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File: 1454938833743.gif (1.6 KB, 135x175, Urotsuki.gif)

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Shouldn't this be self-explanatory?


Wataru maps when! Going to the Planetarium and to the Depths are my favorite journies in the game, I really hope Wataru pulls through with the Rose Church. There's so much buildup waiting on what will be behind that door in the alleyway.


Some anon sent him a message, and he replied that he's working hard to put more material on the next updates.


File: 1455347138118.png (11.17 KB, 640x480, commentary maybe.png)

Now here's an odd request:

Can someone translate all of the commentary GALAXY says during debug mode?

Hell, just translate some of the hidden commentary that only appears in debug mode, I'm interested in 2kki's development.


File: 1455389352475.jpg (19.21 KB, 229x173, you can't learn japanese1.jpg)

>ここは胡麻横丁。本家のバラック集落を意識して作成しました。怖そうだけど怖くないイメージから胡麻横丁(sesame street)というネーミングにしました。
>Here we are in the Sesame street. I created it with the original barracks' settlement in mind. It looks eerie but I named it after the non-scary sesame street.

I never watched Sesame Street so I don't know if "barracks' settlement" is a correct translation.
I could translate the other commentaries but I don't have 2kki on my HDD and I'm lazy to download it, so that will have to wait.


File: 1455414843544.png (13.94 KB, 640x480, black hot springs 1.png)


Pure speculation here, but seeing as most of his maps lead to menu themes, would this possibly mean that there's going to be an ending that involves collecting all the menu themes, much like there being an ending for all the wallpapers and another for the secret events/seeds?

Also, I'd love it if there were more areas to connect to this one. It seems odd that somewhere like this has so few connections.


0.104d's out!


File: 1455750979861.png (25.37 KB, 632x468, WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST….png)


Links are always fun. You know, they're needed and all.



File: 1455795616376.jpg (465.39 KB, 1000x1000, 2kki45.jpg)

It's kinda terrifying how fucking huge 2kki is.


Can anyone tell what's new in it?
Wataru pls


There's 10 new maps apparently, sweet!


File: 1455841494615.png (50.5 KB, 640x480, funky3.png)

Just a thought, but:

The english 2kki wiki is a piece of shit. We should work together and clean it up some.


I'd actually be willing to help with that project if someone could point me toward existing resources regarding the game. I havn't played in literal ages (ver0.086e_eng)


If I knew how to code and edit wiki shit I'd have done it ages ago, sounds like something I really wanna do though


Wikis use templates, so it's piss easy to learn how to edit them. Give it a try.

You guys should open a IRC channel or something and start concreting stuff, otherwise this will stay as just an idea on this thread and nobody will get anything done.


File: 1456006349995.png (20.56 KB, 640x480, Library101.png)

Is it even possible to get to the Dream Library in 0.104b? What about 0.104d?

I've never been there, it's completely baffling to me.


I think the last time I played was in 2013, should I give it another shot?, is there interesting new content?


File: 1456271081529.jpg (319 KB, 856x678, 42001725_p0.jpg)

There's definitely a lot more of content, give it a try.


File: 1456635082177.png (136.02 KB, 480x640, urotsuki.png)

based cake effect


File: 1456658184926.png (4.91 KB, 258x160, Issue.PNG)

I'd really hate to turn this into a troubleshooting thread. Feel free mods to delete this if it's bothering anyone. But I'm just so close.
Everything works fine including loading saves but starting a new one just wont work.
Don't know if this is a common error or not. Wiki won't help nor will google.
Pic related is the issue. On windows 10 btw.


File: 1456680998240.png (1.91 KB, 160x80, 1451684315493.png)

Into the system folder it goes.
Name is システム.png


Oh wow. Thank you so much dude! Though, I did have to take the image from my rpg maker 2003 install and name it that instead of your file.
Now I've just gotta get that english patch working correctly.


File: 1456849647642.png (22.54 KB, 660x523, help.png)

So, I'm retarded and can't merge the paintings from the right room on ↑V↑.
I'm only supposed to collect the paintings and then touch the wall, right? As far as I can tell, the wiki doesn't mention anything else that could count as a missing step but it still won't work.


Oh god what, Wataru drew a new picture of Urotsuki yesterday
He's not forgotten about this project?



He was probably talking about www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=55595401 since it was posted today and all that.
Don't get your hopes up, it may happen or it may not.


Well some other anon sent Wataru fanmail and Wataru responded saying he's working hard for the next update


What is the text at the start of the game?


File: 1457286388603.png (43.17 KB, 400x500, 3a303a64d863deb9cb13860921….png)

Game instructions and how to participate if you want to dev.


File: 1457991506019.gif (94.84 KB, 500x460, Safe Haven.gif)

What's been your favorite journey in Yume 2kki so far? For me it'd have to be the journey all the way down to the Depths. I don't know how Wataru does it but it just felt so immersive, it was really enjoyable too. One of my favorite parts was when you got to the Antenna World and found this lovely, calming place after travelling through so many darker worlds. It was such a nice little room too, pretty to look at.


For me, the whole GAME in my favorite Journey. Descending into Uro's mind, seeing her thoughts, and all the new content.


File: 1458077189452.jpg (801.2 KB, 3556x3215, wataru.jpg)

Map of wataru's current maps, if anyone wants it.


When did Wataru start contributing his maps? I really hope he adds/finishes more areas. The Planetarium was such a good payoff.


New update's out!


File: 1458418629694.jpg (408.81 KB, 500x600, 32836372_m.jpg)

Any idea of what was added on this update?


File: 1458419205935.png (28.84 KB, 1300x101, Japanese Leisure.png)

I can translate if someone posts the log.


Here ya go:
ver0.104e 16/03/18 kuraud (music:538(SR258) sound:241)
・MAP191 私用デバッグルームのエレベーターの移動先を共有部屋のみに変更
※MAP141 スロットゲームのプレイ料金と払い戻しの金額調整
・MAP192 ペンギンゲームにバグ演出を追加
+MAP614,615,616,617 滑る世界を追加、以前の滑る世界も一応残ってます
◇×MAP199 滑る箱上にあるハシゴに下から接触するとイベ中動作禁止になるバグを修正
◇※MAP172 うろつき邸K部屋の上部にあるモノを文字イベントのアリナシ関係なく表示するように巻き戻し
※MAP172 うろつき邸K部屋 行ったことがない繋ぎ部屋へは行けないように変更


※A bug report for a transition in the MAP611 ladder.
※A replacement of wallpaper (No. 149) at request of the author.
※In the debug room, a sign to display the amount of input needed [NT: money, I'm guessing] was added in the vending machine Event.
A picture is worth more than a thousand words.
- Currently unusued old events ("0066: Setting of Old system", "0067: Cancellation of setting of old system") were eliminated.
The reason is simply so nobody triggers it by error.
・ I changed the joining of rooms at the other side of the elevator in my own personal debug room (MAP191).
※MAP141 Adjusted the fee and refund for playing in the slot game.
・MAP192 Added a note about a bug in the penguin game.
+MAP614,615,616,617 Added a slip transition, but didn't change any element left on them.
Also, calling variables on map 614, 615 take to the same map as 144, and 616, 617 do that with 146 too.
◇×MAP199 Fixed the bug that prohibited to realize any action when touching the transition box above the ladder from the southern side.
◇※MAP172 The alphabet event of the thing in the northern part of K's room in Urotsuki's residence that pointed to a nonexistent unrelated indication was rewinded.
While I was at it, I also added a pattern in the lower part of the screen.
※MAP172 (K's room in Urotsuki's residence) In order not to go to the connecting room, a stop cone was added.
(In case there's a marked room where you couldn't access, it will display a red street light.)
(If there's a place you can't access, it will bounce you back like in FF6).

The last part is a suggestion on how to handle dev stuff.


Thanks for the translation.


Does anyone have a download of yume 2kki up to date with a save file already in it? For some reason my game's completely screwed over


File: 1461421865608.png (20.17 KB, 978x324, well screw you too yume 2k….png)



What's the last translated yume 2kki version? wiki's 0.101a?


File: 1463866867246.png (17.49 KB, 815x623, chrome_2016-05-21_23-38-37.png)

My game bugged in this area, game got blue tinted and crashed after a while losing my progress.

Not sure if it's replicable easily since my journey was quite long at that moment.


Anyone willing to translate the patch notes for the new update?
+MAP0022 夢幻図書館…本追加(条件あり)
+MAP0693 夢書庫…本追加・拡張・イベント追加(区切られている場所は蝶からの移動でランダム。少しは本が読みやすいかなーと。狐が一部のエフェクトに反応)
+MAP0697 彼岸花…イベント追加(夢書庫でとある本を読んだ上で、とあるエフェクトを使うと…)
♯MAP0698 金平糖…閉じ込めを回避した場合のあれは仕様です。バグではないのでご注意を
※MAP0699 星座…BGM変更(何度もごめんなさい。良いのが見つからなくて…)
+MAP0711 蝶…行き先追加(水色・白)
※MAP0712 赤空崖…ちょこっとイベント変更
+MAP0713 蛍…季節感を少し追加(とあるエフェクトの状態で読む必要あり)
+MAP0714 時の間…本追加
+MAP0715 八分音符…蝶追加(エフェクト必須)
+MAP0716 小部屋…マップ追加(ランダムで様子変化)
+MAP0717 楽譜…マップ追加
+MAP0718 みずたま…マップ追加


I don't know some things mentioned in the text so I kinda did my best with the little context I had. I also don't remember some of the english names for the places so I translated them as literally as I could.

+Map0022 Dream Library… Book added (With conditions *)
+Map0693 Dream Book Storage… Book added - Expanded - Event added (Accessing the delimited place with the butterfly is random**. I thought that reading the book was a little too easy. The fox reacts to one of the effects).
+Map0697 Higanbana… Added event (It triggers if you read a certain book in the Book Storage, or use a certain effect…).
#Map0698 Confetti… in case being caught is avoided it is there. There are no bugs so be careful.
※Map0699 Constelation… changed BGM (Sorry for doing it over and over again. I can't find something fitting…).
+Map 0711 Butterfly… added a destination (Light blue, white).
※Map0712 Red sky cliff… I changed the events a little.
+Map0713 Firefly… I added a bit of a sense of seasons.*** (Activates when a condition of certain effect is readed).
+Map0714 Time gap… added a book.
+Map0715 Talisman of the 8th note… added a butterfly (Effect required).
+Map0716 Small room… map added (the appearance changes randomly).
+Map0717 Score sheet… map added.
+Map0718 Drop of water… map added.

*I don't know if he's referring that you need to fulfill a condition to use it or if the book was required.
**I think, I hate these kind of ambiguous sentences. "As for separated area, it's random through movement from butterfly".


File: 1464201946314.jpg (403.53 KB, 800x1038, 428f470f9e4051f9a8c7c6c546….jpg)

Yeah, I forgot the last note:

***季節感 literally translates as "Sense of seasons", but I'm guessing it means that the appearance of the map changes (Like, from summer to winter, or autumn, or something like that). I'm not sure though.


Thank you for the translation! Looks like it's just a few new things here and there.


Curious, does anyone know how to get to mini-town now? The wiki isn't exactly up to date, or accurate


File: 1465172071665.png (218.74 KB, 1769x1269, whatdoIdohere.png)

Is there anything to actually do here, am I missing something?


Has anyone figured out what effect you need to make the pink butterfly appear?


Ah, I was wandering around Stone Maze and stumbled upon Kanashii-tan… I wanted to find what effects would make her react, so I was going through what effects I had. Then I selected the instruction page and the screen flashed.. red? Glitched up? Something of that sort. Then my character woke up on the floor. I was still wearing the grave head effect.
I'm wondering if she causes that, or if there is a very low chance of that happening when you use it..? Did not get any screencaps, sadly.


Version .104e, by the way.


Update 104.g is up, anyone want to translate the changes/additions?

ver0.104g パッチ1 16/06/13 kuraud (music:487(SR258) sound:250)[曲変更なし]
×MAP0142 FC迷宮 セーブデータ引き継ぎ時に一人称視点にならなくなることがあるバグを修正
※MAP0142 FC迷宮 装飾追加
×MAP0020 夢幻図書館 暗号の2ページ目に書き間違いがあったのを修正
×MAP0192 ぺんぎんゲー ほほつね中に長押し動作ができるバグを修正

ver0.104g 16/06/05 spelude (music:487(SR258) sound:250)
※MAP0020 夢幻図書館 自作の本の出現条件緩和
※MAP0711 蝶 オブジェクトや行き先変化

ver0.104fパッチ3 16/05/31 natl (music:558(SR258) sound:250)
×「map703 カクテル」 一部カクテルのグラフィックを修正・変更
×「map701 メヒコ」 葬式会場で頬をつねると一瞬元のグラフィックに戻ってしまうのを修正
※「map701 メヒコ」 マップチップ修正&一部マップデザイン変更


Small bugfixes and really little additions (details).


You should be able to tell more or less by eyeballing a changelog whether wataru has updated. Wataru has maps 0511-0590 reserved for his use. You can see that there are 11 maps not currently in use under his name (0577-78; 0580; 0583-0590), and a couple of others that are clearly unfinished and under construction. So if the changelog mentions changes to maps in ranges 0511-0590, then you'll know instantly that he's updated.


File: 1466928345214.png (55.91 KB, 123x177, Снимок.PNG)

Could somebody please pack the latest version and upload somewhere like dropbox or google docs? Somhow, I cant download from getuploader


I can't download from Getuploader either; I get a 503 error when I try to download part 2 for 104g.


Kind of a noob here. Last time I came to uboa was about a year ago- I saw 2kki but told myself I shouldn't check it out until there's a english patch for the final version. Main game has updated since then, but I'm pretty sure Psiwolf hasn't updated the patch (or my memory is just fuzzy.) Does anyone know if he's still working on it? Also, at what point do the 2kki devs plan on saying the game is finished- if any at all?


File: 1472598884718.jpg (20.48 KB, 450x487, human-looking-dog.jpgw277h….jpg)

I'm pretty sure there are no plans to stop updating, you might as well just play it.


When will the english ver sync with the latest ver?


There's no "official english translation" whatsoever. The english patches done in the past were basically the goodwill of some people who happened to translate the latest version of yume 2kki at the time. In other words, there are no plans for a english 2kki unless someone becomes interested in translating it, and, so far, it doesn't seem likely.


Sad to hear. brb learning moonrunes.


I fucking did it. I managed to play this fucking game.

Windows 7 64bit.

Downloaded 0.104h plus patch1 from the main site.
Download Japanese rpgmaker2000 rtp from the main site (and all the others including English 2003, XP, VC and Ace)
Downloaded applocale.

