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What do you guys think about the RPG Maker community?


File: 1525284275680.jpg (148.78 KB, 1920x1080, rpgmemer.jpg)

To preface this, the only glimpse of the RPGMaker community I got is from Yume Nikki and it's "slightly related" circles (OFF, LISA, OneShot, Ib, Wadanohara, dev blog/twitter lurking), so take this as you will.
From my general consensus, western devs are the most prone to deviation and change, whilst japanese devs are the most prone to cliche'd stuff. I have no negative connotation to either of those two halves, the Japanese side often has higher quality control and better explored subjects and concepts while the Western side is more hit or miss in terms of quality and what they deem acceptable. One thing is certain, too many fucking meme games plague both sides, although way more on the western side. The Japanese side is often than not some horror game with some loli protag with a deep dark past and the Western side is just what you often see on the top, ripping Jap's cliche's, inserting an edgy story (bonus if it starts out with a positive tone) and 4th wall breaks then passing it off as your own to an inexperienced audience.
I might delve into a deeper view(opinion later on, although I'm worried that I'll dive into more divergent subjects.


Go on, it's interesting, even though I produce games in this engine I was never involved in the community much.


im interested too, keep going!


So tired of Witch's House clones. Misao and Mad Father weren't even good. I dunno why everyone's trying to make that kind of horror game, cute little girl vs ghostly older person in jumpscare city. None of them have the subtlety Witch's House had. They all have some edgy grimdark animu bullshit story with a yandere murderer and characters designed to get pixiv hits. It's really obnoxious. Can't stand it.


banger reply


File: 1525371097494.png (55.8 KB, 500x337, unity-unreal-engine-rpg-ma….png)

The RPGM community has ups and downs, as I know it it is divided in websites:

>rpgmaker.net and other rpg maker specific dev sites:

There is drama and admins act like kids, but these sites have friendly communities for the most part, they are helpful with newbies, they also have diverse genres and it so it's some fresh air if you're sick of pseudo horror loli bullshit.

>Indie game specific sites that happen to host RPGM games like itch.io or gamejolt

These are the nicest places to interact, the staff is professional, almmost zero drama, a great place to ineract with other devs and share your works, RPGM games rarely get the spotlight though.


A great place unless you post outside your RPG Maker groups.


The bottom of the toilet bowl, redundant I know, but there is no moderation, which makes it a shitfest with underage cancer causing drama in every corner and for the stupidest reasons, callout posts, art theft, no quality control in the form of criticism, defamation and chaos, the fuckers even made a specific blog to roast each other anonymously and the pseudo horror game with loli games are everywhere.


Please do so.


File: 1525385709302.jpg (56.93 KB, 720x703, 1522241358877.jpg)

Continuation of this post.
My thoughts aren't really coherent or ordered or anything so it's a bit of a ramble. RPG Maker itself isn't really taken seriously even in indie circles because almost all games look the same unless you abuse plugins and hacks. Not to mention the awful reputation that RPG Maker acquired for itself with it's ease of use + RTP. Going off on a bit of a tangent here but indie circles themselves have the habit of killing whatever good thing they might have done by spreading chink ripoffs everywhere. The overabundance of pixel art 2D platformers 'round '12 was one of these trends. An older trend and example that almost singlehandedly killed an already small genre populated by mostly indie devs (or rather, doujin devs) and small corps was the danmaku spam late 90's - early 2000's. Most indie shmups's were bullet hells or some kind of DonPachi clone. There was almost no variation for a genre that's already niche as it can be. Touhou was a byproduct of this era that survived the stain of time.
To expand on what >>820 said, on more underground communities like blogs and the like (you might not know how common blogs are to this day in the jap web, especially for modding / devs), the few RPG Maker I see is usually so dead It doesn't bring much attention, so it's kind of just sitting there. Tumblr isn't that bad as >>820 said since you can effectively filter out the shit (unfortunately and not surprisingly, there's a lot.) until you come across green pastures. As long as you don't go running your mouth and avoid communicating with a messed up circle consisting of madosexual uboakins chances are you will get the cancer that's much easier to live with.
A surprising thing that I came across is that it's awfully common for eroge and H-game doujin devs to adapt RPG Maker for some reason. I have no idea why this is so (most likely ease of dev) but the majority of them follow the same cliche'd meme: Play a girl, traditional RPG setting, piss easy gameplay, get mado'd if you die or otherwise get "rewarded" with revealing pictures later on the game by winning X or Y or plot developments coming up. The only worthwhile entry in this "genre" would be something like Monster Girl Quest, if only for the curiosity.
A bit tangent-y here but a common trend across RPGMemer devs (way more than devs working on other engines) is how "spiritual successors", "reimaginings" and remakes are so fucking common. Again, this is sort of linked to what I said above but it's pretty bizarre how most devs settle for endlessly improving the one thing they made. I believe it's a matter of comfort zone and sticking with what works but it's pretty widespread compared to other games on other engines. I believe it's because most RPGMaker games, to be worth a damn, need some kind of meaning or purpose (storyline, unique aspect, etc) behind them or they will simply fail. Inserting new/ambitious gameplay mechanics or even perspectives is very hard because of the limitations of the engine so you can't simply make short tech demos (Unity & Unreal is plagued by this) to practice on.
Again, I might resume my ramble later on but I think I exhausted the topic to a reasonable degree.
Have a good day anons.


