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Hi, I'm new here so I don't know about english so, I'm trying to make a yume nikki fangame and I need help on 3 things at least. 1) how can i make a save point? Because my idea is sitting on a wheelchair and then the music and the background circle appears like in yume nikki. 2) how can i make the character go to sleep and dream with the countdown 3) How can my rpgmaker 2003 stop erasing my map everytime that I edit events. I hope for an answer


File: 1470936548702.png (90.67 KB, 230x569, 1465952248763.png)

1- Wrong board.
2- Some things you are asking were covered many times here already, it's obvious you didn't even lurk.
3- Akaitsuki isn't even a name.

Install gentoo.


I saw three devblogs responding to your messeges as they gave you advice on these things.
Also lurk.


File: 1470943290522.gif (1.12 MB, 228x406, tumblr_obgxpk8WoU1tlb56zo1….gif)

OP, open up yume nikki in rpg maker and see how it's done there. also, delete this thread, its embarassing
madotsuki isn't a name


What the fuck is wrong with you people….? I just need help with a simple thing only right now…

Akaitsuki means "Red" by the way assholes!


just open yume nikki and you can see exactly how all the things you asked for are done! no-one's going to walk you through it step by step, because you're being surly and you posted this in the wrong board.


File: 1470953363490.jpg (165.7 KB, 1028x622, 0000000000000FE2.jpg)

So let me see if I get this, just after demanding help in rude manners to three devblogs without even trying to solve things on your own you come here and post:

>how to save and make a countdown

>Ignoring the help thread and archives
>Not lurking(you'd know what is wrong with this thread if you did)
>Ignoring this clue which solves all your problems and you can even just copy paste if you're lazy >>556
>in wrong board

Yet we're assholes.

You're not tricking anyone, no one's going to believe you googled and checked tutorials, yet it was impossible to figure out how to make a save point.

You're not asking how to handle parallaxes to make your maps look epic or how to have diagonal movements or something that takes some struggle for a begginer, you're asking how to make a save point.

Here Rin has the patience to tell you how to make a save point: https://yumeresource.tumblr.com/post/148790281837/two-questions-again-how-can-i-maka-a-save

Took me literal seconds to open YN with RPG Maker and spot the event where the countdown appears.(which also counts for your save point if you want to make it look exactly like in YN)

About your third issue, you're not giving enough information, your maps shouldn't dissapear when you just edit events.

However I don't think anyone would want to help you with that attitude, users were pointing out that your post is wrong, no one here was hostile but you.

To have a better time as a dev try:
1-Solving it on your own.
2-Ask Google.
3-Check the many dev forums and help threads.
4-If nothing works, ask someone for help.
5-Lurk before posting.


File: 1470953439861.png (303.37 KB, 1920x1080, Captura de pantalla (35).png)

then what is this kind of unicode letter…?


File: 1470954146427.jpg (216.02 KB, 1160x586, memes.jpg)

Nothing out of the ordinary, anything like variable names, common events, comments and switches will display like that in your system since it was originally written by some japanese person.

Like you just can right click on it, edit and change that variable name to "memes" or whatever you want to call it.


Also careful with giving away your real name and info.


File: 1470971747347.png (1.38 MB, 935x1417, 1465530584664.png)

At least 窓付き is a real word and not a meme translated with google.

>Akaitsuki means "Red" by the way assholes!
You can lecture me on japanese once you learn the difference between adjectives and nouns and how nominalizing works. You don't even know what you named your own fucking character.

Also, it's funny that you're calling us assholes when you are acting like a cunt yourself. You came to the wrong board demanding to be explained extremely basic shit already answered many times and got butthurt when told to fuck off. You have no right to complain. Use fucking google and lurk more for fucks sake.


Maybe they really meant 暁.
Or possibly 赤付き、But ended up forgetting to remove the い. Theoretically speaking he may be aware of using 付く's nominative form and could be using it with the noun 赤.


File: 1470976433458.png (337.23 KB, 497x544, 1464903698001.png)

>Maybe they really meant 暁.
>Akaitsuki means "Red" by the way assholes!
Also, the nanori for 暁 is Aka or Akira.

I don't think OP knows Japanese at all. Not only he made the error with roumaji in his files but he also didn't notice when I pointed it out in my post, so I don't believe at all he knows what the nominative form is, much less considering spanish lacks such kind of language tools and that they're so disguised in English not many people notice their existence.
So no, cute, but bullshit.


File: 1470979426852.jpg (324.77 KB, 1600x1200, 1438862021177.jpg)

Oh surprise, spanish actually has nominalization. The more you know.


B-but sounds cute

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