from 6-10 hours, depending on the dose. If you're worried about the taste, it's safe to mix the solution with cranberry juice. And if you're worried about the nausea, it goes away in about 30 minutes, and I've found that taking a couple of Nauzene tablets does an excellent job to curb the sick feeling. As always, don't mix this with any other drugs, and make sure you've been off any MAOIs or SSRIs you're taking for at least 2-3 weeks before dosing.

Oh, and as for dosage, it's hard to calculate, considering that the amount of ergine in the seeds naturally varies wildly from plant to plant, but to give you an idea, I weigh about 110 pounds (that's 50kg for you Eurofriends), and my first dose used about 195 seeds. Using the brand I got, that was around 9 packets of seeds, and cost me roughly 5 bucks.


Weed, maybe Kratom if you like it. Get slightly drunk idk…

Sounds like you just want to relax. Drink a tea and take some Hops+Valerian it helps me to relieve stress.


File: 1406973066153.jpg (109.49 KB, 595x842, garifleca.jpg)

Someone should make a flowchart for drugs. ** although I would honestly be surprised if someone hadn't already made one*

You start out with questions like "how do you want to feel" and "how much money do you want to spend" etc. in order to narrow down what drug you should go after.

Alternatively there should be a tech-tree arrangement of drugs like you would find in a videogame on some sort. Were different branches of the tree are different types of drugs starting off with really simple, light, and easy to acquire drugs and moving into similar but more "advanced" drugs. You could make a game out of it for beginners.


Drugs ruined my sister, they are for losers.


File: 1406983280275.jpg (109.33 KB, 1008x720, High.jpg)

It is all about moderation.
Drugs don't ruin people. People ruin people.

There are some golden rules:

-Don't take drugs to push aside your problems and don't start to inject.
-Don't get addicted & don't replace one addiction with another one. Keep it casual. If you need to increase the dosage for the same high take a break of some weeks.
-If most drugs where legal we wouldn't have all these impurity problems. So test you stuff before you use it to minimize risks.
-"KNOW WHAT YOU DO" (pro-tip there are forums on the Internet).
-Keep it clean. SaferUse rules are important.
-If you go for psychedelics ask yourself if you are mentally stable and don't use them if you are frightened.

My personal tip. Don't even try Heroin/(Opiates in general),Cocaine & Meth, they are too dangerous.
I think many addictions go hand in hand with your circle of friends. If they all snort cocaine around you you'll eventually start taking it too and all moderation goes down the drain. There is often one circle of friends that don't use drugs and thinks you overdose on Weed.
Hang around with them and don't think about fucking drugs all the time you junkie ;).

I use drugs very casual and am not addicted to any of them. I sometimes drink against my problems so I break my own rule there but I do it maybe once every 2 weeks.

Me being a NEET has nothing to do with taking drugs. They haven't ruined a thing in my life.


>Tips, moderation, control and warnings
How about just not using them?


Because we want control and are consumed by our desires.

Our bodies are often weak and don't satisfy the needs of our mind. That's why so many that are not fulfilled by their lives tend to use drugs more frequently.

You want endurance?
Take Uppers
You want to love and be open?
Take Empathogens
You want satisfaction?
Take Opiates
You want silence?
Take Narcotics.
You want to "expand" your mind?
Take psychedelics

It is easy. It is like pushing a button and your body does as you please.


A'ight cool, thanks guys.

Ye, that's my forever rule on drugs. Know when you know you had enough, or go by the recommendations, NEVER go over on the dosage nor abuse it until it's nothing but yer life.

Keywords in BOTH posts: Control.


File: 1407008278390.png (612.04 KB, 1650x2465, UltraHeaven_vol1_035.png)

Damn, well said.
What follows up is something im reminded of.


I actually decided to try the morning glory seeds, although I decided to be frugal with them and just chewed them to a pulp and ate them, I only took 250 seeds. This is also my first experience with anything, it was rather enjoyable, I still have plenty of seeds left over, I got 3000 for under 5 dollars on Amazon.

My goal was to interact with Dormilia strongly or differently or whatever, and I suppose my goal was met.


