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Hey Uboachan. Lately I've started working on a Yume Nikki mobile port, I hope this will embrace both iOS and Android versions, with probably scaling 320x240 graphics to higher resolutions.
I know that somebody probably ran this game with some RPGMaker emulators or something on Android, but i'm talking about the proper port idea with, i hope so, nice sprites scaling for even big HD iPhone/ipad screens and a virtual d-pad plugin.
But, what is Yume Nikki legal status, like, in the future, can i hope to release it (for free) on the app stores and this app not be taken down? Is it even possible to contact Kikiyama, for it is his intellectual property? What should i write him? Did anybody, like guys from http://yumenikki.net contact him?


There's so much stuff wrong with this thread I don't even know where to start….


Could you write it down please? I know my English is fucked up.


The truth is that you need permission from Kikiyama AND Kikiyama needs permission from Enterbrain for this.
RPG Maker(previous to MV) legal restrictions on how the software is used are many, it is not like making a fan translation of the game.
There are not many developers with a legal permission to do this, even with the Steam boom.

>Is it even possible to contact Kikiyama

No one did that in a very long time and I don't see that changing.

>Did anybody, like guys from http://yumenikki.net contact him?

They never showed any evidence of such thing, for all we know they are taking advantage of Kikiyama's MIA status.


I do not aim to make an 'official HD' game or something like that. If Kikiyama himself does not own this software, which party can possibly take down this unofficial free game on the app store?
I'm using phaser.io engine + sprites and music from the game, nothing from RPGMaker itself.
Also, I remember somebody wrote a NASU game.


A better question is why anybody would want to play a mobile port. Yume Nikki is a personal experience and one of its best attributes is its immersiveness. Playing it in a crowded place on the go and constantly having to stop playing to pay attention to your surroundings seems counter intuitive to the point of the game. Even if you play it in the doctors office while you're waiting, you'll eventually be interrupted. Yume Nikki is not candy crush, it is not just meant to be used as a way to pass time.


The NASU game is associated with http://yumenikki.net


Would it be legal? Probably not.

Would anyone care to fire off a take down notice? Probably not.


Some should have told you there is easyrpg.org that can already play yn on android and others out of the box.


Right, there's some other workarounds needed so you can actually do the necessary keyboard inputs while playing, but EasyRPG has been demonstrated to play Yume Nikki on Android with a virtual keyboard if I'm not mistaken.


No problem, the case is that first I want to practice with making a full mobile game with Phaser engine, and it is second that anybody would want to play that. I chose to try to port YN because I like the game, it's a pleasure working with it. Also the game world is pretty desolate and most levels are simple to build. Almost no AI. At the moment I have those locations almost complete:
+Forest world
+Puddle world
+Mural world
+Checkered-tile path
+Shield-folk world (half-complete)

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