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File: 1456635019856.png (121.34 KB, 272x499, sabitsuki.png)

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Doesn't seem to be a general thread for .flow on the new /fg/ yet, so here

(this is mainly an excuse for me to upload this really cute picture of sabi)
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Mega keeps throwing errors at me when I've tried to download this over the past couple of days. Can anyone upload a copy of the translation somewhere?


I'm getting the same errors across all devices. Mega seems to become less reliable by the day.


Other files on Mega can be downloaded just fine, this one still gives me an error. You can try version 0.193 for now, I guess? That one still works. I don't have the 0.194 translation, so can't reupload it.


0.194 English Mega link seems to be working now.


Yellow-dress girl is the Cleaner. She dressed as a maid in the love hotel and protected sabi/rust this whole time. That's why she carries her princess-style after her amputation and bows to her in the ending after her recovery.

Alternatively, the Cleaner could be a representation of YDgirl inside sabi/rust's mind. They share some themes such as the love hotel, the maid outfit, cake and tea. Also they seem to care for Sabitsuki at certain points. The YDgirl is the "real person" or "real memory' breaking through her dreams



The mods want us to forget this is here, but I never forget.


File: 1583098335036.jpg (669.54 KB, 2395x1285, le_new_update_arrives_two_….jpg)

Black-haired faceless woman is Sabi's mother and died during her birth. We know this from the cutscene when you collect all effects where Sabi climbs out of her remains.

In the april fools cutscene, all the hospital patients are doing ok until Sabi meets an apparition of her. She was patient zero of the disease who infected Sabi in-utero who in turn infected the other children in the hospital who then all died with the exception of Sabi and Oreko.

Sabi and Oreko were taken from the hospital by the chainsaw maid (as also seen in the april fools cutscene) and brought to a lab where they were used as lab rats to create a cure. Clones were created of both.


Oreko died due to the experiments, which is why we see her ghost and corpse in the deadhole.

Chainsaw maid is the leader of a gang that either owns the lab or is associated with it. Smile is one of her grunts. Always figured that out, but the new update confirmed it.

The faceless maid that sucks Sabi into the sugar area is the chainsaw maid. Her face is disfigured from a fight which is why she wears a gasmask.

Black-haired not-faceless girl was trafficked by the gang. She was friends with Sabi and committed suicide. The brothel (that the gang also owns) also hides multiple corpses so a lot more women presumably shared her fate.

Sabi helped out with the gang. From the crimezone area, we know both Sabi and the chainsaw maid committed a murder.

Sabi knows Smile both from the school and from the gang. The corrupte school event gives us two contradictory stories: Either Sabi murdered Smile or Smile murdered Sabi. Sabi isn't dead, so it must have been the former. Can't figure out why they got into a fight. His sister isn't there, so maybe Sabi caused her death?

Sabi got sick of the chainsaw maid and her gang and ran away from the lab one day.

Sabi seems to know what will happen if the chainsaw maid catches how, considering the legless effect. She probably threatened her.

Sabi's computer is completely mundane. It only works in Sabi's dream and after she wakes up in the true ending, it doesn't work at all. The blood and the life-support systems on the computer are then gone, too.

The Kaibutsu are mental images caused by guilt, representing Sabi at her worst. We see a Kaibutsu hitting an already dead corpse in the same place where the chase cutscene implies Sabi committed a murder. Sabi transforms into a Kaibutsu before murdering Smile.

The Kaibutsu share Smile's trait of laughing when Sabi attacks them and they're grouped with him in flowbeat. Maybe they're also inspired by him?

The demons have mouths on their face and belly; the two places where Sabi's mom recieves wounds in the event. They represent Sabi's traumas; taking the form of Sabi's first trauma which is her own birth. (They are called fetuses in the code!) The three empty boxes are her three traumas which are her birth, the events in the lab and her murder of Smile. By killing her demonic self, Sabi kills her trauma. The demons are not directly affiliated with the disease.


The four memory rooms are, like flowbeat, a chronological retelling of Sabi's life (maybe even a more concrete retelling of flowbeat). The vase in the first room represents Sabi's mom and the wriggling thing in the puddle represents herself. Flowbeats pendant is the part with the living and dead instances of Sabi's mom. The second room obviously represents her time in the hospital. Flowbeats pendant is the part with the ill kids, the doctor and nurse, and the dead kids. The third room represents the time Sabi spent with the black-haired girl (and by extension in the lab and with Smile). The robot girl represents the black-haired girl since she has black hair and dies like her. The fourth room represents Sabi hiding in her apartment, dreaming of using her magic computer. It's an obvious retelling of the nightmare event (which itself was a forshadowing of the fact that Sabi was dreaming all along). The Kaibutsu represents the chainsaw maid searching for her. Flowbeats pendant is the part with the 24 effects and 100000000 demons.

The chainsaw maid returns Sabi to the lab where she is reunited with Oreko's clone.

