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Yume Nisshi thread since this game is awesome

Uploader: http://loda.jp/zenmaigahara_toxic/


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really what i've wanted to ask, is where to find this guy? I see he appears in uso's room but is there some type of requirement for him to appear?
(since going to sleep and keep entering doesn't seem to work)



It is kinda… complicated to get in that room. Basically you've got to take the door to the star world in the nexus, find the portal to another star world (let's call it stardust world ok?) and then you'll get to a chess world. Here things get freaky: in this map there are ~10 special tiles that can change the background from white to black; if I remember correctly there is a 1/27 chance of doing it. The simpler route I can describe is going to the center of the map where you can find a heart and then go down, passing through two chess piece's and then looping. It will take A LOT OF TIME, but finally you should be able to change the background, then go up and pass through the two queens. You'll be taken to a red corridor, go up and then talk with the strange mask on the wall which will warp you ONLY IF YOU HAVE NO EFFECT EQUIPPED.
And then d'hu, the road is really simple and you can't do anything wrong.

I really need to do that effects video guide for this game though.


Also english translation of 0.02: http://www.mediafire.com/?n3mqjw5capejfr7


File: 1316874133316.png (20.56 KB, 636x475, screen.png)

I can always turn the background to black in that room by going left from the giant chess pieces to the smaller chess table and pass through the pieces just below it. The space between the piece in the far right and the one on its left always turns it black without exception xD


I'm gonna try it as soon as I can, it would be great if you are right!


Well, I'm getting a particular problem with Nisshi. The game starts with applocale, but don't even show up the "Enterbrain" logo.



Well, it works, looking at the event with rpg maker it seems like a bug but nonetheless is really usefull.
Too bad that while now I know a really easy way to get to that room I still cannot figure how to make the diary appear on the table. The condition is that the variable 54 should be >= 1, but I'm looking everywhere to find where this variable is incremented, I need it to complete the video guide :(


Good news: I've put together the necessary aechives and now the game works flawlessly. I've found nine(?) doors to Nexus… But where is this "Smile counterpart"?


I'm uploading the effects video guide, the Smile counterpart is located where you get the Horse effect. If you can wait (a lot of time to be honest, it seems like I can't compress the videos I made with fraps on OSX so it will take ages before I finish to upload 7 gigas on yt), otherwise I can try to tell you where to find him ehe.



It has some other events in there but it will ultimately lead you to him.


How many effects are in Nisshi, actually? I think I'm missing two of them.


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i thought there were 15/16??
someone in the old thread said something around that.


They are 16.


Hm, I see I missed the "star" effect and the "Snow Fairy" effect. Any hints around them?


the snow fairy effect is somewhere in a snowy forest


File: 1317006661347.png (11.37 KB, 640x480, nisshi_bloodbox.png)

This area's music makes me depressed.. makes me feel bad for killing that black haired girl with the weird eyes. (I assume the box is all bloody in the pic because I killed her, but I'm not 100% sure)


i think the box becomes bloody when you kill Nanashi, the lady with all the needles


Well, just qustioning: Where do you get the "Star", "Needle" and "Snow Fairy" effects? Any known access by any of the ten entrance doors in Nexus?


Needle — Snow World
Snow Fairy — Dark World

they both can be found if you go through those doors, but their each in their own special little areas and their hard to get to i guess


Snow Bug: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvnuAstgzGs

Needle I think is Thorn effect, go to the snow world > church > school take the underground passage to the hospital area and then climb to the top. Here use the Snow Bug effect and fly over the hole, where you will find it.

I don't know what the Star effect could be.


Does this game have an ending?


i really hope the guy who made this keeps working on it, it's up there with my top 3


File: 1317312349285.png (105.89 KB, 600x510, 14015763_p6.png)

So, I have a question.

I was on my way to get the pyramid effect, and arrived at the bloody roads where it's located. The usual chasers were there, but as I kept walking I also encountered a different NPC. It appears to be a blonde woman, cloaked in a white robe. So I did what any respectful gentleman would do while playing a Yume Nikki game: I whacked her with my spike bat. The deathscream sounded, but instead she just kind of grew tentacles out of her midriff and her eyes started to glow. But then nothing. My game just kind of froze. The background/fog was still moving, but I couldn't do anything. A hostile NPC that was walking in the background stopped moving, too.

So I was wondering if anyone knows whether this is a part of the event, or…?


In truth, your game has frozen. The usual reaction from that "Blond" lady(also known as "IRON MAIDEN") is just to get you at godspeed and send you to a secluded area.


Effects Guide: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL142A944CB590F744

I'm going to add comments to the videos in this weekend I think, please let me know if I did something stupid or if the routes I take are not clear!


Is there a sort of ending to this game?



Not yet, though you cand find hints of it looking at the events.


Yo I'm just having a problem getting it running. How do you get the fan games running?


is an error popping up? or does the game just refuse to start in general?


I downloaded it and when i try to play an error comes up..one time i got to the title screen but when i tried to start i get an error, now i get an error every time i try to start up(i tried English too..same results)


File: 1324967836747.jpg (11.39 KB, 237x143, Yume Nisshi.jpg)

I'm getting an error too


Just fixed it.
I changed "language settings for non unicode programs" (under regional and language settings in xp) to japanese, and then extracted the game, this time the filenames are ok and so far the game seems to be working fine.


This worked for me too, using Windows 7.


Or use applocale.


I used applocale to open winrar and extract the files, but the filenames get messed up anyways, so it's better to change the nonunicode language to jap and extract the files (then you can change the nonunicode language again to default, and run the game with applocale)


Is there a way to reach the lady with the crescent moon horns and starry hair? I can see her from the sparkly path area from the star world, but can't actually reach her…

How do you get to that spot? I can only get to the other side, across from the glass box.

Where is this NPC?


I am curious about this too, I can't get to that side.

Also, not a big deal or anything, but I've collected 16 effects, and it lists all 16 but says "lvl 14." Anybody else have this?


Yeah, I have that too… Probably not a big deal though.
I don't think that you can get to that NPC in the star world, not even with the fairy effect :'c I could be wrong about that though


Ack, I have gotten to her once but now I can't remember how I did it! She doesn't really do a whole lot though. I think I ended up whacking her with the Nail Bat.


I'm fairly sure there is no way to get there, but I'm too lazy to check rpg maker to confirm.


Most of the music is MIDI format but the music in that area and I think one other are .wav files. Somehow you can't play those MIDI files? I'm not sure what would cause that


I keep getting the error that >>2511 got, and I have no idea how to fix it, because my system's non-unicode language IS Japanese, and this is the only fangame I've ever, ever had trouble installing. What the fuck is going on?
Yume Wo works, Yume Grafitti works, Lcd Dem Works, 2kki works, .flow works, but not this one. It's puzzling (or perhaps the files were corrupted during the download somehow? I had to download Yume Wo several times before I got a version that extracted properly…)


I had to make a charset named 乗り物, now it works (why does this happen?)


File: 1327198209268.png (13.42 KB, 299x136, Screen shot 2012-01-21 at ….png)

just knowing what this says would be helpful

i get this at startup, before the title screen.


File: 1327314736752.png (21.05 KB, 640x537, fdgh.png)

I've tried downloading the English version, and at first I got a problem… the Enterbrain logo won't show up and the screen is just black. Then I replaced the RPG_RT.exe with the RPG 2003 one, and it works. But then whenever I played it the effects won't show and there's only the "Quit" option (on picture). How can I fix it?


File: 1327979194547.png (1.99 KB, 72x128, fork.png)

Oh man i love this game so much

you guys know that the production of yume nisshi has a twitter?


They post WIPs of chipsets and charsets

Pic related. Fork effect????


File: 1327979271785.png (4.59 KB, 509x546, manny.png)

Also a map possibly involving mannequins?

Plus the imaes reveal that the artist of the game is involved with some of urotsuki charsets and other yume 2kki things


File: 1328021212864.jpg (9.31 KB, 251x250, 1230145446932.jpg)


File: 1328244611964.png (18.17 KB, 496x361, sdnf.PNG)

I recently downloaded yume nisshi off the wiki. I started it up, and saw this. Can anyone help? I have rpg maker 2003, japanese locale… Bleh.


