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What are /ig/'s thoughts on creating a sort of gamejam, freeware gamedev community similar to that of glorioustrainwrecks but strictly focused on creating innovative horror/weird games in general?


I could be interested in such a thing…


Better than most gamedev communities I think. Def interested.


How do you think it would work?
And what would make it unique? Do you have some sort of "manifesto" in mind, like the one for glorious trainwrecks?


I have no specific plan in mind really; it's a sort of pipedream, but if people from boards like this were interested and the site could even be marketed to non-English speakers (perhaps posting the link on the net games board on 5ch would be a good start?), then everything would be just dandy. Although of course, I'd want there to be some sort of "quality" standard for games. Of course kusoge and even some broken-but-still-functional games would be allowed, but tryhard spooky games wouldn't really fit. The key to weirdness is subtlety. Games aside, one issue with advertising here is potential channerspam from different imageboard cliques informing people on the forums about their totally original .moe/.xyz domain boards you just have to visit.


File: 1602628511727.jpg (53.2 KB, 800x450, Narumi.jpg)

This is relevant to my interests.
If anyone needs a programmer I'd be willing to cooperate, I can also do art/sound but coding is my main skill.


File: 1602632679493.png (295.66 KB, 576x1024, Es 1.png)

Any word on this? I'd be willing to give it a shot, for a game I had in mind.



If you're here, you gonna like it. Also it's free IIRC.




OP here. This thread was purely hypothetical, but maybe we could have an /ig/ gamejam?


File: 1605470654244.jpeg (318.66 KB, 2480x3508, Aliza.jpeg)


>>1050 here, still interested in this.
I can't write or do game design for shit, but I can do code (Monogame, maybe some Godot), and some art/sound.



I would be interested as well. I can help with anything that needs be.


That's cool. Thinking about it some more, I think what I'd like to do is make a simple web directory with graphics, where you can submit your game. Now keep in mind, when I say game, I'm primarily talking about .swfs, but if you want to make a big game with an executable that's allowed too, but that all depends on the amount of passion you have for your game. This hypothetical project would be all creative spitball freeware games, nothing professional.


I really want to help make music/art for games. I have some music uploaded to streaming services for examples that I'll post if I see this actually get going.


Someone come up with a game setting and we can start contributing designs from there.


Ah yes, community projects, I look forward to see how this is abandoned like most of them.


File: 1611423665034.png (92.98 KB, 752x1106, flashface.PNG)

Artist, game designer, and writer here. Would love to make something if anyone here is being serious. Wish my left brain had a little more juice so I could code shit and not be an ideas guy forever. If nothing comes out of this, >>1056 do you have somewhere I can contact you?


this was one year ago and people just kept agreeing without actually doing anything

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