How do you think things have changed over the years? It's obviously different from when Corpse Party was made. Have things become stagnant?


Great posts! I don't think I could've put this stuff better if I tried.


File: 1525705069965.png (71.76 KB, 1128x732, autismo.png)

This is a small taste of RPG Maker Tumblr Community


are people this desperate to argue about something?


Crabs in a bucket, anon. Genderspecial masadakin crabs in a hellbucket.


File: 1525831737208.png (173.49 KB, 640x480, trash.png)

We're talking about people who are making their own games, obviously amateurs like most people using this engine, the problem comes when people put their effort and time into something expecting it to be received great, they don't expect to be the next Ao-Oni(I hope) but to get let's plays, fanart and a few thousand followers.

Reality hits when they posts make 10 notes and their download count freezes at 20, they feel hurt and ignored, so they need others to feel bad too.

I'm pretty sure there is a lot of fun psychology magic in this proccess but I don't know much about how minds work.


File: 1525838936901.png (49.39 KB, 1344x684, vomitiveshitholecensor.png)

aaaand here's what they think about ubuu, we always had such a great image


File: 1525842175784.jpg (1.09 MB, 1012x1432, 1170f77a4ee1956dfb8006c594….jpg)

lol good
If a good image means having those people around, it's not worth anything.
>the F word that isn't four letters long


What IS the F word that is four letters long though? Is it fuck?


They actually think Kikiyama was here at some point jesus fucking christ.

And they're THAT upset that we call each other fags? Half of us ARE fags. Like, how pampered do you need to be to get offended by something so stupid?

why am I wasting my energy trying to pick this apart


>it's a furry


File: 1525877043859.jpg (7.82 KB, 233x216, actualresearch.jpg)

Well, we aren't the ultimate place for indie devs either, what do we have…around 10 developers lurking? Most of them don't seem to give a shit if you give them attention or not.

I mean, from what I saw devs here in ubuu seem to have just enough brain cells to realize posting in your social media and gamejolt isn't enough to properly advertise a game while people in Tummlr have unrealistic expectations from their followers, friends and fellow devs.

No one from your friends list gives a shit about your game, the earlier you accept that as a reality the earlier you will see your downloads improve, and if you really want a good hit, you must do some research first.

I'm a black guy, if they are offended that I use the word nigger or nigga they are being racist.


File: 1525880732492.gif (7.17 KB, 96x96, Aimed.gif)

Tumblr has a whole mentality of "If a nail sticks out, they'll get stricken down". I've seen it happen not only in RPGM circles but also in other indie games (There was this one that people dug up on the dev bc he used to draw porn and forced him to apologize) art (Ex: THIS PROFESSIONAL ARTIST IZ PAID MORE TO DRAW THE SAME ANIMU GIRL THAT IS ALSO TOO WHITE AND PRETTY BUT PAY ME FOR MY TALKING CAT PIX PLZZZZZ)
Since these people are miserable 1000000% of the time, the notion of someone else getting success angers them, moreso if the person doesn't toe the acceptable line. Add this to Tumblr's typical culture (MORESO if you can't talk negatively in a more public vein because POSITIVE FEELINGS WE ARE THE BUDDY BEARS uwu) and you get people screeching at each other via confession blogs. Yes, you read that right, blogS. Because if any blog is owned by any popular devgroup/dev/personality, they can just spin or delete big ol' nasty comments/asks/submissions/whathaveyous to mantain that COOL AWESOME CUTESY IMAGE.


File: 1525880846976.png (11.16 KB, 467x350, museum_face_by_speckticuls….png)

As a wannabe gamedev, yeah I'm kinda expecting this to happen. Admittedly it's pretty disheartening knowing you're putting all this effort into something you know no one's gonna play. And it's nothing you can really put into a resume either.

Although I'd like a positive reaction, looking over what I've done, honestly I don't see how anyone's gonna play it.

>Not Meme enough

>Not Hot enough
>Too disgusting/NSFW
>Probably gonna get 5 downloads, negative reviews, and a callout post on Tumblr because someone says 'faggot' one time

I'm still going to complete it, I don't want to do nothing with these things. But I'm just not sure what the point is in making more if they're too 'out there' for anyone to play. I'm just trying to make a fun RPG game here.


File: 1525881523359.png (133.19 KB, 501x380, Tumblr communists_edff3e_4….png)

>If a nail sticks out, they'll get stricken down
>Well what do you expect from a bunch of communists

Suddenly Tumblr's dictatorship fetish makes a whole lot more sense. I don't know how I didn't make this connection before.




File: 1525882514465.png (616.52 KB, 1196x648, bullshit.png)

They should just try Steam, tons of exposure and anyone can get there, here is no such thing as quality control, there are tons of games that are pure RTP with terrible mapping and grammar.

Just check this out, the FIRST result while browsing the RPGM tag is a commercial game in RTP.

No wonder Steam hates RPGM games.


Yeah but no one's gonna want to pay $100 to put it up there.


File: 1525953572354.jpg (233.62 KB, 1080x1080, ilya-kuvshinov-newnew.jpg)


Lmao, just outta curiosity, are you by any chance refering to that one post about Ilya Kuvshinov?


That too and the sakimichan one which had the exact same vein.

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