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I forgot to turn off the snow because I have only been checking the site from my phone and it doesn't show on mobile. Haha silly me.
And now, more snow!

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What's your opinion about developers who post here? Do you have any favourites? What games do you like the most?


File: 1484013310740.png (322.89 KB, 524x800, 1478713422001.png)

Are you talking about the ones that still post nowadays or all that have posted in ubuu? I will limit to those I know and that are still around this place.


Cool guy, I really like style and games, although it's a shame he doesn't finalize most of them. I can see why that happens though.


Good taste, works hard. I need to check how her new project is doing, it seemed really promising.


I love the art thread and the little we've seen from the game. Cool tastes too.


Style is different from any game in this site (or most games, actually). Works hard. He's a fucking troll, but it seems he's gotten softie as of late. Still appreciated.


He's the biggest faggot ever and Miserere is one of the best western fangames.


Someday is a very cool fangame for a traditional one, and he's a great dude, I think he abandoned though.


lol nice try anusgape

owl, mishka, bleet are my all time favs although i don't know much about any others




Eh, it's a very average one, about his attitude, he was a massive fag but I'd say he's cool now, at least he releases something playable unlike most RPG Maker users around here.

Remember how we were talking about those who spend more time in their Wikia pages than working on their games?

At least he's not one of those, or thinks he's better than the average, or shows off a gallery full of games he didn't even make, or announces lots of games part of a series and sequels that will probably never be released.

I say Joe Gates is doing kind of okay.


File: 1495331015198.jpg (54.16 KB, 600x600, 1478702297207.jpg)

Still better than flux.


seriously stop


Why? It's related to the thread.


jojo, you're literally the reason everyone voted for trump. please shut the fuck up you stupid spic.


Who? What?


Hint: Jojogape is not in this thread.


File: 1495683335361.png (120.28 KB, 268x309, 1478679235001.png)

What? Why do you assume I'm jojogates?
How paranoid do you have to be to think a random anon in a dead imageboard is somebody who doesn't even visit it anymore just because telling people to "stop" is fucking autistic? Do you lurk this board just to check if he ever posts or something?


Who the fuck is jojogates?


He was a faggot that got mad with ubuu some years during the spanish forum war (he was an admin there). Although he did admit he was being unreasonably stupid last time he ever came to this place, apologizing for being a retard and all. More info here >>656

Haven't heard from him since then. Hell, I don't even know why the other fag is so mad at him he calls out random people joe joe gates.


File: 1495687564964.png (212.21 KB, 396x529, 1475593957001.png)

hello rindre, did you finish your game or it's still on eternal hiatus?


File: 1495687803940.png (149.26 KB, 614x454, 00000A.png)

Since we're talking about him, Someday updated, I just played it it's pretty decent:

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