Please direct yourself to >>229


But .flow, yume nikki, amnesia, me, hell diary, and all those other fun fangames I have downloaded seem to work…


It's not the same for all fangames. Really, if you're having problems just follow the instructions.


at first i was getting this error on the english version, then i downloaded another rpg_rt and got the vehicle error
after putting the vehicle png in the charset folder, i got this error
and now i don't know what to do


File: 1328815922398.png (12.61 KB, 265x198, Screen shot 2012-02-09 at ….png)

accidentally hit new reply instead of choose file
this was the picture i meant to post


Delete the vehicle file
Duplicate a file in the CharSet folder
Rename it vehicle


did that and now i have a brand new error!!!!
this one again >>3213 to be specific

why can't this ever be easy


I'm very curious as to how you changed the locale on your Mac to Japanese.


Umm, anon, that's just a windows XP theme that looks kind of like the MacOS. It's still got the windows icons, as you can see.

If this person had a Mac, it would not even TRY to start up the game.


Oh thanks for the info, I've been dying to play these fan games but all I can get to work on my Mac is Yume Nikki, Answered Prayers, and .flow


Using Wine, right? I don't know anything about MacOS particulars, so I can't help you with anything else, bro.


Blah I messed up what I was saying before, I mean it gives me more incentive to buy Windows so I can use bootcamp. Again thanks for the help.


system preferences > language and text > formats > japanese > japan
it is a mac and so far, nisshi and hallucinogenia are the only game i've tried to run and have been unable to (a few of the rest have errors but the rest run perfectly)



Someone on the board requested I review this game, so I did. I realize it might step on a few peoples' toes that I didn't sing its praises, but it is my personal thoughts on the game, so take it with a grain of salt.


File: 1331083239240.jpg (100.53 KB, 560x750, 1330468991214.jpg)

Gonna disagree with you on this one, Nisshi's one of my favorite fangames.



I don't understand why; it's about as bland as they come in comparison to .flow or even 2kki.

To each their own, however. I respect your opinion.


You summed up my feelings well in your review, and I just don't get it why people like this game as much as they do. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.


I like how Nisshi is so cold and colourless. And yeah, I see the general blandness of the game as a good thing, since it adds to the atmosphere. The soundtrack is odd, but I like it, and there are more than a couple of wonderful places: the gb world is ludicrous.

In fact I agree with your review in almost every aspect, but I really like this game for some reason.
Oh, and Usotsuki's steps are like an orgasm to my ears.


I'm curious as to how its blandness provides atmosphere. No, I'm criticizing you; I'm genuinely curious, and I don't understand your reasoning with this.


I fear I won't be able to clarify myself in a satisfying manner, I'm really bad at expressing such complex things in english. I'm probably using the word bland in a really unconventional (and wrong) way, heh.

To cut it short I like the dream world for being so monochromatic and empty (though I think this is not entirely true, even if it is in such a primordial phase there are many places to explore and things to see) because it conveys well a sense of loneliness and melancholy. The burning girl in the garden where you find the straw hat, the "things" crawling in the hospital's ground, the star lady, the church…

I'm really sorry for not being able to express what I really want to say, if I'm still being vague and confusing please tell me, you're really a pretty anon heh.



I think Yume Nikki did a better job of making the player feel lonely and melancholy than Yume Nisshi does. Despite this colourful dream world teeming with life, you're trapped in your room and even dream characters seem to want next to nothing to do with you.

Yume Nisshi is just a boring grey mess with nothing that can justify it. It's got all the chaff and none of the wholesome, delicious grain that these games seem to work hard to achieve.

It's really hard for you to care about Usotsuki, since she's got no personality at all. None whatsoever. The dreams blend together to make a big grey mess and nothing interesting happens in them.

Though I did say before, sometimes people just like things and don't know why (Like my love for Xanadu, despite its being a confusing fucking mess.) To each their own.



Mh, for me Yume Nikki is greaty because how it conveys the sense of being in a dream above all else. Yeah, Madotsuki is pretty much alone in her own dreamworld, but the feelings I get playing YN are completely different from those of Nisshi.

And are you sure you saw everything the game has to offer? Surely it is not much (but well, even .Flow was pretty empty in its initial stage), but there are at least four or fives events that I found interesting, like the Iron Maiden and the whole foggy city in general, the wounded guy in the spike world, the corrupted house which leads to a full screen event, or the House in the white desert with the two lovers… And I'm sure I'm forgetting something else.

But hey, I respect your opinion and I don't hold anything against you for your review, in fact I love talking about things I like so I'm really glad that you wrote something that was not like "oh gawd why it doesn't work". =D


Personally it's true in the end it's just your opinion. I love Nisshi a lot as well. Like >>4388 said it feels very sad and lonely. It reminded me of my one true love .Flow. Also to be completely honest the effects are certainly my bias for this game. I love love love love love the effects for this game. The nail bat is probably my favorite weapon and the thorns effect is morbidly delightful.

Also this game was one of the few ones to honestly scare me. The only other game that scared me besides Nisshi was .Flow (darn Kaibutsus). I paniced so hardcore when the iron maiden thing happened and when what's his name began to chase me for killing his sister. It was the fact that he actually followed you through the floors instead of just leaving the room he was in and being safe. Me gusta

Though it's not to say that this game is the best thing ever. I mean hell I'll agree with Mishka about the rabbit effect. Especially because I completed most of the game without it so then when I tried to get it the portal refused to take me there meaning I had to create a new game just to get the effect. That shouldn't be the case for a speed effect.


File: 1334214271701.jpg (76.88 KB, 500x438, tumblr_m28qwqqVEh1rt46spo1….jpg)

Uboachan.. I need your help. I've literally looked up every thread with help - even in the archives, regarding this game (and the general fangame problem one) and the latest version of Nisshi will simply NOT run on my computer. It's driving me crazy. When I use app locale + 7zip I just get a black screen, and when I use app locale + winRAR/Zip I get the intro, then an error screen. I don't know what files are missing, if any, and when I tried setting my non-unicode language settings to japanese, I was able to make the original version work, but not the newest one. Any idea why?/Can someone PLEASE help me? I really want to play Nisshi - Nikki/.flow/2kki and lcddem all work, but I really enjoy Nisshi.. I'll give you this one of a kind picture (that I found) in return for your kindness!


loda.jp went down on the 31st of March. Where might I find the latest version of the game? :o This game looks very interesting and I was hoping to play it, but I didn't nab it before loda disappeared. :C


I guess it seems like a silly question but you've got the vehicle file added right?

Here's my copy of the game in English and with the vehicle file included. The only thing I took out were my save files. Version .02 should be the most recent one to my knowledge.


File: 1334435978070.png (13.38 KB, 247x120, Screen shot 2012-04-14 at ….png)

i tried running the file linked from >>5057 and got this

man i just want to play this game
is that too much to ask


I risk getting slowpoke.png'd, but did anyone notice that once you're dreaming you can pick up your journal as a scrapbook, and save anywhere in your dream, and it saves your exact location for next time?


File: 1340998390577.png (42.46 KB, 436x995, slowpoksuki.png)


File: 1342467120109.png (12.69 KB, 300x500, pass.png)

v.0.03 is out, but it requires a password (you have to download another picture to see what it is, see attached file).

0.03: http://yui.oopsup.com/download.php/yumenisshi/%E5%A4%A2%E6%97%A5%E8%AA%8Cver.0.03.zip
Bugfix patch: http://yui.oopsup.com/download.php/yumenisshi/%E5%A4%A2%E6%97%A5%E8%AA%8Cver.0.03%E4%BF%AE%E6%AD%A3%E7%89%88.zip

Password: http://yui.oopsup.com/download.php/yumenisshi/pass.png

The password LOOKS like 山英花 (in fact, I'm pretty positive about the 山 and 花 characters), but I'm afraid I'm not too sure about the middle character… it looks like 英 (ei) but typing the full phrase yamaeihana doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have any ideas what it might be?
(P.S. Why do we have to have a password to download it anyways?)