Rust is the real Sabi. All instances of baby Sabi are called Rust in the code. Baby Sabi in the all-effects-cutscene resembles Rust more than Sabitsuki. We never see Sabitsuki's sprites outside Sabi's dream (there are multiple Rust sprites like Rust wearing headphones just to make sure of that); the "-tsuki" suffix is probably a nickname or entirely fictitious. Maybe she's the facade created by Sabi's mind to repress her trauma instead of overcoming it.

Sabi's self-destructively aggressive behavior isn't caused by the disease. It's similar to Smile's and he's never associated with the lab or the disease in any way. She's probably been symptom-free for years since her apartment is free of blood (and the bloodstains near the computer only exist in her dream) and one of the disease's symptoms is coughing blood.


Small update from the v.0192+ translator anon:

I'm reorganizing my Mega for convenience's sake. You can now get all my English versions of .flow at once from this link:


And if lol releases any future updates, I'll put any translations of mine in that same folder. Patches and revisions and so on will go in there, too.

That's all for now.


.flow predicted covid-19


File: 1588558962849.png (228.45 KB, 881x511, $RO36V1G.png)

An strange thing happens when you use the televesion effect in the bathtub room where you get the hoodie effect.


It's been known since the update


-Oxidation occurs when the electrons of certain things react with the oxygen in the air and/or water (both are required). When the object reacts to oxygen, it gains oxygen electrons and loses some of its own, sometimes losing hydrogen (if this is the case it is known as s redox reaction, where 2 types of reaction happen at the same time). In .flow:
-The oxidation process can be interpreted as corruption (oxidation itself is classified as a type of corrosion in real life) or a corrupting force. An evil which reacts with the purity of Sabitsuki's world and corrupts it until it withers away.
-Mostly present in the game, blood contains iron; and it's also possible to become oxidized, turning to a deep brown color similar to iron metal rust.
-Following the disease theory, Sabitsuki might suffer from a disease that oxidizes the iron in her blood, or that the oxygen in the atmosphere harms her in a way.
-If that's the case, then the maid's mask might be for Sabitsuki's protection and not the other way around
-Alternatively, she might suffer from a disease that prevents or diminishes the oxidation of her blood. Also alternatively, Rust might have stopped her blood oxidation by reducing the amount of iron in her blood (acquired or self induced anemia), thus preventing her cells from carrying oxygen. This might explain her pale and weakened appeareance
-Air and water or damp air in general are required for rust to form. In the game, some examples of water are: the watering can effect, the snow world's snow, the town harbour, the sea, the sewers, the wastewater lake and the submarine world, with oreko providing another hint at water related imagery (helmet)
-Sabitsuki's name means "covered in rust", and Rust is self explanatory. Considering they are both the same girl and given the vague tone of the game, her names might actually refer to states (of being or mind, i don't know), with "Sabitsuki" alluding to her being in the early stages of rust, and Rust implying she has deteriorated to the point of becoming rust completely.
-When a substance rusts, it becomes weaker over time until its integrity is so damaged it can turn to dust with a simple touch.
-Sabitsuki's main weapon is an iron pipe. Iron being the most common and susceptible material for oxidation.
-Rusty objects and places are prominent in the game, some being: Sabitsuki's iron pipe, tubes in the sewers, wastewater lake, neighbourhood pier, etc.
-Rust and Sabitsuki can be seen as foils to one another. Sabitsuki is physically healthy but weak of mind by not being able to withstand memories of traumatic experiences (blocking them away in inaccesible rooms) or twisting the nature of certain memories by remembering them differently from reality, or the fact that she needs fantastic creations to help her traverse her world (effects). Rust's mind is relatively stronger not only by being capable of accesing these rooms, but also by "picking up" or accepting these painful memories, taking realistic damage by chasers instead of getting trapped in an area where she can use effects to escape, remembering things the way they actually happened or daring to imagine them with her gaining the upper hand, and restricting the use of effects which renders her vulnerable (like in the real world); however, she is visibly unhealthy
-In the Deterioration event, Sabitsuki is unable to trigger it and she walks into a dark room unable to see, she then walks out. Rust however, can see clearly what the event is about.
-Not only that, but the event itself depicts a kaibutsu Sabitsuki with a pipe in hand aproaching slowly an unsuspecting Sabitsuki sleeping on her computer keyboard
-maybe sabitsuki isn't able to see this event because in her current state of mind she is yet unsuspecting of the evil inside her, or she has set a mental block as protection mechanism similar to the ones in the empty box rooms, or is in denial.
-Rust on the other hand can see perfectly what happens, however, instead of the kaibutsu Sabitsuki harming the real Sabitsuki, she notices Rust and proceeds to hit the barrier aggresively trying to reach her. This might mean that the inner evil acknowledges Rust as a stronger version of Sabitsuki's mind and considers her a threat to be eliminated. Or perhaps realizes that the normal Sabitsuki has evolved to Rust and now she must be targeted.
-maybe sabitsuki can't accept the fact that the one responsible for her demise is a part of her, while Rust understands this and is even willing to confront that part of herself


lmao lol_rust is fucking around as a vtuber now:






File: 1590348609339.jpeg (7.8 KB, 284x177, download.jpeg)

anybody here got the OST for milya[broken]? Thank you



He has another video doing some kind of gameplay of a fucked up game. (as expected of lol_rust)

Youtube auto english subs are surprisingly decent, you can understand what he's talking about. Same with the first video.


