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Anyone still use this site? I made a sort of survival horror game in RPGmaker MV. It's inspired by rpgmaker games of the late 2000s like Ib, The Witches House, and Ao Oni with some influences from newer titles like Fear and Hunger. It's short. Download it at vilerebis.itch.io/moonlit
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Game What I Made

Ah, I just remembered this website existed, I haven't used it in so long… it's fun to see that it's still kicking… I ended up pursuing my plans to Make Videogames, I made one recently to learn 3D and fulfill my desire to make a place-type game that plays like LSD dream emu finally.
it's a small thing but I hope it can be enjoyed, it's just fun to create 3D dioramas like this.
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Been working on this exploration game for a while now. made with html cause it was easy. Made it public today and would love some feedback, I work on it everyday so it will be updated regularly.
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Hopefully the right place to put this, but looking for a couple people to help play-test an upcoming game.

Best way I can describe it as a cross between LSD and Dreaming Mary. It all seems very randomy but does have an overarching horror element exposed late-game that ties it together. Very heavy exploration based with levels that change themselves as you progress.

Does require a decent gaming rig, and fully supports local CO-OP. The game is finished besides any last minute bug-fixes or additional hints as needed.
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how do i get started on a ynfg?

i have rpgmaker xp and i want to make a short yume nikki fg, are there any resources to help me do this? no experience in coding or rpgmaker, by the way
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Hi again Ubuu, I wanted to show you all the game I am working on right now, it's a stealth action game with mecha and tons of art.
Gameplay/trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nIX9NPYYec
Download: https://bal-dev-boukensha.itch.io/vindictive-drive-2

It's been well over a decade posting my stuff in this imageboard, time sure flies Ubuu.
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OC music dump

A while back while playing around with a synth and a looper I started to pretend for fun to be making a soundtrack for a video game
I recorded lots of clumsy, weird and short loops and a few sound effects. They're probably unusable for the most part, but if you find anything you want to use in your game feel free
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How are sound effects for YNFGs made? I've never worked with sound before so I'm totally confused. I just want to make my own simple sounds like footsteps and such, for my first YNFG but I'm not sure where to even start.
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Billy's Quest For Love

i made a kind of dating sim in rpgmaker 2003. its a story i wrote with a few diferent endings. 2 good endings and a few bad ends. You are a guy named Billy in saerch of love. the game has a timeline 1 second to 1 minte and ends on the 5th day. you can basicaly do watever you want. and geting the end might take some trial and error. its not really long at all. im pretty happy with how complete it is. still technicaly a beta. maybe one day i will upadate it but its basicaly complete. <3 https://shithole.neocities.org/gggg.html
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What are you working on

Post screenshots, pieces of tileset/character sets, code snippets of whatever you have been working on for now for people to marvel/laugh at/criticize/give tips.

Pictures related.
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what's some nice engine one can use to make games that is small

something like this but with more editing tools

also how to make rotating castle effect like castelian https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nebulus_(video_game)
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How's your game going anon?
Don't tell me you're not working on it
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got bored [very shit]

just played around with rpgmaker
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Chuck the truck driver


i fucked up the prices that the bartender has. ill fix that tomorrow. besides that its done
first rpg so b nic
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10 Beautiful Postcards

Hello all,

Hope it won’t be out of line if I post this here. I’ve been working on a kind of Yume Nikki derivative game which tries to apply that kind of wandering structure to loose and colourful collage worlds. It’s a little more compressed and lacks the effect system but I hope it will appeal to people who enjoy exploring strange digital rooms. It is a paid game alas and costs $6. You can find it here: http://harmonyzone.org/10BeautifulPostcards.html

Wishing you the best in your travels,

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Monoe and Monoko Game

Me and some other people are going to make a game featuring Monoe and Monoko. If that idea sounds cool to you and you have any game development skills, hit me up at https://discord.gg/CCp95wk
(We can always use more artists)

Game most likely will be an RPG.
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Magic Unfolding

Two years ago I made a game in RPGmaker 2003, only recently uploaded it to itchio. It is a simple surreal adventure. I made it just for the sake of completing an RPGmaker game, but I think it stands alone fairly well. It's called Magic Unfolding and it is about a cat-creature who finds an indescribable object of infinite power with the same name as the game title.