More foreigner hate, perhaps?
I can't really see any othe reason.


(and sorry if any of my Japanese is a little off. I'm far from fluent, obviously.)


Gha sorry for posting so much, but I found this on the official site:

"Redistribution of this game is forbidden.
It forbids changing the text of a game in addition to Japanese, and redistributing it.
It forbids using freely the material contained in this game.
This game is not a free material for you."

The "changing of text" thing sounds like it'd apply to an English (or whatever language) translation.
I can understand copyright and not wanting someone else to get credit for your work, but now there's a possibility that we won't be allowed to enjoy/translate the game in our native tongue?
I'm afraid to say, but I'm definitely seeing some ques that the producer doesn't want Westerners to play Nisshi. The Japanese password that only Japanese people/people with knowledge of Japanese will be able to easily use, strict copyright rules that possibly forbid any kind of translation…
Of course, there's no proof that that's what's really going on here, but theose two things alone sure seems to be things backing up the "western hate" thing. Perhaps the producer isn't aiming his strict rules towards anyone, and is just being really strict on copyright issues.


The download of the image mentions a cipher of some kind.

Right now, I'm looking at the hex, and I've found some interesting things…


Cracked it! Pass is Sazanka. Written exactly like that.


Whoa, check out the new comments on Yume nisshi twitter. The creator seems pretty mad at you guys.


Yeah, it seems they won't allow distribution to the overseas community until all of the 'stolen work' in the overseas fangame is removed. I wonder which fangames they're talking about.

Also, it seems they changed the password.



>he mad

Opa! Opa! SUCCESS!


>it seems they won't allow distribution to the overseas community until all of the 'stolen work' in the overseas fangame is removed.

…Seriously? THAT'S the reason?

Also, he says that we can only crack it 2 more times before he stops publishing Yume Nisshi.

Honestly, I'm not even sure I want to play a game from such a selfish person.
There's copyright, and then there's just being rude.
This is the latter.


Wait, why crack it? There's mediafire and dropbox and shit.

Besides, the kanji (雨虎, ametora, "rain tiger"), I tried putting in but it won't work. Maybe it's a different translation I need, but we don't have to keep cracking it if people already have it.


Indeed. It's not fair to the entire western fanbase that we're not allowed to play his freeware game because some creators used "stolen content". I don't care for such an attitude and while I loved Yume Nisshi, if the developer is going to be so rude to EVERYONE IN THE WESTERN FANDOM for a few miniscule "offenses" and stop releasing their game, so be it.

The first message we received from the Japanese fanbase was fine. This? Is childish.

Besides, Yume Nisshi is way too well-known for any of its content to be stolen in the way the dev is afraid of. I'll be sorely disappointed if any other fangame makers decide to do the same, it solves absolutely nothing.


what hes doing seems to be much like how a teacher punishes the entire class for one student's wrongdoing.

still, to deprive some of his western fans for a few idiots isn't very fair. then again, nobody quite liked sitting in the same corner as the single guilty classmate just because it's a discipline technique…


And as we all know that isn't an effective punishment strategy at all.

Japan is very concerned over stolen work but the wiki that listed our games for stolen work has not been updated nor have they actively tried to work with us on these matters. If they are so into this and want it to change it requires communication from both sides and cooperation not glaring at us across the ocean and muttering unpleasant things.

If one dev is so concerned as to bar the entirety of the western world for something none of them have bothered to help with aside from going "stop doing things we don't like it", I fear for the rest of the fangames and their loyal western fanbases.


well that really sucks :/ i agree it's not a good way to discourage people from taking the assets.

also, i'm looking at the download site and it LOOKS like the file isn't showing up anymore? it says the file is 0.00mb and it gives me an error when I try to download it. maybe the creator got pissed and removed it…..


Well this sucks >:/
I actually really liked this game

-game taken down a few pegs due to the creator being a child about this

I mean really, this isn't the way you handle things at all. Out of curiosity was anyone able to get the updated version before it was taken down?


well, i don't know if it's down FOR GOOD, or if it's even down. all i know is I can't get at it. but since the creator is being a little shit cause someone took his tileset and messed with it, it seems to be a pretty logical conclusion.

i'm sure someone in this thread got a hold of it before it went down (?) though


Mishka has it.
Email him for it.


Where does he get off bitching about his fangame? It isn't even a unique idea.

Anyway, the internet doesn't belong to Japan. When you publish something PUBLICLY online, obviously people will find it and download it. You don't get to choose who they are so easily. You can't region-code an RPG Maker game, that's ridiculous.


Not to be rude or anything, but if people actually followed netiquette and didn't habitually reuse tilesets and other things from Yume Nisshi or other fangames, Zenmaigahara no Juunin (ぜんまいヶ原の住人 - that's the author's name) might not have resorted to harsh things like this. These games are NOT open source or public domain. When I was posting LcdDem videos on YouTube and trying to help introduce Yume Nikki fangames outside Japan, I was hoping that other non-Japanese fans would have been more respectful and not go against the authors' wishes.

I would just be content that YN fangame authors actually let us make fan art and gameplay videos like Koronba did with LcdDem. A lot of other Japanese game developers don't allow even that.

While working on a YN fangame, or any game for that matter, I would find licensed free materials (フリー素材) and make some other stuff myself. I certainly wouldn't have ripped off another game.

Don't want other fangames to be taken offline or put behind passwords? Don't steal their stuff.


you do realize the tile sets from others games that show up in the files arent even used in the games most of the time, right?

Don't blame everyone just because a few people are faggots.


Uh, the creator wouldn't just SUDDENLY become a "jerk" for no reason, would he? There's a certain reason. It would be most clarifying if someone actually contacted him and asked him what compelled him to resort to such a policy of distribution.


Just a small simple advice: don't use anything from the other creators' fangames as placeholders even if those placeholders do not directly appear in your game. Technically, some people did broke this rule despite it being written in several readme/log text files that come with fangames but I agree that it isn't the reason to completely block your work from the western fanbase.
tl;dr version:
Western fanbase should respect japanese creators' wishes, japanese creators shouldn't completely alienate themselves from already existing western fanbase.


If i remind right, umbra had a chipset with yume nisshi stuffs.


Unbekannt plz go



I just said i remind that Umbra had a chipset with yume nisshi stuff.
NOT that he stole it.
I think the creator used it as a chipset base for placing everything.
I still have ver 0.02 english translated, but i want the version 0.03 soon :/
I ask me why he goes mad just that some people used his stuff.
Yume wo used also stuff from LCD DEM.


I could be blunt and say who gives a shit it's fangames nobody is making money off of their unoriginal yume nikki 2.0 rehash games but I digress.

Yeah people shouldn't steal work but it's childish to punish an entire fanbase for some slipups some people have caused. Not to mention the japanese got their panties in a twist over a counter and some lighting I had in my game which I fixed once they made their concerns known.

They were willing to shun mine because I used someone else's counter?

They're willing to shun people who use their tilesets as reference and are courteous enough to NOT put these resources in their games?

I'll be honest I've yet to see a single fangame from here that is what they are ACTUALLY afraid of: actual large amounts of stolen content passed off as the dev's own. I have not seen a single person running around claiming Nisshi or any other japanese games' characters/tilesets/whatever as their own. Not a single one.

It's boiling down to schoolyard games is what it is. Before I was concerned about making the japanese fanbase happy but if they're going to flip at a .flow traffic cone hanging out on someone's tileset they can go ahead and seclude themselves they are not the kind of people I want to get involved with anyway.

tl;dr the chinese fanbase is better they're sweethearts


You are basically doing the same thing as he is doing by saying that this is the work of all japanese fangame makers. Obviously he is a asshole and he desereves nothing more than our scorn.

But he is just one person. Nobody else have done this as far as I know.


It is really unfortunate that the creator has gone ahead and done this… ( and he's probably wondering why some of us won't leave him alone right now)

But I wonder if he's aware that using some tilesets and the like, actually help someone with creating their own tilesets and characters.

