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I am just passing through really but i've seen such fucked up posts on other image boards as well. Thank fuck there's some kind of moderation even though i find it slow (again on other chans).


Anal lad is a cryptid everywhere, I've seen him on over half the other boards I've been on over the years.


can you give me an example of anal lad's posts?


File: 1706660702872.jpg (93.45 KB, 756x926, jenny.jpg)

https://xj9k.neocities.org/posts/ anor ectal_ vio lence/

You have to close all the spaces in the link, spam filter understandably caught it the first time I tried to post it. Xj9k is an imageboard spam tracker, you'll find other weirdos on the site too


File: 1706661692276.jpg (98.95 KB, 500x500, anal lad.jpg)

Spotted him outside just now!


breaking news ya'll cp bot might not strike anymore


File: 1706711181055.jpg (1.21 MB, 3509x2344, pexels-cottonbro-studio-31….jpg)





Guess this thread ain’t dying anytime soon


no shit they just striked right now


holy shit TWICE in ONE DAY?!


File: 1706795739708.gif (2.2 MB, 225x320, anime girl3232323233.gif)

What are we going to do uboalings? It's not just us, every altchan is getting hit hard right now.


at this point i just don't know anymore


Every altchan you say? Then the culprit is clearly 4chan!


How can you be so sure of that?
If it was really 4chan they’d have a thread being like “we gotta get the fbi to take down every altchan with the power of CP!”


I feel like you failed to sense their joke.
If you are serious still, such a thread would get instantly removed, not even the 4chan jannies enjoy seeing it and are legally obligated to remove such conversations. But what do I know.


It twas a good joke.


Thank you, thank you. Retarded me had to giggle like an idiot as I wrote it.


File: 1707061669846.jpg (52.46 KB, 640x427, Paris_Tuileries_Garden_Fac….jpg)

they struck again


File: 1707062124306.jpg (503.43 KB, 1000x687, Silhouette-of-depressed-ma….jpg)

when is humanity going to perish?


Sorry, took me far too many minutes to squash the curry pie. I shall now proceed to lynching myself.


Why are you giving them all this attention? Just report and ignore. Don't let a spammer control /recent/.


Look people just decided to keep track of this for no reason
So stop complaining and deal with it


File: 1707083795206.jpg (14.98 KB, 319x354, 129452376235.jpg)

Why so mad? I'm just making the point that bumping a thread every time there's spam is giving spammers a home in the site's consiousness. I also only made the point once.


It's because this particular kind of spam in excess is dangerous to everyone. A lot of web browsers preload links on a webpage even if you don't click them, which means that just browsing a site hit by this kind of spam probably sends false positives to people's ISPs.
If it was just once a month or a week or something and most users were very unlikely to encounter it more than once in a blue moon it'd be one thing. But it's happening daily most of the time sometimes multiple times a day.


The CIA is doing it to fuck with us. Friendly reminder, the NSA created pol. This is all some MKUltra level mind manipulation.


Ubuu is a https site though, ISPs shouldn't be able to tell what files your computer download from it right? If ISPs flag people using the site then it will be down to a general reputation that the spammers foster to them.


once again they striked today
(even if they striked a couple of hours ago
but eh it's good to keep a list)


no it ain't you dumbass


File: 1707420112140.png (159.54 KB, 2048x2048, face-palm-emoji-2048x2048-….png)

they striked again
seriously saitsu (sorry if i misspelled) should've kept the captchas and made them more strong


It's not a bot, there is an actual 😭poster among us.


This is actually happening to all imageboards right now, and is an existential crisis for the future of imageboards as a mode of community. Some imageboard admins have already given up. Whoever or whatever is doing it is unbothered by reCAPTCHA, so there is no point leaving it on. There are writeups / discussion threads about the CP spam crisis on Lainchan/hum/, Lainchan/q/, and Trashchan/meta/ right now where users and moderators are sharing information and theories.

I have a plan to mod a URL unshortener into the software to unmask the destinations since it's known that all of these shortened URLs lead to the same hosting site, and the actual host is harder to rotate than the infinite supply of URL shorteners. This way it should be much easier to block the spam. But it will take a while to implement, mostly because my energy and free time is limited by my full time job. If I can finish this project I will be able to share it with other admins and deal a decisive blow to the spammers, at least until they come up with a new strategy.


