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i have rpgmaker xp and i want to make a short yume nikki fg, are there any resources to help me do this? no experience in coding or rpgmaker, by the way


my first tip for anyone ever trying start using rpgmaker xp or making yume nikki fangames is to just watch tonnes of tutorials on the internet. most things aren't intuitive or out of the box and you might need a lot of help when it comes to something very specific.
oh, and also get used to searching through forums and finding posts with "nevermind fixed". it's a very common thing, so heads up for that.
otherwise, just go nuts. spriting can easily be done in mspaint but if you want something exact use gimp or krita.
for music i suggest either pxtone, if you want something more chiptune sounding or lmms if you want to use actual soundfonts.
oh, and most importantly, dont give up. it tends to happen a lot because of the problems that arrive when using older software like XP on more modern hardware, but getting through those troubles is part of the experience, i would say.


>watch tutorials
Not op but some people have slow Internet, old computers that can't see high rez so you can't see what's being done on a computer, and learning from videos is just shit for many reasons. you can read as fast as you want and save faster tutorials that are written and schools teach you to use read/write methods of learning.

I was shocked recently by how shit rpgmaker was. I felt like it is so hard to use that it defeats the purpose of having limited control over what you are making and that one may as well learn C++ instead. Something. I tried lua so I could learn love2d until I realized that it was shit, so was tic-80. They gave my computers issues and had no backwards compatibility with itself. Games other people made often didn't work. It was silly. Tic-80 not running on my computer was even MORE silly. It can run firefox, epsxe, but not a mock 16-bit game because of opengl issues, or rpgmaker xp needing too high of resolution was another issue I ran into.

Right now I'm looking into other things, but I'm sure it'll boil down to "all the things are shit" and you need to learn C++ and make it yourself.


If you want a free engine, wolf is more flexible than rpgmaker. Although I'm not sure how much freedom you want.

C++ and SDL are a pretty nice mix if you're confident on your code. But proper C++ isn't easy to learn unless you want to commit yourself to study proper OOP code structuring to get a solid understanding of it.


I've been told of sdl. I'm sure I wont' get anywhere though. The trade off of doing everything the hard way will cause no work going into creativity, knowing this I never get motivated to learn code. It's why there's an engineer that tells the code monkey what to do. I resent it all.


What kind of game are you trying to do?
It's kind of hard to give you advice on what could be potentially best for you with just what you said so far.


What can you do with wolf that you can't with RPGmaker?

I tried getting into RPGmaker myself last year, forgot which one I dl'd. I set myself a very small goal of making a game where you bake a cake by walking to all of the ingredients in a room then putting them in the bowl in order but I got stuck and gave up because I didn't know what exactly I was doing wrong, it was pretty frustrating. When these problems happen it's like being in math class as a kid again. I don't know if I give up too easily or if I'm not smart enough.


I don't know how much this information will help you anon, but it should be known Wolf come with a complete English manual which explains what the game engine can do along with, some troubleshooting, and other such helpful stuff.

(P.s if your going to get Wolf get the bundle it comes with a graphic synthesizer which is needed to make custom characters.)


I personally find Rpg Maker 2003 to be the most comfortable to use.

Wolf Rpg Maker has a messy interface while the Rpg Maker XP is more restricted when it comes to eventing and relies on scripting in Ruby.


i recently got rpgmaker mv and im looking to make a ymfg too i've been looking for tutorial on how to make a ymfg but i couldn't get to find something specific about it

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