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What are /ig/'s thoughts on creating a sort of gamejam, freeware gamedev community similar to that of glorioustrainwrecks but strictly focused on creating innovative horror/weird games in general?
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Which is the best RPG Maker I could use to make my game?
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This is Realm Walk of Soul, a YNFG-Like game, where you you play as Iris, a short haired pale girl exploring dreamy worlds, interact with weird NPCs, experience surreal events and solve puzzles, in development since 2013.

This is Iris.Fall, a YNFG-Like game, where you play as Iris a short haired pale girl exploring explore dreamy worlds, interact with weird NPCs, experience surreal events and solve puzzles, in development since march 2018.

Have you found games that look way too similar in the Yume Nikki/RPG Maker&Misc circles? What do you do when this happens to your game?
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Been working on this RPG in Unity for a while now, it's heavily inspired by Yume Nikki and Japanese adventure games from the Dreamcast era.
I'd love to hear what you guys think.
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random pixels
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I've been working on this since more than 6 years and switched engines multiple times, until it became an RPG Maker 2003 game.

It's a survival horror game set in the far future were all humans mutated into deformed monsters. You play a roboter with the mission to liberate them from their suffering by finding the ultimate weapon of mass destruction and exterminating everyone so a new world can be created.

On your way you find various weapons and tools that you can use both for fighting and solving puzzles. Enemies have a limited vision radius so you can either fight or try to sneek past them.

The game is based on various nightmares and real life experiences I had and is intended to be a criticism of the injustice of life itself and more or less serves as a way of dealing with the frustrations in my life.

I'm still working on a demo that I intend to release at the end of this month. The combat system and most of the weapons and the enemy AI are already functional, but I'm somewhat stuck with making the 3d models for the enemies and spend too much time drinking myself away.
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Birthright Cataclysm Zero

Hey guys. I've been working on a projct for quite some time (since 2015 actually) and finally got the kickstarter campaign approved! So today, I'd like to present to you guys Birthright Cataclysm Zero.

The game is an RPG about a vampire huntress named Aria Selnades and the princess of vampires named Maia Etranzi.

Both races are caught in a never ending conflict that almost caused the end of the world.

The war has recently entered a phase called the Birthright Cataclysm. The new generation of warriors are being sent to the front lines to battle each other and conquer the opposing forces.

To prevent my game from being 'yet another Kickstarter game', let me explain why I'm kickstarting this.

I've played games like Yume Nikki and .flow for a long time, I even recently became a speed runner for Yume Nikki, I'm very passionate about that game because it was very, very different, original and unique, and while working on my game, I kept feeling something was missing, something that could help my game 'be something'. It definitely carries some 'silent inspirations' from Yume Nikki as some scenes in and stages in the game come straight from what I love so much as a Yume Nikki player.

For those who wonder, all the money made from the kickstarter campaign will go towards the creation of original material such as artwork, graphics, music and assets for the game. I want it to gain its own unique identity and I can achieve that by hiring the talents needed to make my vision come true.

I will leave you guys with the Youtube trailer, a link to the kickstarter and a few screenshots.

I hope you'll like what you'll see and I hope to hear from you in the future.

I will check this thread regularly to see if anyone has questions about the game and its development.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fb3I4gTsBmk

Kickstarter campaign link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1799754183/birthright-cataclysm-zero/description
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What makes an amazing boss battle?