1. Installed applocale using cmd with admin privs. command is as given on instalation instructions
2. Used applocale (with admin privs - you gotta look for the exe in the windows folder and make a shorcut) to install the Japanese rpgmaker2000 rtp (and all the other jap ones)
3. Used applocale to extract Yume 2kki form it's exe.
4. Use applocale to play the game and make a shorcut

Now I'm trying to see if I can make papplocale (that msi the replaces applocale by letting open an exe with jap locale through a right switch) work so I don't need to make a shortcut every time I want to play a Jap game. Seems to actually replace applocale which I'm not sure if I want it.

Also papplocale can be obtained from here http://www.softking.com.tw/soft/?fid3=27162

Additionally, you may use 7zip to extract jap .zips as it has an option to extract with the jap locale.


Question! Is it possible to use JoyToKey with this game? how?


https://xupefei.github.io/Locale-Emulator/ this has worked for me in the past


Yes I do it all the time.


How? When I run it in Japanese Locale JoyToKey does not seem to find it. Without the locale it works but that's not playable obviously.


Changelog for the new versions 104h and 104i, anyone mind translating?

ver0.104i 16/09/20 spelude (music:502(SR258,分室80) sound:252) [music:15 sound:2 追加(SRは変化なし)]
◇MAP0620 SR分室   一部の曲のテンポを原曲通りに修正(ほぼ趣味なので上書きして消しても問題ないです)
+MAP0692 絵本の中 マップ追加。イベントを起こすとパイプオルガンへ移動(一方通行)
+MAP0719 還良逝怖 マップ追加
+MAP0720 混沌    マップ追加
+MAP0717 絵本    マップ追加
※MAP0695 雲の上   とある浮遊物体にMAP0720への移動フラグ設置
※MAP0711 蝶      狐にMAP0712 赤い空の崖・MAP0714 時の間(文字ありのみ)への移動フラグ設定(エフェクト必須)
※MAP0713 螢      てるてるぼうずをエフェクト解除から使用禁止に変更。コウモリのエフェクト解除を廃止
・MAP0697 彼岸花    前から設置していたイベントをやや編集。マップ名を彼岸花に変更
・MAP0694 森の中    上を向いている時のみ見上げられるように変更
・MAP0716 小部屋   イベントやや編集。MAP0717への移動フラグ設置
・MAP0718 みずたま  オブジェクト追加。移動フラグ仮設置(今は移動しません)。てるてるぼうずで晴らせてしまうバグ修正

ver0.104h 修正パッチ1 16/09/12 12部屋目の310 (music:487(SR258,分室87) sound:250)[曲変更なし]


ver0.104h 16/09/11 12部屋目の310 (music:487(SR258,分室80) sound:250)[曲変更なし]



All I can tell you is no Wataru


File: 1476394476494.png (25.47 KB, 640x480, 427.png)

I've run into a weird problem in the Eyeball Archives.

I try to activate the book to start the event, but it never shines. Touching the book does nothing.

I'm at version 104g.

Anyone know what's up?


It looks like Wataru deleted his pixiv profile


File: 1476928115050.png (2.66 KB, 246x86, Sorry_but_Wataru_wants_not….png)


The wonders of research, fellow anon. 2kki HQ is a thing; and running its Staff Page by someone with knowledge of runes (like myself) would've saved you months of crippling uncertainty.

「2016/5/22 制作から離脱」

…Ah, you probably don't know what that means, do you? Here, I'll translate it for you:

"22 May 2016 - Withdrawal from project" R.I.P. wataru Updates.

Hopefully y'all have other reasons to play future versions of 2kki. (Consider these two: oudn and Zenmaigahara.)


That only means Wataru's maps won't be updated anymore, right? They won't be removed or anything like that.


File: 1476995831318.png (20.92 KB, 640x480, 444.png)

Just installed version 104i

Why does this happen every single time I wake up?


Somehow I'm detecting a lot of salt from you.


No, not at all! If you take a gander at the top of the change log .txt file for version 0.105, there's a snippet of text across from wataru's name: 「改変自由です」.

—That is, anyone is "free to change/update" his material. ;D

Translator OP speaking! Nothing but low sodium levels on my end. ^^ b I was for a time quite salty about spelude's decision to go bananas with conducting maintenance on, like, *all* of his content over the last few months. (I still haven't reached Innocent- and Fantasy Libraries~) kuraud's and yeris's fixes weren't nearly as intrusive as his.

You seem to have mistaken my sarcasm for salt. I feel like the only player who doesn't exalt wataru like WOAH. He's definitely a top-notch talent, but one ought to be mindful of the contributions of others (especially those who headed the project!).

(Though admittedly I too now feel like punching a certain pink catgirl in the dev room….)


According to wiki, using the computer in the Warehouse will take you to either the Green or Blue Binary World. I've (painstakingly) traveled to the computer like 23 times and it hasn't taken me to Green Binary once. Is this a bug or is my luck just really that bad?


Bad luck, probably.
I tried getting to the place a ton of times without success, so I decided I'd just open the game once a day to see if anything would happen. By chance, I actually finally got there today, hah.


Yup, luck; finally got Green after a few more attempts. Now the only thing really barring me from 100% is wallpaper #97: I did all the requirements that the wiki listed multiple times. In the same dream session. Without using the Eye Bomb. And still nothing. Does it mean the Head Wasteland UFO or the Apartment UFO?


Ah, whoops. Sorry about that, then. It's so hard to figure out what's sarcasm and what's salt these days. Some of those statements just felt a bit too wordy and overly-polite to me. Not that there's anything wrong with being polite. It's just in this day and age, it's very easy to misinterpret it as something else, you know?

I like Wataru's maps, and I am a bit disappointed that they won't be updating them personally anymore, but I'm not a rabid fan. In fact, I've enjoyed the maps that have been added recently. And there are some maps that are really out of the way (the ones that are just water, and are either colored or sepia-toned. The sepia-toned one is accessible through the Spelling Room, and the other one is accessible through the Ruined City, I believe) are nice to look at, too.
Now if the entire game wasn't going to be updated anymore, that'd be a bigger reason to be upset.
Of course… the game's pretty much complete as it is. Multiple endings, lots of effects, lots of maps… All these updates are just extra stuff. So I guess there wouldn't be that big of a loss if the game stopped updating for good.
Anyways, sorry about the misunderstanding. No hard feelings, right?


I think the 2kki team is going to keep updating for one more year, then it's done.


>2kki dead
>.flow dead
>YN dead

How long before Uboachan itself dies?


>implying it's alive


Did they say that themselves? If so, I think that's actually good. Better to actually be able to say it's finished than to have it be another infinitely wip fg. Actually now that I think about it, are there ANY fangames where the creator decided to stop updating because they felt the game was finished and not because they were just tired of updating it?


>are there ANY fangames where the creator decided to stop updating because they felt the game was finished and not because they were just tired of updating it?
Miserere. RIP Owl, nobody remembers the guy anymore.


On the bright side, you've made me try it out. Pretty good so far


Owl lurks. They haven't made anything substantial in a while.


>They haven't made anything substantial in a while
See what I say? Forgotten.
Okay, okay, I know it may not be the shit but he's still active and that happened just a while ago.

His artstyle is pretty rad too, but I wish he tried some other things. I should send him a message about that.


Played that when it came out. It was extremely short.


>implying it is
What are you talking about? This is probably the most alive Uboachan has been in some time, if not it's whole life.


File: 1480912063985.jpg (75.16 KB, 807x623, 1480529898001.jpg)

>This is probably the most alive Uboachan has been in some time
It is,
>if not it's whole life.
You are certainly not and old user around here.


Oky, so I'm playing the 105 a version. I don't see angels in the red lily orld with glasses on, the grave effect does nothing with the lily, how the hell do i get to the innocent library? I haven't played for like 10 versions, so I never saw it at all.


File: 1483756184553.png (29.96 KB, 638x476, 2kki Ending...?.png)

So…not sure if anyone else has run into this (the wiki has nothing on it at all), but for some reason, I'm suddenly able to leave Uro's room as I please when awake, leading me to this awefully familiar sight from the Dream Apartments. I am unable to recreate it currently, but preceding this, when waking up, I occasionally got the screen that >>11855 encountered.
Unfortunately, whenever I open the patterned door, I get an error for a file missing, probably because I'm running this on wineskin. T.T I'm on the latest version and have completed almost everything (missing two wallpapers and a handful of tracks and menu themes).


That's the developer room. You get access to it after getting the first four endings (the standard endings). The wiki DOES have information on it, but doesn't have translations for what the people inside say, so…
It has a few rooms. One room is dedicated to music, giving you access to the old music listing, one has a bunch of artists' avatars… and I forget what the other one is meant to be. Either mapping or something like that.

It was only really significant before the latest updates, when the sound room inside the developer room contained tracks that weren't on Urotsuki's computer. Now that they switched the sound rooms, it's not too important.


Is it possible to share save files? If so I can run whatever the people in the dev room are saying through google translate


just use RPGmaker to edit the spawn point to the dev room, takes like 5 min


Will the new version get translated?


Why don't you start translating it yourself instead?


I would if I could read Japanese.. unless you want an Engrish google-translated version


1)- Grab the last english version
2)- Check the effects names
3)- Compare with jap
4)- Grab the new version
5)- Paste english names onto japanese
A)- If an effect name is unknown, consult somebody with japanese knowledge.



y even i managed to translate a really old version of .flow (including the event script and map names) just by the name of the items and context


Sorry for necroposting, but here's the link to version 0.105d if someone needs it:


File: 1488570040744.png (173.99 KB, 1280x800, KbsFkc5.png)

Q: Is this area still in the game? Don't see it on the wiki…


It still is. Its called Realistic Beach. I don't know if its still up in the wiki though, never checked it for like years now.


File: 1488986450601.png (527.71 KB, 800x600, 37ajr4laefey.png)

that happens when your kill count (aka how many npc you have killed) is over 50 and ends with 0. The kill count number does not reset between dreams


File: 1489270905844.png (22.67 KB, 640x480, eyeballarchives.png)

Okay I'm trying to get the last 2kki effect here, but I can't activate this book. It says it's supposed to be sparkling but it won't work.

What's up?


2kki my favorite. I AM Urotsuki.


File: 1495134504991.png (142.2 KB, 800x600, Overgrown_city_hidden_entr….png)

I kinda think wataru maps are way too overrated. They are extremely detailed and well programmed, but they're almost completely unnavigable otherwise. And there's practically no variety between them. They all look the same, just dark, gloomy ruins you can hardly see because of absolutely no lighting and there are fucking treetops everywhere keeping you from even seeing Urotsuki most of the time.

You don't even know where you're going half the time because the tiles aren't distinct, so you have no clue where you can walk. And all of his worlds are huge and empty with not much to do. I don't understand why the thread gets off over all of them because they hit a lot of the "bad yn fangame" points. Most are giant voids, you can't see what you're doing, and some are just giant mazes with no obvious things to do. The lamp world is even worse than the hell maze because of the constant bike disembarking to use the ladders.

A few of them aren't that bad, but a lot of them aren't the greatest. And the cosmic world, which is rather unlike most of his maps in being bright and colorful, while being intriguingly designed, is still just a huge offense to the eyes and ears, and you still don't know where you're going because the tiles aren't marked clearly. Why do people let the huge technical flaws go?


I won't argue with you, but who do you feel does the best maps then?

I think oudn is underrated honestly, his maps are really comfortable.


File: 1495219765280.png (34.65 KB, 640x479, Owlshield.png)

It's more personal preference honestly.

I liked oudn's earlier maps, but I'm also in the camp that thinks his updates made them feel pretty bland.

I guess my favorite map maker is 710? Their maps just feel kinda "squishy" and toy-like to me. I really dig the aesthetic. Though I do admit that an awful lot of them are just "diagonal walkways across weird ambient backgrounds", they still always have a large variety of monsters around them to grab your attention.

Natl shows a significant amount of potential as well. I'd like to see more maps by them.


File: 1495272139805.png (4.72 KB, 200x200, Dream_Graffiti__Swing__by_….png)

When 2kki's done I hope more of these map makers take the Oudn route and make their own games, I loved Dream Graffiti.


I sit here and wonder what the fuck 710 is on some days to make that stuff. Probably isnt on anything, but the content makes me question that…


Is there a translation of it anywhere? A friend of mine wants to dev I think


I checked the wiki like yesterday, it still is


Give me the pic and I will translate the instructions.
Be wary though, that deving for 2kki wll more than likely require japanese knowledge to communicate with the team, so unless your friend knows japanese I don't see it as very feasible…


File: 1495484325180-0.png (11.14 KB, 633x420, yume2kkidev1.png)

File: 1495484325180-1.png (8.29 KB, 632x471, yume2kkidev2.png)

File: 1495484325180-2.png (5.5 KB, 632x425, yume2kkidev3.png)

Here you go


I actually just got there by coincidence. There's a butterfly in the world with the vomiting heart that takes you to a hub with a bunch of butterflies, and one of them takes you there


Wait no, scratch that, the butterfly is in the red spider lily world. Also I'm on a really old version, so it may be different


File: 1495486243663.jpg (2.66 MB, 1537x1500, Yume_2kki_Uro.jpg)

The first part is basically "this is a yn fangame we're not the original idea" blah blah.
Second part:





About Development:

Yume 2kki is being developed as a "hobby" by the team.
Consequently there are many things that may not be implemented anytime soon (or ever).

If there is some idea, event, map or anything of the sort
you would like to modify or add, please join us in making the game.

If by your participation the development gets faster,
we will be able to go deeper with our objectives.

With a computer, anyone can make games.
With RPG Maker it's specially easy to create your own worlds.

We're recruiting mappers, artists, and muscicians/sound all the time.


Their wiki is in the titlescreen, that's where you can contact them. Alternatively, 2ch, but I don't know what board.


I have 0.104e, and the link in it just takes me to a 404 page. Could you maybe link the wiki?


I don't even have 2kki installed… remember, Google is your friend.

Also, guys, this Friday is the 10th year anniversary of 2kki. How are you guys going to celebrate Uro's birthday?


Do anyone know about some "sleep paralysis" event that happens when you re enter the balcony?
I don't know the chance of getting the event tough, but I got it twice today. I've searched about it but it doesn't appear as an event in the wiki. Also it sort of makes the room mirrored.


Did Urotsuki's room turn purple by any chance?


no, I looked more into it and wiki says its Mirror Room but I'm not getting teleported anywhere when I interact with the TV


File: 1503386651322-0.png (114.67 KB, 900x560, 15017636127410.png)

Hi guze. Is it as good as the original YN?


Overall, I'd say it's even better. It's absolutely massive, it incorporates different art styles, there's a whole lot of different events, and you can actually track your progress through the game. Some folks might say the story is all over the place, but there's no guarantee that the original has had any story, despite what theory junkies would want you to believe. If someone said to me I'd sink 100+ hours in an indie RPG maker game, I'd laugh in their face. And yet, with this game, I did.