File: 1408249907974.gif (152.4 KB, 250x199, 1407473709271.gif)

>I don't want to be alone right now, I'm sitting in front of my computer screen in the dark surrounded by the light of my computer, I feel like a tiny speck in a huge black ocean, I don't want to be alone right now
This really hits home. I took an LSD trip a couple nights ago in the same vein (solo nighttime bedroom trip, first time taking LSD in this setting) and I felt the same way at times. It was a good trip, but the constant feeling of loneliness I subconsciously carry with me in my daily life seems to always be more apparent when I'm tripping (on psychedelics; dissociatives seem to have an almost opposite effect: complete contentedness in solitude).

Glad you enjoyed your first step into the strange and often times wonderful world of drugs. If you're interested in ever trying drugs again, I'd recommend DXM, as it's just as easily available, if not more so, than LSA. I've been getting into it quite a bit recently and I think you might enjoy it.


Damn. I want to try DMT so bad.
I just watched "Enter the Void" & a documentary about DMT.
It's the Spirit Molecule :) The stories I heard about it sound incredible. The whole mystery around the substance intrigues me.


I wanna get a medical marijuana card for anxiety but just thinking about going to the clinic and talking to the doctor makes me anxious :/


I don't like going to the doctor either. But for important things that will help you in life, I feel that it's worth doing whatever it takes. Just to endure those few difficult moments and break to the other side where a better world awaits.


File: 1408590553669.gif (1.37 MB, 207x207, 1396067611892.gif)

Yeah, that has to suck though. It's like needing to run a marathon in order to earn your prosthetic limb.


File: 1408674390116.jpg (326.27 KB, 800x600, 1258388548315.jpg)

I did the morning glory seeds again last night, this time with the goal of trying to allow Dormilia to be "in front" and take over. We were met with great success, here is Dormilia's description of what happened.
picture related, it's kind of what it feels like to be possessed by Dormilia


That eventually faded and things returned to normal more or less, it was still a very intense trip afterwards and lasted quite a while, eventually I just wanted to and so I could go to sleep but it kept me up a bit longer than I would've liked it to. Still, that was much more intense than the last time.


File: 1409208323594.jpg (66.39 KB, 640x480, 1319326515476.jpg)

I ended up getting some Etizolam to take before I go the doctor lol. Highly recommend this drug for all NEETs without IRL connects that have anxiety they'd like to manage, or just want to get high, as it's legal (in the US at least) and can be ordered off the internet very easily. It's cheap as fuck too.


As in, you're going to see a doctor for a medical marijuana card? Either way, good luck!

You seem pretty drug-savvy. I wonder if you could help me with this conundrum I'm facing: I used to love smoking weed and I had a great time getting *really* high. For some reason, I always got really high off of pretty much nothing. Anyways, I smoked a lot of JWH (both pure and in mixed form with marshmallow leafs or some shit). That shit is volatile as fuck, as I'm sure you know. One day, when I got my new bowl, I took one hit too many and had a horrible panic attack. Thought I was going to die, etc. It caused me to have anxiety for months and has pretty much scared me out of ever smoking weed again (obviously JWH is a lot more volatile than actual weed and not nearly as dangerous). Any tips in overcoming this? I know it may be hard to relate if something similar has never happened to you.


File: 1409290874725.png (97.59 KB, 490x561, 1409082489423.png)

I got it ^_^ I went to a dispensary by my house and everybody that worked there was super nice, and they had a huge selection. Worth it for sure
Ya I can relate; I used to smoke a lot of spice a couple years ago and it definitely left me with some serious residual anxiety + derealization that lasted a couple months. I quit smoking it eventually and waited a while, and then I smoked some regular pot a couple weeks later. I only smoked a little bit and I had a blast. Synthetic cannabanoids are way more anxiety inducing/paranoid ime. I would recommend abstaining from everything for a while, and when you feel ready smoke just a bit of bud, preferably an indica or something. Just take it slow and ease yourself into it. Try not to compare it to your experiences with JWH, take it for what it is.


Holy shit, nice. How'd the actual appointment go?


