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Happy Halloween!

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/ig/ - RPGMaker / Gamedev aka. Indie Gamedev

What is this board for?
In a broad sense, this board is for the discussion of independent game development. This includes the entire process of development, from design to coding to publishing. Asking for advice and sharing projects you're working on are good uses of this board.

(WIP Post)

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I tried to delve into making RPGMaker meme games but i literally can't create a tileset. Whenever i fill a tile and save it with Paint.NET/MSPaint it messes up the colors or some shiz and the tiles appear transparent in-game. GIMP works but i'm not comfortable with it and it takes ages to boot up.
What do?


If you can't do that you'll also run into like a million problems later and nobody will want to help you solve all of them. Learn the program first and then make the game. Watch a tutorial.


In paint.net when you're exporting your png set it to 8-bit

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Tried to set up Yume nikki on android to play on a 12 hour flight, but came to the sudden realization that I have no idea what I'm doing. I use the english port for yn (found on the yn wikia), and I'm not sure if that comes with an rtp. Would I need one? (I downloaded the Japanese rtp beforehand though) Also does anyone know a step-by-step guide on setting up the game?


Wait am I just retarded.

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What free alternatives to RPG maker are there and what are the pros and cons of each? I was going to use game maker but it turns out you cant export on the free version.


EasyRPG claims to be a free, open source alternative that's even compatible with RPG Maker 2000 & 2003. Havn't used it, so don't know how well it succeeds as such.


Wolf. What RPGmaker should be. I don't know about ports.


Wolf doesn't have a saturation channel on recolor commands though, that's rather annoying.


I would just recommend pirating rpg maker, seeing as you weren't planning on buying it anyway.

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Greetings Uboachan, I need some help regarding the bed when my characters falls asleep.
>Pic related

So far I managed to find away to event the character entering the dreamworld but I don't have a clue how to change the tiles however.

What should I do guys?


There's a "switch tileset" option there in the event scripter, just use that or teleport to a map with a different chipset.

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could anyone please explain to me how to program an effect (using ruby open source) or the rpg maker code structure please?


Your topic is too broad. You are better off looking up an existing tutorial than hoping someone here will write one for you.

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I've been working on this since more than 6 years and switched engines multiple times, until it became an RPG Maker 2003 game.

It's a survival horror game set in the far future were all humans mutated into deformed monsters. You play a roboter with the mission to liberate them from their suffering by finding the ultimate weapon of mass destruction and exterminating everyone so a new world can be created.

On your way you find various weapons and tools that you can use both for fighting and solving puzzles. Enemies have a limited vision radius so you can either fight or try to sneek past them.

The game is based on various nightmares and real life experiences I had and is intended to be a criticism of the injustice of life itself and more or less serves as a way of dealing with the frustrations in my life.

I'm still working on a demo that I intend to release at the end of this month. The combat system and most of the weapons and the enemy AI are already functional, but I'm somewhat stuck with making the 3d models for the enemies and spend too much time drinking myself away.
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Could you post some mutated humans? I'd like to know how they look like.


First one.


File: 1503617047705.png (842.03 KB, 1168x1308, city warrior.png)

I've tried in the last months to switch the engine, but this proved to be more difficult than expected and so far I'm stuck.

I'm also stuck with the enemies and only have a few sketches so far. Making organic looking 3D models is hard. Here a sketch of a slightly stronger standard enemy.

Also because I'm not making any progress recently I decided to release a short demo showcasing the combat system. Most of this demo was already finished 3 months ago, but originally I wanted to wait till I get the first area of the game done, but now this probably won't happen soon.


At the moment I'm trying to make a 3D version in unity and xenko. However I'll probably still try to continue working on the rpg maker version as well later.


Also, bumping for interest.


All I can suggest is that the overworld could use a bit more fine details, and maybe a darker shade, the clean looking uniform tiles kind of ruin the immersion of a post-apocalyptic future.

Other than that, looks and sounds pretty sweet, looking forward to playing it.

Oh, and another thing, consider Wolf RPG Editor as your engine, it's like everything RPG Maker is and more, but is also free. The only problem as far as I remember is that the english version is in perpetual beta.

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Well, I said back in >>>/fg/91 when I announced the end of my Tsunagari game engine that if my new game engine ever surpassed it, I would make a new thread. I think that has actually happened a while ago. The new thread fits better in this board, which didn't exist when the other thread was made.

Progress is sporadic, but we're further than Tsunagari ever got, in far less time overall, and with clean and maintainable code. I present Driftwood 2D, a game development suite written in Python 3.

The Driftwood 2D Game Development Suite is a game engine and related set of tools designed for the purpose of allowing a novice to develop a fully featured tile-based 2D game. Driftwood 2D is currently undergoing heavy alpha-stage development and should not be considered stable. API changes will occur frequently at this stage. However, it is currently suitable for making very simple exploration-style games.

Driftwood 2D is a spiritual successor to Tsunagari, an engine in C++ with similar goals, which ran into irreconcilable design flaws and spaghettified to death. Tsunagari was abandoned soon after the creation of this engine.

