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Doesn't seem to be a general thread for .flow on the new /fg/ yet, so here

(this is mainly an excuse for me to upload this really cute picture of sabi)
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>Sabi has black eyes
Cat effect suggests otherwise.



Only when transforming her into a cat. I don't think that counts. Besides, it's not the shade of red that Smile, Sister and Rust have; the cat's eyes are much brighter and more saturated.


>Then in the ending credits, she's Sabi finally. Since I assume considering the headphones, she's Sabitsuki.

Actually it's Rust wearing headphones. The sprite during the credits is a sprite of Rust with the headphone effect found in イベント16.png created specifically for that cutscene.


Considering nothing that came after contradicted it, I assume it's canon.


I think you are overthinking the code. We don't see Sabi falling asleep after killing the demon. The ending treats Sabi's loss of legs with a finality that wouldn't be there had it been just a dream.


I think the demons and the disease are the same thing. Because the visual and audio effects that appear when the demons touch Sabi are the same as when she tries to enter something she can only enter as Rust (which I assume represents a mental blockade) and because she destroys the source of the demons inside a dream which you can't do to a disease, I assume that the demons are purely mental phenomena.

I have a really out there guess that, in the lab where she was cloned, they modified her memories. "Rust" is her violent true personality while "Sabitsuki" is a false identity. Demon Sabi is the mental stuff implanted by the scientists and the source of the demons. During the game, abusing the fact that her computer is magic inside her dream, Sabi firsts regains her true identity Rust with the effects, then regains three important memories that the scientists blocked off and then destroys everything the scientists implanted.

The illness is what prompted the Cleaner to bring Sabi to the lab in the first place.



Considering the april fools cutscene, she was a fellow patient in the same hospital as Sabi. After Sabi approaches the black-haired woman (Sabi's mother who essentially combusted, very likely from the disease which is why I think her appearance represents Sabi becoming the hospitals patient zero of the disease), all doors are closed. When Sabi leaves with the cleaner, the hospital is littered with corpses. Presumably almost all patients died.

I think Oreko and Sabi were the only survivors with the disease either becoming chronic but nonlethal or even disappearing for them. The Cleaner brought them to the lab where they were experimented on to create a cure. Since clones were involved, I assume they have some sort of genetic resistance to the disease. Oreko died in the lab while Sabi was able to escape until the Cleaner tracked her down and maimed her to prevent a second escape.


Is there a way to get past that bathtub in the new area, or it's intended to be unreachable like the toriningen party?


She also has a bright red eye when using the monoeye effect


All Kaibutsu have red eyes too

We need a .flow 2 to rescue Rust from the scientists!



No. Even if you glitch your way there it's absolutely empty.



Same guy who wrote 14221. I wanted to write that I think that the demons and the disease are NOT the same thing.


Yeah, I think it's not that clear.

-Oreko doesn't have red eyes or any sign of illness. There's not even vine covered Oreko.
-Smile+sister have red eyes but no appearances with signs of sickness. Seems like he cooperates with Cleaners and Kaibutsu
-Kaibutsu explode into demons
-Sane Kaibutsu don't attack Sabi
-Demons attack Rust (who's ill)
-Rust and Horned Rust(core) are enemies.

By the way, the Nurse appears covered in vines so she may or may not be infected (by the plant cure?). Meanwhile Doctor is unharmed.

Also, some effects are kind of foreshadowing the future? Daruma doll and Machine come to mind regarding the True Ending.



>Oreko doesn't have red eyes or any sign of illness. There's not even vine covered Oreko.

During the april fools cutscene, we can't open her door at the point here everybody is infected with the illness which makes me think she was infected too. Maybe Oreko is even more immune than Sabi and completely free of symptoms.

>Smile+sister have red eyes but no appearances with signs of sickness. Seems like he cooperates with Cleaners and Kaibutsu

True. Neither Smile nor Sister seem to ever be associated with illness, the hospital or the lab. Maybe the red eyes don't have anything to do with the disease after all.