It's much worse.


File: 1505104967496-0.png (62.87 KB, 640x480, tiny mars.png)

File: 1505104967496-1.png (62.75 KB, 640x480, tiny mars 2.png)

wiki says there's a mars that leads to a much bigger mars but these two don't do anything and i can't find a third


Just checked in the game, there's nothing on that planet, or on any other planet except the moon. Either someone on wiki made it up, or it used to be there but then got removed later.


File: 1505107432472.jpg (32.1 KB, 641x481, Lunar.jpg)

probably the latter, if pic is any indication


File: 1505449381380.png (18.95 KB, 640x480, too many worms.png)

can anyone tell me how to get to that one flag that leads to the big island with the tower?

this place is far bigger than it has any business being.


>this place is far bigger than it has any business being.
What do you know, that's my entire experience with the original Yume Nikki!

Anyway, it goes something like this: once you reach the leftmost end of the tentacle field, go north and you probably won't miss it.


File: 1505854030673.png (24.46 KB, 640x480, FINALFUCKINGLY.png)

anyway, found it; thanks for the help!


My personal gripe with Wataru's maps is how linear they are, how much of the music isn't mastered properly (which leads to audible clicks every time it loops) and how the traffic cones are used as part of the scenery, even though just about every other designer uses them only as a WIP sign.

As for why people like it, well, there are a few well done mood changes between the maps, and I guess it also feels very satisfying to get to the bottom of the Depths after stealing through so many obstructions. It took me 6+ hours to do on my first try, and even though I cursed the perpetual darkness and obtuse pathing more than a hundred times at that point, it still felt pretty good.

But then again, big areas that lead to roads blocked with traffic cones are absolute cancer. Those things should go once and for all.


File: 1507135572962.png (16.34 KB, 630x468, Untitled4.png)

i wanted to play some games on the 2kki console and had noticed that there is a new game (next to the red blue yellow shooter game.) you can walk around as a large blue girl, but it's not much to talk about because it's really buggy. however, i can not find any info on it on the 2kki wiki. can anyone explain?


What version are you playing? That minigame was removed years ago.


>however, i can not find any info on it on the 2kki wiki.


It wasn't removed, it's still in the files and once you either unlock all endings, sleep for over 100 times or do something else sufficiently lategame-ish (not sure what exactly), it becomes available for playing.


Wow, show's how long it's been since I played… that was like, the only minigame available right from the start last I played.


File: 1507439906997.png (162.54 KB, 340x340, 1484088396950.png)

anyone here play piano
i just made this~


That was pretty sweet. Did you use the midi as the base or you arranged it?


i just learned it by ear, it's the default theme but listening to the 8bit one helped hear what all the high notes are
and i just noticed some of them near the end are a little different than what i heard originally, will have to re-edit it a bit sometime…


File: 1509316233673.jpg (63.55 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Can anyone help me out with the Zalgo event? Something has definitely changed, I'm on 0.105g and none of the older instructions for how to get to the wallpaper trigger work.

I've tried everything but I always get transported to the Intestine Maze. Either I'm trapped in one direction or I just reach a dead end. Going 'northwest' doesn't lead anywhere, and sometimes I can't even go north.


Just keep on trying, you'll get there eventually. The entrance is to the northwest of the point you're dropped at, so just keep tapping Up and Left to get there.
>and sometimes I can't even go north.
That means you've hit the top of the map, keep moving west to get to your destination. If memory serves though, you're not gonna make it in time at that point.


Hey everyone, I really need some help. I just installed 2kki and I have to use the "AnotherFullScreenMode" program because 2kki will not full screen on its own due to a DirectDrawError. However when using AnotherFullScrenMode, the game will work for a few minutes before the screen goes black. I can hear game audio when the screen is black and I can still move around but obviously the game can not be played if I can't see anything. I'm on Windows 10. Please help!


I don't know how to fix your software problem, but you can try resizing your screen when playing 2kki to a smaller size. I think the direct draw error had to do with that.


I found a rainbow looking pumpkin in a dark alley and it gave me an effect but I don't have it in my effects menu. What's wrong?


It's not an effect, it's a menu skin. You can choose it in your computer while awake.


Yo, I've been trying for like over an hour to get to the green Binary World but I've only ended up in the blue BW over a dozen times in a row. Am I doing something wrong?


Has anyone considered getting in contact with the japanese developement team of Yume 2kki and work toward releasing Yume 2kki on Steam for free?


No, they wouldn't be interested and there's no need for 2kki to be on steam. There's not even a reason for YN to be on steam, actually.


Stirring up interest for a new project is a valid reason. Also makes it more easily accesible.

Whether or not introducing YN to new people or a new project coming out is a good thing is up for debate, though


First of all, 2kki is a project derived from 2ch, they don't give two fucks about the western fandom in terms of popularity or providing accessibility. It's like believing any western chan actually cares for futaba, when only the users who frequent it actually care or even understand/appreciate their culture and the rest only know it on name. 2kki is easily accessible if you either have been long enough in the fandom to know how they work or if you understand Japanese (it's literally a "click here to download latest version" button).
Second, they update constantly (or at least used to until a year and something, haven't checked since), and the whole thing is a complete mess for people who don't even know what the game is all about and how the devteam behaves. I honestly wouldn't even want to guess how many users would be completely confused by how to apply patches and why things break so often and why this map now looks different and every other single question in any 2kki's thread. It would be a nightmare and everybody would complain it's unfinished, broken and other nasty stuff. And if you think somebody would actually try to organize this shit out, then I have bad news for you.
Third, they don't really care for our opinion or wishes, AS the devteam. Individually, some devs are more friendly than others, and even reply to our questions when we contact them, but honestly their working is something along the lines of "add whatever you want as long as it doesn't fuck up, don't get into other author's territory, and you should be alright. Management is up to the chief(s?) who is(/are) on charge of putting things on wiki. Any bug? Report. Somebody will eventually patch it". This is extremely disorganized to publish anywhere outside the circle. If you want an analogy, 2kki is a huge oekaki thread where people contribute with drawings and even improve some made by other users, and eventually somebody comes and copy pastes the pictures and makes a .rar with the batch that will inevitably break and need like 4 patches and a few extra fixed versions because a lot of the pictures aren't displaying.

In other words, you're trying to contact a devteam who is extremely modular, disorganized, and doesn't really care for publishing in steam.


I was specifically referring to YN, anon, not 2kki. I am in total agreement.

Another issue would be the handling of copyright and intellectual properties, with so many people working on and having worked on it.

As much as I'd like to see something as massive and great as 2kki on steam, I have no doubt it wouldn't happen. Its surprising enough that YN is. I was just saying that there was a valid reason for it to be


If i decide to try and contact the developers of Yume 2kki myself tio discuss the possibility of releasing their game on Steam,where can i find them?


File: 1516205809665.jpg (476.03 KB, 999x1397, 66369115_p0.jpg)

>(or at least used to until a year and something, haven't checked since)
If it counts for something, the last update was made a week ago. And before that, it took two months to get a new version that wasn't just a bunch of patches that added some content.


File: 1516210338971.jpeg (39.24 KB, 443x332, 1469843690969.jpeg)

All the contact info is on the instruction screen. If you can't figure out how, then don't even dream of contacting them.


I've foundthe twitter pages of two ofthe developers but unfortunately i don't have a twitter myself,so can someone write them a message to ask if they plan to release Yume 2kki on Steam and if that's not the case to suggest them this opportunity?




I went to the block filled world from the Nexus and I found a plate of cheese on the floor and I got really curious as to what the cheese would do if I interacted with it, not ate, interacted with it, but… despite this, my character (I was playing as Urotsuki) ate the cheese like a fat piece of shit and then shrunk down to be really really REALLY (really) tiny. I explored the area as a tiny tiny person for like 30 minutes and then I realized I was a fucking idiot and there really wasn't anything to find. There wasn't even a cool cheese-themed world or universe for me to explore and get immersed in. What the fuck Nintendo? I interacted with the blue bricks that took me there and I was normal again, and then I interacted with them again and I was shrunk back down. Does this mean the world with the cheese and blocks in it GREW and I was normal sized the whole time? I'm really confused, but, that doesn't matter. I was just really excited to wake up after that really culturally enriching experience and get back to my computer (just like I do in real life) and find some cool cheese-themed unlockables, preferably a wallpaper or a cool sliding puzzle on my game console. I was incredibly upset to find that there were no cool cheese-related unlockables in the entirety of the fucking game. What is this? Why would you do this? I was so excited, and then there was no cheese. I was thinking the cheese would just uninstall the game if I interacted with it, but then, at this point, the game might've just done that anyways, because really, I'm thinking about doing it myself as is. This game blew its load all over my fat ogre face and I'm really upset that there's no cool cheese unlockables in the game for me to enjoy. I don't like Yume 2kki anymore but I still plan on playing it (hopefully to find some more cheese in the game).


File: 1517649400907.jpg (59.39 KB, 497x406, cheese-stands-alone.jpg)


Just picked the game back up after about 3 or 4 years, then after remembering where the bike is I randomly stumbled upon the blue teleporter maze and managed to get to the wolf area. Awoo on wheels is still as cute as ever. Did any other mix effects get added since that?


Yeah I recently picked it up again after not playing around with it for some time. I'm having a good time but it's taking a bit for me to break myself in and be more eager to experience the strange things rather than having anxiety over whatever the fuck could be next. Thing about these games is that anything could happen at any moment, and with something like 2kki that's packed with content, I really can't be sure what the hell is gonna be behind that door or what's going to happen when I interact with that one character.

I'm still having a great time though. I love the presentation and how the game just feels so wrapped up into a nice package; there are a lot of features and you can actually feel the love that went into the game, which is nice. The atmosphere is very manic and schizophrenic, and it feels really unique when compared to the other fangames. I'm looking forward to seeing more and experiencing more; there are a lot of areas in the game and some of them were amazing. I really liked the butterfly worlds, especially the blue and green ones.


Is it normal for this game to give me borderline spiritual experiences nearly every time I play it? I always end up finding some beautiful world that makes me tear up a little and just feel absolutely wonderful because of the atmosphere. It's kind of hard to explain but I know the more hardcore YN players will get what I'm saying when I bring up intense atmospheres. 2kki has this sense of relatability because a lot of the areas feel like real dreams or even lucid dreams compared to YN feeling like very deep, deep dreams.

There's something about finding a sunken pyramid at the bottom of the ocean after going on a trip there through an awesome submarine ride. These are real places and real things put into a dream, and they kind of add this sense of "yeah, those things actually exist" and makes you almost feel like you're entering a state of lucidity in the game after roaming the surreal and otherworldly locations. I'm in the pyramid maze right now and it just kicks off your lucidity with an amazing little Yume Nikki homage, and then you get this sense of adventure and intensity as you roam around the maze.

This game continues to impress and it only keeps getting better. I already knew it was amazing, but this is insane. Yume Nikki changed my life and 2kki is actually surpassing it in some ways; I didn't know it was possible and it's so fucking cool. You'll have to forgive my sperging; I'm kind of in the middle of being wowed by this game as I play it so it's kind of being reflected into my words.


File: 1518030702556.png (20.75 KB, 320x240, いきぬき_6.png)

I agree with you entirely at least. 2kki was quite the experience when I first started playing it well over 5 years ago, and I still have a lot of fun with it even now. It's marvelous.

I hope you continue having a great time with it. There's just so much to see.


Yeah I'm really enjoying the game so far.
>I hope you continue having a great time with it.


File: 1518442945300.png (34.66 KB, 639x502, zx.png)

anyone ever met this thing? i dont see anything about it on the wiki. i went to the atlantis, through trench overlook and took a bus, got out, swam a bit. entered through a door that sent me to another place, exactly the same looking though. there i interacted with a clock and it sent me to an underwater hallway and this thing was in the room the hallway leads to. it was a bitch to navigate through the underwater area, it was like a maze because everything was blocked by sea plants, i had to wiggle my way around.


Never run into it before. It kind of looks like some weird opposite to Mars-san.


I know about this thing because I actually tried my best to get it to appear. It's apparently a very low chance, so you got lucky.


I haven't played 2kki in a few weeks. I'd like to head back soon but it's kind of a mentally investing game once you delve into it, so I'd like to be prepared. I'm kind of prepping myself up to have a fun time with Dream Diary with the people in the Ubuu Discord regardless of if DD is actually good or bad anyways, so I guess I'm busy with that at the moment anyways. 2kki's still great though; I love watching it update and everything just feels so nicely packed together in this wonderful love letter. It's honestly a wonderful thing.


I saw something in the game about looking for contributors. Is this still the case? If so, who should I talk to about that?


They're always looking for people interested in participating, but if you can't figure out how to contact the team, how do you expect to communicate with them?


That's why I'm asking here. ;) Saw that it was made by a team of people on Uboachan and no one in the Discord server seems to know anything about it.


File: 1519708832420.png (127.92 KB, 581x443, 2 chong for me.png)

2kki isn't made by uboachan, it's made by users from 2ch. They are japanese, speak japanese and if you want to contact them you have to, at the very least, have some basic japanese knowledge (hence why I am asking if you can't read their contact info, how do you plan on sending them anything).
Here's their wiki: http://wikiwiki.jp/yume2kki-t/?FrontPage


Ah, that's right, I misremembered. Well, I'm learning Japanese now but I'm not great so far, so it might be a bit. But at least I know where to start. Thank you


And here's the dev wiki http://wikiwiki.jp/yumenikki-g3/
And the current 2ch thread: https://mevius.5ch.net/test/read.cgi/gamedev/1511613983/

The fact that no faggot on the discord channel could tell you this is a japanese game and not made by uboachan is just sad.


Probably could have if I'd asked. This doesn't look too difficult but I think it'll be easier once I can at least read/write something besides hiragana. That being said, if I feel like I might still prepare something and make a run


Has there ever been a case of a western fan with good Japanese knowledge who managed to contribute to 2kki?


File: 1519749430117.jpg (200.88 KB, 1447x2046, 1519442785300.jpg)


Challenge accepted. I'm guessing no one has tried. It's really not that hard if you know Japanese, you literally just need to add yourself to the tables, announce it, and then contribute.


There was one underage clown who did, as you might guess it didn't go so hot.


It's not chance-based, you have to go through the underwater garden, which is accessible through taking the bus in that one ocean world.


File: 1520182064583.png (3.23 KB, 200x200, gacenkid_0001.png)

Oh god, I didn't know that. Did the kid at least know japanese or he really expected them to understand english? Also, is there any link to any of that info/source? I want to enjoy the delicious cake with my own eyes.


