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>girl at work grabs me by the shoulders and always fixes my uniform's collar when she sees it out of place
>roomate and her friend comment about how delicately i eat
>women often ask if gey
>one girl tells me she reminds me of her younger brother
>other girls tell me they see me as a son
>always get called cute, never handsome
>all because i'm short, thin, and have a higher-pitched voice
Is there a cure to the sonzone?


transition lol


eat more and work out

>high-pitched voice

smoke two packs a day


become superpowerful


>all because i'm short, thin, and have a higher-pitched voice
Nah bro, it's your personality. The cure is to be grow up, be responsible, find a good guy to work for, concentrate on doing a good job, and spend as little time around women as possible. Marry some nice quiet girl and forget about it.


File: 1566215984037.gif (20.81 KB, 1420x1299, f1c5cd0c3f9f1bf137e1b0b0c4….gif)

How is anything of what you said bad? It seems like you can't fill in the expectations of some weird macho-personality you think you need to fulfill.

I'm not telling you to man up or go all feminine but rather to accept yourself as the person you are and stop being in a conflict over nothing.


>inb4 I start seeing toxic masculinity thrown around
Get off your high horse.


File: 1566289588635.png (111.3 KB, 255x326, 1469358051494.png)

How am I on a high horse?
What would you call an unreachable fixation on a masculine ideal that is in complete contrast to reality?


Id call it your very own special little delusion.


That's conciousness, baby.


Yeah if you’re a Twitter tranny.


At least women don't find you creepy.


I take it you don't really know much about this whole "society" or "how the average person thinks" thing lmfao


Yeah. The 8ch refugees are in full swing. Nobody cares about your life asshole.


as an oldschool ubuufag i can tell you I assume you're either a tranny or a permavirgin r9k tier weeb given that level of vitriol and I don't care about you either <3


File: 1567232941010.png (1.77 MB, 1295x1617, 6dafcf2eb73dfefa4a99c5c41e….png)



>as an oldschool ubuufag


If women don't respect you they will not generally take you seriously much less want you.

The reason why macho douche culture exists is that the average woman wants aggressive masculine dudes.

If you don't even get that I really fucking doubt you get out much.

Also that's hyper generalizing and obviously in your own secluded nerd culture, sure, maybe things work slightly differently, but you're not going to change basic fucking breeding patterns through hopes and feelings and your own optimistic outlook on how welcoming other people are.

When in the loser kingdom, at least be an oldfag.


>tranny or a permavirgin r9k tier weeb
That's a bit redundant


File: 1567328256534.png (59.42 KB, 358x253, 1560491093752.png)

Anon, no. This is not correct and seeing this I fear you're the one who doesn't go out much. Or is under the influence of a gigantic spook and information bias.

I'm assuming that with breeding patterns you're talking about the whole "alpha male strong and fuck the women" thing you see in certain animal species like the Gorillas? Applying this concept on humans is misleading because we're closer to other species than to the gorilla, evolutionary speaking.
The closest species is the Bonobo. And you may know, Bonobos are hypersexual and copulate with everyone in their group and not just "the strongest". The leaders of the group also aren't the strongest but the oldest.
Gorillas are more closer to us in terms of anatomy, however. They're more "land based" and do less climbing, similiar to the human.

Macho dude culture exists because macho dudes are macho dudes. It's their personality and identity. They don't do it because they wish to attract women. If anything, that's an afterthought.

If you remove your shitty way of making exceptions you'd be left with this generalization that is so utterly ridicilous, you probably wouldn't believe it either.

>Women don't respect you

>Woman wants

There isn't one type of woman. this is the clearest indicator you have barely any positive contact with them or otherwise you wouldn't be inclined to believe ridicilous things like that. As such, your experience and opinions are based on very bad foundations and you're far from an authority in this topic.
Look into academia. The smarter types don't want brute strength but someone who is on a smiliar level intellectualy. Obviously, the number is smaller since there's more dumb than smart people.

Women don't want to be viewed as potantial breeding material and this is why they feel comfortable around an assumed gay/harmless person.
If you want a relationship , chances are better if you have a lot of female friends.
Most couples don't meet randomly just like that but through mutual friends. Your chances are super high if you go to a date with "a friend of a friend" rather than with a total stranger.
You can ask the mentioned female friends for tips and if they know anyone that would fit you. Every girl I know is super helpful in these matters and their tips are lot more useful than any "red pill" a pickup artist may force upon you.

I will forgive you for utterly ridicilous opinions and your stupidity, it's probably not your fault. But learn how to format your post. One sentence paragraphs shouldn't be a thing.


not surprised a neet has /pol/tier thoughts on wahmen lol.


I'm surprised to see such a well reasoned post here. Although it's offset by some of the other posts in this thread…


It used to be the standard here, but ever since most users left and now with 8chan's migration… just, don't expect too much.


That doesn't change the fact that it's nice to see that someone with common sense is still here.


Oh, I completely agree with you, it'd be nice if we could drop toxic users and get more people like anon. Just stating the facts.


File: 1567451920383.jpg (44.58 KB, 190x263, groo.jpg)

How can you possible reply to a trashy /r9k/ wojak /soc/ thread like this while at the same time complaining about low quality posts from other corners? This thread and everyone who earnestly replied to is cancer.


>Macho dude culture exists because macho dudes are macho dudes. It's their personality and identity. They don't do it because they wish to attract women. If anything, that's an afterthought
Are you fucking retarded? Every macho dude I have met is driven by sex alone.


File: 1567604116246.jpg (39.55 KB, 600x589, binx.jpg)


The entire reply felt like self-congratulatory fartsniffing tbh

the conclusion was basically "awww it's adorable that you're a retard who doesn't understand women, I'm so glad that I'm ENLIGHTENED."

Which does contrast nicely with "hypermaschuline dudes are just like that cause they're like that lol"

feels at least equally stifled and narrowminded but from the opposite direction and more arrogant


>/r9k/ wojak /soc/ thread like this
takes one to know one :^)


File: 1567718894286.jpg (299.2 KB, 594x508, shh_there.jpg)

Then who's right?


>replying to being called arrogant by being just condescending enough it comes off as polite while saging

you seem annoying regardless of the argument


File: 1608114769570-0.jpg (168.29 KB, 1503x982, 20201220.jpg)

File: 1608114769570-1.jpg (438.51 KB, 1920x2840, 20201223.jpg)

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