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Doesn't seem to be a general thread for .flow on the new /fg/ yet, so here

(this is mainly an excuse for me to upload this really cute picture of sabi)
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Invalid bitmap. Whatever you tried to load, it's more than likely corrupted/not indexed.

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Shouldn't this be self-explanatory?
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I don't even have 2kki installed… remember, Google is your friend.

Also, guys, this Friday is the 10th year anniversary of 2kki. How are you guys going to celebrate Uro's birthday?

File: 1326860456094.jpg (414.99 KB, 1458x2592, no thats not my bike.jpg)


Ok since the thread last time had a picture and that made it weird, here is a new thread also bonus point here is the game list so far

>>178 Sickmind

>>915 The Looking Glass
>>810 Mewn
>>24 Yume Nisshi
>>852 Anarchy
>>31 N'oubliez Jamais
>>502 The Other Line
>>2068 Divinity Fatum Trilogy
>>1476 R.E.M
>>1991 Mochi Nikki
>>1786 Yumewo
>>2219 CHAIN (Lube's /fg/)
>>1628 nostAlgic and Parade
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You should play Maidnaut, best fangame ever.

File: 1317280140852.jpg (85.72 KB, 640x480, 8597327e3ad71d10325bae49428…)

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The solution to all your Japanese fangames troubles are in this very thread! Links provided.
Implying you read it carefully and do stuff consequtively. Otherwise, it's your problem.
Still post here if something doesn't work.

There we go:

1) Make sure you have Japanese language installed on your system - what the hell are you doing in /fg/ without that anyway?..
In case you're still here w/out it:
But you most probably have it already.

2) Install Applocale - it works both for XP and Win7.
There is also a patch and some register keys on the same page, install'em all. Well, when you read that page, it's all pretty obvious.
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the guide is worthless
all you ACTUALLY need to do is just set your system locale to Japanese (read: system locale, not download app locale for windows xp) and download the japanese RPG 2000 RTP if your playing 2kki.

that's literally all
you don't need to set language to Japanese lol

File: 1335704652118.jpg (1.33 KB, 240x144, Formal.jpg)


Attention members!

Some new rules to the /fg/ Board are in effect immediately:

1. You will not use another Fangame Creator's materials without his written consent. This applies both to Uboachan Fangames and foreign Fangames.

2. Games are to go through considerable developmental progress before being posted. Members looking for help will post in the appropriate threads. Do remember we have an idea thread, too.

Threads who do not fall under these rules will be either Deleted or Locked, to the Moderation Team's discretion.

Note that while these rules are in effect immediately, they will not be applied retroactively.

Thank you for your time and enjoy your stay.


This is more of a request than a rule, but please don't bump months old threads asking about progress. The OP will post about progress if (or if you're lucky, when) any is made.

File: 1491913040993.jpg (728.91 KB, 2084x1778, .flow emotions.jpg)



What the fuck happened to fangames in general?

Back when Yume 2kki and .flow were released and continuously updated (2kki will die soon, lol moved on to other stuff) they were very clearly "Yume Nikki fangames".

They had pratically the same style of gameplay (with some fringe cases in some areas or events like the abandoned streets in .flow) and never shied away their influence.
They had a unique aspect about them most of the time, but they still had some similiar gameplay.

Now we have fangames literally based off other fangames (can i even call them that?), stuff like Hell Diary.
I was ranting about this with a friend and he said:

"most people just make plain "horror" games now, walking sims with artsy baitsy aspects"

I guess he was sort of right, not that i hate today's lack of actual fangames, or do i hate today's "fangames" that are actually thinly veiled "horror" games that literally have almost nothing to do with Yume Nikki no sigo porque hablar Inglés es muy difícil putos trolls que violáron el mado check y dubs.
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People (me included) reeeeally wanted PT to be a thing. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery and the flood of ripoffs really shows this to be true.


File: 1493863684627.png (134.15 KB, 540x720, feldon-reveal.png)


I can't speak for others' fangames (besides "Don't expect another .flow"), but FOG, an Era 3 fangame (maybe era 2.5?), will stick to its Yume Nikki and LcdDem roots, although everything that made YN+FG frustrating (like mindlessly aiming in wide open spaces and mazes, getting trapped by chasers, and having to find things in counterintuitively obscure places) is going to be taken out of FOG.

