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File: 1620993608022.jpg (24.63 KB, 360x480, mado.jpg)


I'm making a Yume Nikki porn game where Madotsuki gets raped by many different dream creatures that appear in the original game, is there anything you'd like to see in it?


no, I wouldn't like to see it at all actually


File: 1621008551186.jpg (124.4 KB, 1280x720, bc1.jpg)

Nice, it's this >>13071 thread again. Yeah, I would like to see less low quality bait in this board, thanks.

>Rape fetish


File: 1621036202322.png (893.52 KB, 1334x720, thinkmado1.png)

Why did you make me reply to this!? You are posting, so that you can watch everyone around you get banned. Think, Anon! You'll bait every fragile insignificant poster in this thread.
OP hasn't posted screenshots, nor a serious concept, not even a sprite! there is not even evidence that he can make a game, and this thread already happened two years ago! He's an idea guy and he is not even going to deliver!
What will you have after 50 posts??


biggest faggot in uboachan history 2: electric boogaloo
200 yen it's the same idea guy from last time


Wait, what? This has happened before? Man, I didn't know that, thanks for letting me know, Anon.


File: 1621064068976.jpg (189.35 KB, 1684x1191, __madotsuki_yume_nikki_dra….jpg)

I don't understand what's going on as I don't use this site a lot but It's ok you don't have to believe me, I'll still make it, so if you do believe me leave some suggestions.
Also I read >>13071 and It's not really what I want to do, I'm doing this more because I find the idea of being raped by dream monsters arousing, I won't read the replies to his thread as to not steal ideas
Also >>15111 talked about bans, am I not allowed to talk about porn fan games here? should I make this thread in another board?


Please don't make it.


File: 1621087055761.png (73.62 KB, 287x326, angy at you.PNG)

everyone is going to tell you to piss off regardless, so you may as well keep it quiet until you have screenshits or a sex scene done


honestly I would like a middle way between "0-horny hormonally disrupted weirdo" (no hate, this fits me way more than I'm letting on) and "everything has to be hardcore porn" (which, like, gets a little… maybe exhausting is the word)


File: 1621090220791.png (615.9 KB, 740x740, __madotsuki_and_kyukkyu_ku….png)

Are you like already working on something similar or is there another reason as to why you don't want me to make it?
Ok, once I have a beta going on I'll post it here.
I don't think I can make monster rape not "hardcore" but I will see what I can do.


No one really takes people who say "I'm gonna make a game :D" seriously unless they show intent, either in the form of screenshots or previous work they've done, or some kind of development plan. You know, what engine will it made of, will be episodic or not, can you make assets at all, how music will be added, you know, the usual stuff.
This is because of course, in the YNFG community people who just say they will make a game, don't even start working on it, and if they do, they won't finish it.
This may sound as a generalization but it's what has been happening for years, and years, and years.
The replies ITT are memeing the events of that old disaster thread two years ago.


If you need help with it I will help but only if you have something to show


File: 1622778701534.png (36.7 KB, 128x128, 1621949873751.png)

what the fuck


I don't think it's that shocking, honestly.


File: 1622847783108.jpg (11.51 KB, 203x248, 62b71aa720250e31ed930ee6b0….jpg)

Nearly a month passed and OP didn't even show a single sprite or intent to develop anything, history repeats itself.

What do people even gain from doing this? Idea guy threads should be bannable and punishable with jail time irl.


No, fuck you. Please forget about this game and this fandom and everything surrounding it, for the love of God. Leave.

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