File: 1707428763093.jpeg (66.27 KB, 736x736, 85A73064-A6E4-40E9-A5C7-3….jpeg)

Glad that there’s some sort of plan. Thank you for working so hard for us.


dox the poster and then send a hitman


Yeah well unless they have an alternate hosting site then what are you gonna do?



File: 1707487002960.gif (1.19 MB, 498x373, haruhi-suzumiya-computer.gif)

Add that one to the blocklist as well, dah.


basically what >>25221 says lol.
It's gonna be a big wack-a-mole game, but removing the layer of obfuscation from the url shortner will help a ton. It's a bit harder to change to another file sharing service than changing to another url shortner service :)


I still dunno if anything will change but I guess we should see what happens


File: 1707509277366.jpg (35.81 KB, 480x671, 1508822267356.jpg)

This is a message no one's gonna fucking care about cuz it's a chan board or whatever the fuck they call it.

I'm gonna have to leave this site for a while for my own mental health and it should be obvious why.

I just can't be on this site anymore without seeing those goddamn pics i need to go somewhere else that doesn't have this issue.

So hopefully when i come back in the future those spammers will be gone but for now.

Goodbye Uboachan.


Goodbye, dear stranger asking for attention.

But I have to state that they won't be gone. And I do not believe you will have much luck finding many small communities you do not know of already that aren't completely invite only that do not inherit the problem. But please take care on your journey regardless.


I'm curious, when you guys say you're leaving because you saw a chinese botpost redirecting to some pastebin link that doesn't even contain actual cp, are you leaving because you feel disgust/anguish, or because you think your own personal FBI agent is gonna fuck with you because you saw a cp thumbnail by accident?


a lot of younger people lurk here who just struggle with compartmentalising seeing that stuff. just because you see it it doesnt mean you have to think about it or let it affect you.


>The NSA created pol
Requesting lore.


Nta but law enforcement have been posting on /pol/ for years and even accidentally entrapped fellow agents. There was also that AI researcher that was spamming the place with pol content. If you look at /pol/ and the online ultra right wingers, most of their ideas come from the mainstream establishment. Save Western civilization? Neocon Sam Huntington bullshit. Deeper investigation will reveal the truth one day. Like the Mitrokhin Archive exposed the KGB. We won't know unless the documents leak.


>There was also that AI researcher that was spamming the place with pol content.
Man, I had completely forgotten about that one AI model (or was it a LLM?) with a database composed of /pol/ posts.


A few possibilities
1. Criminal organization selling CP
This to me is unlikely at this point in time, as they have been linking to clearnet websites to sell the CP. And the payment is made in traceable currencies. There's a post in a lainchan thread detailing the different payment methods but they use Bitcoin, and their wallets have been publicly revealed. It seems unlikely that someone could be running a criminal operation on the clearnet with traceable currency and nobody gets caught after months.
2. Some asshole is trying to get altchans to get taken down by the feds.
3. Some asshole is trying to get altchans to turn evil by forcing them to adopt automated moderation tools which will violate users' nanonymity.
4. USG is creating a casus belli to take over altchans or make them turn evil, which is conducive to a takeover.


I find it hard to believe anything but 1. Crypto becomes traceable only when connecting it with the real world. Until that time it's very pseudonymous.


>Western nations will lose predominance if they fail to recognize the irreconcilable nature of cultural tensions
>this post-Cold War shift in geopolitical organization and structure requires the West to strengthen itself culturally, by abandoning the imposition of its ideal of democratic universalism and its incessant military interventionism
>Huntington is credited with inventing the phrase Davos Man, referring to global elites who "have little need for national loyalty, view national boundaries as obstacles that thankfully are vanishing, and see national governments as residues from the past whose only useful function is to facilitate the elite's global operations"
It wouldn't matter if it came from a farm animal, this is the truth.


File: 1709066225898.jpg (584.34 KB, 740x740, Das2.jpg)

I'm just a lurker, I didn't think I'd ever see it. Attached images are just normal porn right? I only saw it for second but one of the girls looked young.

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