I'm currently figuring out some concept for a challenging boss battle for my game.
It's an exploration game similar to YN, so you don't really fight throughout the entire game, you dont gain exp, you dont increase stats, you just solve puzzles most of the time and collect effects. First i was thinking of some turn-based sans-like action but scrapped it, since the player might just be too weak to kill the boss with brute force. some bullet-hell dodging stuff ala omega-flowey sounds alright, but it needs some more of a catch.

Are there any amazing boss battles you remember that didn't require any grinding or leveling? I really dont want this stuff in my game. However I want a heckin painful boss battle with some out-of-the-box-thinking
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Rpg Maker MZ

They have a announced a new Rpg Maker

From what is known right now I'm not sure whether it will be worth getting it, as it seems to be mostly the same as RPG Maker MV, while being incompatible with its scripts/plugins (And I've changed engines already too often on all of my projects). On the other side it seems that it will offer more eventing options similiar to the old 2000/2003 versions and it is also claimed that there will be some big new feature that many wanted. Supposedly there are some leaks, but I have no idea where to find them.
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Hey friends. I need to make a jrpg quickly. I've been trying to make it from scratch in javascript canvas but that isn't going quickly enough. What tools should I use? It needs to be able to run in a browser.
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"I just wanna be a Neet!" out now

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The Raintime

Since the beginning of the year I've been working on an indie game. I just released a first (short) version in early access mode on Steam. Please consider playing it and let me know about feedback for the final release (planned in spring).

The game is about a college student who gradually alienates from the social scene and ends up becoming consumed by his thoughts. His behavior becomes more and more erratic and in the end there is a climax.

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Hi, this drawing is an old concept art kinda inspires on Yume Nikki's ambience and Sluggish Morss Characters.

I wanted to realize it but I'm noob af trying to develop a game.Recently I'm doing new concept art so perhaps don't gomma be a problem. But I need tips for getting involved into software like RPG Maker and PixelArt. Also a way to get more clear ideas forbmy game.
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How do the tiles look so good?

Hey everyone! So, I and a couple of my friends are deciding to make a short fangame. I'm making the tiles for the game since I have a bit of experience in pixel art. As I'm looking through Yume Nikki's game files to capture the style of the game and seeing through the tiles piece by piece, there's just one thing that really boggles me and that's with some of the tiles, mostly on the walls. I'm not asking as for how they were made but more on its textures. They use up a lot of colours and are spread very unevenly, yet, they all somehow manage to blend well together. I'd like to know if there's some sort of trick to get those results of texture done or do I really have to place each pixel manually and hope for similar results. The images below have arrows on them just to show what I mean. Thanks for reading!
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Uboachan Dream World MUD

It is my pleasure to introduce a new project I have been working on for the past several days. The Uboachan Dream World MUD is a text-based, in-browser multiplayer game where the users create the content with in-game commands. The focus is exploration, but I plan to add some more dynamic kinds of features later on.

You can play the MUD in your browser at http://dream.uboachan.net/ or follow the link on the sidebar.

This thread is for comments and questions, and eventually I will collect my answers from this thread into a FAQ for new users. Some user guides will be very helpful in navigating the command system, so ask me whatever and I'll try to write some good posts.

I would also like feedback on how easy/difficult/pretty various aspects of the MUD are to use.

Github: https://github.com/seisatsu/Dennis
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Railroad Tracks


This is the trailer for a little walking game I have been doing in my spare time.

You explore a surreal world and slowly stumble upon your past memories that reveal the story. There will also be a climactic ending, etc.

