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File: 1538924160197.png (17.49 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


(Firstly, sorry if I should be posting this on another place)
Hello, anons. So, for some time, I have been thinking about a Yume Nikki fangame that would be a hybrid between Yume Nikki and No Man's Sky. The basic concepts would be:

>You start off on your room, you have a balcony and stuff, like always, the bed wouldn't do nothing. Once you go out off your room, you would be treated to a transition of your character getting into a spaceship and then a countdown happens, after the countdown, you're "dreaming", I would like the transition to be fast but comprehensible.

>When the transition ends, you will now be on a place full of planets(Maybe only 12), this place will be the Nexus, the planets will be the dream worlds.

>The effects would be called "Upgrades" They would be for your spaceship.

So, what do you think about it?


File: 1538924774254.jpg (52.01 KB, 900x380, Frodo-Fellowship-of-the-Ri….jpg)

That's actually really genius. You should set up a kickstarter and post the link.


Is it going to release full of bugs on version -9.87? That's a deadly combination you got there.


I said it would have multiplayer, but forget that now. See what you have done??


Oh great, an idea guy, let's start again please.

Do you know how to make a game? If so, in what engine? Who would do the graphics and music? Have you made a game before?


Yes, I do know how to make a game.
Kind of obvious since it'll be a YN Fan game, but RPG Maker 2003.
I would do the graphics myself, it's not so hard; as for music, I really don't know.
Yes, I have already made a game before, I didn't publish it tho because I just got bored of doing games at the time I was finishing it.
Almost everything checked.


File: 1538951548680.jpg (34.77 KB, 298x362, lord-of-the-rings-frodo-ne….jpg)

Don't listen to that asshole. If you need any help with programming, graphics or music, just ask.


Well that's a better way to start, so you're going to start with this?

I am an asshole for requiring some kind of substance for yet another guy with an idea for a fangame adding to the threads of games that never even start?
Is it your first day here or you're baiting me?
Is it a crime to ask for a screenshot or at least some hint that we're not wasting anyone's time?
He said he finished a game and anyone can use RPG Maker 2003, so there's that.
I wanna see things going somewhere, look at the other threads in /ig/, they are mostly decent because the OPs show things.


Yeah, I will. But not now, college is currently killing me.


File: 1538959524815.jpg (36.78 KB, 476x416, angrybilbo1.jpg)

You shouldn't need any kind of proof Op doesn't need to appease you. He already proved himself by coming on here and postings this thread. Honestly i'm shocked by the hostility people here are shpwing this dev.

see your hands? Those are what people use to make games and everybody's got them.


File: 1538962239877.jpg (125.28 KB, 737x787, 1367628761427.jpg)

>Is it your first day here or you're baiting me?
My child, you really need to wonder if anon isn't actually more of an oldfag than you. Look at your hand, the answer is there.


>He already proved himself by coming on here and postings this thread.
You're just trolling me aren't you, that doesn't prove sh
>Look at your hand
Yeah you are


File: 1538965911807.jpg (151.71 KB, 387x475, 4840f08d5a397f90a6ce423311….jpg)

>implying I'm the same anon
I'm only telling you that if you don't recognize the 2011 meme, anon has been far longer than you here.


All of this "anon here, anon there" is just starting to confuse me. I was only guessing who was who by the one who sends replies with photos and the one who doesn't. Well… continuing with the developing; it might take some long time for me to actually post something playable here, I consider myself really slow when the topic is game developing.


File: 1538968183028.jpg (152.02 KB, 850x867, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_d….jpg)

You just keep doing you man. You're already on the same level as koronba since you had the guts to put ytourself out there like this
>that doesn't prove sh
you think it's easy to just start a thread here? I don't even want to associate you people, if you can even called that. I bet you don't know any theories or anything.


>you think it's easy to just start a thread here?
Yes. Every closet Toby Fox with an idea does.

Yeah right, an oldfag who can't tell why there's a problem with idea guy threads that never go anywhere when it comes to fangames, what was the last one? The Yume Nikki hentai? and I'm fucking Kikiyama, not to mention the so called meme doesn't even qualify as an oldfag credential because this guy kept spamming it every year.


File: 1538975903616.png (36.18 KB, 249x291, SadMonoeHD.png)

I don't know what I hate the most of this thread, that OP is trolling and you people take him seriously, or that one guy can't read the sarcasm of the other one and actually thinks anybody in this thread is being serious.


File: 1538976108483.png (631.76 KB, 829x1175, __endou_saya_and_kirisame_….png)

You're just a gatekeeping nerd. With harrasers like you on the prowl creatives don't have a platform they feel comfortable using. That's what;s called a superpredator you know. Nobody else is actuallly on your side fritz. Listen if you don't like how things operate here you're free to leave.

Casuing a scene? In my ubuu?(JESUS CHRIST SEISATSU)




So you're just the local feminist or a funny troll having a laugh at discord, you may enjoy using the hero card acting like I'm the villain while in our exchange you're the only one who's called the other names and acted trollish, not to mention taking pride in such a meaningless thing as being an oldfag, I'm probably old too, but it's completely unrelated to the subject.

I just asked for some level of substance, given this site's history I believe it's perfectly reasonable and related to OPs topic.

Also kudos for evading my argument, you know very well idea fangame threads don't go anywhere, old friend.

If this is a troll thread with tripfags circlejering with the sole intention of being disruptive it should be locked. I do take this board seriously enough. If they want to bait people /ot/ is over there.


>If this is a troll thread with tripfags
there are no tripfags on ubuu in 2018
i think its better we stay ontopic instead of getting carried away though

op, if you are not baiting, you should have posted with a template or a screenshot so people would take you more seriously, we have had dozens of threads like these


File: 1539020818049.png (14.47 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Maybe I should just delete this thread for now, if there's even a way how. I'll come back here with some screenshots of the progress, so this won't happen again. Sorry.


Out of respect for the mods i'll stop fucking with you, but I've got to say i'm disappointed. Figured the Frodo pic would make it obvious, but you were too dense to get it. Not only that, but you kept replying to me and getting more and more pissed off.
Op, giving you the benefit of the doubt, this idea is bad on every level. A lot of the initial appeal of no man's sky was the visuals and randomization. The actual game that came out was extremely sub-par and disappointing. If you want to make a space themed YN game, that's fine, but unless it includes randomization, which I don't even know is possible on rpg maker 2003, especially on that level, there's basically no connection. Also, no matter what site you're on, you should know better than to expect people to take you seriously with a thread picture like that. If you've already made a game, post pics of that.


I would really prefer harsh constructive criticism to trolling in this board. More >>934 less frodoposting.


Since frodoposter gave you his objective two cents, after leaving another passive agressive remark, I think it's fair to give you mine.

I know it's perfectly possible to achieve it though, it would be long and distressing for you and I'd pick VX Ace or MV for a little more of freedom, just a little. Motivation is important for these games to be finished and this idea would drain all of it for you.

The fact it's possible doesn't mean it's a good idea though, I would go for something like Miserere with some more randomization and you could focus on planets and exploration, but not at a massive level, ambition is the enemy of RPG Maker.


I wasn't actually planning to make the planets to be random, I was just wanting a space themed Yume Nikki fan game actually, I just didn't said that on the post that started the thread. The idea just came to me when I was seeing gameplay of No Man's Sky.

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