As for copyright…it's a surprise that we don't call him out for using a Silent Hill type level in his game, let alone an effect which is basically a character from said series.


basically the situation is like if I stopped making art forever because someone traced one of my drawings once. it's really fucking stupid and doesn't solve anything to do that, plus i would make myself look like a big whiny baby. i mean yeah, i'd be fucking upset, but I wouldn't RAGEQUIT over it

and i think we all agree that if someone came on here with a fangame that was made almost entirely with assets taken from other games, you guys would shut their shit down. it's not like /fg/ actively encourages using other poeple's resources.


If anything I'd be pleased to know someone finds my original work suitable to base theirs off of.


Yeah, he tweeted about why we won't leave him alone…or something along the lines of that.

Yes, I wouldn't stop drawing because of some traced picture either. I'm guessing he worked hard on Yume Nisshi…and if he did, I don't get why he would just quit if he worked hard on something..hm



I see where you're going, but since the author of Yume Nisshi doesn't allow it, it's still disrespectful. Someone could always look for an RPG Maker tileset that's actually free to use instead of ripping off a proprietary one and pissing the author off.

And as far as unauthorized use of characters like Pyramid Head goes, the etiquette in Japanese fandom seems to be that exact official media (pixel art, music, etc.) can't be reused without permission, but the characters can be freely redrawn from scratch (like in the case of fan art and doujinshi), unless the character's copyright owner is "fandom-unfriendly", such as Kodansha or Disney.


no, i agree that it's disrespectful to use his stuff when he specifically asked for it not to be used. but there's ALWAYS going to be that one person who does it anyway, whether or not they know they're not supposed to.

i guess what i'm saying is there will always be people who don't listen?? idk i don't want to insult the guy for wanting his materials not to be reused. i just think his solution to the problem is a tad childish. but eh, opinions.


The thing is, it's not a matter of him and copyright, or copyright at all, that's the big deal— it's the way he's handling it. He's basically discriminating against everyone on the Western side of the planet because of a few tilesets/charsets. There could have been so many different options as opposed to acting like a brat the way he's doing now. As Bleet mentioned, why not CONTACT the offenders instead? Why not work something out? Why does it have to be this way? He's asking for people to "leave him alone", but he brought these actions upon himself with his poor decisions. He chose to descriminate against the West. He should have very well known that that would make a LOT of people very unhappy.




Why is this important? Yume Nisshi is shit anyway. The guy just has a disproportionate ego. Move along, nothing to see here.



Haha, this is true. The game is shit.

But western fans wanting an update deserve to have it, so here is the mediafire link:


I don't even give a flying fuck if I get into trouble. Fuck this guy and his stupid draconian "Japanese only" rule. Enjoy the game, everyone. (Plus I'm already tired of answering emails.)


Hey again, anon from post number 6044 here.

>>Mishka I actually like Yume Nisshi…but as you once said, to each their own opinion.

The thing that I don't like however, is the creator's attitude to all of this.

I really want to see him complete Nisshi…but I also want to be able to play it myself.
But his actions towards us probably mean that I'll never get to do that.

It's a shame really…


Same here, I really enjoyed this game as well and was happy to see he was still working on it, but this…this is asinine

I picked it up thanks to Mishka and I'll play it but what the creator did, even if he changes, will forever leave a bitter taste in my mouth. It was, without a doubt, the rudest way could have solved this problem.

Anyway the music from the stereo/radio that's now in your room is pretty nice



Yes, I agree that it's pretty harsh. Unfortunately, quite a few other Japanese fanwork creators distrust and avoid contact with foreigners as well. Remember "Online Fanarts Protection" from the last decade? I think the ideas on netiquette, sharing, and handling intellectual property are different by country. I've even seen Japanese fansites block non-Japanese IP addresses in response to misconduct from a few foreigners. Some may not want a great deal of attention from outside Japan.

Perhaps a lot of control over your works on the Internet may be too much, though… Look at how Zenmaigahara is alienating fans here with the password system on Yume Nisshi. This is why I put free licenses on some of my own stuff and leave sharing options such as video embedding turned on.


so now that we've got a hold of the game, anyone found any new stuff yet?

so far, all i've found is small stuff.


File: 1342572598410.png (Spoiler Image, 74.27 KB, 637x474, nisshi_000056.png)

ok nevermind i think i found something, spoiler'd cause i don't know what the policy on new stuff is



Sorry but that hasn't been new for a few months now


Unfortunately a lot of Japanese people are xenophobic. I'm glad that a lot of Japanese fangame devs (Trendy Sabamiso, Lol, a few 2kki devs, and the Parade dev) are HAPPY that their games are noticed and enjoyed outside of Japan.

I really also hate how a lot of Japanese members of the YN/FG community label everyone on Uboachan as thieves. Or any English speaker, for that matter.

Also, I had one of my connections translate the kanji "ametora", apparently it can also be the name of some kind of snail/slug? he also added that the kanji was atrocious.

Either way, most of us have the update and are willing to distribute it. This is what he gets for being rude to foreigners just because of a few idiots that steal stuff. There could be some people in Japan stealing files from Broken Bottles or TLG, but you won't see Doodle or Bleet locking the download and the password being english written on a png file.

I'm rambling too much so I'm gonna go before I take up half the page @w@;



The creature is known as the "sea hare" or "amefurashi" (written in katakana).

Neither ametora or amefurashi worked, or any other readings that I've tried. And I also tried them with different cases and spacings, so it may be an obscure reading. Either way, the game is up for download now; it shouldn't matter.


true dat.
Thanks again, btw. The legends of the hero "Mishka mooshka mickey mouse" will be passed down in the fandom for generations to come ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ


Yup, those are stereotypes for you.

And if the files in BB were stolen, I wouldn't go to those extremes, I would probably be annoyed, but i wouldn't do that, if you know what I mean.

Plus, if that dev is willing to steal works from other people and not take it out later (if I contact them about it), they probably…would not get very far if they resort to stealing. But that's just me…



What the hell is your problem? This disastrous moment in history is happening and all you can do is insult the guys game?

I really like this fangame, and I'm actually really fucking disappointed with this guy. I realize making and pixelating and making music for this game is seriously hard work, but this actually was the first game I could actually relate with. :(


The mediafire download is down! Can someone please make another? I really want to play the new version!


Well apparently mishka took it down because people were giving the guy shit for putting up the link because god forbid we want to play a freeware game. I was genuinely interested in Nisshi because I hear about it a lot, but whatever. Mishka's got a game to work on himself and his efforts are admirable.

I would really like to give this game a chance but to be honest I don't feel like jumping through hoops to get it, and I'm sure other people looking to try this out feel the same way. Dev's loss.


to be honest, if I had to jump through hoops for the next version of Nisshi i wouldn't fucking bother at this point.


But Yume Nisshi IS a less-than-mediocre game.
inb4 the fox and the grapes - not really. I hate all fangames save for .flow. This one isn't even original in any way.



But that's really not the reason the majority of us are miffed about this. It's not really a matter of anger at not being able to play Nisshi because it's a great game; it's a matter of principle. We're angry because we're being discriminated against and also because zenmaigahara is a racist pig.

Although a good amount of people also enjoyed this. I'm not at liberty to comment as I've yet to play, but similarly I'd be pissed if I couldn't play an update of Lcd Dem. It's not perfect and has its own issues but I still like it. To each his own.



Well it's rare that the best fangame makers are such drama queens, just sayin :/

the problem with Lcd Dem is that, though not derivative, still feels a lot like Yume Nikki. Like a direct sequel with some details of gameplay changed. As far as. I've seeen myself. Still good.

BUT YEAH. If shit gets really stupid, you know the game could be posted anonymously? I don't think it will have to come to that, thankfully.


>it's rare that the best fangame makers are such drama queens
>implying that games are made worse just because their creator is a dick

To be honest, I really would not judge the quality of the game based on actions of the creator. There are some great artists like Michaelangelo for example that were terrible misanthropes and general jerks. Not to compare zenmaigahara to Michaelangelo at all. Just as a general statement of degrading a potentially good game (still unsure—still haven't played) just because its creator is a douchebag. Hopefully I can play it in a mostly unbiased way.

