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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

File: 1421367146279.gif (19.26 KB, 241x241, walk finished.gif)


Hi guys, here's a thread for DvD where you can talk/complain/debate/whine etc. about the game as well as its progress, its spinoffs (see: 4/01), and some other stuff.

I'm a skeleton/budding sprite animator, so I can pretty much tell you that the progress is heavy on sprite animation. At the moment we're working on Urotsuki primarily. God bless this goddamn walk cycle and god bless Pico.

Feel free to ask questions. Though I have to say that some are better asked on the forum rather than here.

(Also, if you are a sprite artist, please post on the forums if you're willing to join the team. Again, animation is one of our biggest priorities with the game.)



>The screenshot section on the website appears to be unfinished, showing off an older version of the game. Do you think there should be some pictures of the Sabitsuki update?

I'll talk to Mat about it. He runs the website.

>Also, how are Monoe and Monoko going to be turned into full characters?

The first thing is that the movesets are created for characters with tag in/out in mind. Monoe and Monoko are somewhat like exceptions because of their limited movesets, but the other characters in games like .flow, y2kki etc. have more expanded moves.
The tag in/out system simply hasn't been implemented yet, that's all.

As to your question about opening a window for background characters … we have to animate them, they have to have movesets first, though. If they have no interesting moves or distinguishing features we won't implement them. But adding a whole load of background characters would put an enormous strain on the animators and keep the game from being truly complete for much, much longer.

As for fangame protagonists, those are in the "Other" section - there are a few lined up, and even one that I'm handling on my own since I got permission from Saki Izuriha.
We're considering the idea of more fangame protagonists than YNFG side characters.
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File: 1421030284857.png (18.48 KB, 638x479, 2kki.png)


Ok next try, but this time no bashing Someday or Jojo will get mad/sad.

-Yume 2kki-

I felt it really really forced, shoving obvious simbolism in your face, areas so dissonant one to another.

You can see that there wasnt a real union between collaborators, also i feel being named Yume 2kki its a little too pretentious, trying to mislead people into thinking its the sequel to Yume Nikki by Kikiyama.
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File: 1421087492462.png (38.94 KB, 935x411, Clipping.png)

>>10015 how's that paranoia working for you?

Anyway she didn't just gank music from other sources, that'd be too normal. She also turned the volume up. Way up.


File: 1421087966538.jpg (134.74 KB, 640x512, 1390746417230.jpg)

omg what the fuck is that TL
I bet the db meter is completely fucked up


ahhahahaha whaat?
for what purpose


God where was that ynfg … called like Demencia or something? It was just posted on the ynfg wiki.

Then there was another one that had stolen all the music from basically the top 5 YNFGs… Sushimon, you should know about that one, right?

As for me personally it's Miserere, Me, YNisshi and … hrm probably Hallucigenia. Haven't played new Me though so while I'm biased as hell, I can't say much about it now because it was updated.



Probably because she liked it so it must be as loud as possible. To the point where it clips horribly.

Ambient tracks for an atmospheric game need to be loud at all times.

File: 1420678137994.jpg (48.49 KB, 400x533, tumblr_n54zkr0a6y1r4jk21o1….jpg)


…or just an excuse to show off my cosplay, but I hardly see any fanart for this game and it makes me sad :( (my hand isn't bruised in the photo, that's marker)
Theories/fanart/what you liked/didn't like about the game/etc
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File: 1420723863966.jpg (12.73 KB, 284x356, uboalike.jpg)



Wow, really nice!


Wow that cosplay is awesome, great job!


This should really be in /cos/. Moved.


Moved to >>>/cos/1150.

File: 1420761055333.png (87.5 KB, 1520x1096, .flowmap.png)


There are more maps for the Yume nikki fangames like this one?

File: 1420416346921.png (11.11 KB, 544x416, Untitled.png)


Okay, on the Fangame Me, I popped up this minigame (Dog's Day) and loved it because it was so intentionally awful. It's my favorite minigame out of any other fangame.
So, the first time I booted it up, I beat it. I died a few times, but I beat it after like five deaths.
And now? I have no idea how to beat it.
I'm pretty certain it just suddenly became literally impossible.

This part right here:
How the hell does anyone get past there?


Get closer to the bush and jump. The jumps go in diagonal.


As soon as he jumps right at the bush, his legs touch the bush and he dies.
This is only happening for the second bush, and not the first bush.
It's not like I'm tryharding to beat it again, but I just find it odd how it suddenly became impossible.


Typo, typed 5 instead of 6.

File: 1420242682287.png (40.62 KB, 800x600, mock.png)


I'm looking for a fangame that was posted here years ago. I don't remember much about it, but I made a quick mockup of what it looked like.