I hope to release a complete version in April.
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Looking for help w/ RPG Maker 2003

(this is the first time ive ever used an image board in my life oop)

ive had a fangame as a pet project for about a million years now, ive been working on it on/off for several years for a variety of reasons, but now that i can safetly say its 1% towards completion, ive been more motivated to work on this thing. issue is, tho… is it just me, or is rpg maker 2k3 the glitchiest thing ever? it gives me horrific flashbacks of getting sloppy games to work on game maker 8.0, some things appear to just not work for no apparent reason when the logic makes sense

the specific thing that has finally driven me to posting is one specific bug im running into with an effect. its a weapon, and you can change "stance" with the shift button; it basically works just like the weapon effect in .flow. ive made progress, but mine is still broken in a couple ways

1) if you do the shift action while the character is moving, the character will face a different direction mid-animation without any apparent rhyme or reason. it either happens before the animation ir mid-animation, but in both cases, it seems like the move event thats facilitating the animation starts over. if theres a blue moon and all of the planets are aligned, the character will just spin in place as though the move event forgot to change the sprite
2) theres a switch to denote which stance the player is in, so that the proper animation will play. when you attack something, the switch doesnt get toggled even though the event explicitly calls for it, and its like nothing ever happened

attached is the unadulterated common event. i can provide other things if i gotta

its driving me totally bonkers. i went and downloaded .flow in the hopes that i could use it as a reference (since most of my stuff is developed based on how i imagine they worked in that game), but all the variable/switch/event names are true gibberish (garbled alt codes) that have stands that function as a 2nd "name" that the program likes to refer to them as and i cant even open two rpg maker windows at once and olksltjdbgs (hole in girl, tho. i should play .flow again)

i really do unironically wish i could code this stuff by hand. that said, if ive been going about things the wrong way this entire time, i would love to know

pls respond
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Yume Nikki fangame idea, what do you think?

(Firstly, sorry if I should be posting this on another place)
Hello, anons. So, for some time, I have been thinking about a Yume Nikki fangame that would be a hybrid between Yume Nikki and No Man's Sky. The basic concepts would be:

>You start off on your room, you have a balcony and stuff, like always, the bed wouldn't do nothing. Once you go out off your room, you would be treated to a transition of your character getting into a spaceship and then a countdown happens, after the countdown, you're "dreaming", I would like the transition to be fast but comprehensible.

>When the transition ends, you will now be on a place full of planets(Maybe only 12), this place will be the Nexus, the planets will be the dream worlds.

>The effects would be called "Upgrades" They would be for your spaceship.

So, what do you think about it?
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Creating Yume Nikki MMO

I decided to see if it were possible to create a Yume Nikki MMO. I noticed various issues while creating it which may help others when making their own.

* Scalability: the rooms in Yume Nikki are small so fitting a lot of people in one room would require servers or duplicate rooms. This mainly happens in Madotsuki's room where only about 40~60 people can fit (unless you allow players walk on top of each other). You can solve this by making custom rooms or by isolating players.

* Isolation: Yume Nikki as a game evokes the feeling of isolation throughout the gameplay. This mood will obviously be destroyed if it becomes a MMO. This again could be solved by making specific rooms only for one player. By this I mean the room can be accessed by multiple users but the user will only see themselves in the room and not the other users.

* Identification: I initially intended on creating a chat system for other users to talk but then I realized that a method for identifying other users would require some kind of Identification. Like a name tag or something below their character. To create something like this you would either have to make a tiny font which would be barely legible. Or break the pixel rule and put an actual font in. This often breaks the aesthetics, here's an example: https://i.imgur.com/sjeJH1S.png

While other parts like making all the rooms and events work properly are difficult they are difficult in the sense that they are a tedious task rather than a technical difficulty. These were all the issues I could see.
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What do you guys think about the RPG Maker community?
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somebody could help me?

could anyone please explain to me how to program an effect (using ruby open source) or the rpg maker code structure please?
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32x32 or 16x16 Yume Nikki

I'm in doubt.
Are Yume Nikki tiles 32x32 or 16x16?
I have used the size for Madotsuki's sprites and it actually looked relatively small.
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I tried to delve into making RPGMaker meme games but i literally can't create a tileset. Whenever i fill a tile and save it with Paint.NET/MSPaint it messes up the colors or some shiz and the tiles appear transparent in-game. GIMP works but i'm not comfortable with it and it takes ages to boot up.
What do?
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EasyRPG? ;-;

