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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

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Shouldn't this be self-explanatory?
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would be easy to follow someone like that?

File: 1456635019856.png (121.34 KB, 272x499, sabitsuki.png)

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Doesn't seem to be a general thread for .flow on the new /fg/ yet, so here

(this is mainly an excuse for me to upload this really cute picture of sabi)
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lol_rust streaming Sugar Float development again:

File: 1317280140852.jpg (85.72 KB, 640x480, 8597327e3ad71d10325bae49428…)

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The solution to all your Japanese fangames troubles are in this very thread! Links provided.
Implying you read it carefully and do stuff consequtively. Otherwise, it's your problem.
Still post here if something doesn't work.

There we go:

1) Make sure you have Japanese language installed on your system - what the hell are you doing in /fg/ without that anyway?..
In case you're still here w/out it:
But you most probably have it already.

2) Install Applocale - it works both for XP and Win7.
There is also a patch and some register keys on the same page, install'em all. Well, when you read that page, it's all pretty obvious.
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Im just glad it works for you. I think its a great program im happy to share it

File: 1326860456094.jpg (414.99 KB, 1458x2592, no thats not my bike.jpg)


Ok since the thread last time had a picture and that made it weird, here is a new thread also bonus point here is the game list so far

>>178 Sickmind

>>915 The Looking Glass
>>810 Mewn
>>24 Yume Nisshi
>>852 Anarchy
>>31 N'oubliez Jamais
>>502 The Other Line
>>2068 Divinity Fatum Trilogy
>>1476 R.E.M
>>1991 Mochi Nikki
>>1786 Yumewo
>>2219 CHAIN (Lube's /fg/)
>>1628 nostAlgic and Parade
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How about yumme nikki games on VRChat Unity Engine? Does tthey exists?

File: 1335704652118.jpg (1.33 KB, 240x144, Formal.jpg)


Attention members!

Some new rules to the /fg/ Board are in effect immediately:

1. You will not use another Fangame Creator's materials without his written consent. This applies both to Uboachan Fangames and foreign Fangames.

2. Games are to go through considerable developmental progress before being posted. Members looking for help will post in the appropriate threads. Do remember we have an idea thread, too.

Threads who do not fall under these rules will be either Deleted or Locked, to the Moderation Team's discretion.

Note that while these rules are in effect immediately, they will not be applied retroactively.

Thank you for your time and enjoy your stay.


This is more of a request than a rule, but please don't bump months old threads asking about progress. The OP will post about progress if (or if you're lucky, when) any is made.

File: 1695981667095.jpg (9.78 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)


Is this game ever gonna get updated?
It's been 5 fucking years since it's last update
(0.00a doesn't count btw you dumbasses)
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Ha like it’s the size of yume 2kki or something?
Seriously tho if that’s the case this is gonna be probably vaporware or some shit like that


but the goddamn game still hasn't been updated yet


then be patient inpatient prick


if it counts then is there anything interesting to it?
i've played it but i can't seem to find anything interesting about (unless i've missed something)


yeah i agree nothing seems to be documented out of 0.00a like there's no walkthrough whatsoever
maybe that's why op thinks 0.00a doesn't count

File: 1477642581299.png (2.7 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


Does anyone know if there is the ending in such game like "Gnosis"?


What game?



Literally one (if not) the most underrated fangame ever. Shit is legit good quality but little people know about it.
The author dropped it though.


I like this game, so 4 years old later bump


7 Years later bump

File: 1693905864322.png (5.43 KB, 205x334, Capture.PNG)


remember that one time someone posted just a bunny pic with no context saying it's a new fangame

yeah that was me here something i actually made
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that's something


welp guess i'm gonna abandon this thread and come back with a new one that shows actual devleopment


You can just post it in this one, no need to make a new one.


oh ok then


File: 1695542045655.png (3.15 KB, 900x75, Bunny The Rabbit (improved….png)

here's the full spritesheet
(if only steals this please tell e your address so i can put a shotg- er i mean sue you for 1 million dollars)

File: 1620993608022.jpg (24.63 KB, 360x480, mado.jpg)


I'm making a Yume Nikki porn game where Madotsuki gets raped by many different dream creatures that appear in the original game, is there anything you'd like to see in it?
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Fair. I must just be concerned about whether or not OP plans on depicting her as a loli.
Just cuz the character is fictional doesn't mean I can't question the intent of the real person that wants to sexualize them.
Like anon said, people come up with interpretation. I happen to have seen her depicted as seemingly younger more often than not generally.