It went really well actually! There was a shit ton of people there and I didn't have an appointment so I waited over 2 hours, but I only talked to the doctor for like 5-10mins. He was a super old guy and he was kinda hard to understand sometimes, and he obviously wanted to prescribe pot to everyone he possibly could, but he was still really knowledgable and helpful when it came to letting me know what would benefit me the most. It was pretty apparent he knew his shit which was comforting. It was only 50 bucks for the whole thing. After I got my card I went downtown to check out a dispensary that I had read a lot of good reviews about. The dispensary was very professional, much more so than the clinic, and they let me get a whiff of whatever bud I wanted. This time I got an eighth of Space Queen and an eighth of White Widow, but I also got a free cone of Purple Urkel for being a first time patient, and a free cone of OG Kush for spending over 100 dollars (eighths were $35each, tax was just over 10 dollars) but next time I go I want to try one of their edibles. So glad I finally forced myself to do this


*45 an eighth


Kind of an unrelated question, but how many of you go to 420chan and ehich boards do you frequrnt? I used to go on /del/ for the spooky stories, though I never did deliriants myself.




File: 1409530315173.jpg (1.51 MB, 1600x1200, Sabitsuki.full.632721.jpg)

Same. I'd never do deliriants, but I frequented the board to read various posts.

Uboachan need to fix their "automated post" checker.
This post doesn't look automated at all. I'll even attach an image…

~If this post ever gets through it'd be a miracle.

~Maybe it'll let me post as a mod?


Ya, mostly /b/


Being drunk is great for about an hour, but a after that I just feel shitty the entire time. However, beer is all I can afford.
I saw a coworker sneakily reaching into his pocket, passing off something to another coworker in that handshake motion, then look both ways before going back to work. So I thought I might get in on this weed business if that's what he was all about.

I never smoked a lot of weed, but lately I have really been missing it. Wish I knew how to find some; dunno anybody who smokes.


File: 1409701598943.png (185.39 KB, 512x512, stonedanimugurl.png)

i just moved and don't have a job, so it seems i don't have any way of getting drugs. Ive drank once or twice and hit the resin from my pipe once when i first moved here. Other than that i've been a sober soul and i can say that i really miss weed. Its such a nice stress reliever and a good way to experience things. Hopefully i can find a dealer soon, but i honestly have no idea how to do this


File: 1409704679651.jpg (33.36 KB, 604x453, lSWj3rJ8n-M.jpg)

For 2 years I did cocaine.

I would waste 300US$ every weekend on it. As soon as I was fired from my job (for other reasons) I ended up dividing my money, "This is for food, this is for coke" I used to say; the first time it went well, but after the 2nd week the part that was going for food got smaller, and I started to bleed from the nose more often. I managed to stay awake for 3 days, doing nothing but coke, beer and cigarettes , every time I tried I would be sweating and not able to sleep but have nightmares while being awake, for example:

"I dream that I managed to sleep; my dealer comes to my home while I'm sleeping, he starts throwing rocks at my window so I wake up, the neighbors wake up too and ask him why he does that, he answers that I am a junkie, and that I have paid him with fake money".

"I dream that I die from a heart attack, and no one's there to help me." (This one is actually quite real, I actually felt that I had a heart attack).

"I start nose bleeding, and it doesn't stop, I choke".

All these dreams made me think about death and stuff, which would make think about suicide, about dying alone and if it was worth it to live.

After I wasted all my money, I spent a week at home, doing nothing but sleep, it was pure glory. My mother called me, she knew I was fired last month, a friend of mine told her, so she told me to stay at my parents' home, since I couldn't pay rent anymore.

This happened like last year, since then I've been playing videogames, watching animu and browsing the Internet. I stopped doing coke, since I don't leave the house, just to buy random stuff.


Does anyone in this thread ever use "smart drugs"?


What the hell is a "smart drug"?



Lemme set you straight bro. You cannot snort hydrocodone, especially when mixed with acetaminophen. The acetominophen is the biggest problem because you have 750mg per 7.5mg active drug. So in essence what youre snorting is 1% drug, decreasing the already seriously low bioavailability of hydrocodone. And then you have the fact that hydrocodone needs to go through first-pass metabolism to transform into its more active metabolite, which at the peak of your high is pretty much all thats in your blood crossing the BBB.



