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What sort of things would you expect to see in a lewd/hypersexualized Yume Nikki-ish game?


Flying dicks and innuendos of sexual image— OOH WAIT.


Yeah. It'd probably have to be slightly more explicit.

What transformations and worlds do you think should be in such a game?


File: 1480295535350.png (82.58 KB, 189x266, 1478698821001.png)

Are you planning on develop an eroge out of YN or something?


Sorta. I like surreal erotic art, and some kind of RPG Maker walking simulator seems like the best excuse, other than maybe some kind of Flash Point and Click Adventure.


File: 1480307698158.jpg (2.39 MB, 1770x4325, the-garden-of-earthly-deli….jpg)

You probably would want to avoid obvious stuff like strap ons or straight up sex.
Something out of the Garden of Earthly Delights Hell section would work better.
Pic related.
Full painting:


Anything really, would just be fun to play something like that.


But are you planning to develop this game or what?


tentacle monster


I definitely want something more explicit. Maybe not straight up sex, but at least some heavy sexual allegories and barbie doll nudity. I'd also like things to be a bit less violent than Yume Nikki. I am not even sure if I'd like a straight up "kill" effect.

Somewhere in between this:

And Lukas Kandl's work

I am writing a design document for now, but to be honest I've only been able to come up with 3 effects and 6 worlds for now, which isn't really promising.


Have you seen Kanashimi no Belladonna? I loved the hippy-ish trip and the whole way they handed sexuality. Bonus for Klimt's influence.


You should try just throwing together what ideas you already have into RPG maker and go from there.
I think the end of the End of Evangelion has some good imagery that you could use.

And yeah. I agree that less graphic violence and more subtle, nerve hitting horror is better.


No. I haven't watched it. But I'll try it once I am done with Shiki.

I dunno. You need some solid world ideas for these games to make walking actually enjoyable. With the few map ideas I have right now, it might be better to just make the game puzzley like Lisa or even a straight up jrpg like Middens. Moreover I believe interactions between effects and worlds also needs to be planned with a bit of care so there is variety in the effects you use and you don't just end up using the same 3-4 effects to solve any obstacle.


What I mean is that these fan games can take years to complete and are riddled by developer laziness.
If you have any ideas right now I would start on creating the sprites and creating a base in RPG maker.


>hehehe lewd im 12 xDDD


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