Other dreamFOG games won't be YNFG though; it's already past time to move on from that.


File: 1494185911626.jpg (68.47 KB, 554x415, i have too much free time ….jpg)

A thing i sorta forgot to address as well.
It's a bit hard to explain or articulate correctly (at least for me), but…is there any hope for regular fangames? I don't mean the YN gameplay / story / thematic styled fangames.

I mean the normal fangames, sort of like, a bad example but, Five Nights at Fuckboi's (is based on the source material with different gameplay and stuff)

I wish Dream vs Dream didn't drop dead, it's what i meant by regular fangames, a fighting game with YN characters looks pretty cool, i would be content with even a MUGEN implementation.
Yume Nikki Gensou is what i mean as well, shame there are both so little fangames, and the general problem with fangames we have ranted about.

me dink i sound a little preachy just asking & complaining about stuff


File: 1494854872035.png (67.89 KB, 800x800, 57293495_p1.png)

I guess it depends on how difficult it is to code the game. I'm not too well versed in this, but I assume RPGMaker is one of the easiest options for making a game, while learning to work in other programs takes more effort and so the developers are discouraged from it. Combine that with the fact that YN's fanbase is rather small and that the game itself is 13 years old - there's just not a lot of people who would bother to make a cool unique homage to it. Making fangames in the style of the original game is already a trend anyway, so why not follow it?
Though honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if the Japanese fanbase has released some FGs like this that us westerners don't know about.

>…regular fangames? I don't mean the YN gameplay / story / thematic styled fangames.
>based on the source material with different gameplay and stuff
Since most fangames are similar to YN in gameplay, wouldn't it be more fitting to call them the """regular""" FGs, and the different ones """irregular"""?

>i have too much free time ….jpg

Make more of these please.


As someone who has attempted to make several YNFGs before, I can assure you that not everyone finds it easy to make a game as non-linear as Yume Nikki. For me, one of the main reasons why I never got very far is that I had trouble deciding what to put where. A linear game allows for a more coherent and tailored experience, which is easier to make for me, as there's less guess-work involved about what works best where, especially after you add in more locations.

As a result, my uneducated guess is that a some of the "de-fangame-ing" is simply due to beginner developers having played around with the engine and then realizing that non-linearity doesn't work well for them nor the stories they're interested in telling.

Food for thought.

File: 1367836478947.png (45.61 KB, 580x496, screenshotlccddem.png)

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Hey, has anyone heard about this?

>"LcdDem ver.0.030

>This is a “Yume Nikki” fangame.
>This isn’t “Yume Nikki”.

>To those know about/like LcdDem:

Please avoid talking about LcdDem as much as possible. Don’t say anything about it. "

Source: http://psiwolf.tumblr.com/post/48471399826/a-psa-from-koronba-lcddem-producer-psiwolfs

What do you guys think?
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Oh, well, things like:

1. Plants, Water and sometimes Colorful Lights topics are very present in their games. Just like L c d D e m and AQUOR. As well as the games' esthetic. However, according to their page, Speder2 is only responsible for the music and something else I'd translate as writing…

2. The readme files from the folders look like L c d D e m's, with the location of the title, the instructions, etc.

3. Some of the protagonists seem to be some kind of robots or strange creatures. They remind me a little bit to old koronba's avatar and other NPCs from L c d D e m.

4. DEQUIVSIA and oimostfonwy sound like anagrams. And if you guys remember, koronba's penultimate album title, "iofnrru Tn zeduaiolqs", is actually an anagram, together with the songs included there. But, I don't know if the games' titles are anagrams, but they sound like.

5. Musically, koronba and Speder2 are almost identical. Both share a great ability for composition, specially in harmony order, which is familiar between them.

In addition, both are very influenced by electronic music genres, like House, Ambient, Rave, Chiptune, etc. Also, other genres like Jazz, Swing, Bossa-Nova, Hip-Hop and Trip-Hop (this is more notorious in Speder2) and many more. Furthermore, I think they use the same digital instrumentation or MIDI files and programs for their songs, some sounds from koronba's composition can be heared in some Speder2's ones.
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The song 「丑の刻」on Speder2's Veranda album on bandcamp is almost identical in composition to one of the "Dream House" songs in Lcd Dem .30 (BGM054-059). I think it's 056 or 057 but I don't have the file on hand.