When I moved to another town I visited a few flat-sharing communities that looked for
a new roommate. There is always some apartment full of lazy 20 year olds smoking pot.


File: 1409781634156.jpg (847.38 KB, 900x1227, goku_super_saiyan_god_by_m….jpg)

i have before, just amphetamine. you know when Goku said he didn't want the power he attained in Battle of Gods? He basically said that the power sickens him because he didn't reach it on his own, but he will use it if he must. Sometimes I feel like that, but I came to accept what it can show me. I try not to use it as a cheat, especially because it wears me out for a few days afterwards, but i use it when i need an extra boost of energy to finish something really hard.


File: 1409880137603.jpg (758.33 KB, 1536x2048, 35494503.jpg)

So how many of you guys smoke? Vapes count too I guess. I smoke cigarettes a lot but I just got an oil pen and I like it but I feel like smoking BHO all the time is making me retarded.


I smoke about a pack a year. So dunno if that counts. I also have a vape, but it needs cleaned or upgraded or something, everything tastes burnt.


File: 1409909032255.gif (130.58 KB, 640x480, FLCL.gif)

I only smoke Weed + Tobacco which got me hooked on tobacco after a while but after realizing I quickly stopped smoking. The thing is I am not a huge fan of tobacco because nicotine doesn't really do much for the toll cigarettes take on your body.
I never used a vaporizer before. Maybe someday I'll get one. It seems to be the healthiest way to consume pot.
Still don't know which one…


Amphetamines + cleaning your room is fucking awesome!


What kind of vape do you have? If you have a volcano all you need to do is replace the ceramic piece. If you have a box vape, get a new hose and clean the heating element with some brillo pad.


Joyetech eGo-T. Swapped the cartridge a couple weeks ago and worked fine for like a day, now back to the "burnt", for lack of a better term, feel to the vapor.


File: 1410029062352.png (114.94 KB, 233x197, 43ZccDc.png)

Lucky Strike, a pack (20) lasts me 2 days.


File: 1410389729671.jpg (113.41 KB, 450x250, 1410043783119.jpg)

>run out of pot
>instantly feel sad again

Weed makes me feel so much more content with my existence. Well, so do other drugs I guess but weed doesn't have any real detrimental effects on my life beyond my wallet so it's a bummer I can't stay high forever and always


Are there any legal prescription drugs that work like psychedelics?
I've been wanting to experience these stuff so much but I'm afraid the coppers are gonna bang on my front door.


File: 1410491863063.png (698.83 KB, 1280x720, 1408794072969.png)

>remembered I have more somewhere else
Damn im high


File: 1410572521737.jpg (129.8 KB, 850x804, 1409784109296.jpg)

DXM and MXE are both legal to have. Weed also can get psychedelic in high doses especially edibles.


Neither of those are psychedelics though :/
>out of weed for real this time
This has been an update


File: 1410595170959.jpg (2.71 MB, 1920x1200, 215174.jpg)

Besides DXM
You can buy yourself a cactus containing mescaline
or try to extract DMT from plants. There are tutorials online.
I can only talk about Europe but if you live here search for headshops selling magic mushrooms. there are quite a few dutch ones. And in some countries grow-boxes are legal. There is also LSA winch you can find in some Seeds that are totally legal.



I heard that a wild growing grass has dmt in it, but i didnt think that people would actually use it for extracting dmt.
This is certainly interesting.


>Neither of those are psychedelics though :/
Psychedelic dissociatives tho. Have you tried them?


A fun thing I often do when going to bed is trying to keep conscious by forcing my eyes open. After a while your body will go stiff. Then your brain will slowly go to sleep mode. The sense of feeling won't work properly anymore which is funny. Also you'll start to see colours flashing around the room and if everything goes right the room will change into a bizarre dream version. It is freaky at first so you might wake up a few times and have to start anew.


