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so after being in a relationship for three years with a NEET girl, and being a NEET myself, I got sick of her lack of intellect and it eventually came to a breaking point when she wouldnt stop spouting radfemme memes.

whenever I talk to women on dating sites like okcupid or tinder, I try to look for intelligence. being a NEET I'm a scholar of everything, the internet and information being my lifeline so I'm very well versed in many subjects. unfortunately normal women who leave the house are incredibly susceptible to being caught in cliques and narrow minded thinking. so any kind of disagreement with a mainstream pop culture ideas gets instantly shut down with a "access to holes denied" cancellation of communication. I can do the whole thing where i can act like a dumbshit so they'll treat me as an equal. but if I wanted that I'd get a cat. so nothing of value lost. it's not like a stupid person denying access to holes is some kind of punishment when I could have a perfect waifu.

so in my failure to find a woman who isnt a complete emotional wreck, i've decided to go full NEET.

any advice on where to find NEET girls who arn't completely broken apart from the NEETness would be nice. something more like the quiet japanese men in hiki docos but without the man part I guess.


>NEET girls
>arn't completely broken apart from the NEETness


You're looking for a female version of yourself dude lol

>unfortunately normal women who leave the house are incredibly susceptible to being caught in cliques and narrow minded thinking.

Is this based in something?


You'd have more chance to find a NEET man though…


>I'm a scholar of everything
Man oh man..


Maybe you should have tried to teach her better faggot, we were all meme spouting retards at some point.

How is sex by the way?


This post made me cringe.

Why don't you try joining some kind of literature forums?

Of course, Unless literature is too stupid for you.


So you were 3 years with a girl but somehow didnt manage to tame her?
And what makes you think other neet girls are better?
Besides arent girls with intellect different? Like nerdy chicks with ambition that will turn out "sucessful" in life.


File: 1427069818544.jpg (54.77 KB, 500x563, Lel_37881d_5212540.jpg)

any girl with ambition can go anywhere in life that they want to go.
yes but those were fun. this was a desperate attempt to armour herself and surround herself with ego-syntonic rhetoric. crazy people don't like to face reality or admit they have problems. it's easier to claim that the entire world is against you. it really only started getting really bad when she got so retarded that she started saying i was privileged and hammering me with it everytime she got upset when she knows I'm NEET, have brain damage, ethnic.


File: 1427074160453.png (524.2 KB, 779x588, thumb.png)

Congratulations, you're not only jobless and don't have a degree but now you don't even have a girlfriend!
You must be proud my friend!


File: 1427075171608.png (155.96 KB, 476x412, 1424978591586.png)

>3dpd girlfriend

Ewww disgusting


File: 1427078038528.gif (30.89 KB, 300x168, 555555555555.gif)

It's almost horrifying how many men like this there are online, but at the same time, it's also very, very funny.




Let me get this straight, so she does this to you but you don't ask her to stop?



File: 1427090090153.jpg (13.66 KB, 224x223, stop.jpg)

>Implying having a girlfriend is success in any way.
As normal as an Eevee.


asking her to stop was patriarchy
this. I'm done with trying to talk to people. at first i had a job with friends then was NEET. now i just dont see the point of conversing with other people when they have nothing but meme spouting to say. so now i'm going full hiki.

thinking you are better than others is narcissism. but when pretty much nobody irl has anything interesting to say, that's not a reflection of me, that's a reflection of the society I live in.

I read a lot. I enjoy learning from others. I dont think myself above others. I just dont want to hear the same shit i could hear on TV repeated back to me over and over and stroke peoples egos for being such clever electric jew subscribers because I can't feel good about it. I know fewer people irl than i can count on one hand who dont do this. out of the hundreds of people i have met in my life.

like trying to have a conversation with someone recently.
>global warming is going to drown the planet and we'll all drown
>nah, it'll affect microclimates and cause massive economic damage to the point of crushing cities before it ever gets that far
>zomg stop condescending me you just think you're smarter than me!!!1

I've heard the criticism a lot. that people think I'm trying to outshine them or position myself as being intellectually superior to them. but if i just hide my power level and treat them like I would dogs, they love it. I hate doing this so i'd rather be alone.


I hope you realize you sound like an unbearable cunt. Sorry you had to deal with a radfem though.


File: 1427116515928.jpg (97.48 KB, 1280x720, 1391904193722.jpg)

>Implying calling everyone who isn't socially withdrawn a normie makes you some kind of cool kid


File: 1427120308763.png (70.29 KB, 411x384, preciousmishka.png)

>Implying I ever implied that.
I am some kind of cool kid, but it's just a coincidence.



I wish I had a neet gf to play games and watch anime and cudle with


My friend has a NEET girlfriend that plays video games and watches anime but she still lives at home and he works full-time and is her main income and I can already see where this is going to go


File: 1427142976874.jpg (97.12 KB, 850x906, NotC_rey.jpg)

It seems he got a pet.


File: 1427142996854.jpg (67.84 KB, 500x435, K-on_mu_bullshit.jpg)

>no waifu


Aside from the leeching part and the potential of that being the only reason they continue being with you that doesn't sound bad to me.

Maybe I'm odd but the idea of taking care of someone who doesn't really have others, who is as socially fucked and alienated as me, who would understand AND be more or less a traditional housewife aside from probably lazier and/or more submissive–that also sounds pretty nice to me.

I mean sure, part of the reason I do find that nice is because it's a sort of validation, but I think it's a better sort of validation to seek than "look at all this esotetric cknowladge i have, stoopid wooman.. please call me smart," which seems to be what OP is going after.

(Not to say that I don't know how it is being uninterested because someone's way dumber than you but dude seriously you are seen like the definition of tryhard, you might actually be able to find a NEET girl but you'd have better chances if you just focused on the same kinds of shit NEET girls would like and didn't try to act like your idea of some all-knowing alphafuck.)


File: 1427255780553.jpg (29.42 KB, 490x333, 1365465556033.jpg)

it's not esoteric knowledge. it's just the part where i've matured past the level of a 14yo. somewhere most people seem to get stuck. women especially, due to the beta and white knight faggotry learn all the skills they need at this age to be successful and so there is no need to progress in their emotional development.