I remember it being pretty bad.


… Me?




>posted over 5 years ago


I liked how he refused to call Yume Nikki by that name and insistently referred to it as Dream Diary even though literally nobody else does

File: 1420274144494.png (3.51 KB, 320x240, amnesia.png)


Amnesia thread!


File: 1377500377763.jpg (337.17 KB, 640x480, clockworld.jpg)


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File: 1377664481630.png (45.81 KB, 640x480, wellthen.png)

So this whole little scenario was awesomely creepy. Glad to see you took this farther, it was one of my favourite events.


It was beautiful. Thanks yo, for coming again.


I like this game quite a bit. I'm glad there is an update. It felt like one of the most promising fangames when .02 came out. I sent you an email before and you said you were dealing with school, so don't worry about the delay.


So, has this game been abandoned?


>It is currently on indefinite hiatus.

File: 1406892037646.gif (374.86 KB, 500x400, tumblr_n971lrnFIJ1tf9wueo1….gif)



New version:
Title bugged
Still without load/save
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Learn tumblr devfagets, this is a game


Awww ye


File: 1416435485587.gif (3.4 MB, 400x334, lol.gif)

omg omg thanks for all your comments, especially M-256 who has return from her grave,
I add some gif showing up the battle thing I've made this week, which it's pretty funny and buggy. as always


File: 1416512331559.png (491.9 KB, 592x909, 1290720225983.png)

Holy shit! that weapon is pretty more interesting than a knife


combat too? god damn you're going all out with this, i'm excited!

File: 1415872777411.jpg (726.16 KB, 1587x2268, untitled-35[1].jpg)


Hello /fg/

I found Uboachan a year ago and posted a few things here on making my own fangame. I've been a huge fan of Osamu Sato works and Yume Nikki for the longest time, and I've always wanted to try my hand at making a "fangame", even though I don't think I would stay very true to the original Yume Nikki- I like to make it my own thing.

A year later, I'm still in on the idea. I have entire levels planned out meticulously in my head, I have ideas on characters and how I want to spin it around how I've felt in the past few years. But the problem is getting it out on paper. I feel like I have "Blank Slate" syndrome, where I just end up staring at the default RPG-XP graphics staring back at me and don't know what the hell to do as everything circles around me. I'm not a good sprite artist and I can't make good music (But I could get somebody to do it but probably only if they knew I was going to finish the project) and with generic RPG city tunes and the default player sprite walking around bright grassy fields I can never get in the mood to actually START my project. I've taken a break to do university stuff and learn how to draw as it's a skill I've always wanted to have, but it's always been nudging me in the back of my mind day by day.

Does anyone have any tips for somebody starting out? Ways to keep inspired, ways to get into the mood, ways to start from a blank slate and push yourself forward until you really get in the groove of developing?

PS: Sorry if this isn't the board for this or if stuff like this gets posted a lot. I lurked around the programming thread for a while, but I don't really have any programming questions.

(Artist of image is Zdzislaw Beksinski)
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File: 1415895545425.png (5.24 KB, 207x193, tumblr_mpt9oaL5ua1qi3l23o1….png)


Some people just have a hard time starting, bro. Shit's hard. It all takes quite a while and it's quite a task.

Imagining a game and making a game are VERY different.


File: 1415920668051.jpg (203.77 KB, 1920x1080, 1415043576412.jpg)

That's my point. The whole thing seems like just a good fantasy coming from OP. If OP had been atleast a bit serious about his game, he would have notes written down, sketches drawn up, probably even an alpha version, especially now that it has been a year.

But I can get that the OP is looking to push himself out of that state. In which case, I recommend a little, unlined notebook everywhere you go. Ideas aren't thought up while sitting down, sipping coffee, waiting for it to happen. Ideas will pop up any point in your day and its your job to take it recognize it and jot it down as soon as possible.
As someone who doesn't really make games but rather in the advertising environment, I suggest you don't think too deeply when cooking up ideas. Of course, this generalized idea only works for base ideas like what your theme for this world will look like for example.

Also google mindmap, its a really good way for conceptualizing ideas.


I have written mostly everything down in notepad on my time off from work, I just failed to specify in the original post

but thank you for your advice everyone, I have been slowly working on learning how to sprite over the past few days. I have drawn concept art fairly recently as well, and am currently in the process of trying to translate it to sprites.


If you have levels already planned out, draw them out on graph paper (roughly) and see if they work. Head space and real space can be surprisingly different.


The best tip I can give you is start and don't stop. I'm one of those people that easily falls prey to not finishing stuff if I stop. (Which is what happened to my own fangame… At least it wasn't released at any point.)