To be honest it's not as funny as it sounds, it's just a huge embarassment mostly. It was the guy who pretended to be Wataru for a little while, then got banned for being underage: https://uboachan.net/fg/res/11630.html

Then somebody reprinted his email in the production thread along with his request to join the team, even though he didn't speak a lick of Japanese: https://www.logsoku.com/r/2ch.sc/gamedev/1449115514/ (post #746 onward) People discussed it and decided against his inclusion, as communication is pretty hard even among native speakers.

And I guess now he's pestering 710 from the team to that end: https://twitter.com/yume2kki_710 (see Nov'17 tweets)

Viewer discretion strongly advised, you just might cringe your eyes out looking at this.


Oh god, is that fucking autistic faggot? And he's the same retard who tried to impersonate wataru/wataru's brother? Oh, deary, deary me、you were wrong, this is PURE GOLD.
I joined some random discord chat when fake kiki appeared and he happened to be there, he was an insufferable kid and started a shitstorm as soon as I joined (check first tip on "trivial drama" here https://rpgmconfessions.tumblr.com/post/170212768842/my-experience-w-the-pixel-horror-rpg-discord-chat )
funfact: he was banned from ubuu because he was literally spamming the fake kiki thread trying to… get him to acknowledge his existence or something? Even sei/mods couldn't cope with his fucking attitude. Also lol at >>757, japanon checked ubuu and saw the disaster gg



I've noticed that in some areas there are blockades with yellow signs next to them, is there any way to pass those?


File: 1520307978082.png (64.2 KB, 638x479, this one.png)

There is one place in the game where using Chainsaw will transform one of the traffic cones into a destructible creature. Other than that, you're out of luck.


So I assume they're just to block off unfinished areas?


Basically, yes. Sometimes they also mark the end of non-looping maps.


File: 1520409778549.jpg (92.15 KB, 1152x2048, DPleYc0VQAARLpm.jpg)

>And I guess now he's pestering 710 from the team to that end

This is gonna be great…



Anon dev here, and not a frequent Uboachan user. That artoax guy harrased me, kept suicidebaiting me and my fellas too and asked me if i knew 2kki and if i knew silver and wataru. WTF


File: 1520713300446-0.jpg (33.22 KB, 412x422, autism is real.jpg)

File: 1520713300447-1.jpg (25.88 KB, 476x294, autism is real2.jpg)

He's still trying… I'll send a message to 2kki's devs and tell them to not hesitate and send him to fuck off.


>Pixel Horror Discord
Why of course it had to be around those tumblr faggots again, there is always drama in that community.



Tell me a single community where theres no drama



reminder that he caused drama un Ubuu too.




He caused drama everywhere.


Man, to think that 2kki's team only recently got rid of two cancerous authors, and now there's this snowflake barging in. Yeah, they had better tell him off.


>recently got rid of two cancerous authors
GALAXY and who else? Spelude?


Yeah, those two. Coincidentally both are female. Muh sexism, amirite?


They even have a blog dedicated to roast each other anonymously.


What did Spelude do? I know GALAXY was acting like they were hot shit despite their poor graphics, but I thought Spelude was more well behaved and apologetic about their bad art?

I do know Spelude made some great music tracks that made up for their low quality maps.


Apologetic or not, she still kept submitting poorly drawn and ill-fitting art for the game. So eventually people started complaining out loud about it, and then she got upset and quit. Then after her retirement some more stuff popped up, like the fact that the material in the books she submitted (those in the second library, the one with the sad music) was not original to the game, and was reposted from one of her personal sites. And so the rest of the team had to remove that library in one of the subsequent updates. I think you get the point.


Hey. I'm not someone who usually posts, but I read up on that discord, and the drama of participants who have left for drama reasons from Yume 2kki.

I've always been a distant fan of yume 2kki, and I come back here time to time. Every year I do, I see more drama, and it reads more and more like children than adults. How old are the contributors, on average? I assume the discord and "indie devs" amongst them are more or less just teenagers making their first games, the kind of types that hang around and discuss "creepypasta" and other such low end garbage. But I'm curious as to what the fandom's demographics are, both western and eastern.

I certainly hope the departure of those two people will make this better and cut out some fat in exchange for better quality. Yume 2kki has, last time I played, a painfully large ammount of empty areas with only a handful of things to see. I get that its a yume Nikki fangame, but its also a lot larger that Yume Nikki was. You simply can't have such a numerous ammount of areas that are mindlessly wandering to see 3 sprites, it's just saddening.

Anyways, I'm going to look into playing through this game again. Its great to see this thread again, for better and for worse, and see that it is not completely dead.


I dont know much about Galaxy, but I did like the factory a lot. Im kind of sad its gone.


File: 1524417612056.png (16.81 KB, 640x480, Woah.png)

Most of her maps were curiously well received by the English community. Or at least by the tumblr fandom. It's weird how many people here adore their "kawaii" aesthetic, but in their home country they're reviled. Could be a point to be made about how most western fangames aren't normally as impressive looking as the Japanese ones, in exchange for being more creative with their ideas instead of following typical cliches.

In my opinion, the factory is kinda… inappropriate with the rest of 2kki. A heavy handed message about the horrors of the idol industry and a kinda meta thing about how fangame creators typically just reuse the same things as the original YN did in an attempt to get recognized before abandoning them doesn't really fit into an ambient romp around this girl's dream world. Maybe in a parody fangame, but not particularly in a game that's not supposed to mean anything at all really and is supposed to look pretty and make you think.



Hey. Just read your full post and I had no idea that the factory was commentary, nor that there was a "kawaii" nature to her work; I don't actually know what is and isn't heres, merely the factory. I'm hardly someone for overly cutesy things, so I'm never really sold on "Kawaii". It fact I'm a little too western in my tastes, for a lack of a better term Im far from a "weeb" compared to the people who got me into yume nikki, and some its fan games (Spesifically, .flow is where I started).

While I agree hard commentary is probably inappropriate, and thinking on it it might be a little heavy handed given Yume @kki's more focus on an open nature it's an envitability. The creative process is one of abstraction of experiences we've had and know of. With that lens, the issue I believe there is here with the factory (assuming it is as heavy handed as I am understanding here, a bit of a cultural barrier and language barrier here for me on the topic of idols) is that it's not abstracted far enough away from the subject matter to make its origins too obscure to so easily place a finger on. Some ofthe maps Wataru did (Overgrown City is one of my favorite, atmopsherically) is a great example, because Im sure there was a topic or concept that was a little deep, but its abstracted far enough away from it that the subject matter is not something you can quite spesifically place your finger on, and alls that left is the vision and feel.

Sorry if this whole post seems nitpicky, I just rarely get to speak about the process of abstraction in creative matters, and I guess I'm overly excited to finally get to speak a little on this game that I've come ot appreciate.

As an additional note, the town itself is nice and eventful, but it looks god awful. It just doesn't feel like any effort was made in the visuals.


In terms of abstraction though, Galaxy's maps aren't really subtle. Robot clone things being processed on conveyer belts, dressed in bright clothing, made to sing, then destroyed really makes it seem really obviously about exploitation, at least to me anyway.

Subtleness is key in these sorts of things. Wataru might have themes of environmentalism and industrialism in his post-apocalyptic maps, yet these aren't especially overt, or you don't really notice until later on anyway. Compare to Galaxy, and her thoughts about abuse in the idol industry and treating children like dolls are rather forefront. Almost as soon as I saw the clones I immediately figured what she was going for, but got kinda tired of it after awhile. That's really all there is in the factory. It just can't really be interpreted as much else imo.

I'm not saying it's bad, it just doesn't work really great in a collab game where everyone is doing their own things. Often with far better graphics and a lot subtler. It feels kinda like beating you over the head.

Another thing is graphic quality. The majority of the YN fandom is dreadfully shallow. Regardless of what you make, they'll eat it up if it looks good and toss it aside if it doesn't, regardless of themes. The original YN was about playing through a beautiful void though. You don't interrupt the subtle immaculate beauty of an empty plain by throwing in a Vocaloid concert. Even if the message is good, 2kki isn't really a place to "preach".

I'm not saying it's bad, it just doesn't work really great for 2kki is all. I'd be open to a fangame they made exclusively because at least it'd be consistent. Despite the shitty art style.


File: 1524436646589-0.png (5.71 KB, 639x479, Circus1.png)

File: 1524436646589-1.png (3.95 KB, 320x240, Hallucigeniatitle.png)

File: 1524436646589-2.png (7.47 KB, 638x479, Circus2.png)

I do kinda wonder if the 2kki devs are hypocritical then though. Sabamiso's maps sucked and were pretty small, events were cheap jumpscares, and they reused all of their tilesets and characters for their own (kinda overrated and annoyingly silent) fangame Hallucigenia. Hell, Marginal Vivid Worker gets a great big cameo. Yet their stuff is still in 2kki and apparently(?) beloved.

Then again, they didn't contribute much before stopping. I simply assumed they retired, but were they fired instead? But then why keep their shitty maps? Maybe Galaxy and Spelude would've done better had they been on the project earlier? Technically both are better than Sabamiso too, because apparently Sabamiso sucked with music, whereas Spelude's primary draw was their sound design.


Well, I'm pretty sure sabamiso contributed to the game very early on. The director was probably someone else and there really wasn't much standard at all, whereas now things have taken new courses. I'm fairly sure his stuff wouldn't be well received nowadays, while they were somewhat novel (or interesting, at least) back then, and they probably keep it because they don't want to just get rid of a fairly popular meme (or whatever the thing is supposed to be).


I wasn’t familiar with Galaxy’s maps. When were her maps added? The last time I played 2kki was in 2013 or 2014 maybe. Searched about it on youtube and from what I saw, the maps aren’t anything special but they aren’t bellow 2kki’s standard maps. It is generic, like a lot of others they have/had. Why would they make such a drastic quality control for this one? The last version I played had maps with similar quality to hers. Did 2kki change that much.

I didn’t see any comment about an “idol industry”, only saw a singing robot factory, making cute robots and throwing them away when damaged. But that might be my fault. I purposefully read these things literally because I find them more entertaining that way.


These maps are still WAY better than Galaxy's stuff. Seriously, it was the lowest quality stuff.


File: 1524933769210.jpg (907.38 KB, 800x800, Mahou.Shoujo.Madoka☆Magica….jpg)

>taking things literally
>in a YN fangame
Most authors have their own little stories they want to render, but in a subtle way, like the original. So they use wacky dream symbolism. Like the Witches in PMMM.

The idol industry could be described as literally what you just observed about robots. Just turn that to little girls and it's an apt description of the darker side of the business. But I guess it's more subjective. I just saw it as an extremely obvious jab that felt just a bit out of place with the rest of 2kki. Too modern and specific. And if you want to blame the devs more, fanboys really hate it when you point out everything wrong with what they like. Dedp is pretty into idol music I think? At least, last time I visited his Twitter. Dunno how involved he is, but making jabs at the interests of contributors, and in addition to the bad art style and hot shot attitude, didn't do GALAXY any favors.

A big problem with 2kki too is Wataru. Note how EVERYTHING is compared negatively to his stuff. He's way too good. It sets an unreasonable standard. And I think he's aware of this and wants to leave but no one wants him to. Galaxy got herself in hot water adding some shit uboa knockoff to his gorgeous pink sea knockoff and Wataru was forced to tell her to remove it. I kinda don't think he cared, but the other contributors forced him to say something because it was his map. That event was there for longer than it should've been. And there's now nothing in his pink sea ripoff and I doubt he's gonna update it. Wataru is too good for this dev drama and wants out. But he's so nice he keeps getting pulled back in to finish his stuff because no one else is as talented as him. Personally I think he's overrated but this is just what I think and what I'm seeing.


If you really can't see the parallel, you know nothing about idols. Watch perefect blue or something.
The main problem with 2kki is the way it's developed. A surreal game about isolation should not be made by a loose group of people all throwing their own shit in while communicating with each other and having stupid drama. This type of development is fundamentally incompatible with something like yume nikki. It must be the product of one person's messed up imagination to successfully capture the same feeling. Yume Nikki is a game about both surrealism and atmosphere/mood. You need both, so it's not enough to just put weird, disconnected, random shit.


For me, the main drive of 2kki is that its a conglomerate of various experiences. It's more of a "hey dude we expanded Yume Nikki!" project than a remake with a different paintjob like the other fangames are. A dreamworld this vast, team or not, is bound to have some inconsistencies, and fangames don't necessarily need to abide by "messed up" creations from one single author to be coherent and have an overarching tone unless you're looking at something like LCD Dem which has a (potentially) very fucked story behind it's development.

Assuming the team wants Yume 2kki to stop being a proof of concept and actually make it have sense (pertaining to Urotsuki's character & dreamworlds, quality control etc), a lot more communication would be required, and judging by the environment it originated from (Japanese anonymous imageboards), I don't think it will be the easiest task in the world.
But in my opinion, Yume 2kki's lack of context and canvas approach is what makes it unique.


This is a dumb post. 2kki isn't YN, it shouldn't be capturing the "same feeling". And as if real dreams always coherent or imaginative, I know for a fact I dream up the most random stupid bullshit sometimes. 2kki is even more accurate in this regard than YN is.


Honestly I really don't think an "unsubtle" theme is as big a crime as people think here, a bigger issue with Galaxy's maps is how fucking ugly they are. They weren't pleasant to explore, which is the whole point of the damn game.


I hope this isn't really too bad to post here, but I wasn't really sure where else to put it lol
I've been working on a Yume 2kki youtube series and I'd appreciate if you gave an episode or two a watch.


>which has a (potentially) very fucked story behind it's development.

Ah yes, my favorite LCDDEM theory. Koronba killed his mom and faked suicide before traveling to Mexico and changing his identity because of harassment on Twitter.


You may not like Sabamiso's work, but I don't think you can reasonably deny that it fits the overall art direction of the game leagues better than Galaxy's. Somebody liked Saba's worlds enough to make a wallpaper related to them, something nobody has ever done for Galaxy. I think that illustrates my point well enough.

As for Saba's retirement, he did it of his own accord after saying that he was sick of people calling all YN fangames "pakuri" (inferior copy, basically), which pretty much demolished all of his motivation to continue. This was back in early 2011, I think.


2kki's approach definitely isn't the way to go about it. A team of developers who are all on the same page is obviously going to produce a coherent product. Something like yume nikki probably wont get a team of capable enough people to do something like that though. Capturing that feeling of isolation is also easier if just one person is making it. It's going to be more personal. An expanded paint swap version of YN has little merit. YN was an emotional experience. That part is what really made it good.
What should it be doing then? Dreams may be illogical, but they do have their own rhyme and reason to them connected to the person having the dream. Also, more random does not equal better. There's a reason why YN is better remembered and liked than LSD Dream Journal. One gets you invested, and the other is a novelty. A more accurate dream simulator doesn't make for a better game.


File: 1526677598709.jpg (45.41 KB, 900x669, 26288385_p0.jpg)

>What should it be doing then?