I realize that dumbshits with the EQ of a pubescent teenage girl often misunderstand me as being an overbearing know it all shitlord. but that's simply because I don't play little girl games. people constantly attempt to dominate each other and I simply dont play that game. like constantly, people try to position themselves as some guru around me, attempting to convince me that I am some lost sheep and they have wisdom or that "womens intuition" and that they can help me by teaching me their magical pixie girl ways. it's especially common with people who are in the psychiatric system. their experience as a patient leads them to want cure others. believing if they can help others, this will bring them validation and practice for working on themselves.

I listenned to what she had to say. but refusal to comply with her directions or accept the boxing(or existential objectifying relationship she was trying to establish) led to toddler grade tantrums and a complete withdrawl into ego protection mode with radfemme walls. you know, because her failed attempts to dominate me was merely me being the patriarchy and psychological abuse.


File: 1427301025065.jpg (26.96 KB, 400x300, ie2.jpg)

OP has a Superiority complex


Hey OP, what were some of the feminist things your ex was saying?


File: 1427327744084.png (128.27 KB, 500x535, gramps.png)

Sometimes I question whether or not the still threadbare self confidence I've managed to build up is actually an ego or not, but now I just have to look at this post to correct that. Holy shit, dude, you really have a problem.


Somewhere out there, your ex is also complaining about you. Except, she's calling you mental.


It's really great when you accuse someone of being or doing something and they proceed to act even more in that way, as if that proves you wrong. Seriously thanks, that's convenient as fuck.

Some level of ego is healthy, necessary if you want to be anything near healthy. And hey, I bet you have at least SOME justification for ego. You seem to have adapted pretty well considering your issues and after all, IQ is one of the only things correlated positively with most mental illness~!


i wasnt just bitching. someone asked a question.
>not letting someone walk all over you
>makes you supremely mentally ill
>board full of NEETs doing the same thing
>cuck if you do
>psycho asshole if you don't

make up your mind


File: 1427351852123.png (264.29 KB, 701x942, 1427344926200.png)

True, but it's all an issue of disordered thinking. And, well…it's not a very hard thing to correct in theory, but in practice the mood swings and paranoid self doubt/destruction of one's self image is soul crushingly hard to defeat. But I digress…OP is not an unintelligent man by any means. But I've often found that putting yourself in that sort of "divide" as far as book intelligence goes makes it harder to acquire any of the practical and face-to-face knowledge that helps put it to use.
A good chunk of women that become NEET have a disorder or even a mere mindset that conflicts with OPs self indulgent intellectual nirvana. Even a woman who became NEET for physical health reasons is likely to become depressed over time, or at least more withdrawn and less likely to have the energy to put up with an "intellectual." I can't really suggest anything to solve his dilemma that wouldn't end up in a horrible relationship for both parties.


File: 1427360232703.jpg (52.73 KB, 852x480, 537655_1284186328860_full.jpg)

thankyou. it's not so much a divide as an extra dimension to my personality. while I can operate with a few cylinders missing it feels wrong. in the way that trannies describe being identified as their biological gender feeling wrong. Or trying to understand the sphere as a circle in flatland would be wrong.

I can hide it. but the self hate in her got channeled into externalized rage via a toxic ideology. she's doing better now i guess. used to be terribly agoraphobic but since she wrote off all men as rapists and moved in with her lesbian lover, she's going on holidays, she would never even leave town with me in the three years we were together to like go for a walk in a nature reserve.

I do put my intelligence to good use. i used to do a lot of charity work. I've volunteered with various organizations, my neighbour had a stroke so i fixed the railing on her deck so she wouldnt die getting into her house. I rebuilt her stepdads engine when he had cancer and his car broke down. I care about people. but I just find nearly everyone I come in contact with is a flaming ball of rage desperately trying to hold on to what they have and take what they can from others. so I'm in a self imposed exile until I can work things out.

I read some jew story way back when because it was in the local library and I was obsessed with arcana for a while and I was trying to learn hebrew for reasons. I can't remember the title but it was about this guy who walled himself in a hut for years because he couldnt cope with the idea that at some point he would do harm to others and the only way to avoid it was to build a physical wall around himself. the story is more about the people around him and the distress they go through like his family losing their father and friends missing him. until finally the metamorphosis took place and he came to the realization that it is impossible to avoid causing harm to others, all you can do is try. but my problem is more with the constant violence that people express towards each other and i just find it hard to cope with.


Well i guess its just that intelligent people are rare and intellectuals even rarer.
Even then chances might well be such a person would get pulled into some sort of ideology or have deep rooted complexes resulting in biased thinking of some kind.

Quite frankly i have trouble imagening such a thing as an intellectual women for some reason.
I dont know why any intelligent women would want to go trough all the trouble becoming and intellectual when they can have it do easy.
Then again i guess theres lots of weridos out there.

Btw i heard many japanese hikkis are actually girls because parents want them to become housewives so they are discouraged from building careers, not sure if i can believe that tough.


it's one of the confounding issues in autism and highly intelligent girls. while being socially retarded, due to social pressure, they can adapt and intellectualize it or make their "I like trains and train schedules" autistic specialty be fashion and etiquette. this makes detecting autism and intelligence in girls much harder because they can mask their dysfunction.


Well here's the thing, autism-style intelligence does not necessarily make someone interesting. I know an autistic girl and she isn't interesting at all. In fact I feel uncomfortable around her because aside from a few sets of subjects she can go on about with no object there isn't much at all to talk about.

Socially isolated girls do seem in general to stand a better chance of being interesting though because of that.
>Even then chances might well be such a person would get pulled into some sort of ideology or have deep rooted complexes resulting in biased thinking of some kind.

You say this as if it applies to girls solely.
Women in general do seem to be the ones who follow along with shitty ideologies more than anyone else and base more of their beliefs off bullshit feelings, but pretty much everyone is mired in some sort of bullshit ideology, ESPECIALLY smart people. I really haven't ever seen much actual reasoning going on when it comes to beliefs, anywhere.