I'd still play Lcd Dem if koronba was a dick because it was a good game. I wouldn't much like the guy but I wouldn't degrade the game because of it. Thankfully koronba is pretty much the opposite of zenmaigahara, as he openly encouraged fanart and gameplay vids, unlike many other devs who are continually under the mindset that their games are copyrighted material and that they have to be all "omg too secret 4 u" and not allow these things to protect themselves, in the process making themselves obscure in an obscure fandom.

Tl;dr Not all good fg devs are nice people but the games the make aren't worse games just because of their own stupid actions. Also koronba is a pretty cool guy.

>>6097 Rabbits…for me?

I think too much time on this thread lately has been wasted on calling Yume Nisshi a crap game, which, seeing as it looks nice and actually functions it must be at least average, unlike some of the other shit around like Anarchy and Hallucinogenia. Some of the people seemed to genuinely dislike it but others seem just annoyed that the creator is a fucking xenophobe and is taking it out on Nisshi. Instead perhaps we should try to figure out how to mediate this because this is fucking ridiculous. I know Psi and mishka have tried talking with zenmaigahara but surprise (s)he's ignoring us.

Holy fuck this post is longer than I wanted it to be.



>too much time on this thread lately has been wasted on calling Yume Nisshi a crap game

>an average game
>saying Yume Nisshi isn't less than shit



so in between all this discussion, has anyone actually bothered to play the new version



I did.
not much updates.
yume nisshi got just its own Red maze recolor. woohoo.
and a radio in the room.


That's not even CLOSE to what I said. I'm saying the worse a game, the bigger its creator's ego. The better a game, the smaller its creator's ego. Not hard and fast, but still.



Like I said, comparitively speaking, Nisshi seems to be at least middling. It's a bit boring but it's decent-looking and it functions relatively well. There's no bigger turn-off than a game that doesn't function. I don't care how nice it looks, if it doesn't work it's not fun. (I have mixed feels for tlg because it's buggy as hell). Nisshi isn't and there's no shooting offences I've come across thus far, so I don't understand why the hell everyone's treating this game like it's Sickmind.

But anyway, let's discuss how to appeal to zenmaigahara. Clearly trying to contact them via twitter is now mostly useless. Also we all seem to be using translator software, which may I note sucks horribly. Perhaps attempting to speak to him in his native language would prove more effective? It'd at least be easier for zenmaigahara to understand our points, as I'm sure whatever he's using is spitting broken Japanese at him. We could see if somebody from /2/ or /n/ can translate. A REAL speaker though, not somebody who speaks KAWEE NIHONGO DESOO NE?

I think we also need a single spokesman for all of us here at uboachan's very own /fg/. Most importantly, we need to be polite and willing to listen to zenmaigahara. Personally, I think they're a jerk, but being douchey back to them won't accomplish anything and puts us on their level. Being a dick to them like mishka and others have been only serves to increase resistance and piss him off, and nobody is rational when they're angry. A single spokesman would also make sure zenmaigahara doesn't get flooded, at which point they'd just not bother reading it.

Let's just deal with this instead of bitching about Nisshi being sour grapes.


File: 1342818559359.png (35.9 KB, 515x492, zentweet_2.PNG)

I think it's about high time everyone chilled the fuck out about this. Zenmaigahara seems to be a little more cordial in their tweets now, if not a little repentant (see pic). I know they've been extremely rude, but a little while ago they seemed to be cussing at people and just generally having a goddamn panic attack (if Google Translate translated it correctly, anyways). You're backing them into a corner, guys. Just be patient and give them a few minutes to collect their thoughts, and maybe they'll take a different approach to this thing. But for now, slinging insults like "racist pig", "asshole", "xenophobe", and shit like that is only going to stress them out and isolate them even more.

Also, expressing how much you dislike Nisshi and saying you can't understand how people like it and are upset about this? Is not going to help either. I'm not gonna point fingers about it though.

tl;dr everyone calm the fuck down and let zen be for a little bit so shit can blow over k


i think we've already had it out enough about how crappy/not crappy the game is and how crappy/not crappy the creator is being

does anyone want to actually talk about the god damn game


Wander, find shit


>> 6121

Well I managed to find two new areas, one is in the Bird Eye View Garden/ Park.
If you go right, the path's still blocked off, if you go left, it leads to the hole leading down to the Boot well.

And if you take the path straight ahead, you come to an area where there's a Grandfather Clock, interacting with that takes you to a walkway.

And the portal that lead to the Hanging Girls area can no longer be found in the church.

Usosuki also has a radio in her room, the dream diary can be found in the bookshelf of the dream bedroom…and also in the dream bedroom, she also has a desk chair that she can ride around on.

That's all I've found so far, but I'm sure that there is more new stuff to find.


Well, I am neither from Western nor from Japan. I am just a single player.
I think there DOES exist culture differences.
Japanese people DO NOT use such words like "shit" or "fuck" or "damn" so frequently as Western people on uboachan.
When I watch Western movies, these words seem to be nothing. But to Japanese, nothing can be worse than these.
In addition, I am sure Zenmaigahara is using some translation tool to look at this page.
You know, translation tool is usually MISLEADING.
So I can imagine how Zenmaigahara felt when these were read.
If you continue to use these bad words, or to crack the passwords, the things would just go worse.
I think both sides did irrational things because of misunderstanding and language barrier.

Just STOP and CALM DOWN, ok?
We NEED someone to express our feeling in Japanese well.
We NEED good communication.
We NEED to be more polite.

Sorry for grammar errors and poor English, but I just want to emphasize the importance of patience and understanding.



>Talking about the nisshi drama

You're really fucking dick-late, shit hell fuck pisser. Next fucking ass time, try twat cunting into the piss thread faster instead of dick-fucking it after the shit ass fuck cunt bull fuck fuckball shit rack is over. Bitch.


It seems the only way for us to understand each other would be pictograms. Well, kanji ARE pictograms of sorts (ideograms, actually), but that won't do. Stickmen would, though.



Right, so to reiterate >>6156 's words in a more friendly manner:

Three people before you, myself included, have already attempted to diffuse the tension revolving around zenmaigahara already. I also suggested attempting to contact in Japanese, so kindly don't go on about how we need to calm down and communicate with him in his language. We already know. You pretty much restated >>6109 and >>6110.

Before you post, read the whole thread.

>Tl;dr don't tell us off for stuff that we stopped doing and don't act like you're superior to us because you can restate other people's ideas


Why do you all care so much about what everyone else thinks of you? You're acting like younger teenagers. Because if you where acting like children, there would be less hatred. And when I say younger teens I mean between 13-16.

You all act as a group. Instead of everyone trying to HEY GUYS PULL TOGETHER AND DEFEND OUR CULTURE/BOARD/ETC. you should all act individually. It's acting as a group which gets you all labeled as the same damn thing. And it's the WE NEED A REPRESENTATIVE FOR US that makes you all look the same.


You're being a fucking moron, you're trying to police people, and no one fucking cares what you think. Acting as a group makes us stronger. If you want to act as an individual, then just do so and don't talk down to us for something you're unwilling to do.


They ARE around 13-17. Didn't you know? Btw they're girls.



How was I policing anybody? I was /suggesting/ that you act more individually so that you stand out more. It's that same coming together bullshit that makes you look like a graphics stealing, unoriginal, shitty map making dev, if I can even call you a developer. It's the same shit that makes people think it's okay to keep using -itsuki, placeholders, shitty art, etc.

There is nothing to be strong for, so I guess, -using your logic- there is still no reason for this BIGGROUPHUGEVERYBODY.


Well thanks, I guess I should have figured from some of the bad art I've seen And the general LET'S BAND UP YOUR GAME IS GOOD TUUUU SISTARRR!!

Seriously, not bashing anyone, and no offense to anyone.


You don't even know who I am, I'm anonymous. The game I'm making hasn't been posted anywhere yet because I'm working alone to make it good first. I am practicing what you're preaching without being a little bitch about it. Maybe you could do the same?


Okay an update on playing the latest version.

The Hanging Girls area in the church is still there, but it needs to be activated via the Rose Garden.

The Centaur effect has been replaced by a Sphinx effect and is in a place that can only be reached if you have the Snow Fairy effect.