File: 1417707580099.png (1.09 MB, 960x1280, tumblr_lxu4zkI6vL1qdn4o8o1….png)

That's a quick crash course into lucid dreaming which seems to terrify people more often than not. ymmv.


I've taken shrooms only two times in my life.

The last time, I experienced ego death and it was the most scary, yet wonderful thing I've ever experienced. I felt like I was everything, but nothing (as although I could feel my connection with the world around me, there was no "I" to be found. I was the couch, the table, that human-shaped piece of meat looking really stunned from shock and awe, but I wasn't "me" and the sum of my genetic traits and experiences that make me, me in an ordinary, sober viewpoint.) It was like being taken by an amazingly powerful being for a tour of the Universe, where I could cleanly see everything working as a huge piece of machinery as well as the causes and effects of everything.

This got me interested in determinism and after reading on the subject, I do not believe that we as a species have any free will at all. Just like any other animal, it's our genes and environment that condition us. A great lie has been fed to us as a species, that we're unique and amazing because we are intelligent enough to make tools and master fire and farm, that we're not the stewards of the world but owners, pure and simple, in that everything there is and ever will be belongs to us to be used as we see fit. We transform our environment for our own immediate pleasure without realizing that entire generations of our species will in turn be shaped by the environment they live in. It's literally human exceptionalism.

Although I am very much a loner, since that experience, I cannot help but feel intimately connected to my reality, not as a boss or master but as just another one of the tiny cogs that make it work.

I swore off hallucinogens since that experience as I want to carry it with me, always. Now I just smoke pot.


File: 1418148239882.jpg (100.37 KB, 600x836, catface.jpg)

Not something I've done, but I've discovered this specific treatment recently and it's really interesting. There are clinics specializing in it, and it is insanely effective in treating depression and addiction, as long as the patient doesn't relapse within a month of treatment.



"Ibogaine catalyzes an altered state of consciousness reminiscent of dreaming while fully conscious and aware so that memories, life experiences, and issues of trauma can be processed."

This sounds great. Makes one wonder why psychedelic therapy still doesn't get the recognition it seems to deserve.
Maybe it is not that easy like it sounds. Every time I read something about Psychedelic therapy it is some kind of magical substance the patient takes and sudden recovery. Leaving behind 5 Years of Therapy.


Using drugs, especially psys, still has a strong stigma behind them. Because, yknow, hippies and lowlifes are the only ones that use them. R-right?

This sort of therapy is in no way easy, it lasts up to 4 days and you face your burried fears and harmful thought patterns which can be very agonizing. Its effectiveness is part exposure therapy [a very sudden and high dose] and part behavioral pattern reset.


To any long-term DXM users, if you haven't tried it yet, I'd really suggest splitting up your dosage. For example, if you're taking 8oz, take the first 4oz, wait 45 minutes, then take the second. For me it makes a huge difference in the character of the experience, and has helped with the loss of strength due to tolerance.

If you split any dose higher than 720, sometimes the load can be a little too much at peak


I'm kind of upset with myself because I did a thing like this with another very strong psy and after a few months it wore off and I was back to where I was. Makes me wonder about shamans and how different their lives would be without drinking plant medicine so often.

I really don't like having a crutch. Psys were kind of like my last resort and you could imagine my disappointment when I relapsed back into my old ways. I became completely hopeless, convinced nothing in this world could cure this disease.

All of this lead me into the paranormal and metaphysical realm, where I did research for a period of time and now I suspect that I may be possessed. I got a call from a medium a few years back out of the blue who knew my family and she said that someone a few generation back put a curse on our bloodline. Do I believe it? Hard to say. What if I go to a psychic and they exorcise me, but I stay the same? I cannot deal with that disappointment. I must maintain that there is a reason as to why things remain exactly the same for a decade despite actively trying to fix myself in every way possible.

Oh, another theory I read up on is something called soul loss… it is exactly that. It is said that a piece of a person's soul leaves them as a result of trauma, rendering the them devoid of their essence, something that is needed for a person to thrive in life and feel whole.

Are all of these just excuses? Am I doing something wrong. I'm inclined to believe this too.