>this makes detecting autism and intelligence in girls much harder because they can mask their dysfunction.
I think males can adapt well too sometimes, but its a bit harder because the male world is a rough world.
>You say this as if it applies to girls solely.
Didnt mean too, nor do i think that
females are more likely do be infected by viral ideology.

>but pretty much everyone is mired in some sort of bullshit ideology, ESPECIALLY smart people.

I believe it to be human nature to tend to cling to ideology to find a common group of people, but alteast intellectuals posses the capacity and the will to question those beliefs and while they may or may not be capable to change things atleast they are aware at some level of their own weakness and may try to describe things for others to understand.


OP, i don't know what your ex did exactly, but the way you talk about women (access to holes? for reals?) and trans* people makes me cringe. i hope one day you go outside and a bird poops on you.


the holes thing seems to be a constant bargaining chip for most women. as though their value is tied to their sexuality somehow.

even if you're just friends without any romantic or sexual intentions, it comes up as some kind of judgement that for some reason gets expressed directly or indirectly.

all I said about trannies was that they dont like to pretend to be someone they feel they arn't.
well from the perspective of traditional gender roles, men are encouraged to engage technical fields whereas women are encouraged to engage traditionally feminine fields. it's not a slight against women, it's just that the majority of nurses, teachers and psychologists are women. the typical expectation for autistism is based on the male example which has extreme contrast. dressing inappropriately, poor social lives, narrow interests. in women you dont see this very often because women form groups and it's ok to be a shy girl but not to be a shy boy.

well we all pick ego-syntonic beliefs. its just a matter of survival. however if you read between the lines, you can discern the motivations for adopting those beliefs. know your enemy and you will pity them instead. so in my ex's case it was all about increasing her emotional armour. which was understandable considering her life. but the relationship fell apart because she couldnt be reasonable about it. it was easier to stay in the armour and push me away as an evil cispigman. honestly the final straw for her was that I showed her emma watsons feminist address to the UN and was trying to explain that feminism is about improving the lives of women not calling rape on everything from wearing shorts to consensual penetration. all hell broke lose saying I was too moderate and she moved in with some woman she met on the internet. And now she's in a controlling relationship with a psycho bogan bulldyke who tells her who she's allowed to talk to and what she's allowed to do. mostly because, based on the radfemme assumption that only men can do bad things, women must be saintly. she just needs to learn that assholes are assholes, not the woman hating false dichotomy of men are evil, women are saintly.

I just think people like this seek out shitty environments because its familiar. like the poor girl across the road who's always hitting on me. told me she got into her current relationship because her bf was beating her and this current bf saved her. now she still gets beaten. it's like nostalgia for bad things happening to you.


File: 1427684762303.jpg (699.68 KB, 1053x1070, 1423567335767.jpg)

Have you ever considered that treating women as "access to holes" might drive an already introverted girl away from you? In fact, speaking that way about "normal women" makes me wonder if NEETgirl is a radical feminist at all, it could be that you are just more sexist than the general population.

Have you ever seen that scene in "Good Will Hunting" where some guy rattles off a bunch of information on whatever subject to prove how much smarter he is than some other dude? That is how you come off.

You don't play the game? You're angry because some girl didn't accept what YOU thought was right, from what I can see you attempted to dominate the way she thought and failed, now you are angry about it and trying to find validation on the Internet just like her.

The only thing that differentiates your personality from the average is that you are more self absorbed.

>And now she's in a controlling relationship with a psycho bogan bulldyke who tells her who she's allowed to talk to and what she's allowed to do.

>I just think people like this seek out shitty environments because its familiar.


File: 1427685580220.jpg (19.59 KB, 294x266, 1424956883214.jpg)

Not that anon, but you going all the "no ur wrong" attitude is just the same shit you're accusing OP of doing.


How do you figure that?


You're basically denying everything OP said and twisting it because you can dig his attitude, isn't it exactly what you're accusing him for?


Huh. That may be so.

OP just came off as sort of a self-absorbed hypocrite to me.

How do you suggest I should have argued it?


For example, the thing about the holes comes handy when talking about radfem because it's basically how they think men think about women, so in this situation was pretty much used ironically. Accusing OP of thinking this way is just like proving this way of thinking is real, so you would be kinda like proving him right there too. Well, at least he never gave other impressions about thinking that way more than just a sarcastic comment, so this isn't really a point to take against him.

I'm gonna quote your other post by the way because it's easier for me to explain what I saw there.

>Have you ever seen that scene in "Good Will Hunting" where some guy rattles off a bunch of information on whatever subject to prove how much smarter he is than some other dude? That is how you come off.

Didn't see that movie so I can't figure out exactly what it was about, but considering you explain it in the next sentence I have to give you a point since OP can appear kinda "i'm top savvy kid in this hood". However, I understand what he meant because I also feel that way: I'm not really that smart or a genius or something, but when I find myself chatting with other people, or actually, overhearing their chat since I can't help it in college, it feels really superfluous, empty, dumb. It's like people actually care of a lot of stupid stuff and give importance to more stupid things, and also like they reject knowledge and the idea of some people devoting more to their inner self rather than the external self.
That's why I really can't understand how, this board being (supposedly) made out of a good bunch of introverts rejected this thought or felt it too alien. OP had a point there in my opinion; maybe a bit more harsh with the words, but I could see what he tried to explain there.

>You don't play the game? You're angry because some girl didn't accept what YOU thought was right, from what I can see you attempted to dominate the way she thought and failed, now you are angry about it and trying to find validation on the Internet just like her.

From OP words, his ex was a dense radfem; however, since we don't really know if OP is exaggerating or not, if he was trying to impose on her or not, etc., I personally wouldn't have interfered there to much. If what he says is true, we know there exist people like that; and it's really tiring to try to argue with them, since they just lock themselves up in that armor and do not leave it.
If he was exaggerating, you have a point with this part of your post.

>The only thing that differentiates your personality from the average is that you are more self absorbed.

Well, this seems to be true in some point so I really can't say anything about it.

>I just think people like this seek out shitty environments because its familiar.

