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Happy Holidays!
Uboachan Dream World MUD is back up. The issue stems from DennisMUD not being able to update its SSL cert without being restarted manually. A fix will be investigated, see GitHub Issue #115.

File: 1454938833743.gif (1.6 KB, 135x175, Urotsuki.gif)

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Shouldn't this be self-explanatory?
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File: 1674762920350.png (12.88 KB, 420x138, Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 1….png)

I don't understand why this new wiki location is being pushed so hard.

File: 1456635019856.png (121.34 KB, 272x499, sabitsuki.png)

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Doesn't seem to be a general thread for .flow on the new /fg/ yet, so here

(this is mainly an excuse for me to upload this really cute picture of sabi)
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File: 1657938941150.png (329.24 KB, 500x551, ADVENTURE.png)

Small update: rummaging through my laptop I found it

File: 1317280140852.jpg (85.72 KB, 640x480, 8597327e3ad71d10325bae49428…)

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The solution to all your Japanese fangames troubles are in this very thread! Links provided.
Implying you read it carefully and do stuff consequtively. Otherwise, it's your problem.
Still post here if something doesn't work.

There we go:

1) Make sure you have Japanese language installed on your system - what the hell are you doing in /fg/ without that anyway?..
In case you're still here w/out it:
But you most probably have it already.

2) Install Applocale - it works both for XP and Win7.
There is also a patch and some register keys on the same page, install'em all. Well, when you read that page, it's all pretty obvious.
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Im just glad it works for you. I think its a great program im happy to share it

File: 1326860456094.jpg (414.99 KB, 1458x2592, no thats not my bike.jpg)


Ok since the thread last time had a picture and that made it weird, here is a new thread also bonus point here is the game list so far

>>178 Sickmind

>>915 The Looking Glass
>>810 Mewn
>>24 Yume Nisshi
>>852 Anarchy
>>31 N'oubliez Jamais
>>502 The Other Line
>>2068 Divinity Fatum Trilogy
>>1476 R.E.M
>>1991 Mochi Nikki
>>1786 Yumewo
>>2219 CHAIN (Lube's /fg/)
>>1628 nostAlgic and Parade
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How about yumme nikki games on VRChat Unity Engine? Does tthey exists?

File: 1335704652118.jpg (1.33 KB, 240x144, Formal.jpg)


Attention members!

Some new rules to the /fg/ Board are in effect immediately:

1. You will not use another Fangame Creator's materials without his written consent. This applies both to Uboachan Fangames and foreign Fangames.

2. Games are to go through considerable developmental progress before being posted. Members looking for help will post in the appropriate threads. Do remember we have an idea thread, too.

Threads who do not fall under these rules will be either Deleted or Locked, to the Moderation Team's discretion.

Note that while these rules are in effect immediately, they will not be applied retroactively.

Thank you for your time and enjoy your stay.


This is more of a request than a rule, but please don't bump months old threads asking about progress. The OP will post about progress if (or if you're lucky, when) any is made.

File: 1370142287414.png (300.71 KB, 640x480, Misererererererere.png)

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Fangames screenshot general, anyone?
I need eyegasm.
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>you get it


File: 1671299014281-0.png (120.06 KB, 1198x896, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1671299014282-1.png (116.54 KB, 1204x902, ClipboardImage.png)

I recently decided to play Foxglove, and damn it is pretty impressive


File: 1671307465758-0.png (168.2 KB, 1199x900, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1671307465758-1.png (119.17 KB, 1202x834, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1671307465758-2.png (118.71 KB, 1200x896, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1671307465758-3.png (118.71 KB, 1200x896, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1674413640626-0.jpg (196.81 KB, 1194x902, nf4WB0CtBbo.jpg)

File: 1674413640626-1.jpg (258.63 KB, 1280x960, N28bWCG5FeI.jpg)

anyone know source


File: 1674423369822.png (15.48 KB, 320x240, 4.png)

Yume Shikki (夢四記)

File: 1652118291188-0.jpg (216.5 KB, 722x1020, 1633288562729.jpg)


Since the original YNFG Archive has been long abandoned, I've decided to revive it by creating a new one. Not to "provide a decentralized backup", as the OG archive stated, but rather for the sake of history preservation.

Feel free to download at https://archive.yumeboo.ru/
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File: 1671170678631.png (145.39 KB, 824x796, unknown(46).png)

I'm planning to update them along with archive itself, so whenever the archive updates - the games will be updated too.

And because the main route of archive distribution is still a torrent network, I can bet that not much of a people has downloaded an entire thing, and even less - keeping an eye on updates. So the updates of the games available for playing in browser will be not as frequent as you might like them to be.


File: 1671171318505.png (17.87 KB, 307x347, EVnGEHWX0AAC386.png)

And speaking of Yume 2kki - yes, the latest one that in the archive. Without patches tho. All the games in the list (with a few exceptions) are on their latest versions.



Right. I was just curious, considering there are games like 2kki that get regular updates, and sometimes people prefer to stick to a particular version because it has X or Y, instead of the latest one.
Thanks for the explanation! And thanks for all the work of hosting and updating the archive!