I hope one day that we'll know more about Koronbo's well being.

I really wish him well, even if he seems to do everything in his power to push away the people dearest to him.



Any news?

File: 1495041647918.png (22.84 KB, 640x480, 07.png)



Thought I'd make a dedicated thread for this game. If there's already a thread for it let me know, but I couldn't find one.

Anyway I hated this game at first and thought it was going to be another boring clone, but it turns out to be really well-made with a pretty neat mystery at the core and some of the best events I've seen. It also updated recently too. For someone who was growing tired of most new fangames, this one really surprised me.
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File: 1495187646676.png (15.41 KB, 640x480, 17.png)

That's a neat idea! Given Matrix's themes of reality vs a fake world a YNFG inspired by it would be interesting. But I think yuque is closer to .flow in that Nire's dreams might be her exploring past traumas.

My theory so far is that she was part of a government experiment.


File: 1495192665693.jpg (710.3 KB, 1280x1908, tumblr_og1u81jthb1vgnueno5….jpg)

I really like pixel art in this game


File: 1495205922364.png (17.71 KB, 640x480, 11.png)

It's pretty gorgeous.


File: 1495210235941.jpg (170.7 KB, 644x484, 5rpkG3EvopX1_2017-05-19_12….jpg)

This game is really comfy and I love the melodica buffer.


File: 1495272532585.png (46.07 KB, 640x480, 23.png)

It can whip to dark really quick though!

File: 1492010512071.png (11.71 KB, 320x240, Ultra Violet.png)


Pic related - Ultra Violet is my favorite.
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Answered Prayers
Too bad it was dropped, like tons of other fgs.


File: 1495132446286.png (401.13 KB, 374x748, answered_prayers___fluoret….png)

It wasn't dropped. It's still being worked on.

It'll update any day now. Just a little while longer.


File: 1495132676609.jpg (34.58 KB, 348x302, 1474393380001.jpg)

I'm pretty sure the author himself said the game was dropped a few years ago. And, even if "it wasn't", it's been 6 years since the last update, so the chances are minimal, if any.


File: 1495133385045.jpg (218.9 KB, 1280x1120, tumblr_o2k544AAlW1rhg1fao1….jpg)

I think they said somewhere on their tumblr that they were wantin to do a remake of it someday.

Their patreon supported and possibly dead webcomic was supposed to be a spinoff in the same universe or remake or something. Can't remember what. I only read a couple of pages before I decided it probably wasn't worth my time so I have no clue how true it is.

They still draw Fluorette though, so it's nice that it's not completely forgotten.


File: 1495155581186.jpg (667 KB, 1200x1697, tumblr_n9yzrxY2zM1rhg1fao1….jpg)

He finished the first chapter of Homunculus in April (49 pages). It's been slow-but-steady updates since he launched the Patreon, with a brief hiatus when he injured his hand in October. Last I heard of Answered Prayers, he wanted to get Homunculus done before working on it again.

If anyone's interested in Homonculus, the first few pages are here: http://klaufir.tumblr.com/post/95239390983/homunculus-pages-00-11-2016-update-homunculus

File: 1494804130322.jpg (19.14 KB, 193x261, Yume.jpg)


(Newfag/lurker so I don't know where to post this)
What do you guys think happened to a project called "Dream vs. Dream".
I've seen a sort of mockup recently but the video was made in 2015 (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1wo4sAcgn4) It did have a lot of progress and promise but it just stopped maybe I'm not up to date or something. The "team's" Tumblr hasn't been active either. Thoughts?


File: 1494808768416.jpg (187.06 KB, 392x503, .1382548309707.jpg)

Easy, two people did the real work and the rest were kids thinking that talking about memes all the day was "game development". Then the people who really did the work got tired and said "fuck it, I'm not an slave".


File: 1494809940263.jpeg (30.21 KB, 435x275, image.jpeg)

>two real programmers and a "team" of "maymay" kids = abandoned projects
This must be common with YN fan games then.

File: 1317095306536.jpg (253.76 KB, 800x563, tumblr_lqv5ylOFxe1qgomego2_…)

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【lcd dem】
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please restore these files
also songs




Found this on a random tumblr, supposedly titled "0041". Hope this isn't old news


how wonderful!