The engine loads a world package made of images, sounds, maps, descriptive files, and scripts, and then passes itself to the scripts as an interface to its internal API. From there, the scripts in the world package interact with and control the engine to perform its functions, resulting in a playable game. All public functions in the engine are accessible through the scripts. Maps are designed in Tiled and saved in JSON format, and the engine config file and entity descriptor files are also written in JSON.

Current features include:
* Infinite graphical and walkable layers
* Resource caching
* Virtual filesystem for game data and patches, supporting zip files
* Tile and sprite animations
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File: 1506904721716.png (58.7 KB, 1366x768, 1506904392_2017-10-01_1366….png)

Just released Alpha-0.0.9.

This release adds bugfixes and the following features and changes:

* Switch to Universal Binary JSON for the database format.
* Beginnings of support for occlusion. Loading and rendering times are heavily reduced.
* STDLib support for loading and inserting widgets from descriptor files called Widget Trees, which currently support Jinja2 templating with variables, includes, and multiple layers of container widgets.
* Code restructuring.

Get it here: https://github.com/seisatsu/Driftwood/releases/tag/Alpha-0.0.9
Windows Binary coming soon.


File: 1507264386926-0.png (5.9 KB, 485x500, screen.png)

File: 1507264386926-1.png (26.76 KB, 395x473, template.png)

File: 1507264386926-2.png (30.82 KB, 977x285, test.png)

File: 1507264386926-3.png (53.98 KB, 700x889, text.png)

In addition to the usual bugfixes, this release's major features are lazy map loading and more complete graphical occlusion which speed things up significantly, especially for large areas, as well as a more complete widget tree description language which supports things like newlines and relative positioning. Entity descriptors now also support Jinja2.

Download: https://github.com/seisatsu/Driftwood/releases/tag/Alpha-0.0.10



Alpha-0.0.11 is released.

Apart from a few smaller feature additions, this release is mostly about restructuring the project.

Two new API libraries were created – Folkdance and Stageshow. Folkdance is a reference library which will mostly handle advanced entity-entity, entity-player, and entity/player-world interactions. Currently it contains an InventoryManager and a PlayerManager. Stageshow is a special effects and choreography library.

Stdlib was dissolved, some of its functions moved into the core engine and others into the aforementioned new libraries. In addition, the testing worlds, libraries, and documentation were split into submodules. Note that this means extra steps are necessary to collect everything together to build from source, so a Linux binary release is included. This release gives the Makefile the ability to generate releases.

There is now a __common__ directory inside the data directory. Libraries placed in this folder are automatically added to the data path at startup. Stdlib was initially moved from the source directory to here, but then it was replaced by Folkdance and Stageshow.

JSON schemas were consolidated into strings in a Python file to defeat a complication when building on Windows.

The underscore character is now a shortcut for accessing temporary variables in the engine. Instead of Driftwood.vars["variable"], you can now reference _["variable"].

It is now possible to append or prepend path segments to the config file's path from the command line, instead of only being able to replace it.
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Hey Uboachan. Lately I've started working on a Yume Nikki mobile port, I hope this will embrace both iOS and Android versions, with probably scaling 320x240 graphics to higher resolutions.
I know that somebody probably ran this game with some RPGMaker emulators or something on Android, but i'm talking about the proper port idea with, i hope so, nice sprites scaling for even big HD iPhone/ipad screens and a virtual d-pad plugin.
But, what is Yume Nikki legal status, like, in the future, can i hope to release it (for free) on the app stores and this app not be taken down? Is it even possible to contact Kikiyama, for it is his intellectual property? What should i write him? Did anybody, like guys from http://yumenikki.net contact him?
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The NASU game is associated with http://yumenikki.net


Would it be legal? Probably not.

Would anyone care to fire off a take down notice? Probably not.


Some should have told you there is easyrpg.org that can already play yn on android and others out of the box.


Right, there's some other workarounds needed so you can actually do the necessary keyboard inputs while playing, but EasyRPG has been demonstrated to play Yume Nikki on Android with a virtual keyboard if I'm not mistaken.


No problem, the case is that first I want to practice with making a full mobile game with Phaser engine, and it is second that anybody would want to play that. I chose to try to port YN because I like the game, it's a pleasure working with it. Also the game world is pretty desolate and most levels are simple to build. Almost no AI. At the moment I have those locations almost complete:
+Forest world
+Puddle world
+Mural world
+Checkered-tile path
+Shield-folk world (half-complete)

File: 1503354804260.png (23.25 KB, 1920x1080, ADHDaYNfg room screen-shot.png)


Hi. I'm making a YN fangame titled "ADHD: A Yume Nikki Fangame".
I'm having a little bit of trouble figuring out how the "Wake up" mechanic works.
I'll be looking for the solution right after I have posted this.


Here's the old thread for RPGmaker/Yume Nikki fangame help → >>>/fg/165

There you'll find many suggestions on how to make the wake up mechanic, effects, and other fangame related stuff.

If you don't feel like reading it all, click "Control + F" at the same time on your keyboard and write a keyword related to your interest in the box that appears to perform a search on the whole thread for it. (Ex: write "wake" to find posts talking about the wake up mechanic, it's that simple.)

Why am I posting this instead of explaining how to do it? Because that thread has years of useful information for anyone making a fangame in RPGmaker, and will be of better aid than my already rusted knowledge of RPGmaker. Hope it helps.

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