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File: 1468479278292.png (15.94 KB, 506x755, 1111.png)


(this is the first time ive ever used an image board in my life oop)

ive had a fangame as a pet project for about a million years now, ive been working on it on/off for several years for a variety of reasons, but now that i can safetly say its 1% towards completion, ive been more motivated to work on this thing. issue is, tho… is it just me, or is rpg maker 2k3 the glitchiest thing ever? it gives me horrific flashbacks of getting sloppy games to work on game maker 8.0, some things appear to just not work for no apparent reason when the logic makes sense

the specific thing that has finally driven me to posting is one specific bug im running into with an effect. its a weapon, and you can change "stance" with the shift button; it basically works just like the weapon effect in .flow. ive made progress, but mine is still broken in a couple ways

1) if you do the shift action while the character is moving, the character will face a different direction mid-animation without any apparent rhyme or reason. it either happens before the animation ir mid-animation, but in both cases, it seems like the move event thats facilitating the animation starts over. if theres a blue moon and all of the planets are aligned, the character will just spin in place as though the move event forgot to change the sprite
2) theres a switch to denote which stance the player is in, so that the proper animation will play. when you attack something, the switch doesnt get toggled even though the event explicitly calls for it, and its like nothing ever happened

attached is the unadulterated common event. i can provide other things if i gotta

its driving me totally bonkers. i went and downloaded .flow in the hopes that i could use it as a reference (since most of my stuff is developed based on how i imagine they worked in that game), but all the variable/switch/event names are true gibberish (garbled alt codes) that have stands that function as a 2nd "name" that the program likes to refer to them as and i cant even open two rpg maker windows at once and olksltjdbgs (hole in girl, tho. i should play .flow again)

i really do unironically wish i could code this stuff by hand. that said, if ive been going about things the wrong way this entire time, i would love to know

pls respond


File: 1468529178760.jpg (46.38 KB, 540x304, 1464377622231.jpg)

>is it just me, or is rpg maker 2k3 the glitchiest thing ever? it gives me horrific flashbacks of getting sloppy games to work on game maker 8.0, some things appear to just not work for no apparent reason when the logic makes sense
No, it's not just you, it's one of the most horrible and poorly-coded engines ever. And it's not just 2k3, all the other fucking RPG** engines are the same shit. My humble advice: dump all the shit now and re-start in wolf.

About your thing, I don't remember jack-shit of how eventing worked, but shouldn't the "crowbarhide:ON {end event processing;}" part be outside the loop? You're calling it on a branch where it will always be off. And if it's in case you turn it ON, you aren't supposed to kill the process, you just call the proper function instead (which seems to be the second part of your event).

>but all the variable/switch/event names are true gibberish (garbled alt codes)

That's why you either download the japanese rpgmemer and use their locale, or use a code translator to get rid of the fucking mojibake (by hand).
I use this one https://alexpad.com/textdecoder


>is it just me, or is rpg maker 2k3 the glitchiest thing ever?
Nigga you're lucky it's not MV


File: 1468556706028.jpg (28.07 KB, 500x500, 1280877_527660857310486_18….jpg)

the <>End Event Processing was something that i put in a long time ago in an attempt to alleviate any issues with the event moving on and taking care of the next branches when it wasnt supposed to or something. i dont remember the exact circumstance, but i took it out and it changed nothing, so oops

that wolf rpg editor thing peaked my interest, and id been messing with it all day. it seems pretty promising, it at least looks much more versatile and malleable than rpg maker 2k3. apparently you and a handful of other people are the only ones in the world that know about it, though, because no help for any problems exists anywhere on the internet unless all youre wondering is how to copy tilesets off deviantart. i cant for the life of me figure out how to even get a menu to exist (do i have to explicitly make one all bootleg-like?), and for some reason, my custom tilesets just refuse to show up on the editor, even though they work just fine ingame. i done think thats gunna work, smh

i spent the last couple hours doing some more troubleshooting in rpgmaker again, and i realized that the reason things are wigging out is because the move event is starting while youre still moving, so anything done before you land on another tile just dont happen. i went through a bunch of trials, involving making a weird timer switch for taking steps, and mutilating the event with jump labels. they didnt help much ofc

i could finally be arsed to look up what the "proceed with movement" thing does, though, since i remember seeing it all over the place in .flow. basically, it magically makes it so nothing happens until youre standing still, and then makes it so that you cant move or anything until the stuff above "proceed with movement" is all done, effectively preventing any and all bugs or glitches

…its working flawlessly now


File: 1468558144885.gif (889.23 KB, 350x263, surprise.gif)