>Kaibutsu explode into demons

I think the Kaibutsu are only mental phenomena too, namely Sabi's guilt. They are monstrous versions of herself. We see a Kaibutsu beat a corpse in the Town, the same place where we see that Sabi killed somebody in the event with the hooded chasers. The Kaibutsu that killed Smile might also represent her doing that deed.

Sabi definitely has feelings of guilt. In the prison, she can chop her own head off after which she will teleport to hell. She definitely doesn't believe she deserves to go to the fluffy cloud place. If she kills the guitar players in the underwater town, the townfolks will lynch her and send her to hell. This places a direct connection between her committing murder. She sees herself, or part of herself, as an evil monster represented by the Kaibustu.

As for the Kaibutsu turning into demons… I don't know. Maybe the modified memories work better when unhappy feelings are already in play? Maybe her memory of killing people and/or her guilt of doing that were also implanted and the Kaibutsu were always demons in "disguise"? Maybe the demons can just convert Kaibutsu like they can convert Rust.

>Demons attack Rust (who's ill)

Demons attack Sabi too. They just don't archieve productive anything doing it.

>Also, some effects are kind of foreshadowing the future? Daruma doll and Machine come to mind regarding the True Ending.

Certainly. Sabi must know her fate if she is caught. Maybe that's what happened to Oreko; possibly what killed her?


It seems the garden girl you find in the Plant Maze, who gives you the flower menu, is called Hanako (花子, lit. 'flower child').

When you kill her, a switch named '花子姉殺害' turns on. It roughly translates to 'Big Sister Hanako's Murder'. So she would be an older-sister figure to Sabitsuki.

Furthermore, there's an actual map named 'Hanako'; it's the map that takes you between the present and past Plant Mazes (present being the area you get the ghost effect, past being the area filled with hospital children). The only NPC on this map is the nurse, covered in vines. I wonder if this indicates the gardener and the nurse are the same person? The nurse, like the gardener, disappears in all instances when you're playing as Rust. That's another point in favor of them being the same person. They also have the same hair color. However, no instance of the nurse disappears/dies if you kill the gardener.

Finally, the nurse in the hospital is titled as the head nurse in the event coding. So she isn't just a nurse, but the nurse, if that makes sense.

These are just some findings I thought I'd share with you all. Make of them what you will.


By the way, what do people think of the girl in the yellow dress, with these recent updates?

My guess is she's Sabitsuki's foster mother and legal guardian who took her in after Sabitsuki was released from the hospital. She could also be her biological mother–that is, the same character as the woman in the blue dress, whom I take to be Sabitsuki's blood mother–but I prefer to think of them as separate characters, since my impression of the blue-dressed woman is that she died giving birth to Sabitsuki, from the very traumatic way the event is presented.

The positioning of the rooms in the deteriorated apartment suggest that the yellow-dressed girl raised Sabitsuki at first, but then one day disappeared. My guess is that this happened when Sabitsuki found out her foster mother was a sex worker (which the Hole in Girl area represents), and Sabitsuki killed her as a result, hence why she's holding an iron pipe in the third room. This would then be the apparent murder that Sabitsuki feels much guilt about (as suggested by Hell and the prison, the seabed village, the downtown event, etc). Another possibility is simply that the yellow-dressed girl died of other causes (such as drug abuse or an STD), and Sabitsuki holding the pipe represents something different, such as her official descent into darkness/loneliness/general decay/etc.

Also, it seems to me that the yellow-dressed woman was a drug user, given her smoking outside the apartment, and the many bottles surrounding Sabitsuki in the third room.

That's my impression of her, anyway. What do other people think? Do they think similar, or something different? I'd be interested in knowing others' thoughts on this mysterious character.


True, we don't see Sabi falling asleep, but she is getting out of bed despite being two layers deep in flow (three if the beginning event is this). And "Dream" is the switch that triggers this ending. But now that you mentioned "finality", I think that maybe the ending is not a dream, but what we saw during the game can be a dream.

I think that lol wouldn't name stuff randomly. He could've left generic names for maps and events, but, for example, Smile in the Disposal area is called "smile", and so are his pictures. There's a lot of interesting stuff in the names.


