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What are /ig/'s thoughts on creating a sort of gamejam, freeware gamedev community similar to that of glorioustrainwrecks but strictly focused on creating innovative horror/weird games in general?
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File: 1637548151455.png (35.33 KB, 525x697, Untitled.png)

Thanks! Yes I did it from scratch, except the city you can see through the window. I worked over a picture for that but still had to draw a lot over it to look right. I'm not sure what advice to give, specially because you didn't posted anything for me to look at. I'm not a pixel artist myself, I'm just a regular mediocre drafstman that happens to be doing pixel art for a personal project. Turns out every rule for conveying volume and perspective applies to pixel art so I'm just using what I know about drawing. If you would like less vague advice, post some of your stuff on the art board I'll gladly take a look at it for you.
Here some rocks I'm currently working on. I have zero pixel art experience with this but by using what I know about drawing alone I can kinda make it what I want. Anyway that's offtopic. If you want to talk about art we can use /o/.

File: 1692043166499-2.png (523.31 KB, 1156x686, oSwfY8.png)

File: 1692043166499-3.png (774.68 KB, 1218x686, S6QVMc.png)


Hi again Ubuu, I wanted to show you all the game I am working on right now, it's a Anime-Mecha game where you collect cute robot maids.

Gameplay/trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeIKn-sBuic
Store Page:

Note/Edit: The game now looks vastly superior than the captures shown here.
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File: 1714535495674-0.png (444.79 KB, 521x447, ad8.png)

File: 1714535495674-1.png (431 KB, 800x500, adtai2.png)

File: 1714535495674-2.png (105.13 KB, 728x90, ad4chan2.png)

File: 1714535495674-3.png (170.77 KB, 901x210, ClipboardImage.png)

I can't pay for dog food with game budget as I am working under contract in a partnership.
I also paid for ads which are tied to an in game event, official website hosting costs me about one dollar a month.


I think the concept is really cool, really nice work.


tysm anon!


I do not want to come off as rude but when presenting your game you don't want it dropping frames. Or was it just my PC?

It really looks like a pet art project to me and I worry the actual game aspect might be lacking in both technical and design perspective. But I could always support an English anime dub game.


ty for that support pal

File: 1709505316109-0.png (1011.47 KB, 1403x1080, zr2XNA.png)

File: 1709505316109-1.png (429.89 KB, 1844x1457, Toyq3_.png)


Anyone still use this site? I made a sort of survival horror game in RPGmaker MV. It's inspired by rpgmaker games of the late 2000s like Ib, The Witches House, and Ao Oni with some influences from newer titles like Fear and Hunger. It's short. Download it at vilerebis.itch.io/moonlit

File: 1688409384565.png (25.27 KB, 492x371, image_2023-07-04_013613692.png)




uhhh what's this?

File: 1696621384636.png (82.39 KB, 767x668, place.png)


Ah, I just remembered this website existed, I haven't used it in so long… it's fun to see that it's still kicking… I ended up pursuing my plans to Make Videogames, I made one recently to learn 3D and fulfill my desire to make a place-type game that plays like LSD dream emu finally.
it's a small thing but I hope it can be enjoyed, it's just fun to create 3D dioramas like this.


File: 1696643439830.png (555.09 KB, 805x604, pose.png)



another one of those huh?

File: 1599559757528.png (12.47 KB, 746x621, greenworld1.png)


Been working on this exploration game for a while now. made with html cause it was easy. Made it public today and would love some feedback, I work on it everyday so it will be updated regularly.
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File: 1667870962501.png (1.3 MB, 1508x861, Screenshot 2022-11-08 1227….png)

helllo op here, I'm making a VR game. hard to get the vibes how i want tho


Oh nice, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do.


Very cool!


hello op here, since my last post ive been working at an indie game studio.
here is a very badly made VR game I half made on my own https://uwucomputer.itch.io/wizards-garden was a big learning experience.

We have been working on a VR platformer which has quite a dark story which might appeal to yume nikki fans. Check it out and pls wishlist if it looks interesting to you!


I like the character you play as in the scum pond game, very neat OP

File: 1540371846359-0.png (1.25 MB, 1922x1080, intro.png)

File: 1540371846359-1.png (1.49 MB, 849x848, dressup.png)

File: 1540371846359-2.png (3.52 MB, 1916x1084, christmaween.png)


Hopefully the right place to put this, but looking for a couple people to help play-test an upcoming game.

Best way I can describe it as a cross between LSD and Dreaming Mary. It all seems very randomy but does have an overarching horror element exposed late-game that ties it together. Very heavy exploration based with levels that change themselves as you progress.

Does require a decent gaming rig, and fully supports local CO-OP. The game is finished besides any last minute bug-fixes or additional hints as needed.
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er, what's it called? Can't find it on steam without a name :^J


Kitten Love Emulator
The code is expired though.


Just beat this game recently. It was really cool.


Looks awesome, love the aesthetic. Would've loved to try it, but cool that I know abut it now.


Def would recommend. It's inspired me a lot and probably has one of my fav aesthetics of any game.

File: 1561353467573.gif (8.96 KB, 284x284, UntidyBigheartedHoiho-max-….gif)


i have rpgmaker xp and i want to make a short yume nikki fg, are there any resources to help me do this? no experience in coding or rpgmaker, by the way
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What kind of game are you trying to do?
It's kind of hard to give you advice on what could be potentially best for you with just what you said so far.


What can you do with wolf that you can't with RPGmaker?

I tried getting into RPGmaker myself last year, forgot which one I dl'd. I set myself a very small goal of making a game where you bake a cake by walking to all of the ingredients in a room then putting them in the bowl in order but I got stuck and gave up because I didn't know what exactly I was doing wrong, it was pretty frustrating. When these problems happen it's like being in math class as a kid again. I don't know if I give up too easily or if I'm not smart enough.


I don't know how much this information will help you anon, but it should be known Wolf come with a complete English manual which explains what the game engine can do along with, some troubleshooting, and other such helpful stuff.

(P.s if your going to get Wolf get the bundle it comes with a graphic synthesizer which is needed to make custom characters.)


I personally find Rpg Maker 2003 to be the most comfortable to use.

Wolf Rpg Maker has a messy interface while the Rpg Maker XP is more restricted when it comes to eventing and relies on scripting in Ruby.


i recently got rpgmaker mv and im looking to make a ymfg too i've been looking for tutorial on how to make a ymfg but i couldn't get to find something specific about it

File: 1613491634799.png (4.29 KB, 296x259, notes.png)


A while back while playing around with a synth and a looper I started to pretend for fun to be making a soundtrack for a video game
I recorded lots of clumsy, weird and short loops and a few sound effects. They're probably unusable for the most part, but if you find anything you want to use in your game feel free


I didn't download it, but you should have it on a page with a clearly visible license that specifically gives people the right to use it if you want more people to actually use it


I appreciate the concern, but probably it's not worth it making a site for this stuff
It's easy to get over-attached to your own work, and after that it's hard to just let it die. This thread helped me with that.
For what it's worth, I solemnly declare all of that music CC0



File: 1687188614190.png (221.27 KB, 904x832, caprideus.png)


How are sound effects for YNFGs made? I've never worked with sound before so I'm totally confused. I just want to make my own simple sounds like footsteps and such, for my first YNFG but I'm not sure where to even start.


Break twigs
Hammer a watermelon
Slosh water
Bite a pepper
Toss a girl
Slam a door
Pull a snake
Bark at a dog
Kick out a table leg
Follow a cat
Climb a church in a thunderstorm
Take a radio to the desert
Tape a microphone to a paper plane
Slap toothpaste
Amplifier ouroborus
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