2kki very clearly expands on YN's surreal exploration aspects. I think in that regard the wide variety of artists working on it does very well in it's favor; there's always something new and different to see. Unlike other fangames, what 2kki understands is that the original YN did what it's themes pretty damn well; no reason to retread it. That's why I don't agree with what you're saying.



Uh who are you, Kikiyama?


>expands on YN's surreal exploration aspects
YN already did that just fine. Just like how YN explored its themes well, it explored surreal exploration great. If that's the only purpose of 2kki, it's pointless and not worth much. An actual walking simulator.
I'm telling it like it is. A drama filled clique of people with wildly different visions and skill-level aren't going to be able to make something that does YN justice. And they didn't.


Who died and made you king? Having an opinion is one thing but you're acting like the authority on everything regarding YN. And stop putting the original game on such a high pedestal either, Kikiyama themselves pretty much called it a "walking simulator."

>YN already did it

And I can say LSD Dream Emulator did it better before so it shouldn't be done again?


>it explored surreal exploration great.

So we can't have more ever again?


>A drama filled clique of people
Whoa there, buddy, in 2kki's 10 year long there were only 2 times a geniune drama broke out (maybe two and a half if you count when people started trolling the thread after Sabamiso's retirement), and only one of them actually affected the game somewhat. If that's what counts as "drama-filled", well then, at that rate there's just no way for people to cooperate.
>A surreal game about isolation should not be made by a loose group of people all throwing their own shit in while communicating with each other and having stupid drama.
Oh wait, nevermind, you were talking out your ass all along. In reality, people on the 2kki team pretty much don't interact with each other, aside from announcing whoever does the next update. Beyond that, everyone just did their own thing with a vague overaching theme. Way back in the day, some people submitted sketches of their ideas, and those eventually became a sort of design document for the game. And, as it turns out, it's a pretty cool way to produce a game about isolation. You get the volume of content that wouldn't EVER be possible otherwise.


People acting like 2kki's lack of coherence isn't the reason why it's 2kki. Urotsuki is a true dreamer in the sense that the things and events she thinks of is random and doesn't have an overarching theme. More QA would be neat though.


I don't think the actual dreams are ever truly random. It always comes back ulitmately to either something we crave, or something we fear. A concept that no theory builder ever seems to acknowledge.

I also do think there are overaching themes in 2kki, but they're certainly not self-evident, and other people may see other themes therein. I guess that's just the beauty of the game. Compare that with other fangames that are not so subtle in establishing their themes – more often than not they just turn out irredeemably mediocre.


I'm not going to the developers of 2kki and telling them that they're doing it wrong. I'm not sending them emails. I'm not reporting them to the police. Some people can't tell having strong opinions and convictions from, "acting lke an authority". I 100% believe that 2kki's approach does not work. That is all.
I don"t think YN is the greatest game ever made, but it did consistently make me feel something and capture my imagination. I would say it accomplished its goals. Even if is was described as a game where you mostly walk around and explore, it was never described as a walking simulator, which has its own connotations that YN does not fit.
So we can't have any more theme exploration ever again? You literally said 2kki doesn't need to explore themes because YN already did it well.
>lsd dream sim
didn't do it the best
>there's just no way for people to cooperate
Yes there is. Making a team that is decided upon from the start and has strong communication with each other. Having threads and interacting with people and picking who gets to do what is a form of communication between people making the game, it's just a really ineffective way of doing it. You can't pick and choose what does and does not count as communication. Drama doesn't have to affect the game in a clearly defined way. The fact that there ever is drama reflects on the nature of the development process.
>And, as it turns out, it's a pretty cool way to produce a game about isolation. You get the volume of content that wouldn't EVER be possible otherwise.
No, it isn't. People are constantly complaining about old areas being removed or changed in a shitty way or the older versions being better in general. That kind of development makes a meandering mess with no goal in sight. No vision to speak of apart from those, "blueprints". Also, quality over quantity. Sheer volume is not a positive trait unless you are just trying to kill as much time as possible.
>why it's 2kki
Is that a good reason?
>tru dreamer
That is such bullshit. It sounds like how people explain modern, abstract art.
>this toilet bowl doesn't have to have a clear motivation behind it, it just has impact, so it's art and belongs in this gallery
>theory builder
Oh, of course. Nothing is self-evident; everything's up to interpretation; it means what ever you want it to. That's just a cope out. YN could mean a lot of things, and that meaning isn't clearly defined, but it's themes are: isolation, fear, paranoia, helplessness, depression.


Okay, let me rephrase then: general themes (depression, helplessness) are good, specific themes (%heroname% WAS RAPED!!1) are bad. I'm not even sure what you're otherwise arguing with.

Automated request, my ass. Crap like this makes me wish we had captcha instead.


>Urotsuki is a true dreamer in the sense that the things and events she thinks of is random and doesn't have an overarching theme
but dreams aren't random
dreams can only be a combination of things you have already experienced, or a mutation of those things


>dreams can only be a combination of things you have already experienced, or a mutation of those things
So I can't ever dream of going to space or exploring a rave galaxy because I never actually experienced it or something close to it? The more you know.


>So I can't ever dream of going to space or exploring a rave galaxy because I never actually experienced it or something close to it? The more you know.
Not exactly. If you can imagine it you can dream it.


File: 1526753646500.jpg (49.13 KB, 640x640, 1462567977001.jpg)

Your sarcasm detector, want me to overclock it a bit?


Please don't.
It's not very good with clocks.


you can, but only because you've probably seen it in a movie, picture, read about it, or heard someone talk about it. if you raised in ancient times to believe that the stars were just big holes in an all encompassing dome above the earth, you would never have dreams about seeing other galaxies and planets the way we know them today.


>I 100% believe that 2kki's approach does not work. That is all.

Fine for you but that's not a fact, at all. I personally like a lot of 2kki's areas even more than YN.



Same. I quite dig YN, but Y2K is an improvement over it in every single way.


I'm surprised no one came up with a archive of all versions of Yume 2kki and the YN fan game archive doesn't have much of 2kki.


Because many of 2kki's versions are lost, although I don't see why not include the available ones.


Because what's the point in keeping hundreds of versions of the same game, only with each one having progressively less content? There was, like, at most 10 updates throughout the game's history (really early versions notwithstanding) when the content went through noticeable revisions, and even that is already documented, by and large.

Also, there's always the changelog in the game itself. They span about 20 latest versions each, tracking whatever changes there were.


Each version had some really subtle changes and some maps and songs were lost in just a few updates.


There's still not that many of them, even fewer worth mentioning. The only author to constantly remake their content was Gensou/Spelude, but it still turned out mediocre for the most part. Honestly, it's just not worth the trouble unless you're just that much of a completionist.


For you yes, but the whole point of Yume 2kki is to explore and finding the lost maps is a bit of a meta endeavor in itself.


Also I am willing to host EVERY single version as I have more than enough space to host such a gigantic file size.


Well, what can I say. Best of luck finding all the missing versions.


File: 1527618505980.png (242.06 KB, 690x591, gray.PNG)

Don't know if this was already discussed elsewhere, but where the hell is this new nexus location? I can't find anyone *anywhere* posting about a "Gray Relic World" outside of the wiki, and the actual wiki page for Gray Relic World says that a moving NPC that takes you there will simply show up if you have glasses on in the Nexus. But no matter how many times I do that and check around, it never seems to appear.

I mean, the changelog here says it was added in Ver 0.106c, and I've been playing Ver 0.106d…did they add this thing, and then just remove it one version later?


>did they add this thing, and then just remove it one version later?
It wouldn't the first time they did something like that.


To be fair, that was probably just a leftover from testing the editor forgot to remove. The art for the NPC looked placeholder as hell, and the Nexus is more or less off-limits for editing as of now.


>>13282 They still need to fill in the gaping hole where Theater world used to be with SOMETHING though, right? (god, removing that was such a dumb move on their part)


There is no hole, Theatre World was replaced with that "I can't believe it's not Yume Nikki" world with the owls.


Theatre World is still in isn't it, it's just not a nexus world anymore.


>>13285 Nah, I know theater world is still in the game but I hate how now it's much more of a pain in the ass to get to than it used to be back when I played this game in 2011.

>>13284 There *is* a hole though, every version I have played since I got back into this game in 2017 has had a blatantly empty spot in the nexus. And no I'm not talking about the library, I do have the txt setting on the computer turned on so the library warp is there…and yet, there's still one slot in the nexus that's unused.


File: 1527785128827.jpg (79.18 KB, 567x851, shield_folk_by_arthurstark….jpg)

I actually kinda like Shield Owl World honestly. Sure it's one of the least creative areas in the game but it's still well done anyway, and like all of 710's maps, goes into some neat trippy territory.

If something is well made, I feel more inclined to forgive it for not being terribly creative. .B.P. is a fucking beautiful fangame, yet I don't think there is a single thing in it that isn't already in YN. Still, the graphics make up for this by far.

I have to wonder, why did they seem to go out of their way to get the Theatre World as far out of the way as possible? In fact, in earlier versions they outright removed it didn't they? Was there some kind of dev drama going on or something? The map was made by 20 wasn't it? HE made most of the more well known areas before vanishing I guess. I don't keep up with Y2K dev stuff, so I have no clue what went wrong. He piss someone off and get banned or something (and Theater World was undermined as consequence)? Marijuana Goddess world also saw some weird changes too IIRC. But I don't know.


File: 1527785319953.png (20.64 KB, 640x480, Seashore_village.png)

Also, speaking of 2kki dev problems, I'm curious about something I saw on the wiki but couldn't find any sources on. What happened to Mosenite? It says his last update was final and I saw someone commenting they missed him. Anyone know what (if anything) happened to him?


>here *is* a hole though, every version I have played since I got back into this game in 2017 has had a blatantly empty spot in the nexus. And no I'm not talking about the library, I do have the txt setting on the computer turned on so the library warp is there…and yet, there's still one slot in the nexus that's unused.
Pretty sure that hole existed in just about every version, at this point it's probably a deliberate decision. But hey, you get to admire the gorgeous texture underneath.

Mosenite's update was a one-off event a few days after Galaxy's infamous 0.102d was released. They never even posted in the thread ever since. In fact, the poster didn't even have a name, the name was retrofitted from the first map in the update.

Just a hunch, but I think it's a good one – Mosenite was probably just n3/Koronba going incognito. Their visual styles are similar, their spritesheet templates are similar, their musical styles are extremely similar, and Moseni even reused one of n3's tracks. If that's really the case, further updates from them are obviously out of question.


>Moseni even reused one of n3's tracks
That isn't an uncommon event on 2kki though.
Then again, you may want to go down the route of Wataru and a few other contributors also being Koronba in incognito.


>If that's the case, further updates from them are obviously out of the question

Technically it implies that further updates from them are quite likely doesn't it? If they're actually Koronba and he broke his silence to make it, then he can probably do it again. He might even be PLANNING on doing it again under another name or anonymously. After all, common theory is he was getting stalled/harassed which is why he vanished. Might've killed his general interest but if he secretly updated then it shows he's still creative.

That is if Mosenite is Koronba at all. Not all the maps feel very "koronba-ish" to me. Perhaps the music, but they could've just been inspired by him. There are fans of his work who have gone on to make similar music to his own.

I feel that "EVERYONE IS KORONBA" is one of my favorite memes to come out of here. All the conspiracy theories and shit about how he's actually still active and all other fangames are sockpuppets and he's Kikiyama on the run for murder. When in fact he probably just seppuku'd. It goes to show how people underestimate just how much people care about them. ;_;

Someone should also make a version of the Spongebob Squidward meme but with n3/Koronba and all his "aliases".

>What kind of fool do you take me for

>He's Koronba
>He's Koronba
>You're Koronba
>Are there any other Koronbas I should know about


File: 1527877760005.jpg (200.67 KB, 1360x768, JamesHoleIsGone.jpg)


>If they're actually Koronba and he broke his silence to make it, then he can probably do it again.
Well then, there's only one way to find out. You have to become the next GALAXY and shit on the game with your updates as much as possible. Think you're up for a task like that?

>Then again, you may want to go down the route of Wataru and a few other contributors also being Koronba in incognito.
But that would be stupid, as none of the other reasons why I drew the Moseni-n3 parallel would apply. The same reasons y'all conveniently ignored for whatever purpose.


When going through the game's audio files, I noticed that Mosenite's songs are just like Koronba's in that they don't play at the speed they do in the game and in that they use a similar naming pattern. (they're usually slower in-game and have names like NtoS or something similar) So yeah, for a while I had the theory that they were the same person, but upon replaying the game I felt like both authors had some different styles of maps, which led me to believe that Mosenite was just some weirdo fan who does everything the same way Koronba does. However, >>13289 's comments on the 2kki thread leads me to believe that they are in fact the same person.


I kind of had the same logic, but in reverse: a fan imitator would've made something that convincingly replicated his idol, whereas the person itself would've somehow changed and improved their style. No artist stays the same indefinitely, after all.

Also both of those two really like drawing plants. Like, really, really like drawing plants. No one else in the team even comes close. That's something as well.


File: 1528397023520.jpg (9.79 KB, 259x194, kk.jpg)

Okay, can someone give me a quick rundown/timeline of just what exactly the whole drama with GALAXY was? I've seen people allude to bits and pieces of it here but I don't know the whole story.


Oudn revamped all his maps and made them look disgusting. I'd even take the eye searing Ecstasy World over the lame empty cliche Silent Hill settlement it became. It reminded me of Happy Town in LSD.

In general all of Oudn's updates suck. They aren't creative or colorful anymore just Yume Graffiti reject maps. That's one reason to want the old versions, his new maps mostly just look MISERABLE. He's trying too hard to copy Wataru.


>He's trying too hard to copy Wataru.
Except oudn established this style in Yume Graffiti long before Wataru even thought of joining the 2kki team. I won't argue about the content of the update (though I don't hate it as much as people usually do), but to claim that oudn copied Wataru instead of the other way around (the Depths event was entirely lifted from Yume Graffiti, for example) is just idiotic.


Am I the only one who loved the old Ecstasy World? It really felt fun to explore. I didn't mind how "eyesearing" it was, it was really interesting to explore.


Was it really? I mean, the patterns were pretty cool, as long as you didn't stare too long at them, but the world's setup was rather repetitive, wasn't it?


File: 1529365148977.png (3.75 KB, 636x475, pink girl.png)

Who is this? She's not listed on the wiki and this room is supposed to be empty.


so I decided to remix n3's Cog Maze music…




and as a heads-up, I know there's a music board, but this is related to Yume 2kki, so there wouldn't be objections to posting it here


Which area is that?


Galaxy Town elevator.


That's… Urotsuki? With the bike effect it looks like?

Unless you're talking about the map. It looks shitty and has a Mado recolor, so it must be GALAXY.