Tried to set up Yume nikki on android to play on a 12 hour flight, but came to the sudden realization that I have no idea what I'm doing. I use the english port for yn (found on the yn wikia), and I'm not sure if that comes with an rtp. Would I need one? (I downloaded the Japanese rtp beforehand though) Also does anyone know a step-by-step guide on setting up the game?
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Free Alternatives

What free alternatives to RPG maker are there and what are the pros and cons of each? I was going to use game maker but it turns out you cant export on the free version.
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Greetings Uboachan, I need some help regarding the bed when my characters falls asleep.
>Pic related

So far I managed to find away to event the character entering the dreamworld but I don't have a clue how to change the tiles however.

What should I do guys?
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Driftwood 2D

Well, I said back in >>>/fg/91 when I announced the end of my Tsunagari game engine that if my new game engine ever surpassed it, I would make a new thread. I think that has actually happened a while ago. The new thread fits better in this board, which didn't exist when the other thread was made.

Progress is sporadic, but we're further than Tsunagari ever got, in far less time overall, and with clean and maintainable code. I present Driftwood 2D, a game development suite written in Python 3.

The Driftwood 2D Game Development Suite is a game engine and related set of tools designed for the purpose of allowing a novice to develop a fully featured tile-based 2D game. Driftwood 2D is currently undergoing heavy alpha-stage development and should not be considered stable. API changes will occur frequently at this stage. However, it is currently suitable for making very simple exploration-style games.

Driftwood 2D is a spiritual successor to Tsunagari, an engine in C++ with similar goals, which ran into irreconcilable design flaws and spaghettified to death. Tsunagari was abandoned soon after the creation of this engine.

The engine loads a world package made of images, sounds, maps, descriptive files, and scripts, and then passes itself to the scripts as an interface to its internal API. From there, the scripts in the world package interact with and control the engine to perform its functions, resulting in a playable game. All public functions in the engine are accessible through the scripts. Maps are designed in Tiled and saved in JSON format, and the engine config file and entity descriptor files are also written in JSON.

Current features include:
* Infinite graphical and walkable layers
* Resource caching
* Virtual filesystem for game data and patches, supporting zip files
* Tile and sprite animations
* Sound effects and music
* Configurable input handling
* Timed callbacks
* Lightmaps
* Rudimentary database for saving data between plays
* Fully scriptable in Python 3
…and more on the way!

* SDL2
* SDL2_image
* SDL2_mixer
* SDL2_ttf
* Python >= 3.3.3
* Python jsonschema (https://pypi.python.org/pypi/jsonschema)
* Python PySDL2 (https://pypi.python.org/pypi/PySDL2/)

Current release is Alpha-0.0.3a. This version is confirmed to run on Windows and Linux. The screenshots are from a couple different versions so some things look a little different.

GitHub: https://github.com/seisatsu/Driftwood
Download Current Release: https://github.com/seisatsu/Driftwood/releases/tag/Alpha-0.0.3a

The engine doesn't have a manual written yet, but the code contains usage instructions for each API function, and much can be learned by looking through the test game data that comes with the download.
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Yume Nikki mobile?

Hey Uboachan. Lately I've started working on a Yume Nikki mobile port, I hope this will embrace both iOS and Android versions, with probably scaling 320x240 graphics to higher resolutions.
I know that somebody probably ran this game with some RPGMaker emulators or something on Android, but i'm talking about the proper port idea with, i hope so, nice sprites scaling for even big HD iPhone/ipad screens and a virtual d-pad plugin.
But, what is Yume Nikki legal status, like, in the future, can i hope to release it (for free) on the app stores and this app not be taken down? Is it even possible to contact Kikiyama, for it is his intellectual property? What should i write him? Did anybody, like guys from http://yumenikki.net contact him?
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Any Help?