Tell us something about your fongome OP


File: 1468562517512-0.png (37.24 KB, 637x477, ss (2016-07-15 at 01.46.23….png)

File: 1468562517512-1.png (32.37 KB, 650x513, ss (2016-06-24 at 05.46.19….png)

File: 1468562517512-2.png (14.96 KB, 320x240, sketch1.png)

i dont wanna reveal too much about it since itll be a miracle if it gets finished anywhere in the vaguely near future (i wasnt joking when i said im like 1% done), but its called Coda. the tsuki in question is sutotsuki, "suto" coming straight from my bae riesbyfe stridbergs japanese name, and supposedly meaning "strike" on its own

without going deep into what its supposed to be about, ill say my approach to the gameplay and storytelling is going to be far more inspired by the likes of killer 7. above all, its definitely going to be much more of a "game" than yume nikki or .flow were; a strong collectathon with a lot of puzzle solving elements, and not a single purely cosmetic effect to be found. i also really hope to surprise people with how deeply theyll be able to interact with the game, with tons of secret functions, experiences, and easter eggs

again, tho, dont hold your breath. im working on this thing a lot more lately, and ill probably pick up a bit of speed now that im starting to get a batter handle on using this god forsaken program [after like 3 years], but yknow

/casually attach WIPs



>(n,abbr) strike (i.e. industrial action); (P)
Hello 工員ちゃん. Are there any commie references in your game?


Looks .flowish I like what I see.


This looks super cool! I'll be looking forward to it!


File: 1468658507155.png (74.08 KB, 180x209, 5.png)


ive got a lot of video games on my plate rn, but if Under Night Inbirth and No Man's Sky dont totally book the rest of my year, chances are ill be working on this far more than i have been. i already am, really, and i think if i push for a little longer my friends will finally be convinced to join in on the fun, at which point development will be legit. ill do it for you guys, obv. how long has in been since a nice full fangame has graced us?

all of the barriers that have been holding me up are slowly starting to dissipate; im getting better at doing arts faster, im figuring out how my brain wants to make music, and im figuring out how to cheat around bugs in RPG maker. the only thing im inherently good at is thinking up concepts. with any luck, tho, ill actually get some drive from this progress to really start working on things, after [no joke] several years of touching on the thing once or twice a month and making like 30 minutes of progress over several hours. making video games is gunna be my career, for gods sake. i gotta learn


dont get me excited tho, i dont wanna disappoint peeps. this would be something that pops up like months upon months in the future if anything, and i dont wanna release it to the world until its a product that i can call v1.0


Having a fangame that will be released as a full game will be so nice, that's so rare. And your other games sound interesting. Do you have a blog or site of some sort where I can follow progress of your games?


>And your other games sound interesting

oh no , lel. i WISH i had something to do with UNIEL or NMS. look them up if you wish, theyre both pretty cool specimens

all of the more well known fangames still being in this incomplete phase has always been pretty weird to me, but i cant really judge since theyre such amazing games despite being in the 0.1s. i just dont wanna do that, tho. if (and maybe when) i set Coda free, itll definitely be /finished/


Don't die dev. please make it happen, I love the looks of it.


File: 1472440020754-0.png (22.33 KB, 766x470, ss (2016-08-28 at 10.55.25….png)

File: 1472440020754-1.png (18.57 KB, 528x831, 2222.png)

im back with other issues that have been driving me nuts for a while now

to begin with… all the yume nikkis are doing it, and thats those things that make NPCs walk away from you backwards. seems simple enough, have a reversed charset so they appear to be walking backwards. when you interact with any event, though, it turns to face you. this means that such an NPC would turn its back to me when i interact with them. id make it so their sprite changes to the normal one so that they face me properly, but since i cant just do that in advance, they just twitch whenever i interact with them

does anyone know how this phenomena is pulled off effectively in the other games? i dissected .flow, but it didnt help much. attached is my crappy event page thats defective and bad

the other thing i reeeaaally need help with is this stupid issue im getting with my crowbar effect, where its unable to use the proper animation to change from the standard state to the hiding state and vice versa. im using a variable to denote whether or not "hiding" is active, and that should be enough to determine which animation to use, but its just not working. the event junk for this is attached as well. whats wrong with my logic osfdhjbvg, is there something else i could be doing thats more effective?


Maybe you could make a parallel event that checks the distance of the main character relative to the npc, and when you are directly near it, it activates a switch that changes the npc to a page with the regular sprite and that doesn't run away. This would also create and interesting effect where the npc would turn around when the player comes close.

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