File: 1559997743686.png (23.39 KB, 290x230, Снимок.PNG)

I forgot to mention something that I noticed recently. I think someone here pointed at the things and I noticed something about them.

So, there's a tendency to see Sabitsuki and Rust as two different beings, or two parts of the same, whatever. They're seen as two. But, what if, there's three? The so-called "Demon Sabitsuki", which is the "Innermost Demon" in-game. Even in this recent discussion, you can blame it on me not being a native speaker of English, but it looks like people treat her as an aspect of Sabitsuki/Rust.

But, there's this thing in the Womb Maze's Demon area. Three heads grow from the same root, white hair. One of them has horns and bleeds - Inner Demon.


Yeah I think yellow dress girl is Sabituski's tutor after blue dress dark hair mother died giving birth (exploding girls event, broken flower vase in first blue room). However, I don't think Sabi killed her, there's isn't anything indicative enough. What I think is that she was a suicidal, drug using sex worker (however very kind to Sabi, as we see the Sweet Sugar Days event after eating a lot of healing cake) who found her or was assigned to take care of Sabi when she was young. After a while, Sabi/Rust showed symptoms of rust (broken teacup in the second blue room) and was taken to the lab/hospital, and didn't see her again.

Yeah I'm sure the 3headed tree kind of means there are three "personalities" in the same body. Sabituski is probably fake/reppressed, Rust is the main stable one (and capable of going Kaibutsu on will), Demon Sabi is the evil uncontrolled one.


So I think the timeline is:
-Black hair girl dies while giving birth (exploding girls event/DEMON)
-Little Rust is taken by yellow dress girl
-Little Rust shows illness, YDgirl worries and takes her to the Hospital
-Illness spreads, Rust is hospitalized
-Meets Oreko (PURITY)
-Experimental plant treatment limits illness
-Goes to school for a while, meets Smile (SMILE)

-Rust goes Kaibutsu (controlled by Demon Sabi), probably kills both Smile and Oreko
-Reppresses memories, creates a Sabitsuki persona, flees to an apartment

-Game starts
-Sabitsuki collects effects, remembers and undoes mental block, becomes Rust again
-Rust remembers what happened (her birth, Oreko and Smile's deaths)
-Goes and kills Demon Sabi

-Tries to Kaibutsu (now controlled) a Cleaner (???) gets sawed
-(???) gets better?


A few afterthoughts:

-I don't think Rust killed Oreko. She was at the Hospital by the time Rust came so I think she died on her own. The explicit murder is Rust killing Smile, which by the way can only be truly seen while controlling Rust (who doesn't have a mental block)
There's no mental block, Rust only event for Oreko.

If all this makes sense, we might get a future happy ending of Rust going back with the Yellow Dress Girl


last point: Some things remain unexplained:
-Cleaners (robots?)
-Rust's computer and how did she find it



Considering all this, here's my prediction:

After some more updates, lol_rust will revamp the endings:

-1: Same as now, Sabitsuki can't deal with all this and "flees" (again) by committing suicide. It's also a complete reference to Yume Nikki ending.

-2: Our 3rd ending as of now. Actually our 2nd and 3rd endings are the same one, just cut, so it could replace the actual 3rd (which wasn't put into since YDgirl wasn't made yet).
Sabitsuki stops reppressing and becomes Rust again. The weakening of her mental barrier allows Demon Sabi to control her again, resulting in going berserk (and Cleaner saws her).

-3: New ending. Probably happy one with YDgirl involved. May/may not have some plot twist.




I think you miss that there isn't more than one ending. The two false endings are just YouTube Poops of the true one. They cut clips out to make it appear that different events occur than they actually do; in all endings, the same series of events occurs (although Sabi's reaction to the Cleaner might be different in the two with demon sabi still existant, which doesn't truely change anything.

A new ending might be fun, but sadly I don't see a happy ending ever being implemented.


The maid that sends you to the sugar girls world has a hole instead of a face. I think that is the Cleaner whose face was severely disfigured in a fight, causing her to cover it with a gas mask.

Rusts computer belongs to the owner of the appartment I assume; either someone from which she stole the key or the girl in a dress who might have lent it ro her.