I actually read in psychology books that this is actually pretty common; some people chase after shitty situations to play the victim. I don't remember exactly how was it called, but basically, they can blame others for their lives and their problems instead of themselves.

All in all, I can see OP is really tired of all this socialization business, and I can also see why since I get like that sometimes too. But, since I am not a NEET maybe the little responsibilities I have and the minimal socialization I'm put into, I can kind of control it and don't loose it at all. If anything, he seems kinda pretentious and a bit egocentric with how he writes, but he actually makes some good points, though I would say they're expressed kinda harshly, and the "I'm a scholar of everything" seems to came as an "I know everything" attitude that probably bothered a bunch of people here, which lead to a misunderstanding of him being extremely self-centered and obnoxious, which may be true but do not dismiss his arguments.

Well, at least that's what I think.


File: 1427696326097.jpg (19.68 KB, 181x240, 4546399764_a6a5c27ef0_m.jpg)

no, the problem was that I didnt dominate her. like boys she was friends with would proposition her and hit on her. I didnt give two fucks because she always came home to me. but she expected me to forbid her from talking to them in some kind of possessive way. we were going to hang out this weekend but her new gf has forbidden her from seeing me unless she's having her period. which is hilarious because its like some kind of crazy extrapolation that men are disgusted with periods and therefor, she will be unable to cheat on her because men just can't handle menstrual blood. and secondly, being a man, my imperative is to rape or seduce(also rape) her.

I'm going to go watch that good will hunting so i can see what you're talking about. I've always understood that to be a kind of anti-intellectual behavior as discussed below.

I actually just met a doctor on OKCupid and she just talks like a normal person. you know, with reciprocal self disclosure and refering back to things you've said and offering new information. i can always tell the fake nerdy chicks because the moment I try to talk about something interesting, they go, oh yeah, i know all about that i'm an expert and then offer no kind of evidence, just dismissal. completely different from the other people I've talked to so far. we get along great. maybe the problem has been that i've just been meeting horrible self absorbed women who know all too well how mediocre/subpar they are and so when anything happens to challenge their external projected identity of being a hip cool nerdy chick, they simply alienate that person in some kind of pre-emptive strike.


Ah, I didn't interpret that as ironic at all, if he wasn't really serious my other arguments lose their base.

I may have overreacted because he also says something about normal women being more susceptible to narrow minded thinking and holes being a bargaining chip or something.

I'll agree that a lot of people talk about things I find utterly inane, and that when they do it is somewhat alienating. I only really find it irritating when people go out of their way to tell me that I should like those things too though.

Some people do indeed lock themselves up, you're right about this being contingent on my first argument.

that last part where I quoted him was more meant to say that perhaps she left a bad situation (him) for another bad one (psycho bogan bulldyke) which is again reliant on the first argument.

I think I can see where you're coming from, I sort of wrote in a knee-jerk reaction to his extremely abrasive way of writing.


If your arguments are indeed structured the way the guy I'm replying to says I can sympathize with the feeling of alienation, I still find you abrasive and irritating, though.


File: 1427700384200.jpg (65 KB, 565x412, chanty.binx_.young_.and_.c….jpg)

sorry for the gonzo then.
I'm watching good will hunting and i guess you're talking about the snobby student in the bar who misunderstands the social situation he interjects into. In that situation, he pickup artist is merely attempting to establish rapport with the woman in the bar. the guy interjects to rattle off some shit he's memorized in a text book to call out the pickup artists bluff. to which he is rebuffed for being a complete social failure. everyone involved understood that he was merely attempting to find a segue into a conversation with the women he was chatting up. but the outsider just comes off as a pompous prick.

I don't care what someones opinions or interests are, just that they're passionate and willing to be reasonable in a discussion. the SJW radfemme thing is exactly like the pompous prick though, rattling off meaningless crap and getting worked up over it because their rote memorization of this hate filled rhetoric gives them a sense of superiority and the need to bring it up and upset people. in reality it's a defense mechanism that helps to protect their fragile ego.



ever considered why it happens? yeah, many women do tie their self-worth with their sexuality - since they've been conditioned to think like that. it's unconscious.
and then you grow up having learned to fear men and expect unwanted sexual advances. so it's no wonder that some women get creeped out. (and no, i am not saying all men are evil rapists.) i guess you just have to make your intentions (or lack thereof) clear and ensure that they can trust you?
and lemme tell ya, talking about women as "holes" will NOT help them feel comfortable around you, no matter in what sense you say it. (and it's disgusting enough already.)

sorry, i misunderstood your sentence.
even so, "tranny" is not an appropriate term to use unless you want to be a jerk.


File: 1428024944337.jpg (205.47 KB, 1291x846, maslow.jpg)

of course I dont show my true power level IRL. But tying your identity to your sexuality is so incredibly base. I know a large part of being a woman is culturally confused, the virgin mary complex. that women are contrarily expected to be mother, wife and innocent virtuous virgin. but to me, not superseding this low order thinking process is just immaturity. if you're more concerned by what lies between a persons thighs than between their ears, you've already debased yourself to the status of subhuman.

just because someone chooses to act inappropriately and see you as a piece of meat to be fucked, doesnt mean that you need to accept that objectification that they're imposing on you. unfortunately this 4th wave pop feminism embraces it entirely and condones it so all it ends up doing is justifying these behaviors and removing accountability and responsibility from both parties. mainly by suggesting that this behavior is normative and not deviant behavior. like any pickup artist will tell you, when seeking random women for a hookup, the success rate might be 1/100. so that's 100 women who might share a common experience of being hit on by the same guy and then assuming that because the experience is so common, it must be many men engaging in this practice, not the few sleazy assholes.


So this means there isnt a any real way to meet neet girls or at the very least neet tollerant girls?


The NEET females who aren't as extreme as others are probably already taken by wageslaves. They are parasites that drain off the wageslave's money while giving fake love in return. These type of female NEET's are the golddiggers of the middle class.

I just realized that this description can be used for nearly all women in Western civilization

Again, we are reminded that girls -even NEET girls- are more privileged than men.