Anyone else get kind of bummed out when maps get removed? I can understand GALAXY's maps because they weren't exactly the highest quality yeah, but some part of me feels a little disappointed because every map that gets added is technically a part of 2kki's history. So many versions are just going to be lost to time, and so many maps and events are too as a result. On the bright side it seems like we're getting more maps than we are losing maps, but I still can't help shake this feeling that parts of the game are getting gutted with each update. On top of that 2kki as a game is pretty obscure because you generally have to know about Yume Nikki and then hear about it through that, so I feel like there's not a lot of interest in this like there is for Yume Nikki content. A game like this means a lot to me with all of the atmospheres and experiences it can offer, so seeing those be removed is kind of like having those experiences go away.


I hear you, but as it stands not that much content has been edited out. There are 710's older maps, there are oudn's older maps, and there is one map by natl which they purged for some reason. Oh, and there's Dream Bank, but it's really buggy and its author pretty much retired before finishing the job. Galaxy and Gensou/Spelude's worlds were a mistake to begin with, pretty much. The rest of the game exists pretty much the way it was originally submitted.

Say, did you know by the way that at least two worlds in the game are based around legacy content? The 'brother's room from the false ending is modeled after the room of the very first version's protagonist. Also the bar in the Highway, the one with a flashing sign near the entrance. All the graphics there are actually taken from the first versions of the game.


Try 0.106e, the NPC that transports you to that world is in the Nexus for me, but besides requiring the glasses effect to see, also moves around (so they may move out of sight)


I liked spelude's works, they were crude but not GALAXY-tier bad.


Sadly, Spelude was better at sound design than map design. To be fair, they probably could've gotten some minimalist fanbase if they didn't have to contribute new maps every update. And then freak out when criticized.

Galaxy was an eyesore, yet Spelude did have some potential.

I kinda feel like they've teamed up and are collaborating with each other on the game again as the author "Kuroku". The too have impressive music in their maps, which are as empty and uninteresting as they are garish and filled with poorly done 8bit goblin NPCs. I wonder how long it will be until the DNA Room and Dojo are scrubbed and they're removed from the project? Even if they aren't ghostwritten, it does feel odd to have ANOTHER colorblind and lazy author with good music to show up on the project right after they fired the last two. They might be going for something, but until we see more updates from them, I'm kinda suspicious.


Funny enough, Kuroku's first contribution even before those shoddy maps was an edit to Spelude's charset. (the one with the dick-shaped bunny)

That said, it's probably not true. Even without the criticism, Spelude was rather mentally unstable. Then after she retired, I've heard one of her lifestreams, she was literally freaking out like a cornered animal for an hour or so before deleting her Twitter and otherwise purging her online presense. I really don't think she was in condition to assume a new identity after that.

Honestly, Kuroku must be just a troll, or someone genuinely unintelligent. There's no way anyone can design maps that badly not on purpose, especially after there was s much drama in regards to effort and quality.




Holy shit that is genuinely amazing. I wanted to do something similar to the sped-up Space theme that used to play in the old Pastel Blue House but I have literally zero experience in making music so that died pretty quick. I'd love to see more "extended remixes" of 2kki (or other games) songs.


GALAXY wasn't good at music. All of her maps used songs from free music websites. A lot of maps do actually, like the Deciding Street's music comes from this site: https://www.senses-circuit.com/.


That was about Spelude, not GALAXY.


Ah, my bad, then, I thought he was talking about both.


File: 1532979846200-0.png (10.32 KB, 640x480, gray ghost area.png)

File: 1532979846200-1.png (2.34 KB, 640x480, unnamed world highway taxi.png)

File: 1532979846200-2.png (1.8 KB, 640x480, unnamed world.png)

So, uh… I've been roaming around in 0.086e and I came across this here. I know for a fact that it's the remake of the Red Black World to something more… "desaturated", or so I could say. The wiki says nothing about this, and I wonder as of who could possibly give me a hand and maybe track it down if the world really has a name. I like to call it the Droplet World, but I'm not sure if it even has a name.


I know I've seen those things before, but I can't remember what world they're in. I'm pretty sure it's a 710 map though.


File: 1533067162312-0.png (11.27 KB, 1760x1280, Map0061.png)

File: 1533067162312-1.png (49.8 KB, 1600x1280, Map0064.png)

I've looked into it, and it's confirmed to be a 710 map, since it's his second take on the Purple World (the Purple World is the 4th take). I've recently made a map on it as well, and I've found some other things in 0.086e and 0.093e. I can access the Pokemon World and the Purple Neon Maze just fine now.

I've also made maps about the Purple Neon Maze and this weird world. Apparently, the world is called 「水滴」 (suiteki, Water Drops) by 710, which supports my wanting to call this the "Droplets World." What would you call it?


File: 1533206843782.jpg (47.84 KB, 600x583, Screenshot_214.jpg)

Well, because I'm a shit sprite interpreter, I somehow never realized that the nexus connector was supposed to be a vase and that those were dew droplets until now. I always thought it was a red scooter/motorcycle and the blue things were bike helmets. Droplet World is a pretty good name for it then, I'd say.


I revisited the depths today on version 0.106h, and when I woke up I saw a dark Urotsuki coming out of bed fading back to normal colors while walking out of bed instead of the normal waking up animation, and it was a bit longer than the usual too. Too bad it was too fast to screenshot.

I wonder if that's intentional, like showing she came back from the deepest and darkest parts of her dreams, that would be cool, or is it random or a bug something? Anyone else saw it?


Are you sure she came out of the bed and didn't sit on the carpet? Cause if she did, that's a different event which was there for a long time.

But if she didn't, well, that might be worth looking into.


Yes, completely sure. I will try to record when I wake up from the deepest part of the depths next time.


Okay, I've checked it. It's actually a bug and it's nothing new.

The Depths have a trigger that constantly fires and renders Uro's sprite black. Although the trigger for waking up should overwrite that before the sprite becomes visible, I guess sometimes the timing messes up and you can see the leftover of Depths' code running. RM2k is not the most reliable software after all.


File: 1536434888133.png (23.34 KB, 1920x784, Screenshot_from_2018-09-06….png)

So, some people over at the Yume 2kki wiki pointed out something rather interesting: in the latest version update (ver. 0.107e), VANEGI's new Nexus connection bears an uncanny resemblance to Bionicle in several respects. Although the world itself is a massive keyboard in terms of layout, the warp object is a spitting image of the series's Mata Nui Stone, and the ideograms on the walls are just Bionicle's Matoran alphabet.

I remember reading in the content contribution guidelines that existing copyrighted material use was prohibited, but I guess this escaped the devs' notice? I don't know that Lego will know/care, but perhaps it's best to alert kuraud to this?


It's so cool that this game is still being updated.


As someone who knows nothing about Bionicle or anything relating to it, I think you're just over thinking it.

Even if there's an intentional reference there, as long as it's not deliberately stolen art or is being marketed, I doubt either side would have a problem with it. Besides that, I see nothing the looks like the Mata Uni stone and that thing itself looks more like a Haniwa. I do consent that the keys are labeled in the alphabet, but, so what? Homestuck couldn't come up with creative runes and the troll alphabet is just Elder Scrolls script and it's never been called out. I doubt something as obscure as 2kki would receive a cease and desist just for using a fictional alphabet from an equally obscure series Bonkle. There's other uncreative shit in the game as well, with a lot of the music being public domain, the Dogboa, and wataru's teal shoal and Onsen-san knock offs.

Might not be "100% original content" but I think artists ought to be allowed a few references to their favorite things. Besides, how else would we know about YumeBonikki? And if it caused any problems you can just switch to some other fake runic script instead. It's not hard or causing problems for anyone imo.



Eh, fair enough. I recognized it as Bionicle only after some prompting, but now that I think about it, I doubt the Japanese community would. Someone on the 2kki wiki pointed out that the devs didn't take well to GALAXY's stolen content, so maybe a "wait and see" approach is better in this case.

I'm just saying that Lego's the kind of company that knows how to throw its weight around, copyrighting their own adaptations of other content as creative property. It'd be a pity to see something with a decade-long development history go south just because someone was being careless.


File: 1536519392447.jpg (181.34 KB, 619x1290, 589.jpg)

>implying Lego gives a shit about Bionicle
>implying Lego will ever majorly acknowledge it again

I guess you can tell kuraud if you want, but like I said, it wouldn't take too much to make the reference more subtle. Just suggest that the author put more lines in the letters or something.

I didn't think Lego'd be a big copyright claimer considering they don't care about original properties, but I wouldn't be surprised given them being a megacorp. I know Disney and Nintendo are fucks about it, hence the removal of Pokemon Park, but that was made of sprite rips, wasn't it? And, correct me if I'm wrong, isn't the penguin effect still acquired through the Super Mario event?


>the Super Mario event
I think it's not so much "Super Mario" as generic Famicom/NES platformer", honestly.


File: 1536950283359.png (15.92 KB, 320x240, Pc_yumegamen_03-97.png)

Does anyone knows if there is any way to draw wallpaper for Yume 2kki? Do I need to contact the developers? Or what? Because I really really love Yume 2kki and I kinda can and love drawing. Is there any way for a gaijin like me to be in a game?



Wonderful question, anon! It is possible to contribute wallpaper to 2kki. In fact, someone from the Yume 2kki wiki was not only able to get their wallpaper design recently added to the game, but entire maps, too! (It's noildoof, whose stuff is being collected and released by shigurin.) I'm not clear as to exactly how they managed to get in contact with the game staff, but I do know the specific requirements for wallpapers:

- Do not submit anything you didn't make yourself
- There should be nothing in the work that strongly resembles any existing characters from other well-known series
- The content must be suitable for all ages; do not submit anything that would qualify as 18+ material
- The work cannot contain anything overly political, religious, or grotesque
- Don't submit work you know would make others uncomfortable.

All submissions must fit the constraints of RPGMaker 2000. Therefore, images need to be 256 colors (8-bit), with a size ratio of 4:3, which allows the image to be resized to 320 x 240 px without distortion. Images need to be in .png format as well.

I suggest contacting noildoof directly for details, since they're the one with firsthand experience on the matter. They can be reached on the Yume 2kki wiki (Fokkusu1991).


File: 1537036789482.jpg (253.4 KB, 934x1280, photo_2018-07-25_21-16-22.jpg)

Thank you so so much! Now I have purpose in my life… I'll contact them once I'm ready than.


Anyone else feel like there are too many areas and not enough events?


ME! ME! There are a lot of gorgeous areas in this game but those huge areas usually don't have any events. Or any other recognition at all. I mean there are a lot of plain areas with tons of unlockable wallpapers and Kura Puzzle's while some of really good areas don't have any unlockable content or events. That's a shame.


File: 1538898674183.png (5.56 KB, 288x256, Syujinkou_effect_odoriko.png)

When will they make this an effect!

Actually when was the last time an update added effects?


Are you Artoax, by any chance?



What would be the purpose of this effect? Where would it be located? How would various NPCs react?

The character set is somewhat ready (there is no action/attack animation), but there are much more to be done…


File: 1538903285999.png (5.52 KB, 196x422, tumblr_p36svikgC01tkpg0qo1….png)

Nope. I'm not.

Also, I was going to ask if there is any specific location you, anon, want wallpaper to. I love so many locations that I don't even know which I'd like choose. Any suggestions?

picrelated is not mine


File: 1539022404038.png (6.66 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Haven't really played much of 2kki, but it is pretty rad, don't you agree? Working in the game might be a honor to much.



If I were to suggest a wallpaper for a specific world, I'd say that the Lotus Waters would be a good choice.


I agree with you anon. It has those pretty pastel colors and soft atmosphere.



So a western artist just got their maps into the game in the latest update. Pretty neat.


File: 1539343838975.gif (2.62 MB, 382x485, tumblr_inline_pelen3cn2C1r….gif)

Wow… Those locations are beautiful. I like this artist's artstyle and slight "robotic" theme in their maps. Fits really nice in the general y2ki vibe.
btw this reminds me of wataru a little. don't know why


>btw this reminds me of wataru a little. don't know why
It's almost like the artist reuses Wataru's assets or something. Oh wait.


Is he really?.. Is this even legal?


Uhh, yes and no, as it turns out. Some small things like doors and bubble animations are reused, but neon signs, which I thought were reused at first, are original and only look reused.

It's not illegal as far as I know, it's just kinda..lame is all. Like, I get that Wataru's style is cool and popular, but don't you wanna do something more creative than just replicate it? Don't you have your own artistic vision to express?


File: 1540397593343.png (285.22 KB, 760x783, Urotsuki.full.2189187.png)

Well, than it's not that bad isn't it? New maps have completely different overall theme and atmosphere compared to wataru's anyway. Yes, maybe they have slightly similar artstyle, but… What do you mean about "not having artistic vision" just because those new maps used door and bubble sprites. "Door assets" don't have anything to do with atmosphere vision, aren't they?

I think you're overreacting here a bit.


>I think you're overreacting here a bit.
Well, it's my personal impression of it one way or another. Doesn't help that the author wasted no time in adding another Uboa knockoff and another Takofuusen knockoff. Like that isn't done to death already.


These things are everywhere. Urosuki loves soda.


File: 1540917123814.png (20.17 KB, 380x234, welp.png)


Man, Yume 2kki updates so often, I wish there was a way to automatically update the game.


File: 1541571507650.png (5.73 KB, 640x480, Cripple.png)

So, I'm using version 0.107 + Patch 1 on EasyRPG and for some reason when I equip the chainsaw the game bugs out and kicks me. Has anyone encountered this issue?


made another fan remix of a 2kki song, this time of the snowy pipe organ:


File: 1543926091825.png (66.32 KB, 640x480, Nexus2.png)

How do you decide which door to pick first?


i take a peek until i find one that fits my mood
or go for a specific one to investigate something i passed earlier


File: 1544027387226.jpg (3.84 MB, 1000x1565, 5979932304614efb79b01cad62….jpg)


whomst is that


Always the headstone, yo.


Anyone else see the new title screen they added in the recent versions? I kinda prefer the old one, the colors fit 2kki a bit more.


The new title sucks.


There's this air that they're entering a new era of 2kki and that things are being kept fresh since they changed the title and all, which I think is pretty cool. I feel like we'll look back at it and go "hey, remember the pre-new title days of 2kki?" if more things get changed and a bunch more gets added. I heard a western map maker got his maps in for the first time or something too, which is really cool; the maps look great as well and I'm looking forward to exploring them.

I just haven't updated yet.


I found some interesting things.

This is a Yume 2kki archive with a lot of old versions in it, supposedly. I haven't checked it myself to see what versions it has but it seems like it's worth getting if you want to hold onto some of the versions.

And here's some really early 2kki stuff for those who are interested in that. Have fun.