The computer doesn't have anything special going on. During the true ending, it's revealed that everything before was a dream. After waking up, the computer can't initiate flow. Flow was always just Rust going one layer deeper in her dream.


Oreka can be seen in the lab; before the Purity empty box but only if you're Sabi. Therefore she survived the hospital but died in the lab.

How would staying with the girl in a dress make for a long-term good ending? Her and what army is going to defend Rust from the Cleaner and her thugs?


I think Rust and Sabi are the same thing and person, but Sabi has artificially repressed and perhaps modified memories, perhaps to keep her more controllable. The Inner Demon, I think, is an entity inside Rust, namely the change that was artificially introduced into Rust's mind.


It's less that you are overinterpreting the variable name "dream" but that you are overinterpreting its booleanic value "true" or "false". Maybe lolrust just found it more conveniant to have a boolean stay false until it is needed.


Why assume that the Inner Demon is or makes Rust evil or aggressive? I agree that the Inner Demon is parasitic, but maybe it was implanted to make her less violent and thus easier to control, which is why Rust is so bloodthirsty after the Inner Demon is killed.


>It's less that you are overinterpreting the variable name "dream"
The name is important. And it's not a variable. Variables have numbers.

>but that you are overinterpreting its booleanic value "true" or "false".

Okay, this. What do you mean by this?

I actually had to look up "overinterpret" to check if I have it right. You mean I attach too much importance to it being there? Well, this switch DETERMINES the ending, if it wasn't there, the player would get the ending with the maid taking Sabi. I attach importance to the name "Dream", there must be a reason the switch is named so.

>Maybe lolrust just found it more conveniant to have a boolean stay false until it is needed.

This. I looked it up too, just in case. "Boolean" refers to data types that are either true or false. So OF COURSE stuff will be false unless it's needed, what's convenient about it

Are you sure you know what you're talking about, or are you just trying to dismiss me? If it's the latter, just say so, because so far it's hard for me to make sense of what you're saying.



I agree that the name "dream" is important, but I disagre that the ending is a dream and everything else is real. Previously you have said the ending is a dream because the dream variable becomes "true" during it. I think that this change is when Rust stops dreaming.

What I ment when I said you overanalyzed "dream", I ment that you came to the conclusion "when this switch is false Sabi is awake, when this switch is true Sabi is dreaming" when I think it's the other way around.


Okay, now I understand. And in the post you quoted I said that it can also be the other way around: what happened in the game is dream, the ending is her waking up from dream. Maybe I didn't word it properly.


I noticed something missing from the wiki: the Erosion Counter can also be decreased by 10 points, by interacting with Oreko while wearing the Diving Helmet.


Thank you, fixed it! Also added info on which Kaibutsu raise the counter, go check it out


I think that the next update, aside from implementing the new hell map, will add more content involving the scarecrow farmer and/or the plant girl.

The reason for that is that all menu type-giving NPCs except them have been featured in recent updates:

>Oreko in the Dead Hole

>Smile in the bathtub world
>The Cleaner in the bathtub world
>Baby Rust in the four doors to the past (as the wriggling white thing inside the puddle in the first door)

Plus,the Farmer is featured during .flowbeat (in fact as the second character to appear as far as I remember, directly after Sabi's mother), which means he is somehow important.

I also think the final update will change the .flowbeat cutscene to include characters that have been added after its implementation, such as the blavk-haired girl in a dress and the sugar girls girl.


Speaking of the gardener,
no-one thinks anything of this?



Hm… The gardener appears between Sabi's mother and the hospital people during flowbeat. It makes sense for the gardener to be Sabi's sister or sister figure if we assume flowbeat represents the timeline in order. In that case, she cared for Sabi before she went to the hospital.

Talking about flowbeat, it's strange how Oreko appears between the demon fetuses and the Cleaner. How can that be considering she's dead? Maybe that's not actually Oreko but her clone who Rust met again after the Cleaner brought her back into the lab?


Reminder that Japanese children can call older non-relatives "big brother" or "big sister" if they are not too far apart in age from the speaker.