File: 1428418507486.jpg (40.32 KB, 500x364, cash.jpg)

damn you got a warped mind. i'm pretty sure the kind of women you're talking about are the normie NEETs aka people who probably don't even know what the term NEET is. I've known tons of female NEETs and none of them have ever been like that. Though i'm sure it happens, you made it sound like almost every NEET girl is a parasite.

Sure women can be gold diggers and probably more so then men since they can more easily get it with sex, but i'm sure there are tons of NEET men who have a rich girlfriend they use for money. I've seen cases of a loser boyfriend with a rich well off girlfriend.




Guys, please. Can't we just cordially discuss our unrealistic fantasies of meeting qt NEETgirls and pounding their sopping wet NEETpussies raw?


File: 1428470883984.jpeg (16.76 KB, 202x252, 1a269b3e9143d35d067b550c7….jpeg)

If you actually have to seriously in actuality with real intent and not as a joke ask that, then for you at this time, no, there isn't.


File: 1428478143177.jpg (15.14 KB, 229x220, 1428428300237.jpg)

How is a NEET going to meet other real life NEETs without going to a con or something? You could try dating a NEET girl online, if your thirst is truly that unquenchable.


yes but where do they go?
I would relocate anywhere to be with an intellectual NEET girl.

my experience with online dating has been women being stupid whores. like if i go on dating sites all I can find is girls explicitly asking for sugar daddies and selecting by conspicuous consumptions. which only makes them more insane because they will fuck cletus with a skyline then cry about how he raped them for not giving her a million dollar house and enough disposible income to fuck jamal which was promised to her.


Obvously i wouldnt ask this if i had the skill or money to date regular girls.
Well i guess there really is no hope for me.
But my point was mostly that people here loathed OP but didnt proivde said information, assuming they didnt want to say "no, sorry".


>dating sites
>expecting anything but desperate, insane women no one wants

Oh boy here we go.

Where do YOU go? NEET girls have the same interests as a NEET guy would, anime, videogames, books, the more niche the more likely you are to find them. (think doujin music, bullet hell games, rpg maker games like this one) Of course, they are not going to scream to the world about who they are. The ones that do are just as crazy and pathetic as what you would find on dating sites. Some don't even let people know their gender. It's up to luck in the end.


You're screaming to the world right now about how you want an "intellectual NEET girl". There's pretty much no difference between you and the "whores" you're describing right now.

Just chill out, man. You could probably find a con near you taking place sooner than you'd think. You can find your fantasy honeys all over the place there, most likely.


yeah but when I say NEET I don't mean a girl with a bookshelf full of hardcore loli futa and a stack of noodle/pizza boxes around her computer.

when I say whores, i mean exactly that. no interest in a person as a partner, just someone to leech off. which is why status is such a huge thing for the majority of people. they want a rich, roided up faggot. instead of companionship being a primary goal of a relationship, it's bragging rights essentially as some form of personal validation.

I'm fit but not obsessed with maintaining a 4% body fat ratio.
I could afford a skyline and hook up with stupid whores, spending all my money on peacocking. but the kinds of whores that attracts are disgusting in the brains department.

it's not at all the same. the difference is that I'm not a stupid whore who can't distinguish between peacocking chad who's so desperate for personal validation that he spends all his money peacocking so that he can fuck loser chicks. and the chicks are so desperate for personal validation that they seek that out because it means something to them that isnt real ie. security. but they just get pumped and dumped.

I think of NEETness more as secular monk. like the NEETs I know IRL are career students who just study all the time but don't have waifus or know every obscure anime.


>like the NEETs I know IRL are career students who just study all the time but don't have waifus or know every obscure anime.
>Career Students
>Study all the time

how the fuck does that qualify as Not in Employment, Education or Training?


well education and training
they never intend to use it
and most of them study by themselves.
like I rebuild engines at the moment, I've been an EMT, a teacher, an appliance repairfag, I could tell you more about the history of philosophy or psychology than anyone with a bachelors.

I don't make money off these things and I don't go to work to do these things. I havn't worked in six years and I'm 25 now. I just want to stay at home studying whatever I can find, doing projects to fill in time.


File: 1428548101057.png (416.77 KB, 1162x900, naruto_sai_smile.png)

You say you have money, smarts, adequate looks, and on top of that, you've already had a GF.
Why do you think Ubuu can help you if you can't help yourself?

Putting aside my personal judgement of you, and taking what you're said to be true enough, your problem seems to be patience. You clearly know what your preferences are - all you need to do is work towards them. You have to accept that your preferences are going to be limiting, most people are not for you, and it's going to take time to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Getting mad about that and repeating yourself isn't going to do shit.


>I could afford a skyline and hook up with stupid whores, spending all my money on peacocking
Quite a statement. Anyway i see your point.

Do you guys think there is a correlation between being a neet and being an intellectual?

Also i dont know why people think that neets are interested in anime and games, i mean sure its pretty sensible to assume so but personally im not into anime and im cutting down on games too.
Different people different interests, tough id like to know how accurate that is.


>Also i dont know why people think that neets are interested in anime and games
>what is /jp/
>what is N.H.K.にようこそ
>what is watamote
>what is general media NEETs in anime
>what is this fucking board


if you call yourself a NEET and you live in america(maybe other countries too?) its most likely because you know of anime/image boards stuff like that. Most people who aren't just say unemployed.

And i doubt there is something to correlate NEETs with intelligence. Correlation does not imply causation anyway. So it's most likely just a coincidence even if there is. Most just think they're smart because they beat the system or something of that nature, so always act like they know more. So many people in this thread made examples for me too.


I think of true NEETs as people who just dont fit in to society and chose to isolate themselves from the world because they can't cope with the pressures of life.

the unemployed are different. I think there are two very distinct groups of NEETs. NEETs can still produce something of value and make something of their life. through some kind of artistic endeavour, while trying to find their great work. the world outside offers nothing of value. and with the way things are going we'll start seeing more people opting out. the other group are those who simply can't do anything so they sit in a basement watching childrens cartoons all day, thinking about raping their little sisters. the unemployed arn't necessarily NEETs. they can have skills and go outside and find enjoyment from the world outside. they just happen to have some kind of disability or flaw or just shitty economic situation that prevents them from having a job but they WANT to go outside.

the NEET just doesnt find value in the world they live in so they can tend to live a quixotic life inside a little shell and be happy there.