We can all lose our passion for life, I would assume many of us have and hence have become NEET, but it's an energy that is out there that we are able to recapture.. But we have to go in search of it..

>The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step


I don't feel like my post was understood properly. The problem was not taking the first step, I actually took many, many steps. The disappointment comes from seeing absolutely no change as a result.


File: 1419263115639.png (Spoiler Image, 11.96 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


So i bought so syrup and tripped after wanting to for a year. though i threw up about 45 minutes into it. I did however not drink the whole bottle and kept down the rest of it. It was a first plateau trip and was really fun.
here's the log from it. my thoughts are all at the end.


File: 1422767289025.jpg (22.33 KB, 440x440, 1422368900447.jpg)

I know people who have used ibogaine to quit their heroin addictions. One of them relapsed and was back to daily use within 6 months (she ended up dying of an overdose), and the other has been clean for over three years now.

I've kind of considered doing it myself, being a long time user of opioids and as of a year ago a daily IV user; now with methadone daily on top. I'm in a corner. Trapped by my own choices of dependence.

but hey, at least I get a disability benefit for my addiction issues


File: 1425484729849.jpg (58.06 KB, 498x374, 1416605464665.jpg)

I want to be on drugs at this very moment. Music especially makes me want to be on drugs. I want to be in a different world with a completely different mindset. That's what drugs do. It's really a great thing. Weed is enough for me. I'd like to branch out and try new drugs (I've done more than smoke weed, but not much), but if I had only weed for the rest of my life I'd be perfectly content. Drugs are the greatest. I want to do drugs every day until the greatness wears off. I'll kill myself after that. I don't think that's too crazy of a notion. Fuck, I just want to be high. It's so incredibly great. I'm thinking about selling my 3DS to gamestop or something so I can buy drugs. I never play it anyways and $100 worth of weed would last me weeks. I'm lucky enough to be able to buy from my brother (he doesn't deal but has his own connections). I can't wait until the next time I get really high.

I wrote this earlier today after listening to something I like when high. I haven't been high in a month or two (I don't remember) but before that I went a few years without doing anything because of anxiety. I thought about posting it here just because. It's not like it means anything in particular. I just want to let the NEET world know that drugs are a pretty cool guy and doens't afraid of anythnig

I'll probably hide this thread in fear of what other people will say anyways :-P


File: 1425491355268.jpg (465.13 KB, 1000x964, 1292861061722.jpg)

lately i've been smoking weed every day, it helps keep me from having involuntary muscle spasms/bad feels
neet life


File: 1425532603571.jpg (70.6 KB, 600x335, assassin.jpg)

you see patterns where they are there. like I had LSD and I was walking past this old fort. (rockclimber here) I could see every foothold like it was painted with light. best analogy would be like eagle vision.

and then instead of moving freely through spaces, it's like you enter loading screens and suddenly appear on a new map.


File: 1427612531419.gif (1.55 MB, 176x132, 1275830740580.gif)

Bumpan because this thread was in my memory and I'm really high right now. Is any other /n/eet unnecessarily weird when high? I think it's because of not having regular contact (just imagined myself as a cave guy, fuck)


File: 1428215582247.gif (526.25 KB, 400x400, dont do it floating stairc….gif)

My friend got me stoned for my birthday and I ended up seeing fractals. Maybe it was my meds or something causing interactions, but it was actually pretty cool. Nothing unnecessarily bad happened to me (outside of derealization and such, but I'm talking pain or illness) and it actually kind of changed the state of my overall mood. That's something that's hard to achieve with BPD.
That said, even in the days I considered myself a stoner, my friends always would tease me about how much of an easy bake I was. I always was just a little higher than my friends, excluding the ones that actually had mental disorders. I also had a tendency to be really quiet and weird.


How did you all find your dealers? It seems like it'd be such an awkward experience


File: 1428265163391.jpg (79.05 KB, 744x461, spaceweed.jpg)

AOL chatrooms


My brother. Kind of lucked out, I suppose. You can buy drugs online too.


I hung out with the kind of people who did the drugs I wanted, and eventually I met the dealers. Most of the dealers I met were cool friendly people who just wanted to share a drug they liked.

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