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Hey there. I'm fairly new with making games, yet I feel like I'd be capable of making a game. I lack of knoweldge of programming, but I excel in music production and am fairly decent with making graphics.

As someone who adores Yume Nikki and it's fangames, I'd like to produce my own game inspired of Yume Nikki, it wouldn't follow the traditional 'effect collecting' style like most fangames do nowadays.

I feel like I'd need special programming help yet I have no idea where to ask or where to start, so I thought I might get here some help from other game dev's who are fairly experienced.

My game would be made on RPG maker 2k3, for now at least.


There are a lot of threads in the archives
and on this board if you go back a few pages.
Read up on some of those threads and then check back in when you have a better idea of what you're looking for :)


Scratch that part about going back a few pages, the old threads are moved somewhere. I have no idea where they went though.


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C++ is an object-oriented programming language, cross-platform and very reliable, plus there's enough documentation in the internet about it you're likely to find everything you need. The only con is that it's not very powerful unless you know it deeply, however it won't present major complications if all you're looking for is building a simple engine. I heard D is fairly simple and good enough, but I never tried it myself so I can't say for sure.
You could also try building (or getting) a scripting interpreter for python or ruby and build the thing from there, but that's certainly not something very reliable in my opinion, due to the "on-the-fly" translation the CPU needs to make when executing the thing, but it's much more if you're making a text-based game.

Could you give us more information about the kind of game you want to make?

As for rpgfucker things, they're the worst piece of shit ever. Poorly coded, memory leaks… believe me, avoid that crap.


File: 1469827165138.jpg (45.07 KB, 150x150, nub.jpg)

Seems kinda unfortunate. Maybe someone who knows about the moved threads could post later here where they actually are.

I wish I could actually program in any of these languages, but I'm a nub. pretty much a nub.

As in what I have in mind would be, a game where you learn more about the protagonist by exploring their worlds, wich have scattered pages written by the protagonist. The game itself would still have the explore feature, but without aimlessly running around like most fangames do nowadays, because that's way too much of a bother and you can easily loose interest by that. Instead it'd have mini puzzles that are requiered to be solved in order to progress or unlock deeper areas that unaccessable if you are not determined enough to actually explore them.

I would say. It'd be like. a game that tells a story.


I can't find any instances in the moderation logs of threads being moved from /ig/ by moderators. A post (possibly a thread) has been deleted two times by me at 10 and 12 weeks ago, but I would have only outright deleted spam posts. There are a few cases of users deleting their own posts though, which could have been thread OPs. Hard to say.


Oh I meant what you want to do in terms on making the game (more specific questions regarding the engine or what ever) rather then what's going to be in the game. That's something that is entirely up to you.

Check out the /fg/ board. They sometimes have decent tut threads.

Ah, sei. I may have been hallucinating that then o.o



Oh, um Im not sure on that either honestly. I'll try to figure out asap because I'd love to start on it. I have someone who'll help me out with programming at least wich i appreciate.

I'll take a look on the older threads, but I'm not sure they'll provide anything that I'll need.


The hardest part for me, and alot of other people judging by the amount of games that get completed, is to actually keep up the steam until the end. Making games takes alot more time than people think, and it's definitely not all fun. In fact, the majority of it is soulcrushingly boring.

Passion is not enough when it comes to gamemaking. You also need the patience of a god.
Don't want to spend more than 50+ hours making a game that looks mediocre? Don't do it.
Don't want to spend weeks doing the same thing over and over? Don't do it.
Don't want to bash your head into the wall repeadetly because you can't figure out why something isn't working? Don't do it.

My examples not bad enough? Trust me when I say that it's alot worse than my examples made it sound.
It's a great feeling when you're finally done, but most people don't get to that point. So if you're the type that gives up on something easily and moves on to something else, don't do it.
And definitely do not do it if the reason you're doing it is because you're looking for praise from others, because making a game is probably the worst way to do it in existence. You would literally spend hundreds of hours to get a couple of people saying "it's pretty good, I guess". If you're lucky. Most peoples first games are absolute dogshit.


idunno what its like for peeps that dont know a lot about programming, but make sure that if you run into an issue trying to get something to work right, stop before steam starts to blow out of your ears and go to google. you might not be able to solve your specific problem, but you can learn about how all of the options really want to work, and that has solved a ton of my problems. for example: the "proceed with movement" thing is really important and will magically solve 90% of all possible bugs

rpg maker works on this weird "drag-and-drop" thing, so its really just all about making sure everything is logical. this is really common for these game making engines, but you run into a lot of situations where things SHOULD work, but they just dont. these situations are probably whats caused me to burn out so often, cuz its just frustrating and you have very little control over it, in contrast to the process of making visuals and music. be vigilant, do research, and ask for help when you need it


File: 1470652690209.jpg (94.07 KB, 628x473, tmp_9213-IMG_20160808_1237….jpg)


I am aware of that making a game is a long and time consuming progress and I am willing to sacrifice most of my time on it in order to make my game as good as possible for my current skill level. And honestly, the progress is slow but there at least. and i know this screenshot looks like dipshit but im ok with lol


I actually don't mind for asking for help. I actually registred for the rpg maker forums so I can actually progress with my ideas. Currently i am still experimenting around with 2k3 but it's at least worth it

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