File: 1428766371818.png (11.12 KB, 100x100, tumblriconq.png)

>NEETs can still produce something of value and make something of their life. through some kind of artistic endeavour, while trying to find their great work. the world outside offers nothing of value

Being a NEET is different than being a hikkikomori. There are tons of people who are NEETs but aren't hikki, probably more than there are hikki. Hikkikomori are usually NEETs for obvious reasons but NEET means "Not in Education, Employment, or Training". Just because you want to have a secret little club of feeling better than everyone else doesn't mean you can change the definition of something. Unemployed is the same thing as NEET if you're not in college/training. Thats just the definition. Tons of NEETs leave their house every day and tons of "unemployed" sit on the couch all day and never go out. Hell being a NEET sometimes isn't a choice.

You basically proved my point of NEETs on this board being egotistical about feeling above every one else because they beat the system.

You guys need to stop thinking that you're in this cool secret club that makes you better than all the "normies". Spoiler Alert: Some jobs are really enjoyable and can make you good money and you can buy more shitty anime and vidya games.


>You guys need to stop thinking that you're in this cool secret club that makes you better than all the "normies"

You know, the definition of normie is different in every site. In /a/, where it originated, it was used with people with normal lives (job, girlfriend/boyfriend, social life, etc). In wizardchan (and tohnochan I think, but I can't confirm since I don't lurk too much there), it was used with non-virgin people who had "acceptable" social lives (AKA social cunts). That was pretty ironic because if you were virgin, social retarded and a loser, but if you still went to college/worked, most of wizfags would call you a normie and tell you to get out, even if the goddamn definition I gave was the official by their fucking F.A.Q., which was a fucking ironic reaction because the site only asked you to be a male virgin over the age of 18.

I personally use the term "normie" for social cunts, party faggots and social butterflies disgusting sluts, but then again, I go to college so I would be a normie too for a NEET, even if I'm a virgin loser who has no friends and only leaves his house for college and shopping/going to buy food. I can see why this would be a case, since I go to college and THEREFORE I must not have any problems or be depressed, but it's a fact that I'm doing something that is socially accepted, even when I see no point in it or if it will really led me anywhere. I wish I could be a NEET, but then again I can't live just with air. Money is needed, there is no other way to get money, so I have to do this.


>I go to college …
>Money is needed, there is no other way to get money, so I have to do this.
You get payed for going to college rather than paying yourself for college?


What sort of strange country do you live in?


Yes, I get payed for going to college, so this is another why I can't just say "nah I since I can't do it I won't". I think it's not fair for other people who can't study if I have a possibility to go for college and even get paid for it.

It's Argentina btw, shit country, shit people, shit language, shit prices, only good things are free college (and I have a scholarship since I'm studying electrical engineering) and landscapes.


i put the term normie in quotation marks for a reason.


Well, you wrote next to "normie" this
>Some jobs are really enjoyable and can make you good money and you can buy more shitty anime and vidya games.

As if having a job was a fact that defined a normie, or something "non-normies" would not get or do.




The quotation implies its not something I usually say and also that it wasn't a term meant to be taken seriously. I don't use that term unless i'm joking around. I was using it as a way to reinforce how so many people on this thread, and other NEETs I've met, treat people who aren't like them as "normies" and like they're above them somehow. I don't see how that was so hard to understand, especially given what the post I was replying to said.


Ah, I may have read it wrong. Yeah, I also use it jokingly too but it's quite useful for defining when somebody isn't in this boat or not more than a negative term.


File: 1428809102613.jpg (78.4 KB, 720x545, The-neverending-still-2.jpg)

well, it'd make complete sense if you were class aware. people actually live like this. http://naturalthinker.net/trl/texts/Vilar,Esther/PolygamousSex2.html

people consider this to be normal behavior.
I just want to be a hikki polymath. and possibly find another hikki polymath for companionship.

sure I might make some money as a writer/inventor one day. but it's the creative process that I enjoy. the last thing that I want to do is be some beta cuck looking after some shitty NEET girl(or as the author in the article above calls them, pseudo-protege.) I've seen enough men who spend their lives working to provide for their childlike princess to know that amounts to a pile of shit.

If i give an example from pop culture, take grimes for example.
>cute high pitched childlike voice
>cute lisp, enhancing childlike appearance
>always wearing goddamn cute scene clothes or tight fitting clothes to be a sex object

these things appeal to a mans altruistic nature, to care for someone who appears weaker, in need on provision. to nurture children. on a basic level, these things stimulate men to provide. but it's manipulation. you will never be an equal and there can never be reciprocal love. there is just one person manipulating another by presenting themselves as being less capable. but with the two tacked approach that a grown woman can provide, being an adopted child and sex object, they can secure even greater levels of provision.

tl;dr being normie hetero is basically being a pedo
normie girls grow up but learn everything they need to know to be successful around 14.


File: 1428852912095.jpg (117.43 KB, 492x492, bruh.jpg)

you still had the simple concept of what quotations marks mean in that context go over your head.

Also i don't see why so many men hate on women for becoming sex objects. You know who made them that way? Men. Through out almost all of history women were nothing but objects for a husband/father. They're just using what they have to get ahead. That's just the human condition. Men do shitty things to get ahead all the time. Even sexual things. Get over it. Who cares if grimes does that shit. Obviously her fans enjoy it, which are most likely more female then male. You'll never meet her and if you meet someone like her just ignore them completely. There's no reason to be do disdainful towards people for doing things you don't like.

And why so sour over women who are like this? Just move on. Usually its pretty easy to identify someone like that early on if you're actually looking for a relationship. Usually they're dumb or pretty obvious about their intentions. Not every girl you meet is gonna be perfect or even attractive to you and any girl that is will just laugh at you being so bigoted towards women who aren't you ideal woman.