Hi. I'm making a YN fangame titled "ADHD: A Yume Nikki Fangame".
I'm having a little bit of trouble figuring out how the "Wake up" mechanic works.
I'll be looking for the solution right after I have posted this.
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Which marketing moves and public bragging activities make you pretentious? How much of it? Can you give me examples of activities that can be seen as pretentious from a game dev?
R: 8 / I: 2

RPG Maker 2000 stuck in Shift-JIS?

I've been trying to use WINE to play the older fangames after MS went to hell, but all the old games are stuck in SHIFT-JIS locale.
I've got everything running weirdly using ja_JP.UTF8 locale.
I've got reverse mojibake because unicode doesn't shift or my fonts are broken.
If it's the font, then how does an RPG Maker game store/request a font?
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Ubuu devs

What's your opinion about developers who post here? Do you have any favourites? What games do you like the most?
R: 25 / I: 12

Show me your characters - Dev suffering edition

This board is dying, here's a thing: Show us your characters, but let's make it interesting.
Don't post things like:
>This is my OC memetsuki xD, she is edgy and likes, dislikes etc
Post the actual process you made in your brain to create them, what did you need in your story to come up with your ideas for that character? Will it change in the future.
Show us your character with some creation details.
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I finally finished a playable version of my RPG Maker 2000 ASCII-adventure game, to be found here: https://ufile.io/01118

It is called CLASSIC GAME and it has many secrets.

It's about the HERMIT returning to the outside world to find it devastated by curses, and it uses its own combat system.

This version was made between 2011 and 2016.

Happy holidays from one NEET to y'all…
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RPG Maker. 2003 lmu file error

Whenever I open a map in the game I'm working on, this happens. Not with Yume Nikki tho. I have windows 10 and RPG Maker 2003.
R: 5 / I: 3
Can someone help me here?
I'm trying to decode .flow as a reference material for a fangame but the fucking mojibake is killing me.

I don't know if it's the version i use (RM2k3 pirated unofficial english translation) or where is the OG japanese version with proper encoding being shared.

I have AppLocale & System Locale set to Japanese but im still getting tough luck.
R: 3 / I: 0
So I was thinking about using RPG to make a game, not necessarily a fangame, but I cannot understand tilesets? Like, the only programme I have familiarity with is gamemaker so bear with me. First, how do I make my own tileset? And second, how can I make just one big tileset? Is there any real advantage to having specific ones? I find it way too limiting.
R: 14 / I: 2
What sort of things would you expect to see in a lewd/hypersexualized Yume Nikki-ish game?
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General Need for Tutorials

I'm making your basic fangame in VX Ace, need help with following :

1. How to program a weapon effect, how to make it kill NPCs and play a sound effect
2. How to make cosmetic effects that have animations (ie. Cat effect)
3. How to program the whole "waking up" mechanic
R: 14 / I: 8

Help doing a fangame. :(

Hi, I'm new here so I don't know about english so, I'm trying to make a yume nikki fangame and I need help on 3 things at least. 1) how can i make a save point? Because my idea is sitting on a wheelchair and then the music and the background circle appears like in yume nikki. 2) how can i make the character go to sleep and dream with the countdown 3) How can my rpgmaker 2003 stop erasing my map everytime that I edit events. I hope for an answer
R: 10 / I: 3

I want to create a game but I don't know where to start

Hey there. I'm fairly new with making games, yet I feel like I'd be capable of making a game. I lack of knoweldge of programming, but I excel in music production and am fairly decent with making graphics.

As someone who adores Yume Nikki and it's fangames, I'd like to produce my own game inspired of Yume Nikki, it wouldn't follow the traditional 'effect collecting' style like most fangames do nowadays.

I feel like I'd need special programming help yet I have no idea where to ask or where to start, so I thought I might get here some help from other game dev's who are fairly experienced.

My game would be made on RPG maker 2k3, for now at least.
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tiny soul

tiny soul [Build 29] Video Preview
Hand Drawn Characters & Watercolour Backgrounds

R: 19 / I: 8

Uboachan, I need your advice

Hello. I'm developing a game with RPG Maker.