The red sea area has been cleaned up and is more easier to navigate around.

There's also some new areas, as well as some new events and NPC's.



>Talks about sticking together in a group

>Does nothing to separate self from the rest of uboachan (hence being anonymous)
>somehow is practicing what is being /preached/

Now I'm gonna stop before you contradict yourself more, with your arguments that are obviously, that of, a little thirteen-year-old girl.

I also said no offense to anyone.


Saying "no offense" doesn't make you less offensive, you fucking moronic piece of trash. It just means you recognize you're being offensive but that you don't want to bother shutting your fucking mouth.


If you didn't notice the drama in the thread was about Zenmaigahara prohibiting his game from EVERYONE THAT IS NOT JAPANESE because he had a very strong opinion of the western world across the board, because one uboachan dev had forgot some placeholder resources they didn't even use in their game, in their files.

Also, discussion was over? So all you're doing is stepping in way later to complain for pretty much absolutely no reason, and making yourself look like a jerk since your opinion has already been heard earlier in the thread, by nicer people.

And like anon said there's a difference between saying no offense and stating an opinion, and thinking that allows you to call everyone teenage girls and using offensive language.

Tl;dr still mad about it? go blog about it


You should write for hollywood

I'm not even joking


I'm going to fix his problems for him.

Don't take it personally, it's just griping because he's wondering why things are like this.

Honestly, I understand where he's coming from. However, I'll let him touch up on that. I'm not part of your community nor do I feel like I should pursue any problems with it. Just wanted to do the nice thing and help him out.

Man I should've been there when this shit gone down. I would've simply told you all to cool your hormones and think about this rationally. Getting mad because there's an issue someone has with you and drastic measures were taken just makes you childish.

Course, don't get me wrong, this is a problem and someone slapped someone. It NEEDS to be sorted out. But we need to make a better image for ourselves if we wish to get anywhere. Not saying we're worse off than Japan, I'm saying we need to put on the fancy dresses and use the formal speak if we wish to get any headway. (Or rather, using past tenses, you should've put on the fancy dresses and use the formal speak if you wanted to get any headway.)

I am bringing this up because no one pointed this out. What I've seen is pleas to stop, which is not enough. I'm asking you all to stop and think. (So please don't hold this against me! I'm not here to stir more shit up, just tossing in my two cents and pleading for a better future.) You apparently didn't learn shit from the last time we had a run-in with Japan. If you're feeling like they aren't satisfied, don't use that as an excuse to give up. We're suppose to be showing people we've improved and we're better than what they think.

tl;dr Can we not do this horse shit a third time? Thanks.


saay then. anyone have v.03?


Yep, I have uploaded it on 4shared here: http://www.4shared.com/archive/WQeM_zqh/Yume_Nisshi.html?


File: 1343933279683.jpg (68.13 KB, 400x300, 24336484.jpg)


Pic related.


Some pretty cool jump-scares in this one. Like the one in the streets and occasional blood splatters.

>>Oh, I'll just return to the place >>where that creepy iron maiden >>thing was - hm, it's not here any >>more, ok. . . Back the way I can >>then. /bam


>>100 I know this post is old but how do you even get there?
And the reason the box is bloody isn't because you killed Trish. It's because you killed that white haired girl in Needle World.


File: 1345058410142.png (66.94 KB, 407x320, `.png)

Alright, since I was directed here, might as well post theories. Tell me what you think.

Usotsuki was an orphan. Trish(the monochrome girl) was Usotsuki's little sister. Pholus(the chaser who flips a shit when you kill Trish) was her father, who didn't like to admit he liked Trish better than her, and sent her away to a catholic school because of her violent tendancies or that they wanted to spend more time with Trish and not Uso. Her mother just stepped aside and let Pholus do what he felt like he needed to do. During her time at the school, Uso slowly became more violent, and resentful towards everyone. After her time at the school, she went to live with at her grandmother's, and she felt completely the opposite of what she used to be like(Proto). Eventually she lashed out at her grandmother and felt both ashamed and embarrassed, so she stayed inside the room her grandmother lets her stay in.

The picture is my reason. both Pholus and Trish are monochrome, meaning they're from the same family. Both Pholus and the man in the house look exactly the same, and I'm not even going to mention the fact that the man looks away from you when you use the doll effect. Also I've seen people mistake the school as either a hospital or an office. I mean, guys, COME ON. You go through a CHURCH to get to it, and there are SCHOOL DESKS. But, what do you guys think?


nice theory, but what if usotsuki was raped?


i like your theory but what if instead urotsuki was yume nikki


>> 6330

I actually like that theory that you've come up with.
It does seem to hint towards something like that happening in Usosuki's past.

I've always got the feeling that there was a case of 'favouritism' that made her lash out at others in her dreams…as her way of interacting with Nanashi is far more brutal than how other fan-game protagonists deal with dream-world NPC's.


I agree. The way the atmosphere is in the game…how it feels miserable and alone…resentful…longing…

Poor Uso. :(



wut. uso was a dream diary? :o


File: 1348984469971.jpg (187.22 KB, 448x600, tumblr_lx6wjgjFwk1r0mvmko1….jpg)


4shared requires an account be made to download it. Can you upload it somewhere anyone can download it? Like mediafire or something?


I'm trying to get the Proto and Pyramid Head effects in V0.03, but all the effects guides/videos are outdated and the areas have changed since V0.02. Not to mention that abusing random events for the Proto effect is annoying as hell. Someone give me a hand, please?


File: 1349236139492.png (58.68 KB, 537x420, taskete.png)



Path to the file is too long and has symbols that are not recommended.


The Pyramid Head effect is no longer in .03, it and the Centaur have been replaced by the Chimera effect.


I had a hunch it was gone after I looked for like a good hour for it and still didn't find it. I guess I'm not surprised.


Well the Pyramid Head being gone is kinda disappointing - but the area it was in is still pretty cool (reminds me of Divinity Fatum, tbh).

Still need a hand with the Proto effect.


File: 1349595694901.jpg (33.23 KB, 347x493, nailed it.jpg)

Someone pls help with finding the Ocarina effect
Wiki's no help
I'm not really fully conscious so I don't know why I'm posting but please help


Go to the Red Sea area, you should find a jumpable crevice that will lead to a tree with an egg on top of it. The Ocarina is in a big matryoshka egg building.


File: 1350695782290.png (29.8 KB, 885x278, Pholus.png)

Here's more proof, if that's what you call it.


File: 1350697959579.png (104.1 KB, 500x294, use soda.png)

That's all fine and dandy, but what do you mean by jumpable crevice? I see crevices all around the area with the egg tree but Usotsuki won't budge. I even went to some of the giant cracks in the ground. Do I need to press a specific key or what? Or am I just literally retarded?


Keep looking around the area and eventually you'll find a certain ledge with the same red dots on the edges as the one that leads you to the rabbit effect in the church.


One more thing, how many effects do you have? I restarted since I got a new laptop and I found the same ledge but without the dots. Maybe you need almost all of the effects for them to appear. ;-;


Sadly, I only have 12 because the Pyramid Head effect is inaccessible. This is ridiculously difficult, goddamn. ;_;


The alternate route to the egg world involves going to the Bird's Eye View Garden and into the clock. You'll end up in a sewer and you can traverse into the water with the Snow Bug effect. An entrance to a maze will be in the water and you need to navigate it and look for a portal that looks like deer antlers. Good luck.




File: 1350962398123.png (42.91 KB, 275x300, Slowpoke+Psyduck.png)

>The Ocarina is in a big matryoshka egg building.

I was trying to figure out how to get to the egg, dingus.

Thanks. I'll try that out in a bit.


File: 1351201292785.png (30.46 KB, 640x481, bunny.png)

Here we go.


File: 1352806311028.png (38.63 KB, 319x239, Yume Nisshi screenshot.png)

>mfw this area


File: 1353276834221.png (19.21 KB, 636x497, yume nisshi.PNG)

I know I comment a lot about problems but…I wanna play this game. And, as with most Yume Nikki fangames…I get an error when i start it.


