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Hello. I'm developing a game with RPG Maker.

It's a game that expresses my darkness, the aches of my soul, my depression, my social anxiety, my abuse, basically, I'm pouring my demons into an RPG Maker game.

The game is almost complete, I'm reaching a very satisfactory result but there is one touch missing.

People such as you guys, are my target audience.
It is nothing like Yume Nikki, but I want it to contain the same amount of mystery and depth that will keep people coming back, trying to understand. I want people to get attached as much as Yume Nikki, to find their own little universe in it, to care for the characters.

But how can I do that? It's not like there wasn't countless games that have tried to do it, it's not like there's no games out there that tried to have you as their target audience. It's not like there's no game out there that's mysterious, deep and unique that couldn't find their fans.

How can I make something you guys would like? How can I be sure my game will be unique and be relevant?

This is a hard stress on me. I'm pouring my all into this game and it surely wasn't crafted over night, but I just wish I was able to build the same depth Yume Nikki has, something that would build its own fanbase and keep them coming back for more.

Please uboachan, help me.

Thank you.


File: 1464094321181.jpg (45.34 KB, 497x776, 1405035525800.jpg)



Hard one…specially since you give no details, we don't even know the genre, the only hint we got is the game features certain delicate issues.

It also depends on your experience with the engine, it's very hard to execute well that kind of hit in your first game, if it is, I'd train with a short demo just for you and your friends, to see how well you do.

YN is a good game, but, I don't think a game or a character being good is what generates a fanbase, it surely helps, but, I mean, come on, Pom Gets Wifi is burning a lot of downloads, a thousand times more than some of the best pieces that were born from people in this site, like Miserere.

Miserere is an example of a game with a lot of subjective stuff that caught our attention for some time, I think it being a YNFG is unrelated, the game is just well made.

Because of this I think getting people to feel connected with your characters and gathering fans go in different rails.

Ubuu has changed, those who have an opinion on this subject are a very reduced few.
I'd like to know more about your project, even if you dare to post a pic of Mado with that…thing.


File: 1464096491053.png (762.42 KB, 1280x720, mmmmmmmmm.png)

Funny… The thing you just summarized fits perfectly in OP's picture, one is cult classic exploration game that didn't even need dialogues to make a masterfully executed character, with a fanbase that was born in the underground of the internet and leaked carefully with a lot of people not understanding it… and the other one is a meme game full of memes MADE SPECIFICALLY to appeal to normies, furries, and fans of the pollitically correct.
One of them is more popular than the other.

Perfect example.


File: 1464096897227.jpg (439.1 KB, 500x710, adb9613f0cb19819fc25658c65….jpg)

I try to keep it as secret as possible because I want to avoid a few things.

I don't want my game to be pre-labeled or have people's minds already made up before the game is released.

The game may be kickstarted, but it's not a Yume Nikki fan game, it's an actual fantasy type RPG with my own touch in it. It has stages, boss fights and what not, and the sensitive topics and issues that I mentioned can only be found by players who explore and eventually find those things, but they are portrayed in a way that I'd say more than 80% of the people who will be subjected to those scenes won't even notice or realize what's really happening in front of them.

I want my game to release and be treated like this 'oh no, not another piece of shit RPG Maker game!11!!!' and to have a few people play and notice it's unique and not generated in 5 minutes.

If people from Uboachan know what I posted, that the game touches certain personal issues and stuff, it would be able to be pointed out elsewhere and the hidden meanings, the secrets in the game might be solved way too easily.

I still consider posting the game on uboachan but I'm worried about the trolls and the fact that even if the 'true story' or 'hidden experience' is part of the thing, you'd be shitting on me for posting it because it's completely unrelated to the YN fandom and Ubuu in general, but I know you guys love deep universes and that's why I hope, I can appeal to you guys and deliver something you would like to become a fan of.

The truth is, I've hidden so much personal pain and suffering into this project 'Very emo, I know' that I don't really have a desire to be identified or to be able to be pin pointed.

'Hey, it's the person with X issues! There was once a post on Ubuu about this, now we know which game it is, let's debunk the shit out of it'.

That's not what I'm aiming for…

I'm secretly hoping normal people will find my game on Steam when it releases, or maybe even pirate or hack it, I really, really do not care about money.

I want people to be subjugated to my message, to my story and to my universe, but if I identify my project in the slightest, that purpose will have failed by my fault.


>oh no, not another piece of shit RPG Maker game!11!!!
My fears exactly, because anyone can use the engine, people from outside of these indie RPG Maker circles just see a mass production of RPG Maker games, and most of them being pretty shitty.

Steam community also seems to be pretty defensive about them…


Correct, but if a few good games can leave a good mark somewhere…who knows.


To get back on topic, it would be very helpful if you guys could tell me what got you into the YN fandom and what kept you coming back for more.


Is mado tossing the trash?


>I still consider posting the game on uboachan but (…), you'd be shitting on me for posting it because it's completely unrelated to the YN fandom and Ubuu in general

What the fuck, mate? You sound like an outsider saying all this stuff.
Remember this >>>/og/1561 ? How was it even related to the YN fandom? Why did it receive so much love then? Ubuu cares for what your game has to offer, not for "where it comes from".
Unless it's tumblr bullshit made for normies, then we'd hate it, but not even for coming from tumblr, it'd be just because it surely contains SJW trash.