General tips:
- Work on the most story essential stuff (as far as you have a story) first and finish it. Padding can be added later.
- Add your own flavour to your fangame. Even if you don't stray from the standard formula of exploration and getting effects, it's still a good idea to add something that makes you game identifiable among the crowd. E.g.: .flow is recognizable by its gritty, industrial style with body horror as a common motif, Ultra Violet has a lot of pastel colours and bunny-themed things, stuff like that.
- This is more of a personal preference, but avoid adding a hell maze. These worlds are commonly hated among fans, lack creativity and they often don't add anything to your game other than frustration. Smaller mazes are fine, though.

Some tips for pixelart:
- Practice small pixelart and go from small to bigger. Bigger pieces tend to take more time and patience. Find a scale you are comfortable with.
- Avoid using 100% black and 100% white, especially together. (Same goes for any highly saturated colours, like the ones commonly associated with MsPaint). It really strains the human eye to look at such intense colours. If you look at e.g. the White Desert in Yume Nikki and compare that to 100% black and 100% white, you'll see that the White Desert uses less intense colours. It's fine to use these for e.g. sketches and temporary lines, but in finalized pieces they should be nowhere to be found.
- Avoid pillow shading at all costs. (This one counts for art in general.)
- Try thinking of each tile in RPG Maker as roughly a 1x1m or 3x3ft square. You don't have to take scale too seriously, though, especially if you stylize rather than go with realism.

For music (finding music - I can't make music myself):
- I tend to prefer Japanese resource sites as they usually aren't very strict with any non-commercial use of their stuff. Try looking for loop sections as these are in general more fit for games. Do take note that some songs end with fading out music rather than cutting off to start again if you use MP3/OGG music rather than MIDI, so always check how it ends.
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File: 1416159850925.png (14.96 KB, 500x500, 2020910-02.png)


A game created by an Indie japanese developer. I am unaware of any english patch at the time, but here's the set of download links:

And here is what seems to be their main site: http://bourei.iza-yoi.net/witoru.html


oh hey. This isn't half bad. I mean it's kind of bland, but at least it isn't a recolor of mado >_>


Is that a guy PC?

File: 1416174735203.png (906.57 KB, 1000x756, 1327028322645.png)


I just finished Yume Nikki and found my way here. Should I just kill myself now? Because life can't really progress from here.

In other words, I found a wiki dedicated to fan games but I'd like so recommendations because I don't want this fever dream to end yet.
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Alright, thanks. I'll probably play .flow first because 2kki looks like the type of game that will probably immobilize me for awhile.


For the amount of /fg/, there's really only a handful that are really worth playing.

I recommend, in no particular ranking:

Traditional /fg/:
Yume 2kki
Yume Nisshi

Space Funeral
Neftelia (1 and 2)
Toilet in Wonderland

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Thanks pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I'll probably still play some others to make my own opinion but it helps to have a basis of recommended ones when there is so many.


>Nazi Nisshi



oops sorry I forgot we're not supposed to talk about it

racist pig shitstorm etc.

File: 1416179500449.png (156.41 KB, 500x374, tumblr_mz3qelO67s1rxit2oo1….png)


Could anyone tell me what game this image is from? I was looking for cool Yume Nikki art and found this at like the very bottom of google images, searching by image hasn't been of much help. Thanks in advance!


That would be Yume 2kki.


if you had have been more proficient with your searching, you would have found that the image search results lead to a tumblr post by user psychoparalyze.

one of the tags is #yume 2kki. that's your answer.

pls lrn2google.

File: 1416007936265.jpg (152.97 KB, 500x750, 212[1].jpg)


I plan on making a fangame with rpg maker 2003 but I don't no how to make sprites well please help. (pic somewhat related)
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Could you please send me the link



I'm going to assume you mean Irfanview, it's found easily through google, don't worry. Google is your best friend in the whole wide world when it comes to making things on a software you're new to.


Thanks but I meant the templates



Oh! Sorry. [0]H[0];;;;


You can find a lot of neat things in here, including templates! The templates are found on the second post under Development and Resource guide. Just scroll till ya see the templates tab, or the templates themselves idontknowhowrmnsforumworkswiththat.


Thank you good sir.

File: 1411914123909.png (16.22 KB, 71x84, Снимок.PNG)


Hey, maybe somebody would like to use my ambients? They are kinda crappy, but if u liked them, u can use them. https://soundcloud.com/mrromanze


File: 1413341129673.png (490.3 KB, 500x383, apftn.png)

These aren't crappy at all. Usually when people make effects or music it just screams 'midi' which isn't what I personally like. These are great, really creepy and I'll definitely use them.


I actually really love these. Especially Ambients 1, 4, and 9.

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