Did you make sure your file path was short and the file names aren't all gobbledygook? Other than that, I got nothin'.


Actually, I was about to come say this but I got it to work after a little tinkering. Thank you for trying to help anyway. ♥



That's… beautiful.


Hello, guys.
For all, who still cannot find version 0.03, I found this:
The page has mediafire link, but you will need google translate, if you don't know spanish.
Sorry for my bad english, I'm russian.


File: 1354434554766.png (27.17 KB, 640x480, no dots.png)


I just went there, and I see no dots. Do I need to do something to trigger their appearance, or…?


File: 1354436341165.png (29.37 KB, 640x480, float.png)

Out of curiosity, has anyone else gotten this event?


File: 1354437366386.png (87.3 KB, 640x480, crotch 1.png)

Fun fact: You can go into a vagina in this game.


Usotsuki confirmed for lesbian.


File: 1354465185855.png (11.06 KB, 320x240, まいれ2.png)

Yes, actually. Try getting out.


File: 1357381032730.png (11.33 KB, 640x480, ocarina.png)

Just to clarify, the red dots appearing are a random event. Just wake up and go there again if they're not there.


File: 1364748151197.jpg (153.32 KB, 600x800, Nope_by_cat_monster[1].jpg)

Hopefully posting on a 2-month old thread isn't considered necrobumping or at the very least, not something bad.
I'm trying to get a specific sound loop for my HLDJ (If you don't know what that is please utilize your Google tool), but after looking on Youtube to find OST videos to convert, I only managed to find a small playlist of them. I'll post the name of the sound file I wanted to search for in a bit, it would help for some insight on where to obtain an MP3 on it.
>picture not related unless otherwise specified


File: 1366369381262.jpg (22.79 KB, 624x410, ShockedSniper[1].jpg)

Can't find it. It seems to have gone missing.


File: 1371260359776.png (3.32 KB, 228x236, nisshi.png)


File: 1371260877003.png (96.28 KB, 226x219, 1353173564969.png)


>some nerds stole my so precious source now I'm gonna kel meself…


File: 1371261746797.gif (176.17 KB, 170x170, tumblr_mjki16FF9q1rbymzeo6….gif)

LOL I can't say I feel bad about that, it's obvious why, the author is a horrible being, childish and racist, some people will miss the game, I apologize with them.


File: 1371325623690.png (131.98 KB, 640x480, NAZINISSHI.png)

Guys I translated the last version of Yume Nisshi here you go, if you want it just ask


File: 1371347383813.png (64.92 KB, 640x360, Hitoratsuki.png)

I don't remember this from the previous version… and you guys??


File: 1371400564970.jpg (301.18 KB, 700x613, ce0aad9fa01d4b0b7e82c98dfe….jpg)

Man, I'm really gutted with this, first Lcd Dem, and now Yume Nisshi, both are some of my favourite fangames. I wish this didn't have to happen, but gotten move on I guess.

Sweet dreams, Chie and Usotsuki.


File: 1371408738618.jpg (68.23 KB, 555x545, 1332821567691.jpg)

>Sweet dreams, Chie and Usotsuki.


File: 1371418593475.jpg (156.97 KB, 700x613, IT KEEPS HAPPENING.jpg)




File: 1371437981453.png (230.03 KB, 303x296, sfas.PNG)

>mfw its going counterclockwise and urotsuki is next

dont do this to me


File: 1371476773432.jpg (31.83 KB, 421x421, cypher.jpg)

You know, that scene in Matrix, where Cypher goes around the ship unplugging the Matrix crew and killing them one by one?

It's like that


>yfw Madotsuki is sleeping under the table because she's not involved in any of this, but she's the center of it all
picture is magic


File: 1371497574606.gif (1.85 MB, 360x306, 1368691190657.gif)

>yfw you realize she's already dead


60TONS OF (not-actually-american) FREEDOM won't save you from GLORIOUS NIPPON FANGAME-SEPPUKU

Well, as far as updates go, yeah Madotsuki is in a coma, at least.
That's why she's down there in the pic. Pic confirmed for accurate


File: 1371515609387.jpg (81.23 KB, 433x613, 1371400564970.jpg)

Editing the pic to this, while simple, has been more painful than expected.

Like something going horribly wrong.
Like a broken family.


File: 1371601450140.jpg (33.35 KB, 500x340, im cry.jpg)

>this picture
>the original picture
>"Sweet dreams, Chie and Usotsuki."
>The Race of a Thousand Ants shuffles up in my OFF ost playlist as I saw the edited picture


File: 1371608389011.png (99.63 KB, 255x177, 1357067297580.png)

This is going well, good goyim…
בדיוק על פי התכנית


I would like to see that copy of the game, please.



see this >>7990


Jews killing our dreams


File: 1371667844258.png (13.64 KB, 513x160, flow_.png)

lolrust already said in a tweet (see attached file) that he wouldn't cancel .flow unless circumstances were "extreme" (whatever that means):

JP: んー…次々公開停止してるらしいですね
ENG: Hmm… it seems that discontinuations are happening one after the other, huh?

JP: 原因は分かりませんが、余程の事がない限り、.flowは公開停止はしません。
ENG: I'm not sure what would cause it, but unless the circumstances are extreme, .flow will not be discontinued.

I feel confident that .flow isn't going anywhere.


There's no way this game would be canceled. Not only is it the fangame that started it all, but there's just too much work behind it to pull the plug at this point. I suppose the chance is there, but said chances are probably so slim that I wouldn't even worry about it.

>Yume Nikki

See >>8008


File: 1371680615509.png (371.33 KB, 600x600, 1363930384530.png)

>I'm not sure what would cause it, but unless the circumstances are extreme, .flow will not be discontinued.
>mfw lolrust is still the nicest person on the planet
Also, there's way too many people working on 2kki to get a consensus on discontinuing it. Unless there's some commander in chief behind it, but even then, someone taking that kind of administrative action would definitely cause an uproar.


also there's his comment being thankful of people having translated .flow to english



File: 1371861986028.png (16.97 KB, 514x203, lolsfavoritefangame.png)

Fun fact: Did you guys know that lol rust has stated that Yume Nisshi was his favorite Yume Nikki fangame?

Doodle, the producer of the fangame Broken Bottles, asked lol what his favorite fangame was. To this he (in English) said that his favorite was Yume Nisshi because it's, "… so fairy tale!" (he was probably trying to say that it was very fantasy-like, or something to that extent).

So yeah, just thought this was relevant due to the fact that his favorite fangame is now discontinued. At least he's still being pretty chill about this whole thing.


*lolrust, I didn't mean to put a space in between "lol" and "rust".

Also note that that tweet is from 2011, so his opinion regarding his favorite fangame may or may not have changed since then. Still, we can say that at one point it was his favorite, and even if it wasn't his favorite anymore I'm sure he still liked it.


File: 1388189790237.png (30.33 KB, 640x480, YumeNisshiv0.03ENG.PNG)

I have translated Yume Nisshi to English today! Yet again, it took me forever to edit the images. And yet AGAIN it took me forever to upload these two versions. Anyway, this is my third fangame translation.

There are two versions of it:
1. A brand new version fully translated by me. Get it here:
2. A version that contains [some of the text from the other translation of Yume Nisshi (v0.02)] - from http://uboachan.net/fg/res/24.html#30 + [text which was added in v0.03, untranslated lines and images] - translated by me. Get it here:

I hope the original translator of v0.02 doesn't mind me releasing this version. If you are that person and you have any complaints, you may contact me via email.

I will be back with more translated games soon.

Happy Holidays and Happy Dreaming!


The author just released version 0.04!
"I have published a dream diary 0.04Tasu . No additional effect . It is a version of just add some bug fixes and FC own menu in the world" (google translate)


File: 1424888840701.jpg (51.97 KB, 404x604, yumenisshidev.jpg)

Are you kidding me? I'm out of racism jokes and maymays


Wait, didn't he released that a few weeks ago along with the Valentines Day patch?


uh, guys, does anybody know how to get the cage effect? i've been running in circles 'round that cat in the mansion but i still can't do anything other than go left or right


You have to go down in the room with the cat IIRC.


