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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

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I've been working on this since more than 6 years and switched engines multiple times, until it became an RPG Maker 2003 game.

It's a survival horror game set in the far future were all humans mutated into deformed monsters. You play a roboter with the mission to liberate them from their suffering by finding the ultimate weapon of mass destruction and exterminating everyone so a new world can be created.

On your way you find various weapons and tools that you can use both for fighting and solving puzzles. Enemies have a limited vision radius so you can either fight or try to sneek past them.

The game is based on various nightmares and real life experiences I had and is intended to be a criticism of the injustice of life itself and more or less serves as a way of dealing with the frustrations in my life.

I'm still working on a demo that I intend to release at the end of this month. The combat system and most of the weapons and the enemy AI are already functional, but I'm somewhat stuck with making the 3d models for the enemies and spend too much time drinking myself away.


>based on various nightmares and real life experiences I had
That sounds interesting. I'm looking forward to playing the demo!


It looks very promising.


are we allowed to offer criticism&do you have a blog


File: 1495412962751.jpg (70.78 KB, 675x900, dunce-cap-in-class.jpg)

>are we allowed to offer criticism


Since you've given permission to criticize, I'm not playing a survival game in the unoptimized garbage that is rpg maker.


I don't have a blog and I usually spend most of my time on the internet lurking; I might create a blog later, but right now I'm focused on fixing various bugs, making more graphics for enemies and landscapes and trying to get the demo out as soon as I can.

The Rpg Maker might not be the best choice, but the combat system itself is working quite well right now. Only the menu has issues.

By the way, no one will be forcing you to play it.


RPG Maker is absurdly limited, outdated and everyone outside its community thinks games made with it are going to be shit walking simulators with pre made assets, but you can make a good survival game on it, VX Ace or MV would have been better though.


File: 1495466059856.png (61.49 KB, 640x480, screen0.png)

I started at first with the RPG Maker XP and than later switched first to the RPG Maker VX before I ended up using the RPG Maker 2003.

On the XP and VX everything looked too sterile. Here the most currents screenshot from how it looked on the VX before I gave up and decided to switch the engine again.


You can't seriously recommend somebody to use MV without being a dick… it's literally the most broken of all the shitty engines ever preduced. Even rm95 is better. As for limitations, it seems to work for op's idea of gameplay so I don't see why that should be a problem.

I do agree on the part that nobody will take op seriously though, but well, most of the demo is almost ready so there is no point in switching engines now.

Op, if you ever work on another game, please consider switching. It's for your own good.


That looks ugly because of poor mapping, not really because of the engine.

It's broken and full of glitches but it is better simply because as new OSs update, games made in older RPG Makers will be completely obsolete and unplayable, we're talking about Windows obviously.
All RPG Makers are bad for different reasons.


My point of rm95 being better than MV was that even if it's obsolete as fuck it's more functional than MV. MV has some serious memory leak bugs, the shittiest optimization of all of enterbrain's engines and three times the sum of the bugs on all the previous versions. OP would be better off using VX or XP, but MV is like telling him to code a 3D physics puzzle game in AT&T assembly with only the "add" operation. That shit won't run.


That all depends on the audience you're trying to reach. If you're not wanting to be the next Toby Fox and wanting the A E S T H E T I C rpgmaker is fine, those who care will be arsed to pop open a virtual machine that will run it. People are successfully selling freakin' brand new Genesis games on the indie front, and that system's been obsolete for over 20 years.


You're not talking about anything mainstream here and the impact will always be inferior.

Let's be honest here, people who want their games only to be played by an obscure minority are not many.

Most people developing in these engines do it because they have no choice, not because they aim for a hipster audience.

If OP wants to develop under these conditions it's their choice though.


No choice? GameMaker, Unity, and Flash are all far more accessible. rpgmaker *is* a hipster choice.


Please, you know very well that while all of those choices are there, RPG Maker is just way easier to use and does not require previous knowledge, not to mention the older ones are "free".

Ask all the YNFG creators how many of them can develop in Unity or Flash.


File: 1495584274700.gif (275.9 KB, 320x180, goanimate-dance-part-ay-o.gif)

If you don't have the technical knowledge to do something properly, it's better to not do it at all. Save the effort for learning how to do it right. RPG maker games all look like fucking shit because the program they were made with exchanges freedom for convenience. It's like the goanimate of game development. The only exception to this rule that I can think of is yume nikki, which doesn't use the preset character template, but that game didn't have very complicated game play so it could get away with it.