I'd say Hanako is a sister figure, someone Sabi new since childhood (plant covered little Sabi). Maybe she literally was a gardener, and the plant themes in flow come not from some treatment, but from her. But plants are strongly connected with the Hospital, so…

Yeah, either she's the Nurse, or she visited the Hospital often.

Or maybe plants are a metaphor for something that children and the Nurse share…


I think the Gardener is someone who introduced the plant treatment into the Hospital and as such was seen as a nurse by Sabi but also as a big sister since she was trying to help, and Sabi knew since she was little (vined little sabi)


On the plants: personally, I think they're a metaphor for organ transplantation. This is supported by the fact the Japanese word for transplant is 移植, literally 'move plant'.


I think it's more of a treatment, causing also psychedelic effects (flower event, flying event, rainbow areas)


Eh, I disagree. I think the plants are represent both the disease itself and the plants the gardener had, both of which Sabi associated with each other in her mind.


File: 1560815339813.jpg (1.37 MB, 1240x1753, Anatomy_A_Strange_Guide_fo….jpg)

Reminder that meanings, metaphors and scouring over files for scaps of correlating data is ultimately only a means to form a better individual bond with the game, not something to argue over.

There are a lot of posts speculating and creating a story for the game.
How about viewing the game relative to you, instead of a mock-narrative concerning the creator or the characters? It might be less fun than piecing together story tropes, but the process may teach, clarify and confront you with valuable ideas.


File: 1561401031407.png (Spoiler Image, 58.45 KB, 1120x992, Entrance_Orange.png)

^ That's quite a discussion killer, but you have a point.

I have a question: has anyone here gotten this version of the Entrance? It is excluded from the normal background rotation, and I can't find any screenshot of it.

If you saw it in your game, do you have any ideas what triggers it?


I'm pretty sure that particular one is unused, but I'm not 100% confident. Will need to check the game code.


Yeah, I've checked some. When the player flows, the special background variable is set to a random number. When they leave Sabitsuki's room, the Entrance background is set corresponding to the random number. The orange background is excluded from thus rotation.

Arms also seem to affect the background, but it also doesn't use the orange one.


File: 1561554582722.png (5.73 KB, 143x105, hmmmmm.png)

A possible connection between the black-haired woman and the demons? Maybe they even represent the same concept.


Infected cells? disease coming from the mother?


File: 1571462549587.jpg (251.09 KB, 1729x1082, Wallpaper_Sabitsuki_01.jpg)

I've always loved this picture of Sabi. It's so serene.


Mega keeps throwing errors at me when I've tried to download this over the past couple of days. Can anyone upload a copy of the translation somewhere?


I'm getting the same errors across all devices. Mega seems to become less reliable by the day.


Other files on Mega can be downloaded just fine, this one still gives me an error. You can try version 0.193 for now, I guess? That one still works. I don't have the 0.194 translation, so can't reupload it.


0.194 English Mega link seems to be working now.


Yellow-dress girl is the Cleaner. She dressed as a maid in the love hotel and protected sabi/rust this whole time. That's why she carries her princess-style after her amputation and bows to her in the ending after her recovery.

Alternatively, the Cleaner could be a representation of YDgirl inside sabi/rust's mind. They share some themes such as the love hotel, the maid outfit, cake and tea. Also they seem to care for Sabitsuki at certain points. The YDgirl is the "real person" or "real memory' breaking through her dreams



The mods want us to forget this is here, but I never forget.


File: 1583098335036.jpg (669.54 KB, 2395x1285, le_new_update_arrives_two_….jpg)

Black-haired faceless woman is Sabi's mother and died during her birth. We know this from the cutscene when you collect all effects where Sabi climbs out of her remains.

In the april fools cutscene, all the hospital patients are doing ok until Sabi meets an apparition of her. She was patient zero of the disease who infected Sabi in-utero who in turn infected the other children in the hospital who then all died with the exception of Sabi and Oreko.

Sabi and Oreko were taken from the hospital by the chainsaw maid (as also seen in the april fools cutscene) and brought to a lab where they were used as lab rats to create a cure. Clones were created of both.


