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Soooo I'm super new to using RPG Maker (I own VX Ace) and there are a lot of things I am having trouble figuring out. If any more come up I will ask on this thread.

1- how do you create animations for characters for VX Ace? (I'm not using the default sprite so any advice would be much appreciated)
2- how do you get a character to put on/take off an effect? And how do you add an animation?
3- how do you make it so you can't use effects while the character is awake?

Thanks in advance! :)


Oh, and also, I'm new to creating tilesets and I want to make the majority of them on my own. Any advice for tileset creation for VX Ace as well?

I use GIMP for all of my sprites and recolors I've done so far, if that helps


File: 1457049858423.png (16.94 KB, 388x520, Example.PNG)

1- You'll need to make, by default animation standards (assuming you didn't add a frame animation or animation by frame script) a frame per facing row. Picture related.

2 and 3 will need a post of their own, so more is coming up.


File: 1457051856344-0.png (18.48 KB, 655x335, Example 2.PNG)

File: 1457051856344-1.png (14.54 KB, 669x570, Example 3.PNG)

File: 1457051856344-2.png (15.36 KB, 649x358, Example 4.PNG)

2- You'll need to make a common event that activates with a switch. Make it Autorun. Let's call the switch "Effect Call" for this.

In it, you will add a conditional branch and make another switch, which we will call "Effect On". For now, let's leave it empty.

Outside of the Cond. Branch, you will first remove any other effect switches (I recommend making another common event that turns all of those switches off and call it here) as well as do the following: Change Actor Graphic (which will change your player character's appearance and faceset), turn an "Has effect equipped" switch on (it will tell the game if the character has any effect switches on. Useful for effect removal or simple pinching cheeks animation), as well as turning "Effect On" (which we have a conditional branch of), possibly show battle animation, then turn the "Effect Call" switch off.

Back at our conditonal branch, we go inside and add the commands for:
Turning off the Effect related switches, including "Effect On" and "Effect Call"
Changing the protag back to normal
Possibly show battle animation.

These will tell that if your effect is equipped while running this event, you'll unequip the effect.

Now, add an item on the database. Make it non-consumable, accessible always, and make it call a common event.

All in all, VX Ace isn't much different than RPG Maker 2K3, eventing style.

Picture related (the first), this is what your basic common event should look like for an effect.

Now, for an animation, this is slightly more complicated. Add two more common events. On this second one, you will make it a parallel proccess instead, making it turn on by your "Effect On" switch you set up before.

In this common event, you will add a mere conditional branch that will turn another switch on if a switch is pressed. Assuming you want Shift, the equivalent is A. For this switch you want to turn on this time, we will call it "Effect Act".

Now, onto the Third common event, we will make it Autorun, and make it work with the "Effect Act" switch. Here comes the most creative part. Assuming you want a simple animation to play, a Move Route/Set Move Route with a charset change and facing according to the animation than change back to the normal effect sprite is sufficient. After the move route, you turn the "Effect Act" Switch off.

Pics 2 and 3 related, which is what your common events should more or less look like.


File: 1457052335709-0.png (30.25 KB, 665x560, Example 5.PNG)

File: 1457052335709-1.png (29.41 KB, 654x564, Example 6.PNG)

3- Now this one will require yet another common event, switches that should tell us whether the Character has gotten the effect or not and some patience.

First off, whenever an effect giver gives an effect, turn on a switch associated to the effect (We'll call it "Effect 1" for ease of association.)

Moving onto the common events, you will do two. One for taking/changing effects to their non-functional counterparts, and another to give the effects back.

All of those function the same way: The switch "Effect 1" will give/take away the corresponding effect, pictures related.

Where to put, is basically this: The "Take" event will be called whenever you wake up from dreaming/ come back to your room from whatever is going on. The "Receive" event is called whenever you start dreaming/hallucinating/you get the drill.


File: 1457052470657.png (484 B, 64x96, template autotile vx.PNG)

Also here is a base template for an autotile in VX Ace. Useful even to make animated autotiles such as water/lava/blood/slime.


File: 1457052913266.jpg (168.59 KB, 676x1000, tumblr_na284wKmYW1tj4rn6o1….jpg)

This is all so helpful!! Thank you so much! I'm going to test all of this out soon.

I'm such a noob haha


You're welcome. We all had to start somewhere.


If I have any more questions I'll be sure to ask again, this was very helpful (I'm sure I'll have more questions very soon cause it's all so new to me)

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