This is amazing, thank you!


File: 1674340429910-0.jpg (171.68 KB, 920x1491, FmdQwYxaMAUA_I6.jpg)

You're welcome.

By the way, if you find any games that gives out errors or just doesn't work - let me know.

File: 1317254508433.jpg (21.35 KB, 320x505, 1301771573442.jpg)


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File: 1412327504161.jpg (324.58 KB, 647x906, 1410921956955.jpg)

RIP Answered Prayers.
I kinda wished you were finished.


File: 1412333963309.jpg (37.65 KB, 202x234, topcarlos.jpg)

>I kinda wished you were finished.
I guess your prayers won't be answered after all!


File: 1412335512993.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.39 KB, 313x382, 1406285665715.jpg)

Good one!


Don't think it's on pixiv anymore. I've looked.


back on biz, boys!

File: 1620993608022.jpg (24.63 KB, 360x480, mado.jpg)


I'm making a Yume Nikki porn game where Madotsuki gets raped by many different dream creatures that appear in the original game, is there anything you'd like to see in it?
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Monoko. She has several arms, use your brain.
I yearn for yuri.




File: 1667858686369.gif (1.01 MB, 480x358, getsomehelpplease.gif)


File: 1670991568737.png (549.51 KB, 1200x675, hero-image.png)


i wonder where this project is right now. probably a forgotten shower thought…

File: 1526159312732.gif (130.4 KB, 500x345, 6f9.gif)


A Yume Nikki H-game. Progress updates will be here. It will have the basic structure of an average Yume Nikki fangame, but you find girls from YN and other fangames with graphic yuri sex scenes as a reward.

Leave any and all suggestions you might have here, but keep in mind:

* This will be yuri only.

* Spoiler NSFW images (I know it's redundant but you gotta follow site rules)
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I like this idea
Hope something comes out of it


File: 1582819647433.jpg (125.79 KB, 820x801, letmetellyou.jpg)

Come on…OP is an "idea guy", no sprites were posted, no concept art was posted, no clues of active developement was posted, this was all just for attention.

This also shows that we were never really strict when it comes to fangame reception here, as a general rule of thumb, creators should have at least a screenshot before starting a thread.

This thread is an example of everything wrong with beginner creators in the YNFG community, even when they start it, there's no guarantee they will complete it, making a good game takes a lot of time and willpower.


File: 1582823887024.jpg (70.07 KB, 1348x231, _[w4.jpg)

>This also shows that we were never really strict when it comes to fangame reception here, as a general rule of thumb, creators should have at least a screenshot before starting a thread.
Yeah, even when it's actually on the rules of the board.
It's ironic they claimed we were assholes about fangames and authors when we were actually lax as fuck.


Maybe I’m mixing this with something else, but OP said in another thread back then they were sorry but gave up and weren’t going to make the game.


want this to be a thing so bad

File: 1324905378043.jpg (94.91 KB, 650x195, yumenikki_mor.jpg)

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Hello there.
It's the sequal of Yume Nikki Gensou, atelierizumi's last work.

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Most times it seems Japs would rather a game be lost forever than infringe on copyright. Best to ignore them and archive/share stuff as you please.




yeah, but also, "finders, keepers"


Only Time knows…

File: 1672028966245.png (41.14 KB, 1366x768, bar.png)



File: 1671973706184.jpg (731.39 KB, 2048x3088, 6594_35671217870eda4d.jpg)


It is actually pretty fun to explore. One of the few fangames that can be enjoyed on their own.


Oh hi Noil!

File: 1457845859446.png (603.38 KB, 642x438, tropes.png)


>tfw Answered Prayers will probably never be finished

According to the developer he probably won't continue it as a Yume Nikki fangame but maybe as something else. So AP might not be finished, but we'll get something like it.
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File: 1603363393047.png (45.35 KB, 481x608, Capturar.PNG)

necroing this four years dead thread but damn holy shit


Live today!


File: 1604018249183.jpg (15.72 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


File: 1656381741589.png (144.36 KB, 719x662, ClipboardImage.png)

>>tfw Answered Prayers will probably never be finished
Think again!
New AP inbound…


When I found this out I was filled with such joy. The "mood" of this FG was one of three that made me feel like an actual dream. The other being "-1" and "Miserare".

File: 1667500611845.png (7.84 KB, 144x192, Dorian No Effect.png)


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What's a good number of worlds for a first YN fangame? 23? 10? 30? I plan to have a min of 4 effects.


I've started with 12 initial worlds myself, but I've seen YNFGs having as few as 2 to 4 branched from their Nexuses. I suppose it depends on the different worlds you have planned. Maybe start with 4-10 if you want these Effects to be well-hidden and have many different worlds in mind.


Thank you! I'll make flowchart tommorow.


File: 1667650962646.png (23.67 KB, 802x551, flowo chart.png)

Here's the flowchart. (at least the first pass of it)
Is it interconnected enough?


The yellow means nothing btw I just used some random flowchart creator and it did that and I didn't care enough to fix it.

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