2kki's title has never been 'set in stone' per se, so it could always be changed in the future. I admit, I don't really like it much either, but you can easily just go in and swap the titles out in the files, can't you?

The new screen seems to be trying to keep up with the other fangames having bits of their protagonists in them, like .flow having Sabi's lower body, Yume Nisshi having Uso's silhouette, LCDDEM having Chie's skull plate, and even the original Yume Nikki having Mado's penis in it.


Can anyone post the title? I don't feel like downloading 200mb just to check that.


File: 1546565759340.png (37.17 KB, 637x465, opera_2019-01-02_16-23-08.png)

Here's the new one. It's not really too horrible it's just a little jarring after having the old one for so many years. It looks a little jank though, regardless.


I hope they revert it, it looks like an odd palette to use.


Eh, honestly it's just bad compared to the old one. It feels… "amateurish"? Like it was made in 10 seconds or so without much thought put into it. The old one, while simple, at least had charm.


File: 1546803437033.png (127.99 KB, 499x499, 010038.png)

What is this mysterious webpage?


File: 1548081251430-0.png (151.76 KB, 320x240, 5.png)

File: 1548081251430-1.png (158.05 KB, 320x240, 6.png)

File: 1548081251430-2.png (150.77 KB, 320x240, 7.png)

File: 1548081251430-3.png (157.58 KB, 320x240, 8.png)

here it comes. feel free to pick version you like more and criticize.
shhh I know, it's been long, but I'm a slow-paced person when it comes to art…


-2 looks the best to me, but they're all gorgeous.


I really like how 6.png looks, but >>13942 is right.
They all look fantastic.


So… Can someone explain to me what exactly was the whole thing with this "Artoax" kid?

I know that I am very late into this topic but, I just got curious.


Autistic kid pretending to be koronba and later trying to join 2kki's dev team without even knowing how to speak japanese. Nothing important really, let him die.


File: 1549397129487.png (43 KB, 642x482, 547548675.PNG)

Hey, so midi files don't play for me in 2kki right now. Everything else has been working fine on this install, but any map I go to that would play a midi file as its bgm plays no music instead. I confirmed that I have all the game files and they're named correctly, so it seems like 2kki just isn't able to call the songs up properly for some reason. This is on Windows 8.1, does anybody happen to know the fix?


Is this issue present on new games as well?


Play it on a VM with WinXP.
Like, seriously, unless your PC is just that much of a toaster, it should be way easier than trying to find the way around all the kinks of the game.


What version is this? I just updated to 108c and it's still the old menu.


The title screen change was reverted almost instantly.


File: 1550139803081.png (9.59 KB, 640x480, 607.png)

Hell yeah, don't fix what ain't broke. Also I guess this is old news but that construction sign in the Downfall Gardens is gone now.


File: 1550280263371.jpg (271.22 KB, 641x960, 2kki.jpg)

Is there a 2kki browser ver like what YN has? Also it's been 3 years since I last touched 2kki, I guess I should pick it up again and start from scratch. Wanna reexperience the dream again.


so did the team fix chaos world yet or no?


What's there to fix about it?


The Pink Butterfly warp is broken because of areas that were cut out IIRC. Something to do with some Library connected to the Butterfly Garden.


File: 1552786392131.png (363 B, 52x30, Untitled.png)

Could someone translate this?


File "system" (システム) is missing. You can copy the text of those messages by pressing ctrl+a and then ctr+c.


Woah, they did it, they've implemented your wallpaper in the game.

Awesome job!


File: 1553460823769-0.png (74.35 KB, 638x480, purple1.png)

File: 1553460823769-1.png (79.59 KB, 638x480, purple2.png)

File: 1553460823769-2.png (77.56 KB, 638x478, purple3.png)

This is the first fangame I've played and i found something weird.
I was in the forest pier and I found this weird purple thing. It seems like an effect, but it doesn't add anything to my inventory/effects menu.
I tried looking on the wiki, but found nothing.
The wiki even has a map of the Forest Pier, and this purple thing is nowhere to be found on it.
It also says "Effects: None" under the basic info for the Forest Pier on the wiki, so I'm really confused about this.

Was I supposed to get an effect from this thing? Can someone please translate the text?


Oh and I should also mention that it completely disappears after I activate it. It's not a random chance either. It's always there every time I go to it. At first i thought maybe it got sent to the room with all the other effects, but there was nothing new there when i looked for it.


those are different menu themes. those egg shapes are exclusive to wataru levels

also seitsatsu really fucked up in how you have to scroll your ass all the way up to make a post.


File: 1553464684132.png (143.55 KB, 1100x282, eggy.png)

Oh thanks. I wasn't sure if it was an effect or something. That's pretty cool though.
And i did manage to find it on the wiki on the menu themes page.


>also seitsatsu really fucked up in how you have to scroll your ass all the way up to make a post.
Either press "home" in your keyboard or use the "[Go to top]" button at the end of every thread.

Yep, the message in japanese is メニュータイプ:9 (Menu type: 9).


Do any absolute madlads here still have versions between 0.086e and 0.092? Need to investigate some ancient removed content.


Anyone know why the Shadow Woman in the tic-tac-toe area of Toy World would be hostile? The wiki says she'll only go hostile if you try and chainsaw her.
I'm on .108c.


I think it changed between versions. IIRC now she's only friendly if you enter the tic-tac-toe room from the Art Gallery. Otherwise she's hostile just like any other chaser.


File: 1556349616395.png (5.22 KB, 960x720, Infinite_library.png)

Can someone provide a more detailed explanation than the wiki's, as to the connection between Infinite Library and Erratic Pillar Lands? Been wandering for ages now. Once the music stops and the statics comes in, is there a specific direction I need to go in order to find the connection between the two worlds?


Since 0.109, access to Erratic Pillar Lands is done through looking at the comet through the attic's telescope at night.

In prior versions, just go forward as soon as you hear the static noise to get to that world.


File: 1558564380584.png (31.22 KB, 640x480, Untitled.png)

Think I found a bug in 0109c. I just updated today and decided to visit this world again and it just leads to a black screen. This didn't happen in 0109a, and it's there in a new game too.

Can anyone else check?


Seems it was on my end, reinstalling fixed it.


If anyone tries to get it to work on mac here is what I did…

The way I got it running on mac is installing easyrpg player (https://easyrpg.org/) then going to the yume2kki site (https://yume2kki.fandom.com/wiki/Installation_Instructions) and downloading the already extracted japanese RTP (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GK51KgjIfcwGkTQnXgdaUsCZYGDC9ptX) then putting everything from the RTP folders into the game folders without replacing files and then it worked. Might not be the best method but it's the only way I could get it to work.


Am I the only one that feels like this game is a bit inconsistent in it's quality? I guess it is to be expected of something as big as this with as many developers as there are and I mean a lot of the areas are still really good but some feel a bit boring in both its subject matter and layout and I also feel like they fail to form a coherent whole unlike YN.


>but some feel a bit boring in both its subject matter and layout and I also feel like they fail to form a coherent whole unlike YN.
Curious, as YN also had these, which should it fail to form a coherent whole like YN.


File: 1561097667131.png (41.01 KB, 603x450, Under.PNG.png)


No, but I wouldn't argue the last 2-3 versions included a lot of hasty, poorly designed worlds that really don't stand in comparison to what came before.


So apparently this game is a massive one that is made by several different people. Is there multiple different versions of this game? Or is there one definitive one?


While it's made by a team of different developers, it's still coordinated by a central commitee.

Therefore, there are only official versions. (Sure, there are unofficial translations, but apart from the text, they are identical to the original releases.)


File: 1561429279238.png (2.26 MB, 2800x2800, URO.png)


Ok so looking at the site there is a few english translations for it. I assume wolfens is the best one for this? I just want to make sure I am getting the best experience for this game as I never truly gave it a shot.


No idea about the translations, never used any.

And I believe they are not really necessary either. While this game has a more complex menu system than pretty much any of the "traditional" fangames, with some basic Japanese, you will be fine. And if you are not sure about something, just check the wiki and this board, most things have been translated already.

Well, there are the library books and some things scattered around the dream world that are quite hard to translate, but I doubt any of the unofficial translations has those covered either. Besides, they are part of the artwork, not the GUI.


If they're newer worlds then there's still time for them to be improved on, since that was also the case for a lot of older maps.


So I've put over 300 hours in to a very outdated version of the game, going to the same places over and over in search of details (I don't want to use a walkthrough) and before upgrading to the recent English patch I went a route that led me to school that I couldn't retrace no matter what. The thing with this route is that it landed me in what looked like Madotsuki's room, but all drawn with neon lines against black. Starting at the balcony door then exiting through the door to the nexus, it took me too a hall that I had to backtrack in to get to the school. I looked for information regarding a callback to mado's room in 2kki but couldn't find anything.

Does anyone else have any memory of something like this or am I just brainhurt?



That's it, thanks. I don't know how I missed it on the wiki.


What the fuck happened with Wataru and why did he took down his maps?


File: 1576054133459.png (21.48 KB, 860x300, ClipboardImage.png)

Not sure, but at least that version was reverted.


I've heard he was being harassed but where? I've seen nothing but praise from his worlds here, is this from the Japanese side?


File: 1576097346852.png (58.49 KB, 881x387, ClipboardImage.png)

Haven't heard anything about any harassment. There's word that this isn't out of character for him, since he's done the same with older artwork on DeviantArt, apparently, but I'm unsure how true that is.

Pic is a statement from 0.110d's contributing author on the reversion, if someone wants to translate.



658 qxy $ TnRajQU.Lw 2019/12/10 (Tue) 19: 57: 56.01 ID: B1jNbVV8

Regarding Mr. Wataru's update,

After talking with Mr. Wataru, we decided to discard ver0.110c and its patches.

As a result, the latest version of the game is ver0.110b.

Mr. Wataru said that he would no longer write on the thread, so he wrote it instead.

In addition, as for Mr. Wataru's production range, he wanted to leave an intention to edit in the change log.
Later, I will create a patch that will update the changelog.

In spite of a difficult decision, Mr. Wataru sheds the feelings of other producers and people who play.
I really appreciate it.
Thank you very much.

I am sorry for Mr. Shigurin and others who worked on bug handling and understanding.

t. Google Translate


File: 1582875811157.png (444.58 KB, 1911x811, Untitle2d.png)

Some godlike human being made Yume 2kki location connections map.
I've been dreaming to see something like this for god knows how long…


File: 1583716926790.png (96.9 KB, 752x620, y2kki forest pier new loca….png)

So, to start, I haven't played 2kki in a few years I think… I decided it was a nice time to hop back into it… I got to the forest pier, and when I was crossing the long, long bridge, there was this extra bit of bridge going up near the west side of the bridge. I'm using the map on the wiki, because, let's face it this place is fuckin huge.
This little spot I found doesn't appear to be mentioned on the wiki or shown on the map? Going up the extra bridge, I get taken to a little mess of path and trees. Very short, easy enough to navigate. I eventually get to image related. I walk into the door, but nothing seems to happen. I've tried using the few effects I already have (it's not much really) and still nothing. Maybe I missed it, but is this something new and just not completed yet?


Hey, haven't been around in forever. Were HD wallpapers ever released? I always wanted to use the unlockable wallpapers for my own PC. Thanks.


File: 1583729703420.png (2.91 MB, 1920x1420, 3be32167acae965c57e8264aff….png)

Some illustrators posted their wallpaper submissions to Pixiv, Twitter, etc in their original resolutions. Some were drawn in VGA though. A few end up being deleted by the artist for one reason or another.


Lmao nevermind, I figured it out. Was just the apartments warp.


Was an artist source page ever released? Or, at least, was the artist for the wolf effect wallpaper ever mentioned? A friend really wanted that one. All the wallpapers are so nice, I hope there's some way for me to not have to hunt for each one…


In the worst case, you can always use saucenao or any other reverse-search system to try to find them.


I just realized that the beginning of this Poppy song:

Really sounds like the 2kki Gardens Theme:

It's interesting


It's probably one of those arpeggios that was popular enough in the renaissance to earn a name. A lot of DAWs let you create them in a single click and I believe guitar instructors teach them early


File: 1584306494217.png (60.18 KB, 825x657, dis is bs.png)

trying to play version 0.111c

- i installed the rtp
- i changed system locale to japanese
- i ran the game in japanese
- i put that one missing system file into the system folder that's supposed to let the game play past the title screen

the game starts up but still crashes when i hit the 'new game' button and this window comes up. can anyone read this and/or tell me what's still missing? i'm on windows 10.


forgot to mention this: just in case anyone asks, yes, i do have locale emulator installed and working


"Incorrect bitmap image"
Not sure what it's referencing.


File: 1585032236801.jpg (549.1 KB, 1000x666, __urotsuki_yume_2kki_drawn….jpg)

Do you think there is a way to contact the developers and convincw them to put Yume 2kki on Steam,Itch.io and/or Gamejolt?
This game is becoming a huge masterpiece thanks to the skilled creators that contribute to it's endless development,so it would be nice to have it preserved on these huge online game sites and distributed for free there as well as on every possible other avenue.


I would love to see something of this sort.


File: 1587172943980.png (543.37 KB, 1000x727, __urotsuki_yume_2kki_drawn….png)

Distributing Yume 2kki for free on Itch.io,Gamejolt and/or Steam would make it more popular but most importantly it would preserve it and protect it from the risk of being lost in time like happens to many other pieces of media and software.
Once they put it on these plaform these platform they can continue to work on it forever,adding more content with the serenity that the game they are creating will never be lost to time and disappear.
Basically making the game eternally available by putting it on one or more of these sites/platforms that will be around for a LONG time in the future.
Doing this won't change the underground nature of the game.
If possible i would like to ask anyone who can ge in contact with them to please tell the developers about this opportunity.
I like the game so much that i want to prevent any risk of it being lost to time and disappear.


You guys have to understand that most japanese devs aren't really comfortable with getting into the western side of things as they don't understand anything about it. Imagine if some random dude from a country that doesn't speak your language wants you to post your stuff in some random platform, and you can't even read their shit. How would you know what you're doing? How would you know what kind of license are you signing to? What about feedback?

And all of this supposing you actually felt comfortable with doing that.


File: 1587388986731.jpg (464.5 KB, 900x900, __urotsuki_yume_2kki_drawn….jpg)

There are a ton of japanese gamers that use Steam and even doujin japanese developers(especially the younger ones) use Steam to sell their games.
Basically we need to inform the developers and community of Yume 2kki about this opportunity.
Even Kikiyama has put his game on Steam.


>There are a ton of japanese gamers that use Steam and even doujin japanese developers(especially the younger ones) use Steam to sell their games.
Keyword: Sell their games.
2kki devs do it because they're happy working in the game, and they know it does fairly well in the community overseas. But you have to remember there are a fuck ton of people working on that, and I'm sure not all of them would be okay with that for the reasons I mentioned already.