File: 1687529848515.png (105.15 KB, 1000x1189, 1687437679255477.png)

How you guys think this is even possible is beyond me, it's an idea guy who has never posted any signs of work.
I suppose this thread has became a popular tourist attraction.


They could at least necro the superior porn fangame idea guy thread instead



File: 1477493889554.png (46.9 KB, 640x480, wataru.png)


Hello there!! anybody knows if Wataru are still making maps for the Yume 2kki? these maps are the best from the game, and the last update featuring a map from him was more than one year :/
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Give me a Credit, it~s my first time using this board, so its very possible that i dont know anything about it, and about this thread as well. can you show me where i can find it?


The very first thread at the topmost of the board. >>11317


File: 1659905051255.png (Spoiler Image, 3.67 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


Wataru is my cousin. He said that Aediorugap is gay right now


File: 1574003395100.png (1.72 MB, 1600x900, 1487888845565.png)


After all these years I still can't forget about them.
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I don't know what to say other than God bless you Anons


>>15739 We could res it. It's been done on here before with other threads.


File: 1693777853083-0.png (103.41 KB, 440x310, C_eQU4yUMAAifHy.png)

We could revive /fg/ and the rest of the board. All it needs is to bring up any kind of activities instead of lurking from the shadows.


I still have my save file from years ago when I was in college for yume 2kki and I still play it when im really bored. I was manage to find new worlds. :)


>>15752 It's still getting updates even now.

File: 1363855063755.png (91.27 KB, 229x260, loser.png)

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Post your unpopular fangame opinions here.
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So, it IS an enjoyed game?
Well, I guess I should just quit Ubuu then for such a marginal error.



I don't even know why you considered it as if ubuu hated that game, because here no one even talks about it. I personally like it, and there will be different opinions, but seriously, I can't see why you came up to that conclusion.


I knew Gnosis because I have the guy as a friend on deviantart, and I gave y support, and told him that it's pretty well done.


File: 1675431693263.jpg (220.06 KB, 500x500, 99597703_p0_master1200.jpg)

Yume Nishhi is the most underrated fg.

Worlds are beautyfull and really diverse, egyptian mythology elements are really fun and are good counterparts to Nikki parakka's shit, the effects are really fucking cool, well thougth out, and again theres a lot of variety(quoting that anon who said doll effect was badass cuz he is fucking rigth)

Theres a lot of really cool references here and there that I really like like the rule of rose sack.

Events are also pretty original and fun in their own rigth, getting chased by whatever his name(Ophelus?) was room to room was cool af.

Idk I just feel people either ignore this fangame because is not as edgy as .flow or as big as 2kki or hate this fg cuz her creator did a really dick move in the past and cant get over it.

Seriously out of all the fangames ive played this is one the only ones that has the most dreamlike atmosphere alongside lcd dem.

Urotsuki is also best girl.


I like big pointless mazes in fangames

File: 1317095306536.jpg (253.76 KB, 800x563, tumblr_lqv5ylOFxe1qgomego2_…)

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【lcd dem】
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>unless he is fucking dead.
For what it's worth, over the last couple days, that one archivist over at Twitter has been implying Koronba was alive this entire time but might have actually passed away very recently.


Wait, wtf?


You can't just say that and not link the twitter in question


File: 1693532697439.jpg (10.8 KB, 597x117, based.jpg)

Nigthmargin going out of her way to say this in the LCDDEM online announcement has me rolling


Newfag posting aside this thread is actually pretty interesting even if it loses its way in a lot of parts.

File: 1693119222443.png (271.11 KB, 717x565, Screenshot (947).png)


Apparently people make YN fangames in Roblox now. Pic related.


Some are even kinda good. I'm glad kids are having fun and keeping the spirit alive


that's really interesting. I'll take a look at em later

File: 1687272931851.png (724 B, 48x64, akari pic.png)


From my Yume Nikki Fangame, Nightmarescape.


what else you got



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