Fucking incredible. I was expecting an avatar with a gas mask but this works too.


File: 1590584299102.jpg (352.39 KB, 967x847, 62424255_p1_master1200.jpg)

He has some kind of charm, liking his channel so far.

I wish he did a .flow run with commentary for juicy info



Oh god that's exactly what he's talking about now, he might do a .flow commentary video, and some other "derivation works" of yume nikki I think


File: 1591126813340.png (1.61 MB, 3000x2400, __sabitsuki_flow__2dee2908….png)


A theory on the slime effect: it represents Sabitsuki's self-hatred. She thinks of herself as no better than sewer sludge.


File: 1592367981400-0.png (368.64 KB, 1938x996, NVIDIA_Share_oCa398Y3m2.png)

File: 1592367981400-1.png (135.07 KB, 1348x975, NVIDIA_Share_wIscgNQIt6.png)

I ported .flow to a newer, better engine.

TL;DR: .flow is now not a pain in the ass to play and you just need locale emulator.

DL: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7uvxqk571jdc58h/flow2K3.zip/file

so what the fuck changed?

-Game no longer starts in fullscreen mode (This triggered a directdraw error on most machines and you needed to download a special fix to unfuck everything up)

-Engine updated to RPG Maker 2k3 1.12a

-Adds a bunch of graphical options (F5 Key)

-Game no longer looks like ass on fullscreen due to better upscaling and shit.

-Better overall performance

-Easier installation. (just download, unzip and play with jp locale)

-Game can now be played using a controller. It should detect it automatically.

(Left is port, right is the og one, you were stuck with that tiny ass resolution.)


"start" is misspelled as "stert" on shinsoku neko


It's been like this since always, anon.

lol is not very good at english and translators keep it like that.


The DL has been updated to fix a lag bug in the Smile area


thanks man! I hated it opening in full screen.

You could maybe tell lol_rust what you did so he updates the main .flow, he's pretty open to english comments


I don't mind writing the request in japanese if you guys want, but I don't use twitter so it's up to you to deliver it.


Game still needs 2k3 RTP to be run, this can be fixed by adding "FullPackageFlag=1" to the RPG_RT.ini file




Quite interesting. I've litteraly never experienced those problems at all



File: 1597181288167.jpg (23.67 KB, 480x360, thumbnail.jpg)

Yeah he's playing through the game and "vaguely explaining things" (The title of the vid).
What that means is that he's talking about how he developed the game, occasionally mentioning how he designed things relative to Yume Nikki and showing how the effects work and how to do some puzzles.
Part 2 is up: https://youtu.be/Iv0TwV2QG2w


File: 1597313937082.png (126.9 KB, 1272x841, translations.PNG)

Translations for lol_rust's playthrough commentaries are up. Community-created subtitles were turned off, so they've been put up in the comments instead


Thank you, this playthrough should be kind of a big deal for the .flow fanbase after all


lol_rust thanked the guy for translating so I think he just hasn't realised that community translations are turned off, instead of turning them off purposefully to discourage foreigners.
lol_rust is nice


he's always been nice to non-jp people, he even usually tries to reply to english tweets in english.


Not like he turned them off, they were turned off by YT. Yah.


please someone help me play this fucking game. I cant take it anymore hours of troubleshooting. I have been told to use EASYRPG which loads the game, but i immediately get error messages saying missing charset etc, and all the textures are missing. Please PLEASE PLEASE someone help, im at my wits end, feel like im being gaslighted because every googlesearch leads me to people saying "EasyRPG just werks" but it really fucking doesn't. THanks in advance


nevermind. i figured it out now.


Sabitsuki is a slut


is it supposed to look like that? I'm using the English patch with Locale Emulator on a Windows 10


File: 1622777770882-0.png (222.05 KB, 1202x676, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1622777770882-1.png (25.47 KB, 607x250, ClipboardImage.png)

looks like he's compiling an official OST. neat!

also, a nice li'l gem in the replies…


File: 1630814358172.jpg (162.49 KB, 800x1200, flow.full.1084839.jpg)

How about a little romance for Sabi?


I recently finished .flow but i forgot to make a second save before discarting my effects, so now im stuck with rust. Could someone provide me with a save with all of the effects?
I would like to keep exploring but I really don't want to have to find all of the effects over again.
I am playing on v0.194


Here's a link to the soundtrack video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSJQZNFYV8Y

Technically it doesn't have all the BGM used in the game, but all the essential tracks are there.


Just use the walk through walls glitch and get all effects in the debug room.




LOL_RUST finished or not? What do you think?

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