Couldn't you tell me just where you
get it?


File: 1491872866297-0.png (103.15 KB, 640x480, Title.png)

File: 1491872866297-1.gif (772.49 KB, 640x400, DUGA1.gif)


Hey folks, it's me again! And I'm here to show you what was originally a creative draft for what would have been my Dream Diary Jam entry in June.

It is:
-A Yume Nikki styled game, more along the lines of Nightmare Castle than Hell Diary or Amihailu in Dreamland

-Started development today, on top of what was originally supposed to be the PMD Music update to AiD.

-Stars another Dugashoba girl, Maho!

-Tiniest game yet, probably going to be a WHOPPING 10MB when a build releases (if that)

-Cute and useful effects!

-The same setting as Nightmare Castle and the other games in the series
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>C/A substitution
Do you have a different language layout (like the French AZERTY or similar)?


I do actually. I’m using a German keyboard. But I’ve set it up so that I can switch between keyboard layouts on the fly. For games I usually switch to an American layout.

I went back to do some more testing and it turns out both the A and the C key both work regardless of what keyboard layout I use. Initially I expected that just tapping A would be enough. But since that didn’t do anything I tried other buttons and eventually found out that holding C works. After that I jumped to the conclusion that C must be the only button to trigger effect actions. Sorry for the unnecessary confusion.


Ah, I see. I added a small delay (you have to hold the key) in order to keep the game from retriggering the key constantly, since it has no "key released" check. One of the many off-pissing things about RMVXA


You could create your own ‘key released’ checker with some fancy switch management. It could look something like this:

-drawing gun event flips another switch on.

-retracting gun event is blocked until the switch is off again.

-flipping switch on triggers a parallel process which checks if a gun button is currently pressed.

-If the button is still pressed the switch stays on.

-Otherwise it gets flipped off.

In theory this could make sure the gun cannot get constantly drawn/retracted without releasing the key at some point. Tough I haven’t tested if this works in practice.


could do that, but it seems like a lot of work for something that was in 2k3's event commands and should have been in this one in the first place

File: 1446593837877-0.png (17.93 KB, 640x480, fogblog06.png)

File: 1446593837877-1.png (35.7 KB, 1280x960, fogblog07.png)

File: 1446593837877-2.png (59.1 KB, 640x480, fogblog58.png)


FOG is my Yume Nikki fangame, made with RPG Maker 2003. This traditional Yume Nikki fangame has more upbeat themes and equippable Perks that can be collected along with Effects.


You should not need the RPG Maker 2003 RTP to play, but if it asks for it, download that too.

The current version is 0.0.2. Although a very preliminary version with 1 character (Leon) and just a few effects, all 12 Nexus doors are available.

Feel free to monetize videos and streams of this game. (Usage rules have just been updated.)
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File: 1458951863389.png (489.18 KB, 1280x727, fog-forest-bgsample.png)

Hexel-based backgrounds and other graphics may be added with some future content in FOG.

I think it fits well with the Bauhaus-leaning style of the game.


File: 1460768237787.png (17.46 KB, 640x480, fogblog114.png)

FOG v0.0.40R and v0.0.40M are out.

- Tegan is now a playable character. Go to the laptop while awake to change Dreamers.
- 2 Effects for Tegan are added: Alternate, Onion
- Dream world slightly expanded.
- MV port (version M) is now available, featuring mouse support and 720p HD display. Gameplay may be slightly different due to differences between RM2k3 and RMMV.

Download version R (RPG Maker 2003 version):

Play version M in browser:
For mobile, use Firefox on a high-end device and rotate the device for widescreen view.

Download version M for Windows (RPG Maker MV version):


File: 1466990676547-0.png (10 KB, 640x480, fogblog118.png)

File: 1466990676547-1.png (18.37 KB, 646x511, fogblog120.png)

FOG v0.0.41R is out now.

Emory has now been added as a playable character. They have their own Nexus with 17 doors (15 more planned later.)

I also decided to slip in 1 effect for them too since everybody's waiting a little too long for this update.

Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bw8qNi_Zg1ydNjBsU0JWTF93bkE


File: 1476059303155-0.png (390.6 KB, 1920x1080, fbshare-20160930-fog-moder….png)

File: 1476059303155-1.png (313.56 KB, 1920x1080, fogblog123.png)

So you can play as Emory in FOG version M now.
Plus, some fixes for version R.

v0.0.52R - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bw8qNi_Zg1ydRVF5ZW10UWpjTnM
v0.0.51M - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bw8qNi_Zg1ydOU9ITlZqOXFYYms


File: 1493603060195.png (8.32 KB, 288x256, FOG_examplec.png)

Don't recolor Mado or Uro sprites; that's illegal. And it stirs up drama, potentially balkanizing the fandom.

I released "Dream Origins," a selection of FOG graphics for everyone to use:


I put these free assets together for others to edit for the Dream Diary Jam, but these graphics can also be used elsewhere.

Next release of FOG will come with a redone soundtrack and that will be free to use, edit, and remix too.

File: 1492616697720.jpeg (57.02 KB, 500x380, image.jpeg)


Can someone please explain the smile-potassium connection? I've had this photo saved, and have seen the macro about .flow sites, but have never really understood it.


iirc, it started as a misheard thing from https://youtube.com/watch?v=pZd5VtHfHGY


it's a misheard version of smile's speech when he kills you, which is lolrust speaking some broken english

iirc it was "you're a sick girl, i'll see you again" or something like that


File: 1493496959380.jpg (54.39 KB, 446x598, sugar hole.jpg)

just played .flow 0.19 for nostalgia, attacked smile in his house and just got some kaibutsu laugh mixed with smile's.
I went on to check the files for the legendary line but i sadly didn't find it, so i extracted .flow 0.16 and it still had the Potassium Ion in it's full glory

I guess 0.19 proves Smile doesn't like bananas

File: 1317004017266.png (2.71 KB, 128x128, 1310067574591.png)


This is the new thread for my Tsunagari Game Engine. As development continues, I'll post updates and new downloads in this thread. You can also see progress on the official website, linked below.

Tsunagari is a tiling game engine inspired by the cult classic game Yume Nikki. It is intended as an open source alternative to the popular proprietary RPGMaker game development suite that the original and most fangames were/are written on. The initial focus is support for all of the features of Yume Nikki, and beyond that it strives to become a fully-featured 2D game development suite. Tsunagari is written in C++, using the Gosu framework.

Tsunagari will be a comprehensive game design suite for singleplayer 2D games. The engine will support several styles, such as roguelikes, and old console-style RPGs. Multiplayer support is planned for the second stable release. Tsunagari allows Python scripting for the event system, and for additional custom functionality. As a suite, Tsunagari aims to allow as much game variation as possible without direct modifications to the engine source code. Game design will require manual file editing during the Alpha and Beta phases, but a game editor suite will be shipped with the first major release.

Website: http://tileengine.org/
Official IRC: http://webirc.datnode.net/?channels=tsunagari
Source Repository: https://github.com/omegasdg/Tsunagari
AlphaP4-R4 Source GIT Tag: https://github.com/omegasdg/Tsunagari/tree/AlphaP4-Rev4
AlphaP4-R4 Windows Binary: http://omegasdg.com/files/Tsunagari-AlphaP4-Rev4-Bin.zip
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wow, congrats for the company, I really, really hope this gets a lot of development since it's kind of an empty niche in the gaming community.



>real company

o k you have fun there sei


Wow rude. Even Amazon is an LLC.


It's been a long time, so I feel I should make one more post here about where Tsunagari has gone.

It's gone. To make a long story short, I feel that perhaps a two-man team like us were out of our league trying to make a do-everything engine by ourselves, as our first project, in C++. Our constantly changing design quickly turned into a spaghetti clusterfuck, to the point that the engine could no longer be modified without a monumental effort.

On the up-side, I think we've both learned an awful lot about designing software. Keeping in mind the mistakes of Tsunagari, a couple months ago I started on a new tile engine, "Driftwood 2D", written in Python with a cleaner and more common-sense design. This new project is quickly approaching the capability that Tsunagari had, growing as much in months as the old engine did in years.

If Driftwood 2D surpasses Tsunagari, I will make a thread about it here.


Necrobump because I made good on >>9129.

See >>>/ig/638

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