(whats IIRC?)
tried, uso just stops in front of the wall.
I guess it's just a bug or smth then.


"If I Recall Correctly"


thank you 'u'


Poor guy, please don't be too hard on him :(


File: 1426871781051.jpg (37 KB, 263x466, TH_marisa_your_own_dick.jpg)

He deserves it for talking shit about the western community even if it was just a minimal group of people who used his so precious source and not even with bad intentions.


File: 1426873129047.png (563.11 KB, 815x762, Fraudmobile.png)

We got work to do.


File: 1452585911585.png (Spoiler Image, 14.94 KB, 640x480, is that rarity.png)

zenmaigahara confirmed for brony


File: 1453401365246.jpg (66.9 KB, 800x502, LCD-projector-reviews.jpg)


File: 1499029356481.png (14.88 KB, 640x480, f.png)

Sorry to bump but I'm at my wits end with this stupid Cage effect. Going south of the cat leads nowhere. I can't find a single answer anywhere.


File: 1499093298331.png (352.1 KB, 600x693, c1c.png)

Just wanted to know, are we cool with Zenmaigahara now or do we still hate him for being a nazi?

Was he even a nazi though, or did we just piss him off enough by stealing his sprites that he said "fuck off shitty gaijin" and we blew it way outta proportion?

Anyway, I'm only asking because it actually looks pretty beautiful but wanted to know how the dev was.


Honestly, he blew it out of proportion first. He got mad that some kids stole his source (I honestly don't even know where or who, it wasn't here; not even if it was real), and started uploading his games with puzzles that japanese people would crack easily although not baka gaijin unless he had some knowledge of japanese folk and did know japanese.
In other words, he wasn't angry that people "stole his source", but that it was somebody from overseas, and thus started to encode his uploads so "only japanese people could play them". When gaijin people actually managed to crack it, he got even more mad, and westerns also started getting angry for being denied to play his game, and so the war started.

He seems to be chill now. I hope he realized he was being childish and learned his lesson. As for westerns communities, well… they're generally full of retards, so I wonder if they've learned. Either way, no one has fired anything in, like, 3 years, so I think things are fine.


Just ignore the shitty creator, this is a free game it honestly doesn't matter one bit. Hell playing the game is what he DOESN'T want you to do.

IMO it's one of the better fangames out there.


File: 1499135117921.png (439.61 KB, 720x551, 1498354272206.png)

I think we're cool with the guy, since he started to calm down at least, some memes there and there are fun but you don't really want to cross arms with the Japanese fandom again.

>mfw i realize all the fangames in pic are dead and probably won't be updated/revived again


2kki is still alive.
Still… just for a while…


It's sad that now that Nisshi is updating again you can't say they're dying off counter-clockwise starting with Chie.

But you can argue that they're dying clockwise now.
>Koronba suicide'd
>lol no longer has interest in .flow
>2kki devs get bored and leave after 15 years. 2ch might even get shutdown. Alternatively the devs are all killed off by a truck explosion or are taken out individually Final Destination style
>Zenmaigahara is the last to go somehow
>When all the seals are broken, Yume Nikki will update


What if they're not seals, but hourcruxes, and Yume nikki is slowly being destroyed.


Perhaps it's for the best, these are some of the oldest fangames. Hopefully Nisshi can at least get an ending, though I doubt it.

Yuque and Minus Ichi are two new fangames that are just as good as these IMO, so it's not all hopeless.


So does anyone have a full change log or something regarding the changes to Ver 0.004?


Here's the Japanese changelog from the game files:

2014.11.28 : ver.0.04

2015.2.14 : ver.0.04+


File: 1502029873807.jpg (107.75 KB, 800x624, 51514226_p0.jpg)

twist: kikiyama was actually all the FG devs using sockpuppet accounts and he slowly created FGs to try different things without alienating his existing fanbase
once they are all dead by his own hand, Yume Nikki will get version 1.0, being the first YN game to ever be completed, and the last one to be updated as well

i'm sad.
will there ever be a completed fangame/a FG that's not abandoned
on a side note, what fangame felt the most complete, cohesive and "whole" to you?



There's a couple of complete FGs, anon. Miserere, Someday, Me, Somnium, and Amihailu in Dreamland

There's some others but those are just the western ones. I believe .flow is also complete.


okey i dowload the game but the screen of the program is completly black and dont load please uboa chan comunity help me


Set your System Locale to Japanese and download the RTP for RPG Maker 2000/2003.
I think Nisshi (and all the other fangames) are made with RPG2000, so install 2000 first, and if it doesn't work, try the RPG2003 RTP.


none i do this and is in fall


but i can play yume2kki but yume nisshi i can t tear tear


Is everything OK with us and Zenmaigahara now?


He backed down on his words at the time but I'm not sure if he still holds active resent.


I was starting to feel really bad for the guy ever since I saw that tweet that the anon at >>10215 showed us. I guess it was just normal that he did that, he probably just used those passwords to stop ONLY the guy who stole his sprites, but obviously ended up stopping many westerners from playing his game.


>probably just used those passwords to stop ONLY the guy who stole his sprites
I don't think so, it's just logical that using such passwords would stop most to all westerners, I wouldn't think he didn't realize that.


[…]"but obviously ended up stopping many westerners from playing his game."
Yeah, I know that already.


File: 1548614943414.png (6.75 KB, 661x533, Screenshot_1.png)

Does anyone know how to play the latest version(0.04+)?

Whenever I open the game, the problem on the picture appears. It's just a black screen, all the time.



Replace the exe file (RPG_RT or something) with an exe file of the same name from a different fangame.

This is an issue that happens with several fangames (Ultra Violet for example), but replacing the exe file itself seems to make the game work.


Newfag here. I’m getting into this game but I’m confused on which translation to use. The one called bundled or the the one called brand new? Also is there any translation for 0.04+ yet?


You fools yume nisshi updated



Is it still gaijin-locked or did the author stopped that nonsense?


there's a password, but it's the same as v0.04+: yumenisshi (all lowercase, no spaces)

so basically, no nonsense.


For what is worth, the author apologized some years after that incident after admitting the whole thing was pretty childish.


Is there an ending now?


How to find new effects?(except the Curtain)


no, as I know


File: 1587063541711.png (153.78 KB, 1920x1080, 2020-04-16 (3).png)

Hello everyone
The Yume Nisshi wiki is outdated, and I really need to know the stats of v.05 because I am trying to compare fangames and the original Yume Nikki in size.
It's a slow af process tbh. Here is a pic of my advancement so far (only 3 games)

Does anyone know the updated info?


I like that autism. Please update us on your progress.



This is autistic and unnecesary indeed.

In fact you don't even need our help for this, just dowload the game and look in the folder retard.


Also rebember when ynfg where still relevant? good times


File: 1594449080080.jpg (32.86 KB, 639x483, photo_2020-07-11_08-28-42.jpg)

Anyways I wonder if Nisshi will update any time soon. I feel more or less the update we got was just an "anniversary thing" I mean it was pretty good actually but small.


>playing YN fangames for their relevance


File: 1595479329430.jpg (509.97 KB, 2048x1928, 5fc1899b4b1498c2db13b1796b….jpg)

A lot of the fangames made when they were "relevant" were unfinished stuff made by silly kids who wanted to take part in the fun. People still make good fangames which is a blessing if you play these for enjoyment not just to fit in.


Don't be rude.


>>14750 I was more or less talking about how Yume Nikki and fangames perse lose popularity. I didnt really mean it in a "fit in" context I couldnt care less if this is popular or not because I love it either way. And yeah is truly a BLESSING seeing recent awesome fangames.





>>14750 also imma steal that image lmao


Does anyone have a reupload of the Valentine's Day patch for this game?


0.05 includes the valentine patch if I remenber correctly, you could unlock what this patch features bia and event in the main game or smth, idk beign a big while since I played.

Srry for latereplay.


So is the creator of this still a racist sperg, or have they calmed down?


Idk do you see a password only japanese people can understand in her newer versions of Yume Nisshi? if your response is that you havent played Yume Nisshi to begin with I encourage you to do so.


I love this game


Besto gamu

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