I guess I could relate to mado because I was a piece of trash who could only stay at home sleeping and some of the dream areas remind me of personal experiences.
It doesn't need to be suicidal or negative, but the reason I am still interested in YN is because nothing is solved, there's only theories, it's a mystery and I'll be very happy if nothing clearer becomes canon.


I apologize. I guess my lack of self confidence got the best of me. I can promise one thing is that there's absolutely no SJW / feminist / tumblr bullshit in it.

I'd like to ask though, if the game is ever kickstarted or once it is on Steam, would posting about it here make me a cheap shill? I wouldn't wanna look like a sell out or anything, but I'd genuinely wish to share my project with the people here.


File: 1464105246018.jpg (43.08 KB, 540x251, rpgmemer.jpg)

I've been posting my games here for years, and I plan to open a Patreon for my next project, there's no sin.
However I think <<RPG Maker>> games are complicated for a kick/steam, if people don't see a high quality(Epic art/Epic writing/EPIC TRAILER) product I don't think they will be happy to give money for it.


File: 1464105423094.jpg (102.24 KB, 1200x1000, 6dba962feeb6876e85aa41932f….jpg)

>I'd like to ask though, if the game is ever kickstarted or once it is on Steam, would posting about it here make me a cheap shill? I wouldn't wanna look like a sell out or anything, but I'd genuinely wish to share my project with the people here.
It depends on the person, but yes, it may. The leitmotif of the RPGTukuru community is that the games are available for everyone to download for free, because many (MANY) of the most well-produced games of the genre are free to begin with (I could go on about how this is mostly a jap thing and how westernfags started making a business out of it, but let's leave it for another thread).
Being blamed for being a shill, however, happens mostly when a game is free and suddenly stops being it. If your game ain't being sold to the world as that, then no, you won't have many problems. Maybe a faggot or two posting jew pics but nothing more than that.

Also, to contribute to the thread: I liked YN because the gameplay was completely different to other games. And the exploration. It was like trying to find the puzzles of why Mado couldn't leave her room, which obviously leads us to the theories and speculation the fandom has been making for years.
I am a socially alienated person, so I related to Mado to a degree, and later I stayed here because there were many people with similar mindsets and interests.


Eh, to post something on the internets you must be prepared for love and hate.
You could get hate for that, but, do the things you want to do, you would get insults for other stuff anyway, it always happens, hell I was called a racist because all my characters are white.



With this, I am heavily conflicted.

I am not in it for the money, at all. But on the other side, I did work hard and love it or not, I still have to make a living. I do have a job but still.

But then I look at free games like Yume Nikki, .Flow, Witches House, Ao Oni and ib…those had their hearts poured into it and were free, and I am by no means any better than them, so what kind of asshole am I, anyway?

The kickstarter would be to help me afford the artwork which I am already paying for from my own pocket, I am not rich but I am devoted and the kickstarter could help bring some more original artworks and maybe even soundtrack.

I'm just brainstorming in this text box, sorry.

Regardless, when I look at you guys and the RPG Maker community I feel it'd be wrong to not make the game free…I just don't know anymore.


File: 1469314110531.jpg (58.52 KB, 780x455, toallyoulolilovers.jpg)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my somewhat non-serious list of game-must-haves to whore up those downloads! it needs to have a combination of the following:

Memorable characters, tumblr-friendly is a big +. Loli main character also a big +.
The characters can either A: Be really edgy and grimdark, or B: So fucking sugar sweet it hurts to lick them. Nothing inbetween is acceptable. NOTHING.

Some mechanic that sets it apart from other games, for example the no-combat shit in Undertale.

Unique or just really good visuals, doesn't have to be fantastic-looking, but I'll be damned if it doesn't help, how many RPG Maker RTP games got zillions of fans? Yeah didn't think so. Anime style is a big +. I'll say it again: Loli main character. Little boy that looks like a girl also acceptable.

Speaking of tumblr, it also needs to have at least one important character that is a boy that looks like a girl or a girl that looks like a boy, not including the main character. For the fanart.

Comic relief character that is some kind of nerd. "Haha, he referenced something I know! This game really gets me."

Bullying. Preferably of the main character. The bullies will either die a bloody death or be your friends at the end of the game depending on the type of game it is.

Choose one general story:
A: Little girl solves mystery and finds her lost dad.
B: Little girl explores new world and meets new friends and possibly finds her lost dad.
C: Everyone dies.

Include these simple things and you too can create a flavour of the month game! Hurray!


File: 1469315546946.jpg (146.36 KB, 1023x713, takingnotes.jpg)


File: 1469322724458.png (49.84 KB, 400x300, 2dbf85ffad07302232748f66a9….png)

I love you owl, please, please, never change.


>Be really edgy and grimdark, or B: So fucking sugar sweet it hurts to lick them. >Nothing inbetween is acceptable.
>not going for a mixture of edgy + diabetes bait instead
Create the ultimate RPGMaker character, just do it.

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