Oreko died due to the experiments, which is why we see her ghost and corpse in the deadhole.

Chainsaw maid is the leader of a gang that either owns the lab or is associated with it. Smile is one of her grunts. Always figured that out, but the new update confirmed it.

The faceless maid that sucks Sabi into the sugar area is the chainsaw maid. Her face is disfigured from a fight which is why she wears a gasmask.

Black-haired not-faceless girl was trafficked by the gang. She was friends with Sabi and committed suicide. The brothel (that the gang also owns) also hides multiple corpses so a lot more women presumably shared her fate.

Sabi helped out with the gang. From the crimezone area, we know both Sabi and the chainsaw maid committed a murder.

Sabi knows Smile both from the school and from the gang. The corrupte school event gives us two contradictory stories: Either Sabi murdered Smile or Smile murdered Sabi. Sabi isn't dead, so it must have been the former. Can't figure out why they got into a fight. His sister isn't there, so maybe Sabi caused her death?

Sabi got sick of the chainsaw maid and her gang and ran away from the lab one day.

Sabi seems to know what will happen if the chainsaw maid catches how, considering the legless effect. She probably threatened her.

Sabi's computer is completely mundane. It only works in Sabi's dream and after she wakes up in the true ending, it doesn't work at all. The blood and the life-support systems on the computer are then gone, too.

The Kaibutsu are mental images caused by guilt, representing Sabi at her worst. We see a Kaibutsu hitting an already dead corpse in the same place where the chase cutscene implies Sabi committed a murder. Sabi transforms into a Kaibutsu before murdering Smile.

The Kaibutsu share Smile's trait of laughing when Sabi attacks them and they're grouped with him in flowbeat. Maybe they're also inspired by him?

The demons have mouths on their face and belly; the two places where Sabi's mom recieves wounds in the event. They represent Sabi's traumas; taking the form of Sabi's first trauma which is her own birth. (They are called fetuses in the code!) The three empty boxes are her three traumas which are her birth, the events in the lab and her murder of Smile. By killing her demonic self, Sabi kills her trauma. The demons are not directly affiliated with the disease.


The four memory rooms are, like flowbeat, a chronological retelling of Sabi's life (maybe even a more concrete retelling of flowbeat). The vase in the first room represents Sabi's mom and the wriggling thing in the puddle represents herself. Flowbeats pendant is the part with the living and dead instances of Sabi's mom. The second room obviously represents her time in the hospital. Flowbeats pendant is the part with the ill kids, the doctor and nurse, and the dead kids. The third room represents the time Sabi spent with the black-haired girl (and by extension in the lab and with Smile). The robot girl represents the black-haired girl since she has black hair and dies like her. The fourth room represents Sabi hiding in her apartment, dreaming of using her magic computer. It's an obvious retelling of the nightmare event (which itself was a forshadowing of the fact that Sabi was dreaming all along). The Kaibutsu represents the chainsaw maid searching for her. Flowbeats pendant is the part with the 24 effects and 100000000 demons.

The chainsaw maid returns Sabi to the lab where she is reunited with Oreko's clone.

Rust is the real Sabi. All instances of baby Sabi are called Rust in the code. Baby Sabi in the all-effects-cutscene resembles Rust more than Sabitsuki. We never see Sabitsuki's sprites outside Sabi's dream (there are multiple Rust sprites like Rust wearing headphones just to make sure of that); the "-tsuki" suffix is probably a nickname or entirely fictitious. Maybe she's the facade created by Sabi's mind to repress her trauma instead of overcoming it.

Sabi's self-destructively aggressive behavior isn't caused by the disease. It's similar to Smile's and he's never associated with the lab or the disease in any way. She's probably been symptom-free for years since her apartment is free of blood (and the bloodstains near the computer only exist in her dream) and one of the disease's symptoms is coughing blood.


Small update from the v.0192+ translator anon:

I'm reorganizing my Mega for convenience's sake. You can now get all my English versions of .flow at once from this link:


And if lol releases any future updates, I'll put any translations of mine in that same folder. Patches and revisions and so on will go in there, too.

That's all for now.

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