It's a game that expresses my darkness, the aches of my soul, my depression, my social anxiety, my abuse, basically, I'm pouring my demons into an RPG Maker game.

The game is almost complete, I'm reaching a very satisfactory result but there is one touch missing.

People such as you guys, are my target audience.
It is nothing like Yume Nikki, but I want it to contain the same amount of mystery and depth that will keep people coming back, trying to understand. I want people to get attached as much as Yume Nikki, to find their own little universe in it, to care for the characters.

But how can I do that? It's not like there wasn't countless games that have tried to do it, it's not like there's no games out there that tried to have you as their target audience. It's not like there's no game out there that's mysterious, deep and unique that couldn't find their fans.

How can I make something you guys would like? How can I be sure my game will be unique and be relevant?

This is a hard stress on me. I'm pouring my all into this game and it surely wasn't crafted over night, but I just wish I was able to build the same depth Yume Nikki has, something that would build its own fanbase and keep them coming back for more.

Please uboachan, help me.

Thank you.
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Propaganda tactics to crush socialism

It's cool, we all know how to make a game but…
How do you share your games to the world? Do you have anything planned?

inb4 no
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Trial Board

As per the suggestion in https://uboachan.net/sugg/res/2834.html#2842 we're going to try splitting Fangame discussion and RPGMaker help / indie game development discussion into separate boards and see what happens. If there's not much activity this board will be annexed and we'll accept requests to move its threads into /fg/.
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Yume nikki fan game

Hey i was wondering how to make effects like Yume nikki? i wanted to ask this awhile ago. but how?
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currently working on a FG

Just wanted to share my soundtrack so far that i've made, along with some pics. I'm not so experienced in sprite making or FL studio but I'm trying lol
Just want to know your thoughts
im not sure whether i was supposed to post it here or the fg thread but idk im new here

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War of Existence

Hello Uboachan, I'm Bal, also known as "Seagal" here, I finished working on my game.
You can download it here:
It's an action/psychological game, it's been a long time, and I worked very hard on this.
It's a full game, functional and it has the best of me, made in RPG Maker VX Ace.
The game features a real time action battle system, fast moving scenarios and a lot of illustrations.

I recommend you to check the README before playing, it contains hints and a walkthrough.

Thanks for your time, I'll appreciate feedback, I hope you like it.

War of Existence is set in a post apocalyptic scenario, a Divine Entity judged humans as an evil race and the extintion seems to be the only destiny for it.
The story follows a mysterious girl and a swordsman in the struggle for survival.

For more info visit:
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I kind of have an idea for a topic but idk if it's been a topic before. What are your favorite parts of a game and what's overused in your own opinion? Everyone has a differing opinion about what's good and what's bad in a game, so what's yours?
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Awful game ideas

What bad game ideas have you had? Why did you think it was just better not to work on them?
Don’t be shy and tell us what terrible ideas turmoil in your mind.
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So, I'm currently using VX Ace to make a fan game but I'm struggling to find as many resources and tutorials as I can find for 2k3. Should I switch? Would it be easier or not worth it? What are some pros and cons?

P.s. I'm not far in my game so I wouldn't lose much progress, I'd be willing to switch if it's easier to use or to find help with
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Probably the easiest tool I've found for making a simple visual novel. It seems to literally be just a python scripting engine, so I feel like there's potential to make it do far, far more than it seems at the surface. What are your thoughts on it?
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Soooo I'm super new to using RPG Maker (I own VX Ace) and there are a lot of things I am having trouble figuring out. If any more come up I will ask on this thread.

1- how do you create animations for characters for VX Ace? (I'm not using the default sprite so any advice would be much appreciated)
2- how do you get a character to put on/take off an effect? And how do you add an animation?
3- how do you make it so you can't use effects while the character is awake?

Thanks in advance! :)