>Even Kikiyama has put his game on Steam.

Leaving aside the fact we don't know if it's him or not just to not derail into pointless discussion (please), that was through a third party that basically consisted of a team of people who was western.

You can write to them; their thread is open. iirc there's also a mail? Although I'm not sure how often they check it. But I doubt they'll do it.


Several japanese doujin developers have also published their games on Steam for free.

I assure you that since Kikiyama holds the rights for his game,when japanese publisher PLAYISM publised his game on Steam for free,did so with his full knowledge and consent,otherwise he would have brought them to court for copyright infringement/intellectual property theft.

If possible,can you give me a link to their thred,which you mentioned and also their email address?
I would be glad to contact them and explain all this to help them preserve the ir beautiful game.


>I assure you that since Kikiyama holds the rights for his game,when japanese publisher PLAYISM publised his game on Steam for free,did so with his full knowledge and consent,otherwise he would have brought them to court for copyright infringement/intellectual property theft.

There's a difference between having some people who explains things to you (who are western, also) versus publishing on your own.

Current 2kki thread

If there's a mail, it should be in the readme of 2kki or that message right after you start a new game.


The link is broken for me.

Also there are plenty of free gaming host sites/platform in Japan,if they don't want to use western platforms they can always use those.



Wasn't there a website that hosted Yume 2kki already?


I always wondered what would happen if I put a save file from a recent version to an older version and played it. Would anything werid happen? Would the game break?


There's one way to find out.


File: 1595189899163-0.png (44.21 KB, 640x480, 701.png)

File: 1595189899163-1.png (41.47 KB, 640x480, 702.png)

These recent maps have been crazy beautiful.


File: 1595625346639.png (271.25 KB, 710x394, cog maze.PNG)

Hey, there's something i've been wondering for a couple of days, is the theme loop for Cog maze a low-pitched slowed-down sample taken from the theme 'Lounge - Evening Outside', from the DS game Clubhouse Games, or am i just bad at identifying samples?

So, here's the DS track:
sorry i had to mark it from a 2h complete soundtrack, but it's not available in other videos.
And I think you're already familiar with N3-KtO

btw, can't believe how the site has changed, .flow and 2kki used to have their own threads, i remember. Anyways, take care!
hope we can all get out of this.

Unnecesary data: Cog Maze translates Haguruma in japanese, which is the name of a short story by Ryunosuke Akutagawa. Can be pretty interesting to read, but it wasn't for me.


That makes a lot of sense, nigga.


As of 113 Wataru has deleted his maps. Again. I do not know what his problem is.


Did the game break completely again or is it a proper removal this time around?


Seems to be an intentional removal.


Does anyone have a download link for 0.112g? There's something I want to check out on it.


Speaking on the topic of preservation…
I've experienced more issues with RPG Maker games lately, but particularly 2kki, for whatever reason.
I used to not have problems at all, but a few times in the past few years new issues have appeared that seemed to require frustrating workarounds, sacrifices, or just ended up disappearing some time later. The error messages I've gotten have also never been enlightening. I've had it where the game is working perfectly fine for me and I play it every day for a few days, and then the next day I go to play it once more and suddenly it won't start.
I don't really know why, but my impression of RPG Maker games is that they're kind of unstable and fickle and require a strange amount of setup and awareness of possible issues to make sure things work properly.

I just worry that at some point I simply won't be able to play the game anymore, and I wonder if these kinds of issues are even something that can be solved by RPG Maker users or if they're ultimately the result of lower level parts of RPG Maker itself.


have you tried using easyrpg


Does anyone know why Wataru's stuff was removed? I really liked his maps, and I'm disappointed to see them go. I know I can always see them in older builds, but still.


Yeah, wtf


I hadn't heard of it, but I just got the player and tried it with 2kki, and it's working perfectly so far.
Looking into it more, even though it's a work in progress and has some issues (some bug regarding 2kki was just fixed last week in fact), this seems like a great project that eases my concerns.


File: 1598678966973.jpg (250.39 KB, 541x800, YN_uro02.jpg)

You're welcome.


He nuked his entire twitter once too. I think he might have emotional issues though I don't want to assume too much.


File: 1598796497535.png (58.78 KB, 629x478, ClipboardImage.png)

how do i disable this bug/hidden debug feature i mightve enabled by accident where it shows staircases and some other tiles like this


>>14840 nvm just had to update easyrpg lol


That's my impression too.
I just started reading the dev threads a bit, with my limited Japanese knowledge.
I haven't gotten far, and there are definitely connotations and nuances I'm missing, so my understanding of things is very incomplete, but I get the feeling he is known for having such issues.
For example, there was a response to the announcement of the removal of all his maps back in June that said something like:
You'll be stuck in this negative loop forever.
Even if you separate yourself from this, you will still have your 'arbitrary expectations, arbitrary despair' and 'desire to erase' personality that you can't escape from.
Until your end, you'll eternally repeat this cycle.
As someone who was deeply affected by your work, I wish for your happiness… But, well, I'm afraid to say, it probably won't happen."
(my translation, could have things wrong)



i hope wataru finds happiness :(


Seems sadly common among YNFG developers. Doing all this work for free can't ever be easy.


File: 1599133503751-0.png (14.75 KB, 640x480, 717.png)

File: 1599133503751-1.png (51.22 KB, 640x480, 716.png)

File: 1599133503751-2.png (41.47 KB, 640x480, 702.png)

File: 1599133503751-3.png (3.52 KB, 347x265, EfS9v0_U8AA_fHT.png)

A lot of the newer worlds are some of the most stunning I've seen yet in the game. What are some of your favorites?
I love the entire journey to the Viridescent Temple.


truly a god among men


File: 1599559647517-0.jpg (50.9 KB, 640x480, 2kki a.jpg)

File: 1599559647518-1.png (28.77 KB, 637x480, 2kki abandoned painting.PNG)

File: 1599559647518-2.jpg (56.94 KB, 960x720, Aquatic_cube_city_kitchen.jpg)

File: 1599559647518-3.png (10.37 KB, 640x480, 2kki sculpture park.png)

Yeah, I really love the newer stuff. For a while I kind of lost interest in 2kki, but recently I feel like there's been a boom of cool additions. In the last few days there have been some big updates, so I still have a lot left to check out.
qxy's are definitely some of my favorites. Not only is the art really nice and polished, but I like that most of his areas have something mechanically or structurally unique/clever too. Like for example the sunrise in the Snowy Forest, the looping floor changes in the Techno Condominium and the different things on each floor, the downward floating in the Aquatic Cubes place, etc. Lots of other things. I dunno, his maps are just well-designed.

A broad criticism I have of 2kki is that some areas can feel like I'm just walking around some some big place and looking at a tileset because they lack interactivity, or a feeling of being physically connected to adjoining areas (even in a surreal setting I think that can be really important), or real purposeful *design* that makes them feel immersive or interesting to explore.
Maybe that's just the opinion of someone who's played 2kki a long time, for whom there's less to spontaneously discover. Or maybe it only really applies to a few areas, I dunno.
But I'm glad the recent updates have been exciting to me again.

That's really cool. You can even make it display in 3D. Just used it to map out a route.


Really cool. Dreamt of that


have any of you figured out the unlock conditions to the innocent dream? i can't figure it out even after i've tried looking at the source in rpgmaker itself


File: 1610015268208.png (74.48 KB, 1280x960, Bhr3.png)


Kind of a mixed bag for me. For every cool addition, there seems to be some parallax background, needle in the eyes color scheme 'world' that's being added. And there are games (NostAlgic, ULtra Violet) that do the kiddy stuff much better than 2kki's team.


The quality seems to be in declive lately, I really don't like Sniperbob worlds at all and i feel the newest Aegiorudap route is very bad for being the newest deepest world in the game.
it bothers me alot


File: 1612060531685.png (35.6 KB, 640x480, constelluro.png)

seconded. apparently spelude wants people to keep it a secret; their only hint is "think outside the box", but i think that's a bullshitty vague hint that doesn't tell me anything.


File: 1612416061141.png (45.96 KB, 640x480, sleepy sheepy.png)

okay, nothing conclusive, but i found a few more hints on the wiki via some comments.

"Most likely you are clinging to something that you think you need, but you actually don't. Let go of it, or you'll never get there no matter what you try."

"Without giving too much away, look at the page for Innocent Dream and take note of which NPCs are there. It's a pretty big hint of what you need to do to get there."

"make sure you've already done all the stuff in spelude's worlds. here are some hints:

1 - interact with the piano girl from the piano room to play her song. after it, head south of the piano and youll be teleported to the firefly lake
2 - leave the glasses effect in the trophy room"

all i got for now


whoops, forgot to link the wiki page https://yume2kki.fandom.com/wiki/Innocent_Dream


File: 1612416937532.png (166.8 KB, 1200x430, bracket 3.png)

not sure how helpful this is but just in case


I believe I solved it. Obvious spoilers for those who want to solve it themselves.
1. Do the first two steps mentioned before. (Not even sure why visiting the firefly pond is even necessary)
2. Go to Red Lily and chainsaw nine-tails until she takes you to the red cliff.
3. Use invisible effect to make your copy disappear and then jump off the cliff.
4. Head right offscreen and then down on the intersection and it’ll take you to the island in Constellation World and hopefully it’ll be unlocked.

As mentioned before it’d be a good idea to do the other Spelude worlds first. In my data I had already unlocked all the shortcuts and visited the guardian temple and Scrambled Egg Zone so I have no idea if that’s actually required.
Honestly the puzzle was a bit disappointing. Earlier I figured I could get back to the island without glasses by using the bat effect so I was convinced that was part of the solution and the rest had to do with the number 2 and the stupid number room that the Polygon effect leads to.


those might very well be required because i haven’t completed the temple guardian thing and doing everything else you said didn’t work


there is a hidden event in the splash streetway where you are trapped by a shadow of ninetails, it might perhaps have something to do with it?


File: 1613701488599.png (172.91 KB, 1499x618, CLIPStudioPaint_EaFTJaUI6N.png)

Started playing it for the first time recently and found this dark sheep. Today I was drawing and remembered it.

Never underestimate the dark sheep…


Vending machines and benches literally everywhere in this game


File: 1614473149970.png (98.19 KB, 891x386, uyi.png)

Any idea on how to make this happen faster? I tried going up from there, entering the door and going back up, did it about 100 times and it haven't happened. Was my idea bad or was I just unlucky? Help will be greatly appreciated.


File: 1614539365507.png (106.2 KB, 714x704, 67.png)

I figured it out, my method was wrong. I wrote instructions on how to get the event/wallpaper for anyone who may be as confused as I was.


File: 1614993733429.png (33.53 KB, 633x476, whereigotteleported.png)

I did everything you mentioned, I even completed the guardian temple, I did pretty much everything in the game. After doing everything from the instructions I am being teleported to an island with the stars in the shape of a 2(pic) and if I go up I end up on the Uro head constellation part of the map. Did I do something wrong? I never seem to get into the Innocent Dream. Was I not supposed to go up there? How am I messing this up? I have seen everything in the game BUT Innocent Dream. I am sitting at 94% of completion and 70 hours clocked in, I am desperate at this point. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Does the time of how long I let the piano girl play matter? I let her play for good 6 minutes and she still was not done, I assumed she goes forever. (She sent me to the colorful area, not the bleaker one if you listen to her for a shorter time. I wonder if she stops at some point and if there is a third one and which one is the right one.)


File: 1617088519078.png (43.71 KB, 960x720, Abyss_of_farewells_hesu_do….png)

So tired of these dumb 8-bit, cobbled up, zero inventive worlds. Wataru needs to come back now.


damn, this is still getting updates?
I've tried playing it on easyrpgplayer on vita (so I can play in bed) but I run into rare issues where songs don't play and I get error messages. Because of that I never go in too deep. Does anyone happen to have a solution to this extremely specific problem?



Yup, still getting updates. Honestly tho it's just not the same since Wataru is gone, I wouldn't bother with anything past 0.113.


>>15081 Make sure that on your computer your files aren't jumbled messes of words that's usually the problem that easyrpg player has that or missing files otherwise I have no clue.


Man, I returned to 2kki after a year's break and the stuff about Wataru really was a shoker. I saw a legit question in the wikia comment section though, is there any way to manually add their worlds back in? Or maybe there has been some kind of user patch already?


I think it's going to be difficult, in the future, to add them back "organically", meaning by the same entrances and exits. When the game is going to get more and more updates, the old doors that lead to Wataru's worlds will lead to other new worlds.

I think it would be possible to add them via a standalone door. the maker of the mod will need to update that mod every time there's a new update for 2kki tho. So far i have not seen a patch that added his worlds back yet.


Just have two folders. Older version with Wataru and a new one.



The point is not the ability or inability of having two versions - it's that anything past 0.113 is shit. Waste of time imo, wouldn't suggest.


There's a lot of good new worlds still and a lot of bad ones, so like usual I guess.


File: 1622067044812-0.png (27.37 KB, 640x480, 690.png)

File: 1622067044812-1.png (18.57 KB, 640x480, 700.png)

File: 1622067044812-2.png (46.97 KB, 640x480, 694.png)


Is there an english translation of ver 0.113?
I've been looking for it since the wiki doesn't have it


File: 1624600882581.png (130.33 KB, 1280x960, dice.png)

did you guys see a new effect was added to the game yesterday? it doesn't seem to do a whole lot but i think it's cute :D


File: 1625163456826.png (45.13 KB, 199x149, Pc_yumegamen_03-229.png)

Cool, but I feel like it messes with some stuff like the wallpaper shown. Maybe the wallpaper will be updated? Either way it's nice to see since it's been ages since one was added and it gives some purpose to the otherwise empty Shield Owl World.


I downloaded Vezon's english translation (0.114) from here: https://yume2kki.fandom.com/wiki/Downloads yet the intro instruction menu was all in japanese. is that supposed to be the case, or is something wrong. I'm using easyRPG on my vita


Is that creepy monitor still in the game?


Always has been.


Easyrpg can't render really large images which 2kki has a lot of. I get that error a lot. Try posting on easyrpg forum but I doubt anything can be done.


I've played 2kki for a while on EasyRPG and haven't encountered that issue yet. Is there a specific world it occurs?


speludes maps piss me the fuck off


I'm trying to port a save file over from 0.112b to 0.117f and it isn't working. Everything else works fine, including starting a new save. I get the following error :

ファイル pc yumegamen 01-5a は開けません

Does anyone know if the two versions are incompatible ? Maybe because they moved the wallpapers after removing the wataru worlds


Hi, does somebody know where to find a download to 0.102c? The one in the wiki doesn't work for me. I'm kinda curious about the removed deaths in GALAXY TOWN, where they that gruesome?


spelude's maps are not nearly good enough to warrant how confusing and esoteric their conditions are

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