They teach Flash in fukken high schools mate, hate harder.

To the Moon achieved pretty major success for being developed in rpgmaker.


Worrying about success is pointless. Make what you want. If it's good people will play it. Premise for this game sounds cool and I'd certainly try it.


>They teach Flash in fukken high schools mate
I dare you to tell me half of these fuckers using RPG Maker know how to use flash.
Troll harder.


Flash is a dead technology though and most browsers are permanently phasing out support soon. HTML5+JS is the way to go now.


fuck my life; I'm still stuck with the enemy graphics and failed to release a demo at the end of last month.

Now I'm wasting my time with drinking vodka;
here is a thread I made on the official RPGmaker forums.

To compensate for my incompetence I've made a post about how the combat system works;



I love the premise for this. The renders for the weapons are cool too, they look something from a PS1 game like Armored Core.


File: 1496833679341-0.png (62.86 KB, 1920x1080, screenshot4a.png)

File: 1496833679341-1.png (72.16 KB, 1920x1080, screenshot4b.png)

I'm messing around with the menu and trying to improve it. Right now I'm uncertain whether it would be better to have an inventory with more, but smaller icons or one with bigger, but fewer icons.

What is your opinion ?


I personally like the first pic with the smaller icons. Fits more the general style of the game in my opinion (with all the PS1 flavor).


File: 1496859151659.jpg (66.84 KB, 1024x768, toys toys everywhere.jpg)

I like the first one better. I'm reminded of Power Pete.


Could you post some mutated humans? I'd like to know how they look like.


First one.


File: 1503617047705.png (842.03 KB, 1168x1308, city warrior.png)

I've tried in the last months to switch the engine, but this proved to be more difficult than expected and so far I'm stuck.

I'm also stuck with the enemies and only have a few sketches so far. Making organic looking 3D models is hard. Here a sketch of a slightly stronger standard enemy.

Also because I'm not making any progress recently I decided to release a short demo showcasing the combat system. Most of this demo was already finished 3 months ago, but originally I wanted to wait till I get the first area of the game done, but now this probably won't happen soon.


At the moment I'm trying to make a 3D version in unity and xenko. However I'll probably still try to continue working on the rpg maker version as well later.


Also, bumping for interest.


All I can suggest is that the overworld could use a bit more fine details, and maybe a darker shade, the clean looking uniform tiles kind of ruin the immersion of a post-apocalyptic future.

Other than that, looks and sounds pretty sweet, looking forward to playing it.

Oh, and another thing, consider Wolf RPG Editor as your engine, it's like everything RPG Maker is and more, but is also free. The only problem as far as I remember is that the english version is in perpetual beta.


File: 1536654333110.png (1.26 KB, 217x125, Error.png)

Anyone else getting this error?


Install the 2003 RTP then.
Download it here:
If it doesn't work, download the Japanese version of RTP linked below. You probably need the English one, but try this if it doesn't work


File: 1536658188091.png (22.81 KB, 641x505, Devo.png)

Okay it works with the english RTP. Everything seems to be working fine. Diagonal movement and/or strafing would be nice. Not sure if RPG maker supports mouse aiming, that would help.

It works, but I'm gonna need more gameplay before I can make a judgement about anything.


>Diagonal movement and/or strafing would be nice. Not sure if RPG maker supports mouse aiming, that would help.
The engine sadly doesn't support these out of the box. It's possible to do this in later RPGMaker versions through Ruby scripting, although very much a hassle.


Seeing people ask for this brings me back


File: 1546812183673.jpg (295.75 KB, 1920x1080, hammer fist.jpg)

I didn't manage to get much done last year, and sadly not only when it comes to this game. However, this weekend I've felt somewhat motivated and added some new things.

The main thing that I accomplished is that I combined the Fist and Power Hammer so now it is possible to do different attacks depending on how long you press the attack button. You can either throw some quick punches, do a knockout punch, or by fully charging up the fist, catapult enemies through the room like with the Power Hammer. For this I also added a new element in the interface that displays the estimated power of the punch while you hold down the action button.

Additionally I added the possibility to change the equipped weapon quickly by using the number keys. And also fixed all bugs that I could find.

And finally, I created a page on itch.io for the game to have a place to comfortably post the latest version and whatever else.


I didn't get forward with making new enemies, levels or anything in that direction, but I hope to do that somewhere in February.

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