File: 1428882172720.jpg (44.31 KB, 540x608, Bitches_ebd748_5016905.jpg)

well women in my generation have never known discrimination based on gender. they were born with the vote, equal opportunity, diversity quotas and 3rd wave feminism ect. ie. easy mode. men did not make them this way. they chose it for themselves.

oh I'm not saying that she's a terrible person. I actually like her music and quirky dancing. but it goes a long way to explain her success. in terms of the way that it exploits the human psyche and performs as a sort of blueprint for successful behavior to emulate.



Hot tip, stud: you're discriminating on women in your generation based on gender at this very moment!

So, how many fedoras do you own?



and, to add to that, men as well. :BIOTRUTHS:



>women in my generation have never known discrimination based on gender

you're one of those people who seriously thinks we live in a "post-racial" society too, aren't you?


File: 1428884734158.gif (1021.46 KB, 500x281, 1428799198969.gif)

Drat! The exceedingly intelligent and well learned anon has exposed my plot to exploit his altruistic psyche for my own nefarious goals. I guess this was to be expected with my inferior mental and physical faculties, thousands of years worth of social manipulation laid low by a handsome and brilliant man whos name the free world from here on out will not even have the privilege of knowing.

But mark my words gallant anon, after a thousand years of peace, when men have become weak from the lack of battle, moe will rise again.



Hey now, on paper we do! Still, admittedly it's better in the US than in… oh just about anywhere else. Could be better, though.

Still, the r/mra is strong in this one.


File: 1428885897673.jpg (254 KB, 708x741, what tumblr thinks about r….jpg)

>But mark my words gallant anon, after a thousand years of peace, when men have become weak from the lack of battle, moe will rise again.
>impyling moeshit isn't now in the top of the power pyramid


File: 1428887588324.jpg (43.21 KB, 640x480, Being gay is discriminatio….jpg)

>not being gay is discrimination
well I saw that one coming
>expecting people to not play the discrimination card for easy mode
well i can understand that it's easy to be lazy


>Comparing SJW nonsense to being called out on being an idiot with a cartoonish worldview

There's no way anybody can be this stupid and this smug at the same time and not be playing a joke. Then again it might explain where your attitudes about *~social cunts~* and women and other such things you're bitter about come from.



Your fedora's on a bit tight kiddo, maybe clean that cheeto dust out of your neckbeard a bit and you can find a nice NEET girl like yourself!


File: 1428889461357.png (120.41 KB, 317x317, 1410591426081.png)

Is this a reference to my post or what? (>>14106 )

Because then you're talking with two different anons.



Possibly both, who fucking cares.


>who fucking cares
I do. Now I understand why the other answers seemed to be opposing to whatever I said like I was a retard for not "understanding" what a quote mark is for.



So are you going somewhere with this or what's happening here, I'm not sure what it matters so much who I'm talking to, unless you don't share that oddly monolithic worldview of people that are not you, that the other anon has.

I know that not all NEETs are this bitter about entire groups of people (hello!) but there's a frightneningly large subset that are.


>tfw used to be somewhat like OP as a result of severe feelings of inferiority coupled with social anxiety

I hate 14 year old me.

If you'll let me derail this shitfest a bit I would also like a NEET to be with, but as long as they're cute and I can relate to them and they're not boring/dumb or too crazy to be with and not constantly be afraid of them killing themselves/being personality disorder riddled wrecks that barely seem like real people, well, that's already a fair amount to ask for.

It certainly must be a fair amount to ask for considering I've internet-dated two or three fucking people who were often attention-seeking through acting suicidal and/or borderline enough to make my life suck badly even though our lives were still ultimately separate.

Fuck, I just added someone recently like that on a lark, and still feel bad about it, because they do seem somewhat real and I can empathize.

Is a nice, interesting girl or girlyboy that much to ask for?
Oh wait I already answered that question.


>So are you going somewhere with this or what's happening here
Yeah, my point is that not everybody in this thread that is willing to discuss has either your point of view, OP's, or mine. My other post got replies like "lol can't u see what i even tried 2 say or wat?", and now you quoted what I said as if it was OP's words/OP wrote that.
It's like if someone points out something in any post for discussion it means that anon MUST think differently and is one of these "NEETs that this bitter about entire groups of people".


File: 1428892601578.gif (133.54 KB, 500x281, 26804976059.gif)

Never implied the first thing. If you don't want to be called out on being a sexist, stop saying sexist things. For example, seriously posting an article about how the majority of women use their moe aspects to manipulate men tends to leave people with a "tinfoil hat" impression. Do you honestly think that? Do you really think that people other than yourself lack morals?

Don't get me wrong, I respect that you love to learn and understand that you feel alienated, but creating a conspiracy to deal with it might be a bit far. This seriously reminds me of the opening to the "Welcome to the NHK" book.


File: 1428895091158.png (520.45 KB, 798x510, FortPastorDeadFrontier.png)

Chill out you pieces of shit.
Why are you arguing with so much passion who is sexist/sjw/neckberd? There is no honor to defend y'all fuckers anon lol.


File: 1428898496255.jpg (9.11 KB, 188x200, mad.jpg)


morals are old world values. today all that matters is adaptability. there is no community to apply moral thought to. we are all mercenaries now.

that's pretty much what OP is arguing. that crazy fucked up sexist women are terrible. just that maybe some people don't want to admit that there are just as many sexist women as there are men. and it's possible to apply sexism to yourself. and that it's possible to be sexist without checking privprivs

>not boring/dumb

well yeah, this is my argument for sexist women with superiority complexes. my sexism is more sexist than your sexism. they're just boring to talk to and mean about it to boot.
>not too crazy
crazy I can deal with.
>barely seem like real people
well this is what happens when people invest all of their effort into representing themselves as a desirable object instead of growing a personality.

the only difference between us is that I am more mad about the availability of this unobtainium.


>morals are old world values

You're joking right? There is never a time in human history where a majority of people didn't act out of self-interest above all else. Or any creature more complex individually than colony lifeforms, for that matter. "Morals" exist, but they're commonly a tool used by authority to make you feel better about not strengthening your own position, and by proxy, a way of strengthening your position by your relation to the authority! See: The Catholic Church throughout almost its entire history. Oh, and that Catholic church burned a lot of people over stupid shit, lest their authority be weakened by a more conscious society.

I love how people like you and the OP suggest all but directly that you're so much smarter and more cultured than everyone else, but you don't really know half of what you're talking about.


File: 1428955339760.gif (410.44 KB, 220x158, 2XGa3.gif)



the hell does that have to do with being sexist or them being sexist?



>what's that have to do with sexism

no idea. maybe r/redpill or whatever the hell bullshit of the week is going on. FEMENEST CUNTS

Ironically, their problems are the exact same as SJWs in that they don't want to find fault in themselves or take personal responsibility for people not finding them appealing. Horseshoe, SUCH SHALLOW PIGS/BITCHES etc.

I'd bet money that if the NEETgurl he found that fits all his criteria for personality was fat and/or ugly he wouldn't date her, and she'd retreat to an echo chamber where they demonize all men as pigs and the cycle continues. They would then, in that instant, be the same person.


File: 1428966708973.png (70.34 KB, 257x252, Uboachansecretsociety.png)

This thread is brought To You By


yes but there was merit in that kind of thinking. when most people never travel more than 10 miles from their home town in their whole lives, people remember the sins of the fathers. when you fuck someone over, they didnt just remember you were a dick, they'll remember for generations back that your family is a bunch of dicks. nowadays you can just skip town quite easily or there's always another sucker.

you've never met a psycho radfemme have you? I was in a relationship with a girl so convinced of the evils of men that she'd self harm and then insinuate to her family and friends that I had injured her just to keep me in my place, as an abusive man. I've been the victim of numerous false rape allegations. I studied once. was learning to be a primary school teacher. my supervising teacher hit on me but i wasnt interested. she didnt say anything at the time. but two months later the university called me in for a disciplinary hearing to tell me that they'd been investigating me for sexually abusing a child on my prac. this was her revenge. cry rape to punish the evil men. In her eyes, such a life ruining move was justified.


Holy shit



Forgive me if I don't believe your perfect storm of bullshit, but even if all that stuff did happen, it's just as common some random asshole/ette somewhere (or a group of them) spread rumours about a girl being an STD ridden slut and ruined her life for a few years with no repercussions.

Still, you gotta wonder what would make people treat you like shit. Or what kind of person you'd have to be to make something like that up. Typically, not a good one. Something tells me women aren't exactly clawing each others' eyes out to get to you.


File: 1428974739177.jpg (352.22 KB, 1172x791, 1364864131427.jpg)

>Still, you gotta wonder what would make people treat you like shit. Or what kind of person you'd have to be to make something like that up. Typically, not a good one. Something tells me women aren't exactly clawing each others' eyes out to get to you.

>if something bad happens to you it either means it must be your own fault or you deserved it

lol no, what kind of biased argument is that?

Also why is everyone discussing this shit when it's known nobody will change their way they think?



I see myself in this hilariously bitter anon and sometimes you need to administer tough love to prevent tragedy


honestly this doesnt ruin a girls life. because it's a well known tactic that doesnt work. also, why would any guy ruin his chances at keeping a fuck bunny qt3.14 on the side? it just doesnt make sense and you'd be more likely to be completely ostracized by all women for pulling a move like that.
well this should explain why I am NEET.


I think you're being sarcastic but if you're not, holy shit.

People will absolutely believe stupid made up bullshit rumours about someone. False rape allegations are rare but people believe those, and people readily believe "ha, school slut" nonsense too. A rumour from the right mouth can ruin someone's reputation until they find another social group.


File: 1428976063654.png (204.24 KB, 462x559, slutcrying.png)

>Side A: Radfems and Tumblr sluts
>Side B: Neckbears and pathetic remains of Wizchan
Whole thread pls go and stay go



Don't fucking summon them here you… you… ESS JAY DOUBLE YEW!


File: 1428976646058.png (416.19 KB, 498x574, imtoobigforyou.png)


File: 1428976708259.png (990.24 KB, 629x651, touhou_el demonio.png)

This is now a Touhou Thread


well i'm australian so girls are like sexually active from when they start highschool. so it's not really a thing for a girl to be a slut here. they're all sleeping around and it's acceptable. and that isnt really something that someone gets their knickers in a twist about. people screw. so what?


File: 1428976917642.jpg (86.57 KB, 680x527, worsttouhou.jpg)

>Title is meet NEET women
>Everything is sexism
>Nothing is sexism


>blah blah is sexually active when blah blah

same as everywhere else in the world and every gender, wow you're so special


File: 1428977183305.jpg (184.3 KB, 920x623, 0Cariglino in Koumakan.jpg)

Good thread, vote Cariglino 2015


File: 1428977371463.jpg (753.08 KB, 1632x1224, oronosak2.jpg)

Vote Cariglino Mayor of Gensokyo 2015


File: 1428977565840.gif (59.07 KB, 180x250, Moving-picture-skeleton-sn….gif)

>probably did fuck a kid and that's the lie he tells his family


File: 1428977734000-0.jpg (277.6 KB, 1200x680, 0Oroño Trip In Gensoukyo2.jpg)

File: 1428977734000-1.jpg (173.42 KB, 960x640, GENSOKYO CREW5.jpg)

Reimu, Aya, Hatate and Alice supports the best crew for this 2015 election.


File: 1429006218931-0.jpg (22.14 KB, 300x450, 3.jpg)

File: 1429006218932-1.jpg (21.34 KB, 300x450, 4.jpg)

File: 1429006218932-2.jpg (19.41 KB, 300x470, 1.jpg)

File: 1429006218932-3.jpg (21.25 KB, 290x450, 2.jpg)

>another man dies alone

this thread is great success for femimimsn


File: 1429025616722.jpg (54.24 KB, 680x583, 985.jpg)

>Thread full of a guy complaining about feminists
>All he has to do is stay away from feminists


More like
>Thread asking about non radfemme NEET girls
>Femnazi complaining of anon being sexist
>anon proving women are sexist too
>Autism: The Thread

Both, please go, this shit is cancer.


it dont lasts forever.


File: 1437807309595.png (195.06 KB, 402x275, 1425791993234.png)

you have to be gay

i'm not memeing, there is just no other solution





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